VOL. II, NO. 1 - JUNE 1958 - WHOLE NO. 3

President: Walter Womack, McMinnville, Tennessee
Editor, WOMACK GENEALOGY: Oscar Womack, Daylight, Tennessee
Secretary: Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, Route 14, Knoxville, Tennessee
Genealogist: William Perry Johnson, Box 531, Raleigh, North Carolina
Treasurer: Mrs. R. L. Anderson, McMinnville, Tennessee


MARY HARVEL (1794-1863), daughter of David and Mary (Womack) Harvel, married 1812 to Reuben Johnson.

REUBEN JOHNSON (1790-1858), son of Charles and Susannah (Sparks) Johnson



We appreciate the excellent responses to our renewal notice 1958, we feel sure, will see an increased membership in The Womack Family Association. Please continue to send us names of-Womacks and Womack descendants, everywhere, from phone books, city directories, and elsewhere. A larger membership will insure success of our project, and increase the possibilities of locating new Womack data in old family letters, family Bibles, and so on.

Those having pictures (tintypes, etc.) of Womacks or Womack descendants born in the late 1700's or early 1800's are urged to send them to us so that we may feature them on the covers of WOMACK GENEALOGY from time to time.

in an early issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY we plan to feature a detailed article on William Womack, immigrant ancestor, his children and grandchildren, to form a basis and foundation for tracing all branches of the family, since we feel cer. tain that most if % not all Womacks in America trace back to our William Womack I. Readers having proven data on the children and grandchildren of William Womack I are urged to send the material to us right away so that we may be comparing notes and compiling and editing the material for our WOMACK GENEALOGY.



The pictures on the cover of this issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY are those of Reuben and Mary (Harvel) Johnson (great-great-great-grandparents of William Perry John. son,, Genealogist for The Womack Family Association). Reuben & Mary (Harvel) Johnson, natives of Surry (now Yadkin) Co., N. C., were married there in 1812, and in 1830 went to Wayne Co. I Indiana, removing in 1832 to Nettle Creek Twp., Randolph Co., Ind., where they spent the balance of their lives. They were farmers; members of the Primitive Baptist Church.

Mary Harvel was daughter of David and Mary (Womack) Harvel. David Harvel was born around 1750 in Va. or N. C. and died in 1817 in Surry (now Yadkin) Co., N. C. David Harvel and Mary Womack were married around 1771,, probably in Wake Co., N. C., and by 1774 had settled in Surry. (David is known to have had two brothers, Isham of Wilkes Co., and James of Cumberland [now Harnett] Co., N. C.) As to Mary Womack, she was born around 1750, possibly in Va., but more probably in N. C., and died (date unknown) in Surry. This Mary Womack is believed to be identical with the Mary Womack who is known to have been a daughter of John & Sarah (-?--) Womack who came from Va. to N. C. in 1740's (the very earliest Womacks in N. C., incidentally), and settled around 1760 in Johnston (now Wake) Co., N. C., where John died in 1764, intestate, leaving 5 or 6 children, one of whom was Mary. It is-only fair to give here the family data as originally dictated in 1906 by Lewis Williams Johnson (b. 1819, son of Reuben & Mary): "Reuben Johnson b. Surry Co., N. Co, 1790; m. 1812 to Mary Harvel, dau. of David & Mary (Womax) Harvel, who were m. about 1787. Mary Womax was b. in Wales, removed to Nova Scotia then to N. C." The foregoing John Womack appears to have been son of William Womack,,grandson of "Wife-beater" John Womack, and great-grandson of William Womack I, our immigrant ancestor.



At least 21 Womacks are known to have died in Virginia prior to 1800, the earliest being Richard Womack who died intestate in Henrico County in 1684, the county where our Womacks first settled. Unfortunately, many of Henrico's earliest records have been destroyed. Will records are missing in Henrico for the fol. lowing years: 1634-1676, 1719-17241 1738-17431 1758-1766 and 1770-1773 (thus approximately 40% of Henricols will records prior to 1800 are lost). Both William Womack I (our immigrant ancestor) and his son, William Womack II, died in Henrico prior to 1677, so they do not appear on record. Also, a large number of Womacks settled in the early 1700's in that part of Prince George County which became Dinwiddie County in 1752. Dinwiddie records have been completely destroyed (a 100% loss), and the records of wills before 1800 for Prince George County have been destroyed for the years 1702-1712, 1729-1786, and 1793-1800 (a 78% loss). These tragic losses in Henrico, Dinwiddie and Prince George Coun. ties have been and will continue to be severe handicaps in the tracing of the various branches of our Womack family in Virginia.

Following is a list of the 21 Womacks that died in Virginia prior to 1800, and arranged in chronological order for easy reference:

  1. Richard Womeck Henrico County - 1684 - inventory.
  2. Thomas Womack Henrico County - 1697 - will.
  3. John Womack - Prince George County - 1725 - will.
  4. Richard Womack - Henrico County - 1730 - administration.
  5. Abraham Womack - Henrico County - 1733 - will.
  6. Thomas Womack - Henrico County - 1733 - will.
  7. Mary Womack - Chesterfield County - 1750 - will.
  8. William Womack - Goochland County - 1762 - will.
  9. Thomas Womack - Chesterfield County - 1780 - will.
  10. Jesse Womack - Bedford County - 1782 - will.
  11. Thomas Womack - Chesterfield County - 1782 - will.
  12. Joel Womack - Chesterfield County 1783 - inventory.
  13. Alexander Womack - Campbell County - 1784 - will.
  14. Sarah Womack - Chesterfield County - 1785 - will.
  15. William Womack - Cumberland County - 1786 - will.
  16. James Womack - Southampton County 1787 - inventory.
  17. John Womack - Prince George County - 1787 - will.
  18. William Womack - Charlotte County - 1790 - will.
  19. Thomas Womack - Southampton County - 1795 - will.
  20. Jesse Womack - Chesterfield County - 1797 - inventory.
  21. Nathan Womack - Cumberland County - 1798 - will.

(The above record is based on data in Torrence's VIRGINIA WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS, 1632-1800.)

Below are full copies of the above wills and administrations (etc,) as "translated" by William Perry Johnson from photocopies of the original court records obtained from the Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia, by The Womack Family Association:


INVENTORY OF RICHARD WOMACK, 16849 Henrico Co. Va. - Henrico County Records, 1677-1692, Part 2, page 285:

Augt: the 19th. 1684:

On Acct. of ye Appraisal: of ye estate of Mr. Richd. Womeck, the Apprizers Sworn before me Pran: Epes: p. tobo. & cask

p. tobo. & cask Brought over 7662

Two Steers 6 yrs old 1000 Two joynter Stocks & joynters 60

Two Steers 5 yrs growth 800 one pr of old belts: 10

one Steer of 3 years 200 1 pcell of old Coopr tools 120 130


Seven Cowes 2300 Eight trading knives, 20

Three yearling Heifers 450 2 tomahauks

Four yearling Calves 280 one brass ladle: 6 16 old


One Canvas tick fether bed, pewter Spoons 14 20


450 Two old water pails 20

blanketts & Rug old One horse Saddle & bridle 450

One old feather bed blanketts 550 One Mare & Colt 500


& Rugg

Two Small Iron potts 80 Two pds of beads I plow chain, 62

one ditto 60 1 pr of pot racks

One old brasse kettle 380 One fryeing pang I Square, 30

Three old Guns 400 1 old tcnts Saw

One Chest: 30 one long table One Boxen Iron, I Sword & belt,

& form: 300 330 pcell of Skins 100

one Small do: 50 6 wooden The half of a feather bed Rug


92 & blankett 300

Chairs 42 9354


Seven pewter dishes: 130 1 pewtr.

flagon, I qrt. pot 35 165 John his ; B mark Baugh

One Chamber pot, I driping pan(?), James his I B mark Ekins Seno


I Spit, 1 spit 35 James Baugh


one old press: 80 1 warming

pan 10 90 Sworn to in Henco: County Court ye


Carryed over 7662 first day of octobr 1684, p Mary

The Apprizts Sworn p me Fran. Epes Womeck Adm


Test H Randolph Cl Cur p whom it recorded."




WILL OF THOMAS WOMACK, 1697 Henrico Coal Va.- Henrico County Deeds, Wills$



Etc., 1688-1697, pages 716 & 717:


"In the name of god Amen


Know all Christian people that I Thomas Womack of the County of Henrico and parish of Bristoll being Weak of body but of Sound Memory & under Standing doe here make my last will and Testament Revoaking all others formerly be me made bequathing of my personall Estate in manner and forme following.


Item I Bequath my Sole to god that gave it mee trusting in the meritts of Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer that at the General resurrection of the





Last day my Soul and body Shall be united to gether and to rest with my redeemer in Glory amen.


21y I doe give to my godson Thomas Puckett my new four foot Chest


Item I doe give to my Couzen Elisabeth Puckett one Cow Browing Shee being great with Calfe


Item I doe give to my god Daughter Catherine Baugh one heifer of two yeares old


Item I doe give to my godson Thomas Puckett one heifer of four years old


I doe give to my Brother Thomas Puckett one Steer of three years old and a two

years old heifer and my hoggs like wise I give to my brother Thomas Puckett


Item I give to my Brother Thomas Puckett my Mare Colt


Item I give to my godson Thomas Puckett my fether bed with all its furniture


Item I give to my Brother Abraham Womack my long gun


Item I give to my godson Thomas Pucket my Small Gunn


Item I give to John Granger one Muskett


I give to my godson Thomas Puckett one old pewter dish one new plate


Item I give to Cuzo: Eliz: Puckett one old pewter dish and one new plate


Item I give to Mary Puckett daughter of Will Puckett one new Small pewter dish & two new plates


Item I give to my Brother Abraham Womack two old Pewter dishes two old plates one new large pewter bason


Item I give to John Granger one pewter bason one old pewter Dish one old plate


Item I give to Frances Puckett daughter of Thomas Puckett one new Tankard two new plates


Item I give to my brother Abraham Womack one Suite of Stript Serge


Item I give all my Linnen and Wollen that is in my new Chest I Say all that is not bequeathed I doe give to Abra: Womack Will Puckett Tho: Puckett & John Granger to be Equally Shared amongst them


Item all my goods & Chattles not bequeath I give to Thomas Puckett & William

Puckett whome I leave Execrs of this my last will to pay my debts and make a

Deacent Buriall for testimony of the Same I have hereunto Set my hand &



Seale this 21st of jannuary 1697 Thm his marke

Testis Henry Walthall Seale of red wax

James Baugh Thomas Womack


Henrico County August 2d 1697 Proved in Court by the oaths of ye Subscribed

Wittnesses and farther confirmed by verdict of a jury Entred in ye other

book of Records Test James Cocke Cl Cur."




WILL OF JOHN WOMACK, 1725, Prince George County, Va. - Prince George County Deeds, Etc., Part 5. 1713-1728, pages 856 & 857:


"In the Name of God, Amen, I John Womack of Martin Brandon Parrish in the County of Prince George in perfect Sence & memory praised be to Almighty God for that great Mercy, I make this my Last Will & Testament in the manner & form as followeth.


Item. I bequeath my Soul unto the hands of Almighty God my Heavenly Father, trusting in the Merrits and Mercy of my Saviour Jesus Christ to Obtain remission of my Sinns, and to be made partaker of Eternity of Bliss in the World to come; and for my Worldly Goods, I thus dispose of those that God hath possest me with here presents.


Item. I give and bequeath unto my youngest Son Abraham Womack my mannor Plantation, & One hundred Acres of Land belong to it, to him & his heirs for ever.


Item. I give and bequeath unto my Son William Womack the remainder part of my Land belonging, to him and his heirs for ever.


Item. I give and bequeath unto my Wife Mary Womack what the Law will allow her and no more.


And my Will and pleasure is that all my whole Estate shall be equally divided among my Children all, after my Just Debts be paid, and I Leave my Eldest son John Womack my whole and Sole Administration of this my Last Will and Testament, and I desire is that my Son John Womack and my ffreind George Rives to See my Estate equally divided among my Children all, out my Son Abram Womack. & I bequeath unto him one Shilling Sterling, and no more, In Wittness to every part & parcell of this my Last Will and Testament I have Set my hand hereunto this Eighteenth Day of October, 1725.


And my desire is that my Estate shall not be brought to appraisement.

Test. Duglas Irby. John his I marke Womack

At a Court held at Merchantshope for Prince George County, on the Second Tuesday in February, being the Eighth day of the said month; Anno Dom: 1725.



The above written Last Will and Testament of John Womack deced: was @ibitted into Court by his Son John Womack his Executor, who made oath thereto and it being proved by the oath of Duglas Irby a Wittness thereto, by order of the Court is truly Recorded; and on the motion of the said John Womack and his give. ing Security according to Law, Certificate is granted him for Obtaining a Probate of the said Will in due f orm.

Test. Wm Hamlin ClCurse


ACCOUNT OF ESTATE OF RICHARD WOMAACK, 1730, Henrico Co, Va -Henrico County Deeds & Wills, No. 1. Part 2. 1725-1737, page 383:

"Dr. the Estate Dr. & Cr. of Richard Womack Deceasd



1726 To pd. John Bolling p judgmt. of Court 87 6 9 Ol 1/2 1723

To Henry Hatcher 10

To Capt. Thomas Jefferson 1 2

To John Puckett 103 4 Sterl

To Colo. Franc, Epes 196

To John Puckett 11 7

To Hen Wood Clks fees 500

To Mr. Secretary Carter 40

To 3 Appraizers at 40 120

To Susanah Ware 586 1\2

To Clks & Sherrifs fees for Sundry)

Judgmts. Obtaind by jno. Bolling

Susanah Ware & Jno. Puckett 325

19571/2 12 12 8 1\2

To Funeral charges 2

To pd. Mr. Thomas Eldridge Attorneys 1

To Peter Ashbrook 103

To Peter Ashbrook 4 Sterl.

2060 19 12


March 12, 1729. Errors Excepted

pr Elizabeth Womack


Ditto Dr,


To the Debt brought Over 2060 & 19 12 8


2002 1/2 12 10 3

To Difference in Each of (lb) 8 Sterl 1 4

To 5 Prt. 1 12 1

34 19 0



p the Inventory & Appraisement 23 13 5 1/2

p George Carter 2 12

p Owen Even 1

p Wom Puckett 0 10

p Peter Malor 0 8


p ja. Wood 0 12

p Wm Worsham 0

p Gilbert Gee 0 5

p Fras. Bas 0 2 6

p Henry Rottenbery 1


p Geo Carter 48

p Womack Puckett 10


58: 30 17 11


Ditto Cr,


By the Credit on the other Side 58 & 30 17 11


Henrico County

Pursuant to an order of this Court Wee the Subscribers have Examined the Accot., Debr. & Cr. of Richdo Womack Deceas'd & find the Same to be just given under our hands this 9tho day of September 1730#

Wil Kennon

Richrd. Kennon


At a Court held for Henrico County the first Monday in October 1730.

This Account was presented by Elizabeth Womack which being approved by the Court was admitted to record with the report thereto.

Test. Bowler Cocke CICur.11



WIIL OF ABRAHAM WOMACK, 1733, Henrico Co.,, Va. - Henrico County Deeds & Wills, No. 2. Part 1,, 1725wl737, page 416:


"In The name of God --------------- Womeck of the County and parish of Henrico being Sick and weak but of sound and Disposing this my last Will and Testament in writeing as followeth Imprimis, I give and Devise To ---------------------- my houshold goods which I left in his possession excepting a Suit of Curtains and ca(?) --------------------- -----also give my said Sons Wife my Gown Item I also give To my said Son my Ca ---------- W(?)Womeck son of Wm Womeck what Money James Daniel owes iae Item I give and Devise -------------------- eck my Two Negro Men Frank and York To him and his heirs forever I also give to my said Son -------------- ay Money which I have in Mr Perrys hands Excepting Forty Shillings I also give To my said Son -Item I give and Devise To my Grandson William Wom4tck Son of Abra. ham Womeck my horse ----------- I give To my Son Abraham Womeck Two brown CDws and a brown Steer Item I give and Devise To my -------------- a Hambleton one Shilling Sterling and no more Item I give and Devise To my Son Thomas Womeck my ---------- Matt To him and his heirs forever I also give To my said Son the forty Shillings which I Excepted To be sent for in g(y?)-----"@I also give To my said Son Thomas my Bed and all the Furniture yt belongs to it; I also give to my said --.-Brass Kettle; I also give To my said Son one Trunk, and all my new goods I have by me I also give my said ---- also give To my Son Thomas all my Wareing Apparriel both Linning and Wooling, I also give



my(?)---------------(Spinning) Wheel Item I give and Devise To my Son Abraham Womeck all my money which he give To my said Son all my houshold goods not Mentioned. My Desire is To be by(?)----Son Abrahams Discreation who I Constitute and appoint and appoint Whole and Sole Executor of---.Will and Testement in Witness whereof I have I have hereunto Set my hand and Affixed my Seal ---------- November 1732


Signed, Sealed and published, and. Abraham A Womeck (Seal)

Dec ---- - -------- - Abraham Womeck, mark

as his last Will and ---------

in presence of us, and this To take place before all oth(?) made by Me

John Archer

Robt. Graves

Sarah her X mark Cook


At a--- at Vorina for Henrico County the first Monday in October 1733

This and Testement of Abraham Womeck Deceasd, was presented by

Ab----meck Executor upon oath and the same being proved by the

Archer, and Sarah Cook, was there upon admitted To record

Test. Bowler Co. Clk.

(To be continued)



1809 - David Womack and Esther Tanner.
1809 - Jonathan Eaves and Mary Womack. (Abraham Womack, bondsman).
1826 - Sampson McDaniel and Leanner G. S. Womack.
1828 - Simon Davis and Nancy Womack.
1831 - Willis Womake and Phebe Green.
1832 - George Davis and Lucinda Wamack.
1833 - Richard Philbeck and Eliza Womack (John Davis, bondsman).
1834 - Thomas M. Womack and Elizabeth Pollard.
1837 - John Davis land Anna Womack (Gassaway Womack, bondsman).
1838 - Gasaway Womack and Martha Parker (Abraham Womack, bondsman).
1842 . Miner Lequire and Irene Womack.
1852 - Joseph Luquier and Martha Wamack.
1852 - Jonas Womack and Sally Melton.
1855 - Jos. Womack aid Easter Lee.
1855 - A. B. Womick and M. P. McDaniel.
1861 - Lewis McDaniel and Nancy Womack (John B. Womick, bondsman).
1865 - Noah W. Womick and Sallie D. McDaniel.
1865 - G. B. Wilson and Leaner Wammack (N. W. Wamick, bondsman),
1867 - John Womack and Elizabeth Bridges (J. Womack, bondsman).
1867 - A. B. Womick and Jane McDaniel.
No Date - William Davis and Sally Womack (Anderson Womack, bondsman).


When "Wife-Beater" John Womack I (son of William Womack 1, our immigrant ancestor) made his will in 1725, Prince George County, Virginia, he bequeathed his manor plantation of 100 acres to his youngest son, Abraham Womack, and "the remainder part of my Land" to son William Womack (see page 38 of this issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY for a full copy of John Womack's will. John named sons John Jr., William and Abraham,in his will, but had other children, among them a son, Richard Womack). But William Womack, having already removed from Prince George County, sold the land he had inherited from his father.

Prince George County Deeds - 10 June 1726 - William Womack of Isle of Wight Co., Va,, to Abraham Womack of Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., Va. - 75 acres - 5 Pounds - the land lying between the land of said Abraham Womack and Richard Womack. Signed by mark.

No Womack data can be found in any of the court records of Isle of Wight Co., Va. However, on 13 May 1735 a William Womack was granted 85 acres in Isle of Wight County, on the north side of Meherrin River, beginning at a white oak near Hall's Branch. And on 5 March 1747 he was granted 105 acres in Isle of Wight County on the north side of Meherrin River, adjoining Edward Lundy, William Wammack, Sr., John Nanny, and on the county line between Isle of Wight and Surry, adjoining Col. Richard Bland. (The two foregoing grants, Book 151 page 484, and Book 26, page 252, will appear in full in an early issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY.)

The William Womack of the 1735 and 1747 grants appears to be a son of the William Womack of Isle of Wight County who sold the 75 acres in Prince George CO" Va., in 1726, for when he sold the 1747 grant in 1761 he was designated as William Womack. Junior. The land in question apparently lay in that section of Isle of Wight County that became Southampton County in 1749, in the western" most tip of the county and on the county line between Southampton and Sussex Counties, and on or near the present-day Greensville County line, approximately five miles east of present-day Emporia, Virginia.

In 1754 William Womack of Southampton Co., Va,, made a deed of gift of the 85 acres of the 1735 grant to Thomas Womack, no doubt his eldest son, who spent his entire life in Southampton Co., Va.

Southampton Deed Book 2, page 44 - 7 Aug. 1754 - William Wommock of Nottoway Parish, Southampton Co., Va,, to Thomas Wommock of same - 85 actes - for love and affection - a grant to the said William Wommock, 13 May 1735 land on north side of Meherrin River. Signed by mark no witnesses. Proven-8 Aug. 1754.

In 1761 William Womack sold his 1747 grant to Joseph Reese, Jr., but the acreage was given as 150 rather than 105 acres, and William was residing in the adjoining county of Brunswick.




Southampton Deed Book 3, page 89 - 13 June 1761 - William Wommock, Jr., of Brunswick Co,, Va., to Joseph Reese, Jr., of Southampton Co., Va. - 150 acres - 50 Pounds - a grant to said William Wommock, Jr., 5 March 1747 - land on north side of Meherrin River, adjoining Edward Lundy, William Wommock, Sr., John Nanny, and the county line between Southampton and Sussex, adjoining Col. Richard Bland. Signed by name - witnesses: Edward Lundy, Jr., Robert Wilkins, George his X mark Ivey. Proven 13 Aug. 1761.

William Womack also owned another tract of land in Southampton OD., Va. (when and where he obtained it is not known, however), 75 acres, which he sold in 1761.

Southampton Deed Book 3, page 79 - 3 Sept. 1761 - William

Wamuck of Southampton Co., Va., to Timothy Thorpe of same

75 acres - 50 Pounds - land on north side of Meherrin River.

Signed by mark - witnesses: J. Ridley, Peter Hay, Eftund

Pate. Proven 10 Sept. 1761.

The above are all the Womack deeds on record in Southampton Co., Va.,- 17491800, with the exception of a 1797 deed wherein Carter Womack (son of Thomas) of Halifax Co., N. C., sold the 85 acres he inherited from his father, it being the same 85 acres William deeded to Thomas in 1754.

Southampton Deed Book 8, page 364 - 9 Jan. 1797 - Carter Wommock of Halifax Co., N. C., to William Wright of Southampton Coo, Vae - 85 acres - 128 Pounds - land adjoining Francis Branch, Elizabeth Gilliams and the said William Wright. Signed by mark - witnesses: Robt. Mabry, Jacob Underwood, David Westbrook, Edmunds Myrick. Proven 17 April 1797.

William Womack of Southampton Co., Va., also owned 50 acres of land in adjoining Sussex Co., Va.. which he purchased in 1758 and sold in 1762, but by 1762 he had settled in Halifax Co.. N. C.

Sussex Deed Book A, page 297 - 15 April 1758 " Samuel

Alsobrook of Sussex Co., Va., to William Wommock of

Southampton Co,, Va. - 50 acres - 5 Shillings & 8 Pence

land on south side of the three creeks, in county line.

Signed by mark - no witnesses. Proven 21 April 1758.

Sussex Deed Book B, page 319 - 16 April 1762 - William Womack of Halifax Co., N. C., planter, to Thomas Womack of Southampton Co., Va., planter - 50 acres - 10 Pounds land on south side of the three creeks, the lower or eastermost part of 190 acres formerly granted to Samuel


Alsobrooki 12 July MDCCL, the said 190 acres being also

the residue of 390 acres, 200 of which were granted to said Samuel Alsobrooki 30 May NMCXX'KV--the said 50 acres conveyed by said Samuel Alsobrook to said William Womack. Signed by mark - witnesses: Major his X mark Tiller, James Wommock, John Lundy. Proven 19 Aug. 1762.


In 1796 Carter Womack of Southampton Co., Va. (son of Thomas), sold 39 and one-third acres, an "insland" in three creeks, in all probability the same tract as the 50-acre tract deeded by William Womack to Thomas Womack in 1762.


Sussex Deed Book 1, page 57 - 28 Nov. 1796 - Carter Wammack of Southampton Co., Va., to Lewis Thorp of Sussex Co., Va. 39 & V3 acres - 47 Pounds and 8 Shillings - an "insland" in three creek. Signed by mark - witnesses: Nath. Wyche, Charles Portlock, Joseph Thorp, Ben Avent. Proven 2 Feb. 1797.


Thomas Womack, son of William Womack of Southampton Co., Va., and Halifax OD., N. C., was born probably in the late 1730's or early 1740's in Isle of Wight (now Southampton) Co., Va., and died 1794/5 in Southampton Co., Va. He married, probably in 1750's or 1760's, to Elizabeth -., who survived him.

(To be continued)



NOTE: We will be glad to print the notices of your Womack family reunions if your information about them is received by the Editor at least two months before our date of publication.

Calhoun, Tennessee, has had a Womac Reunion annually, the 4th Sunday in July, for the past twenty years. Glenn Womac, Calhoun, Tennessee, reports the same plan for 1958, and further details may be obtained by writing him.

The third Sunday in September, 1958 ' is the date set for the fifth Womack Family Reunion at McMinnville, Tennessee. Write to J. D Womack, McMinnville, Tennessee, or 0 M. Womack, Route 5, McMinnville, Tennessee, or Oscar B. Womack, Daylight Tennessee.

Jeanne Wommack, Box 289, Atlanta, Texas, reports that the second annual Wommack Reunion was held 2 June 1957 at the school house in Marietta, Texas, and will be held early in June of 1958 at the same place.

A,. A. Womack of Augusta, Georgia, reported one held in Augusta and one at Wrens, Georgia. Also, one has been reported at Des Moines, Iowa. Please send more specific information regarding dates and meeting places.



Miss Virginia Buxton, of 218 W. Howard, Nashville, Arkansas, as State Chairman for marking the graves of soldiers of the War of 1812, is planning to mark the grave of Michael Womack around the first of June, 1958. Miss Buxton writes: "....We are planning to have a ceremony and mark the grave of Michael Womack who was in the War of 1812 from Bedford Co.. Tennessee. He was born in Virginia (do not know the county) 1794 - was at the Battle of New Orleans Jan. 8. 1815; married Sarah Jones in Bedford Co., Tenn. They came to Arkansas 1849 and settled 8 miles from Nashville, Ark. He named the town of Nashville....I have compiled a genealogy of the Michael Womack family but I have never found who his parents were. Some one told me they were Abraham and Elizabeth Womack. Elizabeth might have been a Pruitt from Rutherford Co,, Tenn, as there was a will made by Michael Pruitt willing Michael Womack some land. After writing to the county clerk at Rutherford twice and sending stamped envelope, he refused to answer...."

CAN SOMEONE WHO HAS ACCESS TO RUTHERFORD CO., TENN., RECORDS CHECK FOR DATA ON THE WOMACK AND PRUITT FAMILIES FOR US? (An Abraham Womack and a Michael Prewitt were living in Halifax Co., Va., in 1782.)

Following is a copy of a form letter Miss Buxton sent out to the descendants of Michael Womack:


Since 1941 I have been compiling the Michael Womack genealogy. As you know, he served with distinction in the War of 1812 under General Andrew Jackson at the battle of New Orleans January 8. 1815 and is generally credited with being the Tennessee Marksman who shot the British General Packenham. He also named the town of Nashville, Arkansas. I know you are proud to be a direct descendant of this illustrious pioneer soldier.

Michael Womack married Sarah Jones in Bedford County, Tennessee. They led a caravan of 40 families to Hempstead County, Mine Creek Township in 1849, together with their children except Charles Womack who stayed in Tennessee.

The U. S. Daughters of 1812, in recognition of his valorous service to his country, have paid for a bronze historical marker to be placed on his grave at a celebration to be held in the late spring at the Corinth Cemetery, Howard County, Arkansas. There are no tombstones at their graves now. The descendants are asking for donations from you and other relatives to place tombstones there before the celebration or unveiling by the state chapter of U. S. D. 1812. Any contributions sent will be greatly appreciated and should be mailed to: Michael Womack Memorial Fund, c/o David Ramage, First National Bank, Nashville, Arks, or to Miss Buxton (address above). The complete genealogy of Michael and Sarah (Jones) Womack will be offered for sale the day of the unveiling. I have enjoyed compiling the genealogy of this notable man and since you are a direct descendant, I shall look forward with pleasure to greeting you personally this spring.


EXCHANGE Department

Conducted by Mrs. Clifton Wolfe
Route 14, Knoxville, TN.

(Continued from page 32 of the December, 1957, issue)

ITEM 35 - Nathan E, Womack is interested in Womack Bibliography [and so are we]. He is interested, too, in the origin of the name Womack. He says that the Potomac River was called "Potawomeck" by Constance Lindsay Skinner in Pioneers of the South, p. 500 [Again, with Mr. Womack, we wish to stress the importance of original material. The certified copy of your Bible record, for example, would be worth more than a dozen letters about your family trees. All genealogy previous to your grandparents should be so well-documented that it could be used in a court of law to obtain an inheritance--that is, proven beyond all reasonable doubt. Anyone can obtain proof. Again we suggest you send a quarter to D. A. R., 1776 D. Street, N. W., Washington 6, D. C., and ask for pamphlet on HOW TO BECOME A D. A. R. It could have been entitled HOW TO PROVE YOUR LINEAGE! We are anxious to print and thus preserve such source material as this pamphlet lists. Frankly, from the standpoint of being used as proof, this EXCHANGE section of our magazine is like most correspondence--not worth the paper it is written on, except for the purpose of inspiring our readers to copy, photograph, and certify their original material on which their genealogical statements are based. The question is: "How do you KNOW you are the greatgrandson of so-and-so?" If your answer is: "By the Bible record," or "Deeds" or "Wills" or whatever, then, by all means, before that record is lost to pos. terity, please send it to us to be included in these pages which, scattered over the universe among hundreds of subscribers, will certainly be preserved somewhere if the world stands. We have received one Bible record from the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania which is a copy of the original loaned them by a thoughtful descendant in North Carolina, Miss Hester Womack. For this one, which has a good chance of being forever preserved, there are hundreds of valuable old Bible records decaying in family collections. You may have one of these Bibles now, but when you die remember that only one of your many descendants can have it. Why not pass a copy down to all descendants in our family magazine? We have been sent some lengthy genealogies, complete with dates, but which contain not one line of reference or bibliography, and are unaccompanied by supporting papers of any nature, Such genealogies are valuable as clues, but they would not stand up in a court of law without supporting evidence, or proof. Send certified copies of your originals, or, if possible, photostats of them. Subscriber Nathan E. Womack is on the right track when he requests a list of books containing Womack material, But by far the greatest amount of Womack material, we suspect, is still buried in court records in courthouses in many states, Wherever you are, dig up the Womack data, abstract it, or copy in full, but be sure to quote book and page and state type of record it is--wills, deeds, marriage bonds, court minutes, and so on. Send such material along with your family records when you send them to us. Your lineage is not complete until you can support and verify each statement with original source material.



ITEM 36 - Mrs. Eugene A. Stanley says her Womack connection dates back to 1822 when her ancestor, Nathan (Hardy?) Shelfer married Nancy Womack somewhere in Georgia, near Hancock County. She mentions wills of Hancock County, which include those of Abraham Womack, 1797, and Sherod, his sono She agrees to furnish copies of her material if needed, but says requests should be specific.

ITEM 37 - Mr. Leonard Raulston writes that his great-great-great-grandmother was Martha Womack, wife of Capt. Robert Bean, 1750..1824. [It is possible that his family is connected with the Womacks who settled in Sweden's Cove, Marion Co. Tenn,, cl8l5,.says our publisher, Walter Womack.]

ITEM 38 - Donald E. Womacks, historian of the Indiana family, says that as near. ly as he can figure it out his branch is descended from Henry Womack who married Mary Terry cl788,'Westmoreland Co., Va. Their son, Terry, b. 1789, was the father of Peter S. Womacks of Brown Co., Ohio. It is said that Chester Clyde Womacks, Rockwell City, Iowa, has done a good job of piecing some of their history togethero

ITEM 39 - Homer E. Womac(h?) says he is the grandson of Nathan Benjamin Womack of Oklahoma, who was part Cherokee Indian, He is interested in learning how much.

ITEM 40 - Taylor Scott Womack mentions Mrs. Sam Towell who is working on a Womack genealogy. One thing she is now trying to prove is that a relative, Col. Robert Scott, served in the Revolution. He does not say whether the Colonel was a Womack descendant.

ITEM 41 - Mrs. Lydia M. Graydon of Honolulu, Hawaii, says that her grandmother of eight generations ago was Sarah Womack, wife of James Cody (or Archdeacon). She wants to know the names of Sarah's parents.

ITEM 42- John Womack was born 6 June 1889 in Bedford Co., Tenn. His father was William M. Womack, born in Tenn., also. John R. is the father of nine children, all living except the oldest, William Victor Womack, who was lost at sea, 113th Naval Construction Battalion, Asiatic Area, 15 December 1944,

ITEM 43 - This is in reply to Item 8. and is contributed by Anderson Wo Womack, Mill Spring, North Carolina: It is a "well known fact" among the Womack and Davis descendants of Anderson Womack (ca 1800, Rutherford Co., N. C.), that his son Drury was a Methodist minister, serving for a time in the South Carolina Conference which at the time included several counties in western North Carolina, Later he transferred to the Texas Conference where he served many years, and died there. There is a probability that he has descendants in Texas, members of the Association, who could furnish more information on Drury and his family. Drury was named after his uncle, Drury Dobbins, a noted Baptist minister and pioneer in the work of his church in Rutherford and Cleveland Counties and now well established in the religious history of the two counties. Drury Dobbins was a brother to Fanny Dobbins who married Anderson Womack. So far as it is known here, Drury could have gone first to Tennessee and then to Texas. It could hardly be that this Drury Womack was the Drury Womack that Mrs. Katie Cochran asks information about (Item 8). He was most likely a child under ten



in 1820. He probably moved to Texas after the Civil War, and must have died about or soon after the beginning of the present century. My aunts, Mrs. Eliza Jackson and Mrs. Mary Powell, corresponded with "Uncle Drury Womack" (their uncle) in Texas when I was a small child. Mrs. Powell died in 1914, and Mrs. Jackson in 1924. The fact that Drury was mentioned last in all the lists of Anderson's children leads me to believe he was the youngest child, several years younger than Willis who was still living in 1888. I hope to secure some recorded facts about this man from the archives of the Methodist Conferences of South Carolina and Texas. This was not the only Drury among the Womack descendants, but I am wondering if this Drury isn't the beginning of the name in the Womack family.

ITEM 44 - Here are further facts regarding the families mentioned in Item 27: Sam C. Lawrence writes: According to old family papers now in my possession, my great-great-grandfather, Thomas Lawrence, married Lucy Womack. Lucy was the daughter of Henry Womack and Patsy Puckett. Thomas Lawrence served in the Revolution in Virginia and afterwards moved to North Carolina where he died. James Lawrence, son of Thomas Lawrence and Lucy Womack, married Mary Cate in Wilkes Co., N. C., and moved to Jefferson (now Hamblin) Co., Tenn., where he died about 1818 (Memorial Record of Alabama, Vol. I; Dictionary of Alabama Biography page 1016; and records of Jefferson Co., Tenn.). I am interested in ascertaining the ancestry of Henry Womack and proof of his marriage to Patsy Puckett. Would also like to obtain a list of their children and data relating to their births, deaths and marriages. Further, I would like to ob. tain information regarding the date of marriage of Thomas Lawrence and Lucy Womack and a complete list of their children, and additional proof of the mar. riage of James Lawrence and Mary Cate.

ITEM 45 - This department has been the means of reuniting several lost cousins: Mrs. Geoe F. Smith replies to her cousin, Edward Lee Womack, of Item 19. Extracted from her letter: "Your father, William Hays Womack, was born in Simp. son Co., Miss., 1857, the son of David Daniel Womack, born 1827 in Simpson Co., Miss., and his wife Mary (Polly) Hays, born 1837, Simpson Co., Miss. David & Polly moved to Franklin Co., Miss., after 1870. Your father's first wife was Celia Ann Kyle, whom he married 12-24-1885 in Copiah Co., Miss. He married your mother, Emma Eugenia Hamilton, 8-18-1902 in Franklin Co... Miss. Your grandfather, David Daniel Womack, was the brother of my great-grandmother, Nancy Matilda Womack, born 1812, in St. Helena Parish, La,, who married Rhesa Kennedy, 1833, in Simpson Co., Miss. There were twelve of these Womack children who came from Louisiana to Simpson Co., Miss., about 1825o I do not think there were more than four about whom we have records of descendants. These four were David Daniel, Nancy Matilda, Henry Young and Richard. There was a sister shown in Simpson Co., 1870, still living with her mother. Her name was Parthenia, age 45. We know nothing else about her."

ITEM 46 - Mrs. Charles E. Norton, Jr., seeks information about a Miss Womack who married Charles Cawthon in 'Virginia then moved to North Carolina after 1776. Their son, John, married Rebecca Mount, son Claiborne married a Miss Walters, daughter, Fanny, married Thomas Tate, daughter Judy married Elijah Walters, and daughter Elizabeth married Peter Walters. There were two other daughters.

(To be continued next issue)