VOL. II, NO. 2 - DECEMBER 1958 - WHOLE NO. 4





ABRAHAM WOMACK JR (b. April 6, 1809)


Mildred Pryor's parents given as John Henry Prier and Margaret Gaines

Elizabeth Barton's parents as Jacob Barton or Burton and Nancy Hambilton


Very difficult to make out and too many Abraham's with no Jr or Sr.

It may be possible one of the above Abraham's was married twice, poss

Jr as there was a reference to an Abraham's wife Matilda, and then a

marriage in New Orleans to Loucy M Donella Mar 1847 by an Abraham.


I am listing names and dates as they appear and can be made out: The writing was hodgepodge two columns over one page.


Abraham Womack Jr: Great Grand parents-Richard Womack/nancy Childress

Parents: Abraham Womack Sr/Elizabeth Barton.


My Great grandparents on my grandmothers side: John Henry Prier and Margaret Gaines.


Grandfather and mother: David Womack/Mildren Pryor and Jacob Burton and Nancy Hambilton.


Abraham Womack died January the 26th, at midnite, 18(3)(7)8, of applexey.


Minnie H ?Lindsey? daughter of Abraham Womack and Matilda G Tillery,

died at midnight, April the 5th, 1876.


Matilda G Womack died Dec 27th, 1881


Table of decents (descents?):

Richard Womack and Nancy Womack - Nancy Childress

David Womack and Mildred Womack - Mildred Prier Womack

Abraham Womack and Elizabeth Womack - Elizabeth Burton

Abraham Womack and Loucy M Donnella was married on Sunday Evening at

? o'clock, in the city of New Orleand the 23 day of March 1847, by King?


Jane Clark Womack was born October 25th 1848 in ?Richmond? Virginia

Jane Clark Womack died August the 7th 1850, in the evening 20 mins to ?4? of hooping cough and dysentery, her physician, B Taylor, age ?20?

rest illegible.


Videlia Womack was borh January the 8th 1850 St Helena LA

Videlia Womack deceased Sept the 15th 1850 in the evening, half past 7,

died of dysentery and hooping cough, sick five weeks one day.


Owen Donella Womack was born March the 10th 1852 at sunrise Wednesday.

O.D.W. deceased August ?illegible? died of dysentery, physician ?, sick

46 days.


Abraham Womack was born April the 6, 1807.

Matilda Womack, wife of Abram Womack was born June the 6, 1809

Mary Margaret Elizabeth Cain was born the 1 (st?) of February 1824, died

Dec the 9.

Sarah an Jane Cain was born the 10 of December 1829.

Angelena Womack was born the 29 of April 1834

Elizabeth B Womack was born the 12 of May 1836

Nancy A Womack was born the 5 of May 18??

Matilda P Womack was born the 25 of August 18(69?)


Matilda G Womack, consort of Abraham Womack Jr, dec'd September the

3rd 1846, newmonia sick about 17 days, Dr Comer.


Elizabeth B Womack, dec'd August the 22, 1847, died of conjunctive feaver sick only three days, Ohysician Dr Wm P (?)

her age 11 years, 3 months, (15) days.


Angelena Womack, dec'd May the 30 1848. Died of dysentery in the town of Baton Rouge at the Seminary, her physician Dr Hensford? Bu??ington.

her age when she died was 14 years and 32 days. Funeral service performed by Rev ? at half past (rest illegible).


Dolly Mitchell deceased August the 24 1847. Died of B. feaver. died without the aid of medicine. She was supposed to be aboyt 77 years.


Gonzalo P Womack was born the 12th 1856 at ? o'clock, A.M. Achouche,

Mrs Richardson, St Helena(no month given at all!!)


NOTE: I have "translated" this as best as could be with the copies available of the Bible pages. Perhaps someone knows of this bible and

can make corrections and forward them. SWW/Oct 4, 1996








David Womack settled by 1761 in that part of Orange County, North Carolina, which became Caswell County in 1777 (and lived in one of the sections [Nash District] that became Person County in 1791). By 1771 he had married Mildred Pryor, as proven by will of John Pryor, her father, dated 1771, Orange County, North Carolina. David Womack sold out in 1784 and left North Carolina, probably living in the northwest part of South Carolina before settling in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. For many years no one seemed certain as to the parentage of this David Womack. The Womack Family Association recently heard of "an old Abraham Womack Family Bible" that had been found in Louisiana, and after considerable trouble and expense finally obtained photocopies of the Bible record (the four pages from the Bible are reproduced in full on the following pages). This Bible originally belonged to Abraham Womack, Jr., born 6 April 1809, in Louisiana, and apparently in his own handwriting he gave data on his family, including his parents, four grandparents, and four of his eight great-grandparents (see chart, above). This Bible record leaves no doubt as to parentage of David Womack. (Present location of the Bible is unknown. Further data on this branch of the Womack family will appear in a future issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY). (Note: The copies were so blurred and hard to read, scanning was useless as well as any decent interpretation. The gist is as above






EDITORIS NOTE: Since this letter should be of interest to all readers of WOMACK GENEALOGY, it is copied in full:


11, Fitzjohn Avenue.




25th September 1958

Walter Womack Esq.


Womack Family Association



Dear Sirs


I was pleasantly surprised to receive the other day, from Mr. L. L. Womack, Womack Ranch, La Feria, Texas, the June 1957 and December 1957 issues of Womack Genealogy. For about eight years now, I have been engaged in trying to find the origin of the name and searching records in an attempt to find the earliest mention of it in Gt. Britain. I have not devoted very much time to the American Womacks but, since information is asked of any other Womack place-names than those mentioned on page 11 of the June 1957 issue, I venture to send these additional references:-


Womack, Louisiana - not far from Jonesboro in Jackson and on railway connecting Winnfield and Tremont, (Enclyopedia Britannica Vol. 24)


Womack - a postvillage of the Chickasaw nation. Womack - a post station of Bosque, Co. Tex,

(These two from Lippincott's New Gazetteer of the World. Heilprin.)


With reference to Item 3 on page 15 (Exchange Dept.) I remember reading in a periodical sent to me while in Hospital about 50 years ago, of a man named Womack who discovered El Dorado Springs (? gold mines) but himself died in extreme poverty. I have been unable to discover the periodical since. Would this be the Abner B. Womack mentioned?


As regards Item 33 on page 32 of the December 1957 issue, Robert Ferguson in his book "English Surnames and their place in the Teutonic Family" 1858, Chapter 11 page 29 says: "There are two names, Quoman, which might be an aspirated form of woman and Womack, which might be from a similar origin. As woman is wif-man, so Womack might be wif-maecg (maecg, a man), Or wifmace (mace, a mate)."


Rev. Ho.Barber in his "British Family Names", 1902, gives the following derivation:







Womack, Anglo-Saxon. Wogmearc, Wihomarc, Wimarc

personal name (a Mercian Warrior)


(Wimarc, Wihomarc are names appearing in the Domesday Book 1086; but it is generally understood that Wimarc was the name of a Breton woman - Wimarcae)


H. Harrison in his "Surnames of the United Kingdom", 1912, says the name (found A. D. 1600 as Womock) seems to mean Hollow Oak (from residence thereby), Old English Wamb - womb, hollow, cavity + ac, oak-tree.


I, personally, favour Harrison's derivation, especially since, in the earliest reference to the name I have so far found, it is spelt Wombok.


With all good wishes for the success of your new periodical.



Yours sincerely,


/S/ John E. Womack






(Continued from the December, 1957, issue, page 28)


Polk County.. File No. 163 - W. W. Womack - 231 acres - Entry No, 231 Entered 11 Nov, 1908 - 20 acres in Cooper Gap Twp., Polk Co. - on waters of Green River adi. Allen Dyar, Edgerton, The Speculation Co., and his own lands - waters of Walnut Creek of Green River. Surveyed 28 Oct. 1909. Chain Carriers: A. A. and T. L. Womack. Grant No. 17445 - Issued 15 Jan. 1910. Book 195, page 478.


Polk County, File No. 164 - W. W. Womack - 19 acres - Entry No, 239 Entered 9 Aug 1909 - 20 acres in Cooper Gap Twp., Polk Co. - on waters of Green River adj. his own lands & the Speculation Co. - 19 acres, surveyed 28 Oct. 1909, on waters of Walnut Creek of Green River. Chain Carriers: A A., G. B. and T.L. Womack, Grant No. 17491, Issued 26 Jan, 1910. Book 195, page 524.


Rowan County, File No. 1741 - Abra(ha)m Womack - 217 acres - "North Carolina, Treasury Office Decr. 26th, 1789 - These may certify whom it concerns, that Abraham Womack of the County of Rowan hath this day taken up and paid off his Bond given for Lands purchased at the Sales of confiscated property had by Genl. Rutherford as Commissioner of Salisbury district about the close of the year 1782; he is therefore entitled to receive from the Secretary his Grant. /s/ John Haywood Public Treas. (continued)





Entry No. --- . Entered 1782 - 217 acres - on waters of Swearing Creek, adj. Joseph Haden, Michael Moyor, William Strange. Surveyed 10 Nov, 1800. Chain Carriers: William and Bird Womack.


Rutherford County, File No. 1322 - Anderson Womack or Wammack - 100 acres Entry No. 399 - Entered 6 June 1793 - on a small branch running into Broad River, including his own Improvement, adi. the Widow Wammacke's lines for complement. Grant No. 1197 - Issued 20 Dec. 1796. Surveyed 5 Aug, 1794. Chain Carriers: James and George Wamock. Book 91, page 386.


Rutherford County, File No. 2621 - Abner Wommack - Entry No. 135 - Entered 10 Oct, 1804 - 80 acres on waters of Sandy Run, adj, his own land, John Akins, Widow Franklin, Thomas Bailey. Surveyed 29 June 1805. Chain Carriers: Thos. Bailey. William Womack, Jr. Grant No. 2590 - Issued 19 Dec. 1806. Book 121, page 438.


Wake County, File No. 349 - William Wamock or Wommack - 200 acres - in Wake and Cumberland Counties - on both sides of Black Creek, including the plantation whereon said Wamock now lives. Entry No. 549 - Entered 7 Jane 1779. Surveyed 23 June 1779 - 200 acres in Wake Co. on both sides of Black Creek, beginning at a pine in county line, adj. Jesse Page's line. Chain Carriers: Shadrack and William Smith,, Grant No. 512 - Issued 1 April 1780. Book 31, page 578.


Wake County, File No. 1056 - William Womack or Wommack - 100 acres - Entry No. 143 - Entered 11 July 1783 - on north side of south prong of Black Creek, adj. the land whereon he now lives. Surveyed 16 Deco 1783 - beginning at a pine in county line. Chain Carriers: Shadrack Smith and John Myatto Grant Nog 1113 - Issued 15 May 1787. Book 65, page 2389


Washington Coo, N. C, (now Tennessee) - File No. 63 - Jacob Wamock - 262 acres - Washington Co, N, C,, 23 Sept. 1778 - Entry No. 433 " 400 acres to Mjr. Jacob Wamack, on west side of Pains Branch, the waters of Little Lime Stone. Beginning at a white oak at the road that goes from the place where the said Wamack formerly lived (now the property of Christopher Talor) to Benjamine Gests. Surveyed 24 March 1779 - 262 acres for Jacob Wamack - on west side of Fain's Branch, adj. W. Carter,, Chain Carriers: Josiah and Francis Hamilton. Grant No. 231 - Issued 23 Oct. 1782. Book 44, page 260.




The Womack Family Association appreciates the splendid cooperation shown by so many Members of the Association, and is looking forward to 1959 being even better than 19581 Please send your 1959 membership dues promptly-$3.00 -and mail to The Womack Family Association, Mrs. R. L. Anderson, Treasurer, McMinnville, Tennessee.




(Continued from the June, 19580 issue, page 41)


WILL OF THOMAS WOMACK (Sr), 1733, Henrico Co, Va. - Henrico County Deeds & Wills, No. 2. Pt. 1, 1725-1737, pages 424 & 425:


'IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN The four and Twentieth Day of March in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred & Thirty Two, Three, I Thomas Womack Senr. of Henrico County being in perfect Sense and Memory Thanks be given unto god therefore, calling unto Mind the Mortallity of my Body and knowing that it is Appointed for all Men to Die Do Make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say princiaply & first of All I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it and my Body I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like & De. ceant manner at the Descreation of my Executor Nothing Doubting but at the General reasurection I shall receive the Same again by the mighty power of God and As Touching Such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God To Bless me in this life I give Devise & Dispose of the same in manner and form following (Viz) Imprimus I give and bequeath unto my Sons Abra. ham Womack & William Womack the Land from a Branch called the licking Branch To a run called rockey run at their Disposeal on condition they shall buy & Sell one of Another without A better offer; Item I give to my Son Isham & to my Son Thomas the Land from the rockey run to the head line to be Equally Divided between them to buy and Sell one with another without a better(?) offer Item(torn) Son Francis the Land I now live upon from the said licking branch To held(?) Water' Item I give my Son Abra. ham one Bed & furniture with the provisor my Wife gets that which my Father left me at the Hundred. Item I give to my Son William my Sadle and Bridle and one hat. Item I give to my Daughter Judith one Cow & Calf and to my Daughter Sarah one -Ewe and Lamb. Item I give To my Daughter Elizabeth one Ewe and Lamb and likewise my Daughter Mary one Ewe & Lamb. Item I give To my Daughter Martha one great Looking Glass. Item I give to my Son Isham one Sow and piggs, or a Sow with pigg. Item I give to my Son Francis one Sow & piggs. Item I give to my Son Thomas one Cow & Calf, and one Sow and piggs and one fether Bed & Furniture. Item I give to my beloved Wife Mary all the rest of my Whole Estate and likewise what my ffather hath left me, and the Negro Woman after her [decease?] to be returned to my Son Francis. This being my last Will and Testament I hereby Constribute and appoint my Wife whole and Sole Executrix, revokeing and making voide all other Wills Given under my hand and Seal the Day and Year before Written.



Sign'd Seal'd and Deliverd Womack

in the presence of Us

Nathaniel Tanner

James Akin junr.










At a Court held for Henrico County the first Monday in January 1733: This last Will and Testament of Thomas Womeck Deceasd was prescented by the Executrickx upon Oath, and the Same being proved by the Oaths of Nathaniel Tanner & James Akin Two of the Witnesses thereto it was thereupon Admitted to record.

Test. Bowler Cocke ClCur,"




WILL OF MARY WOMACK, 1750, Chesterfield Co., Va. - Chesterfield County Will Book 1. 1749-1765, pages 188 & 189:


"In the name of God Amen the 23rd Day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and fifty I the Subscriber being very Sick and weak but in my perfect Sences blessed God for it and therefore calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to Die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say Principally and first of all I recommend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it trusting in the Merits of my Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ I shall receive the same by the mighty Power of God &c and as touching suchEstate as it has been Pleass God to bless me with in this World I give de@ vise and dispose of the same in the manner and form following Imprimis I give and bequeath to my beloved Son Francis Womack my Feather Bed and Boolster & a Rug & a pear of Sheets whereon I now lie Sick and my large Table & my large lorn Poot and a large Peuter Dish & a large Bason & 2 Puter Plates as also I give to my two Sons Francis and Thos. Womack nine Chattle to be equally divided between them Also I give to my Son Francis my Negro Woman nam'd Mall, also I give to my Son Thos. my Hand Mill and to my Son Francis my Grind Stone. I also give to my Son Those my Chist & also one Iorn Poot & a large Kittle and one branded Dish & one Bason & 3 Plates & a Spice Mortar & my brass Candlestick & my Horse if he be found and two Leather Chears & two Rush Chears and to my Son Francis one leather (%ear & foore Rush botomd, Chears & to my Son Thos. one tinn Candlestick, Also I lend to my Daughter Judy a Feather Bed & Boolster and give her all my Wool as I have in the House except a pound and I give to my Daughter Sarah Rise my new Virginia Cloth wooling goune and my new Quilted Petty. coote & a peace(?) of Boodess & my newest holland Apron & Hankerchef & a Capp & my Termeter(??) Hatt & no more Also to my Daughter Elizabeth Hatchot [Hatchett?] my English goune and a hollond Apron & a Hankerchief & no more And to my Daughter Mary Man I give my blew Virginia Cloth wooling goune & my new Straw Hatt & one of my new Aporns made of Cotton & linen and no more And to my Daughter Martha Roberts I give my new Stript. Virginia Cloth goune all Cooton & two Virginia Cloth Aporns of Cotton & Linen and no more And all the Rest of my wareing Cloaths I give to my Daughter Judy booth Lining & Wooling and also my Side Saddle and no more and for my three Sons Abram & Isham & William I give each of them one Shelling apeace & no more memorandum ye Bed as I have let to my Daughter Judy is but for two years & then return to my two Sons Francis & Thos. to be equally divided between






with ye Boolster & ye Rug & Sheets & Blanket for Thos. my Son and for everything that I have not mention'd is to be equally divided amongst them all as lives heare with me whar unto I make and ordain my two Sons Francis & Thomas Womack my hole & sole Executors of this my last Will & Testament given under my the Day [sic] and year first writn.


Said Sign'd & Deliverd in(?) the presence of us William Graves

Thos. his X mark Frankly Senr. William Walford"


Mary Womack (L S)







WILL OF WILLIAM WOMACK, 1762,, Goochland Co,, VA Goochland County Deed Book 8. 1759-1765, pages 235 & 236:


"In the name of God Amen I William Womack of St. james's Northam Parish In Goochland County and Colony of Virginia being in Sound and Perfect Sence,and Memory Calling to mind the uncertain stay of Mortals in this present world, do make this my Last will and Testament in manner and form following Vizt.

Impre I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Agness Bullock that part and Tract of Land I now live on with all the improvements thereon to her her heirs and assigns forever#

Also I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Agness Bullock one Negro Girll named Jane also all my Hogs and half my Cattle one sett of shoemakers Tools and my Riding horse and saddle also one feather Bed and furneture the Bed I use to Lie on and one Chist of Drawers and my Largest Chist, also three Leather Chairs and half my Pewter and half my Iron and Earthen ware and two Brass Cettles and my flax Hatchell with my Carpenters tools and all my wifes wareing Cloths both Linnings and Woolings all the above mention'd Articles with the above said Negro Girll to her, her heirs and assigns for ever.

Itime I give and bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Mary Bullock my wif's Gold Ring, to her her heirs and assigns forever.

Itim. I give and bequeath unto my Grandson William Bullock my Gun to him and his Heirs and assigns forever.

Itim. I give and bequeath unto my Grand Daughter Susanna Bullock one Negro Girll named Sall; she and her Increase to her her heirs and assigns forever.

Itim. I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Prissilla Doss fifty shills.

to be paid to her her Heirs and assigns forever,

Itim I give and bequeath unto my four Daughters Namly Martha Nichols

Sarah Barnett, Mary Williams, and Judith Gravest forty shillings Curr.

Money to be Equilly Devided Amongst them and their heirs and assigns forever.

Itim. I give and bequeath unto my son William Womack after my just Debts

and funeral Charges and the above said Legacies are paid all the remainder






of my Estate be it of what kind soever, besides what has been heretofore mention'd and gave away to him his heirs and assigns forever.

Lastly, I appoint my son William Womack and my son in Law John Bullock my whole and Sole Executors of this my Last will and Testament hereby Re. voaking all former wills by me made Declaring this and only this to be my Last will and Testament in Testimony of which I have hereunto sett my hand and Affixed my Seal this Sixth day of February Anno. Domini one thousand Seven hundred fifty and Eight.

William his X mark Womack (Seal) Signed Sealed and Delivered

in Presence of

Noel Burton

John Crouch

Lucy her X mark Burton


At a Court held for Goochland County March the 16th 1762. This writing was proved by the oaths of Nowel Burton and John Crouch to be the Last, Will, and Testament of William Womack dec.d. & thereupon admitted to Record&


Test. Val. Wood ClCt"




WILL OF THOMAS WOMACK, 1780, Chesterfield Cos. Vae m Chesterfield County Will Book 4, 1785-1800, pages 102, 103, and 104:


"In the name of God Amen I Thomas Womack of Chesterfield County being in a bad State of health but of sound disposing memory do make and ordain this my last Will & Testament.

Imprimis. I give the use of all my land lying on the upper side of Suppony Creek to my son Thomas Womack and his wife Sarah during the life of the longest liver of them.

Item. I give and bequeath the said land to my Grandson Thomas Womack Son

of the said Thomas and Sarah to him and his heirs forever but not possession thereof till after the death of the said Thomas and Sarah.

Item. Igive and bequeath unto my Grandson Thomas Womack son of my son Thomas one negroe Wench by the name of Winny to him and his heirs forever but his father Thomas Womack to have the use of her labour till the said Thomas comes of lawfull age,

Items I give and bequeath to my Grandson Peter Womack son of my son Thomas Womack one negro Girl by the name of Sarah to him and his heirs forever but his father Thomas Womack to have the use of her labour till the said Peter comes of lawfull age.

Item. I give and bequeath to my Grandson Jesse Womack son of my son Thomas Womack one negro boy by the name of Spencer to him and his heirs forever but my Son Thomas Womack to have the use of his labour till the said Jesse comes of lawfull ageg

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Womack one negro Wench named






Anakey and her child Tilly to him and his heirs forever.

Items I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter Nancy Womack daughter of my son Joel Womack one negro Wench named Dicey to her and her heirs forever but my son Joel Womack to have the use of her labour till the said Nancy comes of lawfull age.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my Grand daughter Betsy Womack daughter of my son Joel Womack one negro Girl named Amy to her and her heirs forever but my son Joel to have the use of the said Amey till the said Betsy comes of lawfull age.

Item, I give and bequeath to my Grandson Richard Womack son of my son Joel Womack one negro Wench named juda also her son Ned and one negro boy Lewis to him and his heirs forever but his father Joel Womack to have the use of the said negroes till the said Richard comes of lawfull age. Item. I give and bequeath to my son William Womack the use of one negro fellow named Sam during his life and after his death I give and bequeath the said Sam to my grandson Richard Womack to him and his heirs forever. Items I give and bequeath to my son in law Fedrick Reames ten Shillings. Item. I give and bequeath to my son Joel Womack and his wife Sarah the use of all my lands I own lying on the lower side of Suppony Creek during the life of the longest liver of them and after their deaths I give the said land to my Grandson Richard Womack Son of my Son Joel Womack to him and his heirs forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Rebecca Womack daughter of my son Josiah Womack one negro Wench named Crissy to her and her heirs forever, but my said Son Josiah Womack to have the use of the said Wench till my Grand daughter Rebecca comes to lawfull age.

Item. All the rest and residue of my estate not herein already given away I give to my said two Sons Joel and Thomas Womack to be equally divided be. tween them.

And lastly I appoint Ben Watkins and George Markham Executors of this my last Will and Testament In Testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and Seal this sixth day of April in the year one thousand Seven hundred and eighty.

Thomas his X mark Womack (SL) Signed Sealed and delivered

In the presence of us

Thomas Watkins

John his X mark Loafman Exam.d




WILL OF JESSE WOMACK, 1782, Bedford Coo,, Va's - Bedford County Will Book 1. 1763-1787, pages 426 & 427:


"IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I Jesse Womack of Bedford County being week & Sickly of Body but of sound Memory of mind do make this my Last Will & Testament this Twenty Eighth day of February Anno. Dom. one Thousand seven Hundred and Eighty Two and first I give my soul to God who gave it


& as to my Body I desire it may be desently Burried at the Discretion of my Dear Wife & Executor hereafter mentioned who I Doubt not will Manage it with all requisite prudence And as to my Estate it hath pleased god to B[l]ess me with I Give and Bestow in Manner and form following - And first It is my Will and Desire that all my Lawfull Debts be paid & satisfied Item I Lend to my Dear Wife Sarah Womack my whole Estate both real & perso sonal During her being my Widdow and not to be Interrupted. But in case she should Marry Again it is my Will that she may Claim only an Equal part of my Moveable Estate with all my Children to her own Disposial to her & her Heirs & assigns forever Item I give and Bequeath to my well Beloved son William Womack my Land and Plantation where I now Live for him to Possess the same at his Mothers Death or Intermarriage all to him and his Heirs & assigns forever, In case my son William Womack should Die before he comes of age or without Lawfull Heir of his Body that then my Land should be sold & all my whole Estate to be Equally Divided Among all my Children & my Dear wife Sarah Womack all to them & their Heirs & assigns forever, And Lastly I nominate Constitute Ordain & Appoint my well Beloved & Trusty friend Stephen White to be the whole & sole Executor of this my Last Will and @stament hereby revoking & Disannulling all former Will & Wills here. tofore made by me & Publish & Declare this to be my Last In Witness wher&of I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the Day & year first above Written.

Jesse Womack (LS)

Signed Sealed & Delivered

In presence of

D. Kerr

J. Cogswell

Micajah his W mark Stone

At a Court held for Bedford County 26th August 1782. This Last Will and Testament of Jesse Womack Deceased was Proved by the Oaths of David Kerr Joseph Cogswell and Micajah Stone Witnesses thereto Subscribed and Ordered to be Recorded And on the Motion of Stephen White, the Executor therein named who made Oath thereto Cirtificate is Granted him for Obtaining probate thereof in due form giving Security whereupon he Together with Gross Scruggs his Security entered into and Acknowledged their Bond in the Penalty of five Hundred pounds for the said Executors due and faithfull administration of the said Decedents Estate and performance of his Will.

Exd. Teste James Steptoe C. C.

(To be continued)



EXCHANGE Department

Conducted by Mrs. Clifton Wolfe
Route 14, Knoxville, TN

(Continued from page 48 of the June, 1958, issue of WG)

NOTE: Beginning with this issue, names and addresses will be given for each Item printed, to speed up the exchange of Womack data between members of The Womack Family Association. Members are urged to continue to send in Queries to appear in this Department, and to send us copies of important Answers received, so that all of us may benefit.

The names and addresses for the 46 ITEMS published to date are as follows:

  1. Miss Jeanne Wommack, Atlanta, Texas
  2. Mrs& John Ho Reuther, Route 1. Box 333.D, Smithfield, Texas
  3. Mr. Russell L. Clark, 263 N. State Street, Ukiah, California
  4. Mr. Oscar B. Womack, Daylight, Tennessee
  5. Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, Route 14, Knoxville, Tennessee
  6. Mrs. Arthur Bowman, 810 S. W. Vista Avenue, No. 3, Portland, Oregon
  7. same as No. 50
  8. Mrs. Katie Cochran, Madisonville, Texas
  9. same as No 5
  10. same as No 5
  11. Miss Aldine Womack (of W. Vaq; write to No. 4. for mailing address)
  12. Mrs. Jesse Yell Womack, 725 Jones Bldg., Corpus Christi, Texas
  13. Mrs. Ws G. Womack, Oldtown, Kentucky;
  14. Mrs. Mildred Ellis, 2555 Highland Avenues Salt Lake City, Utah
  15. Mr. James L. Womack, Caroleen Road, Forest City, North Carolina
  16. Mrs. Thomas F. Richardson, 2621 Cockrell, Fort Worth, Texas
  17. Mrs. F. Do Gray, 124 West Allendale, Pasadena,, Texas
  18. Mrs. A. M. G. Swemson, Stamford,, Texas
  19. Mr. Edward Lee Womack, Box 6244, Orlando, Florida
  20. Mrs. Helen Turnbaugh, Turnbaugh Corner, Goldsmith, Texas
  21. Mrs. George Fe Smith, 102 Belleview Place, Jackson, Mississippi
  22. Mrs. Asa Me Cox, 2509 North A Street, Tampa 9. Florida
  23. Mrs. H. Lo Moorhead, 5926 Clinton Blvd, Jackson Mississippi;
  24. Mrs, Thomas Alford Oak Street, Jacksonville, Arkansas
  25. Mrs. Bertha Mae Smith, Oklahoma City , Oklahoma (write to No. 49 for the street number)
  26. Mrs. Charles Edward Womack, 2805 Spain Place, Montgomery 7, Alabama
  27. Mr. Sam Cate Lawrence, Route 2. Centre, Alabama
  28. Mr. John Re Womack, Eber Road, Monclovia, Ohio
  29. Mr. John S. Stubblefield, Box 149, St. Joseph, Michigan
  30. Mrs He C. Womack, Route 3,, Box 396, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  31. Mr. Ws Reed Nuttall, 1650 Bs 1350 S,, Provo, Utah
  32. 4liss Avon F. Clepper, 400 Holly Avenue, South Pittsburg, Tennessee
  33. Miss Lillian Womack, 1030 N E 145 Street, North Miami, Florida
  34. Mrs Glenn Womack, Calhoun, Tennessee
  35. Mr. Nathan E. Womack, 3435 Merrifield, Dallas, Texas
  36. Mrse Eugene Al Stanley, 135 East 50th Street, Savannaht Georgia
  37. Mr. Leonard Raulston, Institute of Appliance Manufacture, Shoreham Hotel, Washington 8, D. C.
  38. Mr. Donald E. Womacks, 3521 - 49th Street, Des Moines 10, Iowa
  39. Mr. Homer Bs Womack, 10730 - 15thr N. E,, Seattle 55, Wash. ington
  40. Mr. Taylor Scott Womack, 426 Leonard Avenue, N. E., Atlanta, Georgia
  41. Mrs, Lydia Mg Graydon. 444 Pau Street, Apt, P., Honolulu 15, Territory of Hawaii
  42. Mr. John R. Womack, 2410 Lamar, Denver 15,, Colorado
  43. Mr. Anderson W, Womack, Route 1, Mill Spring, North Carolina
  44. same as No. 27
  45. see No. 19
  46. Mrs. Charles Et Norton, jr., Route 13, Box 504, Birmingham 9, Alabama.


ITEM 47 - We hear about Womack, Missouri, from Mr. L. L. Womack (Route 1. Box 155, Womack Ranch, Magic Valley, La Perial Texas), born in 1886, the son of the founder, L. J. Womack and his wife Martha. When L. L. Womack was about five years old the town was established on part of 640 acres owned by his grandfather, Robert Womack, on the headwaters of the Castor River, Ste. Genevieve Co., Mo. Robert Womack and two brothers, one named Admer [Abner??], went there from Tennessee about 1830. Robert Womack had eight children, among them L. J. Womack, b. 1861. The others were William, George, Cassie, John, Eddie, Albert and Leon. Robert Womack served in the Union Army, a member of a Tennessee or a Kentucky Company. At one time he was the judge of Ste. Genevieve County.,

ITEM 48 - Mrs. Shirley Pe Dunn (-.Bldg., 201-3 S. V., Stanford, California) submits a record sheet of the family of Archie Womack, b. 1 Deco 1889, in Carter Co, Ky. [his parents not listed]. His wife, Gertrude (Hehl) Womack, was b. 6 June 1886 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio, the daughter of Philip Jacob Hehl and Anna Barbara (Reiser) Hehl. The children were born the same place: William, 1-15-1913; Mildred, 3-11-1914; Richard Phillip, 4-24-1915; Bobby, 1918; Paul Donald, 3-16-1929. (Refs: The Reinoehl's. by Reiser and Reinoehl, page 22.)

ITEM 49 - A letter from Mrs. Mabel We Kinner (Box 404, Greenup, Kentucky) indicates some relation to the preceding family: "I am descended from James Tignal Womack and Nancy (Rudder) Womack. James Tignal Womack was the son of William III and Mary (Allen) Womackq William III was born in Cumberland Co, Va, 26 jan, 1736; he died 17 Dec. 1819. His wife, Mary (Allen) Wommack, was born 15 June 1746 and died 8 June 1816. William moved to Prince Edward Co at an early date. He is said to have been a steward of John Randolph's affairs, and in 1795 was the ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church.

"James Tignal Womack, my great-great-grandfather, came to Greenup Co, Ky., with his family in 1818. Many of his descendants still live in Greenup, Carter and Boyd Counties. My grandfather was William Archer Womack, and my father Ward Benjamin Womack.

"Much of the above data was sent to my mother in 1950 by Mrs. J. Coates Carter of Martinsville, Va.2 from Notes on Southside Virginia, by Walter A. Watson as directed by Wilmer L. Hall, Assistant Librarian, State of Virginia. Mr. Johnson may have the same data, but if he has not I will be glad to help in any way I can. The Tax Lists, Vol. 1, WOMACK GENEALOGY, of Pittsylvania, Cumberland, and Prince Edward Counties, Va., list names, among them William and Massenello, which occur in our branch of the family. The names of the children of William III and Mary Allen Womack were: John, James Tignal, Allen, Massenello, Archer, Benjamin, James Watson, Elizabeth, Lillius Delon, Mary, Nancy and William." [Since Mrs,, Kinner does not type, she sent three carefully handwritten copies, MWW].

(To be continued next issue)