VOL. III, NO. 1 - JUNE 1959 - WHOLE NO. 5


President: Walter Womack. McMinnville, Tennessee Editor, WOMACK GENEALOGY: Oscar Womack, Daylight, Tennessee Secretary: Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, Route 14, Knoxville, Tennessee

Genealogist: William Perry Johnson, Box 531, Raleigh, North Carolina Treasurer: Mrs. R. L. Anderson, McMinnville, Tennessee





The 1800 Census of North Carolina covered the sixty counties that were in existence at that time (there are 100 counties now). All sixty counties were searched, and Womacks were found in six of the sixty, as listed below. (The sixty counties covered were: Anson, Ashe, Beaufort, Bertie, Bladen, Brunswick, Buncombe, Burke, Cabarrus, Camden, Carteret, Caswell, Chatham, Chowan, Craven, Cumberland, Currituck, Duplin, Edgecombe, Franklin, Gates, Granville, Greene, Guilford, Halifax, Hertford, Hyde, Iredell, Johnston, Jones, Lenoir, Lincoln, Martin, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, Moore, Nash, New Hanover, Northampton, Onslow, Orange, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Person, Pitt, Randolph, Richmond, Robeson, Rockingham, Rowan, Rutherford, Sampson, Stokes, Surry, Tyrrell, Wake, Warren, Washington, Wayne, and Wilkes.)



Key to 1800 Census: Male/Female same coding

under 10/10 to 16/16 to 26/26 to 45/45 and over

male female

CASWELL COUNTY Josiah Wamack 01010 - 00001

CHATHAM COUNTY John Wommack 11100 - 10100

John Wommack Sr 02101 - 20001

Britain Wommack 00011 - 12106


HALIFAX COUNTY Carter Wmock[sic] 10110 - 10100


PERSON COUNTY John Womack 02201 - 11001

David Womack 01200 - 00110


ROWAN COUNTY Richard Wamock 31010 - 31010

RUTHERFORD COUNTY Abraham Wammock 10100 - 20010

Anderson Wammock 20010 - 30010

James Wammock 00010 - 10100

Louisa Wammock 00110 - 00001

Abner Wammock 50010 - 20100

William Wammock 42001 - 10010

Josiah Wammock 00100 - 00010





Copyright 1959 by William Perry Johnson



(Continued from the June, 1958, issue, p. 44)



As mentioned previously, William Womack (presumably a son of William and grandson of "Wife-*beater" John Womack) moved 1761 from Southampton Co.,, Va., to Halifax Co., No Co, where he died in 1777/8. Five deeds on record in Halifax Co., N, Co, show that he purchased a total of 310 acres of land, and sold 313 acres:


Halifax Coot No C., Deed Book 7. page 315 - 29 Aug. 1761 John Garris to William Wommack, both of Halifax Co. - 130 acres - 33 Pounds, 6 Shillings, & 8 Pence - land granted to said John Garris, 10 Dec. 1760. Proven 1761. Witnesses: John Wommack, Samuel Butler, Joseph Butler.


Halifax Deed Book 7. page 315 -o 29 Aug* 1761 - William Garris and wife Comfort, of Northampton Coo, No C., to William Wommack of Halifax Co. - 180 acres -a - Pounds land on north side of Fishing Creek - a grant to Joseph Parker. Witnesses: Jno. Wommack, Samuel Butler, Joseph Butler. Proven 1761.


Halifax Deed Book 9, page 536 - 6 Oct 1766 - William

Wommock of Halifax Coos to David Holloway of same - 103

acres -53 Pounds, 6 Shillings, & 8 Pence " a grant to

John Garris, 10 Dec 1760. Signed by marke Witnesses:

John his X mark Key, Bena. Dicken, Peter Lowry. Proven



Halifax Deed Book 12, page 133 - 21 Oct. 1771 - William Womack of Halifax Co., to David Holoway of same - 100 acres - 60 Pounds - a grant to Joseph Parker, 7 May 1742, adjoining John Rorie. Signed: William Wommacke Witnesses: Isam his X mark Smith, Al(b)ridgton Wommack, John Rorie. Proven 1772g


Halifax Deed Book 13, page 241 - 21 Jan 1775 William Wommock of Halifax Co., to David Holloway of same - 110 acres - 40 Pounds - a grant to Joseph Parker, 7 May 17429 Signed by mark. Witnesses: Hart Champion, William his X mark Alsobrook, Thomas his X mark Alsobrook. Proven 17750



William Womack wrote his will in 1774, and it was probated in 1778. Following is a full copy of the will, as found in Halifax Co, NC, Will Book 2, page 70:







Will of WILLIAM WOMACK, Halifax Cos. No C,g Will Book 2. page 70:


"In the name of God Amen, the 18th day of February, in the year of Christ 1774: I William Womack, of Halifax County, and in the province of North Carolina, being at this time in a low condition, but thanks be to God of sound, disposing mind, and Memory, and knowing: it is appointed for all men once to die, am willing to make and Ordain this to be my last will and Testament, That is to say:

First, I give my soul to Almighty God that gave it to me, and my body I recommend to the Earth, to be buried in a Christian Manner, and as for touching what worldly Estate, where with it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me with, I give and dispose of them as follows:


Item I give to my son Thomas Womack one Negro wench called Ginney to him and his heirs forever also my riding horse and my gray mare to him and his heirs forever


Item I give to my son John Womack one Negro boy called Ansedan to him and his heirs forever also that forty pounds proc, that Tobias Whitehead's Estate oweth me.


Item I give to my son Frederick Womack one Negro fellow called Bob to him and his heirs forever,


Item I give to my son James Womack one Negro boy called Jacob to him and his heirs forever.


Item I give to my son Brittain Womack one Negro wench Till one Negro boy called Lewis and one Negro girl called Venus to him and his heirs forever also my bond that John Yeale owes me


Item I give to my daughter Mary Butler one Negro fellow called Edgecombe, to her and her heirs forever.


I give and bequeath to my daughter Martha Alsobrook one Negro girl called Lucy to her and her heirs forever also my feather bed and furniture I now lie on, to her and her heirs forever


I do nominate and appoint my son Frederick Womack Executor of this my last will and Testament and my son William Alsobrook Executor of this my last will and Testament In witness where of I have set my hand and seal the day first mentioned.


Test /s/ William Womack (Seal)

John Morgan

Martha Allsobrook

Re Cotten





Halifax Ss. February Court, 1778

Then this will was exhibited in Open Court by the Executors and proved by Robert Cotten a witness thereto in due form of Law, Whereupon William Also'brook qualified as Executor thereto and on Motion Ordered to be recorded*



B. McCullock C. Ct.



So far, we have no clue as to name of William Womack's wife--not even her given name. Perhaps some of the names she gave her sons serve as clues to her identity: Frederick, Albridgton (Brittain), for example.


Thomas Womack, son of William of the above will, remained in Southampton Coo, Va., where he died in 1794/5-.


Southampton Co, Va., Will Book 4, page 681 - Will of Thomas Womack - dated 26 January 1794; probated 9 April 1795. Wife Elizabeth. All lands to son Carter Womack. Legatees: children of John "Menore" [McLemore]--James, Elizabeth, Polly, and John. Legatee: Harris Thomson, son of Lodovick Thomson. Surviving children (not named), Signed by mark. Executor: son Carter. Witnesses: William Wright, Byrd Lundy. (Womack spelled Wommack.) (Will Book 5, pages 176 and 453, contains data on the Estate of Thomas Wammack; Carter Wammack, Executor; and mention John McLemore, guardian to Betsey, James, Polly, and John McLemore, The Appraisement of the Estate of Thomas Womack appears in Will Book 4, page 696.)



Carter Womack, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, settled about l796 in Halifax Co., N. C., where his grandfather, William, had settled in 1761. Carter Womack married near the year 1795, probably in Virginia, to Catherine ---, who survived him.


Halifax Co., N. C., Will Book 3, page 680 - Will of Carter Wommack - dated 3 Oct. 1822; probated Nov. 1822. Wife Catherine, Children: Mary Wommack, Jourdan Wommack, William Wommack. "All my children"; youngest child under 21. Sister Patsey Wommack. Signed by mark. Executors: sons Jourdan and William Wommack.


Martha Womack, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, and sister to Carter Womack, died unmarried:


Halifax Will Book 4, page 197 - Will of Martha Wammock dated 15 July 1836; probated Feb. 1841. One-eleventh part





to each of the following: Jordan Wammack's children; William Wammack's children; James Wammack; Thomas Wammack; David Wammack; Kinchen Wammack; Asa Wammack; Kinchen Harris & children; Carter Harris & two children; James & Tempy Alsobrook's children; Drew King's children



John Womack, son of William who died 1777/8 in Halifax Co.,, N. Co. settled in the 1760's or 1770's in Chatham County, North Carolina (Chatham County formed 1771 from Orange County). Chatham County court minutes for 1778 listed John Wommock on a road jury. John Womack married around 1770(?) to Elenor Rorie, daughter of John Rorie of Halifax Co., No Co (The will of John Rorie, Sr., Halifax Co, NC, Will Book 3, page 31, named, among others, son-in-law John Womack, and four grandchildren, heirs of daughter Elenor Womack: James, Aner, Martha,, and Rorie Womack, Will dated 7 July 1782, probated Aug 1782,) After the death of his first wife, Elenor Rorie, John Womack took a common law wife, Susannah Allen. John Womack and family lived in that section of Chatham County which fell into Lee County, No C., in 1907, in the eastermost point of Lee County, near the Chatham County line and the Harnett County line, and about six miles northeast of the town of Broadway in Lee County. John Womack also owned land across the county line in Moore County (Moore County deeds destroyed up to 1889), but in that section of Moore County which fell into Lee County in 1907. (See Womack land grants in North Carolina, as published in WOMACK GENEALOGY

issues of June 1957, December 1957, and December 1958.)


John Womack died 1813 or 1814 in Chatham (now Lee) County, North Carolina, Chatham Will Book A. pages 242, 243 Will of John Womack, Senior -


Will of John Womack, Sr., Chatham Co., N C.

Will dated 29 July 1813; probated Feb. 1;14

Son Rorie

"I give unto my son William Allen, who generally goes by the name of William Womack, one negro, Sam. I lend Suzanne Allen for her life, all the horses, cows, hogs, all the household and kitchen furniture and plantation and after her death to be equally divided between Robert, William and Elizabeth Allen.

"To my James Womack"

Son John

Daughter Patsy Parham

Daughter Nancy Battle

Executors: Rorie Womack and William Allen

James Womack, son of John and Elenor (Rorie) Womack--no further data*

Aner Womack, daughter(?) of John and Blenor (Rorie) Womack--probably identical with daughter Nancy Battle, named in John's will, 1813,





Martha Womack, daughter of John and Elenor (Rorie) Womack--identical with daughter Patsy Parham, named in John's will, 1813.


Rorie Womack, son of John and Elenor (Rorie) Womack-.married Elizabeth --he died in Chatham (now Lee) Co., N. C., in 1847, intestate (without a will); owned land on south side of Cape Fear River, and on both sides of Fall Creek; left a widow and the following children: Ellinor (m. prior to 1848 to John Burke), Levice (m. prior to 1848 to Daniel Douglas), Ann (m. prior to 1848 to Abel Douglas), Martha, and Elbert Womack. (Chatham County Estate papers, Archives, Raleigh, No Co) (Martha, dau. of Rorie, married A J Lett).


Chatham Will Book D. page 148 - Will of Elizabeth Womack (widow of Rorie Womack--Editor) - dated 5 Feb, 1857, probated in 1866.

Granddaughter Elizabeth Douglas, dau. of Abel and Nancy Youngest dau, Nancy Douglas

Only son Elbert Womack

Grandchildren, children of Daniel and Livicy Douglas:

Delany Lett, Lucinda Douglas, Dorcus Douglas, Eliza.

beth Ann Douglas, James Douglas, Nancy Douglas. Grandchildren, children of John and Elenor Burk (the latter deceased): James Burk, Martha Burk, John Roa Burk, Sarah Ann Headon Burk.

Grandchildren, children of Abel and Nancy Douglas: Rora Douglas, Jane Douglas, Archibald Douglas, Ann Douglas, Martha Douglas.

Grandchildren, children of Andrew and Martha Lett: Martha Lett, John Wesley Lett.


Elizabeth, wife of Rorie Womack, may be identical with the Betsy Womack of the following will: Chatham Will Book B, pages 18 and 19: Will of James Booker, dated 9 July 1819, probated in Aug., 1819; named wife Phebe, and, among others, a daughter Betsy Womack, Rorie(?) Womack was named as a legatee.


John Womack, son of John Womack (and Elenor Rorie?), lived in Chatham (now Lee) Co., N. C* No further data.


William Allen alias Womack, son of John Womack and Susannah Allen-no further data.


Robert Allen alias Womack, son of John Womack and Susannah Allen--prob. ably identical with the Robert Womack who obtained a marriage license in Cumberland Coo., NC, to marry Patsy Knightt in 1808.


Elizabeth Allen alias Womack daughter of John Womack and Susannah Allen-probably identical with the Elizabeth Womack who married 1805 to Willis Booker (Cumberland Co NC, marriage bond, with Rory Womack as bondsman).





Frederick Womack, son of William Womack who died 1777/8 in Halifax Co, N. C., purchased 1,000 acres of land in Halifax Co, NC in 1766, and sold out in 1775:


Halifax Co., No C.-, Deed Book 10, page 217 - Charles

Mathews of Orange Coal No Co, to Frederick Womack of

Halifax Co.,, N. C. R 1,000 acres - 100 Pounds. Dated

10 Oct 1766, Signed: Charles Matthews. Witnesses

William Thrower, Isaac Mathisg Wilson Williams. Proven May 1768.


Halifax Deed Book 13, page 396 - 23 Aug 1775 - Frederick Wommock of Halifax Co NC, to John Harvey of Brunswick Co., Va. - 1,000 acres, adjoining D. Marshall, James Mathews. 200 Pounds. Signed by name Witnesses: Arthur Davis, Stephen Marshall, James Ledbetter. Proven Feb 1776.


Frederick Womack apparently left North Carolina in 1775. He may be identical with the Frederick Wammack or Wommock listed in the -Rev War Army Accounts of South Carolina (a card file in the So Co Historical Commission, Columbia, S. C.).



James Womack, son of William Womatk.who died 1777/8 in Halifax Co, NC remained in Southampton Co VA, where he died about 1786, intestate, Southampton Co VA, Will Book 4. page 230 - Inventory of James Womack, deceased, taken 4 Jan 1787. Per order of S. Court, 14 Dec 1786; re- turned 13 Sept 1787. The 1783 Personal Property tax list of Southampton Co VA, listed James Wommock and son Brantley, in St Lukes-Parish. In later lists the son is given as James, James B. James Brantley Womack. A Southampton Co VA marriage record shows that James Brantley Womack was married to Polly Ellis in 17870 This was the one and only Womack household living in Southampton County around 1800, according to the tax lists*.James Brantley Womack died 1814 in Southampton Co VA.


Southampton CO, Will Book 7. page 370 - Will of James B Wommack of Southampton Co - wife Mary - land whereon I now live on north side of the Cosway Branch, Two children:.John, and jincey Smith,, Grandson: Nathan M. Thomas. Executor: son John. Signed by mark. Wit.

nesses: Burkett Murrell, Robert Murrell, Sr*, Howell Scarbrough. Dated 4 Feb 1814; probated 20 June 18140


No data has been found on the brothers and sisters of James Brantley Womack; he may have been an only child.


Since Jmes Brantley Womack first appeared an the tax lists in 1783,, it is likely that he was born cl767 and was aged 16 in 1783, and 20 when he married in 1787.





Brittain Womack, son of William Womack -who died 1777/8 in Halifax Co,,, NC, settled in Chatham County, No Co. in 1760's or 1770's. and lived on the Chatham-Wake County line, about five miles northeast of where his brother John had settled. His full name was Albridgton Womack. but he was evidently called Brittain exclusivley in his middle and late life. Albridgton Wommack was a witness to a deed from John Smith of Bladen Co,

NC to Thomas Wise of Cumberland Co NC. (Cumberland Co, NC Deed Book 7. page 9 - 1779)


In 1779, Albridgton Wommack purchased 300 acres in Chatham and Wake Coset N. C., and sold the tract in 1808:


Chatham Deed Book B, page 165 - 11 May 1779 - J. Booker to Albridgton Wommack . 300 acres in Chatham and Wake Cos.9 N. Cs John Wommack a witness.


Chatham Deed Book V, page 223 - 15 June 1808 - Albridgton Wommack of Chatham Cog,, to Willey Womack of same - 300 acres 300 Pounds - land in Chatham and Wake Cos., on both sides of Buckhorn Creek, adjoining Robert Jones, Jacob Levins. Signed by name. Witnesses: William Wommack, John Wom. mack, Sr. Proven Aug* 1818 by William Womack (John Womack, Sre, is deceased)o


Albridgton, or Brittain, Womack, died in Chatham Co NC, in 1817, intestate, with Willie or Wiley Womack as his administrator. In 1819 the heirs presented a petition to the court:


Archives, Raleighg No Co - Chatham County Estates Petition of the heirs of Britain Womack father of:


Patsey Womack

Britain Womack

Tempie Womack

William Womack

Alexander Womack

Molly Womack

Merideth Womack,

Nancy Womack

Perebee Womack

Winny Womack

and Britain Womack (the younger), by

his guardian, Thos. Barham

All the foregoing versus Wiley-Womack, administrator (another

heir of Britain Womack).


Martha, or "Patsey" Womack,, was perhaps the eldest child of Brittain Womack. Her husband-, Joshua Elkins, was a Rev. War soldier, and after his death she applied for a pension. We are indebted to Jo Fred Dorman,





Editor of THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST, for an abstract of the pension papers of Joshua and Martha (Womack) Elkins-.


National Archives, Washington 25, D. C. - File No. W 17755; BLWt. 36639-160-55. Joshua Elkins, Martha - N. C. Rev War. In 1843, Martha Elkins,, of Chatham Co NC Applied for a pension. Her age in 1843 she gave as 86 (she was thus born around 1757--Editor). Chatham Co. marriage bond: 3 June 1780, Joshua Elkins and Martha Womack, with James Booker as bondsman; they were married 13 June 1780, A Thomas Hinsley,, aged 55 in 1843, declared he married a daughter of Joshua and Martha Elkins. In 1843, Bretton Wamack of Moore Co NC. aged 76, declared he was a brother of Marthat Elkins. He was too young to remember much, but he knows that Joshua Elkins helped his father work the farm. In the summer Joshua Elkins and Martha were married, they lived in the family until a house was built on his father's land and they went to live for them. selves. He (Bretton) lived with his sister while Joshua Elkins was away in service. In 1843, Phebe Booker, age 93, of Chatham Co NC, stated she had known Joshua Elkins and Martha from their infancy. She stated: "Joshua Elkins was a headstrong lad so much so that his father could not control him and he hired him to this deponent's husband to work some time after the war of the Revolution broke out. That Joshua Elkins ran away from this deponent's husband and went to Smithfield and inlisted in the army, That said Elkins was under age at that time* That she understood and believes that some time in the fall season of the year that Joshua enlisted his father went to bring him back. That she then understood from his father that as soon as he got to the camp that Joshua gave him the slip and was reported missing ..." Joshua went to work for Britton Wamack and married his employers daughter Martha. He had nothing when he married, but in a few years had a good stock of horses, cattle and hogs. Joshua Elkins died 22 June 1821.


If Martha Womack was correct in stating in 1843 that her age was 86, then her father, Btittain Womack, was born in 1730's. and married around 1756, or prior, for Martha would have been born around 1757. Her brother, Brittain, was aged 76 in 1843, thus born around 1767. Brittain Womack, Sr., way have been married more than once, since the 1790 and 1800 censuses indicate that he had children much younger than Martha and Brittain, Jr


Mary Womack, daughter of William Womack who died 1777/8 in Halifax Co

NC, married around 1760 to Samuel Butler, and settled in Bladen Co NC

Many of her descendants are to be found, today, in that section of

North Carolina.




Martha Womack, daughter of William Womack who died 1777/8 in Halifax Co NC, married William Alsobrook, and lived in Halifax County.

(To be continued)




The United States completed negotiations for the Louisiana Purchase in 1803--a large area now embraced by several states, Arkansas among them. Prior to 1803, only Indians had lived in the area, but the United States immediately opened up the area for settlement, and offered the land for sale at attractive prices. Thousands of settlers moved in from the mid- east and mid-south. What is now Arkansas became part of the Missouri Territory in 1812. Missouri became a state in 1819, and at that time Congress created the Arkansas Territory, and included, also, what is now Oklahoma. Arkansas became a state in 1836. The first census taken for Arkansas was in 1820, but all returns have been lost. The 1830 census is the earliest one preserved for Arkansas, and is complete for the entire state. The total population of Arkansas in 1830 was slightly over 30,000. This 1830 Census of Arkansas has been searched, and Womacks have been found in four of the twenty.three counties in existence in Arkansas at that time (the twenty-three were: Arkansas, Chicot, Clark, Conway, Crawford, Crittenden, Hempstead, Hot Spring, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lawrence, Miller, Monroe, Phillips, Pope, Pulaski, Saint Francis, Sevier, Union, and Washington):


CRAWFORD COUNTY, Upper Township - page 94 - Larkin Wamack 1 female aged under 5; 2 males and 1 female aged 5 to 10; 1 male and 1 female aged 10 to 15; 1 male and 1 female aged 40 to 50. No slaves.

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Richland Township - page 102 - William Wamock 1 male and 1 female aged under 5; 1 female aged 10 to 15; 1 fe. male aged 15 to 20; 1 male and 1 female aged 20 to 30a No slaves.

CRITTENDEN COUNTY - page 138 - Levy Wormack 1 male aged 15 to 20; 1 male aged 20 to 30; no females; 1 slave.

IZARD COUNTY - page 224 - David Womack 2 males and 2 females aged under 5; 2 males and 1 female aged 5 to 10; 2 females aged 20 to 30; 1 female aged 30 to 40; l@male and 1 female aged 40 to 50. No slaves.

LAWRENCE COUNTY - page 40 - John Wamock -

1 male aged under 5; 1 male and 1 female aged 10 to 15; 2 males and 2 females aged 15 to 20; 1 female aged 20 to 30; 1 male and 1 female aged 40 to 50.



(Continued from the December, 1958, issue, page 62)


WILL OF THOMAS WOMACK, 1782, Chesterfield Co VA, - Chesterfield County Will Book 3. 1774-1785, pages 437 and 438,-


"In the name of God amen I Thomas Wommack of Chesterfield County being very sick & weak in Body but of perfect mind & memory thanks to almighty God for it knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to die do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following that is to say first of all I recommend my Soul to God who gave it & my Body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Exors. herein after mentioned After paying my just Debts & funeral Expences I dispose of worldly Estate & Effects in manner following


Item I give to my loving Wife Sarah Wommack one Negroe Wench named Anaca Also I give unto my said Wife two Negroes named Ephraim & Aggy During her Life & all the House Hold & Kitchen Furniture & all the Cattle Sheep & Hogs & two Mares & all the Utensils


Item I give to my Son Peter Wommack one Negroe named Tilly and & one hundred Acres being more or less Joining Edward Anderson likewise one sorrel Mare & Foal to him & his Heirs forever


Item I give to my Son Thomas Wommack the first Foal that the Grey Mare may ever have to him & his Heirs forever


Item I give to my Son Jesse Wommack the first Foal that the black Mare may ever have to him & his Heirs forever


Item I give to my Daughter Suckey Womack the above Negroe named Aggy after the Decease of her Mother to her & her Heirs forever


Item I give to my Son Archer Wommack the above named Negroe Ephraim after the Decease of his Mother to him & his Heirs forever


My Will & Desire is that if my Son Peter Wommock should die without an Heir that his Land may fall to my Son Jesse Wommock


My Desire is that my my [sic] Wife Sarah Wommack shall dispose of all my Stock & House-Hold Kitchen Furniture & Utensils among all my Children as she may think proper


Lastly I nominate & appoint my Wife Sarah Wommack Henry Branch & William Botte Exors. of this my last Will & Testament utterly revoking all former & other Wills by me heretofore made & do confirm this only to be my last Will & Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this thirteenth Day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hun-







dred & seven hundred [sic) & eighty two his

/S/ Thomas X Womack (Seal)

Signed sealed & acknowledged mark

In the presence of us


David Goodwin N.B. My Desire is that my Estate may not

Martha Goodwin be appraised but inventoried by the Execu-

Ann Watkins tors.






Chesterfield County Will Book 3, 1774-l785, page 427:


Womack's Inventory Inventory of the Estate of Joel Wommack taken this 15th Day of Novemr. 1783


Jude & Child L100 Lewis L60 l6O

Amey L35 Ned L25 60

bay Horse L12 bay Mare 40/ 14

7 Hed of Cattle L12-5 7 Hede

Sheep L3-10 15-15

25 head of Hogs &12-10 12-10

Feather Bed & Furniture L10 1 Do. 5 15

6 rush Chairs IO/ flax'Wheel 15/

linine Whel 1O/ 1-15

Loom & 2 Slaus[?] 30/ Chest 15/

Trunk 1O/ 2-15

small Chest 51 2 pine Tables 7/6

2 Hackles 15 1-7-6

butter Pot 2/6 2 cand. Sticks 2/

jug 2/ -6-6

Vials I Salt & Cannister 51 3 Books 51

pr cotton Cards 3/ - -13-

old Iron 45/ 2 Pots Hooks Rack &

frying Pan 30/ 3-15

ox Chain & Hook 2 small Chissels 10/ -10-

3 Dishes 6 Basons 30/ 9 Plates 20/

9 Spoons 4/ 2-l4

tin Buckett 2/6 Steelyards 1O/

water Pail 2/ -l4-1

whip Saw & Files 30/ cross cut Saw 20/ 2-10

2 cyder Casks 9/ 2 Tubs 5/ -14-

hair Sifters 1/6 1 grind-Stone 6/

Poot Adds 2/ -9-6

Crop Corn & Fodder &15 crop Wheat

&4-10 19-10

9 Sides Leather 164 washing Tub 2/ 4-2

1 raw Hide 12/ -12-








Agreeable to an Order of the worshipful Court of Chesterfield we the Subscribers upon Oath have appraised the Esta. of Joel Wommack as above


/s/ Creed Haskins Henry Branch Joseph Wilkinson"



WILL OF ALEXANDER WOMACK, Campbell Co., Va., 1784 - Campbell County Will Book 1. 1782-1800, pages 38-41:


"I Alexander Womack of the County of Prince Edward do hereby make this my last Will and Testament. I appoint William Watts and Richard Womack my Executors. I give to my son Richard Womack the Land he lives on in Camel County to him. I give my son David Womack the Land I had of Benjamin Harrison lying in Campbell County after the decease or Widowhood of my wife Martha Womack also one feather Bed and furniture and all my Plantation utensils to him. I give my Grand Daughter Nancy Womack one feather Bed and furniture and one cow to her. I lend to my Wife Martha Womack dureing her life or Widowhood my Tract of Land in Camel County I had of Benjamin Harrison and all my Estate both real and Personal not before Divided and after her decease or Widowhood my Will and desire is that the same be sold for the best Price that can be got Except the Land and Divided amongst my children Alexander Womack Richard Womack David Womack Anne Driscal Elizabeth Mason Jean Tomison Martha Rutlidge and Juda Richards my son David Womack to have Twenty Pounds more than my other children. Given under my hand and seal the 26th day of August 1782.


Signed Sealed /s/ A. Womack (Seal)

in Presence of

Wm. Watts Dudley McDearmonroe

Robert Turner


At a Court held for Campbell County April Ist 1784

The within last Will and Testament of Alexander Womack deceased was Proved by the Oath of Robert Turner a Witness thereto subscribed. And at a Court held for the said County the Sixth day of May following the same were further Proved by the Oath of Dudley McDeamonroe another Witness thereto subscribed and Ordered to be Recorded, And on the Motion of Richard Womack one of the Executors therein named who made oath thereto according to Law Certificate is Granted him for obtaining Probate thereof in due form giving Security Whereupon he together with William Mason and Daniel Mitchell his Securities entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the Penalty of Five Hundred Pounds conditioned as the Law directs for the said Executors due and faith. full Administration of the said Decedents Estate and Performance of his Will, Liberty being reserved the Other Executor in the said Will named to join in




the Probate thereof when he shall think fit.


Exd, Ro. Alexander C.C.C.


We the appraisers of the Estate of Alexander Womack Deceased being first sworn have appraised the same as Follows:


To one Negro named Simber 35 0 0

To one Negro named Agness 45 0 0

To one Black Horse L8 One Black

mare L12 20 0 0

To four Cows 55/ each 11 0 0

To one Bed and furniture L10

One ditto L8 18 0 0

To a Parcel of Pewter 2 0 0

To one Butter pot spice morter candle

stick Tumbler and Bottle 0 16 0

To one Smoothing Iron and

Brass cock 0 16 0


To one pare of Stillards 1 5 0

To one Pot one Oven and Other

articles 1 8 0

To two Gilts Trunks 2/6 0 5 0

To a Parcel of Carpenters Tools 1 15 0

To a Parcel of Plantation Tools 2 0 0

To one flax Wheel and one Cotten

Wheel 1 0 0

To one Chest Cubard Table Two Locks

and kees 0 12 6

To three Books and one Womans Saddle 1 11 6

To one Tea Kittle 0 8 0


this 31st day of May 1784

Michael Prewet


/s/ Richard Womack Absalom Watkins

Thomas Marshall


At a court held for Campbell County June 3d. 1784

The within inventory and appraisment of the Estate of Alexander Womack Deceased was Produced (etc).


WILL OF SARAH WOMACK, 1785, Chesterfield Co.,, Va. - Chesterfield Will Book 31 1774-1785, page 508:


"In the Name of God Amen I Sarah Womack of Chesterfield County being Sick but of sound disposing mind and memory do make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following:





Imprimis. I give and bequeath to my son Peter Womack one cow and my long Gun.

Item, I give to my son Thomas Womack my White Mare.

Item. I give to my son Jesse Womack my crosscut Saw and all my Coopers Tools.

Item,, I give my son Archer Womack one cow.

Item. I give and bequeath my negroe Woman, Annaka to John Finney upon ex. press condition that he shall set her free.

Item, I give to my daughter Sukey Womack all the rest of my Estate not before given, hogs, Cattle, sheep, household and Kitchen furniture to her and her heirs forever.

Last. I appoint John Robertson and Creed Haskins Executors of this my last Will & Testament, revoking all other Wills by me heretofore made.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty first day of April One thousand seven hundred & eighty five.


Signed, sealed, published /s/ Sarah X Womack (Seal)

& declared in presence of mark


Erasmus Reames

Peter Womack

Sally Womack





WILL OF WILLIAM WOMACK, 1786, Cumberland Co., Va,, - Cumberland Will Book Z, 1769-1792, pages 518, 519:


"In the name of God Amen. I William Womack of the County of Cumberland and state of Virginia being in health of Body & of perfect and sound mind & memory do make & ordain this my last will and Testament in manner following; that is to say first and principally I commend my soul into the hands of God who gave it, hoping through his mercy to have a joyful resur. rection, and my body to buried in a decent manner by my Executors hereafter named and as for such worldly goods as I am blessed with I give and dispose of in the following manner:


Item. I lend unto my daughter Judith Hendrick one negroe wench named Dinah, now in her possession with what increase she now has and may ever have here. after for & during natural life of my said Daughter, and after her death I give the said negroe with all her increase to be equally divided among her children to them and their heirs forever.


Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Mascenella all my Land Lying on the North side of Davenports Road joyning Hendricks to be divided from the land whereon I now live by the said Road as it now runs, to him and his Heirs forever.





Item. My will and desire is that all the land I hold on the south side of Davenports road as it now runs, whereon I now live, may be sold by my Executors for the best price can be got for it, and forty pounds of the money paid to my son Nathan, over and above his eaqual division of my estate, and the other part of money arising from the sale of the Land to be put into the division of my other Estate as next follows.


Item. My will and desire is that my Estate goods & chattles Slaves, Effects & credits of whatever kind or quallity, with the money for the land above mentioned, be eaqually divided among my seven children namely Agness Sims, William, Charles, Nathan, Mary, Marcenella and Jesse, only as Jesse is dead allowing all his children which he had by his wife Sarah except his oldest son William, an eaqual part such as their Father would have had if living, which childs part I desire may be kept or put to usury by my Exrs. for the benefit of Jessey's said children or the survivors if any die, whenever and as soon as they come of age or marry, & so on till the youngest comes of age or marries so as the division be eaqual & each ones part paid as fast or as soon as they come of age or marry.


My will and desire is that notwithstanding the above division, my negro woman Bess shall have free liberty to choose which of my children she will live with, and he shall take her at the appraisement for so much of his part of the division.


Lastly I do nominate and appoint my four sons namely William, Charles, Nathan & Marcenella my executors of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me heretofore made and declaring this to be my only true last will & Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal this first day of January one thousand seven hundred and eighty six.


Signed sealed & published /s/ W. Wamack (Seal)

In presence of

Joseph Starkey

Wm. Richardson

Phebe her X mark Richardson




At a Court held for Cumberland County the 20th day of September 1791. This last Will and Testament of William Womack was exibited in Court by the Executors therein named & proved by William Richardson & Phebe Richardson two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of William Womack, Nathan Womack & Massanello Womack three of the Executors named in the said will who made oath according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining probat thereof in due form, they having entered into bond with security according to law and liberty is reserved to the other Executors to join in probat when they shall think proper.

/s/ Miller Woodson Clk.


(To be--continued)

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