Published 1957-1960, Volumes I-IV

During the years of 1957 thru 1960, there was a Womack Family Association founded and maintained by a group of Womack's in Tennessee. People across the country, interested in Womack genealogy, joined and every six months they received a copy of the WOMACK GENEALOGY newsletter. It was chock full of information and research on Womack's, primarily from the states of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. As well as providing research information, it also provided an Exchange Department where members could write about their family trees and hopefully hook up with some long lost relatives. Sort of an early newsgroup, so to speak.

For four years the association published WOMACK GENEALOGY. Then in 1960, due to some founding members leaving and membership dropping, it was decided to disband the association and stop publication.

I never knew that such a group had ever existed let alone published a newsletter. I guess not being born at the time helped to keep me in the dark. Then, Sam Womack happened to send me some text files that he had scanned into his computer from an original set of the WOMACK GENEALOGY volumes. I was amazed at the amount of information each issue contained, and I am proud that such a group organized to promote the research of Womack genealogy. After reading through all the volumes, I felt that it was my clan duty to translate the raw text files into web pages. Not only so that other researchers could have access to the information, but to also preserve such a wonderful and noble enterprise.

Below is an index to the volumes of the WOMACK GENEALOGY issues. Some have been formatted to match the original versions, and some are still raw text. I have taken some liberties in reformatting them using html constructs such as tables and headers, but I have gone to great lengths to maintain the original 'feel' of the newsletters. Also, I cannot personally vouch for any of the information contained in the newsletters. I assume that the members followed accepted family research protocols of the time, but you should probably go to the original sources for confirmation of any information.

Volume I (1957):


Number 1, Jun (#1)


Number 2, Dec (#2)

Volume II (1958):


Number 1, Jun (#3) (raw text, not formatted)


Number 2, Dec (#4) (raw text, not formatted)

Volume III (1959):


Number 1, Jun (#5) (raw text, not formatted)


Number 2, Dec (#6) (raw text, not formatted)

Volume IV (1960):


Number 1, Jun (#7) (raw text, not formatted)


Number 2, Dec (#8) (raw text, not formatted)


There are some important points to keep in mind when reading these HTML versions of the newsletters:

Special thanks go to Sam Womack (for translating the original newsletter to text files and providing the scanned images of the pictures), Roger Womack (for sending me a copy of the original newsletters that came in very handy for proofreading and layout), and to everyone that gave me feedback as I was putting them all together.


I would like to dedicate these online versions of WOMACK GENEALOGY to the officers of the Womack Family Association: Walter Womack, Oscar Womack, Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, William Perry Johnson, Mrs. R. L. Anderson and to all the former members of the Association. Without them none of this would have been possible in the first place. These HTML versions are presented for what they were meant from the beginning: tools to further our knowledge about the Womack surname.


If you are interested in viewing the copies of the original newsletters, they are available from the LDS library in Salt Lake City. You can borrow microfilm copies through your local Family History Center. The call number is listing in the WGN Bibliography under 'Womack Genealogy'. Please visit your local Family History Center for more information.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, or maybe some information about the Womack Family Association, please feel free to contact me at markwomack@womacknet.com, I would love to hear from you.

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