VOL. IV, NO. 2 - DECEMBER 1960 - WHOLE NO. 8



VOL IV no 2 December 1960 Whole no 8

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CAPT. JAMES J. WOMACK - 1834-1922

James J. Womack was the son of Abner Clemons Womack, b. North Carolina, February 7, 1799,'and the grandson of Abner Womack, b. Virginia, 1774. His father and grand parents came to-Warren County, Tennessee in 1810. "Capt. Jim" was born in Warren County, July 7, 1834 and died,in McMinnville, July 18, 1922. On March 10, 1862 he was married to Miss Tennie G. Amonett of Celina, Tennessee. They left no descend ents. When Tennessee entered the Confederacy he was made captain of Company E of the famous Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers. After peace was restored he began the practice of law in McMinnville. He later published the NASHVILLE EVENING NEWS, was a teacher in Cumberland Female College, McMinnville and superintendent of Warren County Schools. Among his various writings is his widely quoted Civil War Diary. Other Writings include the sketch of the Womack family published in the June issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY.




As announced in the June 1960 issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY this will be the final issue due to lack of financial support. We desire to express to each one who has in any way contributed to the work sincere thanks, also to express our appreciation for the many words of commendation, some of which we hope to have space to cuote or refer to.

Mr. William Perry Johnson, Box 531, Raleigh, North Carolina, professional genealogist and publisher of the NORTH CAROLINIAN,who contributed much material to the issues prior to 1960, has declined, due to the press of personal affairs, to write any more for our magazine. Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, secretary of the Association, has furnished much material from AThich will be abstracted items of interest for this last issue. In former issues we have given proofs and sources of material. Now we must omit some of this and abbreviate our remarks because of lack of space in this issue so that we may mention as many items as possible, trusting that this will be helpful to those who Wish to pursue the research further.

Since it falls upon a few of us to prepare material for this issue and due to the wide interest in the early family in this area of Tennessee this number of WOMACK GENEALOGY will have much space devoted to the family of Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack. A few years ago we prepared a book of their generations in which, as we suggested at that time, some errors were made, some of which have since been found and corrected. This book with all of its short comings did stir up some interest in further research and resulted in the collection of much more data, some of which is offered here. It is our intention sometime in the future to prepare a more comprehensive book on the family, so we welcome and invite all information that our readers and cousins can send us to this end.

The Thomas Womack referred to above was born about 1743. in our book referred to above we mentioned several of his sons who came to Warren and adjoining counties in the early 1800s. Some remained here, others either returned to N. C. or went elsewhere. In our book we gave a fairly complete list of the descendants of Abner., James, William, Abraham and their sister Lucy, who marred a Womack and whose son, Isham Rice Womack, came to Coffee County. All of these came into this area between 1800 and 1815.

At the time we wrote our book we knew but little of Anderson but have since learned more which we now offer. Anderson, b. 1768t was a son of Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack. In 1794 he received a grant of land from the State of North Carolina. In 1802 he sold it and in 1803 he appeared on the tax list of Jackson County, Tennessee. This may not be the Anderson Womack of Rutherford County, North Carolina, but since he did not buy land again in Rutherford County, North Carolina until October 30, 1805 he had plenty of time for a trip to Tennessee. Fifty years later Putnam County, Tennessee was taken in part from Jackson County and the 1860 census of Putnam,County shows three of Anderson's grand children living in that area. Anderson was married in 1793 to Fanny Dobbins, sister of Drury Dobbins, a Methodist preacher. Their Children's names were furnished by a descendant, also named Anderson Womack, now living in Mill Spring, North Carolina, who






states that he and the remaining grandchildren of Anderson's son., Gassaway, believe the list to be correct, although not necessarily given in order of their birth: 1. William., 2. Sidney, 3. Thomas.,


1794 in North Carolina, 4. Nancy, m. 1828p Simon Davis, 5. Polly, 6. Willis, m. 1831,, Phebe Green, 7. Abraham, b. 1805p 8. Sally, m. William Davis, 9. Lucinda, m. 1832, George Davis., 10. Eliza,, m. 1832, Richard Philbeck, 11. Anna, b. 1799, m. 1837, d. 1881, m. John Davis, 12. Gassaway., b. 1808, d. 1869, m. 1838, Martha Parker, 13. Andrew.. 14. Arena, m. 1842, Miner Lequire,, 15. Drury Anderson was still living in 1834 but must have died before 1840. He was mentioned in the 1820 N. C. Census at which date there were in the home three boys and six girls. [We enjoyed a short visit two years ago with Anderson Womack at Mill Spring, N. C. He is a re tired school teacher in his 70s and has done much research on the Womack family. 0. B. W.]

Anderson's son Thomas and wife Elizabeth mentioned in the 1820 Census of Warren County had a son Nathan., b. N. C.p 1817 and a daughter Nancy, b. Tenn.y 1819. Evidently they moved to Tennessee between 1817 and 1819. Thomas lived in Warren County at the times of the 1820, 1830 and 1840 Censuses. He was mentioned in the 1850 Census of Cannon County and owned land there in 1844. He and Eliza beth are also mentioned in the 1860 Census of Cannon County and evidently he died there before the 1870 Census. His granddaughter, in an affidavit stated that she was born in 1873, a daughter of John Newton Womack who was the son of Thomas. She also stated that Thomas died at the home of his son, John Newton Womack in Cannon County., and she thought he died before she was born. Her name was Julia Ann Davenport, Lebanon, Tenn. [We visited her two or three years ago. 0. B. W.]

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Womack were Nathan, b.

N. C.p 1817. The other children all b. in Tennessee, were, Nancy.,

b. 1819, m. Abraham Ford, Robert G., b. 1832., Willis, b. 1836,

Drury. b. 1838 and Amos, b. 1841. These dates are from the 1850 Census of Cannon County, however actual date of Amos, b, July 19, 1840 in Warren County., d. March 9, 1908., m. Malinda Davis,, b. 1844p d. April 17, 1909. Other children of Thomas and Elizabeth were, Anderson, John Newton, Frances, (m. John Welch), Tempy, (Temperance), Russells, and James Jasper. Most of these children lived in Cannon County. Anderson and Amos lived in Warren County. Nancy and husband Abraham Ford were found in Warren, DeKalb, Putnam and Bledsoe Counties.

Not much is known of the Womacks in White County. In a state ment made July 15, 1956 Norman Womack of Doyle, White County, Tenn., b. September 8, 1897, mentioned the name of his great grandfather, Billy Womack, birtbdate unknown. [We wonder if he was Anderson's son, William. One William P. Womack had a land grant in White County September 17, 1828. Norman's grandfather, James Knowles Womack, b. June 19, 1828 d. January 2?, 1912, m. lst Nancy Crim, 2nd Sarah Crim, and he gave the names of their sixteen children., one of them being Aaron Anderson Womack, b. April 4. 1854, d. September 15, 1912, the father of Norman. Norman said he was told by his grandfather James Knowles Womacko that four brothers came with(Billy, J.K.W. father) and settled between White County and Nashville, one probably in Jackson County. This, of course is tradition.




But --- the tax list of Jackson County, 1803 mentioned Anderson

Womack, supposed to be son of Thomas and Louvisa. 1850 Census of


White County, Visit #504 mentioned William Womack, age 63, b. N. C. (1787),, Melvina E., age 16, and others. Also Visit 611, James K. (or N.) Womack, 33, wife, Nancy, 28. (This could be James Knowles above., b. 1828 and lst wife, Nancy Crim.] A Drury Womack has been mentioned in White County. [Anderson had a son Drury, also Ander son's granddaughter Nancyp m. Abraham Fordp,lived nearabout at times.] A land grant dated December 19, 1814 in White County was given to David Womack. These facts help to substantiate Normants statement above.

Those who may be interested in a further run down of the descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Womack can get it from Mrs. Sammie Davenport, Route 2. Daylight, Tennessee, a descendant.

We wish to remind our readers at this point that the Warren County Womack Reunion continues each year in McMinnville, Tennessee on the Third Sunday in September at 1:00 p. m.

Before closing these remarks it may be well, while on the subject of the "Tennessee Womacks", to state that three large and well-known branches of the family settled in the state during the early days. The first came before the state was established and was identified with the Watauga Association. This branch presum ably came from Virginia. The branch descended from Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack came from Virginia by way of Rutherford Countyp North Carolina and vicinity and settled in Warren and adjoining counties in Tennessee. Another branch came directly from Virginia and settled in the Tennessee counties of Wilson, Rutherford and Bedford. Mrs. Lucile Womack Bates of Nashville has contributed an article on this branch. This article appears on other pages of this issue.

In the June issue we asked for contributions of data suitable for publication in this, the final number of WOMACK GENEALOGY. This request resulted in many many letters containing data on the Womack family and this issue is made up largely of the material contributed. An effort was made to publish all contributions submitted, even though the added pages would further increase our financial deficits however space was not found for all material sent.

As was mentioned in the June issue WOMACK GENEALOGY is being discontinued with this issue due to lack of sufficient funds to continue. It is hoped that our financial deficit may be removed through the sale of back issues of the magazine. With this in mind we have placed a convenient order blank in the back pages of this issue for those interested. A limited number of each issue published is available. Complete sets containing each issue have boen bound together in a sturdy board cover and are offered at a price lower than the original total membership. It is hoped that many will take advantage of this offer.


--- Oscar B. Womack.


WOMACK DEEDS, RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA (Compiled by Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, Route 14, Knoxville, Tennessee)


Book 10-11, p-91 12-21-1798 Deed 4-2-1795 Thos. MosCamp to William Womack of Rutherford Co. for 20 lbs. 100 a. adj. Abel Hillts corner and Elizabeth Armstrong, a patent to Thomas Camp 11-28-1792. Deed

includes houses, buildings, and orchards.

Wss: Isaac Saffield Daniel Webb William Smith


Thomas Camp


Book 10-11, p--275 5-10-1799 # 1197, a grant from N. C. to Anderson

Womack 100 a. on a branch of the Broad River adj. the widow

Womack's line.


Book 12-14,,P-346 9-10-1800 Deed 3-10-1798 Abner Womack of the Co. of Rutherford to John Liles of R. Co. 100 a. on the waters of the Main Broad River east and west of Cane Brake Cr.

Wss: Charles Breedlove Abner Womack James Breedlove


Book 24-26, p-92 10-2-1807 Deed 2-24-1807 Abraham Enloe to Abner Womack of Rutherford Co. for $1000 100 a. of land pat. to Thomas Davis on the Shoal Br. of Puzzle Cr. adj. Graves Eavels old mill, Bartlett Eavets Spring Br., part of Grant to Thos. Robinson who sold it to Graves Eaves 3-20-1783.

Wss: John Edgerton

William Battle Abraham Enloe


Book 24-26p p-186 2-8-1808 Deed John Webb to Anderson Womack for $200, 150 a. on a fork of Brush Cr., First Little Broad River, land which Thos. Stockton sold to John Webb 10-30-1805.

Wss: Julius Webb

William Smith John Webb


Book 24-26p p-665 8-28-1812 Deed 12-5-1804 John Eakin of R. Co. to Abner Womack for 550 lbs. 200 a. at the Shoal Br. on the waters of Puzzle Cr. adj. John Franklin.. and Siman Davis.. including buildings and orchards.


Wss; Amos Wall

John Eakins


Book 24-26, p-689 Deed 3-17-1804 John Franklin to Abner Womack 150 a for 200 lbs. land adj Franklin's old tract patented to him 11-16-1790.

Wss: Henry Franklin

John Franklin John Franklin


Book 25, p-21, 2-20-1809 Deed 9-1-1807 Joshua Melton of R. Co. to

Anderson Womack for $260 land on both sides of Puzzle Cr. pat. to

Samuel Carter 12-18-1797.

Wss:,, Abner Womack

James Womack Joshua Melton

Book 25, p-211 10-7-1810 Deed 10-14-1808 Anderson Womack of






Rutherford Co. to William Philpock of Union Co., S. C. for $225, 125 a. on both sides of Suck Fork of Brush Cr. First Little Broad

River,, land which Thomas Stockton sold to John Webb 10-14-1808.

Wss: William Womack

George Philpock Anderson Womack


Book 25, p-259 11-25-1810 Deed 1-28-1805 William Tilghmans Peter Stephen DePoncion, Esq., Abraham Kintziney., Jr., George Worral, Tenche Coxe, by Peter Fisher, their atty, in fact to William Womack of R. Co. 100 a. on the waters of Ashworth Cr. adj. Padget's lines

Smithts line.

Wss: David Webb William Bryson by Peter Fisher


Book 27-28,, p-88 11-9-1813 Deed 10-13-1810 John Wilkerson to Abner Womack of R. Co. for $200 land on Sandy Run adj. Franklin's old line part of patent to John Franklin.

Wss: William Hamrick

William Womack John Wilkerson


Book 29-31P P-195 2-23-1817 Deed 10-18-1811 Abner Womack to

Jason Johnston of R. Co. 90 a. for $150, land on Sandy Run adj.

Franklin's old line, Bailey's line, patented to John Franklin.

Wss: Robt. Randel

William (X) Dyers Abner Womack


Book 29-31t P-542 3-1-1819 Deed 11-16-1812 Abner Womack of R. Co. to William Davis for $150 land on the waters of Sandy Run adj. his own corner and Franklin's line.

Wss: William Green

Joshua Melton Abner Womack


Book 29-31. P-554 3-8-1819 Deed 11-16-1812 Abner Womack to William Davis for $230 150 a. adj. Franklin.

Wss: William Green

Joshua Melton Abner Womack


Book 32-33t P-179 2-29-1820 Deed 1-19-1802 Anderson Womack of R. Co., planter, to Richard Simmons of R. Co. for 40 lbs. 100 a. on a branch of Broad River adj. Widow Womack's line.

Wss: Charles Simmonds

James Breedon Anderson Womack


Book 32-33, P-532 9-10-1821 Deed 10-31-1816 David Womack to Garland Dickerson 100 a. for $320, including improvements where said Womack now lives, land which he bought of Gentl James Miller, dec., previously owned by Noah Hampton. Land adj. Reynolds, mouth of Rocky Spring, and James Lewis, Patent to Miller. On the road from Rutherfordton to Logan's Mill

Wss: Wm. [?] Alexander David Womack


Book 36-, p-190 6-10-1828 Deed 3-19-1811 James Womack to John C.

Elliot 100 a. for $50 land on Hinton's Creek adj. Anderson Womack's




Wss: Thos. Goode

George Womack James Womack


Book 36, p-207 8-1-1828 Deed 3-4-1808 Anderson Womack to Thomas Nunley 25 a. for $50 adj. Nunley's corner on the waters of Brushey

Cr Little Broad River.

Ws;: Edward Dryens [?]

Josiah (X) Womack Anderson Womack





(Compiled by Walter Womack, McMinnville, Tennessee)


The Warren County Entries are bound in four books.

The Books have not been given a number, but on the backbone of each book is printed the entry number the book begins and ends with. The books have apparently been rebound from smaller booksp for the page numbers will continue in sequence to some point and then drop back to page 1 two or three times in each book. We have referred to the page number and section and have called each book by the number of its sequence in the group, even though the book does not have that number printed on it.


Book No. 1 contains Entries 1 to 2426. Book No. 2 contains Entries 2427 to 4596. Book No. 3 is missing. It contained Entries 4597 to 6582. Book No. 4 contains no Womack Entries. These books are noted on the backbone of the books as Grant Books, but they contain only entries. Grants were probably issued from these entries by the State of Tennessee later.

Under the Third Treaty of Tellicop dated October 25, 1805 the Cherokee Indians ceded to the United States all of the territory now comprising Warren County. Thousands immediately rushed in to claim grants issued for service in the Revolution. It was not until 1823 that the State of Tennessee authorized land entries in the area.


The wording of each entry is brief and contains only necessary information. The entry of Drury Womack (No. 362) is copied in its entirety. A note in the first book states that a record of the surveys is in the Surveyor's office at Shelbyville.


The body of one of the early entries: "By virtue of an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, passed at Murfreesboro the 22nd of November 1823, entitled An Act to Establish Offices for Receiving Entries for Vacant Lands in the Several Counties in the State lying North and East of the Congressional Reservation Line and North of the Tennessee River."


Drury --- #362 7-5-1824 Grant Book 1,, Sec. 1. p-117 Drury Womack

enters 50 acres of land in the County of Warren, State of

Tennessee on both sides of Barren Creek beginning on a red




oak on the East side of said creek running North

thence West thence South thence East to the beginning

for compliment including his improvement.

D. Womack, Lo.[cator

Plat Book 1, p-51, Survey made 1824.


Abner --- #481 7-5-1824 Grant Book 1,, Sec. 1. p-152. Abner

Womack enters fifty acres of land on the waters of the

Caney Fork . . . on or near his own land.

Plat Book l.. P-179 (This page torn out and missing.)


William --- #69o 8-12-1824 Grant Book 1., Sec. 1. p-221.

Beginning on a [?] and hickory on the bank of Collins

River James Reed's North corner 50 a.

Plat Book 1. p-172, Survey made 1825.


Abner --- #678 8-16-1824 Grant Book 1. Sec. 1, p-217. 74 acres

on the waters of Mountain Creek to include part of the

improvement made by William Womack Senr.

Plat Book 1, p-179, Survey made 1825.


Thomas --- #686 8-19-1824 Grant Book 1. Sec. 1. p-220. On

the waters of the Caney Fork on or near James Mullican

line. 50 acres.

Plat Book l@ P-350t Survey made 1827.


George --- #705 9-9-1824 Grant Book 1, Sec 1. p-225. On the

waters of Mountain Creek on Concord Meeting House

Branch near Samuel Green's Boundary line. 50 acres.

Plat Book 1. P-349, Survey made 1827


William --- #926 6-3-1825 Grant Book 1. Sec. 2p P-36. 50

acres of land on West side of Collins River near the

fork ofthe road leading from John G. Mullican to

Roland's Mill and to Hogans Bend.

Plat Book 1, p-171,, Survey made 1825.


Josiah --- #lol8 - -1826 Grant Book lp Sec. 2. p-65. 25

acres on the North side of Barren Creek Includes the

house and improvements where Calbourne Pigg now lives.

Plat Book 3, P-34.. Survey made 1828.


James --- #1169 1-27-1826 Grant Book 1. Sec. 2, P-109. 50 acres

on the waters of Barren Creek. To include the house

said Womack bought of G. W. Smith.

Plat Book 3, P-331, Survey made Jan. 3. 1826.

. . . to a post oak on John Adcock's line.

G. W. Smith and E. Cantrell cc.


Burgess Womack and John Mullican ---

#1239 1-4-1826 Grant Book 1. Sec. 2. p-129-30. 150 acres on the North side of Collins River beginning on a hickory being the North-West corner of a fifteen acre




survey the said Burgess Womack now lives and running North to John Mullican Senr. line, East with said Mullican line to the corner . . .

Plat Book 1, p-248, Survey made 1826.


William, Sr. - #1294 1-6-1826 Grant Book 1. Sec. 2, P-146. 50 acres

on the waters of the Caney Fork.Plat Book 2, P-154, Survey made 1830

Harold Byars and Wm. Womack cc.


James --- #1417 1-11-1826 Grant Book 1, Sec. 2, p-185. 50 acres on the Fork of Barren Creek. Plat Book 3,, p-258, Survey made 1827. W. Smith and Wm. Walker cc.


Abner C. #2175 1-24-1827 Grant Book 1., Sec. 3. P-171. 100 acres on waters of Collins River about an half mile East of the road leading from McMinnville to Frank's Ferry. Beginning on a hickory and running North to Burgess Womadk's South boundry line of an hundred and fifty acre entry then West with said line to Abner Womack Sr. East boundry line of a fifty acre tract

Plat Book 21 P-333P Survey made 1830

Abner Womack and Orthney [?] Womack S. C. C.


Josiah --- #2342 7-24-1827 Grant Book 10 Sec. 3. p-221. 100 acres on the waters of the Caney Fork beginning on a post oak on the West side of William Rice's spring hollow near where the road leading from John Marlain's accross said hollow to William Dunham's thence

No plat found for this entry.


William --- #2486 or -87 1-7-1828 Grant Book 2. Sec 1. p-18. 200 acres on the waters of Caney fork . . . On Harold Byar't East boundry line. Plat Book 2t P-332. William Womack and William Dunham, cc.


William --- #2735 2-16-1829 Grant Book 2. Sec. 10 p-91. 25 acres on West side of Collins River


Abner --- #3774 4-17-1834 Grant Book 2. Sec. lo p-112. 50 acres on the waters of Collins River

No plat found for this entry.


Abner., Sr. - #3914 2-23-1835 Grant Book 2. Sec. lo P-151. 100 acres on waters of Collins River. Bounded by Ellis Webb and Buck Pigg. Plat Book 3. p-231 calls for 200 acres. H. Byars and Jack Downing, cc.


Thomas --- #4113 1-12-1836 Grant Book 2. Sec. 1, p-203. 50 acres

on North side of little Barren Creek on the waters of

Caney Fork, bounded by John Cantrell and John Mullican.

Plat Book 3, p-209




William --- #4316 11-21-1836 Grant Book 2. Sec. 2p P-34. On the

waters of Caney Fork Bounded by Martley C. Roberts and John Goodson. No plat found for this entry.


Abner C. - #5186 Plat of this entry of 360 acres on the waters of

Charles Creek 1851. The entry of this tract probably was listed in Grant Book 3.


Thomas --- #5163 Entered 1851 Surveyed 1853. Plat Book 4, P-150 500 acres on waters of Caney Fork . . . Anna Womack's South East boundry and running East with John Davis? line and on with Jacob Blackbourne's line . . . North with Rolling's line . . . and on with Henry Settle's

line..... to a white oak on the bluff of the Caney

Fork..... including the place that the said Thomas

Womack now lives. Thomas Womack and Amos Womack cc.

(Note on margin: "Taken out by Robert Womack 1855."


B. H. #6063 Entered 1854 Surveyed 1856. Plat Book 4. p-181 26 acres on the waters of Sink Creek . . . North East corner of the said B. H. Womack's land deeded to the said Womack by Isaac Cantrell and running North with Cantrell's line . . . to Colman Green's corner.

Coleman Green and B. H. Womack cc.


Burgess --- #6106 Entered 1856 Surveyed 1856. Plat Book 4. p-182

490 acres on the waters of Collins River in District No. 11. Beginning on the said Womack's South-East corner of a 150 acre survey made by A. C. Womack . . . to a pointer on Ellis Webb's line . . . near the spring that William Cope now makes use of, then with a conditional line made by Womack and William Cope to a stake on Mangrum's line . . . to a hickory on Harold Byars? line. Burgess Womack and Thomas Womack, cc.


R. P. #6562 Entered 1875 Surveyed April 19, 1875. Plat Book 49 p-268 - 675 acres . . . on both sides of Mountain Creek. Bounded by Adam Settle, Isaac and 0. Denton, James Webb, Thomas Bass, R. P. Womack, Erwin Gribble, John Burk, Frank Womack and B. T. Matlock.

Frank Womack and Lez. Wilson, cc.





(Compiled by Walter Womack, McMinnville, Tennessee)


Abner WOMACK to Henry SETTLE, June 26, 1816, Book C. Page 112 50 a. for $200. in the First District . . . A little East of where the road crosses Collins River.

Witnesses: Burgess Womack and James Womack.




Micajah NEWSAM to James WOMACK, Oct. 20p 1820, Bk. E, P. 27-28 50 a. for $50. on the waters of Mountain Creek . . . including the spring and improvement formerly occupied by William Donneley.

Witnesses: Samuel Hand and I. B. Perkins.


Paul PIGG to Abner WOMACK, April 10, 1832, Bk. G. P. 194-5-6 201 a. for $1000. In five tracts. On the waters of Charles Creek, on the North side. Joins 22 acre tract of Edmond McMahan, also bounded by Charles Burks, David Stockstill., Wm. Perkins and John Kersey. Includes the place where Nathan Pigg now lives.

Witnesses: W. Womack and William Pigg.


William WOMACK to Thomas HOPKINS, May 28, 1831, Bk. GI P. 364-5 100 a. for $450. In two tracts of 50 a. each. On the West branch of Collins River . . . To a walnut on Bradfords (Now William Martin's) North boundry. The other [tract] beginning at a post oak marked "WI' near the fork of the road leading from John Mullican's to Rowlands Mill and Hogan's Bend.

Witnesses: Lusk Colville and Green Medley.


William WOMACK to Jesse WEBB, Jan. 14., 1834, Bk. H, P. 35 94 a. in two surveys for $400. Bounded by John Ingram and John Cain.


James STEWART to Burgess WOMACK, Nov. 1. 1839, Bk. L,, p. 92 Deed of trust for $100.


Burgess WOMACK to Wm. STEWART, Aug. 8. 1840p Bk.M, p. 199-200 225 a. for $900. On the North side of Round Mountain . . . Beginning at a stake on James Mullican's South boundary line, it being the North-West corner of a fifty acre survey granted to Thomas Womack . . . to a conditional corner made by Burgess Womack and William

Mason . . . to the North boundary of a 50 acre survey

granted to Abner Womack.


Leonard ADCOCK to Burgess WOMACK, Jan. 11, 1841,, Bk. M,, P.

316, Deed of Trust for $86.


Burgess WOMACK to Daniel W. WEBB, Nov. 1., 18450 Bk. PI p. 280

Bill of Sale for slaves Sedda, Clerinda and George for



Robert B. WOMACK to Horace H. HARRISON. Bk. Po P. 5670 May 20.,

1849. Bill of Sale for slave., Sally., $390.00


Ransom P. WOMACK to John SMITH, Aug. 14, 18472 Bk. PI P. 469 273 3/4 a. in Warren and Van Buren counties for $87. One-fifth interest in this tract of land on both sides of RockyRiver where John Scott and John Priest now live, also including the grist mill known as Rocky





River Mills.


Book P, P. 145: Witnesseth that whereas on the Third Day of March 1845 a judgement was rendered before John W. Ford, Esq. against the said William W. Nunley, Asa Morton and Ransom P. Womack for the sum of $48.52 on a note made payable by the said Nunley to the said Asa Morton and by the said Morton transferred to Ramsom P. Womack. On the same day the said R. P. Womack transferred the note to S. B. Spurlock, etc.


Abner WOMACK to Hiram CHRISTIAN, Sept. 11, 1841, Bk. P, P. 174 50 a. for $150. In District 14, on the waters of Collins River. Bounded by Isaac Brown and Hiram Cantrell. Witnesses: Burgess Womack and R. P. Womack.


R. B. WOMACK to H. H. HARRISON, July 18, 1848, Bk. Q, p. 64

Bill of Sale for Slave "Lut". $69o.

Witnesses: W. B. Johnson and H. M. Black.


R. B. WOMACK to H. L. W. HILL, July 4. 18490 Bk. Q.. p. 166

Bill of Sale for slaves Rachael, Jane and Celia, $950.

Witness: H. H. Harrison and G. R. Smartt.


R. B. WOMACK to Joshua PENNINGTONP Aug. 3, 1849, Bk. Q,

p. 178-9. 350 a. for $700. A tract of land in the 14th and llth Dists. bounded by Solomon Williams., E. H. Green, J. D. Walling, John Pennington, Timothy Couch, Burgess Womack, Abner Womack and R. B. Womack.


R. B. WOMACK to Hiram CANTRELL, Sept. 30, 1848, Bk. Q, p. 217

10 a. for $40. On Mountain Creek. Bounded by Hiram

Cantrell, Hiram Christian and P. Cantrell.

Witnesses: W. Compton and Solomon Williams.


Ransom P. WOMACK, Ex. to A. L. FERRINGTON, Feb. 21, 1850, Bk.Q, p. 217. 100 a. for $400. "I Ransom P. Womack, Executor of the last will and testament of Jordan Sellen, (? probably Sellers] deceased have sold" . . . lying on the North side of Mountain Creek, bounded by

R. P. Womack, B. P. Webb and James Webb.

Witnesses: L. D. Mercer and E. M. Mercer.


Nathan PIGG to William P. WOMACK, Sept. 29, 1849t Bk. Q. p. 187 50 a. for $150. In District 16. Bounded by Wm. Perkins and Paul Pigg.

Witnesses: John L. Davis and Aaron Moffitt.


John VANHOOSER to Burgess WOMACK, March 20, 1848p Bk. Qp p. 206 75 a. for $86. On the waters of Mountain Creek, in cluding the improvements where Benjamin Bratcher did live. -Witnesses: Isaac Cantrell and R. B. Womack





R. B. WOMACK to Hiram CANTRELL,. July 5,, 1852, Bk. Rt P. 335

$25. for a tract of land on the waters of Mountain Creek. Number of acres not given. Bounded by James P. Cope and Solomon Denny.


Henry WATKINS, et. als. to Ransom P. WOMACK, Bk. R, p. 1 "We Henry Watkins and Hannah Watkins the wife of the said Henry, and Ellen Watkins the child and daughter of the said Henry and Hannah . . sell to Ransom P. Womack . . . slaves James and Oney." Consideration $1250.


Isaac CANTRELL to Burgess WOMACKP Jan. 15, 1853t Bk. R,

P. 442-3. Mortgages set of books (accounts of general store] for the year 1852 amounting to $400. in accounts. Also hogs, sheep, cattle, ox wagonp one lot of raw hide, and crops for 1853 to secure note. Witnesses: William Jones and Matilda Jones.


Isaac CANTRELL to Burgess WOMACK, July 19, 1852, Bk. R, P-426 Mortgages land in the 12th District to secure $400.00 note. Money used to help finance Cantrell's mercantile Business.


Thomas WOMACK to Joseph WALLING, Jan. 13, 1854, Bk. S, P-117-18 Deed of Trust to secure note to John Towles. 84 a. for $100. and other considerations. In Dist. 11 -- Bounded by Nancy Smithp George W. Ford, H. Byars and Woodward. Witness: J. Furm Morford.


Thomas WOMACK to John W. TOWLES. Feb. 5. 1855@ Bk. St P-441 80 a. for $60. In Dist 11, on waters of Collins River. Same tract as above for which deed of trust was given.


Thomas WOMACK to Solomon L. MULLICAN, Feb. 19, 1848, Bk. S, P. 442-3. 175 a. for $400. In llth Dist. Bounded by John Martinp William D. Walker and John Cantrell. Witnesses: James Martin and A. F. Mullican.


John B. SMITH to Thomas WOMACK, Jan. 15, 1854, Bk. S, P-117 84 a. for $200. In llth Dist. bounded by Nancy Smith, Geo. W. Ford, Sutters, H. Byars.


T. K. BELL to Samuel M. WOMACK, Jan. 14, 1854, Bk. st P-114 240 a. for $700. Between Charles Creek and Mountain Creek. Bounded by Isham Perkins and James Newby.


R. B. WOMACK to Isaac GRIZLE, Jan. 28, 1857, Bk. U, p. 55-6

332 1/2 a. for $2,300. R. B. Womack of the County of Sinuston, Alabama sells land on waters of Collins River in llth and 14th Dist . . . east side of the road leading across Collins River at Hennessee Ford . . . to a gum on the bluff on Collins River.




Abner C. WOMACK to Levi EDGE, Jan. 16, 1857, Bk. U, P. 58-59 10 3/4 a. No price given, in 7th Dist.


Ransom P. WOMACK, Admr. to Abraham L. FERRINGTON, April 25, 1857. Bk. U, p. 127-28. $400. No. of acres not given. Ransom

P. Womack, administrator for estate of Jordon Sellers. Dist 11 and 14, On waters of Mtn. Creek, Bounded by R.P. Womack and James Webb.


Levi EDGE to Abner WOMACKP Jan. 16, 1857, Bk. U, P. 57 10 3/4 a. No price given. In 7th Dist.

Witness: Wm. Womack


Isaac C. WOODWARD, Admr. to R. B. WOMACK, Bk. U, P. 54-55 May 13P 1856. 332 1/2 a. for $l,l93. Isaac C. Woodward, Administrator, estate of Henry Settle. In llth and 14th Dist. Road leading across Collins River at Hennessee ford, etc. Where Henry Watkins now lives.


R. P. WOMACK to John CANTRELL, Jan 26, 1853, Bk. V, P. 77-78

250 a. for $l,OOO. In 14th Dist. Bounded by Joshua

Pennington, Old Nashville Road, Frank's Ferry Road,

James Cope, Hiram Cantrell, Larkin Jones and Solomon



I. J. GARTH to S. M. WOMACK., Feb. 10, 1857 (Date Registered)

Bk. V, p. 259. In two tracts; 75 a. and 100 a. on the waters of Charles Creek. Witnesses: J. J. Womack and J. Stewart Smith.


H. F. HICKS to A. C. WOMACK, Feb. 20, 1858, Bk. V, P. 42-43 8 a. for $50. Deed of Trust. In 7th Dist. Bounded by VanHooser, Whitlock spring., Boren, Jacobs and Edge.


D. W. WEBB to R. B. WOMACK, Dec. 24, 1858, Bk. V, p. 222-3 150 a. for $725. On waters of Mountain Creek in llth Dist, bounded by Capshaw, Joshua Purser and Gribble. Witnesses: P. G. Webb and James S. Gribble.


Isaac CANTRELL to Burgess H. WOMACK, Feb. 26, 1853, Bk. V, P. 98-9. 450 a. for $400. In 12th. Dist . . . Hickory near the Mountain Road . . . bounded by James and Russle Lewis, Wood, Hicks, Baker and Steward. Witnesses: A. C. Womack and R. P. Womack.


Leonard ADCOCK to B. R. WOMACK and D. W. WEBB, Nov. 12, 1860, Bk. W, P. 359-60. Deed of Trust. Two slaves Nance and Caroline, Yoke of oxen and ox wagon, stocks sheep, cattle and household goods to secure debt.


Thomas McDOWELL to B. R. WOMACK, Jan. 7. 1861p Bk. W, P. 401-2 Deed of trust. 80 barrels of corn, 2 stills and aperatus, 1 yoke of oxens, 2 horses and about 68 acres of land in 15th Dist., on Barren Branch, bounded by




B. R. Womack., Alex Walker, L. Adcock, J. B. Wilkenson; also about 115 acres of land on Sink Creek in DeKalb countyt Dist. No. 6, bounded by Capshaw and Alex Walker.


D. W. WEBB to R. P. WOMACK, Dec. 24, 1858,Bk. Y, P. 36-37

260 a. for $216. Two-sixths of an undivided tract of land on the waters of Mountain Creekp Dist 11, the land where William Mullican lived his lifetime. Bounded by James Webbo,Thomas Webb, R. P. Womack, Irving Gribble, and James S. Gribble.

Witnesses: James S. Gribble and B. R. Womack


J. J. WOMACK to W. C. WOMACK, June 28.. 1867, Bk. Y, p.217-18

Deed of Trust. House and lot on West side of Smithville Road, North of McMinnville about 40 poles, bounded by J. C. Ramsey, S. Stanley and J. S. Clark.


Aaron FLETCHER to B. R. WOMACK, Feb. 26, 1868, Bk. Y, p. 548- 49-50. Deed of trust, $75. and other considerations. Bounded by Capshaw,, John Byars and Thompson.


J. S. GRIBBLE and J. C. WEBB, administrators, estate of D. W.

WEBB, deceased. to Thomas WOMACK, Feb. 14, 1868, Bk. Y, P. 499-500. 90 a., no price given. In Dist. No. 15 on the waters of Mountain Creek, bounded by Asa [Arsey ?) Womack, S. D. Cope, D. W. Webb, A. Payne, J. B. Webb. Womack had bought land before D. W. Webb's death, but did not get deed. Page 501---Thomas Womack gives James Webb Deed of Trust on above land Feb. 13, 1868.

Witnesses: B. M. Webb and Tilford Stewart.


S. M. WOMACK to David MITCHELL, August 24, 1863, Bk. Y, p.125-6

100 and 75 a. for $1,600. In two tracts on waters of

Charleyts Creek in 13th Dist. Near the McMinnville and

Short Mountain Road. Witness: J. H. Roberson.


S. B. MOORE to B. H. WOMACK, Dec. 7. 1865, Bk. Z, p. 112-3.

In Dist No. 13, no price given., 600 a. Bounded by Rebecca VanHooser, J. B. Pairkins, S. B. Moore., On the road leading from Mechanicsville to McMinnville. Witnesses: John W. Boss and John Pope.


William J. HARRISON to J. J, WOMACK, Jan. 3, 1866, Bk. Z,, p-263 2 a. for $1800. In the lst Dist. near the corporate line of McMinnville. Bounded by J. C. Ramsey, Miss Ann Hicks, West Edge of Smithville Road.


Burgess WOMACK to John EVANS, and others, Trustees, Bk. l,

P. 47-8. March 26, 1866. 2 a. for 0. Gives land and building of Cross Roads School in Dist. 14. "For the great desire I have for the Education of the youths of my settlement, that is white children, I therefore give and transfer . . . Witnesses: E. H. Green and I. D. Evans.




A. C. WOMACK to James M. WEBB, August 14, 1844, Bk. l, p. 199

"I A. C. Womack., former Tax Collector for Warren County do hereby transfer" land in 15th Dist. Bounded by Mrs. Rebecca Smith, Cherry, Jacob Blackbourne and Dermon Lane. (Replaces deed lost before being registered. 45 a. No Price given.)


S. M. WOMACK to D. L. MITCHELL, Aug. 24, 1863, Bk. l, P. 336

175 a. for $1600.00. On the waters of Charles Creek, Dist 13. Near McMinnville to Short Mountain Road. Witness: J. H. Robinson.[Seems to be same as 5th above.]


A. C. WOMACK to W. P. WOMACK, March 9,, 1867, Bk. 10 P-449

15 a. no price given. In Dist 13. Bounded by Edge,

W. P. Womack and A. C. Womack.


A. C. WOMACK to Abner M. WOMACK, March 9, 1867, Bk. l, P. 450

15 a. for $105. In 13th Dist. Bounded by W. P.

Womack, Joseph Sparkman heirs and W. P. Womack.


A. C. WOMACK to S. M. WOMACK., March 9. 1867, Bk. l, P. 451

Consideration $119. no a. given. Bounded by S. M. Womack.


J. J. WOMACK to Lunderburger & Co., March 26., 1867, Bk. l,

P. 471. Lien on House and lot.


J. J. WOMACK to Thompson & Womack, Bk. l, P. 489-90

Deed of Trust to secure loan on house and lot.


Burgess WOMACK to Enoch JONES,, Oct. 18., 1862.. Bk. l, P-530-31 179 a. for $880. "Lawful money of the Confederate States." Bounded by Isaac Grizzle, James Cope, John Cantrell, Old Nashville Road,, and W. D. Smith. Including 2 acres on which the school house stands.

Witnesses: Isaac Grizzle and Joshua Pennington.


D. W. WEBB to B. R. WOMACK., Nov. 8. 1859., Bk. l, P. 525-6

220 a. for $725. On the waters of Barren Creek.

Bounded by Isaac and M. A. Cantrell, D. W. Webb and

Alexander Walker.


Deed Books Jo T and X missing. These books probably contained

some Womack deeds.





(Compiled by Walter Womack, McMinnville,, Tennessee


All marriage records in Warren county recorded before 1850 are said to have been burned by a thoughtless clerk many years ago. The first book now extant is lettered "Book At": the next few are numbered from No. 1 and later books are identified by dates entries begin and end.


Husband and Wife date Married by Witness-Bondsman


Thomas Womack License issued License not

to Sarrilda Womack June 22, 1852 returned


John Womack Issued No return

to Nancy Fulton Nov. 25, 1852


Willis Womack July 31., 1853 M. Halterman, None

to Sarah Davis J. P.


Wm. C. Womack Jan. 24, 1854 John Miller, None

to Clementine Clark J. P.


Isaac Clark Sept. 10, 1854 L. Herd.. None

to Elizabeth Womack M. G.


Francis M. Cantrell Dec. 10., 1854 M. Haltermanp None

to America M. Womack J. P.


John M. Womack Mar. 29., 1855 Melvard Halterman

to Nancy Goodson J. P. None


L. D. Kent Issued No return

to Mary Womack Aug. 31, 1855


(Wm. P. Womack was J. P. in 1855)


J. W. Couch Issued No return

to Nancy P. Womack Sept. 18, 1857


William Davis Sept. 30., 1858 M. Halterman None

to Caroline Womack


B. R. Womack Nov. 15., 1858 John Smith, None

to Mary Webb J. P.


Richard M. Tittsworth May 15., 1859 James Webb None

to Polly Womack J. P.


(B. H. Womack was J. P. in 186o)


Rufus Simpson Sept. 18, 1860 Isaac Denton and None

Melvina Womack J. C. Putman, J. P.




Jas. J. Womack Mar. 20, 1862 J. M. Melsnuny None

Tennie G. Amonett M. G.


Felix G. Womack April 190 1864 Isaac Denton

to Sarah G. Cope M. G.


[During the Civil War when the Yankees were occupying McMinnville almost no licenses were returned to the court house by the Minister or Justice of the Peace who performed the marriage ceremony. In other years a minister or J. P. who lived far out in the country and did not often come to McMinnville would lose the license or wear it out in his pocket before returning it to be completed on the marriage record.]


A. E. Womack Issued No return

to Malinda Davis Oct. 6, 1865


Abner Womack Issued No return

to Senith B. Webb Nov. 8, 1866


Joseph Pennington March 28, 1867 John W. Ross None.

to Bettey Womack J. P.


W. C. Womack May 20, 1868 J. M. McMurry, None

to Mary Colville M. G.


A. J. Womack Issued No Return

to Cyrena Boren Aug. 28, 1869


John R. Cope Aug. 18, 1870 Isaac Dentonp None

to Acenith Womack M. G.


J. A. Womack Oct. 24, 1871 Isaac Denton None

to E. G. Moore M. G.


John Goodson Feb. 14, 1872 Isaac Denton, John Goodson

to Susanh P. Womack M. G. James M. Green


Levi Wilson Jan. 14., 1879 James A. Wheeler, Levi Wilson

to Octa Womack J. P. G. Maddux


B. F. Womack May 6. 1874 J. T. Barbee, B. F. Womack

to Emma 0. Smartt M. G. Charley Colville


(B. H. Womack was J. P. in 1874)


B. F. Hardcastle Jan. 14, 1875 Isaac Denton, B. F. Hardcastle

to Martha Womack M. G. H. C. Dodd


S. S. Brown July 29, 1875 I. C. Woodward, S. S. Brown

to A. V. Womack M. G. R. R. Womack


John E. Cantrell Nov. 30, 1877 Isaac Denton, John E. Cantrell

to Elisa A. Womack M. G. Oliver Towles




D. D. Womack July 29, 1877 Elysses Vanhooser D. D. Womack

to E. C. Jones 0. C, Pope


John Womack Oct. 3, 1877 J. T. Barbee, John Womack

to Mary Collier M. G. Jas. Pennington


W. L. P. Womack Dec. 6, 1877 Shadrack Green. W. L. P. Womack

to M. H. Hennessee M. G. Shadrack Green


R. M. Cummings Dec. 23, 1877 Isaac Denton.. R. M. Cummings

to Josie Womack M. G. Jas. Pennington


F. M. Womack Feb. 21, 1878 J. T. Barbee F. M. Womack

to M. A. Gribble M. G. J. J. Mullican


John R. Cope Dec. 26, 1878 James M. Green John R. Cope

to Anna Womack J. P. F. G. Womack


D. P. Womack Feb. 23, 1879 Joseph Pennington D. P. Womack

to Dora Womack J. P. J. A. Griffith


J. B. Womack Aug. 14, 1879 Isaac Denton B. Womack

to Julia Lowry M. G. Jas. Pennington


Robert B. Womack Sept. 3. 1879 H. A. Jones Robert B. Womack

to Lizzie Ramsey M. G., C. P. Church-Charlie Colvill


W. J. Griffith Nov. 3, 1879 G. N. M. Newby W. J. Griffith

to Acenith Womack M. M. Marler


S. G. Womack Jan. 18, 1880 G. B. McPeak, S. G. Womack

to M. A. Hawkins M. G. W. L. Womack


John Martin Sept. 20, 1881 Leonard Adcock, H. K. Martin

to Sarah J. Couch J. P. J. W. Couch


L. P. Womack Oct. 8. 1882 Wesley T. Kidwell-T. B. Wilkerson

to Fannie Webb M. G. J. H. Womack


J. L. Hennessee Dec. 30, 1880 W. T. Reeder, J. L. Hennessee

to Florence Womack M. G. G. W. Turney


J. D. Sanders Feb. 10., 1881 Rev. W. H. J. D. Sanders

to Victoria Womack Gilbert G. W. Mitchell


S. M. Fuston April 10, 1881 Isaac Denton S. M. Fuston

to Mira Womack M. G. I. J. Therman


J. S. Womack Feb. 20, 1884 H. J. Christian J. S. Womack

to America H. Pollard W. W. Womack


William Marler March 10., 1884 J. A. Wheeler, William Marler

to Mary P. Womack J. p Ed Marler




Oliver Towles Dec. 24, 1885 Isaac Dentonp Oliver Towles

to Lula Womack M. G. Joe Pennington


Lawson Womack Jan. 12, 1887 Isaac Dentonp Lawson Womack

to Ella Smith M. G. E. Webb


J. E. Martin Nov. 24, 1887 A. H. Reamsp J. E. Martin

to C. E. Womack M. G. J. R. Gardner


Isaac N. Henby Dec. 13, 1887 J. A. Wheeler, Isaac Henby

to Nancy A. Womack i. P. J. A. Wheeler


J. J. Jones Jan. 12, 1888 Rev. Peter S. J. J. Jones

to T. G. Womack Baker W. M. Marler


C. L. Keaton Oct. 4. 1888 J. L. Byars, C. L. Keaton

to S. P. Womack M. G. Robert Gribble


D. D. Womack Nov. 18, 1888 J. R. Oliver D. D. Womack

to A. M. Meggerson J. P. John Womack


W. Edge June 27, 1889 John R. GrizzlepWilliam Edge

to Eliza Womack J. P. Gentry Spurlock


A. C. Womack Dec. 24, 1889 J. M. Denton A. C. Womack

to Mollie Byars M. G. John P. Womack


T. A. Womack June 5. 1890 J. L. Miller T. A. Womack

to Rebecca McBride J. P. Pink Davis


A. C. Womack Oct. 9. 1890 P. G. Potter S. C. Womack

to Dovie Webb M. G. I. G. Gribble


J. P. Womack Dec. 9. 1890 P. G. Potter J. P. Womack

to Bell Webb M. G. T. C. Sullivan


Frank Spurlock Jan. 28, 1891 G. T. Stainback Frank Spurlock

to Lena Womack M. G. J. J. Morford


James Dove March 24, 1891 J. L. Byars James Dove

to Susie Womack M. G. 0. T. Gibson


W. H. Newby April 12, 1891 S. V. Vanhooser W. H. Newby

to Miss Mattie Womack J. P. M. M. Marler


J. B. Womack Oct. 8. 1891 J. L. Byars, J. B. Womack

to Ida Couch M. G. J. W. Womack


J. S. Kirby Aug. 11, 1892 E. N. Yager, J. S. Kirby

to Miss Docie Womack J. P. J. S. Dugan


J. D. Womack Jan. 1. 1893 J. S. Byarsp J. D. Womack

to Miss Octa Webb M. G. J. T. Cope




John Womack Jan. 26, 1893 P. G. Potter John Womack

to Miss Bell Denton M. G. K. F. Cantrell


R. M. Tittsworth Feb. 8, 1893 E. N. Yager R. M. Tittsworth

to Mrs. Maggie Womack J. P. J. C. Womack


E. J. Pinegar May 14, 1893 F. M. Womack Mr. E. J. Pinegar

to Miss Pearl N. Womack J. P. J. S. Walker


Mann Wills May 17, 1893 S. T. Stainbacky Mann Wills

to Miss Della Womack D. D. William Kinney


Arsey Womack Nov. 25, 1893 P. W. Harsh, Arsey Womack

to Miss Ella Hayes M. G. P. W. Harsh


R. 0. Womack Jan. 18, 1894 F. P. Byars R. 0. Womack

to Mollie Fuston J. P. W. H. Pennington


I.,D. Womack Jan. 26, 1895 P. G. Potter J. D. Womack

to Etta Daugherty M. G. J. B. Petty


Pink Webb Aug. 1, 1895 L. P. Sanders, R. P. Webb

to Sallie Womack J. P. Jim Glenn


J. M. Womack Jan. 15, 1896 J. T. Byars, J. M. Womack

to Miss E=a Vaughn M. G. F. M. Womack


A. M. Womack Oct. 14, 1896 E. N. Yager A. M. Womack

to Tempie Womack J. P. John Mullican


J. T. Womack Sept. 27, 1896 L. P. Potter J. T. Womack

to Miss Maude Sanders M. G. S. T. Womack


Sam R. Bruster Dec.2. 1896 W. B. Holmes, Sam R. Bruster

to Miss Ida Womack M. G. T. C. Smartt


Parker Womack Dec. 15, 1896 L. Vanhooser, Parker Womack

to Miss Mary Mullican J. P. R. P. Webb


W. P. Womack May 24, 1897 J. A. Shider,[?] W. P. Womack

to Liza McBride J. P. P. Davis


F. Womack Dec. 26p 1897 J. A. Sluder,[?] Faulkner Womack

to Connie Newby J. P. J. L. Newby


A. H, Womack Oct. 13, 1898 Rev. Elisha Webb, A. H. Womack

to Ella Couch R. P. Webb


John B. Sellers March 9. 1899 P. G. Potter John B. Sellers

to Minnie P. Womack M. G. Thomas B. Locke


E. N. Trail Issued Aug. 19, 1899-No return E. N. Trail

to Lena Womack J. E. Turner





Minus L. Fletcher Sept. 18, 1895 W. B. Holmes Minus L. Fletcher

to Lillie Womack M. G. Geo. M. Smith


Hugh Jones Mar. 5, 1900 Sam V. Vanhooser, Hugh Jones to Stella Womack J. P. H. S. Wood






Mrs. Ethel Womack Pickett, 3210 East 27th Streeto Idaho Falls, Idaho sends the pedigree chart reproduced belowp together with the following comment: "I really enjoyed the last issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY. I had high hopes that I would find in it something on my line in Kentucky. I have searched so many places trying to get information beyond my great grand-parents". [See chart below.]




This will not line up like a true pedigree chart since the information was hand written:


Ethel Pickett Womack

b. Dec 30 1908, Logan UT

m. June 8 1927

To: Lyman A Pickett



Claude Ripley Womack

b. Nov 6 1879, Blue Springs KY

m. Jan 31 1900

To: ?



John Dudley Womack

b. Nov 10 1842 Adair Co, KY

d. Feb 4 1923, Decatur IN

m. Mary Ann Stinson

b. 1848, ?

d. Oct 20 1894



John Womack

b. 1821-23 Adair Co KY

d. ? Adair Co KY

m. Julia Leach


John Stinson and Dille Culvert were Mary Ann's parents, no other info.


From Mrs. R. H. Winget, 5330 LaVesta Rr. Fountain City.. Tenn.: "I was in the Lawson McGhee Library, Knoxville, searching for data on the McKinney family of Smith or Wilson County, Tenn. when I came across the record of the Wammack, or Womack family. I suspect I am related to the Womacks but have never quite tied it in as to how. A John Womack was a half-brother to my great-great grandfather, James McKinney, and they migrated at the same time to Illinois in 1820. I am familiar to some extent with the family of Wommacks which migrated to Clay County, IllinoiS, and will send it along if any branches are interested.


BITS OF INFORMATION ON ONE BRANCH OF THE TRIBE OF WOMACK By Lucile Womack Bates (Mrs. W.E.B.) 3810 Bedford, Nashville 12, Tennessee


Family tradition in this branch of the Womack Family says that the Womacks were Scots, that they left Scotland because of their religious beliefs and settled in North Ireland for a time before coming to America. The tradition however, is very indefinite as to when they left Scotland, how long they stayed in Ireland, the year in which they arrived in this country, and the name or names of the first of the family to arrive here.

I have secured enough data from Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas county records.. in my research, to be able to give the following information on this branch of the family from 1672 until the present as the family followed the course of migration westward over a period of some two hundred years or more.

The earliest Womack in our branch that we are certain of is Richard Womack who was born about 1655 - exact date and place of birth unknown. Our first record of him is in Mar. 15, 1672 when he received a Land Patent of 450 acres in Henrico Co Va. (Virginia Land Office 6- P. 477.) The date and place of his marriage to Mary Puckette - daughter of John and Ann Puckette of Henrico Co., Va. is not known. The Valentine Papers give us information on his approximate age at a given date; his wife's name and age; her parents' names; a description of the location of his land (which helps establish descent for his son and grandson - in description of their land); his date of death (1684); names of his brothers (Abraham, William, Thomas - and possibly John). He was about thirty years old when he died - leaving his wife Mary and two small sons, whose names were Richard and William. There may have been other children whose names we do not know.

Richard Womack (II) born 1676 (apparently in Henrico Co., Va.) died about 1723. He married Elizabeth Puckette (who was probably his first cousin). The date and place of marriage is not known. Richard and Elizabeth Womack had two sons that we know of - Richard (III) who married Ann Childers or Childress, and Alexander. (There may have been other children in this family.)

Alexander Womack married Martha (last name not known). His exact date of birth is not known but it is fairly certain that he was born in Henrico Co., Va. The date of his marriage to Martha

is unknown But he was married prior to Dec 13 1742, for on that

date he and his wife Martha of Dale Parish, Henrico Co., Va. sold 200 acres in that county to Peter Ashbrook, Jr. - land which had been willed to him by his father, Richard Womack. In 1755 he obtained a Patent of 176 acres in Amelia Co., Va. In 1759 he was living in Prince Edward Co., Va. (Prince Edward Co. was formed 1753-4 from Amelia Co.) In 1773 he obtained Patent of 321 acres in Bedford Co. Va. In 1782 he appears on the Personal Property Tax List of Prince Edward Co., Va. He did not appear after 1782 on these lists. July 22, 1782 he sold 176 acres of land in Prince Edward Co.., Va. (This was the 176 acres he patented in Amelia Co.) He wrote his will on Aug. 26.. 1782, while a resident of Prince Edward Co. On April 1, 1784 his will was probated in Campbell Co., Va.--so at sometime between those two,dates-,he must have moved to

Campbell Co.oVa. In 1782 he had purchased 200 acres of land on Felpes Creek in





Campbell Co, Va. In his will of 1782 Alexander Womack mentions his wife Martha; sons-Richard, David, Alexander; daughters - Ann Driscal (Driskill), Elizabeth Mason, Jane Tomison, Martha Rutledge, Judith Richards; and a granddaughter Nancy Womack (but does not mention whose child she was. A James Davis and Nancy G. Womack were married in Campbell Co., Va. in 1792 - father, Mathew Womack, Mathew may have been a son who died prior to the time that Alexander wrote his will.

In 1806-7 Richard Womack and his wife Rachel; Alexander Womack and his wife Sarah; David Womack and his wife Elizabeth sold their lands in Campbell Co., Va. (located mostly on the Stanton River in the southeast corner of the county) and moved to Tennessee accompanied by all or part of the families of their five sisters (for Driskill, Richards, Mason, Tomison, Rutledge names show up consistently in Wilson, Rutherford, Bedford and other adjoining counties in Tennessee in locations where the three brothers and their families settled.)

Alexander Womack (Jr.) was married to Sarah McDearmon in Prince George Co., Va. in 1798. In 1807 he and his wife Sarah sold their land in Campbell Co.., Va. (He may have been married twice. He lived in Lunenburg Co. at one time and in 1792 in Charlotte Co, Va. Elizabeth Womack., Dau. of Alex. Womack married Henry Buckner). Part of his wife's family must have accompanied them to Tennessee for I found McDearmons in the records listed as living near Alexander.

No record has been found of David Womack's marriage to Elizabeth nor is her last name known. The Bedford Co., Tenn. Tax Lists for 1812 show the following names pertinent to our Womack's who moved from Campbell Co.,, Va. to Bedford Co., Tenn.: Abras Crain,, Joel Crain, Michael Mason., Michael Pruitt, John Richard, Shadrack Richard, Robert Rutledge, Alexander Warmick, David Warmick, David Warmick Jr., William Warmick, Henry Warmith. Bedford Co, Tenn. Tax Lists for 1836 show the following names: John E. Mason, Thos. W. Mason, William Mason.. David Richards, William Richards, Hawkins Wamack, Michael Wammack, P. H. Prewitt, Michael (R) Wommack. Bedford Co., Tenn. Tax Lists for 1837:- C. M. Wammack, Michael Wammack, Hawkins Wammack, P. H. Prewitt. The 1820 census for Bedford Co., Tenn. p. 29 lists Josiah Wammack and Hawkins Wamack. P. 31 lists Michael Wammack, David Wammack, Alexander Wammack, and William Wamack in this order. P. 32 lists Henry Wammack. Most of these people owned land in the vicinity of Flat Creek., a branch of Duck River,, and located in the southeast corner of Bedford Co. - near the Lincoln Co. line. Lincoln Co., Tenn. Tax Lists for 1836 list: Berry J. Womack, James Edde, E. H. Womack, some eight or nine of the Rutledge family., Masons, Pruitts, Lewis Wamack, Henry P. Womack, Thomasons, James Wamack. Alexander Womack died prior to 1846. I have no information on the two Davids after the 1820 census.

Richard Womack, son of Alexander Womack of Campbell Co.., Va. moved his family to Wilson Co... Tenn. sometime in the period 1806 -1810. In all probability he rented land and made several crops while he searched for the farm he wanted to buy., for Tax Lists show his son Joel Womack in Wilson Co., Tenn. in 1806-7-8. One of his daughters married in Wilson Co. in 1808 and another in 1809. They may have been living with relatives who had preceded them from Virginia. In 1810 Richard Womack purchased 330 acres of land




situated on Round Lick Creek in Wilson Co. He died in 1819. In his will he mentions his sons - Joel (deceased), Richard, and Elijah; daughters - Susannah Hubbard, Elizabeth McKinney, Jane Shores, Lucy Jones, and Patsy Womack (who later married William Shanks); a grandson, John Womack; Michael R. Womack and Elizabeth Crane, the children of his son Joel; his wife Rachel. Nothing is known about the date and place of Richard's marriage to Rachel or her last name. Rachel died ca. 1839.

Joel Womack was probably the oldest son. He was married to Sally Pruitt - daughter of Michael Pruitt in Campbell Co. Va. in 1800. Joel was in Wilson Co., Tenn. as early as 1806. According to Pruitt family tradition Joel and his brother-in-law, Moses Pruitt were on a deer hunt when Joel was accidentally shot and killed. His wife and two children - Michael R. and Elizabeth must have lived with the Pruitts in Rutherford and Bedford counties for I find no further record of them in Wilson Co. According to Richard Womack's will his granddaughter Elizabeth was married to some one named Crane when the will was written in 1819. No marriage record has been found thus far. Michael R. Womack married his cousin Judah T. Rutledge in Rutherford Co., Tenn. in Oct. 1825. The 1830 census of Rutherford Co., Tenn. lists Michael Womack, his wife and three daughters. In 1836 he is on the tax lists of Bedford Co., Tenn. He is not on the 1837 tax list of that county and I do not find him in the 1840 census for Bedford Co.

Richard Womack, Jr. married Agnes Smith in Wilson Co., Tenn. in 1812. They had five or six children: Joel W. (who married Mary Alexander in Wilson Co., Tenn. in 1833); John T.(decendants of Richard Jr. are pretty vague - both as to his name, and the section of the country to which he migrated as a young man); James Smith; William Amzi; Mary Jane; and a daughter who died in childhood. After the death of his first wife Richard Jr. married Mrs. Elizabeth Puckette Bailey and to them were born: Sophronia; Sarah; Frank; Russell; Repps.

Id not have any further information on Joel W. Womack after 1847 in Wilson Co.., Tenn.; and only the vague report that there was a son John, and that he went west as a young man and the family had no further news of him. James Smith Womack was married lst in 1839 to Dorcas Hill (children: Malvinnia who married William D. Thompson in 1854; John Knox Womack who married Mary Jane Scales; Samuel T. - who died in infancy; America Ann - who married Hiram G. Patton in 1867; William H. - who died in infancy; Josephine C. - who married Eli Vaught; James Richard - who married Elizabeth Jane Phillips in 1880; Alexander Pendleton.) James Smith Womack married 2nd - to Mrs. Erixney Elenor Bogle in 1857 - (child: E. E.(Dollie) who married E. J. Berry in 1875 He was married third to Mary Anderson Vickin 1859 (children: Margaret - unmarried; Jordan F. died age 13; Agnes Louanna - who married William Shelah Henderson, 1880) Practically all of James Smith Womack's descendants have been traced to the present generation.

William Amzi Womack married Martha Jane Allen in 1856 (children: James Richard - who died in infancy; George Thompson - who married Emma Frances Young in 1884; William Hansford - who never married; Sarah Agnes - who married J. E. Berry in 1896; Carrie Bettie - i@rho married James William Midgett in 1887; Hattie Nevada who never




married; Robert Allen - who married Selma Jennie Thompson in 1902).

Mary Jane Womack married William Vantrease in 1845 (children Sarah Ann who married Will Bass; Jacob; Richard; Agnes; Matt.)

Sophronia Womack married Joseph Nettles in 1865 (children: Callie Nettles; Richard Z. Nettles.) Sarah Womack never married.

Frank Puckette Womack married Martha Grissom (children: Emma Mary; Arthur Fletcher; Dee Laura; Albert Richard; Fannie Louise; Douglas Wilson; Minnie Agnes; Estelle Beatrice; Elmer).

Repps Womack married Dellia Ann (children: Howell; Homer; Kitty; Austin; John; Rosie).

Russell Womack - names of wife and children not known.

All of the children of Richard Womack Jr. were born in Tenn. and all remained in Tenn. except for Frank, Repps, and Russell who moved to Texas about 1890-1900. I have some information on descendants of two of Frank's children but nothing on the families of Repps and Russell Womack or the rest of Frank's children.

Efforts to trace Susannah Womack Hubbard's descendants have failed thus far. The same holds true for Elizabeth Womack McKinney, Jane Womack Creighton Shores and Patsy Womack Shanks. Lucy Womack Jones had eight children. I have the line complete on Calvin and Alfred Jones but nothing so far on Martha, Emilyp Richard, Fathy and William F. Jones Jr.

Elijah Womack, third son of Richard Womack, was born in Campbell Co... Va. in 1794. He came to Wilson Co., Tenn. with his father 1806-10. In 1815 he married Elizabeth Patterson and spent the remainder of his life as a farmer in the Round Lick Creek community. To Elijah and Elizabeth were born three children: Richard in 1819; Agnes Julia Ann in 1821; Samuel Donnell in 1824.

Richard Womack, son of Elijah Womackp married Matilda Lee Moxley of Wilson Co, Tenn. in 1838. To them were born Elijah Bransford; Joseph Pitts; William; Samuel Martin; Mary Ann; James Wilson; Agnes Julia Ann; Richard Asbury; Levinnia Elizabeth; Lee Andrew; Martha Jane; George Pierce. (The last four were born in Benton Co., Ark. after the family had migrated to Arkansas by wagon caravan in 1855. Two of the children - Joseph Pitts and Mary Ann - died of typhoid during the trip and were buried by the side of the trail somewhere in Missouri. Richard Womack died and was buried in Benton Co... Ark. in 1872. Matilda Lee Moxley Womack died in 1891 and is buried by her husband.

Elijah Bransford Womack married Sarah Troutt in Benton Co., Ark. in 1859 (children: Richard Marvin and Mary Matilda). In 1873 he moved his family to Texas-and settled near Ft. Worth - later moving to Wallar Co. Texas where he died in 1901.

William Womack married Elizabeth Jane Harrell in Benton Co., Ark. in 1861 (children: John Alexander; Martha Lee; Asbury Overall; Thomas Ellwood; Genettie Adaline; William Franklin; Richard Isaac; Clerissa Lulu; Robert Edward). William Womack lived most of his life in Benton Co., Ark.

Samuel Martin Womack married Vinny Anderson in Benton Co., Ark. in 1868 (children: Lalla; James Richard; Walter F.; Dora Effie; Mary Ella; Sammuel Reed). He spent most of his life in Benton Co., Ark.

James Wilson Womack married Elizabeth Jane Gamble in Benton Co., Ark. in 1868 (children: Cora Belle; Joseph Pitts; Annie Clementine;




Ida; John Alexander; Stella; Richard Elwood; William Vance; Luther Reed). He was a farmer - having started with land given to him by his father, and to which he added by purchase through the years.

Agnes Julia Ann Womack married Stephen Fair in Benton Co..o Ark. in 1868 (children: William Wallace; Mary Ann; infant son; Ellis Hamilton; Richard Lee; Martha Edna; Stephen Thomas, Jr.; Cora Ethel; Emma Vivian; Edwin Claudia; Kate Cade).

Richard Asbury Womack married Martha Delcina Chism in Lamar Co., Texas in 1887 (children: Holland McTyeire; Oscar Fitzgerald; Francis Asbury; Lura; Harlan Capers; David Earl; Embree Hoss; Julia Elizabeth). He lived in Texas., Okla., Ark. and Kansas during his lifetime and his children and grandchildren are widely scattered today.

Levinnia Elizabeth Womack married Alfred M. Kirkham in Benton Co. Ark. in 1871. They later moved to Texas where her descendants were living in 1925 when last heard from. (children: T. Pierce Kirkham; Charlie; Amanda; Mae; Newt.)

Lee Andrew Womack married Leanna Annette Hall in Benton Co., Ark. in 1876 (children: Melissa Agnes; Elijah Bascom; Martha Elizabeth; Robert Munsey; Anna Grace; Mary Summers; Richard Wesley; Martin Luther; Berta Cleveland). Lee Andrew Womack moved his family to western Okla. about 1877-78.

Martha Jane Womack married Marcus Edwin Mayo in Benton Co., Ark. in 1881 (children: Vada Pearl; Ada Blanche; Elizabeth Lee; Perry Winton; Edwin Clinton; Arthur Elbert; William Roy; Richard Ray; Guy Pierce). The first four children were born in Benton Co., Ark. Then the family moved to western Okla. at the same time her brothers Lee and George Pierce moved. The next three children were born in Okla. The family returned to Benton Co., Ark. and the two youngest were born there.

George Pierce Womack married Martha Jane Neil in Benton Co., Ark. in 1884 (children: Vinnie Neil; Charles Gallaway; Beulah May; Carl Abbot; Morris Hosmer; Horace Jewel). This family moved to Greer Co., Okla. ca 1888 after the birth of the first two children. The rest of the children were born in Greer Co. and now live in Okla. and Texas.

Agnes Julia Ann Womack (dau. of Elijah) married John William Donnell in Wilson Co. Tenn. in 1836. They both died at an early age leaving two children - Armelia Elizabeth Martha Donnell and George Fulton Donnell - for Elijah and Elizabeth to care for. Martha married Thomas Bass (children: Julia and Thomas Jr. Julia Bass married Thomas E. Bass in 1878 and had children: William Ethel; Ressie; Hallie; Ina; Thomas Elbert; Judson; Hugh; Lorene; Baker). Thomas Bass Jr. married Sally Ann Oakley and had two children who died in infancy. George Fulton Donnell married Nancy Ann Jones (his cousin) in Wilson Co., Tenn. in 1867 (children: Laura Agnes; John Calvin; Izza Uin; Cauley Martin; William Howard; Jessie Cyrus; Jennie Susan; Brunette).

Samuel Donnell Womack (2nd. son of Elijah) married Elizabeth Nettles in Wilson Co., Tenn. in 1841 (children: John A; Priscilla Elizabeth; Agnes Julia Ann; Benjamin Franklin; Joseph W.; Joel; Elijah Richard). John was killed in the Civil War; Priscilla Elizabeth married Henry Thompson (children: John Horace; Richard Agnes; Gentry). Agnes Julia Ann married Alexander Young (children:




Laura E. Valeria; Nova - possibly others); Benjamin Franklin and Joseph W. died in childhood; Joel died in infancy; Eli ah Richard married Mary Louise Donnell of Wilson Co... Tenn. (chil@ren: Odell;. Agnes; Samuel; Edna)


Richard Womack who brought his family to Tenn. spelled his name WOMACK. Richard., Jr. and his descendants spell the name WAMACK except for some of the present generation who have returned to the original spelling of WOMACK. Elijah spelled his name WAMMACK. His son Samuel D. spelled it WAMACK as do his descendants. Elijahts son Richard spelled it WAMACK and Richard's sons spelled it Womack - Wommack - Wammack. All of these men were farmers and some of them were also nurserymen - accounting for many fine orchards in early Tenn. and Ark. Only in the past two or three generations have the descendants branched out into the ministry law, teaching, etc. and into the business field. Some of the present generation are still farmers. Some of these Womacks have served in the army during times of war. Others have missed service because they were either too old or too young to serve.




There are some individuals in this family whom I have not been able to trace. It is my hope that some readers of this last issue of the Womack Genealogy Magazine will have some information on these people and will get in touch with me. Part of the family settled in Bedford Co., Tenn. after leaving Virginia. Loss of so many records in that county before 1860 has hampered my research. It may be that descendants of Womacks in Bedford and Lincoln counties in Tenn. - pooling their information with mine - will be able to bridge the 1806-1860 period and pick up on this earlier information.

Iintend to continue my research on this branch of the family and eventually place copies of the finished product in various libraries. IF YOU ARE A DESCENDANT or if - in your research - you have run across ANY information on the following missing members will you please contact Mrs. W. E. Bates, 3810 Bedford, Nashville 12, Tenn. so that I may follgw up on your information and make the record as complete as possible.


John Womack - born ca. 1800 - 1805, probably in Campbell Co. Va. Lived with his grandfather (Richard Womack) in Wilson Co., Tenn. Married 1820 to Milly Webster. Nothing known definitely after this date. May have migrated to the west. May have moved to Bedford Co., Tenn. and then to Ga. about 1845 as Bedford Co., Tenn. court records show a John Womack in that county prior to that time.

Joel Womack (or Wamack) - son of Richard, Jr. Married Mary Alexander in 1833 in Wilson Co., Tenn. Family tradition says he went to Missouri,

John T. Womack - son of Richard, Jr. Family tradition says he went west in his youth.

Russell - Repps - Frank Womack - sons of Richard, Jr. These three

men migrated to Texas.

Alexander Womack, Jr. - wife Sarah - migrated from Va. to Bedford Co,., Tenn. ca. 1806. Listed in Tax Lists of 1812 and 1820 ce sus of Bedford Co.




David Womack - wife Elizabeth. Moved from Va. to Bedford Co., Tenn. ca. 1806. Tax lists of that county for 1812 and 1820 census.

David Womack, Jr. - son of David and Elizabeth. Apparently was

in war of 1812.

Michael Richard Womack - son of Joel Womack. Last heard of in

Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1836.

All of Alexander Womackts daughters: Driskill, Mason, Thomason,

Rutledge,, Richards.

All of Richards daughters: Hubbard, Shores.. Shanks, Jones., McKinney. Richard Marvin Womack - son of Elijah Bransford Womack. Was in Wills'Point,, Texas when last heard of. Also his sister who married a man named Gray who was originally from Maury Co.,Tenn. Levinnia Elizabeth Womack Kirkhamts descendants.






(The following letter was received from Mrs. Virginia Erwin Page., 5017 Loughboro Rd. N.W. Washington 16,, D.C., together with a Womack will not previously Published. Both the letter and the will are printed here in their entirety.


Womack Family Association

McMinnville, Tennessee




I was very sorry to note in the last issue of the Womack Genealogy that the Dec. issue this year will be the final edition. You have done a wonderful job. Too bad that is has to cease.

Iam enclosing a photostatic copy of the Will of William Womack of Henrico Co., Va. dated May 14, 1718. This will was not listed in your list of Womacks who died in Virginia prior to 1800 (Vol. II No. l, Pg 35). I examined the original will for some time and have spent weeks on the photostat in an attempt to de cipher each word. Some words are really impossible due to folds in the original. Fortunately, the names of his children and wife are quite clear. I am sending along a copy of my best effort and hope that some of you may be able to fill in a few of the gaps.

I have two Womack ancestor lines. My fatherts mother was Mary Ann Womack who married Henry Clay Erwin Nov. 28, 1875 in Cherokee Co., Ala. Her father was William Otis Womack who married Harriet Jane Sanford Dec. 1. 1858 in Cherokee Co. His father was Jesse Womack who married Amanda Melvine Simmons. I have no further in formation about him.

My mother's great-great-great grandmother was Lucy Womack (see your Item 44, Vol. II No. I, Pg. 48). I have photostatic copies of the papers now in possession of Sam Lawrence (he has now moved from Centre to Auburn, Ala.) They established that Lucy Womack.who married Thomas Lawrence was the daughter of Martha ("Patsey") Puckett and Henry Womack. We know that Martha and Henry lived in Henrico Co . Va. In 1737 Henry Womack and wife Martha sued John




Puckett (administrator of the estate of Richard Puckett) in Henrico Co,

Henry, mentioned in the above will of William Womack was born between 1702 and 1718 (under sixteen in 1718). From all available records in Va. we have found only one Henry Womack living in Henrico Co. during this period (1702 to 1737). I feel that the Henry above is our Henry who married Martha Puckett. Their daughter Lucy who married Thomas Lawrence had known children:


(1) Thomas Lawrence


(2) John Lawrence (b Jan. 4. 1760 in Va. d Jan. 29, 1841. Gwinnett Co., Ga.) Amer. Rev. soldier; Pension W5310, Archives, Wash., D.C.; Bounty Land Warrent No. 1494 married Sept. 3, 1788 Pittsylvania Co., Va. Bethaland Smith). See "Hist of Gwinnett Co., Ga." by J. C. Flanigan Pgs. 403t 4049 & 405.


(3) James L. Lawrence (b d c 1818 Jefferson Co., Tenn.)

Guardian report on his minor children Book (1805-1832) pg 935 Sept. Session 1818 Jeff. Co., Tenn. He is listed 1790 Wilkes Co.,N.C. (name spelled Lorance); 1800 tax list Jeff. Co.., Tenn. m Jan. 5 1790 Wilkes Co., N.C. Mary Cate.


(4) Henry (b June 12, 1771 in Va. d April 8, 1855. m Winifred Manard.


(5) Lucy (b Nov. 30, 1773 d Dec. 10, 1859. m 1798 Charles Co. Cate. Listed 1830 Census McMinn Co., Tenn. pg 118.


In your Vo. II No. I Pg 35 it is stated "at least 21 Womacks are known to have died in Virginia prior to 1800, the earliest being Richard Womack who died intestate in Henrico Co. in 1684. At the Virginia State Library in Richmond in Henrico Co. Records No. 4 "Orphans Court 1677-1739" on page 1 there is an Account, dated 1677, of cattle belonging to the orphans of William Womeck dec'd presented by Timothy Allen, Jr. The orphans of William are shown as Mary and Thomas Womeck. There is an Abraham Womeck mentioned., but not as an orphan of William.

I hope that you will be able to use the William Womack Will in your Dec. issue or at least that you will list it.

I did not join the Womack Family Association until 1958 and am missing Nos. 1 and II of Vo. I. I would very much like to have copies and am enclosing a check for $3.00 in the hope that you may still have extra copies. If there is an additional charge please let me know.

Again, I am sorry that the wonderful "Womack Genealogy" is not to continue.

Sincerely, (S) Virginia Erwin Page

(The Will of William Womack on page 151, following)





(From Henrico County Misc. Records Vol. 2 (59 489); Va. State Library

Richmond, Va.)


In ye name of God Amen


I Willm Womak of Bristol parish in ye County of Henir do make & declare this my last will & testament in manner & forme following, that is to say. First I beq'th my soule to Almighty God beleiveing remishon of sinns & everlasting life by ye merits death & pashon of Jesus Christ my lord & onely saviour

itm I beq'th to my daughter Susanah a cow calfe called primro- & ye mare Filley which now followeth ye mare Ha?ar(d)

itm I beq'th to my three daughters Phebe Priscilla and

Audria each a young cow & caulfe when arived to ye age of sixteene or married

itm I beq to my son Henry Womak a feather bed & furniture ye same bed & furniture which now hy on a gun & one

itm Iron Pott:= I wille & ordaine yt my sonn Henry to have his Estate dele rd to him ye ad Henry when a(r)ived to ye age of sixteene

itm I beqth to my son Henry above ad all my lande & (?)it for him ye sd Henry to take possesion of ye same att ye age of sixteene if his mother should marrie but if she remaines a widdow not to be n

possesion untill he arives att ye age of twenty

itm I nominate and appoynt my loving wife Susanah shich now is Executrix of to whome I give all ye rest of

my Estate after (missing words) my debts funeral Expences & other

&discharg for Confir & my testimony of ye same have hereunto set my hand & seale 14th of May 1718


essignd & publish

in ye prsents Willm Womak



Richard Womack

(?) Mak carty


Before syning signum

I desire my estate may not come



At a Court held for Henrico County the first day of 3eptember 1718

This will was proved by the oaths of the Witnesses thereto and thereupon admitted to Record Test William Ran






Mrs. Troy Lafayette Womack, 2503 60th Street., Lubbock, Texas writes as follows: "Enclosed is the family tree of my husband as recorded in the family bible. We would love to be able to trace the tree as far as possible. I hope you will print this in WOMACK GENEALOGY so others will know of this branch.":


From the Bible of William Lafayette Womack ---


William Lafayette Womack

Book Bought of Bell and Wisdom

December 1860

Purdy, Tennessee


[lst Wife]

William Lafayette Womack and Isabella Frances Sanders was married on the 25 day of November, 1860 by Rvd. A. A. Sanders in McNanairy Countyo Tennessee.

William Lafayette Womack was born the 27 day of June 1836 Caswell Co., North Carolina.

Isabella Frances Sanders was born the 6 day of December 1841 McNanairy Co., Tennessee.

Frances Isabella, wife of William Lafayette Womack, departed this life August 20., 1889 Hatchie,,Madison Co., Tennessee.

Their Children:


Commodore Stockton Womack was born the 16 day of September 1861, McNanairy Co. Tennessee.

Samuel Lee Womack was born the 4 day of November 1865 McNanairy Co. Tennessee.

Georgie Ann Womack was born the 9 day of August 1867 McNanairy Co. Tennessee.

Prentice Womack was born the 10 day of December 1869 McNanairy Co., Tennessee.

William Wallace Womack was born the 25 day of February 1874 Madison Co., Tennessee.

Dew Womack was born the 9 day of October 1876, Hardeman Co., Tennessee.

Ira Womack was born the 10 day of October 1878 Hardmond Co., Tennessee.

Connie Perley Womack was born the 6 day of May 1880 Hardmond Co., Tennessee.


Commodore Stockton Womack departed this life September 12, 1864 age 2 years 17 months 26 days in McNanairy Co. Tennessee.

Georgie Ann Womack departed this life September 1. 1873 age 6 years and 22 days in Cross Co. Arkansas.

Ira Womack departed this life October 16, 1882 age 4 years and 4 days Toone, Tennessee

Samuel Lee Womack departed this life September 9. 1889 age 25 years 10 months and 5 days in Madison Co. Tennessee.




Prentice Womack departed this life October 31, 1897 age 28 years 9 months 21 days in Memphis, Tenn. with yellow fever.

Connie Perley Womack departed this life about 1932 at the age of 52 years in San Francisco, California. Tuberculosis was the cause of his death.

Dew Womack departed this life January 20.. 1943 at 9 a.m..age

66 years 3 months 11 days at home in Anson, Jones Co., Texas. A

heart ailment was the cause of his death.



(2nd. wife]

William Lafayette Womack and Mattie Ann Laxson was married on the 5 day of January., 1897 in Hill County, Texas.

Mattie Laxson was born the 16 day of July 1868 Graves County, Tennessee.

William Lafayette Womack departed this life May 22, 1917 at 5:10 o'clock at the age of 80 years 10 months and 25 days in Anson, Jones Co., Texas. Paralysis was the cause of his death.

Their children:


Cuba Womack was born the 16 day of April 1898 Jones Co. Texas

Ethel May Womack was born the 18 day of April 1900 Jones Co. Texas.

Troy Lafayette Womack was born the 28 day of February 1904 Jones Co., Texas.

Rufus Thales Womack was born the 30 day of June 1910 Jones Co. Texas.




Mrs. Alma Hill Robertson., (Mrs. John J.). 1842 North Louisa, Shaw-nee., Oklahoma sends the following on branches of the family in the above states. In addition to the data published below, Mrs. Robertson sends five pages from the Georgia State Archives, which, due to lack of space, is not included in this article. An exerpt from her letter: "I truly regret that WOMACK GENEALOGY is to be discontinued. It has furnished such an abundance of early Womack data. I have worlds of Womack material which has been sent to me but as yet I have been unable to take my line beyond a Richard Womack who was in WashiHgton County, Miss. Territory (now Alabama) by 1805. I have done a good bit of research in Jackson, Mississippi at the Archives, a very small amount in Montgomery, Alabama, some in Washington and Clarke Counties., Alabama for the period of 1800-1820 and a few days of research in the Archives in Atianta.Georgia."




Page 149: Monday 12th April 1802


That a passport through the creek nation to the western territory be prepared for Jesse and John Womack - which was presented and signed.







(Note: These Tax Rolls are sketchy and incomplete and the microfilm often difficult to read. My time was limited so I copied only those things which seemed pertinent to my search for Richard Womack of Washington County and for the father of same. I shall give the poll tax for the years 1808, 1810, and 1811,, since they are interesting to compare with the census records for 1808 and 1810 which I shall include with this material.)


1803 Jesse Womack 1804, Jesse Womack 1805, Jesse Womack

John Womack John Womack John Womack

Richard Womack


1807, Wm. Womack 1808, Jesse Womack, Sr. no poll tax

John Womack John Womack 1 " "

Jesse Womack Wm. Womack 1 " "

R. Womack Richard Womack 1 " "

Jesse Womack, Jr. 1 " "


1810, John Womack 2 poll tax

Executor of Jesse Womack (deceased) l " "

Wm. Womack 3 " "


1811, Phebe Womack no poll tax .1814, Jesse Womack 1816, Rich Womack

Wm. Womack 1 " " John Womack John Womack

Richard Womack 1 " " Francis Womack

Jesse Womack 1 " "

John Womack 1 " "

Copied from microfilm in Archives.. Jackson., Miss.






(Note: There is a fragment of an original census of Washington County, M.T. which is supposed to be for the year 1808. It is the section compiled by Capt. William McGraw. This original is in the Archives at Jacksong Mississippi and from it I copied the Womacks and Uriah Dent because his widow (in 1816) married Richard Womack.)


1808 Males Females Total Slaves Total

Ov,21 un,21 ov,21 un,21

Jesse Womack 3 2 2 5 12 6 18

Wm. Womack 2 3 1 4 10 4 14

John Womack 2 3 2 2 9 4 13

Uriah Dent 1 - 1 1 3 - 3



John Womack 6 5 4 5 20 5 25

John Womack 1 2 1 1 5 5

Uriah Dent 4 1 1 1 7 4 11




Clarke County


Uriah Dent 1 1 1 1 4 3 7

Joseph Warmock 1 4 1 4 10 - 10

(or Warnock?)


Clarke County was made from Washington County in 1812. This census record was copied from the original in the Archives, Jackson, Mississippi.




By the Governor of Mississippi Territory 1805-1812


Page Name Date Office County

23 Richard Womack 15 August, 1807 Constable Washington

71 Richard Womack 30 March, 1810 Lieutenant 6th Regiment

71 John Womack 30 March, 1810 Captain 6th Regiment


The fly leaf of this register shows the number of regiments in Mississippi Territory and the county or counties of which each regiment consisted. Washington County was a part of 6th Regiment. The above appointments were copied from the original Register in the Archives, Jackson., Mississippi. Also at the same Archives I copied the following from:


Military History of Mississippi Territory by Rowland

Page 390

"the first detachment of Mississippi Militia in the service of the United States was the sixth., eighth, ninth, and twelfth Regiments. (Washington, Baldwin, Wayne and Greene Counties were exempt from the Call into-Service of the United States because of previous orders.)"


The above refers to the War of 1812 and further reading reveals that these "previous orders" were for fighting the Indians. The account of the Massacre at Ft. Mims in History of Clarke County, Alabama by John Simpson Graham, gives a vivid word picture of battles with the Indians and of the ter rible plight in which the white settlers of Washington., Clarke and adjacent counties found themselves during the War of 1812.




WOMACKS SIGNING PETITIONS, ETC. (From Washington County, M.T.) From Carter Territorial Papers of The United States, Volume V, Miss.


Page 354, Petition to President of United States by residents of Washington County, M.T. Signed by Jesse Womack, John Womack, Wm. Womack. 1804.

Page 441, Petition to Congress, November 7, 1805 signed by John Womackt Richard Womack, Jesse Womack., Jr., Jesse Womack, Sr., William Womack




Page 442p Petition to Congress Nov. 15, 1805. (Petition states that signers settled "subsequent to the month of March 1803"). Signed by Jesse Womack, John Womack, Richard Womack


From some material copied by my sister in the D.A.R. Room, 2nd floor of Municipal Library, Jackson, Mississippi:


From:Heads Of Families, Washington County, Ala., 1816

William Womack Richard Womack

James Womack Francis Womack John Womack


(These names from the Tax Rolls of Josiah D. Lister, Collector and Assessor. There is no record of what book she took them from. This gives William and James Womack which I do not have on the list I read from microfilm for 1816.)




Volume A. page 35. Richard Wamuch married Sarah Dent Nov. 17, 1816

Clarke County, Mississippi Territory, Wm. Murrill, J.P.


Volume A,, page 41. Joseph Wamuck married Sarah Wright, July 3l,l8l7 David Taylorp J. P.


Volume A, page 233. Francis Womack married Anny Thornton Oct. 9,1829

John Kumington, Minister.


Note: I am a descendant of the above Richard Womack. He and Francis

Womack were brothers and this was a second marriage for each.

Richard Womack moved to Simpson County, Mississippi about 1825. Francis (often called "Frank") was there by 1830. I am eager to establish their parentage. I think they may have been sons of the Jesse and Phebe Womack shown in the Tax Rolls I have given but do not know. Neither have I any idea as to who Jesse and Phebe were and where they came from. Richard and Francis Womack were both born in Georgia. In their children and grandchildren the names Jessep Richardo Mansel, John, Vashti, and Lucinda keep recurring. Yet these names seem to be common in all Womack lines I have material on, so I am still at a loss.


Richard Womack, who married (2) Sarah Walker Dent, had sons, Richard, Jesse, and Abram J. by his first wife and Mansel by this second wife. I am a descendant of Abram J. Womack. He was born in Washington Co. 23 November, 1814.




(Note: I copied these records in August 1958. These Womacks are not of my line but I do have a good bit of material on them, They came from St. Helena Parisho La. The birth dates of




Richard Womack and his brothers and sister go far enough back to be of interest to someone, possibly some reader of WOMACK GENEALOGY).


This Bible was published in 1851 and at the time I saw it it was in excellent condition - a beautiful old Bible. It belonged to James Albert Womack, Rt. 4, Mendenhall, Mississippi who had already given it (at least in writing) to his son.. James B. Womack. The Bible was given to Calvin Womack by his mother, Emily Womack whose maiden name was Emily Thames. She married (1) ? Miller, (2) Richard Womack. This accounts for the Miller children whose births are recorded in this Bible. Whether or not the writing is that of Emily Thames Miller Womack I do not know, but the part recorded by her is in a beautiful and precise handwriting. Records added later are much more careless in grammar and penmanship. No death dates are given. An inscription on the fly leaf of the Bible explains its ownership but is not in the handwriting of the records made by Emily Thames Miller Womack. It reads:


Calvin Womack's Bible

Presented by his mother who requested him to read

and study it well and learn to be wise

Remember thy Creator in the Day of thy Youth

January 6th 1883

heavy ranes and the creeks all overflowed


J. A. Womack gave James B. Womack this Bible June 20, 1953

Signed by J. A. Womack

Page 1 of birth records:


Names and ages of brothers


John Womack b. 15 day of Sept. 1790 On same page and

Mary Womack b. Apr. 12, 1793 written in pencil:

Andrew Womack b. Aug. 10, 1795 C.W. Womack & Bell


Richard Womack b. Mar. 4, 1797 C. W. Womack & Bell

Anderson married

Oct 1892

page 2:


Richard Womack was born

Emily R. Womack was born

William Miller was born the 13 day of June in the Year of Our Lord 1829

Elisa Miller was born the 19 day of February in the Year of Our Lord 1832

Evaline Miller was born 29 day of October in the Year of Our Lord 1834

Sary A Miller was born January the 21 in the Year of Our Lord 1838 Mildred T? (or P) Womack was born the 15 day of Sept. in the Year of Our Lord 1841

David Womack was born the 31 day August in the Year of Our Lord 1844

Missouria C. Womack was born the 15 day of December in the Year of

Our Lord 1846



page 3 -

Richard T. Womack was born the 8 day of July in the Year of Our Lord 1849

Abner M. Womack was born the 30 day of September in the Year of Our Lord 1851

Calvin Womack was born 11 day of July in the Year of Our Lord 1853

John R. Womack was born the 25th day of January in the Year of Our

Lord 1855

Robert Miller was born the 5 day of January in the Year of Our Lord 1837

Mary Miller was born the 5 day of January in the Year of Our Lord 1837


(In different writing on same page.)


Miss Eliza R. Warne was borned in the Year of our Lorde 1857, Jan. the 31 day


Page 4. (different writing) Births


Alvan Womack was born the seventh day of April,

1890 Emma Womack was born the ninth day of July, 1892

Ada and Ida Womack was born the fifteenth day of September, 1894

Leuvena Womack was born 25 day of September, 1896

James Albert Womack was born the 28 day of November, 1901

Annie Womack was born the 2nd day of July 1906

Quilla R. Bell Womack was born in the Year of Our Lord January 15, 1868


(Note: Other records show that Calvin Womack married twice. Eliza

R. Warne, or Warren, was his first wife and Quilla R. Belle Anderson was his second wife.)






Mrs. Mattie Lowell Wardlaw Mettetal., (Mrs. Ray W.) P. 0. Box 84, Johnson City, Tennessee was in McMinnville early this year ,looking for data on her Wood ancestors who were connected to the Womack family of Louisiana. Mrs. Mettetal sends a copy of the bible Record of her ancestor Abraham B. Womack. This record and excerpts from her letter follow:

"In McMinnville I found the will of Barthalamew Wood,, wife Martha, had five daughters and three sons, Sam Harden Wood, Curtis Wood, and William Wood. Will filed Nov. 1824. I am still wondering how a Womack born in Louisiana happened to marry a girl from McMinnville, Tennessee. I am sending you a copy of the bible record of my Abraham B. Womack. It is not the same as the record you recently published. Abraham Womack., Sr., born April 12, 1782, Georgia., was a brother to my Jacob Green Womack, and Col. Abner Womack. This Abraham Womack, Sr. had a son, Abraham, Jr. who






married a Matilda Tillery and left a son, Gonzolo Pizarre. (I wonder where this name came from?) G. P. in my bible notes that he is the son of Abraham Jr. and married Melissa A. Womack, daughter of Elizabeth G. and A. B. Womack., February 4o 1880. McComb, Mississippi is my home. I don't know these people, however. Jacob Green Womack's line and history is tracked down to my great grand mother, Nancy Jane Womack who married Edgar J. Warren. They had one child, my grandmother,, Addie Warren who married Leon Magee."









Philadelphia: A. J. Holman and Co., No. 939 Arch St. 1872



ABRAN B. WOMACK was married to Elisebeth G. Wood, Sept. the llth, 1845

1. WILLIAM JACOB WOMACK,, the son of A. B. and E. G. Womack was married to Francis Cook Quillin on the 12 of Jan. 1870.

2. NANCY JANE WOMACK., the daughter of A. B. & E. G. Womack was

married to EDGAR WARREN on the 13 of Jan. 1870.

WILLIAM WOOD was married to ELISEBETH BARTLEY (BORTLEY or BARKLEY] on 7th of Oct. 1817.

CALLIE WOMACK the dau. of A. B. and E. G. WOMACK was married to J. D.

ADCOCK 5th of Feb., 1874


N. J. Womack the daughter of A. B. and E. G. Womack to J. E. Warren,

Jan. 13, 1870

W. J. Womack, the son of A. B. & E. G. WOMACK to FANNIE COOK QUILLIN

Jan. 18

MELISSA A. WOMACK, the daughter of E. G. & A. B. was married to

G. P. WOMACK Feb. 4th 1880

A. H. WOMACK was married to M. E. DAY Jan. 7, 1886



A. B. WOMACK was born October 18th, 1818. [buried St. Helena Parish] ELISABETH WOMACK wife of A. B. WOMACK was born Feb. gth, 1829. [Days Church, La.]

1. NANCY JANE WOMACK was born July 8th, 1846. [Buried McComb,, Miss.]

2. ELISEBETH JOSEPHINE WOMACK was born March 29th, 1848

3. WILLIAM JACOB WOMACK was born April, 16th, 1851

4. SARAH ELIZA CAROLINE WOMACK was born July 19th, 1853

5. JAMES HENRY WOMACK was born July 18th., 1855

6. MELISSA ANN WOMACK was born Aug. 6th., 1857

7. ABRAM HARRIS WOMACK was born Dec. 13th., 186o

8. STEPHEN THOMAS WOMACK was born June llth, 1863

9. BENJAMAN FRANKLIN WOMACK was born Sept. 25th., 1865

10. MARGARET FRANCES WOMACK was born Oct. 20th, 1868

11. LENARD ABNER WOMACK was born Jan. 3. 1870




THOMAS GORDON WOMACK was born Jan. 3. 1887

DEABORN FRED WOMACK was born March 26, 1889




2. JAMES HENRY WOMACK died Aug. 8. 1859

3. STEPHEN THOMAS WOMACK died Sept. 23, 1870

4. WILLIAM JACOB WOMACK the son of A. B. and E. G. Womack was married

to France Cook Quillin on 12 of Jan. 1870.

5. JACOB GREEN WOMACK died June 29th, 1865

NANCY JANE WOMACK, his wife died June 27th, 1835

6. A. B. WOMACK died Oct. 3rd., 1873

7. LEONARD ABNER WOMACK, son of A. B. Womack and E. G. Womack died

Dec. 18,, 1901

WILLIAM JACOB WOMACK died Oct. 3rd. 1932

8. MRS. B. F. WOMACK died Nov. 1, 1933

SARAH ELIZA CAROLINE WOMACK ADCOCK died Aug. 21, 1946, McComb, Miss. BENNIE LEE WOMACK wife of Purser D. Womack died Nov. 19, 1949



WILLIAM WOOD, the father of Elisebeth Wood,, was born Oct. 25., 1795 ELISEBETH WOOD, his wife was born March 12. 1797

MAGGIE WOMACK and L. N. VENABLE married March 3o 1887


JACOB GREEN WOMACK., the father of A. B. WOMACK was born Oct. 5, 1782 NANCY JANE WOMACK, his wife was born Dec. 12,, 1788

B. F. WOMACK married MOLLIE LEE on April 186-

MOLLIE WOMACK the wife of B. F. W. was born Aug. 10 1867[can't read,

could be another date.]

These must have lived around McMinnville, Tenn.]


THIS BIBLE BELONGED TO MY GREAT-GREAT AUNT '"CALLIE" MRS. J. D. ADCOCK [lived to begin 91st year.] Child No. 4, of A. B. and E. G. Womack. My Great Grandmother was child No. 1. NANCY JANE WOMACK, who married JAMES EDGAR WARREN.. their only child was my grandmother Addie Warren, who married Leon Luke Magee. Leon Luke Magee (he was son of MARY ELIZABETH CONEY and CALVIN LUKE MAGEE (killed in Civil War, when my grandfather was a few months old). Calvin L. Magee was a son of a famous Baptist Minister., Calvin Magee, son of Willis Magee, also a famous Baptist Minister (the first Protestants in the Southwest Territory) I need information on the marriage dates of Luke Leon Magee., and Mary Elizabeth Coney (2nd marriage to Robert Andrews of McComb, Miss. and had a large family.) Our court records were burned, and I have not been able to locate this information. Would like to know graves for Calvin Magee, Minister in the 1850 Census of Pike Co. Calvin Magee was 41, Bapt. Preacher,, wife Catherine, 45., from N. C. Children: Henry Willis, 17, M - Sarah E., 15. F - Calvin L., 12, M, Mary V. R. G.,, 10, F. - Susan D., 7, F. - Norval A. 4, M. His father was William Willis Magee, came from So. Car. to Pike, b. before 1775. Would like any information. Need to know where in North Miss. my Great Grandfather could be burried. All that the family knew was that he died while on a march in North Miss.




[during Civil War.] Would like information on the James Edgar Warrens too, the Warrens and Womacks, and Magee came from around Greensburg, La. then to McComb, Miss. My home was part of the farm that belonged to Mr. Warren and his son-in-law Leon Magee. This was four miles south of McComb, Miss. My grandmother, ADDIE WARREN MAGEE, was born in St. Helena parish@ near Greensburg, La. Aug. 9. 1871o only child of James Edgar Warren, and Nancy Jane Womack Warren. She was educated at Narvilla Institute at Greensburg, La. Dec. 22, 1891 married near Summit Miss. to Leon Luke Magee, who died in 1912.

Children of Addie Warren Magee and Leon Luke Magee. My mother, Mae (Addie) Magee, married Hugh Evins Wardlaw.. McComb Miss. Mae Magee Wardlaw died when I was 12 years old, leaving no one for me to secure these missing links.

Maude Magee, M. E. F. Barnes, (dead) she lives in Jackson, Miss. Fannie Magee, m. N. E. Wennerlund, she died in the 1940?s. Edgar Leon Magee, only son, married Hattie Day, live in Jackson, Miss.

Mae Magee Wardlaw and H. E. Wardlaw:

Children, Hugh Evins Wardlaw, Jr. (Jan. Hugh III, Eugene), Memphis, Tenn.

(Me)--Mattie Lowell Wardlaw m. Ray W. Mettetal., M. D. Johnson City,

Tenn. Children: Mattie Cecile, Dec. 12, 1942 - Yvonne, Sept. 15, 1948 - Ray W. Jr., May 59 1951.

Maude Magee Barnes: Jackson, Miss.

E. F. Barneso Jr. lives in Calif.

Has two daughters.

Fannie Magee, Wennerlund, dead.

Ed Wennerlund, Dentist in Jackson, Miss.

Two children

Addie Mary in Baton Rouge, La. Four children.

Edgar Leon Magee, and Hattie Day in Jackson,, Miss. employee of I.C.RR.

Edgar Leon Magee., Jr.

Two children.


Information from Mrs. James Polk Morris, Jr., Kentwood, La. says: Mrs. "Mam" Williams., 89 in 1959 said that from over Pearl River there came a Rebecca Smith who lst m. ? Warren, 2nd husband, Charlie Williams (her line)

Rebecca Smith and Warren had children:

1. Edgar Warren, M. ? Womack. (this was Nancy Jane Womack,

my great grandmother. and moved to McComb, Miss.

2. Walter Warren, m. Harriet Gorman, half-sister of Charlie Williams.

c. Mynette B. Allen

c. J. Marion Breeden

c. Opal B.

3. Fannie m. lst. Webb

child Elmus died

2nd Husband., was Joe Yarbrough:

c. Ed. Lem., Lanis, Latham, etc.



Census of 1850, St. Helena Parisho La., Visit #213:

Abraham Womack Jr. 29 Laborer La.

Elizabeth G. Womack 19 Tenn.

Nancy J. 4 Tenn.


(Note: I think the census not correct, we know that Abraham was born

in 1818, and his wife, Elizabeth Gilpen Wood Womack., born in 1829.

I wonder if Nancy Jane was born in Tenn.? or La. Did Abraham Womack

live in Tenn. where the Wood did? or did the Woodts move to La.?)



Chester C. Womacks, 327 South Street, Rockwell City, Iowa writes as follows: "As your December issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY will be the last one may I ask if you will kindly publish in it that photostatic copy of my father's, Lemuel T. Womacks's APPENDIX that I sent you on July 23, 1958, Said APPENDIX bearing the date of April 1. 1914-11 The document referred to above appears as follows:

"April 1. 1914 - This appendix of the undersigned now offers to Robert V. H. Womacks and wife for adoption and approval of them in regard to that name given to that noble grandson of ours, to change the interpretation of the middle initial of the letter "T". in my name. Would say that it stands for "Terry" which was the given name of my father and your grandfather and which was the hereditary name of your great-grandmother whose husband fought on the side of independence of the Thirteen Original Colonies; also your grandfather who fought in the war with Great Britain in One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twelve (1812) to protect the independence of these states; also the undersigned who fought against the Rebellion of '6l to '65. Hoping that you will adopt the above suggestion, I am, Very respectfully, your father, (s) Lemuel T. Womacks."




William Perry Johnson., Box 531., Raleigh, N. C. sends the follow ing to members of the Warren Co., Tenn. branch of the Womack family with the following notation: The enclosed photostat is further proof that your Thomas Womack lived in Burke Co., N. C. around 1780."

The photostat is from the Burke Co., N. C. Miscellaneous Papers

(C. R. 14-099) in the Dept. of Archives & History., Raleigh:


"St No Carolina I promise to pay or cause to be payd unto Thos

Womack or his order the full & just sum of fore Hundred pounds good & lawful money of North Carolina It being for Value Received.

of Witness my hand & seal This 28 day of JanuY in one thousand seven hundred and eighty.


Test Oliver Spradling Jo@ Ragsdell




R.L. Womack, 7019 Twin Hills Ave.., Dallas 31, Texas sent tho following four photostats from his family bible. Abner Womack b. Va. 1774 M. Martha Byars., migrated to Warren Co. Tenn. 1810). Son Abner C. Womack, b. N. C. 1799., m. Acenith Hand came to the same area with his father. All of the children of Abner C. Womack listed on this page were born in Warren County:


(NOTE: Will have to do this as best a translation as can as it will not






Abner Womack b. 1774

Martha Womack



Abner C Womack b. Feb 7, 1799 d. April 15, 1877

Aseneth Womack b. May 27, 18(?)4, d. Jul 25, 1877



E E Womack b, May 11, 1822, d. Dec 27, 1901

m. Nov 1, 1843, B H Womack

W P (W Pink) Womack, b. Mar 31, 1824, d, Jul 12, 1909

m. Mar 2, 1848, M A Wheeler

S M (Sam) Womack, b. April 21, 1826, d. Dec 24, 1895

m. Oct 28, 1847, M A Stockstill

N J Womack, b. Sep 10, 1828, d. Oct 4, 1828

M P Womack, b. Nov 10, 1829, d. April 4, 1895

m. Aug 16, 1849, J L Davis

H M Womack(Monroe), b. Feb 10, 1832, d. Aug 19, 1907

m. Oct 5, 1854, M A Cantrell

J J Womack, b. Jul 7, 1834, d. ?, m. Mar 20, 1862, T G Amonett

B R Womack, b. Dec 16, 1836, d?, m. Nov 15, 1858, Mary Webb

J B Womack, b. Apr 22, 1838, d. Nov 30, year illegible poss 1854.

S M Womack, b. Sep 23, 1841, d. Mar 9, 1863

M A Womack, b. Sep 23, 1844, d. Dec 14, 1862







Grandparents(father's parents):

Abner C Womack, b. Feb 7, 1799; d. Apr 15, 1877

Aseneth Womack, b. May 27, 1804; d. Jul 25, 1877


Mothers Parents:

Nathan Wheeler, b. Sep 1800; d. Dec 19, 1871

Catharine Wheeler, b. Mar 17, 1801; d. Jul 5, 1869



W T Womack, b. Mar 31, 1824

M Ann Womack, b. Sep 25, 1828

m. Mar 18, 1848 by Haup Neal



D D Womack, b. Feb 13, 1849; d. Dec 14, 1910

m. E C Jones, Jul 29, 1877

J M, b. Dec 5, 1850; d. Aug 5, 1851

A C (Aseneth), b. Jul 27, 1852; d. Aug 31, 1878

m. John Cope, Aug 18, 1870

F P(Frank), b. Oct 11, 1854; d. ?; m. E D Jones, Dec 20, 1883

Martha, b. Oct 29, 1857; d. ?; m. B T Hardcastle, Jan 14, 1875

D T (Dora), b. Feb 28, 1859; d. ?; m. D T Womack, Feb 23, 1879

J T(John), b. May 27, 1861; d. ?; m. L B Webb, Dec 9, 1890

S E(Bettie), b. Oct 1, 1863; d. ?; m. John McTeak, Sep 21, 1902

H C(Clem), b. Oct 11, 1865; d. ?; m. M G Byars, Dec 24, 1889

M P(Mary), b. Jan 19, 1868; d. 1957; m. Wm Marler, Mar 10, 1884

T G(Tennie) b. Sep 26, 1870; d. 195?; m (1) John Jones, Nov 2, 1888

m. (2) ? Rath







Grandparents (father's parents):

William P Womack, b. Mar 31, 1824; d. Jul 12, 1909

Mary Ann Wheeler, b. Sep 25, 1828; d. 1913



G B Marler, b. Apr 9, 1826; d?

Bettie Brown, b. ?; d. ?



D D Womack, b. Feb 13, 1848; d. Dec 14, 1910 in TN

E C Womack, b. Aug 1, 1850; d. Mar 7, 1888

m. Jul 29, 1877 by M Vanhhooser



W T Womack, b, Aug 6, 1878, TN; d. ?; m. Nettie Summers, Oct 4, 1903

G B Womack, b. Jun 18, 1880, TN; d. Mar 18, 1926,

m. Rosa Haley, Sep 14, 1916

R L Womack, b. Mar 17, 1882, TN; d. ?; m. Ursie Earles, Dec 25, 1907

G C Womack, b. Apr 9, 1884, TN; d. Sep 29, 1906

D N Womack, b. Aug 13 1886, TN; d. ?; m. Pearl ? date not given


Step children of D D:

Minnie Jones, b. Jan 1, 1872, d. ?: m. Jim Green

William Jones, b. Mar 18, 1874; d. ?; m. Julia Little

Taylor Jones, b. Apr 13, 1876; d. Aug 19. 1908; m. Elizabeth Alexander






Grandparents (father's parents):

D D Womack, b. Feb 13, 1849, TN; d. Dec 14, 1910, TN

E C Womack, b. Aug 1, 1850, TN, d. Mar 7, 1888


Mother's parents:

J R Earles, b. Jan 8, 1866, TN; d. Feb 13, 1934, Waco TX

Elizabeth ?Sawyer?; b. Jan 23, 1869?; d. Apr 24, 1940, Dallas TX



Lee Womack, b, Mar 17, 1882; d. ?

Ursie Earles, b. Mar 11, 1890

m. Dec 15, 1907 at J R Earles by J H Packer?



Robert Earl, b. Jun 14, 1909, TX; d. ?; m. Lois Housley, Apr 9, 1932

James ?; b. Mar 2, 1912, TX; d. ?; m. Gladys Jones, Mar 1, 1936

Abner C, b. Mar 7, 1916, TX; d. ?; m. Kathryne Ratliff, Oct 2, 1838

Baby Girl, b. Nov 25, 1920, TX; d. Dec 3, 1922

Baby Girl, b. Feb 22, 1922, TX; d. Feb 22, 1922

Ursie Lee, b. Nov 21, 1923, TX; d. ?; m. Ottis W Rasberry, Apr 21, 1942


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