President: Walter Womack, McMinnville, Tennessee Editor, WOMACK GENEALOGY: Oscar Womack, Daylight, Tennessee Secretary: Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, Route 14, Knoxville, Tennessee

Genealogist: William Perry Johnson, Box 531, Raleigh, North Carolina Treasurer: Mrs. R. L. Anderson, McMinnville, Tennessee






(Clipping from a Rutherfordton, N. C., newspaper, regarding the dedication, on 3 August 1958, of the new 8-million-dollar hospital at Fort Bragg, N. C., to Pfc. Bryant H. Womack.)



Rutherfordton, N. C. (Special)--A fitting tribute will be paid today to a Rutherford County farm boy who gave his life to help save others,

Anine-story hospital at Fort Bragg will be dedicated today. The 500bed institution will bear the name of PFC Bryant Womack, son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Womack of Rutherfordton Route 4.

Pfc. Womack died in Korea March 12, 1952, two months before his 21st birthday.

A medical airman with a combat unit of the Army's famed 25th Division, Bryant's patrol encountered heavy enemy mortar and machine gun fire.

American casualties were heavy. But in spite of intense fire and without regard for his own safety, Bryant ran from one wounded man to another, rendering medical aid.

Amortar shell ripped deep.into his arm. He remained at his post and gave first aid with his remaining good hand.

A second shell hit the heroic private in his side. Although unable to move, he refused to be evacuated until all the other wounded soldiers were given help. He died minutes later.

Pfc. Womack was awarded this nation's highest military award, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

An Army base street and a firing range in Korea bear his name. A street at Fort Sam Houston, Tex., has been named in his honor.

And now, the Army's most modern hospital at Fort Bragg will stand as a monument to a Rutherford farm boy who paid the supreme sacrifice for his country.

Top Army officials, North Carolina Governor Luther Hodges, and other dignitaries will be present for the dedication. So will Mr. and Mrs. Womack, Bryant's sister, Rachel, and his brothers, Charles, Eugene and Lester. Lester, a Military police corporal in Germany is being flown home for the services.

Once again, Mrs. Womack will hear words of tribute to her son and will again hear why he was posthumously presented.the Congressional Medal of Honor.

But she will remember Bryant not as a hero, but as a child on the Womack farm. She'll remember how he loved dogs and hunting and fishing. How he always went to church on Sunday. How we was always so neat and wellgroomed.



Copyright 1959 by William Perry Johnson



(See preceding page)



7th Generation: Thomas Womack m. Louisa Rice; Va. to N. C. 1770's. Settled in Burke Co., where Thomas died. Louisa removed to Rutherford Co. before 1790.


6th Generation: Anderson Womack m. Fanny Dobbins; Rutherford CD.


5th Generation: Gasaway Womack (1808-1869) a. Martha Parker (1808-1883). Lived 'Rutherford and Cleveland Cos., N. C.


4th Generation: Anderson Womack (1842-1887) m. Margaret McGinnis (1856-1932).


3rd Generation: Frank P. Womack (1879-1954) m. Sally Phillips (1883-1952).


2nd Generation: George Womack (1896- ) m. Julia Holllifield


lst Generation: Bryant H. Womack (1931-1952).



Thanks to Mr. Anderson W. Womack, Route 1, Mill Spring, N. C., for contributing the foregoing material on Pfc. Bryant H. Womack.


x * * * *




The cover of last issue of WG featured a list of Womacks on the 1800 Census of North Carolina, Wake Co. was conspicuous by its absence, since Womacks are known to have lived in the Wake Co. area since about 1750. But repeated readings of the 1800 Census of Wake Co. any of the varied spellings of the name so far noted. A study of the Womack material for Wake Co. showed that three Womack families were living in Wake Co around 1790, namely: Willie (or Wiley), Meredith ans William. Finally these same three families were found on 1800 census for Wake Co, after all,

but the name Womack was disguised as WARMOUTH! So, please add the three names, below, to the Womacks on 1800 Census of N. C.:-


WAKE CoUNTY Willie Warmouth 00101 - 00101

Meredith Warmouth 00100 - 00000

William Warmouth 00100 - 20100








(Cont'd. from the Dec., '57, issue, P. 23)


Index to Patents & Gtants, 1623-1774:


Patentee Acres Vol. County


Richard Womack 450 6-447 Henrico

Richard Womack &c 335 6-454 Henrico

Richd. Wamock &c 206 7-250 Henrico


John Woshan & Abraham Womack &c

879 8-172 Henrico

Abraham Womack, Senr. 269 8-216 Henrico

Abraham Womeck 200 9-161 Henrico

William Womack 950 10-240 Henrico

Abraham Womack 400 14-267 Goochland

William Wamack 100 15-19 Goochland

William Womack 85 15-484 Isle of Wight

Richd. Womack 400 18-383 Amelia

Abraham Womack 403 22-250 Amelia

Matthew Womack 400 25-35 Amelia

Thomas Womack 72 25-71 Henrico

Willm. Womack 105 26-252 Isle of Wight

Richard Womack 283 26-336 Brunswick

William Womack 80 27-450 Lunenburg

Thomas Womack 164 29-526 Henrico

Willm. Womack, Jr. 400 31-31 Albemarle

John Wornock 54 31-649 Augusta

Abraham W6mack 176 31-705 Amelia

John Wornick 400 33-106 Augusta

Richard Wamach 2600 34-30 Lunenburg

Richard Womack 1270 34-171 Halifax

Abraham Womack 376 34-550 Halifax

James Womack &

Ruth his wife &c. 255 34-1023 Southampton

James Womack &

Ruth his wife &-c. 100 34-1O25 Southampton

Alexander Womack 321 41-366 Bedford




The first nine of the above were published in the December, 1957, issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY. The others will appear in this and forthcoming issues.




Patent Book 15, page 484 - 13 May 1735 - William Womack - 85 acres - Isle of Wight County, George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King, Defender of the ffaiih &c. To all to whom these Presents shall come Greetings. Know ye that for divers good causes and Considerations







but more Especially for and in Consideration of the Sum of Ten Shillings of good and Lawful mony for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia We Have Given Granted and Confirmed and by these Presents for us our Heirs and Successors Do Give Grant and Confirm unto William Womack one certain Tract or parcel of Land containing Eighty five acres Lying and being on the North side of Meherin River in the County of Isle of Wight and bounded as ffolloweth (to wit) Beginning at a White Oak near Hall's Branch a Corner of the said Womack's other Land thence North ffifteen Degrees West Sixty Eight Poles to a White Oak thence North by East one Hundred and eight Poles to a Pine near a Branch thence South Sixty Degrees east Ninty-three Poles to a red Oak thence South ffifteen Degrees east Ninty Poles to a Lightwood Post in a line of the said Womack's other Land and thence by his own old Line South Seventy Degrees West one Hundred and twelve Poles to the begining.... (superfluos-legal wordage will be omitted from this and the remaining patents and grants, as it has no genealogical value--Editor). Signed by William Gooch, Lt. Gov, Williamsburg, Va., 13 May 1735.


Patent Book 18, page 383 - 22 Sept. 1739 - Richd. Womack - 400 acres - Amelia County. Consideration: 40 Shillings. To Richard Womack, 400 acres in Amelia Co., on both sides of Tomohitton Swamp. "Beginning at a corner Hiccory on the lower side of the said swamp Thence West two hundred and twenty four Poles to a faced corner near a branch on the Upper side of the Swamp Thence South fifteen Degrees east one hundred and ninety Poles to a faced corner Thence Bast twelve Degrees South two hundred and ninety nine Poles to a corner Hiccory Thence North fourteen Degrees east one hundred and fifty eight Poles Crossing the Swamp to a corner and Thence West thirty one Degrees North one hundred and seventy eight Poles to the beginning. Signed by William Gooch, Lt. Gov., Williamsburg, Va., 22 Sept. 1739.


Patent Book 22, page 250 - 10 July 1745 - Abraham Womack - Amelia County. Consideration: 40 Shillings, To Abraham Womack, 403 acres in Amelia Co,, on both sides of Saylors Creek. ""Beginning at Ruffins line on the upper Side of the -said Creek -Thence along his Line West one hundred and fifty five Poles to a Corner Thence South one hundred and Seventy two Poles to a Corner Stone Thence east one hundred and fifty Eight Poles to a Corner Beach on the said Creek Thence down the said Creek as it Meanders to Fitzgeralds Corner Beach Thence east twenty Nine degrees South One hundred and Bigkty six Poles along Fitzgeraids line to his Corner White Oak by a Spring Thence North thirty three Degrees East One hundred and Ninety one Poles to a Corner White on a fork of the said Creek and Thence down the said Fork & Creek as they Meander to the Beginning." Signed by William Gooch, Lt, Gov., Williamsburg, 10 July 1745.


Patent Book 25, page 35 - 20 March 1745 - Matthew Womack - 400 acres Amelia County. Consideration-. 40 Shillings. 400 acres in Amelia Co,, on the branches of Sandy River on the lower side thereof. "Beginning at Daniel Browns corner in Charles Burks's Line Thence along Burks's Lines





North forty one Degrees East Ninety Nine Poles to his Corner Hiccory Saplin on a Branch Thence North thirty three Degrees last forty one Poles to a Corner Pine Thence East two hundred and seventy eight Poles to a Corner Pine Thence South nineteen Degrees East two hundred and sixty four Poles to a Corner Pine Thence West twelve Degrees North two hundred and twenty three Poles to Browns Line Thence along his Line North fourteen Degrees West forty nine Poles to his Corner at a Rock Thence West six Degrees North one hundred and forty two Poles to his Corner red Oak Thence West eighteen Degrees North eighty four Poles to the beginning..' Signed by William Gooch, Lt. Gov., Williansburg, Va., 20 March 1745,


Patent Book 25, page 71 - 5 June 1746 - Thomas Womack - 72 acres - Henrico County. Consideration: 10 Shillings, "Beginning at Richard Woods Corner Thence on the said Woods Line South West eighty Poles to a Corner Maple in the low Ground of Appamattox River Thence through the edge of the said low Ground on the said Womacks old Line South twenty three Degrees East one hundred and sixteen Poles to a Hiccory Thence North eighty six Degrees last fifty four Poles to a Gum Standing on Sappone Creek parting the said Womack and Joseph Wilkinson Thence on the said Wilkinsons line North fifteen Degrees West fifty Poles to a white Oak thence North forty four Degrees last eighty Poles to a shrub'White Oak parting Joseph Wilkinson and Benjamin Branch thence on Branches Line North sixty Degrees West one hundred Poles to the place begun at. Signed by William Gooch, Lt. Gov., Williamsburg, Va., 5 June 1746.


Patent Book 26, page 252 - 5 March 1747 - William Wammack - 105 acres Isle of Wight County, on north side of Mehorin River. Consideration: 15 Shillings. "Beginning at a small Black oak a Corner of Edward Lundys Land thence by the said Lundys Line south seventy degrees west forty poles to a Lightwood post a Corner of William Wammack Seniors Land thence by the said William Womack Seniors Lines north fifteen degrees west sixty four poles to a red oak and north fifty degrees west forty poles to a white oak Stump a Corner of John Nannys Land thence by said Nannys Lines north forty degrees east fifty six poles to a white oak and north forty four poles to a Hickory in the county Line between Isle of Wight and Surry thence by the said County Line north sixty degrees east forty eight poles to a pine a corner of Colo. Richard Blands Land thence by the said Blands Lines south east sixty poles to a Spanish oak Saplin and south thirty eight degrees east ninety two poles to a red oak in Edward Lundys Lines foresaid thence by the said Lundys Lines south seventy degrees west eighty eight poles to a Hickory and south fifte degrees West forty poles to the Beginning.', Signed by William Gooch, Lt. Gov., Williamsburg, Va,, 5 March 1747,


Patent Book 26, page 336 - 5 April 1748 - Richard Womack - 283 acres Brunswick County, on the branches of the middle fork of Little Roanoak River. Consideration: 30 Shillings. "Beginning at a White Oak on a Branch north nineteen degrees east two hundred and sixty four poles to a white oak thence south eighty four degrees west one hundred and sixteen





poles to a white oak thence South forty nine degrees west two hundred and seventy eight poles to a pine thence South twenty degrees east forty poles to a white oak on the aforesaid Branch thence up the said Branch as it neanders to the beginning," Signed by Willian Gooch, Lt. Gov., Williassburg, Va., 5 April 1748.


Patent Book 27, page 450 - 5 Sept. 1749 - William Womack - 80 acres - Lunen" burg County - in the fork of Allen's Creek. "Beginning in the Point of the fork Thence up the South Fork as it Meanders to a white oak on the Thence off North forty Degrees East one hundred and six Poles to an elm on the Creek Thence East sixty eight Poles to a red oak Thence South four Degrees east forty six Poles to a white oak on the Creek Thence down the said Creek as it Meanders to the Beginning -Signed by Thomas Lee, Esqr., President of our Council Commander in chief of our said Colony and Dominion, at Williamsburg, Va., 5 Sept4 1749. (Consideration: 10 Shillings.)


Patent Book 29, page 526 - 5 Aug. 1751 - Thomas Womack - 164 acres - Henrico County - Consideration: 20 Shillings. Beginning at a Corner willow Oak in black Swamp on George Worshan's Line thence South thirty one Degrees East sixty eight Poles to a Corner black oak thence South four Degrees West forty two Poles to Irby's Corner black oak thence on Irby's Line North fifty Degrees east seventy two Poles to a Corner Gum thence North eighty one Degrees last one hundred and thirty six Poles to a Corner white oak thence North twelve Degrees West eighty eight Poles to a hiccory Corner on Eppes's Line thence on Eppes's Line north thirty Degrees West sixty four Poles to Eppes's Corner white oak thence on Isbell's Line South twenty two Degrees West thirteen Poles to Isbell's Corner hiccory thence North eighty five Degrees West one hundred and forty Poles to a Corner hiccory on Wonmack's thence South nineteen Degrees West thrity nine Poles to Worsham's Corner white oak thence South twelve Degrees East forty seven Poles to Worsham's Corner Gum thence South forty two Degrees West twenty eight Poles to the Beginning." Signed by Lewis Burwell, Esqr., President of our Council, at Williamsburg, Va., 5 Aug. 1751.


Patent Book 31, page 31 - 20 Sept. 1751 - William Womack, Jr. - 400 acres Albemarle County. Consideration: 40 Shillings. Land on both sides of Willis's River. Beginning at Daniel Low's Corner hiccory on the South side the said River mg thence South thirty Degrees East one hundred and eighty Poles to a black oak last fifty two Poles to Pointers North twenty six Degrees West sixteen Poles to John Sanders's Corner black oak thence on his Line North twenty five Degrees East one hundred and ninety four Poles crossing Willis's River to a black oak thence a new Line West(?) same Course Continued two hundred and twenty five Poles to Pointers North eighty two Degrees West one hundred and fifty two Poles to Pointers in John Cook's Line and on that Line South thirty nine Degrees West seventy eight Poles to Daniel Low's Corner Pointers thence on Low's Line South thirty Degrees west two hundred and twenty four Poles crossing Willis's River to the first station,"' Signed by Lewis Burwell, Esqr., President of our Council, Willimsburg, Va., 20 Sept. 1751.

(To be continued)




Among the many thousands of pension files in the National Archives (Washington 25, iD. C.) for soldiers of the Revolutionary War, are four for the Womack family. These four were abstracted by the late Mrs. Nellie P. Waldemaier, genealogist, of Washington, D. C., as follows:


ABNER - N. C. (born in VA), File No. S 30804: Butler Co., Ky., 12 of Nov., 1832 - "personally appeared" Abner Womack, aged 68 years. Entered service, by draft, 1780, in Lincoln Co., N. C.; was private under Capt. Jacob Collins, Lieut. French, Ensign Joseph Beaty, Col. Arrington's Regiment. Rendezvoused in Lincoln Co., N. C.; marched to Charleston, S. C. Arrived in Charleston early in April where he was placed under Brig. Genl. McIntosh. (Long details of service.)


Altogether he served two months and 2 days, all the time in militia. Was discharged. Served a second tour of three months in militia. In Dec., 1781, he joined a company of Mounted Rangers as a substitute for Reuben Petty of Burke Co., N. C. Marched to Upper Fort in Burke Co.; engaged in scouting in different parts of the State for protection against the Indians. Sometime in Feb., 1782, he received a discharge, signed by Lieut. Davidson, which he has lost.


He was born in Prince Edward Co., Va. Jan. 7, 1764; lived in Lincoln Co., NC, until 1797 when he moved to Logan [Co.], Ky., to that part which is now Butler Co. Received a pension of $24,44 per anntm,


Letters of inquiry concerning pensions of Abner and William Womack from 0. B. Womack, Route 4, McMinnville, Tenn., in 1916, and from Mrs. B. Bentley, West Main Street, McMinnville, Tenn. (no date).


EDITOR"S NOTE: Ihe above Abner Womack was son of Abraham and Elizabeth Womack of Virginia and Lincoln Co,, N. C.




ABRAHAM WOMACK - N. C., LUCY(WAMMOCK), File No. W6602; BLWt. 38342-160-55.

(This is a very voluminous file, part of which is letters from the Pension Bureau to persons inquiring as to the service of Abraham Womack. These letters give a summary of the evidence in these files. One such letter is to Mrs. Ben J. Ray, 920 South 31st Street, Birmingham; Alabama, dated 15 of Dec., 1936. This summary gives the following information:-)


Abraham Womack was a citizen of Chatham Co., N. C., both before -and during the Revolutionary War. The date and place of his birth and names of his parents are not given.







He enlisted and served three or more tours as private in N. C..troops and was in Battle of Brier Creek where he received a severe wound over his left eye.

He moved, 1 Jan., 1786, from Chatham Co,, N. C., to Hancock Co., Ga.thence to Jones Co., Ga., and, sometime in 1825, to Monroe Co., Georgia. On 9 May 1825, in Jones Co., Ga., he married Imcy Moody, who was then about 44 years old. Names of her parents not given.


Abraham Womack died 10 of April, 1834, in Monroe Co., Ga. He was then "about" 90 years old. Lucy Womack received a pension of $41.75 per annum.


Another letter of inquiry was from Mrs. G. W. Johnson, Oakland, Miss., and was answered 15 of Jan. 1936, giving same s ry of information.


In May, 1855, the widow of Abraham Womack appeared in Court in Bibb Co., Ga. She stated that her maiden name-was Moody, and that she had never had any child. She gave her age in 1855 as 74.


Benjanin R. Rutherford deposes he has heard his father John Rutherford, Laban Beckham, and Solomn Beckham (three soldiers of the Revolution) speak of Abraham Womack as one who rendered service to his country during the Revolution.


Two statements from the North Carolina Comptroller's Office give the following references to Abrahan Womack (although the two differ slightly):


Book A no. 11, p. 11 16 6-6

Book 175, p. 58 82-10 1779

Book,.14, p. 1 9-0-0 Aug. 1783

Indent No. 124 12-5-4

Indent No. 122 6-2-8 1790

Indent No. 325 9-0-0 1783


Abraham Womack, a private in Revolutionary War for 12 months and 16 days, was a pensioner from 4 March 1831 to 10 April 1834 (date of his death), at $41,75 per annum. Lucy's pension commenced in 1856.


EDITORIS NOTE: This Abraham Womack married, first (in 1760's?), to Judith Minter, daughter of John and Elizabeth (-?-) Minter of Chatham Co., N. C. (Will of John Minter, dated 1797, named, among others, a daughter Judith Womack; Abraham and Judith Womack sell land in Chatham Co.) Parentage of this Abraham Womack is unknown at this Writing. Abraham lived in the southeast corner of Chatham Co., in that part which fell into Lee Co. in 1907--on or near the present Chatham-Lee County line, perhaps ten miles northeast of Sanford, North Carolina.




JOHNSON WOMACK (or WAMACK), GA, NC, (b. in VA) File No S 32577:

Madison Co., Ark., 30 of October, 1837 - ",personally appeared" Johnson Wamack, aged 75 years. Volunteered in a militia company of "Horsemen!' commaned by Capt. Jonathan Kemp "'at an old field, Capt. Kemp's muster ground near Pleasant Gardens on the Catawba River" in Burke Co., NC about June 20, 1780. Marched to Caney Creek near county line of Rutherford Co., N. C. Here they were joined to other groups and altogether about 300 men placed under Col. Charles McDowel. (Long detail of service in Ga. and N. C. until he was discharged Oct. 25, 1780.)


Again volunteered under Capt. Joshua Inman in Burke Co, N. C., about April 15, 1781. (Further details of service.)


In answer to questions applicant stated: He was born in Goochland Co., Va., 2 of January, 1762. When called into service he lived in Burke Co., N. C. Since the Revolution he has lived in Pendleton Co., S. C., in State of Tennessee, and in Lawrence, Crawford, and Washington Cos., in Arkansas; and now lives in Madison, a new county taken from Washington Co., Arkansas.


Affidavits as to character signed by Charles S. Whitley, Martin Johnson,' Pleasant M. Johnson, R. R. Colfer, and Bunil (Burril?) Hornsby. Received pension of $33.22 per anmin.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Parentage of this Johnson Womack has not been ascertained at this writing.



Spencer Co., Ky., 10 September 1832 - "personally appeared" Massanello

Womack, aged 81 years.


In 1776 (he doesn't remember the month) he was drafted in Charlotte Co, Va., for 3 months tour in militia, and "furnished" Stephen Neales as a substitute who served the full tour.


Volunteered as Sergeant from Cumberland Co., Va., in Jan., 1781, under Richard Allen as captain. Marched south and was in Battle of Guilford Court House (NC), fought on the 15th day of March, 1781, under Genl. Greene. Was discharged at Ramsey's Mills on Deep River in N. C. on 3rd of April 1791.


About May, 1781, enlisted for duration of war and so served. Was under Barnett Gaines (rank not stated) and so continued in Continental establishaent to end of war. Lost his discharge papers.


Was born May 24, 1757 (could this be 1751? If 1757, he would have been aged 75 in 1832, rather this 81. If 1751, then his age,in 1832 would have been




81, as he stated. EDITOR.) in Cumberland Co., Va.; moved from Cumberland to Charlotte Co., Va., in 1775; moved back to Cumberland Co. in 1777; lived there until 1783; then moved to Prince Edward Co., Va.; lived there 34 years; then moved to Shelby Co., Ky., in 1817. Lived in Shelby and Spencer Cos., Ky., ever since.


Affidavits as to character of applicant: John Strange of Spencer Co., Ky., stated he was in service with Massanello Womack at Battle of Guilford Court House; that he had lived neighbor to said Womack in Cumberland Co., Va.; that Barnett Gaines was a commissary and Massanello Womack an assistant commissary. Affiant now lives neighbor to Womack, having moved to Ky. in 1807.


Massanello Womack received a pension of $120.00 per annum, commencing 4th of March, 1831.


An inquirer who has written to the Pension Bureau concerning this pensioner was: Mrs. R. S. Fitzgerald, 2702 E. Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.


EDITORIS NOTE: Massanello Womack was son of William and Mary Womack of

Cumberland Co., Va. (See will of William Womack, 1791, page 79 of the

June, 1959, issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY.)






(Continued from the June, 1959, issue, page 80)



INVENTORY OF JAMES WOMACK, 1787, Southampton Co., Va. - Southampton Co., Va., Will Book 4, 1783-1797, page 230:


"An Inventory and appraisement of the estate of James Womack decd. Taken 4th day of January 1787.


To one Negro Man Jacob 75

To one Negro Woman Fan and child 75

To one Girl Silvy 50

To one Girl Patience 35

To Negro Boy Abriham 32

To Negro Boy Goe 20

To 3 Sows L 2-10 s and 13 fat hogs

L16 - 5 18 15

To 5 Cows and 5 Yearlings and one

Bool and heighfer 17

To 2 Cows and yearlings and 4 sheep 7

To 1 Gun L 1 - 5 and bed bedstead

and furniture L 5 10 6 15

To 1 Bed bedstead and furniture 8 10

To 2 Beds one bolster and I Bedstead 3





To 3 Chests and one table 3 Spinigg wheels 1 18 6

To I cart and wheels L I - 16 one Loom 151 1 11

To 1 pare of stilyards and parcel of tools 1 10


To box iron and heaters and books L I 0 1

To I looking Glass Grind stone pot and hooks 10 4

To 1 pan and bole and churn and pail 8 11

To a parcel of leather and Iron Wedges 1 8 6

To 2 axes 2 broad hoes 14 9

To parcel old Iron and raw hides 1 2

To Womans Saddle and jug 1

To four knives and six forkes 3

To parcel of pewter and 1 pare cards 3

To horse harness and beehive 1 3

To I Bay Mare and Sorrel Do. 13 10

To 1 pot and hooks and Geese 18

To hamster pinchers and Slay 9 6

To 2 Slays and harness and shekel 7 6

To 2 topstacks and I Cock of blades 1 7

To 52 Barrels corn 2 4

To 1 Bottle 2 Vials and 2 Chears 2 6

To 2 Open headded Barrels and aparle 4 6

To 1 Candlestick and 2 pare of cards 1

To I pare of temples Saddles and saw 1 3

To 2 Slays and harness 9 6

To 1070 Ct. of Tobacco 7 12 3

To 65 Ct. Cotton 15


Obedience to an Order of Southampton Court dated 14th day of December 1786 we the Subscribers being first Sworn have appraised in current money all the estate of James Womack decd. that hath been presented in our View.

John Claud

William Claud

Basil Payne


At a Court held for the County of Southampton the 13th day of September 1787 This Inventory and appraisement of the estate of James Womack decd. returnd and ordered to be recorded..tl




WILL OF JOHN WOMACK, 1787, Prince George Co., Va. - Prince George Co., Va., Deed Book, 1787-1792, Part I, page 83:


"In the name of God Amen, I John Wamack of the Parish of Martins brandon in the county of Prince George, being very sick & weak of Body but of perfect sound and disposing memory, thanks be to almighty God for the same, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say:




It is my Will andesire & I do Ordain that in the first place and-as soon possible after my decease that all my Just Debts & funeral charges be paid & satisfy'd.


I lend the use & rise of the whole of my Estate both personal & real to my dearly beloved Wife Hannah during her natural Life or Widowhood upon provisoe that she keeps all my children together & supports them out the same.


I give & bequeath to my Son Travis Wanack all the Land & plantation whereon my Father formerly liv'd, also I give & bequeath to my son Travis Wamack One hundred Acres of Land of the tract whereon I now live to be take off adjoining Jeremiah Titmash Randolph Fewqua &c. all of which to him his Heirs, & Assigns forever.


I give & bequeath to my Son Nathaniel Wamack all the remainder of the Tract of Land &-Plantation -whereon I now live, to him & his Heirs & Assigns forever.


And it is my Will & desire at the decease of my Wife (which shall first happen) that the whole of my Personal Estate be equally divided among all my Children then Surviving.


And I do nominate and appoint Nathaniel Marks Edward Marks & James Wamack Executors to this my last Will & Testament. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my Seal this tenth day of February in the Year of Our Lord Christ One thousand seven hundred & Eighty seven,


/s/ John Wamack


Signed Sealed &- Published by the said John Wamack to be his last Will & Testament. In the presents of us who in his presents & in the presents of each other have hereunto subscribed our Names.

Wyatt Bishop

John Titmus

Ikichard Titmus


At a Court held for Prince George County at the Court House on Tuesday the XIth day of,September 1787. The above written last Will & Testament of John Wamack decd. was presented into Court by the Executors therein named who made Oath thereto according to Law, & being proved by the Oaths of the Witnesses thereto is by Order of the Court truly Recorded, & on the motion of the Executors, Certificate is granted them for Obtaining Probate of the said Will in due form.




C, Russell

D. Clerk."





NUNCUPATIVE WILL Of WLLIAM WOMACK, 1790, Charlotte Coo, Va. - Charlotte Co., Va., Will Book 1, 1765-1791, page 428:


William Womacks Will - January 30th 1790. "This day being called on by Simion Jackson to make mention of the words of William Wamock of Charlotte County Decd. who departed this life the above date within who appeared to be in his proper senses call on us whose names are under written to take notice that the said William Wamock did give to Elizabeth Jackson wife of Simon Jackson one certain negro woman known by the name of Betty and her Increase during her life and at her death to be disposed of by the said Elizabeth Jackson as she might think proper and the said Wamack call on us to take notice that it was his desire that Simon Jackson should take charge of the plantation whereon he then lived and every thing thereon and to keep them together until he made a crop for the ensuing year as witness each of

our hands the above date written.

In presence of /s/ Henry his X mark Banes

Thomas Lorton Martha her X mark Banes

Burwell Brown Alexander Ferguson

Henry Barnes

James Dudgeons


At a Court held for Charlotte County the 5th day of April 1790.

This nuncupative Will of William Womack decd. was presented in Court by Simon Jackson, and the same being committed to writing in the presence of Thomas Lorton, Burwell Brown, Henry Barnes h James Dudgeons--the same was proved by the oath of Henry Banes, Martha Ranes, & Thomas Parguson the Witnesses in whose presence the Testamentory words were spoken & ordered to be Recorded.

Teste Thomas Mad Cc.

Truly Recorded

Thomas Read Cc."


WILL OF THOMAS 1795, Southampton Co., Va. - Southampton Co., Va., Will Book 4, 1783-1797, page 681:


"In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Wommack no my life is very uncertain and .now being unwell tho sound in mind & Memory do make this my last will & testament revoking all others heretofore made and this my will to take place from the 26th day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred & ninety four.


Item. It is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid.


Item. I give unto my son Carter Wommack all my lands that I now possess also I gave two feather beds & furniture to said son Carter Wommack, I Gave unto my son also all my corn & meet. I Gave unto my son Carter Wom-




mack,a Neg man by the name of Anthony, also a Negro woman by the name of Lyddia my son Carter Wommack is to take good care of his Mother Elizabeth Wommack & to see that she has a good Maintenance out of the above mentioned property. I Give ten pounds to John Menore children namely James Elizabeth Polly & John which is to be put to the use of schooling the said children. I Give ten pounds to Harris Thomson son of Lodovivk Thomson. The balance of my Estate to be sold at public sale then to make a Equal division between my surviving children. I also do appoint & nominate my son Carter Wommack my whole & sole Executor to this my last will & testament Giving from under my hand & seal this 26th day of Jany. 1794.


Test Wm Wright /S/ Thos. his X mark Womack

Byrd Lundy


At a court held for the county of Southampton the 9.day of April 1795. This will was presented in court by Carter Wommack the Executor therein nam'd. Prov'd. by the oaths of Wm Wright & Byrd Lundy the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of the said Executor who made oath according to Law Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probat thereof in due form giving security whereupon &c.


Saml. Kello Cc."




INVENTORY OF JESSE WOMACK, 1797, Chesterfield Co., Va. - Chesterfield Co. Will Book 5, 1800-1802, page 101:


"Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Jesse Womack decd. made this 3d April 1797.

1 Negro fellow named Spencer L 100


/S/ Geo. Markham Peter Worsham R. Watkins"




WILL OF nATHAN WOMACX, 1799, Cumberland Co., Va. - Cumberland Co. Will Book 3, 1792-1810, page 135:


"As daily observation evinces the mortality of mankind as well as the contentions which too often succeed concerning the effects they leave behind I have thought proper whilst blessed with the full and perfect enjoyment of my reason, to dispose of such worldly Estate as God hath blessed me with in the following manner.


First, I lend unto my belovidg (the words beloved and loving were written in





the same space here, and it is not known which word was intended to remain effective. Editor) wife Anna during her natural life the tract of land whereon I now live lying on both sides of Great Guinea Creek with my Water (this word apparently marked out. Editor) Grist Mill and Still, also all my slaves stock household & kitchen furniture, except the lagacies in slaves stock, household & kitchen furniture hereafter devised to my children and Grand Daughter Betsey Price.


I Give and bequeath to my daughter Betsey after my wifes death all the land I own on the north side of Great Guinea Creek except the Mill seat, also two negroes named Ben & Polley, one good Feather Bed and furniture, a young Sorrel mare and a good side Saddle, also two good Cows & Calves two sows and pigs and six Sheep, also one dozen pewter plates one dish and two Basons, one dozen knives and forks to her and her Heirs forever.


I give and bequeath unto my Grand daughter Betsey Price two negroes named Frank and Tamer one Horse and Saddle one good feather bed & furniture and such other furniture as I have given to my children now surviving, to her and her Heirs forever.


I give and bequeath to my daughter Sally Walton four negroes, named Hannah, Cilia, Abby, and Rachel, with their increase to her and her heirs forever. Also my Will and desire is that a bond which I have now in my possession from my son in law William Walton, be hereafter void and of no effect also I give to my daughter Sally the same quantity of sheep & hoggs already given to my daughter Betsey.


I give and bequeath to my son Charles after my wifes death the tract of land that I now reside on the south side of Great Guinea Creek with all the appertenances thereunto,belonging including my Grist Mill & still, also two negroes named Archer & Vilet also such other Stock & furniture already given to my daughter Betsey also my Will & desire is that my son Charles shall have the privilege to settle any where or on any part of my land that he thinks fit on the south side of Great Guinea Creek.


Also my will and desire is that if any my children should depart this life without leaving Heirs of their body lawfully begotten that the legacy given them shall return into my Estate and be equally divided among my surviving children.


My Will and desire is that if my Grand daughter Betsey Price should depart this life without leaving Heirs of her body lawfully begotten that the legacys given to her return into my Estate and be equally divided among my surving children also my will and desire is that my grand daughter Betsey Price be educated out of the profits of my Estate.


My further Will and desire is that after the death of my Wife all the remaining slaves, stock, Household & Kitchen furniture and every part and




parcel of my property, that is not, before given be divided into lotteries as near of Value as possible, and that my children and grand daughter Betsy Price draw for the same and if either gets a lott more valuable than another that they refund such a sum ashall make up the others equal thereunto so that in every respect there be an equal division amongst then or their Heirs.


My will and desire is that if the land I have devised to my daughter Betsey should be so cut down, or otherwise injured that it is worth less than four hundred pounds of the present currency that the deficiency be made up to my daughter Betsey, before the last division of my Estate take place.


Lastly I nominate and appoint my beloved wife Anna Womack and my son Charles Womack my Executrix and Executor of this my last will and testament and my desire is that my Estate be not appraised, and I do hereby revoke all other wills made before by me either Verbal or Written, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty fifth day of January one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine;

/s/ Nathan Womack

Signed sealed & delivered

in presence of

Ben Allen Senr.

Sherwood Fowler

James Roper


At a Court held for Cumberland County the 25th day of March 1799. This last will & testament of Nathan Womack decd.' was exhibited in Court by Anna Womack and Charles Womack the Executors therein named and proved by Sherwood Fowler and James Roper two of the Witnesses thereunto & ordrd to be Recorded, and on the motion of the said Anna & Charles who made oath according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining a probat thereof in due form on giving security whereupon they with Pichard Gordon & Charles Lee their securities entered into bond conditioned according to law.


Teste Ts.(?) Woodson, D. C.


At a Court held for said County the 27th day of May 1799 - The same was further proved by Ben Allen a third witness thereto. Teste Ts.(?) Woodson, D. C."




This concludes the Womack wills and administrations as listed in Torrence's VIRGINIA WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS, 1632-1800.




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