President: Walter Womack, McMinnville, Tennessee
Editor: Oscar Womack, Daylight, Tennessee
Secretary: Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, Route 14, Knoxville, Tennessee
Genealogist: William Perry Johnson, Box 531, Raleigh, North Carolina
Treasurer: Mrs. R. L. Anderson, McMinnville, Tennessee

VOL. I, NO. 2 - DECEMBER 1957 - WHOLE NO. 2


From: Land Patent Book 6 (1666-1679), page 447,Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia

The above Patent reads as follows ("translated" by William Perry Johnson):To all st: Whereas st: Now know yee that I ye sd Sir Will Berkeley knt. st: give and graunt unto Richard Womack foure hundred and fivety acres three rood eight po: of land on ye North side of Appomatock River in Henrico Cout extending as ffolloweth (beginning at a small branch of ye Ashen Swampe and running along ye Swampe So: by Ea: 220 po: over a small branch to a Pokicory No: Ea: over ye same branch 26 po: then up ye branch No: Ea: by Ea: 94 po Ea: by No: along ye branch to ye head of it 102 po So: So: Ea: 22 po: to John Puckett his line No: Ea: b Ea 54 po: No: Ea: by No: 130 po: to ye head of ye Spring Run No: Ea: by Ea: 56 po: No: by We: 34 po: No: We: 60 po: to Mr. Baugh his line neigh ye Round Kash[?] No: No: We: 15 po: to Maior [Major] Harris his cornor We: by So: 380 po: to ye place aforementioned the sd land being due unto ye sd Richard Womack by and for ye transportacon of nine persons into this Collony whose names are:         Dated the 15th March 1672/3

Sarah Johnson

Jane Hayes

Jean Grigory

John Adams

Jane Barrett

Jane Treble

Mary Cooke

Tho: Browne

An: Percer

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Our Womack Family Association is six months old and we think it has been a success, so far. The first issue of our magazine, WOMACK GENEALOGY, was published in June and many complimentary letters have been received. We of the Staff would be considered ungrateful if we did not mention these as well as the many family records which have been contributed by various members of the Association. Each and every kind word and each and every contribution is very much appreciated.

Other members of the Womack Family Association are urged to send us copies or their family histories and genealogies, for only in this way can we share our family data, trace lines of descent and correct errors, etc. Valuable family papers which are loaned to us are handled with care, copied quickly and returned promptly. Those who send typed copies are requested to send three copies (an original and two carbons) so that the widely scattered members of the Staff will have quick and easy access to the data.

The circulation of WOMACK GENEALOGY is increasing slowly but surely, but our greatest handicap is in obtaining the names and addresses of Womacks in the forty-eight states. Many members have sent names of relatives and others interested in the Womack family; others have copied names from telephone and city directories, or torn sheets from discarded books. More than 2000 names have thusly been acquired but we need many, many more since only a small per centage of those contacted are sufficiently interested to join our Association.

We already have mailing lists from most of the larger cities of the United States including: Ft. Worth, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Waco, and San Antonio, Texas; Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville and Jackson, Tenn.; St Louis, Mo.; Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and New York City, N.Y.; Denver, Colo.; San Francisco and Los Angeles, Calif.; Richmond, Va.; Jacksonville and Miami, Florida; Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; Macon and Atlanta, Ga.; Birmingham and Montgomery, Ala.; Portland, Oregon; Jackson, Miss.; Seattle, Wash.; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Little Rock, Ark.; Albuquerque, N. Mex.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Detroit, Mich; Chicago, Ill.; Shreveport, La.; Kansas City, Kan. (but not Kansas City, Mo. which we need); Baltimore, Md.; Raleigh, Durham, Asheville, Charlotte, Salisbury, North Carolina.

We especially need names and addresses of Womacks (all spellings) from the South and from small towns and rural areas from coast to coast.

Due to the large volume of mail received by the Staff it may be that some of the letters do not get answered.If any one fails to receive an expected reply, kindly remind us.

If any subscriber failed to receive the June, 1957, issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY kindly let us know and we will mail you another copy. Also, be sure to let us know if you change your address or we have your present address wrong.

We will be glad to print the notices of your family reunions for 1958 if you will send information about them well in advance.


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The first permanent English-speaking settlement in America was made at Jamestown, Virginia, in the year 1607; the State having been so-named in honor of the English Queen Elizabeth I, "the Virgin Queen." In connection with the settling of colonial America, it is interesting to note that in the early 1600's the immigrants spoke not of going "to America," but of going "to Virginia," or "to the wilds of Virginia." In fact, for several years the name "Virginia" was commonly applied to all the English settlements on the East coast, from New England down to the Carolinas.

"For the purpose of stimulating immigration and the settlement of the Colony, the London Company ordained that any person who paid his own way to Virginia should be assigned 50 acres of land 'for his owne personal adventure', and if he transported 'at his owne cost' one or more persons, he should, for each person whose passage he paid, be awarded fifty acres of land. ... Among the headrights are found persons of all social classes, nobility and gentry, yeomanry, indentured servants (some of good family and connection in England), and negroes." [Nugent, Neil Marion, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800, Volume I, page xxiv.]

On the subject of these so-called headrights, another authority says: "Headrights: Immigrants who paid their own way to the southern states were each given fifty acres of land. This was called his headright. And if he paid the passage of a number of others he could collect the headright for each of them. Men who paid their own passage could sell their headright, and if they wanted some more land they could buy headrights. Persons of all grades of society were mixed in the headright business and it was no indication that a person was of low social standing when he sold his headright." [Everton, Walter M., The Handy Book for Genealogists, Herald-Journal Printing Company, Logan, Utah; 1949, page 184.]

"It is not to be assumed that the claim for land in consequence of a person transported was made immediately after the arrival of the 'headright' in the Colony. There is, for instance, record of a patentee awarded land for the transportation of three wives, who, it is safe to conclude, were successive. The headright may have arrived in the Colony long before the patentee had entered claim for land thereby due. Nor is it to be assumed that the headright is necessarily an immigrant. Even men of prominence in the Colony, through a voyage or repeated voyages to England and return, appear as 'headrights' of friends or relatives, who acquitted the cost of the passage in order to obtain the consequent land." [Nugent, Neil Marion, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800, Volume I, page xxv.]

At least thirty land grants or patents were issued in Virginia between 1623 and 1774 to various members of the Womack family, the earliest being 450 acres patented to Richard Womack in 1672/3 (see front cover for photocopy). The earlier grants were issued for the transportation of persons into Virginia; the later grants were sold outright. The Womacks transported several persons into Virginia, as shown by the following grants:

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[HTML Version Note: I have added links into the Library of Virginia Land Patent Electronic Index. Clicking on this link will take you to the card for the patent. From there you can download an image of the original page in the patent books. -Mark Womack]

Patent Book 6, page 447 - 15 March 1672/3 - Richard Womack - 450 acres - Henrico County. (See front cover for photocopy and "translation.")

Patent Book 6, page 454 - 26 May 1673 - James Akin and Richd. Womack - 335 acres - Henrico County. "To all &c whereas &c now know yee that I ye sd Sr Wm Berkeley Knt &c give & grant unto James Akin & Richd. Womack 335 acres of land in Henrico Coty. on ye north side of Appamattock River beginning at a wt. oake being a corner(?) tree at ye head of Tho. Wells his land, extending into ye woods N 160 po. to fflintons River then W 250 po. S 160 po. E 250 po. then at the heads 106 po. N W by W 160 po. to a small slash running into fflintons S S W 160 po. E 116 po. N 60 po. to the place afore mentioned, 250 acres of ye sd land being formerly granted to ye sd James Akin by Patt. dated 20th of Octobr 1665 the remainder being 85 acres due to ye sd James Akin, & Richd. Womack by & for ye transortacon of 2 psons into this Collonny to have & to hold &c to be held &c yielding &c provided & Dated this 26th of May 1673. [Names of persons transported:] Phillip Childers, Anne Dally."

Patent Book 7, page 250 - 16 April 1683 - Joseph Tanner and Richard Wamocke - 206 acres - Henrico County. "To all &c whereas &c now know ye that I the said Thomas Lord Culpeper &c Doe with the consent of the Councill of State accordingly give and grant unto Mr. Joseph Tanner and Mr. Richard Wamocke two hundred & six acres one rood and twenty poles of land on the north side of Appomattuck River in the County of Henerico, & in the parish of Bristoll & begineth att a corner white oake of Majr. Wm Harris line, & runeth along the said Harris line west and by south thirty eight chaines to the holy ground slash, continued eighty chaines to a corner marked chesnut of Majr. Harises line, continued nine chaines to ye maine branch of the Ashen Swamp, to a corner marked gum, thence down the Ashen Swamp south east six chaines, & south south east ten chaines, and south east forty four chaines to the Holy Ground run thence down the swamp, south east & by south twenty eight chaines, and south east & by east thirty chaines to ye Great branch of the Ashen Swamp, to the line of Richard Wamock thence up ye said branch east north east forty chaines to a corner gum, thence leaveing the Run, but continued our course thirty two chaines, thence along the line of Richard Wamock, north east by north seventy two chaines to the line of Majr. Harris thence along the said Harrises line west north west sixty four chaines to the place we began Including the aforesaid two hundred and six acres of land one rood and twenty poles The said land being due by and for the transportation of five persons into this Collony whose names are mentioned in the records under this Pattent, To have and to hold &c To be held &c yielding & paying &c Provided &c Dated the sixteenth day of Aprill one thousand six hundred eighty three. [Names of those transported:] Tho. Bayes, Richd. Perrot, David Salesbury, Tho. White, Hen. Boyce."

Patent Book 8, page 172 - 20 October 1691 - John Wosham, Edward Straton and Abraham Womack - 879 acres - Henrico County. "To all &c whereas &c now know yee that I ye sd ffrancis Nicholson Esqr. the? Lt. Govr. &c give and grant unto Mr. John Wosham Mr. Edward Straton and Mr. Abraham Womack a tract of land containing eight hundred seventy nine acres lying and being in ye County of Henrico and in ye prsh of Verina and on ye north side of Swift Creeke vizt begining at the mouth of a run known by ye name of ye

Page 20

Cold Water Run and runeth thence along that runn as it wendeth to ye head thereof to two corner pines thence east fifty six poles to a corner pine thence north north west forty nine poles to a corner white oake thence north by east ninety two poles to a corner Pockray(?) thence west north west one hundred poles to a corner pine, thence west by south one hundred and eighty poles to a corner pine, thence north west and by west eighty eight poles to a corner pine thence north west and by north sixty eight poles to a corner black oake thence north sixty eight poles to a corner white oake thence north west one and fifty poles to a corner black oake, thence west forty eight poles to a corner pine, thence south west one hundred and eighty poles to a corner black oake standing on Swift Creeke thence down ye creeke as it wendeth to ye place it begun The sd land being due unto ye sd Mr. John Worsham Mr. Edward Stratton & Mr. Abraham Womack by and for ye Importacon of eighteen psons &c To have and to hold &c To be held &c yeilding and paying &c provided &c dated ye 20th day of October Ano Dom 1691 [Names of those transported:] 5 negroes by Cert. granted Mr. Rich Kennon for seventy negroes by Henrico County Court Aprill 1st 1690 Richard Lewis, Judith Lewis, Sarah Somerseals, Clemons Proveer, John Stewart, Wm Migettoe, James Butlidge, John Bull, Eliza. Pain, Dick, Tom, Nan, Peter, negroes."

Patent Book 8, page 216 - 19 April 1692 - Abraham Womack, Sr. - 269 acres - Henrico County. "To all &c whereas &c now know yee that I ye said ffrancis Nicholson Esqr. their mas. Lieut Governr &c give and grant unto Mr. Abraham Womack Senr. two hundred sixty nine acres of land lying and being in ye County of Henrico and in ye parish of Verina two hundred acres part there of being purchased of Gilbert Deckon ye residue being Kings land bounding as followeth begining at a saplin on ye line of Gilbert Elam deviding this survey and Wm Clarke and runeth thence on Elams line south south west halfe west ninety poles thence on ye lines of Edward Stratton south south west three fourths west twenty four poles and south south west twenty six poles and south south west halfe west twenty three poles and south east twenty three(?) poles and south east one fourth east fifty six poles and east south east forty two poles and east by north fifty two poles and south south east thirty two poles to ye line of Hugh Ligon thence on his line east north east eighty poles to ye Granerey road thence north one fourth west four poles and north east twenty nine poles and east by north sixty four poles to ye corner of Thomas Shipeys land thence on his line north by west seventy eight poles to ye corner that devides his survey and Wm Clarke thence on Clarkes lines west north west seventy six poles and west three fourths north thirty poles & north west and by west three fourths west twenty two poles & west north west eighteen poles & west north west one fourth northerly forty two poles and north west and by west sixty poles to ye place it began The said land being due unto ye said Mr. Abraham Womack Senr. by & for ye Importacon of two psons &c To have and to hold &c To be held &c yeilding and paying &c provided &c dated ye 19th day of Aprill Ano Dom 1692 [Names of those transported: ] Tom & Sue."

Patent Book 9, page 161 - 15 October 1698 - Abraham Womeck - 200 acres - Henrico County. "To all &c whereas a certain tract of land lying in Henrico County and containing two hundred acres late in the possession of Gilbert Deacon is found to escheat to his sacred Maj. from ye said Gilbert Deacon as by an Inquisition recorded in ye Secrys office under the hand and seal of

Page 21

Wm Randolph Esqr. Escheatr of the said county and a jury sworn before him for that purpose dated ye 3d day of janry 1697 may appear for which said land Abraham Womeck hath made his composition according to the said letters patents Know yee therefore that I the said Sr. Edmund Andros Kn. Gor. &c do with the advice and consent of the Councill of State accordingly give and grant unto the said Abraham Womecke ye said two hundred acres of land lying in Henrico County aforesaid according to the most ancient and lawfull bounds thereof To have and hold &c To be held &c yeilding & paying &c dated ye 15th of October 1698. /S/ E Andros Abra. Womecks pat for 200 acres land in Henrico County /S/ Ed Jenings Depty. Secry."

Patent Book 10, page 240 - 16 August 1715 - William Womack - 950 acres - Henrico County. "George &c To all &c Know ye that for diverse good causes and considerations but more especially for and in consideration of the importacon of nineteen persons to dwell within this our Colony & Dominion of Virginia whose names are Wm Brown, Andrew Crawford, Arthur Dorgill, Jno. Alcorne, Morgan ffeaser, James Sinkler, Wm Reed, Ringin Spence, James Morgan, Jno. Meclare, Wm Robinson, James More, James King, Geo. Wilson, Jno. Robinson, Arth. Medane, Jno. Miller, Jno. Care, & Golud Age We have given granted & confirmed & by these prsents for us our heirs & successes do give grant & confirm unto William Womack one certain tract or parcel of land containing nine hundred & fifty acres, lying and being on the north side of James River on the heads of the land of Mr. John Woodson over against the Manakin Town in the County of Henrico & bounded as followeth, to wit, beginning at the lower corner of the sd Woodson's land at a black oak & thence on Collo. Wm Randolph's line north north east one hundred poles to a white oak, thence north west ninety two poles to a pine, thence north by east sixty poles to two pines, thence north west ninety six poles to a pohickory, thence north fifty degrs. west one hundred twenty two poles to a white oak, thence west north west fourty nine poles to a black oak, thence north west by north one hundred twenty four poles to three corner pines, thence north north east thirty eight poles to a pine, thence north north west two hundred poles to a pine, thence west one hundred & two poles to a pine, thence south west one hundred fifty four poles to a corner white oak on the head line of the sd Woodson, thence on his line south three degrs. west two hundred thirty eight poles & south twenty degrs. east sixty eight poles & east twenty degrs. south one hundred ninety eight poles & east ten degrs. north one hundred fourty two poles & south thirty degrees east fifty four poles & east twenty two degrees south ninety four poles & south thirty degrs. east two hundred & twenty four poles to the place begun at With all &c To have hold &c To be held &c yielding & paying &c Provided &c In witness &c Witness our trusty & welbeloved Alexander Spotswood our Lt. Governr. &c att William's-burgh under the seal of our sd Colony the sixteenth day of August one thousand seven hundred & fifteen In the second year of our Reign /S/ A Spotswood.''

Patent Book 14, page 267 - 25 August 1731 - Abraham Wamack, Jr. - 400 acres - Goochland County. "George The Second &c To all &c Know ye that for divers good causes and considerations but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of forty shillings of good and lawful money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our revenues in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia we have given granted and confirmed and by these presents for us our heirs and successors do give grant and confirm unto Abraham Wamack Junior one certain tract or parcel

Page 22

of land containing four hundred acres lying and being on the south side of James River on the branches of Deep Creek in Goochland County, and bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at a corner white oak it being Thomas Mosses south west corner and where he corners on the land of Daniel Croom thence on Crooms line south ninety three chains to a corner white oak thence south four degrees east fifty six chains to a corner ash in a branch of Bollings Quarter branch thence east twenty five chains to a corner hickory near the said branch thence down the branch according to its meanders one hundred and two chains to a corner gum at the fork of the said Bollings Quarter branch thence north five degrees east one hundred and two chains to the line of Thomas Moss thence on his lines according to their several courses to the place began at With all &c To have hold &c To be held &c yielding & paying &c Provided &c In witness &c Witness our trusty well beloved William Gooch Esqr. our Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief of our said Colony and Dominion at Williamsburgh under the seal of our said Colony the twenty fifth day of August one thousand seven hundred and thirty one in, the fifth year of our reign. /S/ William Gooch."

Patent Book 15, page 19 - 20 June 1733 - William Wamack - 400 acres - Goochland County. "George the Second &c To all &c Know ye that for divers good causes and considerations but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of forty shillings of good and lawful money for our use, paid to our Receiver General of our revenues in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia We have given granted and confirmed and by these presents for us our heirs and successors do give grant and confirm unto William Wamack one certain tract or parcel of land containing four hundred acres lying and being on the branches of Great Guinea Creek in the county of Goochland and bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at a Spanish oak runing thence on new lines south seventy five degrees east two hundred twenty one poles to a black oak north twenty five degrees east two hundred and ninty three poles to a black oak north seventy five degrees west two hundred and twenty one poles crossing the south branch of Tear Wallet run to a white oak south twenty five degrees west two hundred and ninty three poles to the first station With all &c To have hold &c To be held &c yielding and paying &c provided &c In witness &c Witness our trusty and welbeloved William Gooch Esqr. our Lieutenant Governour and Comander in Chief of our said Colony and Dominion at Williamsburgh under the seal of our said Colony the twentieth day of June one thousand seven hundred and thirty three In the seventh year of our reign. /S/William Gooch Truly Recorded Test Matt. Kemp Cl Sec Off."

(continued in Volume III, Number 2)



The earliest census which has been preserved for the State of Kentucky is the 1810 census. (A "1790 Census" and an "1800 Census" have been reconstructed from tax lists, however, to replace the lost schedules, but no Womacks were listed.) Four Womack families were living in Kentucky in 1810, as follows:

Adair County:

Richard Wamock

1 male and 1 female aged 26 to 45
2 males and 2 females aged under 10

William Wanmock

1 male and 1 female aged 26 to 45
1 male aged 10 to 16
6 females aged under 10

Boone County:

Jacob Wamock

1 male aged 26 to 45
2 females aged 16 to 26
1 female aged 10 to 16
1 male and 1 female aged under 10

Butler County:

Abner Womack

1 male aged over 45
1 female aged 26 to 45
2 males and 1 female aged 16 to 26
1 male aged 10 to 16
2 males and 3 females aged under 10

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We, the officers and founders of The Womack Family Association, wish to take this opportunity of welcoming into our Association the following members (over 200 of them) who have joined up to and including 31 December 1957. (The names are arranged according to states. If any name has been omitted it has been unintentional. The Association needs names and addresses of other Womacks and Womack descendants who might be interested in Womack family history and genealogy.)

In Appreciation:

Walter Womack, President
Oscar Womack, Editor
Mrs.Clifton Wolfe, Secretary
William Perry Johnson, Genealogist
Mrs. R. L. Anderson, Treasurer

Leonard A. Womack
Mrs. Lena R. Womack
George Marshall
J. B. Womack
James Womack, Jr.
Sam Cates
S/Sgt. Homer L. Womack
Ala. Archives & History

John G. Womack
Sirvetus Womack, Sr.

Russel L. Clark
W. Hadley Webb
J. Prentiss Womack
Miss Dorothy M. Womack
Henry Ward Womack
Carl C. Womack
Mrs. H. J. Bremner

John Robert Womack
Mrs. Velda M. Flinn
Wiley H. Womack

Miss Lillian Womack
Mrs. Asa M. Cox
Albert Womack

Mrs. Mary Womack Dawsey
Mora D. Womack, Jr.
Green B. Davis
Edward L. Womack

D. L. Womack
Mrs. Charles Turner
C. L. Womack
Aubrey Womack
E. W. Womack
Mrs. Anne Womack Adams
Mrs. Eugene A. Stanley
William H. Womack
W. A. Womack

Mrs. Lorene Richards

Donald Womacks

Walter Glenn Womack
Mrs. Mabel Womack Kinner

T. G. Womack, Sr.
John W. Womack
Harry A. Womack
Lloyd Randall Womack
C. Ray Womack

Ralph E. Womac
Miss Madelyn Womack
S. H. J. Womack
Robert Burns Womack
Cyril Wommack

American Antiquarian Society

William M. Womack
John F. Womack
John S. Stubblefield
Russell E. Bidlack

Samuel Percy Dow
Mrs. Carroll Yarber
Mrs. H. L. Moorhead
Mrs. Herbert Sumners
O. W. Johnson
Billy Womack
W. D. Womack, Jr.
Mrs. George F. Smith
Noel C. Womack

Boyd Womack
H. L. Womacks
Miss Mary B. Womack

Page 24

Jack C. Womack
Mrs. T. R. Barnhill
S. S. Womacks
Leldon T. Womack

Egbert H. Womack
B. J. Womack (USN)

Mrs. Ernestine W. Turner
Richard C. Womack
James T. Womack
H. P. Womack
H. G. Womack
Spencer T. Womack
George H. Womack
Miss Amoret Butler
Anderson W. Womack
Sam J. Womack, Jr.

John R. Womack

Mrs. Bertha Floyd Smith
Grant B. Womack
Hubert Clay Womack
O.F. Robinson
Mrs. Willie N. Brown
Mrs. Edwin H. Burke

Robert William Womack
Mrs. Arthur Bowman

Genealogical Soc. of Pa.

M. G. Womack

Roy H. Womack
Thomas E. Womack
William F. Womack
W. O. Womack
Mrs. Julia Womack Davenport
Mrs. William M. Gibbs
Mrs. George N. Welch, Sr.

Mrs. Ruth Welch Mason
Leonard Raulston
J. S. Womack
John Radford Womack
Ernest Womack
Daisy Womack
Miss Margaret Oliver
Everett Womack
George N. Welch
L. D. Ramsey
R. B. Womack
T. A. Womack
Fred Womack
J. S. Womack
Bryan Womack
Miss Hattie Lee Womack
Herbert G. Womack
S. N. Womac
Jay T. Womac
Frank C. Womack
Glenn Womac
Howard E. Ford
Lawson McGee Library
Tenn. State Library
J. D. Womack
William C. Womack
John Gill
Mrs. Henry C. Womack
Chester Womack
Luther R. Womack
Mrs. H. W. Stubblefield
Jerre K. Womack
Mrs. Clyde Greene
J. S. Womack
Marvin A. Saylors
Frances Womack
James C. Womack
Charles J. Womack
B. H. Womack
Porter Womack
Len Womack
Mrs. James A. Ford
Mrs. Lena M. Taylor
James D. Womack
Frank C. Womack
Bryan Womack
Avon F. Clepper
Herbert G. Womack
Willie Womack
O. M. Womack, Jr.
Floyd J. Womack

J.W. Womack
Clement Larkin Womack
Price B. Womack

Lounds Samuel Womack
E. L. Womack
B. F. Womack
James Womack
David N. Womack
Mrs. Ivey Jones
Mrs. Bertha King
Mrs. Harriet Womack Swanson
Felix D. Gray
Mrs. John H. Reuther
Charles Thomas Womack
Nathan E. Womack
Charles E. Womack
Robert Womack
Morris K. Womack
Mrs. Groeme Dixon
M. Victor Womack
Ralph M. Womack
Mrs. Edwin Lacey
Decker S. Womack
Jack Womack
Bryan Womack
Mrs. Sam Towell
Stewart Womack
Oscar P. Womack
Miss Jeane Wommack
G. Duffield Smith, Jr.
Mrs. Will C. Jones, Jr.
G. K. Womack
Cam Womack
Boyd V. Womack
E. M. Womack
John B. Womack, Jr.
B. Marshal Womac
Hardy L. LaCook, Jr.
Mrs. F. Richardson
Mrs. J. G. Womack
Knox Dale Womack
Mrs. Sallie E. Womack
Mrs. T. H. McNees
Mrs. E. R. St. John
David R. Womack

W. Reed Nuttall
Mrs. Mildred F. Ellis
Genealogical Soc. of Utah

Page 25

H. Lynn Womack
Albert Lynwood Womack
Mrs. C. C. Pace

Homer E. Womack

Miss Aldine Womack

T. T. Womack, Jr.

Miss Sarah G. Womack
Joseph D. Womack
Miss Jean Stevenson

Mrs. Lydia M. Graydon

The above names were copied from a list written in longhand. Our apologies to those who spell their names Wamack, Wamock or Womock rather than Womack. --Editor



Many Virginians furnished supplies and performed other services for the troops during the Revolutionary War and later presented claims to the state government for pay for these supplies and services. Several Womacks are listed in the card file of Public Service Claims in the Virginia State Library in Richmond, Virginia. This list is important for many reasons, one of which is the fact that it gives us a pretty good idea as to which counties our Womacks were living in during the American Revolution.

Twenty-two Womacks are listed below, representing fourteen Virginia counties:

Amelia County:

Josiah Womack
Thomas Wormack

Campbell County:

Richard Wommack

Caroline County:

John Wommack

Charlotte County:

William Womack

Chesterfield County:

Womack's Estate
Joel Warmack's Estate
Sarah Womack

Cumberland County:

Massinello Womack
Nathan Womack
William Womack
William Womack, Sr.
William Womack, Jr.

Frederick County:

William Womack

Greensville County:

William Womack

Halifax County:

Charles Womack

Hanover County:

William Womack

Pittsylvania County:

William Womack

Prince Edward County:

Alexander Womack

Prince George County:

Elisabeth Wommack
Miles Womack

Southampton County:

James Womack

Page 26


(Continued from June 1957 issue, page 9)

Cumberland County, File No. 1953 - Benjamin Womock - 300 acres. Entry No. 77 - 400 acres for Benjamin Warmack, on both sides Neil' s Creek, adjoining Jacob Matthews and Simon Johnson. Entered 26 June 1778. Grant No. 141 - 300 acres, on both sides Neil's Creek, adj. Jacob Matthews and Simon Johnson. Surveyed for Benjamin Wamack 26 Feb. 1782. Chain carriers: Simon Johnson and Samuel Heart. Grant issued 6 Nov. 1784. Recorded in Book 55, page 325.

Cumberland County, File No. 2206 - Benjamin Wamack - 50 acres. Entry No. 614 - 50 acres for Benjamin Warmack, on the lower side of Neill' s Creek, adj. Sameel Hart & Poarch. Entered 16 Dec. 1788. Grant No. 790 - 50 acres, on lower side of Neill' s Creek, adj. Saml. Hart & Porch. Surveyed 8 April 1789 (chain carriers not given). Grant issued 27 Nov. 1789. Recorded in Book 71, page 295.

Cumberland County, File No. 2224 - Benjamin Wamack - 215 acres. Entry No. 613 - 215 acres, on lower side of Neill's Creek, adj. Samuel Hart. Entered 16 Dec. 1788. Grant No. 808 - 215 acres, on lower side Neill's Creek, adj. Saml. Hart and land formerly McNeill's, Richard Blalock. Surveyed 8 April 1789 (chain carriers not given). Grant issued 27 Nov. 1789. Recorded in Book 71, page 302.

Cumberland County, File No. 2691 - Benjamin Wamock - 100 acres. Entry No. 238 - 100 acres, adj. his 200 and 100 acre tracts on upper side of Neill' s Creek. Entered 17 April 1779. Grant.No. 1038 - 100 acres, adj. his 200 and 100 acre tracts, on upper side of Neill' s Creek. Surveyed 18 April 1788 (chain carriers not given). Recorded in Book 76, page 367.

Halifax County, File No. 612 - Carter Womack - 241 acres. Entry No. 2 - dated 20 Feb. 1799 - 270 acres on Deep Creek, adj. Lemuel Hopgood, Amos Warrell and James Alsbrook. Entered 25 Oct. 1797. Grant No. 393 - 241 acres on west side of Deep Creek, adj. sd. Wommack & Lemuel Hopgood, Bruce. Surveyed for Carter Wommack 27 March 1799. Chain carriers: Lazarus Strickland and Jessey McKinney. Grant issued 25 Oct. 1797. Recorded in Book 112, page 202.

Halifax County, File No. 614 - Carter Wommack - 34 acres. Entry No. 26 - dated 23 Jan. 1796 - 50 acres for David Hodges, adj. James Hodges, Lemuel Hogan, Lemuel Hodges and David Hodges. Entered 26 Nov. 1795. Assigned by David Hodges to James Hodges, 22 March 1796, and assigned by James Hodges to Carter Wommack, 15 Feb. 1797. Grant No. 395 - 34 acres on west side of Deep Creek, adj. himself. Surveyed for Carter Wommack 11 Sept. 1797. Chain carriers: James Alsobrook, Howell Alsobrook. Grant issued 18 Dec. 1800. Recorded in Book 112, page 203.

Harnett County, File No. 72 - Jerry Womack - 80 acres. Entry No. 400, dated 31 Oct. 1879 - 100 acres adj. his 50 entered 1878, and Hecter McNeill Tailor, Mary McNeill, John Bishop and others. Entered 6 Jan. 1879. Grant No. 73 - 80 acres on waters of Thormton's Creek, adj. Mary McNeill, sd. Womack, Bishop,

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Hector McNeill, Moore County line, formerly Flora McNeill's corner (now Mary McNeill's), including 50 acres entered by sd. Jerry Womack 10 Aug. 1878. Grant issued 31 Oct. 1879. Surveyed 27 May 1879. Chain carriers: William Knight and Benton McNeill. Recorded in Book 171, page 29.

Johnston County, File No. 2199 - William Womack - 150 acres. Entry No. 695, dated 25 May 1779 - 150 acres adj. Wake County line and Jesse Page's entry, including his improvement. Grant No. 722 - 150 acres on both sides of Black Creek, including his improvement, head of Molley's Branch, adj. Jesse Page's corner in county line. Surveyed 7 Feb. 1780. Chain carriers: William Smith and William Womack. Grant issued 21 Oct. 1782. Recorded in Book 46, page 223.

Macon County, File No. 4173 - A(braham) Womack - 72 acres. Certified 5 Sept. 1827 - 72 acres in District 8, Section 60, Cherokee lands of Macon County. Third quality land, not improved. Chain carriers: Edward A. Poindexter and William Sawyer. Assigned to Abraham Womack by David Elder. Grant No. 3139, issued 19 Jan. 1870. Recorded in Book 165, page 616.

Moore County, File No. 75 - John Wammock - 200 acres. Entry No. 387 - Cumberland County - 15 May 1785 - Entered 1 Oct. 1779 - 200 acres for John Wamack, on south side of Cape Fear River, beginning on Chatham (County) line in Andrew Shepherd, Sr.'s corner near Fall Creek. Grant No. 67, issued 15 May 1787 - 200 acres in Moore County on south side Cape Fare River, adj. Andrew Shepherd and county line. Surveyed 25 May 1785. Chain carriers: William Dillard and Zacheriah Dillard. Recorded in Book 65, page 183.

Moore County, File No. 2759 - Brittain Wommack - Entry No. 2251 - 20 Feb. 1828 - 25 acres for Britain Wammack, adj. his own lines and John McNeill's, on Dannallys Creek. Entered 20 Oct. 1826. Grant No. 2722, issued 30 Sept. 1828, Brittain Wammack - 25 acres on Danelly's Creek, adj. himself, John McNeill, Oliver. Surveyed (no date). Chain carriers: William Wammack, Jno. McNeill. Recorded in Book 137. page 404.

Orange County (a Lord Granville Grant, File No. 01362--never validated) - Jacob Womack - 282 acres. Entered 11 March 1760--700 acres in Orange County, on Mayho Creek, beginning on Mayho's upper corner and running to Robt. McFarlin's line including the vacant land betwixt McFarlin's and Hugh Barnett. Issued 6 Feb. 1761. 282 acres surveyed 23 July 1760. Chain carriers: Jacob Womack and Robt. McFarland.

Person County, File No. 24 - John Womack - 40 acres. Entry No. 32, entered 9 Dec. 1799 - land adjoining Robert Dickens, Joel Pope, Shadrack Hargis and his own line, on waters of Flat River. Surveyed 25 Oct. 1800. Chain carriers: Green Womack and John Johnson. Grant No. 102, issued 18 Nov. 1800. Recorded in Book 109, page 415.

Person County, File No. 58 - John Womack and Samuel Dickens - 81 acres. Entry No. 147, entered 18 March 1814. 81 acres on waters of Castle Creek and Mayo Creek, adjoining Wamack, Dickins, Simon Gentry, Shadrack Gentry, Baird and Lawson. Surveyed 8 Nov. 1815. Chain carriers: Thos. Lawson and Abednego Gentry. Grant No. 135, issued 27 Dec. 1815. Recorded in Book 130, page 101.

(Continued in Volume II, Number 2)

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EXCHANGE Department

Conducted by Mildred Welch Wolfe
Address mail to: Mrs Clifton Wolfe
Route 14, Knoxville, Tenn.

(Continued from page 16 of the June 1957 issue)

ITEM 11. Miss Aldine Womack writes that Dick Womack of Oldtown, KY., has contributed the history of their branch of the Womacks. [This history has not been received at this point, but perhaps was perhaps sent to another member of our staff. MWW] She further states that news reporter John Vandercook is a Womack, his middle name being Womack; and that Roy Rogers' mother was a Womack from Carter Co., Ky. [Miss Womack, would you please relay to us some of the interesting material which you say was sent to you by Egbert H. Womack? MWW]

ITEM 12. Mrs. Jesse Yell Womack (nee Jane Smith) writes that her husband, who died in 1956, was the son of Jesse Willis Womack and Angela Yell, and the grandson of Frank Womack from Alabama. Mrs. Womack has twin sons. Of these, Decker married Miss --- Caldwell. They have one daughter Cynthia and a son Decker Smith. The other twin, Owen, married Emily Crain. They have one daughter Suzanne and two sons, Jesse Yell and Walter Crain.

ITEM 13. Mrs. W. G. Womack of Oldtown, Ky., says that her son Richard lives in Manchester, Tenn. [This is probably the same family historian mentioned in Item 11. MWW] Mrs. W. G. Womack says: "We have quite a bit of Womack history."

ITEM 14. The line of correspondent Mrs. Mildred Ellis is apparently the same as that of Mr. Nuttall. (See Item 31.) [Your outlines indicate you both know a great deal about your family of Womacks. Please send us copies of the supporting documents and bibliography.

ITEM 15. James L. Womack replies that Anderson Womack of Rutherford Co., N. C., had the following children: William, Sidney, Thomas, Nancy, Abraham, Polly, Willis, Sallie, Ann, Arena, Gasaway, Andrew and Drury. To these, correspondent A.W. Womack adds Eliza. He says, also, that Anderson Womack married c1785 to Frances Dobbins. [Because of these two replies we have been able to uncover quite a bit of material about Anderson's descendants, but we still have many gaps to fill. If anyone recognizes an ancestor among the above and can give us copies of supporting records, please write.] Mrs. George Smith sends in the following item from the 1870 census of Simpson Co., Miss., which may or may not tie in with the forgoing: Anderson Womack, 75, born Ga.; Eliza Womack, 33; and Eugene Womack, 11.

ITEM 16. Elizabeth Brown Richardson (Mrs. Thomas F.) says she is the daughter of W. S. Brown and Margaret (Uzzell) Brown. Margaret Uzzell was the daughter of Calvin Dunn Uzzell and Susan Elizabeth (Kennard) Uzzell. The parents of Susan were Michael Moore Kennard and Mary Anne (Womack) Kennard. Mary Ann Womack was the oldest daughter of Abraham Minter Womack and Elizabeth Comb(?) (Robinson) Womack. Abraham Minter Womack was the son of William who had the following

Page 29

children: Mark Sanders, Green William, Dignychin, Abraham Minter, and Mary. Abraham Minter Womack went to Texas about 1837 from near Milledgeville, Ga.; but he was reared by his older brother Mark Sanders in Mississippi. [These Womacks are surely descendants of Abraham Womack, Revolutionary pensioner, who lived in Chatham Co., N. C., during Revolutionary War and died 1834 in Monroe Co., Ga., aged "about 90." He married, first, to Judith Minter, and second, 1825, to Lucy Moody. More will appear in future issues on these people. WPJ]

ITEM 17. Mrs. F. D. Gray wants to know the ancestors of William Womack and wife Frances who were in Lincoln Co., Tenn., 1840-50. William died before 1860. He was born 1770-80 in Virginia; Frances was b. 1800, N. C. Their children: Mahala (b. c1820, N. C.), Sarah, David, Rebecca, William R., May Mariah (b. 1835), Charles (b. c1837), all in Tenn.

ITEM 18. Harriet (Womack) Swenson (Mrs. A. M. G.) writes that she is the daughter of George F. Womack who is the son of George ("Wash") Womack and Harriet Cathings or Catchings Womack. Mrs. Swenson's mother was Bess Poster. Mr. A. M. G. Swenson will be remembered as the All-American football player at the University of Texas.

ITEM 19. Mr. Edward Lee Womack writes that he is the son of William Henry Womack and his second wife Emma Eugenia Hamilton. The first wife was Cythie Ann Kyle, deceased. Mr. E. L. Womack was born 14 August 1904, is divorced, and has no children other than an adopted son. He is a retired lawyer.

ITEM 20. Mrs. Helen (Masoner) Turnbaugh, daughter of John Masoner of Tennessee, says that her paternal grandmother was a Womack and desires further information about this Womack connection. [Your Editor suggests that more information is needed, such as the grandmother's given name, and anything which might be know about her antecedents, birthplace, brothers and sisters, etc.]

ITEM 21. Mrs. G. F. Smith says she is descended from William Womack of Henrico Co., Va., through Richard I, Richard II (b. c1655), Richard III (b. c1676), David, Sr. (c1710), David, Jr. (b. c1774), Nancy Matilda (b. 1812), Margaret Lenora (b. 1834), George Annah (1865), Nora (1895). [It appears that Mrs. Smith has inadvertently omitted some surnames.] Mrs. Smith says that her childhood physician was Dr. Noel Catchings Womack, b. 1879, descended from Thomas Womack (b. 1743) through Abner (b. 1769); Ransom Pinckney Womack (b. 1808), and George Washington Womack. Her mother and the doctor used to claim kin but she believes they had no proof of kinship. Mrs. Smith says that her family migrated from Henrico Co., Va., to Orange Co., N. C., then to Burke Co., Ga., thence to St. Helena Parish, La. They settled in Simpson Co., Mississippi, about 1826.

ITEM 22. Mrs. Asa M. Cox writes that she is the daughter of William Washington Womack who was born in Simpson Co., Mississippi.

ITEM 23. We quote the following from the letter of Mrs. H. L. Moorhead: "My own line, as prepared by my cousin, Dempsey M. Kemp, deceased, Greensburg, La., in collaboration with other Womack cousins, is as follows: Richard I (1655-1684), wife Mary Puckett, Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., Va.; Richard II (1676-1723), wife Elizabeth Puckett, Henrico Co., Va.; Richard III m. Anne (or Nancy) Childers;

Page 30

David I (Revolutionary War) m. Mildred Pryor; David II (War of 1812) m. Sara Norris in Pendleton District, S. C.; Richard Womack m. Dicy Jane Hays, Simpson Co., Miss.; William Washington Womack m. Charity Buf kin in Copiah Co., Miss. They were my parents. I am the fifth child, 72 years of age. I married Hunter Lamar Moorhead in Jackson, Miss., on December the 14th, 1911. I have four sisters and one brother." Mrs. Moorhead also contributed a chart of the above family. We would appreciate photostats or certified copies of any supporting documents, especially for the earlier generations, since the material indicated apparently ties in with material in our files.

ITEM 24. Mrs. Thomas Alford, given name Ida, says she is the daughter of David and Margaret Womack of Pike Co., Arkansas. Her grandfather was Wade H. Womack who married Sarah McFarland, and her great-grandfather was Michael Womack. She wants to know more about her family. [Would this be the same Michael Womack whose name appears in the Tennessee list of Soldiers, War of 1812? See page 13, June, 1957, issue of WOMACK GENEALOGY. If the same, write to Old Records Division, National Archives, Washington 25, D. C., for more information. Please send us a copy of material received.)

ITEM 25. Bartha Mae Smith says she is the granddaughter of Robert A. Womack who came from North Carolina and married Lizzie Sheppard in Texas. She would like to know more about her branch of the family.

ITEM 26. Charles Edward Womack, b. 5-28-1905, died in a plane crash 12-31-1954 near Ramer, Ala., the son of Mrs. W. W. Womack and the late Mr. Womack of Franklin Co. Tenn. Charles Edward Womack and Lena R.[the writer omitted her own maiden name] were married June 22, 1929. Their one child Martha was born 10-14-1932. She married Robert Eugene Garrett. Charles Edward had siblings [brothers and sisters] Robert Henry, Ollie B., A. C., and Mrs. Jack Statum.

ITEM 27. Mr. Sam Cate Lawrence states that the progenitor of his Lawrence line was Thomas Lawrence, Revolutionary soldier of Virginia, whose wife was Lucy Womack or Wommack, daughter of Henry and Patsy (Puckett) Wommack.

ITEM 28. John R. Womack says he has brothers Wiley H. and David N. He may have other brothers and sisters but mentioned these. They are descendants of the Franklin Co., Tenn., family. Wiley was born there in 1883. John R. wants James Womack of Whitt, Texas, to be notified about WOMACK GENEALOGY. [Is he a brother, too?]

ITEM 29. John S. Stubblefield wants to know the maiden name of wife of Abraham Womack, Prince Edward Co., Va., 1755; Orange Co., N. C., 1765.

ITEM 30. From H. C. Womack we have the following: Lee A. Womack, 1859-1911, had brothers James, George Pierce, Bransford, William, Asbury. Lee A. Womack had sons Elijah Bascom (1879-1955), Robert Munsey (1883- ), John Wesley (1891-1911), Martin Luther (1893-1934). Elijah Bascom Womack had sons Carrol Grady (b. 1900), Hubert Clay (b. 1907), Merle L. (b. 1908), Udell (b. 1913).

ITEM 31. Mr. W. Reed Nuttall writes: "My descent from the Womack family is as follows: W. Reed Nuttall, son of William Albert Nuttall, son of Juliet Wall

Page 31

Nuttall. daughter of Nancy Haws Wall, daughter of Isabelle Wommack, born 23 April 1800 or 26 Sept. 1802 in Logan Co., Ky., married William Haws who was born 27 July 1789 in Buncombe Co., N. C. Isabelle died 8 July 1863 at Provo, Utah. She and her husband were the parents of Nancy, Eliza, Emily, Betty, Marion and Abner. She was the daughter of Abner Wommack and Nancy Reed. Abner was born 7 Jan. 1764, Prince Edward Co., Va. He and Nancy Reed were married 24 Sept. 1787, and he died 1846 in Ky. He was a Revolutionary War veteran from N. C. and a pensioner from Butler Co., Ky. His father was Abraham Wommack."

ITEM 32. Miss Avon F. Clepper is the granddaughter of John Tipton Womack. She can furnish a list of his descendants, and wishes to know more about the family.

ITEM 33. Miss Lillian Womack says: "I believe that you are in error in stating that William Womack is believed to be the ancestor of all the Womacks in the United States today. Some years ago I was browsing in the Genealogical Room of the Charles Newberry Library in Chicago. In the Virginia Section I found a book listing settlers in Virginia in 1619. Archer Womack was listed but no other Womacks. My father was Archer Womack of Greenup County, Kentucky. Also, my great-great-grandfather was named Archer Womack. He was born in 1797 in Virginia, later moving to Greenup County, Kentucky. We therefore have reason to believe that Archer Womack of Jamestown was our first ancestor in the United States. [Interesting data, but new to me. Please furnish book title and page number so we can verify it.] In the same library I found a book listing American names of Anglo-Saxon derivation. This said Womack was derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Wyff-Maeg or Wyf-mann which means wife man or husband. The name Warnock was not so listed; therefore, I do not believe it is the same name. [Again, we need book and page reference. Warnock is not the same as Womack, although Womack is sometimes spelled Warmock or Wormack, and Womack is sometimes misread as Wornack or Warnack, etc. The two names not only are almost spelled alike, but they are pronounced almost alike. If the two names are found in same county, it would be wise to copy data on both.] I also found a book which listed two Womacks whose wills were probated in the 1640's in Virginia. [Book and page number, please.]"

ITEM 34. Mr. Glenn Womac cites the East Tennessee edition of the History of Tennessee, printed in 1887, as proof of his family tree. The earliest name mentioned was Alexander Womac, b. 1802 in Cocke Co., Tenn., m. Mary Neal, date and place not mentioned. They lived in Rutherford Co., N. C., when their eldest of six children, James A. Womac, was born July 14, 1822. The family returned to Tennessee in 1839, settled first in Bradley County, then McMinn County "during the war." Thomas M. Womac was a son of James A., and Felix was the son of Thomas and the father of Glenn, the writer. This family holds a reunion every year at Calhoun, Tennessee. For further details see above-mentioned History of Tennessee, (The town of Riceville, named for the family of Grantland Rice is near Calhoun. Once our publisher, Walter Womack, met Grantland Rice. Mr. Rice's comment, when hearing the name Womack, was: "Womack? I have a Womack in my family line. The early censuses of counties near Calhoun and Riceville, Tennessee, reveal the possibility of a connection between these two families. MWW).

(To be continued next issue)

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