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Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 16:31:29 (PST)
Doretta Noland

To Frank Hubbard. I just read your post. I haven't been reading WGN posts daily since I haven't wanted to read all the extra garbage to find the good posts. I don't understand the high tech everyone is talking about to get rid of the garbage, but I am behind the getting rid of it. Frank, please send to me at my new email your snail mail address so I can mail you what little data that I have. I am always glad to share. Sorry I'm so late in reading your post. Doretta

Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 08:57:08 (PST)
Sandi Phillips

Well I must be doing something wrong because it won't let me sign-in on google, I keep getting the run around about my password.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 20:42:01 (PST)

Darrell and Judy
I didnt have anything to do with the new page -- that was Mark andRog, but thanks!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 20:07:00 (PST)
Barbara Ann {Merrill} Thomas

Good evening. I would like to touch base with someone from my Birth Family.
Her Name:ElizabethAnne Walters Womack. She lived in Vallejo,Cal. in 1946 married Billy Jo Womack in the Fall of that year.
Any Family member is welcome to e-mail me at anytime.
I will gladly respond to all Womack or Walters Families.
Sincerely, Barbara

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 16:33:58 (PST)
Darrel and Judy Womack
jwma @ comcast. net

We just signed up at google wgn. Looks like we might be able to beat the unwanted postings.

Thanks Roger, Mark, and Sam, you guys are the best thing that ever happened to WGN


Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 15:53:21 (PST)
Fred Womack

Robert Burke's suggestions sound like good solutions for the garbage problem.
Since he has offered to help implement the needed changes, please consider his offer. What ever you decide, WGN is a great resource. Thanks for your efforts!

Fred & Judy Womack

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 20:24:06 (PST)
Mark Womack

Hi All,

In response to the recent spam postings and to modernize the features of our message page, Roger and I have created a group discussion on Google Groups. You have to become a member of Google Groups in order to actually post a message (though anyone can read and search the archive) and you can use your existing email address (so you don't have to create yet another email address to use it). In addition, you can set up your account to read the messages on the web and/or get messages via email. And it's Google, so all messages are archived and searchable.

Anyway, this is a trial setup. We would like to have your opinions as to whether we should switch over to it for the official WGN message/discussion page. You can access it via this url:



Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 14:02:09 (PST)
Caveman Jack

I aggree with you that most of this is a spider crawling the web. The program has infiltrated other message boards on the web also. Several blog sites are effected also and we are not the only ones complaining. Some blog sites are now doing the password bit and like you say it's a mess to contend with. As you are aware that ALL e-mail addys on the WGN have been compromised by collector programs and the same solution you suggest for the message board will work for them as well. E mail bots work on web pages because as you say the spiders are not designed to read an encoded photo only a valid e mail address. I once suggested that members omit something or added a space in their posted adress because this fools the program with false info. We would all have to aggree as to what we would do. I used a GIF for my e mail addy when I last had a web page up.
Made the mistake of putting my correct addy on my first web page and it took me months to get rid of the spam. I for one do not want my e mail address floating around the entire web. The truth is the web is becoming a melting pot of morons and idots that try to implant their trash whereever they find a chink in a program.
To those that have web pages there are programs to hide your e mail addys and there are programs that prevent others from hijacking your domain. If you own a domain check with your hosting for guard against this. Hey it happens every day.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 12:35:02 (PST)
Robert Burke

To follow up on the abuse of the WGN message board, I found an interesting article that describes the problem:


This abuse has several names such as "link spam", "blog spam", etc.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 11:33:35 (PST)
Robert Burke

Regarding the vandalizing of the WGN web site with dozens of posts that have nothing to do with Womack genealogy -

This is probably not being done directly by a human being, but by a computer program (called "spiders") which looks for "unprotected" boards and then the program posts whatever garbage the program's writer wants. This guy is probably posting thousands of messages on many different boards, which means he is probably not doing it manually.

There are a few ways to defeat such programs. One is to password protect the site. In other words, a person has to log on with a password in order to post, but they do not need a password to read. This solution is probably the best for stopping garbage posts, but it creates a lot of administrative headaches.

An easier way to defeat the program is to have picture of something on the "Post a Message" page, and a box next to it labled "What is shown in this picture?" where the person who wants to post types in what the picture is. For example, have a small picture of a cat. Unless the person types "cat" in the box next to the picture, they cannot post (this can be done with a little bit of script code to validate the data from the form). This works because a computer program does not "see" a picture in the same way a human does. Just change the picture every couple weeks in case the person who wrote the program notices that his program does not work with this board any more.

Another way to stop garbage posts is to have the validation script code search the message body for the word "Womack" (or some valid variation thereof) and not let the user post if their message has nothing to do with Womack genealogy.

I am a computer programmer and I know how to do this stuff, so I can provide the code needed to fix the "Post a Message" page, just let me know.

This should stop most garbage posts that are really coming from programs, and not people.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 10:57:31 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Thanks Rog!!!
Hope it stays clean for awhile....A lot os us have done reporting to appropriate government and law enforcement acencies--now anyone got the addy for InterPol??

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 08:45:47 (PST)
Roger Womack

Forgive me for not being on top of these postings. I have removed them and I will bring all the archives up to date as soon as possible. I need to go through and edit all of them. Mar 2005 - Dec 2005 will be in the Archives soon.
The new message page starts Jan 2006. Thanks, Roger.

Monday, March 20, 2006 at 22:22:14 (PST)
Frank Hubbard

This is for Doretta Noland. Doretta, I saw an old posting of your,s that mentioned the John & Sally Hubbard family. I am descended from them through Richard, who married Patsy Jones. Would really like to exchange information with you.
Best Everm
Frank Hubard

Monday, March 20, 2006 at 20:41:52 (PST)
Bob Moore

Sam, Caveman Jack, & list: This morning I sent another complaint to the FTC. Now
I await a response. I plan to send another one tomorrow. Bob

Sunday, March 19, 2006 at 20:26:10 (PST)
Toungue-in-cheek Sam
last-wikieup @ podunkcreek.com

Atta boy Caveman, I traced one to Madrid Spain. Idiot using proxy servers to hide true IP - perhaps we should go after the proxy server people that allow these criminals to exist. Everyone that uses this regularoly should file complaints, some of us already have -- people like this think they cannot be found - but those cyber tracer guys for law enforcement agencies got some a
lot slicker than these will ever be...Ole Beffy-Poo has already reported to her FBI son...so wheels are rolling...

I would suggest you felons cease and desist unless your next few years are without privilege of a computer -- perhaps the rest of your life..

Sunday, March 19, 2006 at 20:05:16 (PST)
Caveman Jack
Oldcave @home

To those who are engaged in malicious and illegal posting to the WGN message board. YOU are engaged in BANDWIDTH THEFT an illegal act that is a felony and can and will be punishable by law. Your post, some concerning porn sites and others doing advertising have all been reported to the proper authorities in respect to their content.
You are asked to cease immediately before legal action becomes necessary. The WGN message board is for exchange of genealogical information of the members only.
Wherein WGN is a copyrighted publication the Message Board is a part of a web publication, copyright laws also apply because bandwidth is required to post to same.
There is now route tracing in progress to eventually discover your true ISP with which we can learn your true identity so the proper action can be taken.
I am encouraging you to let your voice be heard in filing complaints to the following reporting sites. The more voices heard in complaints the faster this issue will be resolved.
http://www.fcc.gov/be/oip/Welcome.html Obscenity, INDECENCY and Profanity
SPAM@UCE.GOV SPAM@UCE.GOV Unwanted advertisement
http:www.ftc.gov and find the form needed to file your complaint.
http:www.fbi.gov search for cyber crime, white collar and other that may apply.
Each page has copyright protection by virtue of being published, as long as the textual content is your original creation. This applies whether there is a copyright notice displayed or not. You cannot legally post to a published web site without authorization to do so is a breach of copyright laws and can constitute theft of bandwidth.
https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01 complaint form for FTC located here.
If you have visited any of the links posted by the morons who are doing this please report the content in your complaint.. I suggest that you DO NOT visit any of the links they post.
Caveman Jack, The Neanderthal Geek

Sunday, March 19, 2006 at 14:33:20 (PST)
Marti Anderson

Charles D. Womack, W. W. Womack, Samuel R. Womack, and Robert Womack are men whose names appear in research that I compiled on miners in the Boulder County area. I am writing a book and would like to learn the relationship, if any, between the men.

Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 13:21:37 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

I dont doubt that there are a few documents lying out there somewhere; as well
as some diaries, Bibles, etc locked away in some musty old trunk. It was in a musty old trunk I found the tintype of my GG-GF and one for a son I didnt know
existed...letters and post cards written in the 1870's plus...Unfortunately my
aunt, knowing my dad said I could have the trunk, gave it to my sister who dumped all the contents...I should not have played the nice guy when I found all those cards and took them then and there --

I found a tentative record of an Elizabeth Womack, daughter of a Thomas of London, who came to the colonies in Aug 1620 - apparently as a "mail order" bride....She married a soldier, Sergeant William Sharp/e..had two sons by the time of the first census in 1623 methinks. Later Sharpe apparently died and she remarried a Packer/Parker. She was married to him a short time then she shows up married to a Baugh - During some of the time after Sharpe died and she
married Baugh - she had some headrights - I have seen one of them on the VA library images - However, I saw so Womack as headright...If she was truly a Womack, then she may well have been the first to set foot over here -- Most of the leads in this area came from Baugh and Sharpe researchers...

Also looking thru the images I found, and curse me for not taking down the
location, a James or John Wom...rest not readable and a Charles Womack [at least appears so]as headrights, same document and it was well before the 1673 document for Richard - I did send the URL to a couple people for verification of what I thought I had seen -- However, know not what was done with that...The images are quite numerous and some mostly illegible - would take a long time to sort thru all of them --if I find that one again, will copy and send to you to see what you can make of it...

Anyway, I know, as well as you, not every document has been brought out of the dungeons yet.

Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 10:46:16 (PST)
Robert E. Moore

Sam & Others: Thanks for all the research and sharing of information you do.I read on a regular basis for information on DNA results. It seems to me our male Womack y-dna testees might consider doing further testing on their haplotypes. I know it is expensive but perhaps information may be obtained that could be used on resolving differences in the three lines. We are some 350 years past the time our Womack ancestors lived in Virginia and I don't know what the chances are for more documents to surface that would help in resolving some of these questions. I recall someone wrote a letter that was published in the 1950s Womack Magazine about having seen an old Womack Will from the 1630s in a library in Chicago. I have never seen any thing published on follow up of this possibility. And I have never visited Chicago. Perhaps someone on the list may live in the Chicago area and could visit the city library there and research the possible existence of such a will. Thoughts.

Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 09:36:05 (PST)

I copied this from Robert Burke's page with the final results of our DNA Testing..Hopefully after some of you male Womacks seeing this, or females with a male Womack cousin, uncle, etc..would be interested in haveing the testing done also. We do need a larger sampling,

Interpretation of Results
I know some people are not going to like this, but we have three very distinct Womack halotypes. What this means, is that there is no way whatsoever that these three groups are genetically related. Furthermore, the "split" seems to go very far back, to colonial Virginia. It is very possible that Abraham, Richard, and John were not related by blood. Rather, they may have been adopted, possibly by the elusive William "the Immigrant" Womack.

This is what another person had to say about some of the probable causes for "splits."

"I have to believe that adoption was a major cause of the diverse results for Colonial VA families, although we don't really have any hard evidence. Up until 1750 there was a low ratio of women to men. People had short lifespans due to the many tropical diseases. If a husband died, the widow would marry very quickly. Some of the children could take on the new surname for whatever reason. This might be even more likely, if a posthumous child was born inside the new marriage."

[Sams Note: There was one family where, in his will the head of household stated: "William Allen who commonly uses
the name William Womack." This William had a brother and sister that interchanged names also.]

Richard Womack and Mary Elizabeth Puckett
In this group, Ernest's DNA is most like the others. If you do not include DYS-385b (which is not used to compare people), then Alvis is an exact match with Ernest. Darrell is one difference away from Ernest, and Roger and Carlos are each two differences away. Sam's results are the most problematic. I think this is a result of mishandling of his sample by DNA Heritage, that it was allowed to sit for too long before the lab actually tested it. Hopefully Sam will get tested again, because I think his results will fall in line with the rest of the Richard group, since he already matches the rest of the group on most of his markers.

[Sams Note: I did retest and the results throw me closer in line with the others than before.]

Abraham Womack and Sarah Worsham
This is the most consistent group. Basically, Jack, Mark, and Steve are exact matches. Paul and Alton are exact matches, and differ from Jack/Mark/Steve by just one marker. So this forms a pretty tight group. Jack has concluded that Thomas A. Womack (who was married to Louvisa Rice) was a descendant of Abraham Womack and Sarah Worsham. This comes from Jack's research, his involvement in the Blanton project, and this project.

John Womack and Mary Akin

Warren and Fred differ by three markers (not including DYS-385a and DYS-385b, which are not used in comparisons, and which the lab never finished for Fred anyhow). As with Sam's test, I think Fred's test was mishandled, and I think a second test might show fewer differences between Fred and Warren.

[Fred did retest, but havent seen his results yet, Sam].

Friday, March 17, 2006 at 07:23:59 (PST)
Sandi Phillips

Good Morning All:

You know I get on here and read the new messages almost every morning - and it amazes me beyond belief how much information there is being exchanged - I am just getting started in this - so I cannot even imagine the hours and monies that have been spent by all of you researchers on gathering this information, that you so freely give out to those interested, with very little thanks coming back to you...SO HATS OFF TO YOU "REAL" RESEARCHERS - YOU ARE THE BLOODLINES OF OUR FAMILY NAME "WOMACK"....AND HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY....STAY SAFE...

Eternally grateful

Friday, March 17, 2006 at 03:06:30 (PST)

Debbie Amarillo is in Potter Co./Randall Co.

Here is your William Samuel Womack's parents

William Jefferson Womack born 1 Feb 1833 Washington Co., AR married 1st Mary Nelson Ensey 13 MArch 1856 Jack Co.,TX (Mary Nelson Ensey was your William Samuels Womack's mother)married 2nd Louiza J. Jackson 20 July 1876 Jack Co., TX married 3rd 3 July 1889
William Jefferson Womack died 29 Sep 1889 Jack Co., TX his tombstone has been stolen from his grave in Hutchins Cemetery located in JAck Co., TX here is the names in that cemetery

Jack County Texas -Hutchins Cemetery

Brisco, William Co D 33rd Tx Cav.
Brisco, Nancy Fannie Feb 14, 1856 Jun 2, 1943
Brisco, George No Dates
Brisco, Geneva No Dates
Brisco, Son of Milton Oct 5, 1947 Oct 5, 1947
Brisco, Mrs. Oct 19, 1902
Buckner, Neaty Bell Mar 13, 1883 Dec 14, 1898
Buckner, Elizabeth Nov 1818 Nov 26, 1882
Burns, Lucinda Age 62 years Dec 20, 1898
Burns, Dr. H. C. Dec 4, 1834 Jan 21, 1914
Cope, Martha Mar 30, 1839 Jan 22, 1901
Cope, Andrew J. Sep 1, 1878 Jan 17, 1901
Cope, Luculios Dec 27, 1869 Feb 3, 1890
Cope, Bryon M. Dec 31, 1865 May 31, 1891
Hutchins, Inf of Jim Jan 17, 1902 Jan 17, 1902
Hutchens, Isabell C. Dec 30, 1860 Dec 19, 1896
Hutchins, Louis C. Jun 7, 1886 Nov 28, 1951
Jackson, Lorena Jan 9, 1919 Sep 9, 1956
King, Margaret Jane Mar 8, 1890 Mar 16, 1876
King, Charles Otis Feb 13, 1890 Apr 1, 1898
Ledbetter, Elizabeth Feb 4, 1883 Nov 14, 1911
Miller, Margaret Aug 26, 1835 Sep 29, 1927
Miller, Infant Aug 4, 1908 Aug 4, 1908
Miller, Baby of Mary No Dates
Miller, J. A. Mar 11, 1820 Age 62 years
Pierce, William July 7, 1922 July 7, 1922
Pierce, Catherine Feb 20, 1937 Jun 11, 1943
Pierce, Louis Zack Jan 13, 1903 Jan 5, 1968
Snow, William H. Co I 16th Texas Calvery
Snow, Jim R. Oct 10, 1845 Jan 8, 1936
Womack, William J. 19th Tx Cav. Co. F Walkers Div.
Womack, Infant Aug 27, 1924 Aug 27, 1924

Friday, March 17, 2006 at 02:53:50 (PST)

Debbie that would be William Jefferson Womack line William jefferson Womack was my 3rd great grandfather his wife Mary Nelson Ensey my 3rd great grandmother I am directly connected to your line

Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 23:48:44 (PST)
Debby B. Reyes

Would any one be familar with this Womack Line
1-Mr. Womack b. AR
+Mrs. Womack b. TN
|--2-William S. Womack b. Sep 1864, TX
+Canary b. 1880, TX
|--3-Afred Womack b. Jul 1897, Elk Twp., Washita Co., OK
|--3-Ida O. Womack b. 1900, Elk Twp., Washita Co., OK
|--3-William Walter Womack b. 23 Mar 1901, Elk Twp., Washita Co., OK
| +Maggie Mulvina Allen b. 9 Jan 1901, Vernon, TX, par. Mr. Allen and Mrs.
| Allen
| |--4-David C. Womack b. 1924, Wood Co., TX
| |--4-Verna Lee Womack b. 26 Nov 1926, Wood Co., TX, d. 23 Jul 1998,
| | Lubbuck, TX, bur. 23 Jul 1998, Resthaven Memorial Park, Lubbuck, TX
| +Robert Charles Bivins b. 14 Aug 1926, Amarillo, Lubbuck Co., TX, d.
| Oct 1992, Amarillo, Lubbuck Co., TX, m. 1950, Clayton, N.M., par.
| Silas Zell Bivins and Francis Emily Millinger
|--3-Edward R. Womack b. 1903, Elk Twp., Washita Co., OK
|--3-Ada Womack b. 1905, Elk Twp., Washita Co., OK
|--3-Ernest C. Womack b. 1907, Elk Twp., Washita Co., OK
|--3-Allie M. Womack b. 1909, Elk Twp., Washita Co., OK

Thank you
Debby B. Reyes

Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 12:15:07 (PST)
samsawadee msn.com

While woring with the 1900 census for Paulding Co GA - I ran across this family not on Ancestry's index. So posting it herein case any one recognizes and needs the info:

MATTHEW M1 WOMACK was born Abt. 1838 in GA. He married MARINDA. She was born Abt. 1865 in GA.

Both parents born GA per census.
All family info from 1910, Burnt Hickory, Paulding Co, GA

Notes for MARINDA:
Both parents born GA per census.

Children of MATTHEW WOMACK and MARINDA are:
i. JESSE2 WOMACK, b. Jan 1888, GA.
ii. WALTER G WOMACK, b. Aug 1890, GA; m. LULA; b. 1892, GA.

1910 Census, Burnt Hickory, Paulding Co GA for wife and child.[Effie b, Dec 1899.]

iii. SEABORN R WOMACK, b. Jun 1891, GA.
iv. EVA WOMACK, b. Apr 1893, GA.
v. BELLE S WOMACK, b. Jun 1895, GA.
vi. MATTHEW M WOMACK, b. May 1896, GA.
vii. FREDDIE B? WOMACK, b. Jul 1899, GA.

Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 06:51:54 (PST)
Darrel and Judy Womack

Susan and Sam

I have the book by Helen Ring Womack, The Womack Trail. If any one needs a look-up be happy to help, got the book from Helen a few years ago.
Might take a look at my web page, has my line McCarty and Darrels line Womack.
It is interesting McCarty and Womack have some of the same names in there history. Darrel and I had wondered which line came to the coloies first, Womack abt.1650 VA, McCarty 1749 VA, He won. If you see a correction needed let me know.
I enjoy reading the WGN ever morning, and it is nice to see Jack back on line. Sam keep up the good work, thanks again for the help you have given me in the past, and wish to thank you for those that do not thank you.


Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 05:25:37 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Derrell, Thanks

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 23:50:07 (PST)
dsrobinson2 @ cox.net

Hey Sam if you have the right Joseph S Womack he is down as Josiah on the 1900 Census in Paulding Co.,GA a whole family of Womacks on one page

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 19:37:07 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

I think that bok is available on Amazon.com - no bids either

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 19:32:24 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Is the dude?
JOSEPH S2 WOMACK (MATTHEW MARION1) was born Abt. 1882 in GA?, and died Abt. 1961.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 18:16:16 (PST)
Emmett Womack

Sam, the Sam Womack That I was looking for was Joseph Sam Womack and he died in Terrell Co.Georgia in 1957. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 18:05:54 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

thanks for posting that. I knew Helen from mail, regular, and phone conversations - the last one I had with her was a number of years ago after her husband died - then later on the phone number was blank as if she had passed away also - she was a very meticulous researcher, looked for documation and would be a great asset if she were alive today..The book would be a treasure for one that would want it...but check LDS you may be able to see it it an FHC or on microfilm -

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 16:47:24 (PST)
Susan (Womack) Owens

Up for auction on eBay...I thought someone here might be interested. I don't think is this part of my line. If it turns out to be, I will graciously accept a couple of 'look ups' for pointing the winner in the right direction..




Item number: 5677635388

The Womack Trail From Virginia To Texas by Helen Ring Womack - covers 1674-1982, Womack family and allied families Carney, Gish/Gisch, Daniel, Pearcy, Clevenger, McPahil/McPhaill, Hollingsworth, Dunavant/Dunnavant, Ring-Barbee.

9" x 11.5" Hardcover, 649pp (weighs almost 5 pounds) , inscription on front end paper, published 1988, illustrated with photos, records, family trees, maps, marriage licenses, etc.

Excellent condition, no damage, clean.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 08:15:14 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Glad to see your smiley back with us - I know we have made some small amount of correspondence; but there have been a lot of people wondering about you. For your privacy, and since you didnt say I could blab, I kept me mouf shut on your progress.

We need your input on a lot of things; not only on that DNA stuff. A few of us have tried to keep the old ball rolling with a small amount of success..Your added input will greatly enhance WGN.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 08:11:24 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

I dont know how many of you have tried FTM 2006. I recently installed it and it
installed smoothly, no glitches over Version 11.

I like the function that allows one to look for web results on Ancestry direct from the program -- I have found some good information and made some corrections based on those results. The ability to merge directly from Ancestry is a welcome function.

I was a little set back on the copy and paste as there is no way thru the file function - ran a query and the good ole ctrl-c and ctrl-v comes up.
However you can copy with the normal function from other sources; then use the
ctrl-v to paste into the notes field on FTM. Use the ctrl-c to copy notes from FTM then the normal paste to notepad, word pad, e-mail or other document.

I am not too happy with the gray color scheme - but someday will find how to change that to a more appealing color, If any of you who use 2006 has that figured out; let me know.

I also find the merges work somewhat better than before..not perfect; but better.

If you dont have the program and want to putchase it; dont go all out - get the
29.95 Essential version - it has plenty of toys to keep you busy. I think youcan now include photos in your genealogy reports - will advise later for sure on that. Again, if anyone out there has a bit more experience than I on 2006, let us know!

One suggestion: get an external hard drive - whether ready made or put together yourself. Save your FTM data on it - it will set up an icon on the desktop that goes direct to the external. Computer crashes, FTM is safe. Of course that would apply to other genealogy programs and files as well.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 22:09:23 (PST)
Jack Womack
None at present

Hi gang
Today is my first day to read the messages since I had my health problem. For those who don't know I had emergency abdominal surgery Oct 29,2005 and had a heart attack and quit breathing while on the table. They were able to revive me after some time and I woke up Oct 30 in ICU strapped down on a chinese torture rack they caled a ventilator. My health is steadily improving and I can again spend time at the computer. ( I had a strange outof body experience during this)From what I read a lot has been going on with various researchers, Nice.
Read in Sunday paper where Mary Price Womack the wife of T W "Jack" Womack of Midland Tx had passed away. I am often confused with T W when people are trying to locate him. T W was a long time resident of Odessa where he was in the advertising business 40 years. Anyone wanting to contact T W can contact me and I will pass it on. Midland is only 20 miles from Odessa where I live.
The many questions on the DNA test will require some time to answer but don't let that deter you. I will post the complete obit if anyone is interested. I myself had lost track of T W and plan on contacting him, may be a "lost" cousin.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 03:40:12 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Sometimes when we are searching for our "cestahs," we may run out of name options to look at. Below are names you will get when inputting WOMACK, WARMACK and others under soundex. Dont discount any of them as Beth and I have found out lately[mostly Beth].

Walmack, Wilmack and Wolmack, any variation.

Soundex-W520-Womack gives below:
Wamac, Wamach, Wamack,Wammack, Wamuck, Wammuck, Wamec, Wamic, Wamick,
Wamoc, Wamock, Wammock, Wamox, Waymack, Waymock, Wemack, Womecke, Womic,
Womacks, Womacque, Womak, Wommak, Womax, Womeck, Womecke, Womic, Womick,
Wommick, Womock, Wommock, Womuck, Wommuck, Wumac, Wumack, Wummack, Wyomack.

From England still W520:
Waimich, Wamuke, Waymak, Waymouch, Wemock Weymack, Weymeck, Whomac, Whomack,
Whomic, Whomach, Whymach, Whymock, Wimack, Wimick, Wimock, Wimmock, womacke,
Womaks, Womek, Womocke, Womok, Womakc, Womvck, Wommacke, Wommake, Wommocke,
Woomacke, Woomock, Woommock, Woommax, Woymmocke,

Wombeck [German]



Wormach, Wormack, Wormick, Wormeck, Wormik, Wornmack, Woormmack,
Woormmock, Wornack, Wornuck Wornick...

These lists may not be all inclusive; but are names I have ran across
that are closely enough related to take a look at...Waymack and Wymark
may be separate and unrelated to Womack = But look at them anyway -
you never know...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 02:32:09 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

A little trivia for you:
Fort Smith Criminal Records
Last First Charge Year Jacket Aka Etal Unk
Womac Will Liquor 1891 481 - - W520
Womack Nep Liquor 1895 481 - E W520
Womack Will Larceny 1896 481 - E W520
Wammack Asbury O Rob Mail 1903 549 - - W520 [see note]
Warmack Ben Liquor 1896 337 Bramlet, John W652
Warmack Renee Liquor 1896 336 Bramlett, John W. W652
Wormack Bence Liquor 1895 481 - - W652
Wormack Bence Liquor 1896 481 E - W652
Wormack C.W. Larceny 1901 552 - - W652

NOTE: Asbury Overall Womack, b. Nov 21 1865, Benton AR, d. Apr 27 1936, AR
Wife: Verda ? b. abt 1862 GA?
Parents: William and Elizabeth Jane Harrell Womack
Grandparents: Richard and Matilda Lee Moxley Womack
GG-Grandparents: Elijah and Elizabeth Patterson Womack
GGG-Grandparents: Richard and Rachel ? Womack
GGGG-Grandparents: Alexander and Martha ? Womack [my 6th greats]
GGGGG-Grandparents: Richard and Elizabeth Ann Puckett Womack
GGGGGG-Greatgrandparents: Richard and Mary Elizabeth Ruth Puckett Womack
And if Exists: Willy the Emmy-grunt

Monday, March 13, 2006 at 17:51:38 (PST)


I forgot to add George Washington Womack's 1850 census record:

1850 Tazewell Co., IL Roll 129
Page 143A, House 1981
37 Warmick Washington 40 M W Farmer 0 KY
38 Warmick Nancy 40 F W TN
39 Warmick Elizabeth 17 F W IL
40 Warmick Franky Ann 15 F W IL
41 Warmick Nancy Ann 12 F W IL
42 Warmick Sheppard 4 M W IL
1 Warmick Jane 1 F W IL

IL, Pope County, Walnut Shade P.O., Roll 220, Book 1, P.225
Green B. Womach, age 28 b. 1832 IL
Sarah H., age 23 KY
Wm. H., 11 mos. IL
Geo. W., age 40 TN ****
Shepard L., age 13 IL
Calvin L., age 10 IL

Monday, March 13, 2006 at 16:36:20 (PST)

OK, Sam, Dudette Beth is gonna post!

Hi Peggy!

I don't believe there is a John Newton Womack. In the past, someone has combined Newton Womack's name with John G. Womack's name and caused the confusion. To add to the confusion, there are several Shepherds and at least four Greens!

Here are the Green Womacks:

1830 Cave In Rock Twp., Gallatin Co., IL Roll 22 Page 262, line 16
Wommack Rebecca Rebecca Parker Womack?
1-female 50-69
1-male 30-39
1-male 20-29
1-female 15-19
1-male 5-9

Page 263, line 8
Warmack Green
1-male 40-49
1-female 30-39
1-female 15-19
1-male 10-14
1-male 5-9
2-females 5-9
1-male 0-4

1840 Shelby Co., IL Roll 70
Page 176, Line 1
176 Green Womack
1- male 50-59
1-female 30-39
1 male 5-9
1-female 5-9
3- males 0-4
1 female 0-4

Note the places of birth in the following census records:

1850 Shelby Co., IL p. 104A, HH 105
33 Wammock Green 62 M W Wheelright 0 SC d. 1872 Unionville, Putman Co., MO,
34 Wammock Aconas ? 50 F W TN Agnes Galeon (Cunningham per family Bible) d. 1873 Unionville, Putman Co., MO
35 Wammock Acey 17 M W Farmer IL
36 Wammock Alexander 15 M W Farmer IL Alexander Selkirk Womack
37 Wammock Talitha 8 F W IL

1860 Jackson Twp., Putman Co., MO
Green Wamick, age 72, b. 1787 GA
Annis Wamick, age 61 b. 1798 NC

1870 Jackson Twp., Putman Co., MO
Green Warmack, age 83, b. GA
Agnes Warmack, age 70, b. NC

Does anyone know for sure who this one was?

1850 Fayette Co., IL Roll 106
Page 352B, House 241
Wormick Green F 26 M W Farmer 400 KY d. 26 Nov 1862 Fayette Co., IL
Wormick Dora A 30 F W NC
Wormick William 6 M W IL
Wormick Jacob Sears 5 M W IL
Wormick Sarah A 3 F W IL
Wormick John P 1 M W IL

Green's age on the 1860 Sharon Twp., Fayette Co., TN census is 40, b. IL, but the image is illegible. On the same census page, there is a Francis Gramick, age 42, b. KY, indexed, and again, the page is really a bad copy. I'm using Heritage Quest for census records. Maybe Ancestry.com has the names in both households indexed.

Then we have your Green Womack. I agree with you that your Green Womack was the son of James Womack and Margaret Bowers, based the following census records:

IL, Pope County, Walnut Shade P.O., Roll 220, Book 1, P.225
Green B. Womach, age 28 b. 1832 IL
Sarah H., age 23 KY
Wm. H., 11 mos. IL
Geo. W., age 40 TN
Shepard L., age 13 IL
Calvin L., age 10 IL

Walnut Shade PO, Popnut Shade P.O., Roll 220, Book 1, P.225
Green B. Womach, age 28 b. 1832 IL
Sarah H., age 23 KY
Wm. H., 11 mos. IL
Geo. W., age 40 TN
Shepard L., age 13 IL
Calvin L., age 10 IL

Walnut Shade PO, Pope Co., IL Series 653, Roll 220, Page 229
Shepherd F. Womack, age 33 b. TN Indexed as WOMACH
Lavinda, age 33, b. KY
Harriet F., age 7 b. IL
Missouri, age 4, b. IL
George P. O., age 2, b. IL
Sarah K., age 2 mos., b. IL

Walnut Shade PO, Pope Co., IL Series 653, Roll 220, Page 240
John G. Womack, age 36, b. TN Indexed as WOMACH
Emeline, age 37, b. TN
Margaret, age 14, b. TN
Sarah E., age 13, b. TN
Isham, age 11, b. IL
Jesse N., age 9, b. IL
Lucy A., age 8, b. IL
Martha A., age 4, b. IL
John F., age 2., b. IL

1870 Jackson Twp., Will Co., IL
Green B Womack, age 39, b. 1830 IL
Mary A Womack, age 39 b. 1830 Vermont
William H Womack, age 10, b. 1859 IL
Alice Womack, age 4, b. 1865 IL
Helen Womack, age 2, b. 1867 IL
Green Womack, age 4 mos., b, 1869 IL

1880 Fort Calhoun Twp., Washington Co., NE
Green B. WOMACK, age 49, IL NY NY
Josephine WOMACK, age 21 Wife IL NY CAN
Alice WOMACK, age 14, Dau IL IL MN
Helen WOMACK, age 12, Dau IL IL MN
Albert WOMACK, age 10, Son IL IL MN
Lucy WOMACK, age 8, Dau NE IL MN
Green B. WOMACK, age 6, Son NE IL MN
Edith WOMACK, age 5, Dau NE IL MN
Eunice WOMACK, age 6 mos., Dau NE IL MN

1900 Cooper Twp., Gentry Co., MO
Josephine Womack, age 41, b. IL
Eunice, age 20, b. NE
Minnie, age 15, b. NE
Josephine, age 12, b. MO
Robert L., age 10, b. MO
George H., age 5, b. MO

Based on son, George's age, Green must have died after 1895 Gentry Co., MO

1910 10-WD Omaha., Douglas Co., NE
Josephine, age 51, b. IL
Minnie, age 25, b. NE
Robert, age 20, b. MO
Herbert G., age 15 b. MO

The parents for Newton Womack and his brother, Green Womack are unknown, but according to DNA test results, Newton does not descend from Thomas and Louvisa. Here are the census records for Green (Greenberry) Womack, and his brother, Newton Womack (note on the 1880 Green was born in IL and Newton in TN. On the 1900 census, Green and Newton were both born in TN):

1880 Cave Twp., Franklin Co., IL p. 581B
Greene B. WOMACK, age 44, b. IL VA VA
Perlina WOMACK, age 34, b. TN VA VA
Louella WOMACK, age 6, b. IL IL TN
Robert WOMACK, age 4, b. IL IL TN
Ada M. WOMACK, age 1, b. IL IL TN
Martha FISHER, age 17 b. IL IL IL relationship: other


1880 Benton Twp., Franklin Co., IL p. 540C
Newton WARNOCK, age 39 b. TN TN TN
Sarah A. WARNOCK, age 28 b. MO SC TN
Golda G. WARNOCK, age 3 b. IL TN MO
Thos. A. BENNETT, age 12 b. IL TN MO Relationship: Son

Was Sarah Bennett married before she married Newton?

1900 Benton Twp., Franklin Co., TN
Weston Wornack, age 63, b. Mar 1837 TN TN IL NEWTON WOMACK
Sarah, age 44 b. Nov 1844 IL AL KY
Grace G., age 23 b. Dec 1876 IL (GOLDA GRACE)
Robert Henry, age 17 b. Dec 1883 IL __ TN NEPHEW


1900 Du Quoin Twp., Perry Co., IL
Greenberry Woarnack, age 63, b. Nov 1836 TN TN TN
Perlina, age 53, b. Nov 1846
Ada, age 20, b. Mar 1880
Dollie, age 14, b. Jun 1885
Maggie, age 10, b. Jul 1889

Here are the obits for Green and Newton (note the obit for Newton says he was born in TN and came to IL as a young man. It also says he is survived by Green Womack of DuQuoin, IL):

DuQuoin Evening dated October 15, 1920
G. B. Womac Dies at Anna This Morning. G. B. Womac died this morning at the Anna Hospital. Mr. Womac was 88 at time of death. He had been in ill health for some years preceeding his death and had been an inmate of the hospital for the past several years. Mr Womac was a residence of this city for a number of years and during his residence here he made for himself many friends among the DuQuion people. Mr Womac leaves to mourn his death one son Robert of Cambridge, Ohio, two daughters, Mrs Harry House and Mr Coe Melvin both of this city. Following the funeral ceremony the body will be interned in the Old Fellows Cemetery.

Pontiac Daily Leader, Feb 28, 1916, Pontiac, IL
Newton Womack Died Today. Newton Womack, aged 78 answered the death summons at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Grace Ellis, 613 east Livingston Street, this morning at about 7 o'clock. Article goes on to tell about him falling. The decedent was a native of Tennessee. He came to Illinois when a young man. He was married in Benton, IL 39 years ago. He is surivied by his aged wife, one son Joe Womack of Virden; one daughter Mrs Grace Ellis and a brother, Green Womack of DuQuoin, IL.

Monday, March 13, 2006 at 06:58:58 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Ok Dudettes and Dudes,
Just because we got that turkey infiltrating every day dont mean you cannot post also -- you aint gonna get no bugs!!! Comon down the information hiway!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 18:19:56 (PST)
Peggy Fuller

In regard to Beth's message of March 6, it would be easy to confuse the Green B. Womack who is the brother of John Newton with my great-great grandfather. His name is also Green B. Womack, born about 1832 in IL, and (I believe) brother of John G. and Shepard F. In 1860, my Green B. was living close to John and Shepard. The census shows:

IL, Pope County, Walnut Shade P.O., Roll 220, Book 1, P.225
Green B. Womack 28 IL
Sarah H. 23 KY
Wm. H. 11/12 IL
Geo. W. 40 TN
Shepard L. 13 IL
Calvin L. 10 IL

I think George is also their brother, since he is living with Green B. and has a son named Shepard L. George was born in TN as were John G. and Shepard F. In 1850, George was still living in Hardin County, the same place Margaret was with the rest of the family in 1840. I have not been able to find either Margaret or Green B. in 1850. The census for George in 1850 is:

IL, Hardin County, Township A, p. 4B
Wormack, G.W. 30 TN
" Nancy 34 TN
Kesterson, Elizabeth 16 IL
" Nancy 13 IL
" Mary 9 IL
Wormack, Shepherd 4 IL
" Elvira? 1 IL (This should be Calvin)

The only sources I can find for the Green B. referred to by Beth are the obituary and 1880 census posted on Roger's website and the 1920 Federal Census for Union Co., IL.

My Green B. lived in IL until about 1870, when he moved to NE. He had three wives, Sarah H., Mary Miller, and Josephine Miller (probably Mary's daughter). He had twelve children that I know of. I do not know when he died, sometime between 1885 and 1900, based on census information.

I would love to confirm that he is the son of James and Margaret since their lines seem to be well researched by all the dedicated Womack researchers! I was only able, after many years of futility, to finally discover Green B.'s name and location from Roger's website several years ago and have been remiss in thanking everyone for this wonderful resource.

Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 19:41:48 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

To all who use WGN.
For those of you who wonder what has happened to Roger; he is alive and well-busy as hell. I called him tonite and talked to him for about 15 mins - He will begetting into archiving and etc as soon as he can -- Remember, we all have other things that take our time and should not be impatient.As soon as he gets new responsibilities straightened out; he will be back.. You be patient, as I will be..

Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 14:27:34 (PST)
Susan (Womack) Owens

I ran across this on one of the genealogy websites. I contacted the person who posted it, and she can't tell me where she got it. It's a shot in the dark...but, does anybody have a clue as to who this family may be?

T B Wamack born 1697

T Wamack born 1730

Thomas Wamack born 1780 Alabama
married Levina Dinnis 29 JUN 1799 in Guliford NC

Gr. Grandson:
Theodore R Wamack born 1800 Alabama
married "unknown"

Gr. Gr. Grandsons:

1. T. B. Wamack born 1841 Alabama
married Ludemia Jane Gullion Wright in
1865 in Saltville, Smyth County, Virginia

Their children:

a. Ulysis S Grant WAMACK b: 5 MAY 1866 in Saltville Smythe Co VA
b. Willie R WAMACK b: 1868 in VA
c. Lucinda Bell WAMACK b: 1870 in VA
d. C. M. WAMACK b: 1873 in VA
e. Georgia WAMACK b: 1875 in VA

I think some of the above children moved to Ohio.

2. T H Wamack born 1838

3. John W. Wamack born 1835 in Georgia

Thanks... Susan

Friday, March 10, 2006 at 11:14:08 (PST)
Jacqueline Busby Cochran

My first listing.

Looking for the Children Charles Womack b. abt 1780 VA and Sarah 'Sally' McDaniel b. 1780 VA. Can anyone help?

Have information on their daughter Agness WOMACK b. 1810 VA. that I would be glad to share.

Thursday, March 09, 2006 at 22:10:47 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Sorry - forgot to use soundex:

Samuel Wammock 8 Dec 1900 Mar 1970 Atlanta, Dekalb, Georgia

Thursday, March 09, 2006 at 22:08:40 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

These are the only two on the Social Security Death index for GA:

Samuel D. Womack 6 Nov 1927 Sep 1995 Savannah, Chatham, Georgia
Samuel Womack 29 May 1906 Oct 1968 Cedartown, Polk, Georgia
I have a feeling the 1968 one may be right one?

Thursday, March 09, 2006 at 14:38:44 (PST)
Emmett J. Womack

Sam your reply was very much appreciated. Your information was exactly right.John and Mary summers Womack had one other son not on your list. Sam Womack d[ed in Terrell Co. Ga. sometime before Nicholas died. Thank you

Thursday, March 09, 2006 at 06:30:57 (PST)
Diana Lynn Walker Sphar
dlynn_walker @ yahoo.com

I filed the FTC report too.

What ever this person is doing it is not good.
Some of these listings look like ad's and some look like porn.

I would suggest that no one click on any of them.
The sites they link to could contain virus laden programs.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 at 07:58:27 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

A number of people have sent complaints to the FCC and FTC - One of the agencies
said the matter was being turned over to law enforcement agencies - have no idea
when we will see results - but hope soon...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 09:22:53 (PST)

If that is Louvisa there in IL - It sure blows a buncha genealogies that has
her deceased abt 1810 in Rutherford Co NC -- I think she left a will and I have
sent for a look-up thru the Rutherford Co GenWeb...

Monday, March 06, 2006 at 18:37:07 (PST)


Sam and I have been working the IL Womacks with one of our DNA participants, a descendant of Newton Womack, trying to find Newton's ancestors. His DNA indicates he does not descend from Thomas Womack and Louvisa Rice. It was previously thought by researchers that (John) Newton Womack and A. Green B. Womack (proven brothers) were the sons of James Womack and Margaret Bowers. This is not the case. They were born 1838 and 1839 in TN.

I found enough evidence to substantuate that John G. Womack, b. ca. 1823 IL, was the son of James Womack and Margaret Bowers. James Womack died before the 1840 census. Margaret is on the 1840 Hardin Co., IL census as head of HH. Abraham, Sr. brother of James, and Abraham, Jr. are also on that census.

IL Hardin, no township listed, roll 60
225 18 Warmick Abraham Sr 0000 00001 0000 0001 2 1 Ag
225 19 Warmick Abraham 2000 1 0100 1 5 1 Ag
225 22 Warmick Margaret
l-female 40-49 Margaret Bowers Womack
1-female 80-99 could this be Louvisa Rice Womack? She would be about 95!
1-male 15-19 probably John G. Womack
l-male 10-14 probably Shepherd Womack
l-female 10-14
l-male 5-9

Shepherd Womack was also a son of James and Margaret Bowers Womack. Margaret Bowers Womack is with Shepherd on the 1860 census.

James was the son of Thomas Womack and Louvisa Rice. You won't find this very often on Rootsweb's World Connect, but Thomas Womack was the son of Abraham Womack and Nancy Ann Blanton. Larry Miller has now changed his research on Rootsweb's World Connect to reflect Thomas's parents. But he hasn't added Archee/Archer Blanton as their son also, even thoorldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=fredmiller&id=I2104

Here are the census records (note Shepherd and John G. are three HH's apart on the 1850 census and still in the same township, same county on the 1860 census):

IL Pope, no township listed, roll 125
Page 252B, House 40
5 Wormack Shepherd 22 M W Farmer 0 TN
6 Wormack Lorinda 23 F W KY Her name is Laura on the 1880 census

Page 252B, House 43
23 Wormack John 27 M W Farmer 0 IL
24 Wormack Emily 23 F W IL
25 Wormack Margret 6 F W IL
26 Wormack Sarah 5 F W IL
27 Wormack Isham 3 M W IL
28 Wormack Jessa 1 M W IL Jesse

Walnut Shade PO, Pope Co., IL Series 653, Roll 220, Page 229
Shepherd F. Womack, age 33 b. TN Indexed as WOMACH
Lavinda, age 33, b. KY
Harriet F., age 7 b. IL
Missouri, age 4, b. IL
George P. O., age 2, b. IL
Sarah K., age 2 mos., b. IL

Walnut Shade PO, Pope Co., IL Series 653, Roll 220, Page 240
John G. Womack, age 36, b. TN Indexed as WOMACH
Emeline, age 37, b. TN
Margaret, age 14, b. TN
Sarah E., age 13, b. TN
Isham, age 11, b. IL
Jesse N., age 9, b. IL
Lucy A., age 8, b. IL
Martha A., age 4, b. IL
John F., age 2., b. IL

Monday, March 06, 2006 at 15:25:00 (PST)
Carol Krajnik

One of my researching cousins has a picture of two Womack sisters who are the daughters of John F. and Sarah Emily Brinkley Womack of Pope County Illinois and she needs help identifying one of the sisters. If you have direct knowledge of this family, would you please contact me so that I can get you in touch with her? Your assistance will be deeply appreciated.

Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 23:09:52 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Anne's parents were allegedly William and Mary Judd Allen Womack - the alleged immigrants.
You may wonder why I use the term 'alleged,' its because there is no confirmation these
two people existed, YET. But tentatively you could use them until proven otherwise --

As for Puckette, there was a guy, first name Keith, whom I have lost last name and URL
for his web page - he had a bunch of Puckette/Womack info - I printed it out for someone
once and it was 90+ pages -- I suggest going to google and inputting Puckette Genealogy.
Then check out the home pages listed there - there are 314 that I found -- will take time,

1. JOHN PUCKETTE died in Henrico County, VA. He married (1) ANN UNKNOWN. She died in Henrico County, VA. He married (2) ANN "ANNIE" PEW, daughter of HENRY PUGH/PEW and JANE WOMACK. She was born 1654. He married (3) ANNE JEFFERYS Bef. 1649. She was born Bet. 1612 - 1637, and died Abt. 1679 in Henrico Co, Va.

Date born 3: Bet. 1611 - 1637
Died 3: 1679, Henrico County, Virginia

i. WILLIAM 12 PUCKETT, b. 1657; d. Bef. May 1723; m. ANNE 1 WOMACK; b. Abt. 1657; d. Abt. 1694.

Name 2: William Sr Puckett
Date born 2: Abt. 1657, Puckett p 3, 26
Died 2: Abt. 1723, Henrico Co, Va

Keep in mind this needs to be proved[the children exist, but no direct reference
known to the parents]:

1. WILLIAM WOMACK was born Abt. 1605 in Wragby, Lincolnshire, England, and died Bef. Apr 1674
in Henrico County, Virginia. He married MARY JANE ALLEN. She was born Bet. 1605 - 1635.

Children of WILLIAM WOMACK and MARY ALLEN are:
i. ABRAHAM WOMACK, b. Abt. 1644, Henrico Co VA; d. Bef. Oct 1733, Varina, Henrico Co, VA?; m. (1) SARAH WORSHAM, Bef. 1662; m. (2) SARAH SUMMERSCALES?, Bef. 1687.
ii. WILLIAM WOMACK, b. Abt. 1647, Henrico Co VA?; d. Bef. Apr 1674, Henrico Co, Va; m. (1) JANE 1; m. (2) ABRIEL GOWER.
iii. JOHN WOMACK, b. Abt. 1653, Henrico Co Va; d. Abt. 1725, Prince George Va; m. MARY AKIN, Henrico Co, Va; b. Abt. 1660; d. Aft. 1725.
iv. RICHARD SR. WOMACK, b. 1655, Bristol Parish, Henrico, Va; d. Mar 22, 1683/84, Henrico Co Va; m. MARY ELIZABETH RUTH PUCKETT, Bef. Jun 02, 1676; b. Abt. 1657, Henrico Co VA?; d. Aft. Feb 01, 1691/92, VA.
v. ANNE WOMACK, b. Abt. 1657; d. Abt. 1694; m. WILLIAM PUCKETT; b. 1657; d. Bef. May 1723.
vi. MARY WOMACK, b. Abt. 1659; m. THOMAS PUCKETT; b. Abt. 1658, VA; d. Bef. Oct 03, 1715.
vii. JANE WOMACK, b. Abt. 1662.
viii. THOMAS WOMACK, b. Abt. 1664, VA; d. Abt. 1697, unmarried, Henrico Co, Va.

Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 19:48:04 (PST)
Tracie Woods Breidenthal

I am a member of the Puckett family and am trying to find some info. on the Puckett Womack connection. My ancestor was William Puckett, born 1654, who married Anne Womack. Can anyone tell me who her parents were, what year they were born and died, and where they lived? Also, does anyone have info. on whom John Puckett(born 1616 Dorchester, England)'s parents were and any dates on them? Thanks.
Tracie Breidenthal,
The Woodlands, TX

Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 10:11:02 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Does any of this look familiar?

1. JOHN E1 WOMACK was born Feb 1845 in Frostproof, Polk, FL?, and died 1931 in Fort Valley GA?. He married MARY L SUMMERS Abt. 1875 in Fort Valley GA?. She was born Abt. 1854 in Fort Valley GA.

Children of JOHN WOMACK and MARY SUMMERS are:
i. SARAH OLA2 WOMACK, b. Oct 03, 1876, Fort Valley GA; d. Oct 03, 1954.
ii. MATTIE WOMACK, b. Feb 12, 1878, Fort Valley GA?.
iii. NICHOLAS JEFFERSON WOMACK, b. Oct 16, 1882, Clinton, Jones, GA; d. Aug 23, 1958.
iv. GEORGE ROSS WOMACK, b. Abt. Sep 1885, Fort Meade, Polk, FL?; d. Abt. 1954.
v. THOMAS LEE WOMACK, b. Oct 29, 1890, Clinton, Jones, GA?; d. Nov 25, 1912.
vi. MARY LILLIAN WOMACK, b. Jul 19, 1894, Macon Co Ga; d. Feb 15, 1969.
vii. JOEL CHANDLER WOMACK, b. Apr 08, 1901, Tifton GA; d.t. 1954.
v. THOMAS LEE WOMACK, b. Oct 29, 1890, Clinton, Jones, GA?; d. Nov 25, 1912.
vi. MARY LILLIAN WOMACK, b. Jul 19, 1894, Macon Co Ga; d. Feb 15, 1969.
vii. JOEL CHANDLER WOMACK, b. Apr 08, 1901, Tifton GA; d. Nov 18, 1940, Hackberry, Mohave, AZ; m. EUGENA; b. Abt. 1907.

LDS has year of birth as 1900, death certificate 1901. Using 1901.

Death cert showed usual place of residence as Needles CA. He was a brakeman on RR and got ran over by a railroad car wheel.

Burial: Needles, San Bernardino, CA

I dont have children on Nicholas nor the parents of John yet...Just let me know
if this fits before I do any more looking...

Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 07:23:13 (PST)
Emmett Joel Womack

My grandaddy was Nicholas Womack. His daddy was John Edward Womack and his daddy I was told was Albritton Womack. Can anyone make this fit anywhere?

Saturday, March 04, 2006 at 16:13:08 (PST)
Susan (Womack) Owens

Hey Sam, thanks for looking. I saw the marriage to Mary Weed and tracked her to Texas, none of children's names seem to correlate with the one's listed for my John in the 1870 census, so I didn't think it was her.

There is a marriage listed in Bartow County, GA (which borders Paulding County, GA at the north) of John M. Wammack to Peggy A. Watson in 1867, which could be his second marriage, this John was in his father's household in Cass County, GA in 1850. I just haven't found anything on his first one. Most of the early marriages have been posted for that county and his marriage to "Mary" is not there.

In 1850 Thomas and Esther were enumerated in Cass County, GA Division 12:
Thos J Wamack, 43
Esther Wamack, 41
John Wamack,20
Larkin Wamack, 18
Nancy A Wamack, 13
Marion Wamack, 10
William Wamack, 08
Sarah Wamack, 06
Mary Wamack, 03
Georgia A Wamack, 02
A couple of houses down:
Womack, James, 22
Womack, Elizabeth, 21
Womack, Nancy, 4
Womack, 2

That at least put's Thomas's son John in the area about that time.

I don't think he came out of Jackson County, AL (northeast of Etowah), either, although anything is possible. Most of those Womacks were born in Tennessee. If there is any relation to the one's in Etowah County, it's further back.

His sister Nancy, may have moved to Etowah County with him, as there is a Nancy Womack, born the same year as John's sister, who married a ROSSON. I can't find where any other's may have followed.

I did want to say thank you for the tremendous amount of effort both you and Roger have gone to make it easier for everyone to trace their Womack family. Between the two of you, I have been able to put together three generations.

If anyone is doing research in these areas and finds anything on this family, I would appreciate an email.


Friday, March 03, 2006 at 21:30:52 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

We can forget the John W and Mary Reed marriage. Looked further and found this:
Name: Mary C. WEED
Sex: F
Birth: 18 OCT 1835 in Georgia
Death: 27 OCT 1923 in Grayson County, Texas
Burial: Bethlehem Cemetary near Sadler, Texas
Fact 6: Samuel J. Weed, her uncle, performed the wedding ceremony

Name: John W. WOMACK
Sex: M
Birth: 9 SEP 1833
Death: 30 JAN 1884 in Grayson County, Texas
Burial: Bethlehem Cemetary near Sadler, Texas

Friday, March 03, 2006 at 21:19:47 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Just a little poking around:

JOHN W. WOMACK b. abt 1833
Marriage: 25 NOV 1855 Chattahoochee Co, Georgia
[Note: Ancestry has 11 Nov 1855, the above is LDS].
MARY C. WEEDE b abt 1835

1870 Census, Etowah Co GA Post Office Attalla

Womack John 36 born GA
Peggy A 26 she and ALL children born GA
Thomas 16
Mary A 13
James 10
John D 7
Malissa 4
W P 6/12
Census was taken 28 Jun 1870. They moved to AL right between the
time the last child listed was born and the census. This would
also indicate he married Peggy A in GA.

1850 Census Marion Co GA
You may want to also take this in consideration for Johns parents:
Womack, Wm 47 NC
Nancy 44 NC
John 16 he and all listed children born GA
Mary 13
Gustiv 9
Joseph 7

Friday, March 03, 2006 at 16:36:00 (PST)
Susan (Womack) Owens

I am trying to figure out what happened Thomas's offspring, John and Nancy, after the 1850 census. I have a gggrandfather, John W. Womack, in Etowah County, AL I can't find parents for. The children's names for "J.W." Womack (1860 Paulding County)who I think may be John, are identical to my ggggrandfather's children and are the same age. If this is him, Mary, his first wife, may have died, as he married "Peggy A." LNU sometime around 1867. My ggggrandfather moved from Georgia sometime between 1867 and 1870 when he first shows up on the census in Etowah County, AL.

1850 Cass County, GA Census
Thos J Wamack, 43, 1806, Georgia, Male, Division 12, Cass, GA
Esther Wamack, 41, 808, South Carolina, Female
John Wamack 20 1829 Georgia Male
Larkin Wamack 18 1831 Georgia Male
Nancy A Wamack 13 1836 Georgia Female
Marion Wamack 10 1839 Georgia Male
William Wamack 08 1841 Georgia Male
Sarah Wamack 06 1843 Georgia Female
Mary Wamack 03 1846 Georgia Female
Georgia A Wamack 02 1847 Georgia Female

In the 1860 Paulding County, GA Huntsville PO District I found
J. W. womack living close to Thomas and Ester (Esther):

J.W. Womack, head, 30 male, day laborer, GA
Mary Womack, 27, female, GA
Thomas Womack, 6, male, AL
Mary Womack, 3, female, GA
James Womack, 9M, male, GA

If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Friday, March 03, 2006 at 15:31:56 (PST)
Pam (Womack) Gutsche

Thank you for your feed back Sam. I do have to make a correction Moms name is spelled Esther. My husband and I had two deaths in the family in two months. It put my mind in low gear. I am sorry I upset anyone. I have been out of the scene for some time. And Sam thank you for your kind words for mom, it helps me keep going. I will miss her alot.

Friday, March 03, 2006 at 12:27:16 (PST)
Karen Marie

Thank you so very much will definetly follow up this may be the break I was looking for! Thanks

Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 19:35:42 (PST)
Diana Hight

Sam and other Womack cousins; I am taken aback with these messages that keep popping on this web site. If you notice the numbers used at the end are 666. What is this? Can we not have a web site without all of this for a lack of a better word-garbage? I hope it stops soon. I am tired of looking at it whenever I read the current messages and I am sorry in advance if I have offended anyone.


Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 19:34:35 (PST)

Did a little snooping around and came up with the following[which needs
to be further verified but will give you a start]:

1880 Census - Haralson Co GA
William WOMACK Self M Male W 37 AL Farmer --- ---
Francis WOMACK Wife M Female W 38 GA Keeping House SC SC
James WOMACK Son S Male W 18 GA Works On Farm AL GA
Sarah WOMACK Dau S Female W 16 GA Works On Farm AL GA
John WOMACK Son S Male W 14 GA Works On Farm AL GA
William WOMACK Son S Male W 12 GA Works On Farm AL GA
Violia WOMACK Dau S Female W 5 GA AL GA
Henry WOMACK Son S Male W 5 GA AL GA
Lester WOMACK Son S Male W 1 GA AL GA
1900 Census Haralson Co GA, 7th District

Womack, Lester age 20 born GA
Frances age 21
Another one where I had to find the child to find the parent!

1920 Census, Emerson, Bartow Co, GA
Womac Lester age 41
Cora age 28
Eva Age 7 [1913]
Dora Belle age 5
Felton W age 3 1/2

1930 Census Emerson District, Bartow Co, GA [may or may not be them, but good bet]
Womack, G Lester age 46 born GA
Cora age 38 GA
Felton W age 14 GA
George L Jr age 7 GA
Barbara age 5 GA
In 1910, Reuben Golden [wife Rena] was in Emanuel Co GA -
no Womack children with him..

I cannot find George Lester 1910 nor Eva nor James Henry

Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 18:18:31 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother...

Now the posting I made: I dont believe anyone can say I slammed any particular
religion - I have been around Muslins, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews and
whatever else -- yeah, even atheists..I am pretty open minded about religion.

In the future, if you have anything to say to me on a matter such as this, I trust you will have the courtesy to use direct-to-me e-mail.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 18:15:28 (PST)
Karen Marie Wilson

I am searching for a Lester Womack. He was my paternal great grandfather. He married Francis Vera Golden in Harralson County GA on Dec 9 1898. They had two children my grandmother Eva Viola and a son James Henry. My grandmother was born in Dallas GA in 1900. I believe Lester or G. L. Womack as it is on the marriage certificate was born in 1878 in GA. in 1904 Vera passed in Alabama and somewhere between 1904 and 1910 the two children were given up to their grandfather Rueben F Golden. My father remembers taking a trip when he was 9 or 10 to Georgia with his mother to visit her father but he had died just previous to her visit. This would have been around 1944. He remembers Lester had remarried and had at least one daughter around his age. I dont believe that Lester wanted to give his children up to their grandfather and tried to stay in TN to be close to them but was "ran out of town" so to speak. My grandmother had a hard life with her grandfather and I would so love to find her real fathers family and history.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 14:16:55 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

In response to Beth's and my complaint to the FCC, the following was received:

In reply to the complaint to the FCC regarding the over 100,100 posts RULEZ666 made in February on the web, I have been directed to the Federal Trade Commission. If any of you Womack researchers are annoyed by this person and understand that he is using valuable space on WGN, you can file a complaint with the FCC. The email addy for the FTC can be obtained at http://www.ftc.gov

Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 09:07:32 (PST)
Pamela J (Womack) Gutsche

Please forgive me for misspelled words. I have a white cat that likes to lay in front of the keyborad. The town is Platteville, WI she was cremated and buried at the Greenwood Cemeitary. Again forgive the bad spelling.

Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 09:01:11 (PST)
Pamela J (Womack) Gutsche

Sam Please I hope you are more open minded about people that have other beliefs other then Christan. I myself believe in other beliefs. I do not try to influence any one. What you and others believe in , is right for you and when someone believes in is right for then. As for Rulez666 this is not a web site for useless website advertising or pushing of. Please if you have something to tell let it be on the subject matter at hand. Not a bunch of garbage there is enough of that on the internet as it is. Thank you for listening.
Also some news my mother Ester Womack from Plattevill, WI Passed away on Dec. 18th 2006. It was a long and hard fight for her. But she is now in peace. If anyone wants more information please contact me. I will be glad to give it out.
Again thank you fro letting me state my mind.
Pamela Womack Gutsche

Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 06:28:50 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Obviously this rulez666 person had no proper upbringing - more than likely raised in a pig pen with all the ooze and slime - if this person had had a
mother and father [which I seriously doubt] IT would not be the type person IT
is today -- rather tend to lead to a more kindly and gentle approach towards
others, not harassing them. Ms or Mr Rulez666, when you say yor prayers tonight,
make sure they are to God; and not Satan as it appears where your admiration lies.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 at 14:42:07 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Charlotte you are welcome..

By the way, anyone looking thru those censuses and finds an error or addition,
let me know and I will correct with an annotation per whoever - bear in mind
that those indexes are not always accurate - In one instance I found a child
but not the rest of the family who was on the image but not the index..I have
found entire counties lef tout in Arkansas and Illinois I have tried to go
thru watch one that doesnt have too many images pages; over 60 I draw a line at!
I think either the 1850 or 1860 TN, maybe both, left out groups of people
that I added from reviewing the microfilm years ago -- also keep in mind that
there are many, many variation of the last name - generally, a search on
soundex for Womack or Warmack will pick them up - but not always - One of these days I am going to go through and check each one individually and see what
happens -

In the meantime what is there is helpful as shown --- Hopefully most of you
availed your self of a review of the WWI draft registrations and the WWII
enlistments -- I think I also have a list of deaths and POWs, etc or am
working on them --

I am dropping three of my domains and consolidating the sites on RootsWeb - I
have already moved, en-masse, my British data, and links to Rogers Brit data,
over -- was getting a bit pricey -- If you go to my main web site and click in
you wont notice any change at all, except the URL is different..
I will be deleting all census data from the state pages since they are listed
on their own now -- I will leave the Arkansas Sheriffs censuses where they
are on the Arkansas page...there are other state censuses out there and I will
find and place them in their proper aspect as they are found and recorded.

In the meantime, if any of you find any broken links, please let me know so
I can fix them. thanks

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 at 09:12:21 (PST)
Charlotte Womack Cooper

Thanks Sam, for your suggestions. I was able to gain access to the data. This time I printed it out so I won't have this problem again.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 16:02:52 (PST)

This cold and whatever else it is has got my head all screwed up
Thats righ column near bottom -- sorry..

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 16:01:17 (PST)

If you are talking about the census pages I put up on RootsWeb - they are still
there and accessible thru www.samsawadee.net - left column near bottom -
Beth had that problem also -- dont know why - just checked and they are there.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 12:55:47 (PST)
Charlotte Womack Cooper

Yesterday I found the WOMACK census listing on freepages at Roots Web, and today it says the web site is closed or has moved. What's going on here? It had the 1910, 1920, 1930 censuses with all the Womacks listed by county. Any suggestions?

Monday, February 27, 2006 at 21:39:34 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

thank you - but cant say for sure taken care of - does look like we got
a nuther idjit posting... If any of you would like to copy, paste and send
some of this junk on - the address in fccinfo@fcc.gov - perhaps if they get
enough complaints on the same area - they might react more promptly - but give them a break, they get tons of this crap all the time..

Monday, February 27, 2006 at 10:29:31 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Diana, you are welcome, and I do hope something will be done.

Phyllis,your connection to VA working backwards:

Abraham Minter Womack and Elizabeth C Robinson Jones Co Ga to Anderson Co TX
William Womack and Mary Ann "Polly" Silvey Hancock Co GA
Jesse Womack and Dorothy Prior Prince Edward Co VA to Madison Co Ga
Richard Womack III and Ann "Nancy" Childers Henrico Co Va to Burke Co GA
Richard Womack II and Elizabeth Ann Puckett Henrico Co VA
Richard Womack I and Mary Elizabeth Ruth Puckett Henrico Co VA

Probably needs a little more verification and this is info I have received from
various sources..

Sunday, February 26, 2006 at 19:45:21 (PST)
Diana Hight

Thanks Sam for taking care of this problem


Sunday, February 26, 2006 at 17:47:35 (PST)
Phyllis H. Womack

Thanks for all the information. I am trying to connect Abram Minter Womack born 24 Jly 179 in Georgia (?)to the Virginia Womacks, died in Anderson Texas 19 October 1861. He married Elizabeth Combs Robinson in Milledgeville, Georgia 8 Sept. 1825. My husband is his great, great, grandson, William Minter Womack, Jr. Please help! Thanks, Phyllis

Saturday, February 25, 2006 at 01:17:00 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

OOOKK! Enough is enough - I have copied all those posts and forwarded them to
the FCC for action --

Friday, February 24, 2006 at 10:52:27 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Naaah! We got us a bird, mebbe two or three, that gonna get their feathers
tarred and burned when the FCC gets hold of them!!

Friday, February 24, 2006 at 08:19:20 (PST)
Sandi Phillips

Looks like we have picked up a few viruses...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 11:24:04 (PST)
Fred Womack

I updated my DNA at both ybase and ysearch. At ysearch I found near matches(genetic distance 2) for 8B7Z8 Geer amd J9MTB Williams. I've emailed both hoping for a response soon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 10:15:21 (PST)

A bit more on the DNA subject: The Feb 6, 2006 issue of Newsweek had an interesting article on DNA testing.

The following is ONE explanation for why there can be DNA matches to other surnames...I'm sure this didn't only happen in Wake Co NC! (I've left out some of the legal mumbo-jumbo)

Wake County NC Bastardy Bonds

“The State vs. Matilda Laurence Wt for BASTARDY. ……Whereas information having bin this day made to us Green Huckabe & James Huckabe two of the acting Justices…Matildah Laurence Single woman…has been delivrd of Child…which was born a bastard and may become Chargeable to County….Therefore Command you to apprehend and bring Said Matildah before us…..to answer above Charge & be further dealt with….25 December 1828” (on back was written) The Examination of Matilda Laurence Single Woman This day before us…being Chargd with being deliverd of Child which was born a bastard, who saith on oath that William Womack Junr did Begitt the Said Child and hath Charged him with Same….16 January 1829”

Also on 16 January 1829 a warrant was issued for the apprehension of William Womack Junr on charges of Bastardy. On the back of this warrant was the note that William had been brought before the justices and had entered into Bond and Security 14 February 1829.

“The Justices vs Wm Womack BASTARDY BOND Feby 1829. Know all men by These preasants (sic) that we Wm Womack, Willie Womack & Warren Sugg are held and firmly bound unto the Justices…in sum of five hundred dollars…to which payment will and truly be made, we bind ourselves……this 14th day of February AD 1829. Condition of above obligation: above boundd William Womack stands Charged according to Law with being the reputed Father of a Bastard Child of which Matildah Laurence has lately bin deliverd….above Bounded William Womack his heirs Executors &c do and shall from time to time and at all times hereafter acquit, Discharge and save harmless the overseers of the Poor and inhabitants of Said County from all Costs Charges & trouble whatsoever for and by reason of the Birth Maintenance & bringing up of Said Child and from all suits Charges and demands whatsoever touching and concerning the Same….[signed] William Womack Junr Wilie (mark) Womack Warren Sugg Jas Huckabe JP Gn Huckabee JP”

Then the SAME DAY! Another Bond for $500 worded basically as the above except as follows: “William Womack Stands Charged according to Law with being the reputed Father of a Bastard Child of which Salley Olive has lately bin Deliverd….” signed same as above

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 10:28:38 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

As a reminder:

When posting queries, as a minimum: name(s), first and last, maiden, married,
any dates available, real or estimated, state(s) lived in; parents names. This gives those of us who try to respond to a query something to go on -- And may enable us to respond to you at all.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 06:03:08 (PST)

Hi! May I aks you who did design for this site?
I have my own sites ut I do not like its colors at all.
Yours looks much better I guess.
Im trying to find someone who are really great designer.

Monday, February 20, 2006 at 22:23:33 (PST)


Linda Jehle is trying to contact you about your family! She is Herman Hamilton's granddaughter. Her email addy is whitesocks@in-tch.com


Monday, February 20, 2006 at 15:46:40 (PST)
Ina Cannaday

My new Email address above for anyone trying to contact me. Changed from: inaruth@earthlink.net Still tracing Flurida Womack and cannot find father named William David Womack.

Sunday, February 19, 2006 at 20:49:02 (PST)
max d womack

j.a.(dooley)womack of camden,ar,went to be with the lord feb 16,2006,born nov 1,1924 in princeton,ar,to andrew jackson & thelma lawernce womack.he was a graduate of princeton h.s.and henderson state teachers college and was elected to the arkansas house of rep before graduting from college.an office he held for two terms followed by four terms in the house & 12 yrs in the arkansas senate.afterward he was a realtor,he leaves his dear wife elizabeth ann (amy)harrell womack & three son, lance andrew,tim a.& carey don womack and a daughter,anna leah womack teagarden, he was a methodist,proctor funeral home is in charge of arrangements and burial in memorial park cemetary in camden,ar

Sunday, February 19, 2006 at 07:01:19 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Thanks - When I find my password, ect, I am going into ybase and deleting the
erroneous test. If you have yours, you can add the correct and delete the old
ones -- There is a place to click in to have the sign in/pass sent to you - I'
just hope I didnt use another e-mail address that the one I use mostly now..

Sunday, February 19, 2006 at 05:33:37 (PST)
Fred Womack

When you & I retested, my final report was
13 12 14 12 14 30 24 10 13 13 12 14 15 9 12 11 11 11 12 23 12

I never updated the final results to ysearch. org, but will correct that error soon,

Saturday, February 18, 2006 at 06:11:04 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Will the real Womacks please stand up? I am sort of fascinated with the DNA
correlation between those of us who have been tested. Here is a brief look at
how odd the results really are:

Notice the claimed descent. Note the difference in the DNA.

14-14-15-14-12-28-23-10-11-13-00-11-16-10-11-10-12-13-13-22-11 [Abe I]
14-11-14-12-13-29-23-11-13-14-12-12-15-12-13-10-12-11-12-25-11 [Abe I]
14-11-14-12-13-29-23-11-13-14-00-12-15-12-13-10-12-11-12-25-12 [Richard I]
13-12-14-12-14-31-24-10-13-13-12-12-15-12-12-11-12-11-13-23-12 [earliest ancestor listed 1801]
13-00-00-12-14-30-24-10-13-13-12-12-14-12-09-11-12-11-12-23-12 [wife beater John]

Theres enough marked differences in the first 2 that being related thru
a common ancestor is very remote. However, in 2 and 3, there is enough
to indicate descent thru a common ancestor. As there is close evidence
for 4 and 5.

This would indicate that somewere after Abe I something happened...whether
it happened after Number 1; or after 2 and 3, is unknown--However, there
is enough marked difference to indicate neither John, nor the later
person[number 4], was a true brother to any of the first three...

Friday, February 17, 2006 at 07:36:43 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Not putting any names for privacy reasons, here are how the results of the DNA
testing, plus 2 others I found closely related:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3
14-11-14-12-13-29-23-11-13-14-00-12-15-12-13-10-11-11----25-12 [Meeks]
14-11-14-12-13-29-23-11-13-14----12-15-12-13-11-12-11-13-25-11 [Fitzpatrick]

Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 20:56:56 (PST)
dcox@ kerrlake.com


Re: has anyone from Henry Womack & Susan's line through their son Robert of Halifax Co Va taken the DNA test?

Yes, Mark Womack.

Re: has a descendant of Thomas Womack & Sarah Owen been DNA tested?

Yes, Lyle Leon Womack, care of daughter Margy Granger.

Abraham Womack married Tabitha Hudson 17 August 1785 Halifax Co VA, Bk 1 Pg 8, Bondsman: Fred Vaughan Witness: Frederic Vaughan, Stephen Jones Signer of Certificate: Tabitha Hudson.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 18:10:46 (PST)

Sam, Beth, Doris and anyone else who has an interest or data or proof that proves or disproves any of the following. First, has anyone from Henry Womack & Susan's line through their son Robert of Halifax Co Va taken the DNA test? Also has a descendant of Thomas Womack & Sarah Owen been DNA tested? Second, could Thomas Womack & Sarah Owen's son Abraham be the one who married Tabitha Hudson and the son of Thomas Womack & Louivsa Rice be the Abraham who married in 1804 Susannah Parker? It is said that an Abraham Womack married 21 Oct 1686 in Halifax Co VA to an Tabitha Jane Hudson. Could the marriage date of 1686 by any chance be a typo? The date of 1686 is before the county of Halifax was formed. If the marriage was in 1686, it could not have been recorded in Halifax Co VA if there was not a Halifax Co VA. Should the date maybe read 21 Oct 1786 Halifax Co VA? Last, I wonder if Thomas Womack & Sarah Owen are maybe Miles & Henry Womack (of Halifax Co VA) connection to the main Womack bunch. Miles & Henry were sons of William Womack who was the son of Abraham Womack. I think this Abraham is the one who married Tabitha Hudson and is maybe the son of Thomas Womack & Sarah Owen. I don't have enough data or proof to really say for sure. What do you fellows think? Doretta

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 06:19:12 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

A DNA test for yourself would prove who your mother was; and maybe females on back - however, I know little about that one. There is a test to see, yes/no
answer only I understand, for Americal Indian heritage -- one of those I listed
below does that -

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 05:46:34 (PST)
Shirley Hight-Page

Hello everyone, Hi Sam. I have been reading the messages about the DNA. I am a distant cuz of Sam and it has been told through the generations that we had Native American heritage and I would really be interested in finding out for sure if this family folklore is a tall tale or fact. I understand that I can order a DNA test for females but is this as accurate as for males.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 16:19:19 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

In addition I suggest also updating to ybase.org, relative genetics and Sorensens also - the more you post to - the better chance of hitting somewhere.

I did a check on Sorensens - I possibly have mentioned this before; but, I matched with a Meeks [94%+] closer than I did Jack and a couple others -- In fact, I had about 20 hits higher - most from 80 to 88.80 % - I had two other hits in the 90's that were not Womacks - One one of these postings, I matched in the 90%iles with a Fife [Barney?].

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 07:28:23 (PST)

Some DNA testing advice...I'm a project administrator for 2 surname projects (it's an easy job!)and we use FamilytreeDNA in Texas. IF you want to use this company, here are some tips: there is a surname project that has been set up for the Womack surname, but it has no members....the guy that has set it up has done so for a lot of random surnames so I don't know his connection to the Womack's. I would still suggest that anyone interested join thru this project (if you want to use this company) since it will save you $60 over testing independantly! (Go to www.familytreedna.com and at the top right there is a box for surname search....type in Womack and it will show 3 options: 2 for some Florida projects that include Womacks and 1 just for Womack. Click the blue link and it will take you to the Womack page.) I don't know about the other companies, but this one also includes general ethnic heritage and would tell if any direct male ancestor was Native American. Once you order the kit, it usually arrives in 2-3 days (depending on where you live!)and after you return it, it usually takes about 6 weeks for results. The wait is the hard part!

Sam is also 100% correct...don't order any test less than 21 markers! FamilytreeDNA does theirs by 12, 25 or 37 markers. 25 is usually a good starting point and one can always ask for an upgrade to more later without taking the test again. Sam is also right on the money that regardless of which company that you test with, be sure to upload your results to Ysearch.org (it's free too!) Hope this helps!

Monday, February 13, 2006 at 19:45:32 (PST)

Here are a few places where you can check for the best prices and speedy results. Ensure those testing ask for at least a 21 or higher marker test.

www.dnaheritage.com [based in England where most of us had ours done]

Monday, February 13, 2006 at 10:25:54 (PST)

Sam and anyone who has this info,

For those who are interested in DNA testing and have a straight-line male Womack, please advise where to obtain a testing kit, including approximate cost, etc.

Sunday, February 12, 2006 at 20:51:53 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

I just posted a request for DNA testing on all the Womack message boards on Rootsweb.. Maybe we will get some participation???

Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 20:31:13 (PST)

Hi! I love it!

Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 19:31:35 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

OOPS methinks
Benjamin Womack who Married Mary Lanier - I found the index list of names on line...no papa for Ben in there...

Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 19:30:27 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com


Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 16:18:46 (PST)
Fred & Judy Womack

"LANIER" by Louise Ingersol, 4th printing 1981, Goetz Printing Co, Springfield, VA
is available in most Georgia libraries. Which Benjamin is the topic of Sam's recent post? The Laniers who came to southeast GA in the 1770's are well documented from several sources. Several original records remain in County Probate records and at GA Archives.

Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 13:36:56 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Never mind the Library of Congress - Benjamin is here -- someone has indexed the names in the book:


Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 12:59:37 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Beth Dorinda Jan
Posting this here as mail keeps getting bounced back from Jan --

The FHC here does not have the Ingersoll book, nor does SLC -- Will see if
Library of Congress has [I think it does] and get on interlibrary loan ...

Friday, February 10, 2006 at 21:42:51 (PST)
samsawadee @ msn.com

If you have an old hard drive lying around doing nothing - and it is 10 gigs or
higher, buy a case to fit it in for an external hard drive - it wont be affected by crashes - store all your genealogical data in it -- just remember to reformat the old drive before installing -- if you dont have one - you can buy them already put together - but they are more expensive than rolling your own - a 20gig here was $119 -- I bought a 100g drive and a case for 97 including tax. Then bought another case for 39 and installed a 30gig in it..
I use the 30 for my data - and am going to drop the whole harddrive from the computer into the 100 -- Then, let it crash!!

One more tidbit, if you drop stuff into an external drive from the net - ensure you do some spyware, virus checks on it periodically even if you do have a good virus and firewall protection - I am using spycatcher 2006 running in the background and it drives me crazy catching stuff the firewall dont!! A ding ding here, a ding ding every where!

Friday, February 10, 2006 at 21:31:10 (PST)

On those final DNA results posted by Robert - mine and Fred's are incorrect.
Ours had to be redone --

My following markers should read as follows:
385a-11, 385b-14, 437-15, 438-12, 439-13, 461-12, a10-13. The rest are OK.
Matching those of Roger and some others much better than shown..

Friday, February 10, 2006 at 11:18:55 (PST)
Sandi Phillips

Hi Sam

It's funny that you would mention Meeks - my grandmother, Marie (Jacobs) Womack Meeks, was married to Paul Meeks - who was her second husband. Grandma Marie was married first to my father's dad, John Palmer Womack. I have not been able to find out much about the Jacobs', or Meeks, but will look into that further.


Friday, February 10, 2006 at 10:17:45 (PST)

Hey Judy..

Through the generosity of our researcher, Robert Burke, we still have the participants, their lineages and results posted on the web! Be sure and check the "Final Results".


Friday, February 10, 2006 at 08:46:23 (PST)

To all who want to know where the DNA results are posted go here:


If it doesnt work with the /sfound.asp - drop that, go to the main page and
click on search by surname---some of the results have who they are; some dont.

We do need more participation - I am trying to get some Womacks in England to
do the testing - that would sure help a little in maybe identifying the approximate area ours came from -- To bad we couldnt have convinced Jan to have her husband do the testing before we lost contact with her...

I am in contact with a lady, maiden name Womack, father still alive and in England; father's brother alive and in Australia - they both came from
one of the Lophams in Norfolkshire..her father is quite sensitive about family ancestry [dont we all know how that goes!!], but hopefully she can convince him to do a DNA test and furnish us with the results for the Womack DNA page - I have their family line back to Arthur Womack who died Jun 1607..will proved
Jun 27, 1607..

The more we can get the better - so some of you male Womacks that havent participated - could we ask if you would consent to obtain a DNA test and post the results to the above page?

Friday, February 10, 2006 at 08:26:14 (PST)

Darrell and Judy and Beth

To Darrel and Judy, thanks I knew there was someone else that matched Roger and I - did Darrell post his DNA to the Womack DNA page??

To Beth - for what it is worth - remember James Garner's granny was a Womack
that married a Meeks - I havent been able to identify the one I match so close, but suspect it may be a Womack raised as a Meeks...just a thought --
James' goes back to Richard III who was a brother to my Alex Sr.

As far as Lindsay, also Fife and a couple others in the 80 percentiles - I am
still working on identifying those -- Will post when, and if, I find out something.

Friday, February 10, 2006 at 06:11:04 (PST)
Darrel and Judy Womack

Beth and Sam

Darrel matched with Roger in the DNA, and would be more then happy to share the numbers. Good luck with his test.
When my computer crashed and fried, I lost a lot of contracts, Jack's DNA page was one of them. I have learned to copy on an other computer all your contracts.

Thursday, February 09, 2006 at 21:46:01 (PST)


We might have been born at 10th and center....ten miles from town in the center of the woods....in Arkansas, but Montiel and Jerry didn't pull the wool over our eyes one bit. A mother's mtDNA can be passed from mother to son, but the son cannot pass it to his children. Besides adoption and other "affairs of folks" we suspect in many lines, look at the times we've learned that the offspring of Abraham Womack, Sr. intermarried. And his Blanton son's line married back into the Womack family.

Some time I'd like to hear about the Meeks and Lindsay lines!

Thursday, February 09, 2006 at 20:53:46 (PST)

Yes, I have an opinion.. If Abe I dfescended from William the Immigrant and
Richard I and the others were his brothers - then I should have the same DNA as
Jack - My match to Jack is less than 80% - yet with Roger and another or two, I match 95% or better - I also match 93.3 with a Meeks and 85% with a Lindsay.

So, somewhere back there, there were some adoptions or something where the name Womack was applied, but the people were not.. My opinion-- The DNA testing we did indicated about 3 disctinct lines that were supposed to be from the immigrant; but were barely close enough to call cousin if that...
Any testing will help; and, if you have someone willing to do so; let them have at it...anything will help..

Andpuhleeze dont let Montiel and Jerry and those confuse you that a match can be made from a male to a female -- as I understand it nope...

Thursday, February 09, 2006 at 15:20:15 (PST)

Oops.....I missed a generation....Abraham Jr. was the father of William. I kept thinking about Jack telling me William and Lucy were first-half cousins, and went back to the family group sheet....Thomas (m. Louvisa) and was a half brother of Abraham, Jr. Sorry for the confusion.

Thursday, February 09, 2006 at 14:28:28 (PST)

Jack, Sam and other participants of the Womack DNA project:

There's a Womack family willing to participate in DNA testing. Based on the info I have, they descend from one of William (son of Abraham and Eliabeth Stubblefield) and Lucy's (dau. of Thomas and Louvisa) sons. More than likely it's Josiah's line, since we've eliminated William and Lucy's other sons. Thomas (m. Louvisa) was the son of Abraham Womack and Ann Blanton. William (m. Lucy, dau. of Thomas and Louvisa) was the son of the same Abraham Womack and Elizabeth Stubblefield. So we would have to compare the new DNA to a a descendant of William's or his brothers, John, Joshua, Levy or Jeremiah's descendants.

I have the following questions regarding any further DNA testing:

1. How would we compare the new participant's DNA to the previous participants? I guess I mean "who" would do this. If I remember correctly the test results are sent to a project administrator. Jack was the co-administrator, but I'm not sure he's in a position to do any further administrative work at this time. How 'bout ya, Jackson?

2. Would the male descendants of Thomas (m. Louvisa) and the descendants of William (m. Lucy, dau. of Thomas and Louvisa) have comparable DNA since they both descend from Abraham?

3. On the "Final Report", does anyone see any previous participants to compare with? Since Jack descends from Abraham, I guess his DNA would be a close match.

Does ANYONE have an opinion?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 at 05:24:54 (PST)

Doris, My father does not know if they are related to him, sorry. He hasn't been much help to me either.

Monday, February 06, 2006 at 15:48:52 (PST)

Sam, Doris, Randy - Thanks. You fellows have been helpful. Your postings help me to update some of the data that I receive quite sometime ago from who I think was maybe Roger at WGN. Anyway it was when I first started working on Don's branch of Womacks of Halifax Co VA.. What you fellows have posted does show that the death date of 1909 for Bettie E Throckmorton Womack was most likley a typo. I have now corrected it to 1929. The data that I had didn't give Bettie's last name. Throckmorton was a lucky guess on my part. Anyway since your postings, I have checked RootsWeb to see what could be found. There was a Elijah Throckmorton who married 3 times. One marrige was 10 Dec 1859 Halifax Co VA to Sally Ann Saunders B abt 1840 and they had a daughter Bettie b abt 1863. Bettie had an older half-brother named Branch S Throckmorton b abt 1840 who married Sarah A _____ b abt 1845. It seems that this Bettie is maybe the Bettie E who married John H Womack, son of Robert & Louisa. Doretta

Saturday, February 04, 2006 at 10:50:12 (PST)


Saturday, February 04, 2006 at 08:35:54 (PST)
dcox @kerrlake.com


You said that your father knew Jeter and Letcher Womack. Did your father ever state whether they were related; if so, did your father say how they were related?

Saturday, February 04, 2006 at 04:28:41 (PST)


Friday, February 03, 2006 at 20:53:24 (PST)
dcox @ kerrlake.com

This is what I have on R E Womack.
Robert Edd Womack b abt 1834 d 26 May 1884 Halifax Co VA
Father: Henry Womack
Mother: Susan A. B. [maiden name unknown]
Wife: Louisa H. Crowder b abt 1844
Married: 14 October 1858 Halifax Co VA
Emily R. Womack b abt 1859 m James R. Francis 02 January 1879 Halifax Co VA
John H. Womack b abt 1863 m Bettie Elizabeth Throckmorton 06 November 1882 Halifax Co VA
Mary R. Womack b abt 1863 m John Godsey
Rosa B. Womack b abt 1864 m1 Allen Ferrell m2 J. S. B. Cash
Robert Lemuel Womack b abt 1868 m Pattie Roberts [I have their marriage in paper files but not on computer] They were married in Charlotte Co VA
Nanny Womack b abt 1871 m1 John E. Francis 19 January 1887 Halifax Co VA
m2 Eli W. Hill
Charles Watson Womack b abt 1873 m1 Sallie Ola Hudson m2 Nellie Pearl Hudson
Edgar Green Womack b abt 1877 m Lula [maiden name unknown]

Friday, February 03, 2006 at 15:12:23 (PST)


Doretta, Teresa, Randy, et al
This is quite long, sorry, but needs to be together. I think we are dealing with two or more families with same or similar names --

1880 census, Roanoke, Halifax, VA
R. E. J. WOMACK Self M Male W 46
Eliza WOMACK Wife M Female W 36 [census is quite clear on name]
John H. WOMACK Son S Male W 19
Mary R. WOMACK Dau S Female W 17
Rose B. WOMACK Dau S Female W 14
Robt L. WOMACK Son S Male W 12
Nanny WOMACK Dau S Female W 9
Chas WOMACK Son S Male W 7
Edgar WOMACK Son S Male W 3

1870 Census Roanoke, Halifax, VA
Womack, Robert 37
Louisa 26
Emily 11
John 9
Rosa B 6
Robt 2
Mary 7

1860 Census, Halifax Co
Womack Robert E 26
Louisa 17
Amy 7/12 [is this really Emily?]

1850 Census, Northern District, Halifax Co, VA

Henry Womack 50
Susan 40
Robert E 16
6 siblings

then in 1900 Census, Richmond, Jackson Ward, Richmond City VA
I find a Louisa A Womack born abt Jan 1843 head of house no
other womacks living with.
And of course we have all seen this one:
From Va State Library Files.
Womack, Robert E.
Publication [1884].
Gen. note Race: White.
Gender: Male.
Date of death: May 26, 1884.
Place of death: Halifax County.
Cause of death: pneumonia.
Age at death: 52 year(s).
Place of birth: Halifax County.
Occupation: farmer.
Note Source of information: Halifax County, 1884, page 4, line 18.
Note Part of the Death Records Indexing Project which is sponsored by
the Virginia Genealogical Society.
Subject - Personal Womack, Robert E.
Womack, Henry, father.
Womack, Susan, mother.
Womack, Lou, consort.
Womack, Lou, informant (Wife).
1880 Census, Northern District, Halifax Co
B S and Sarah Throckmorton ages 40 and 34 respectively
1870 Census, Staunton, Halifax, VA
Branch Throckmortons wife Sarah A.. he age 30 she age 25 no children.
1860 he was in Roanoke Distict, Halifax, VA age 20
1850 Northern District, Halifax, VA age 10
1910 Census
Womack, John H 47
Bettie E 45
Throckmorton, Sallie 78 [mother-in-law]
Note: The census says Bettie had born no children, none dead...
so that is probably why he had his brothers and sister in his will.
A good question here is why Branch wrote a will in 1920; but
his wife is with John and Bettie? And listed as a widow??
I cannot find a marriage date on this John H and Bettie...

Odd is that on the 1900 there is a John Throckmorton,age 75
that has a 60 year old Sallie, mother living with. She has had one child
still living..So dont believe Bettie is of this Branch and Sarah Marriage, do you?
Next family is John H Womack age 25, wife Sallie age 23
Son Ernest age 3; daughter Berny age 1----

Friday, February 03, 2006 at 09:51:22 (PST)

Randy - It is great hearing from you. Your posting has helped me to understand a little more about the Halifax Co VA Womacks. But I still can't figure out the following problem about BETTIE. Something is mixed up. I have that JOHN H WOMACK b Aug 12 1861 d Feb 23 1926 is the son of Robert Womack & Louise Crowder. Also I have that John H married Bettie _____ B Feb 5 1864 D March 22 1909. Now I also have where Branch S Throckmorton in his will written 16 June 1920 bequeaths everything to J.H. Womack and appoints him executor of his last will. The will was probated May 1 1925 in court with W.M.Meyers and Peachy Gregory and J.H. Womack saying it was Branch's last will. Now I have JOHN H WOMACK who in his will written Feb 13 1901 nominates and appoints his wife BETTIE E the sole executrix to his will. Now on Feb 27 1926 BETTIE E WOMACK with A.L. Williams and F.A. Waddell come to court to probate John H Womack's will. Also on Feb 27 1926 Bettie E Womack names John H Womack's heirs who were his brothers and sisters. I have the heirs listed as children of Robert Womack and Louise Cowder. Now I say Bettie couldn't have died in 1909 if she was executrix in 1926. Did John H Womack marry twice? to 2 different Betties? Or is the J.H Womack of Throckmorton's will and John H Womack different men? Was one of those BETTIEs a Throckmorton? Does the death date of 1909 really belong to a Bettie but not to John H Womack's wife Bettie E? Could one of those ELIZA that we have been talking about, be a ELIZ (Elizabeth)(Bettie) and born Feb 5 1864 and (or just) died on March 22 1909? Sam, what do you think? Does anyone have any insight on any of the people named? Sorry for so many questions. Doretta.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 15:06:49 (PST)
Randy W. Womack



Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 08:59:54 (PST)
Randy Womack

Attention Halifax Womacks (Sam, Doris, Doretta, Teresa)
I cannot add much more than y'all have already posted

Robert E Womack was in fact my great great grandfather
I do think that you are talking about two different Williams and two different Elizabeths.Robert E Womack's wife was Loise Crowder.They had many children, one by the name Edgar Green Womack, and his daughter, who just recently passed was Loise Elizabeth Womack. I believe that she was named after her grandmother Louise Crowder Womack.She is survived by a sister who is eighty-five years old and live in Richmond Va.

Also Robert Lemuel Womack has a living daughter who was born around 1914.She did not know her grandmother Louise Crowder Womack which leaves me to believe that she was already deceased at this time.

The eldest daughter of Robert and Louise was Emily who married James Francis. Doretta spoke of a cemetery in Dryburg. I have been there and have seen many unmarked graves.I believe many Womacks are buried there, but i have no proof of this.I do know Emily was like a second mother to all the siblings and that the Francis house was a large home just down the road from the cemetary.

Teresa, my father knew Jeter and Letcher Womack, and they lived in the Mt. Laurel area.Jeter had a daughter who was good friends with my aunt, Bobbie Jane Womack, who married James Wolf. I live in Richmond and my be able to go to the state library for you if there is something specific that you need.

Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 17:34:19 (PST)

Sent you a some what lengthy E-mail -- Would make one suggestion - since it
appears John Sr was married abt 1797 in GA - poss Washington Co, a looksee at
their marriage records may help...have nil on marriage pf JOhn Jr, yet..

Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 17:28:00 (PST)
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Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 15:29:48 (PST)
Kevin Thompson

Hello. I am looking for someone that has documented proof of the marriage and children of John N. Womack, Sr. He was born 25 Dec 1776 and died 29 Jul 1848 in Washington County, Alabama. He married Frances Coleman (14 Feb 1781, d. 29 Dec 1852 in Grimes County, Texas). I have his will, but not all of his children are mentioned. I specifically need proof of his marriage and parentage to his son John N. Womack, Jr. I am also looking for proof of the marriage of John, Jr. to Tabitha Ford (I can't seem to prove her maiden name).

Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Kevin Thompson
Conroe, TX

Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 19:20:52 (PST)

FYI, My United Kingdom information has been reloacted to:


One or two links have been lost and will be updated when found...

Wouls like to make a suggestion for saving your data in case of computer
crashes -- Buy one of those external cases that hold a regular hard drive, install a hard drive in it, and plug it it -- I did that with an old 30Gb drive
and now have all my family stuff, or in process of converting, on it..If the
computer kaputs, I still have the info on that drive -- Of course you can buy them already put together - but that can be expensive, especially if you have an old drive sitting useless somewhere -- Nice thing about it is that I can
carry with my laptop and plug it in and use it...

I am also backing my regular computer files into a similar 100gb external drive.

Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 06:56:41 (PST)

Doris, Thanks! I recognize some of the names. Ill try to make contact with some of them. Who knows maybe one of them will know something!

Friday, January 27, 2006 at 21:00:32 (PST)


I emailed those obits - living individuals.

Friday, January 27, 2006 at 15:10:24 (PST)


Thanks for all the info! I now have to schedule time to do this hopefully sometime in Feb. I will keep you all posted.

I dont have the obits you posted and would love to have them!

Friday, January 27, 2006 at 12:50:05 (PST)

This is going to be a rather large post, I apologize for that; but it needs to
go all at once:

1 Ralph Graves
........+Judith 1 Womack
........2 Sally Graves 1756 -
Sally's birth recorded in records of St James Northam Parish,
Goochland Co, VA, born Sep 1 1756, Chirstened Oct 10, 1756.

Judith was daughter of William and Sarah Woodson Womack.
William being son of Abe I...

I do have a David married to a Delila Graves, Mar 24, 1800, in Caswell Co NC
This couple had TWO daughters Vashtin in 1810; Vashti in 1814.
However that was an LDS entry and Ancestry has a Nancy born 1810.
I have a John Womack who married abt 1772 a Lucy Pryor Tapley. They had a son,
David b. abt 1775 who had a daughter, Vashti b. abt 1800[LDS date}.
This John was son of Richard III and Ann "Nancy" Childers. This appears to be the one
mentioned in the earlier post. Whether or not this is the correct one, I cannot vouch
for it. David, who married Mildred Pryor, was a son also of Richard III.
LDS has John and Lucy as this Davids parents...

David and Mildred had daughter Vashti born about 1848.

A Vashti married Griffin Gunn, Sep 18, 1837, Caswell Co, NC.

Another Vashti b Oct 29, 1802, Womack Hill MS, married a John Baker Jr
abt 1820, probably in MS - Altho this John Baker died Nov 11, 1838 in TX.
This Vashti was the daugher of John N and Frances Coleman womack.
John N was son of Jesse and Dorothy Pryor Womack..Jesse brother
to David who married Mildred. I think Dorothy and Mildred were sisters.

Richard III was brother to Alexander Sr, my 6th great.

From Goodspeed's History of Indepenence Co AR [I am throwing this in because
of the name Robert Bean]:

"In 1812, one John Reed, from Missouri, cut down the first tree on the site
where it now stands, and erected a small store house, and with a supply of
notions and whisky traded with theIndians, trappers and hunters. His example
was followed during the next five years by C. Kelly, Robert Bean, Boswell,
Ringgold and Redmon."

"Col. Robert Bean ran the first keel-boat up White River and established
himself at the mouth of Polk Bayou (Batesville) in 1814."

Have no idea who this Robert Bean is unless perhaps a son/nephew/cousin
of the one who married Martha Womack...

John Bean was Coroner of that area 1821-1823; and there was a Jesse Bean
on the 1830 census.

Friday, January 27, 2006 at 11:14:08 (PST)

Sam, Tersa, Doris - The only Bradshaw data that I can at this time come up with, is GABRIEL GARNER GUNN BRADSHAW. (His name interests me because WOMACK & GARNER married in Halifax Co VA, but I haven't been able to find any GARNER connection to Gabriel.) Anyway Gabriel's parents seem to be Polly Gunn & ___ Bradshaw. Polly's relative Griffin Gunn married Vashti Womack b1810, daughter of David Womack & Delilah Graves. The David I am talking about, I believe was the son of John Womack & Lucy ___, and grandson of David Womack & Mildred Pryor. Anyway Delilah Graves seems to be the daughter of Ann/Nancy Slade & John Hendon Graves & granddaughter of Thomas Slade & Hannah Miles. Delilah married first in 1800 David Womack and second in 1819 (a relative) Abner Miles. Also another relative of Delilah Graves was Priscilla Miles who married Samuel Henderson. --- Beth, My own direct lines of Hendersons and Nolands are connected I think to this Samuel Henderson. I know of a Phillip Noland who was killed in the Texas area when it still belonged to Spain. William Bean/Been who was with Phillip, was taken prisoner by the Spanish Soldiers. I think William lived and went home years later. Doretta

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 23:12:18 (PST)

Those papers cover 11.36 cubic feet - so cannot say that they will do on interlibrary - that is a lot of records....

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 22:40:30 (PST)

This is another thing to ponder....er...study! Sorry it's so long. And please remember, some of this is abstracted from the research of others. I also don't know if the editor of "Womack Genealogy" just added 'The Watauga Settlement' information as a source for F.M.'s writing or if he wrote it. This issue has not been formatted.

Francis Marion Womack was nephew of Levi Berry Womack, who married Martha Bean, dau. of Martha Womack and Robert Bean. His grandparents were William {son of Abraham and Elizabeth Stubblefield} and Lucy {dau. of Thomas and Louvisa}. His aunt by marriage was the granddaughter of Maj. Jacob. I asked myself this question: Which side of the family {Womack or Bean} did he learn the following info?

Excerpts from WOMACK GENEALOGY VOL. IV, NO. 1 - JUNE 1960 - WHOLE NO. 7

"....THE WAWAUGA SETTLEMENT See G. R. McGeets author of History of Tennessee a history which has been adapted for use in the Public Schools of Tenn. From page 53 to page 61 inclusive you will find a history of the Watauga and other settlements, where the people met in general convention and elected a committee of thirteen men who were to act as a legisla tive body and make laws suited to the needs of the Watauga and other pioneer settlements of Tenn. We find that William Bean and Jacob Womack [Womacl were chosen members of the committee of thir teen. WE CLAIM THAT THE FAMILY TO WHICH WE BELONG ARE CONNECTED TO THE SAID BEAN AND WOMACK, while the letter (k) is left off the name Womac as appears in said history we are fully satisfied that it is a typographical error. We find that the first county court ever held in Tenn. which was then called Washington County and embraced the entire boundarys of what is now known as Tennessee was held at Watauga Settlement in the Eastern division of the State in the year 1778., and that said Bean and Womack were members of said County Court...."

In the above excerpt, F. M. was talking about William Bean, whose son, Robert Bean, married Rhoda Lane, if the Bean researchers are right. Did F. M. mean his Womack family was related to the William Bean family? That's what he wrote! How are they related to the William Bean family?

"....Then they { F. M. was speaking of his parents, Isham Rice and Mary Ann Stewart Womack} moved to Swedens Cove now Marion County, Tenn., lived there about four years, bought a piece of land where Louis Pain {sic Payne} now resides, if living, and his house stood within about 60 yards of where the Louis Pain residence now stands. Father and mother told me their reason for leaving Swedens Cove was that the Cove was pretty much filled up with relatives and that they were intermarrying among each other. There were many of the Beans, McBees, Pains and other families connected to fathers family (all good people however)...."

In this excerpt, he was probably talking about the family of Robert Bean and Martha Womack. This Robert Bean, according to the Bean researchers, was the son of John Bean. {John and William Bean are related....maybe brothers} Robert died 1824 Sweden's Cove., Marion Co., TN. William Womack, husband of Lucy Womack, d. 1820 Sweden's Cove., Marion Co., TN Lucy died in Sweden's Cove, Marion Co., TN. My point is: Robert and Martha Womack Bean and William and Lucy Womack lived near each other. Their children married.

What Bean, McBee or Payne married into the family of William and Lucy Womack? I know that their son, William "Buck" Womack m. Sarah McBee, but that's all I see.

I guess I've posted this to ask the Womack researchers in their opinion, how did Martha Womack Bean become so closely associated with a totally different Womack line? I was concerned for a long time whether Martha was actually the dau. of Maj. Jake, and thought she might be the daughter of the "other" Womack line. But a couple of days ago, I posted the evidence of her father. Could there be an error in the Bean researchers thinking that Robert Bean (m. Martha Womack) was the son of John Bean? Or Was F.M. just speaking in broad terms when he wrote,"...WE CLAIM THAT THE FAMILY TO WHICH WE BELONG ARE CONNECTED TO THE SAID BEAN AND WOMACK..."

Any thoughts?

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 20:34:36 (PST)


I found obits for three of Zora's children, Frank, Josephine, and Rosa. Do you have these obits?

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 20:18:29 (PST)
linda jehle

I am trying to connect with Ina Cannaday that posted on this website in November of 2005. I tried Ina's email but it comes back as an unknown user. Ina if you read this post please contact me at whitesocks@in-tch.com. I am also related to the Womacks. Flurida Odelia Womack is my Great Grandmother. I am related through her son, Herman Hamilton. I have some information to share. Linda

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 20:14:26 (PST)


Re: your visit to LVA. Check with your local library and/or call LVA before you go to see if you can find out which items can be sent on inter-library exchange and don't use your time at the Library of Virginia on these items. You can order these items through your local library and the LVA will send them and you have, I believe one or two weeks to go through each item you order and most of the time you can renew just like you would renew a book. I would order one item at a time and before you finish going through the first item, order the next item. It doesn't take that long to get the item if they have a copy, the delay happens when all their loan copies are out in cirrculation.

For instance, marriage, birth, death, indexes to deeds, court orders, etc. I don't know all the things which can be sent inter-library loan. You may want to do some of this so you have a better idea where to narrow your search. This is a free service and the information comes to your library on microfilm and your library will have the microfilm reader and will show you how to use it. You look through it at your leisure each day you come to the library. It is tedious work, and when you get tired, take a break because you will miss something. It is like you get to a point and you don't know if you even saw the last few pages.

A few years ago, they were filming the Halifax records at the Halifax Courthouse for the LVA. They had already filmed it once, but the copy was bad, and so they were refilming. It should be completed by now. Of course, there was a funding cut to the LVA a few years ago, I don't know what effect this had on the operation.

North Carolina most likely has this service from their State Library as well.

Info. on Library of Virginia

URL for home page

URL for info. one needs to know before visiting library.

Library's main telephone number is 804-692-3500.
A picture ID with your current street address is required to obtain a library card and use our collections.
Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Visit their online pages to get the other information you will need to know before you go which will help make your search time beneficial.

Based on where you are in your research, I think marriage, wills, accounts, and inventories will yield the best results.

Another suggestion which I have wanted to do, but haven't yet, is to visit the funeral homes in Halifax to see what they are willing to let me go through. The Powell Funeral Home and I believe there was another one which I don't know if they are still in business and offhand I can't think of the name, but I believe it was three surnames together with one of the surnames being Martin - I used to know the Martin man's first name but can't think of it now. There is also Brooks Funeral Home, but I don't know when they first went into business. The people at Powell Funeral Home can give you the name of any other funeral home which may have been in business and they might know where their records would be, if they have gone out of business. Cemeteries keep records also. Many in Halifax are buried at their Churches. The Library in Halifax has copies of the Cemetery volumes which were done some years back. Look in the WGN archive for the name of the compiler - run a search on "dcox" or "doris" and it should come up where I responded to you a few years back.

Good Luck Teresa!

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 15:36:06 (PST)

It looks like I need to take the invite from my cousin in Richmond to come and go to the library. Could you tell me what you think I should focus my search on when I go? Ive been told the library is HUGE! I would only have about one full day of searching. Anyone else out there with any tips? Thanks

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 07:30:38 (PST)
Diana Lynn Walker Sphar
dlynn_walker@ yahoo.com

Thanks for the help everyone.
(sam, beth, roger, jack, Oscar)
With THREE lines I really need to find a cousin who wants (or had already) participated in the Womack DNA project!!

It looks like a descendent of William Riley Womack b1825 or 1926 TN(son of levi berry and martha bean)m Lecretia Taylor Womack b1832 would be a good candidate. Plus they had about ten kids in addition to my gggrandmother Rhoda Jane Womack.

I don't know how may married and had kids, but there were for sons. Riley R, Robert, george and John F.

I know John F married and had two daughters and three sons. His daughter Laura b 1878 married his sister's (Rhoda Jane Womack m Eddie Lee Stevens) brother-in-law Adolphus A Stevens. His three sons are J.W. Womack b 1879, Frank b 1892 and Robert b 1896

I'm pretty sure George W. had several sons Horace b 1892, Otis b 1894, William Jennings b 1896, Frank b 1910 abd Hesse N b 1916 and possibly Levi b 1919.

Riley R had three boys I think Russell b1906, Gus b 1908 and Pierce b 1910

I believe Horace (son of George, william riley, Levi, William, abraham)had two or three children, but I do not have any information on them.

Anyone out there from one of these lines??
With Rhoda Jane (my gg grandmother) being female the closest I can come to a DNA match would be a descendent of one of her siblings.

I wonder what having all three lines will do to the DNA??

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 03:31:46 (PST)

Teresa, et al
Browsing thru the VA State Library collection I found this during a search for

Bradshaw, Herbert Clarence, 1908-1976:
Papers, 1803-1976..
11.56 cu. ft..
Location Archives and Manuscripts Room ; Manuscripts ; 29605

Maybe in these papers is an answer. Unfortunately you have to go to the VA
State Library to see them...

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 02:50:48 (PST)

Beths latter post - William as son of Abe and Elizabeth Stubblefield Womack
is correct as I have it - And I think I got that from Jack sometime ago.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 15:42:58 (PST)

I made an error on the parents of William Womack, who married Lucy Womack. I believe he was the son of Abraham Womack and Elizabeth Stubblefield. William and Lucy were half-first cousins.

Jack, please get me straight on this one!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 15:36:30 (PST)

In my post of July 5th, I named the proposed children found to date. I am adding one more:

8. Eliza Womack d. ca. 1806 m. (Rev.) Thomas McBride 1796 White Co., TN. He was b. 27 Jan 1777, d. 29 Apr 1857, son of James McBride and Mary Crawford.

Children of Eliza Womack and Thomas Crawford McBride were:
1. Jacob McBride, (1798-)
2. Charlotte McBride (1800-)
3. (Dr.) James McBride (1802-1875)
4. Lavina McBride (1804-1860)
5. (Dr.) Thomas C. McBride (1806-1848)

List of Insolvents Living within the Indian Boundary for the Year 1797
(Which the County Court of Grainger Released the Sheriff from Collecting)
McBride, Andrew
McBride, Thomas
McBride, William
Womack, David
Womack, Jeremiah
Womack, Jonathan (Johnson?)
Source: Transcribed from the original records, in the custody of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, by Pollyanna Creekmore in 1949

Source: Thomas Crawford McBride Pioneer Oregon Gospel Preacher

Item 6. Mrs. Arthur Bowman says that her ancestor, Thomas Crawford McBride, M. c1800 to Eliza Womack. They named their oldest son Jacob probably for her father, since the second son was named James for Thomas' father. The third son was named Thomas, after his father.
Source: WOMACK GENEALOGY - Volume I, Number 1

Grainger Co, TN - 1799 - David Womack, Johnston Womack Grainger Co, TN court records 1796 - 1802
(WPA transacription at TN State Archives) - several mentions of Jacob and David Womack. In one court record, Jacob referred to as Major Jacob Womack. In another court record, Jacob and David listed together as part of a jury to lay off a road.
{So Jacob was still alive between 1796 and 1802 in Grainger Co. bh}

Jackson Co, TN - 1802 - David Wamack, John Wamack. Jackson Co, TN was adjacent to White Co, TN until 1842 when Putnam Co, TN was formed. David and Johnston Womack apparently moved from Grainger Co, TN to Jackson Co, TN, and thence to WHITE CO., TN. By 1816, they had moved to Lawrence Co, AR (which was then part of Missouri Territory).

In "TN Land Grants" the Tennessee land grant of Larkin Warmack, 13 acres, WHITE CO., TN Grant # 6189, and David Wormack, 10 acres, WHITE CO., TN Grant #6414.

Source for above three entries: Web Page of Robert Burke

I told Diana by email that she actually descends from Womacks in three ways:

Martha Bean, dau. of (1) Martha Womack and Robert Bean, married
Levi Berry Womack, son of (2) William Womack (son of Abraham Womack and
Nancy Ann Blanton) and (3) Lucy Womack (dau. of Thomas Womack and Louvisa

It makes you wonder how Martha Bean, granddaughter of Maj. Jake met and married the grandson of Thomas and Louvisa.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 12:41:51 (PST)


From the Old Womack Genealogy Volumes


1781 - Burke County - Jacob Womack - paid 261 Spanish milled dollars (to bear interest at 6%) - for 378 lbs. of fresh pork.

1782 - Salisbury - Ensign Jacob Womack - 15 Pounds - 4 Shillings - "for services done by him & company of foot Mil[itia of?] Burke Regmt."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 12:23:51 (PST)

these links refer to a Captain Jacob Womack

Also, have you went here and requested a Patriot lookup from the DAR, and looked for the info on how to get a copy of what they have on individuals?


I read at one time or another that Jacob Womack provided meat and a cart or something to the war effort - such actions were. I think, considered performing service to the war effort....US Gen Web used to be a lot easier to query that it is today - somehow a lot of the ability to access data has been lost with their new format --

As Beth mentioned, there were two Jacobs at Watauga - and I guess the question is which one was the right one; or, were they both involved in the war effort?
It is hard to consider that Jacob was married and only four potential children have been found - J0hnson, William, Sarah and Martha --

Could the other that was not one of the 13 have been his son?? Since Jacob was born ca. 1729; he certainly was of the age to have a son old enough to sigh the petition of Watauga...and also since they usually tended to have large families back then; more than 4 children would not have been out of the ordinary...

I doubt, now, that we will ever get to the bottom of who the other was or all of Jacob's children; we just need to verify what little we have...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 10:58:55 (PST)
Diana Lynn Walker Sphar
dlynn_walker@ yahoo.com

I did not actually submit a full application. I sent only a beginning request and was turned away before I ever got started. I guess I submitted a request on Maj Jacob.

Most of the genelogy I have is from this site, LDS (even I have found errors in many of those files) and other online sources. I have started doing some library research to begin the verification of my own line. Marriage licenses, census records and birth and death records.

I do have in my genealogy that I am descended from two Womack lines. I only started a few years ago and then I got interruped with the raising of my two granddaughters (now 7 and 3). I don't have a lot of time for my own research, but I continue to visit here because of all the work this group continues to do (SAM!) and others have been such a great help to me. I know some of my line is fairly well documented.

Beth I would dearly love to have (or know how to get) the documents you spoke of.

I am a computer nerd and I hope to compile the documentation and photos I have acquired into a book for other researchers

Not for profit, but so that my granddaughters and future generations will have everything at thier fingertips and not have to go hunting for every bit of evidence that we have already found.

As for copyrighted stuff I would at least like to compile a reference or bibliography of those materials that relate to our line.

many thanks for the information you have provided

I am also working on several other lines (walker, penix, fulfer) when I can, but as I said I've got my hands full with "the girls"


Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 05:37:21 (PST)


Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 05:36:35 (PST)


Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 03:19:16 (PST)


I have the complete research of the late Bettye Sitton Reed, which was graciously given to me by a Bean descendant. Bettye submitted her application in 1987 for DAR membership and was admitted 22 Feb 1988 to DAR as a descendant of Maj. Jacob Womack Of course, she descended from Jacob's daughter, Martha Womack, wife of Capt. Robert Bean (son of John Bean). There is no proof of his other children. Her work is primarily based Jacob Womack's line, but I must admit, she included almost everything written about the Womacks at that time!

I also have copies of most of the book, "The Bean Tree" copyrighted 1986 by the late Estelee Bean Rankin, based on the family of Robert Bean and Martha Womack, in which I found there is evidence of Martha Womack being the daughter of "a" Jacob Womack of Watauga. I must point out there were two Jacob Womacks of Watauga. Lowry Franklin Owens, great grandson of Robert Bean and Martha Womack, wrote in 1951 that his great grandmother, Martha Womack married at Watauga, and her father, Jacob Womack was one of the early settlers there. I have not copied the text verbatim because it's copyrighted.

I concluded that Ms. Reed did not present sourced evidence of Revolutionary War service for Jacob Womack. One must "assume" that he was involved with the Battle of Kings Mountain, because he lived among the two hundred forty Sullivan Co., TN "Overmountain Men", who fought under John Sevier, but I've seen no proof. Estelee Rankin indicated that early historians credited 16 yr. old Robert Bean for killing British Maj. Patrick Ferguson, I presume at Kings Mountain. This information was also not sourced. Also, there was another Robert Bean, son of William Bean, in this era.

The Bean researchers are satisfied that Robert Bean (Martha Womack) was the son of John Bean and Robert Bean (Rhoda Lane) was the son of William Bean.

Bettye Sitton Reed is just one more researcher who in 1986 definitely thought that Maj. Jacob Womack had but one wife......Sarah. And that would be Sarah Johnson.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 23:19:36 (PST)

Someone else said they got a "line closed" on Maj Jacob Womack - It may be possible because someone went in with the wrong wife - Mary Wills Cole - who was his cousin's, also a Jacob, wife.. - I have protested this for years - Mary Wills was my 4th Great granny - And, Cole wasnt even her maiden name, Wills or Wells was. I go with her son Daniels Bible records which states Wills...
Major Jacob is merely a distant cuz of some number to me. His daddy and my 6th were brothers..

As far as the Martha Womack/Robert Bean/Been connection I havent any idea what
may have clouded that issue..

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 22:01:55 (PST)


Whose Revolutionary War Record are using for your DAR application? Captain Robert Bean or Maj. Jacob Womack? You descend from both.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 12:10:35 (PST)
Diana Lynn Walker Sphar

I just saw the posting for *******Tuesday, July 05, 2005 at 21:25:30 (PDT)****
Derrell, Ann and Jim Lotspeich,
this posting references the DAR and Levi Berry Womack (robert BEEN/Bean) and William Womacks

I am of this line and was having some problems with this area myself. DAR basically said that This line was CLOSED I am not even sure what that means, but If you folks are still working on this line I would be interested in anything else you find. I am copying these posts to read later.


Ella - Janie -
Eva - 1901
Rhoda Jane Womack - 1872 Scottsboro, cherokee, Alabama m Eddie Stevens b 1873
William Riley Womack - 1826 TN m Lucretia Taylor 1832
Levi Berry womack b abt 1803 NC m Martha Beane

Monday, January 23, 2006 at 16:48:55 (PST)

Do you have any dates on any one other than Theo's estimated dates??

And what you are saying is that your mother was a daughter of one of Nannies
brothers?? I think Nannies parents were Edward and Malissa Randolph Only.
The last name spelling varies, Only/Onley - poss Olney..

Schuyler was the son of James Alexander IV and Rebecca Higdon...which you may
already have from previous correspondence -- I cannot locate Theo anywhere.

Also, could his mother's name have been Theodora ratherthan Theora?- I so she is on the Social Security Death Index[SSDI]....

A little more information and mebbe can pull a little more out -- anything after 1930 is rather hard unless on the SSDI or a state death or marriage index.

Monday, January 23, 2006 at 14:13:48 (PST)
Anne M Davies

I am looking for Theo Womack. Born around 1935-1940, Father M.Raymond Womack Mother Theora Womack. Grandparents were Schuylar Noah and Nannie E Womack, From Cahttanooga, Calhoun, Cleveland area. His Father, Ray,was my Mother's first cousin. Her maiden name was Mary E Onley. I do not know if he is still alive. I can not find anything else about him. Would appreciate any info.

Monday, January 23, 2006 at 07:54:56 (PST)


Monday, January 23, 2006 at 01:37:38 (PST)

I Hope you have read what I posted below - on an offchance they might have missed Walton Co when indexing - I went in and reviewed all census images [422] for Walton Co for 1900 - I also reviewed 41 for Richardson District for 1910.
Either these people were missed - or they were in another county and not indexed.

Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 09:13:34 (PST)

Dont know where those people were in 1900 and 1910; but did find them in 1920 and 1930. Not on Social Security Death Index; but Willie was on the Georgia
Death Index:

Georga Death Index:

Name: Willie C Womack
Death Date: 08 May 1962
County of Death: Walton
Gender: M
Race: W
Age: 66 years
County of Residence: Walton
Certificate: 15010
This may posibly give spouse and parent's names.

1920 Census, Richardson, Walton Co, GA
Womick, Willie age 23 He and parents born GA
Didus age 19 She and parents born GA

1930 Census, Militia District 250, Walton Co, GA
Wammack, Willie age 30 All born GA
Didus age 27
Sola age 9 [Lola?]
Lan E [f] age 7 [poss Lou E?]
Mary 4
Thomas age 1 11/12

Cannot locate on 1900 and 1910 censuses.
I used exact and soundex on name.

Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 05:23:50 (PST)


Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 10:15:54 (PST)

I have checked the WW1 civilian registration data base - nil on Geter - as far
as enlistments go - I have found no area I can check WW1 - the only alternative
is to go to www.nara.gov and click in on military and see if they will do a
search for you - at best that was just a poss thing to look into -

I am still stumped where this dude was in 1900 - and who the Eliza of 1870 was
attached to - but she obviously had some connection with Geter's family because
of the name similarity - perhaps she married a brother of Geter's father? Or an older brother of Geter?

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 18:58:36 (PST)

All birth records information came from Mark Womack's work.

I should have done a better job posting the data.

Notes on the individuals listed earlier.

Melvina Womack is a female.

Nockswell(?) is male and I have the children for Polk Dallas and Mollie Womack and I don't have Nockswell or know which child he is. He was born alive, but maybe he didn't survive to show on census data. This is a Southern District Womack line.

Sibble(?) Womack is male born alive.

The only individual listed as born dead was the last one I listed. However, a number of those births which left the race blank also left the born dead or alive blank. If you need to know about an individual posted, place a query here at WGN.

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 18:03:58 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Records
Womack Records of Births

[I am only listing the births of white and unknown race]

Child: - Womack
Born: 1868
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: Farmer
Relation: Farmer
Note: This record almost completely unreadable.
Father: [left blank]
Father's occupation: [left blank]
Residence: [left blank]
Mother: Cleary Womack

Child: - Womack
Born: 1868
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: Farmer
Relation: Farmer
Note: This record was almost completely unreadable.
Father: [left blank]
Father's occupation: [left blank]
Residence: [left blank]
Mother: Mollie L. Womack

Child: - Womack
Born: 12 Jan 1870
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: T.W.
Relation: Father
Father: Tom Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Lareth Womack

Child: - Womack
Born: 19 May 1870
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: H.W.
Relation: Father(sic)
Father: Guy Womack(sic)
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Harriet Womack

Child: - Womack
Date of Birth: Aug 1879
Gender: Male
Race: white
Born Alive or Dead: Dead
Place of Birth: Halifax
Person Reporting: R. E. Womack
Relation: Father
Collection Notes: Recorded in Northern District
Father: Robt. E. Womack
Father's Occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Eliza Womack
Number at Birth: 1

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 17:48:00 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Records
Womack Records of Births

[I am only listing the births of white and unknown race]

Child: Sam Womack
Born: 13 Jun 1870
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: A. W.
Relation: Father
Father: Anderson Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Delia Womack

Child: Sibble (?) Womack
Born: 24 Jun 1871
Race: white
Person reporting: M.R. Womack
Relation: Grandfather
Note: Place of Birth: Roanoke Twnship
Father: C. W. Womack
Father's occupation: Sawyer
Residence: Roanoke Twnship
Mother: Mary E. Womack

Child: Susan Womack
Born: Feb 1874
Race: white
Person reporting: W. R. (B?) Womack
Relation: Father
Note: Place of birth: Roanoke Twnship
Father: Wm. R. (B.?) Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Roanoke Twnship
Mother: Susan Womack

Child: Susan Womack
Born: 6 Jul 1880
Race: white
Person reporting: R. Womack
Relation: Father
Note: Recorded in Northern District
Father: Robt Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax Co
Mother: Louisa Womack

Child: Thos. B. Womack
Born: 17 Dec 1870
Race: white
Person reporting: Jas. K. Womack
Relation: Father
Father: Jas. K. Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Sallie J. Womack

Child: William W. Womack
Born: Jul 1858
Race: white
Person reporting: Charles H. Womack
Relation: Father
Father: Charles H. Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Eliza Tucker (?)

Child: - Womack
Born: Nov 1859
Race: white
Person reporting: M. Womack
Relation: Father
Note: No name is given for child.
Father: Marshall Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Eliz. Womack

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 17:22:52 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Records
Womack Records of Births

[I am only listing the births of white and unknown race]

Child: Nannie M. Womack
Born: 22 Jul 1877
Race: white
Person reporting: Parents
Relation: Parents
Note: Recorded in Halifax Court House
Father: Jas. K. Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax Co
Mother: S. J. Womack

Child: Nockswell(?)
Born: Jun 1874
Race: white
Person reporting: P.D. Womack
Relation: Father
Note: Recorded in Meadsville Township
Father: Polk D. Womack
Father's occupation: Laborer-(?)
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Mollie (Nellie?) Womack

Child: Paul D.
Born: 25 Mar 1876
Race: white
Person reporting: P. D. Womack
Relation: Parent
Note: Recorded in Halifax Court House
Father: P. D. Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax Co
Mother: M.L. Womack

Child: Sallie Womack
Born: May 1876
Race: white
Person reporting: Louisa Womack
Relation: Parent
Note: Recorded in Northern District
Father: None(sic)
Father's occupation: [left blank]
Residence: [left blank]
Mother: Louisa Womack

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 17:03:31 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Records
Womack Records of Births

[I am only listing the births of white and unknown race]

Child: Mary E. Womack
Born: 15 Feb 1870
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: G.W.
Relation: Father
Father: Green Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Mary Womack

Child: Maud Womack
Born: 7 Feb 1874
Race: white
Person reporting: C. W. Womack
Relation: Father
Note: Place of birth: Roanoke Township
Father: Chas W. Womack
Father's occupation: Lumber Man
Residence: Roanoke Township
Mother: Mary E. Womack

Child: Melvina Womack
Born: 3 Apr 1855
Race: white
Person reporting: Miles (M.E.?)
Relation: Father
Father: Marshall Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Clover Depot
Mother: Elizabeth Womack

Child: Miles Henry Womack
Born: 12 Mar 1871
Race: white
Person reporting: Wm. Womack
Relation: Father
Note: Place of birth: Roanoke Twnship
Father: William Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Roanoke Twnship
Mother: Eliz. Womack

Child: Nancy Womack
Born: Sep 1870
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: [left blank]
Relation: Father
Father: Robt. E. Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Louisa Womack

Child: Nanie(sic) J. Womack
Born: 28 Jan 1870
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: J.W.
Relation: Father
Father: Jack Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Lizzy Williams(?)

Child: Nannie E. Womack
Born: 27 Mar 1867
Race: white
Person reporting: Louisa Womack
Relation: Mother
Note: Place of birth: Scottsburg
Father: [left blank]
Father's occupation: [left blank]
Residence: [left blank]
Mother: Louisa Womack
Number at Birth: 2

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 15:37:26 (PST)


I must have missed your post on the 1920 census. I have spent I know at least two or three hours looking through the ancestry.com database for that info and never found anything.- Thanks!

I never thought about Bradshaw being inlisted. Where would I look for that information? When I talked to Lucy Wells last year at the Zora Womack Conner reunion she said that he (in her words) "drank himself to death". I also heard from someone else that he died of pneumonia. Lucy Wells is very old. In her nineties. I dont know how reliable her memory truly is. She also said he had a brother named Jeff. Lucy Wells is the only daughter of Zora left living. I dont know how to get back in touch with her. I left my name and number with her daughter in case she mentioned anything else that might be useful to me but I havent heard a word from any of them. You know some people are just not as interested in the past as others. Anyway I would like to persue the inlisted idea. Where should I start looking? Thanks

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 14:53:14 (PST)

I think you have hit it right on the head - Two Williams, two Elizas -
I'll see if I can find an Eliza, unfortunately have no last name to go by,
age 9 or 10 on the 1880 - Sure wish that 1890 had survived!!

There is a William that died in 1897 - I think I have posted that one
before...could fit in with the widow Eliza of 1900 with three sons --
I have over 50 different, possibly more, Williams in my data base...

It appears the two families that had Bradshaws were related closely...
I still cannot fathom the difference in wives names for that R E J
[Robert E] Womack...Lou or Louise and Eliza [1880] But Lou was informant
for his death - Do we have an Eliza Louise here?

Oh well, lets hang in there and solve this thang!

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 14:33:01 (PST)

Doris, Sam, Teresa - We are dealing (I think) with 2 William Womacks, 2 Eliza Womacks and 2 Bradshaw Womacks. We all know about the William problem so I won't mentioned him. Now one Eliza Womack was born Jan 1870 VA and the other was Eliza A Womack born ca 1850 NCar. Now Eliza Womack born Jan 1870 VA is the head of household in 1900 in Halifax Co VA. She has a son Bradshaw Womack (age 6) born March 1894 VA and 2 other sons in her household. Now della Franklin married 31 Oct 1904 Bradshaw Womack in Halifax Co VA. Now he can't be the Bradshaw born March 1894 since that Bradshsw was only age 10 in 1904. Now we find on the 1910 Halifax Co VA Geter B Womack (age 25) (b 1885) and Idellar (age 27) (b 1883). They have a Eliza A Womack (age 60) (b 1850) in North Carolina living with them. This Eliza A Womack has given birth to four children of whom only three were living in 1910. What do you fellows think? Could I be right or am I wrong? Doretta

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 07:43:37 (PST)

In case you missed my earlier post or what I sent in e-mail
1920 Census, Halifax Co, Roanoke District, VA
Morefield, Idella age 32 b. all on census born VA
Andrew age 52 born
Womack, Martha age 19
Letcher age 13
Phillip age 11
Hattie M age 8
Jeter age 4 and some 12's cant make out for sure,
which places him in 1915, I have him Jul 15, 1915.
Census was taken Feb 18, 1920.
So Geter's death was sometime before or after Jeter's
birth. I cant find him registered for WW1, but wonder
if he enlisted and perhaps was killed?

One of you [Doretta,Doris,Teresa] found this but am repeating:
1930 Census Roxboro Twp, Person Co, NC dwelling 113/family 124
Moorefield Andre J age 63
Della age 42
George M age 9. b. VA
Jeter is listed as
Patterson, Jettie age 14 b. VA
Hudson, John D age 2 11/12, grandson, b. VA

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 06:33:23 (PST)

Doris - Thanks. Now I have full birthdays and relationships for some of those kids on the census. Doretta

Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 18:51:13 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Records
Womack Records of Births

[I am only listing the births of white and unknown race]

Child: George Womack
Born: 8 Nov 1870
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: H.W.
Relation: Father
Father: Henry Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Alcy Womack

Child: Jno. D. Womack
Born: 23 Dec 1870
Race: [left blank]
Person reporting: MDFWW
Relation: Father
Father: M.D.F.W. Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax
Mother: Harriet A. E. Womack

Child: Lizzie C. Womack
Born: 5 Oct 1878
Race: white
Person reporting: Parents
Relation: Parents
Note: Recorded in Halifax Court House
Father: P.D. Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax Co
Mother: M.L. Womack

Child: Margaret F. Womack
Born: 27 Mar 1867
Race: white
Person reporting: Louisa Womack
Relation: Mother
Note: Place of Birth: Scottsburg
Father: [left blank]
Father's occupation: [left blank]
Residence: [left blank]
Mother: Louisa Womack
Number at Birth: 2

Child: Martha L. Womack
Born: 19 Sep 1868
Race: white
Person reporting: Father
Relation: Father
Father: Lafayette Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Halifax Co
Mother: Harriet E. Womack

Child: Martha P. Womack
Born: 24 Apr 1877
Race: white
Person reporting: Lou Womack
Note:Recorded in Northern District
Father: [left blank]
Father's occupation: [left blank]
Residence: [left blank]
Mother: Lou Womack

Child: Mary A. Womack
Born: 19 Nov 1872
Race: white
Person reporting: James K. Womack
Relation: Father
Father: James K. Womack
Father's occupation: Farmer
Residence: Birch Creek Twnship
Mother: Sallie Womack

Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 18:24:44 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Records
Womack Records of Births

[I am only listing the births of white and unknown race]

Bettie Womack b. 10 Apr 1870 race: [left blank] Person reporting: J.W.
relation: father Father: Jacob Womack Father's occupation: farmer
residence: Halifax Mother: Sindy (Sandy?) Womack

Charles Womack b. Jul 1873 Race: White Person reporting: R. E. Womack
Relation: father Father: Robt. E. Womack, farmer Residence: Roanoke Township
Mother: Loving Womack

Edgar Womack b. 29 Oct 1877 Race: white Person Reporting: R. E. Womack
Relation: parent Recorded in Northern District Father: Robert E. Womack
Father's occupation: farmer Residence: Halifax Mother: Eliza Womack

Edgar Womack b. 30-1878 Race: white Person Reporting: R. E. Womack, Parent
Recorded in Northern District Father: R. E. Womack, farmer Residence: Halifax
Mother: Louisa Womack

Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 17:26:20 (PST)

You got your timeline right with my info. You can see why I put this down for about a year and a half. It was driving me crazy. I dont see anyway to put my line together. I do think there must have been two different families. I tried to find Geter B. and Eliza with my gdad jeter P. in the 1920 census putting him at 5 years old. I couldnt find him anywhere. I also looked for Eliza and Andrew, I couldnt find them either. Its like they fell off the face of the earth! Thanks again for helping me. Im still searching!

Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 11:33:52 (PST)

OK People - another food fer thought! Some of these people are very elusive!

1880 Halifax Co Census, dwelling 263/family 264,Roanoke District

Womack R E J 46 looks like it may be REJ Jr [1834]
Eliza 36
John H 19
Mary R 17
Rose B 14
Robt L 12
Nanny 9
Chas 7
Edgar 3

Do we have REJ married twice, once to Louisa and then Eliza?

1870 Census same state/county/etc, dwelling 142/family 143

Womack, Robt E 37 [1833]
Louisa 26 [1844]
Emily 11 [1859]
John 9
Rosa B 6
Robt 2
Mary 7

1860 Census, Halifax Co, Sep 10, 1860, Dwelling 1008/Family 980
Womack, Robert E 26
Louisa H 17 [1843]
Amy 7/12 [1850]

1850 Census, Halifax Co, Dwelling 279/Family 281
Womack, Henry 50
Susan 40
Robert E 16
William R 6

1850 Census, Halifax Co, Northern Dist, Dwelling 543/family 546
Crowder, John M 31 VA
Mary A 30 VA
Louisa 6 VA
Susan 2 VA

1850 Census, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Co, Dwelling /family 63 Aug 1, 1850
This getting thick or what??
Bradshaw, Wm 47 all born maryland...
C [f] 21
Eliza 6/12 [1850]
Cannot locate this family on 1860 Census. VA nor NC.

REJ/Robert appears to be same Man with two different wives...but,
see death record below...

Checked NC death recoreds 1908-1968; however some of the earlier
records were only partial...

Womack, Robert E.
Gen. note Race: White.
Gender: Male.
Date of death: May 26, 1884.
Place of death: Halifax County.
Cause of death: pneumonia.
Age at death: 52 year(s). [1832]
Place of birth: Halifax County.
Occupation: farmer.
Note Source of information: Halifax County, 1884, page 4, line 18.
Subject - Personal Womack, Robert E.
Womack, Henry, father.
Womack, Susan, mother.
Womack, Lou, consort.
Womack, Lou, informant (Wife).

Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 08:46:00 (PST)
Jean Richardson

Mr. Smith,
My second grade class would like to feature you on one of the days of our Black History Month calendar.
Would you please send us something that we could put on display?
Thank you very much,
Jean Richardson
2nd. Grade Teacher
Oriole Beach Elementary
1260 Oriole Beach Rd.
Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561

Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 08:31:15 (PST)

Sam, Doris, Teresa - That William Womack problem of Halifax Co VA for now has me completly stumped, so I took a break and went looking for some unknown descendants of Henry Womack & Susan. I found the following: Robert E J Womack (son of Henry & Susan) married Louisa H Crowler/Crowder who is maybe the daughter of John Crowder and Mary Stegall. (Mary also married Nathaniel B Stegall d1840). Anyway Robert & Louisa/Louise 's daughter Emily R Womack (living 1926 & was named as Emily Francis in brother John H Womack's 1926 court data), married 2 Jan 1879 James Wesley "Jim" Francis b 11 Sept 1852 d 17 Sept 1937. Emily R was b 12 Nov 1859 Halifax Co Va d 11 Dec 1940 Va & is buried in Francis Family Cem, Drysburg, Halifax Co Va. Their children were: (1) Issac/Isaac H Francis, (2) Lou Fannie Francis m Charlie Thomas Buntin, (3) Mary Francis m William Anderson, (4) James Melvin Francis m Ola Torian, (5) Mattie B Francis b1889/1892 m Robert T Womack B abt 1890 and they had Sarah Ester Womack b 23 April 1912 who married 24 Oct 1936 Eugene Denwood Francis b1912 d1963, (6) Charlie Leonard Francis m Nannie Lona Smith, (7) Sallie B Francis b abt 1901 d before 2005 m Charlie D Smith. Now Emily R (Womack) Francis' sister Nannie Womack b abt 1871 maybe married 19 Jan 1887 Halifax Co VA to John E Francis b abt 1867, but in her brother's court papers , she is refered to as Nannie Buntin living Danville, VA 1926. ( By the way I am still interested in the William problem. Could Geter Bradshaw Womack have died in Person Co NCar? Also by any chance, could the Eliza reporting the children's deaths be two different mothers named Eliza? Rosa, the daughter of one Eliza and the other two children belonging to the other Eliza. Keep posting thoughts, it keeps me thinking about this problem from different angles.) My postings almost always need proving. Doretta

Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 00:26:42 (PST)

OK lets try to do a time thing on this William, Eliza, Geter situation

Working backwards as well as possible:

1930 - Someone found Eliza and Andrew in NC.

1920 - Eliza A has apparently remarried an Andrew Moorefield -
A young Jeter aged 5 [1915] is with them in Halifax - Geter
apparently is now deceased.

1910 - we Know Geter age 25 [1885] is in Halifax county by the census;
His mother, Eliza A, is with him and us shown as 60 [1850] years of age.

1900 - Where are they?? There is an Eliza A, widow with three children.
Bradshaw, Charles and John. Born abt 1894/95/96 respectively.

1897 - a William Womack dies - whose wife was named Caroline.

1885 Geter B Womack born per 1910 census.

1882 - a William R dies in MO, wife Lucy.

1880 - Cannot find Eliza nor William on a census in VA - However,
Halifax Co records the deaths of three children in Oct[1] and Nov 1880[2].
One of them was a Rosa aged abt 11. Probably one below.

I also did soundex searches on NC and WV - nothing on Indexes
I also checked Wilmot, Wilmoth and Wilmouth - nothing--

So, where are they?

1878 - A William R Womack dies - wife is indicated as Lucy. Couldnt be
Geter's father.

1870 - we find a William Womack and Eliza with a young daughter, Rosa;
aged abt 6/12 [abt 1869]. William is shown 25 years old [1845]. Eliza
is shown as 2 years older [1848].

1869 - We find an Eliza Morefield marrying a William Womack.

1865 - We find an Eliza A Wilmot marrying an Elias Morefield...

1860 - A William Womack found son of Henry and Susan AB Womack. Has
brother named Miles - Halifax Co VA.
A William M son of James and Mary - Halifax Co
And a William A - son of Archer --
All born between 1841 and 1845...

Eliz Wilmoth, age 14, Charlotte Co VA - daughter of Miles and Mary
Eliza A Wilmouth, age 13, Halifax Co, daughter of Susan, Halifax
Eliza Wilmoth, age 11, daughrer of Jemima, Randolph Co VA

1850 - Geter's mother Eliza born[based on 1910 census].
William R age 6 son of Henry and Susan - Halifax Co
William M age 6 son of Frances Womack, Widow..
William M age 1 month son of Achilles
Wm Womack age 3, son of Larkin, born NC - Buckingham Co VA Census

Eliza Wilmoth, age 10/12, Daughter of Samuel and Jemima Randolph Co
census Jul 27 1850. This is the only one close enough in VA.

Eliza Wilmouth, age 3, daughter of Yancey and Susan Rockingham Co NC

We are probably dealing with two Williams and two Elizas...missing census
data and Lord only knows what else --

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 13:17:07 (PST)

Womack Cuzzins,

Bureau of Land Management web page is up and running again!

The Tampa Tribune - Published: Jan 15, 2006

Genealogists got a nice gift over the holidays from the Bureau of Land
Management when its online database became accessible again.

The records had been unavailable for about a year following a lawsuit
involving Indian lands.

The bureau's Web site provides access to more than 2 million federal
land-title records issued from 1820 to 1908 for public land states.

The public land states include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas,
California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,
Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon,
South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Happy hunting!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 22:47:34 (PST)

OK, did another 158 images on the 1880 census for Halifax Co - After looking at these two censuses, 1880-1900, a lot of Womacks moved out of Halifax - there are not too many or Ancestry doesnt have all the pages up--

District 122 44 images

District 123 56 images

Womack, A V age 27 dwelling/family 195 image 20 of 56
S A age 32 [wife]

District 124 58 images All born VA unless otherwise noted.

Womack, M B age 63 Dwelling 86/Family 87 image 9 of 58
Elizabeth age 55
M Mel [f] age
Susan age 20
Waddell, Filmore age 12 nephew

Womack, R E J age 46 Dwelling 263/Family 264 image 27 of 58
Eliza age 36
John H age 19
Mary R age 17
Rose B age 14
Robt L age 12
Nanny age 9
Chas age 7
Logan age 3

Allen Chas Dwelling 348/Family 349 Image 36 of 58
Womack, Allen W age 9 [his ward]

Womack, Ann S age 45 Dwelling 350/family 351 image 37 of 58
Mary S age 7

Womack, Jeff D age 21 Dwelling/family 440 image 46 of 58
Molly T age 22

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 21:20:43 (PST)

Doris, Teresa, et al
We are apparently dealing with two families of William and Eliza. I have went thru 160 images for the Roanoke Districts of Halifax - Unless they are somewhere else, dont look like they are there..There are black families but I
pulled only the caucasians.

Womacks in Halifax Co, 1900 Census, unless other wise noted,
All born VA.

District 54 - 46 Images
Womack, Abraham W Jan 1856
Image 8 of 46, Dwelling/Family 66

Womack, Eliza Jan 1870 Image 18 of 46, Dwelling/family 164
Bradshaw MAR 1894
John May 1896
Charles Apr 1898

Womack, Jeffrey May 1860, Dwelling /Family 179 - Image 20 of 46
Lucy T Jun 1870
Eddie L Oct 1897

Womack, Charles?? Jun 1876 Dwelling 328/Family 329 image 36 of 46
Sallie Apr 1877
Erenst Jun 1897
Bertha May 1899

Womack, John H Jul 1860, Dwelling 332/Family 333 image 36 of 46
Elizabeth Sep 1870
Saunders Oct 1892 nephew
Sarah Jun 1830 mother

Womack, Abraham? May 1854, Dwelling 467/Family 478 image 46 of 46

District 55- 31 images

District 56 43 images

Womack, William Sep 1861 Image 9 of 43, Dwelling 81/Family 84
Bettie Mar 1870
Arthur Feb 1886
Martha R Apr 1895
Hula L or S May 1898

District 57 40 images

Ancestry Image 39 of 40
Womack, R J Feb 1868 Dwelling 304, Family 364
Bettie Jan 1872
Thomas Nov 1891
Nannie Sep 1893
Willie Oct 1896

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 19:20:54 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Records
General Index to Deeds

Grantor: Eliza A. Womack
Grantee: H. Clay Whitworth Tr.
Kind: D of T Book: 66 Page: 452 Date: 23 Dec 1878 Location: 25A

Grantor: Eliza Womack &c
Grantee: Martha E. Wilmoth(sic)
Kind: B&S Book: 92 Page: 569 Date: 19 Dec 1899 Location: 25A Roanoke Dist

Grantor: G. B. Womack & wf
Grantee: J. W. Canada Tr
Kind: D or Tr Book: 113 Page: 550 Date: 23 Feb 1914 Location: 100A Roa Dist

Grantor: G. B. Womack & wf
Grantee: George W. Johnston
Kind: B&S Book: 117 Page: 333 Date: 7 Jun 1916 Location: 100A Roa Dist Staun R

Grantor: Idellar Womack &h
Grantee: J. W. Canada Tr
Kind: D or Tr Book: 113 Page: 550 Date: 23 Feb 1914 Location: 100A Roa Dist

Grantor: Idellar Womack &h
Grantee: George W. Johnston
Kind: B&S Book: 117 Page: 333 Date: 7 Jun 1916 Location: 100A Roa Dist Staun

Grantor: Idellar Womack &h
Grantee: J. W. Canada Tr
Kind: D or T Book: 119 Page: 38 Date: 9 Jun 1917 Location: Tract Roa D nr Clover

Grantor: Idella(sic) Womack
Grantee: See Idella Womack Moorefield
Kind: Ref Book: 134 Page: 469 Date: Location:

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 18:35:05 (PST)

That last message came out so garbled, I'm going to redo it. Sorry.

*Halifax Co VA Records
General Index to Devisees and Heirs Page 106

Year: 1940 Kind of Instrument: L of H Will Book: 46 Page: 363

Heir or Devisee Of
[Idella's name written as:] "Idella Womack Moorefield or Idella Womack"

Name of Heirs
Jeter Womack, Letcher Womack, Phil Womack

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 18:21:15 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Records
General Index to Devisees and Heirs Page 106

- Sur - Name - Heir or - Kind of - Will -
Year - Name - of Heirs - Devisees - Instrument - Book - Page

1940 - Womack - Jeter - Idella - L of H - 46 - 363

- Womack - Letcher - Womack - - -
- Womack - Phil - Moorefield - - -

[Idella's name written as:] "Idella Womack Moorefield or Idella Womack"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 18:16:08 (PST)

THe info you requested about where Jeter p. lived. I know in 1930 census for Person Co., NC had him listed living with Andrew Moorefield and Idellar Franklin. He was married to Thelma in 1938 in Person Co. also, but he lived in Halifax after he was married. My dad said that he owned a store in the Difficult Creek area before he was born(1945). My dad said that Jeter P. ran away from home when he was a teenager and lived with a man in Person Co. Longhurst community that would have been between 1930 and 1938. He didnt know the mans name that Jeter lived with.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 18:04:50 (PST)

You are correct about Letcher and Jessie. I have pictures of their grave stones. They had four children in all. Roger,Claire, Catherine, and John Henry.
Jessie was born Jan. 23 1914 and died July 1993, Her death date is partially hidden in my picture by flowers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 17:55:31 (PST)

Mount Conner's parents are Ben and Martha Conner

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 17:52:39 (PST)
Teresa Womack Moore

Sam, Doris, Doretta,

Wow! You guys have been busy! When I checked the message board today, I was shocked. Sam, The census you spoke of about the dates being wrong has been a confusing point of interest to me ever since I ran accross it. That cant be my Bradsaw. Doris, I have copies of the marriage licence's for Jeter P. and Thelma Bliss, Geter B. and Idellar, and William and Eliza. I have studied them until I almost went blind. Everything is posted here on the message boards. Im starting to wonder if there are two families with the same names. Do you know if Bradsaw is listed in the Death indexes? I cant figure out when he died exactly or where. I would love to find his grave. I dont know when or where Idellar died either. My grandfather Jeter P. was born in 1915, I found some land grants between Idellar and the Moorefield man she married in 1917 in Halifax. I figure sometime after 1915 and before 1917, he died. My grandfather Jeter never told anyone about his childhood, only that he was very unhappy. So we know nothing past him. All his other sisters and brothers have died. I just want to say how touched I am that you guys are working so hard to help me figure out this mystery. Thanks, Teresa

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 12:58:28 (PST)

If this William died in 1878 - he cannot be the husband of Eliza A, who was a
widow on the 1900 census with Bradshaw - shown as born 1894, Charles 1895, and
John 1896. If this is the correct Eliza who married William in 1869; then Bradshaw, if he is Geter Bradshaw, has an incorrect year of birth...but Geter was shown on the 1910 as born abt 1885; with an Eliza A born abt 1850 as mother, widowed, living with...

I have looked all over for this Charles and John and cannot find them after 1900. Unless they died, they do not appear on any index for 1910/1920 in VA.

I did find a Charles as a Lodger on the 1920 for Richmond, Henrico Co age 23 [1887]born on VA - but that is as close as they come to 1896.

Also found a John as a lodger on the 1930 for Richmond, wife Mary M - John was born 1898.

Wont say Charles and John are the same as Geters brothers - but they are as close as I can get at the moment....

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 10:21:26 (PST)

Sam - On Doris' last Jan 17 posting she says "died March 29 1878 of Consumption, occupation farmer, Father Henry Womack, Mother Susan Womack, consort Lucy Womack, informant Lucy Womack, wife" Earlier you say on Jan 16 "Eliza was a widow on the 1900--" Doretta

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 09:48:45 (PST)

Which William and Lucy are we referring to? I have found nothing to connect
William m. Eliza to anyone else..yet anyway..

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 08:06:50 (PST)

Doris & Sam -(Halifax Co VA postings) By any chance, could the William Womack who married Eliza and the William Womack who married Lucy be two different Williams? Doretta

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 00:26:33 (PST)

On your Earlier post about Letcher M Womack:
Son of Geter and Idella Franklin Womack
Dec 12 1906 to Mar 1972 - Source SSDI.
Both in VA..
Was married to someone named Jessie, year of birth
from census 1913 - had child, John H born abt Mar 1930
was age 5/12 on census for Halifax Co Aug 8 1930
He was 21 and she 15 when they married so that puts
their marriage around 1928?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 00:09:50 (PST)


Re: the marriage record of William Womack and Eliza Moorefield. I just found the details on this marriage as follows:

*Halifax Co VA Marriage Records Book: 3 Page: 59
Married: 29 July 1869 [The 26th or 28th July 1869 would have been the license]
William Womack Age: 25 Single Born: Halifax Co VA Residing: Halifax Co VA Occupation: Farmer Parents: Henry and Susan

Bride: Eliza Moorefield Age: 21 Widower Born: Halifax Co VA Residing: Halifax Co VA (occupation left blank) Parents: Yancey & Susan

Now, since this William Womack is Henry and Susan Womack's son, I have more information now that connection is confirmed.

His name is William R. Womack [Halifax County VA Census 1850]
born: 1844 [Halifax County VA Census 1850 - age 6]
[Halifax Co VA Marriage Records - Married age 25]
[Halifax County VA Register of Deaths - died age 34]
born: 1847 [Halifax County VA Census 1870 - age 23]
born: Halifax Co VA [Halifax County VA Register of Deaths - page 4, line 155]
died: March 29, 1878 of consumption, occupation: farmer, Father: Henry Womack, Mother: Susan Womack, consort: Lucy Womack, informant: Lucy Womack, wife.

No information on Lucy Womack. Only source for her name is the above death record of William Womack, the death record only list his name as William Womack with no middle initial.

I have no children listed for William R. Womack and Lucy (unknown maiden name). I don't see a marriage record for a William Womack and a Lucy either in my records. They could have married in NC. I will check Halifax birth records tomorrow evening.

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 23:43:07 (PST)

Eliza was a widow on the 1900 --

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 22:29:02 (PST)

To all you Womacks - I goofed BIG on my earlier posting. William R Wilmouth is NOT William R Wilmouth. He is WILLIAM R WOMACK, the 2nd husband of Eliza Wilmouth whom she married 29 July 1869. Eliza's 1st hushand was Elias Dodson Moorefield whom she married 21 July 1865. I guess I didn't have enough confusion with those Wilmouths. I had to make more. I also stand corrected on Rosa G. From the 1870 census posted , I say Rosa is William Womack's first born. Doretta

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 22:17:41 (PST)

Doris, et al

You are right it is Zola not Zora - However, there is no tail
on the 0/12 and that is why I listed as such -

Louis P must be the Phillip of the 1920 census -

I cannot understand why Geter B [Bradshaw on 1900 Census]
is shown as born in 1894 on that census..There would be no
way he would have married and produced off spring by 1906!!

The other thing is Eliza's age is shown as 30; yet she is shown
as 60 [1850] on the 1910 living with Geter - On the 1870, she is
shown as age 22 [1848]. And Rosa, one of the deceased children
is shown as age 6/12 and the census was taken Jul 13, 1870.
On the 1920 it looks like 73[1847]. So, I cant buy an 1870
year of birth on her...now if we have two different people we
are dealing with....and thinking they are the same --

What I have below will bear further verification...the census should
be fair to middling on reliability. This is the only Eliza I could find.
Last name shown as Wilmot/Wilmoth/Wilmouth.

If you will check the old Womack Genealogy Magazine/Volumes, there was
a statement that Womack had been disguised as these names...

Randolph Co VA, 1860 Census dwelling/family 606/610
Wilmoth, Jemima age 53[1807] all born VA
Jacob [V?] age 16 [1844]
Eliza age 11 [1849]
Census taken Jul 18, 1860

1850 Census District 52 , Randolph Co VA, Jul 27, 1850
Dwelling 303, family 304
Wilmoth, Samuel abt 40 all born va
Jemima age 39
Andrew J age 16
Taylor J age 14
Leonard Age 13
Julia A age 11
Jacob V age 5
Eliza 10/12
From LDS:

Birth: 31 MAR 1845 Of Charlette, , , Virginia
If this is the city, then Randolph Co on another would be correct?
Death: 16 DEC 1919
Father: Samuel WILMOTH
Birth: 19 May 1804 Charlotte, Va
Death: 11 Mar 1856
Mother: Jemima Taylor
Spouse: Anne Eliza Johnson
Birth: 16 APR 1842 Of Charlette, , , Virginia
Marriage: About 1866 Of Charlette, , , Virginia
Death: 28 FEB 1906

Samuel's parents listed as:

Nicholas WILMOTH
Born: 24 Feb 1762 Place: Of, Randolph, Virginia
Died: 22 Jun 1839 Place: , , Va
Married: 12 Aug 1789 Place: , Randolph Co, Virginia

Father: Thomas WILMOTH
Mother: Agness

Wife's Name
Born: 1763 Place: , Harrison, Wv
Died: 5 Feb 1845 Place: , Randolph Co, Virginia
Married: 12 Aug 1789 Place: , Randolph Co, Virginia

Father: William CURRENCE
Mother: Lydia STEELE

Anyway, this info presented on a for what its worth basis...

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 22:10:48 (PST)

Thanks Sam!

Question on your post to Doretta on Monday, January 16, 2006 re: I found Geter as Bradshaw on the 1900 census, but with wrong age - if he is the same one born in 1885..mother was Eliza A, I think I sent that to you.

On the above, what was the father's name on this 1900 census or was Eliza head of household?

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 20:47:49 (PST)


Correction to my previous post: I didn't post the census information I had because Sam had already posted it.

What I had differed a little from Sam's posting, so I will post it. Sometimes these census are not that easy to read so I don't know if I transcribed it correctly.

*1870 Halifax Co VA Census
Roanoke Township Post Office Halifax Court House
Roll 1650 Book 1, Page 693b
Household 452-453
William Womack 23 M Farmer VA born: 1847
Eliza Womack 22 F Keeping house VA born: 1848
Rosa Womack 6/12 F VA born: 1869

*1910 Halifax Co VA Census
Census Microfilm Records: Virginia, 1910
Locale: ROANOKE Series: T624 Roll: 1631 Part: 1 Page: 150A
Household #69=69
Geter B. Womack M W 25 M-1 5_ _ VA VA NC born: 1885
Idellar Womack F W 27 M-1 5-4-4 VA VA VA born: 1883
Martha G. Womack F W 4 S VA VA VA born: 1906
Letcher M. Womack M W 3 S VA VA VA born: 1907
Louis P. Womack M W 2 S VA VA VA born: 1908
Zora F. Womack F W 9/12 S VA VA VA born: 1909
Eliza A. Womack F W 60 WD Had 4 children 3 living NC VA VA born: 1850

Geter: born abt. 1885, in VA, Father born VA, Mother born NC, married once to Idellar for 5 years so Martha is their first child.
Idellar: born abt. 1883, in VA, Father and Mother born VA, married once to Geter for 5 years, she has had four children and 4 children are living.
All the children are born VA and their parents born VA.
I have the fourth child as Zora, Sam read it as Zola. I have the fourth child as age 9/12 and Sam has her as 0/12.
On Eliza A. Womack: born abt. 1850 in NC, Father and Mother born VA, she is a widow who had 4 children with 3 living as of this census.

Note: Comparison of Eliza Moorefield: born abt. 1848 in VA - base on info. given in 1870 census. So the age difference is within an acceptable margin. Difference in state of birth VA vs NC.
From what I know, Eliza Moorefield had 3 children born and 3 children died before 1910. Eliza A. Womack in the 1910 census, may have only listed the 4 children born who survived childhood and has lost one of those 4. In other words she may not be including the three children she may have lost in childhood. Sometimes, painful memories are put totally away to ease the pain. Are they the same person? Need more research. Since Geter Bradshaw married in Halifax Co VA and I listed the book and page where the marriage can be found, hopefully it will list their parents and other useful info. The next time I'm in Halifax, if I am there when the courhouse is open and time permits, I'll check for you.

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 19:56:09 (PST)

Geter and Idella were living in Roanoke District, Halifax Co, VA as of the 1910
In 1920, she had remarried Andrew Morefield and was listed as head of household,
not he, in Roanoke Magisterial District, Halifax Co...

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 18:46:14 (PST)


Re: Do you have any info connecting Bradshaw or Zora R. Womack with William and Eliza?

Quick answer, no. I posted the two marriages because these two families were mentioned and I had the infomation in my paper files.

Lazy me, I don't have all my files on computer. I just put your line in the computer last week. When I posted to WGN, their burial data and location a few years ago in answer to your query for information, I didn't add them to the computer then. I should have. I had to go back to the WGN archives to find what I had given you then because that was quicker than going through tons of paperwork which I also don't have organized.

I have been going through the paper work to see if I had anything on your line and found those marriages, census records, and death records I posted.

I also saw something on Della's heirs. Will go back and find that again and post here at WGN. A quick read through of papers didn't show any court action or deed transfers. I will look again. Do you know how long they were in Halifax, like a range of years? I know Jeter Patterson Womack died in Halifax Co VA. The lineage you gave earlier, were they all in Halifax or do you know the last ancestor in Halifax and when he left - that type of info. including info. about time frames for Person NC etc. It will make it easier to run searches for data. Do you know where exactly in Halifax Geter Bradshaw Womack lived? In one query you mentioned Mt Laurel, was he in Mt Laurel, only? Do you have a neighborhood or community in NC? Don't post anything personal if the individuals are still living though. Thanks, Doris

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 17:39:02 (PST)

Just want to drop a little food for thought - We all know about the Womack gal that got with the McCargo guy - but the kids took the Womack name - Remember, if any DNA testing is done on the male descendants, they will not match the
Womacks; but the McCargos....

Secondly, speaking of DNA, as I remember, albeit dimly. There were some Allen children that used Womack and Allen interchangeably, probably to suit their moods - This may be why we have some three [or is it two?] different Womack
lines not very closely related by DNA...Of course, adoption, and other name assumptions could also have created the differences --

Those of the Thomas and Louvisa line I match less than 80% with - yet I match 85% with a Lindsey and 93% with a Meeks - So, I am not saying those descendants of Thomas and Louvisa are not Womacks; heck, my line may be the messed up one!
But, somewhere back there someone entered as a Womack that wasnt one...
I will say that as far as looks go, I do match someone who was a descendant of ole "John the Wifebeater" close enough to be brothers - I have a first cousin that matches the looks also with me and this other person -- When we were all 17, including my son at that age, we could have definitely passed for brothers.
His wife said he and I needed to be sure who our papas were!!

This DNA testing is a good thing - It would be nice to get more interested in it. But, contrary to Monteil and other talk shows - no way can a female be matched to a male with these tests - only males!! Some of you male Womacks consider it - If you need further info,etc - look up Jack Womack's E-mail here on WGN and contact him - Roger may be able to help you also.

I am trying to get someone in England, a Womack of course, to take the test..
Hopefully, one will -

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 17:18:06 (PST)

I found Geter as Bradshaw on the 1900 census, but with wrong age - if he is the same one born in 1885..mother was Eliza A, I think I sent that to you.

The Tabitha Hudson in your post below is probably the one who married Abram
Womack, Oct 21, 1785, Halifax Co VA..


Monday, January 16, 2006 at 16:49:49 (PST)

Mary,Sam,Teresa,Beth ---First let me thank you Mary, for all that Compton Data. I have been looking it over. Mary C. Womack had only two issue: (1) Jeff who married 1st Mary Hudson (her parents unknown), married 2nd Lucy Sneed and (2) Lillie who married William Robert Hudson. Beth - This william Robert Hudson was I think the son of Emanuel Hudson and Martha A Lloyd, and grandson of William Hudson & maybe Lacky Seay. This William who married Lacky Seay, was the brother of Tabitha Hudson b abt 1763 who married ____ Womack. And also the brother of Charles Hudson b1757 d1840 whose son Julius Ceasar Hudson b1785 married 1813 Mary Womack (the sister of Henry & Miles). Now Teresa and Sam - The Eliza Wilmouth who married 29 July 1869 to William R Wilmouth, also married 1st 21 July 1865 to Elias Dodson Moorefield/Morefield. By Rosa G's death date and age, she could be Moorefield's child but went by the surname Womack. Now Geter Bradshaw Womack's name Bradshaw could be Bratcher or Bainster. In notes I received 2 or 3 years ago from Roger (of WGN), under Hattie M Womack Conner, her father is refered to as Bratcher and mother as Della. Then yesterday I found on RootsWeb a Banister Moorefield who is connected with Elias Moorefield's line. Now Idella/Della (as Della Geraldine Womack) married 2nd Andrew Jackson Moorefield 15 April 1918 Person Co NCar as one of his wives. Andrew b1867 91930 was the son of Leander "Lee" Moorefield b1840 d1926 nd Elizabeth F "Bettie" Wilmouth b1842 d1926. Leander was a brother to Elias Dodson Moorefield and they were sons of Stephen Moorefield and Eliza Wilmouth.(I hope I have these Wilmouth ladies stright.) This Eliza b abt 1815 d1849 was a daughter of Thomas Wilmouth and Nancy W Traylor. Della and Andrew Moorefield maybe had a child who married _____ Phelps. Mary - Let me mentioned the surname Conner since Zora Womack married Mount Conner. I don't know his parents, but I bet he is some kin to Elinor Conner b 23 Nov 1778 who married 13 Jan 1810 VA to Caleb Compton, Elinor was the daughter of John Conner and Mary Ann ___ and granddaughter of John Conner and Elizabeth Kavanaugh b1714. Now i also know of a different Caleb Compton who married 1834 Halifax co VA to Daisy Waller, daughter of Cuthbert Waller b1786 d1867 and Elizabeth Compton b1787 d1867. Last let me say that I think Mary Crews who married John Compton was maybe a near relative of David Crews who married Sarah Gooch. I don't have any proof on any of the above. Doretta

Monday, January 16, 2006 at 14:34:56 (PST)
Teresa Womack Moore

Thank you!, I have seen Rosa's name before in the census but only once. I wordered why. Do you have any info connecting Bradshaw or Zora R. Womack with William and Eliza?

Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 23:32:45 (PST)

Thank you - that explains what happened to the earlier children - and why there were those born after 1880 --

Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 18:59:24 (PST)

*William Womack born: Abt. 1847 VA
Eliza Moorefield born: Abt. 1848 VA
1. Rosa G. Womack
born: Abt. 1869 Halifax Co VA
died: 26 October 1880 Halifax Co VA diphtheria Age at death: 11 years
informant: Eliza Womack (mother)
2. Mattie Womack
born: Abt. May 1874 Halifax Co VA
died: 07 November 1880 Halifax Co VA diphtheria Age at death: 6 years, 6 months
informant: Eliza Womack (mother)
3. William A. Womack
born: Abt. 1876 Halifax Co VA
died: 07 November 1880 Halifax Co VA diphtheria Age at death: 4 years
informant: Eliza Womack (mother)
Sources: 1870 Halifax Co VA Census
Halifax Co VA Death Records 1880 Page: 5 Lines: 14,15,16

Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 17:01:27 (PST)

*Halifax Co VA Court Records
William Womack
Eliza Moorefield
26/28 Jul 1869
Book: 3 Page: 59

*Halifax Co VA Court Records
Bradshaw Womack
Della Franklin
31 Oct 1904
Book: 3 1/2 Page: 104

Saturday, January 14, 2006 at 10:08:18 (PST)
ruth anne sarn monteleone
1064 @msn.com

I am looking for any infomation I can find on my grandmother Anne Sarn . she lived in Jeannette Pa. in the early 1900s .with her husband my grandfather Charles their children, william, mary, james, and,carmella,and charles james being my father. The story is that Mary and my grandmother Anne were shot to death by Mary"s intented husband as she chose not to marry him in an arranged marriage.carmella was also shot and hospitalized at that time . have no idea where my grandmother is barried or what ever happened to the shooter it haunts me as I only received little info as thoese involved did not speak of it often. Now they are all deceased and I feel I need to know please help me solve this mystery you may contact me e mail or phone 630 616 1204

Friday, January 13, 2006 at 20:01:33 (PST)

This may or may not be; but dang sure looks good!!

Elias D. Moorefield
Birth: About 1843 Halifax, Virginia
Marriage: 20 JUL 1865 Halifax, Virginia

Eliza Ann Wilmoth
Birth: About 1847 Halifax, Virginia
Marriage: 20 JUL 1865 , Halifax, Virginia

Father: Yancey Achilles Wilmoth
Mother: Susan Whitlow

1870 Census, Roanoke, Halifax, VA Dwelling 452/Family 453
Womack, William age 23
Eliza age 22
Rosa age 6/12
Census taken Jul 13, 1870.
Can find nothing in VA or NC 1880 on indexes.

Friday, January 13, 2006 at 16:14:43 (PST)
Teresa Womack Moore

I start looking at all my info and my head starts spinning. Did everyone name their children the same names? I found my Jeter b.-1915 in the 1930 census in Person Co. NC- He was living with Idellar and Andrew Moorefield.

As far as Bradshaw, Im totally confused. Mark had told me one time that he was not of his line. I keep seeing the same names that he is finding in my line. Tell me what you think. This is what I have put together.

1.Henry and Susan Womack ? is there more than one couple with the same name?
2. William and Eliza Wilmouth-Moorefield-Womack - married 1869 Eliza's first marriage was to E.D. Moorefield in 1865 - Her parents were Yancey and Susan Wilmouth.
3.Geter Bradshaw and Ideller Franklin Womack - married 1904
4.Jeter Patterson Womack and Thelma Paige Bliss Womack - married 1938
5.Larry Wilson Womack and Lillie Mae Irby Womack - married 1967
6. Teresa Womack (me)

The only concrete connection of a sibling for Geter B. is a sister named Zora who married Howse Mount Conner in 1897. Her parents listed on marriage license as Billy and ELiza A. Womack.
Please tell me if what I have is correct.
I am very interested in the George Womack you mentioned. I cant find anything on any other siblings for Geter B. and Zora.
Thanks for taking the time to help me search.

Friday, January 13, 2006 at 15:15:32 (PST)

After perusing 111 images for Roanoke VA - I found your Jeter..
Apparently Geter B has died sometime after Jeter was born in 1915.

Idella has remarried an Andrew Morefield
1920 Census For District 98, Roanoka, Halifax Co, VA
Morefield Deller
Morefield, Andrew
Womack, Martha b. abt 1906
Womack, Letcher b. abt 1907
Womack, Phillip b, abt 1909 [Not on 1910.]
Womack, Hattie M b. abt 1912
Womack, Jeter P b abt 1915

I'll be going for the 1930 and see what is there.Index not very good
I found Phillip and Letcher married and each with one son.
No Andrew More/Moorefield nor Idella/Della...
Will be losts more images - 104 on Districts 22 and 23 alone.

I did find a George womack b abt 1886, wife Ida
with a son Letcher L born abt 1912 VA. Possibly
a brother to Geter B??

Friday, January 13, 2006 at 13:06:37 (PST)

On the censuses - I am on page 11 of 52 for one of three districts for Halifax
Co for 1900 - or was that? Guess I am having "senior moments" too! LOL

Friday, January 13, 2006 at 10:57:46 (PST)
Mary L. Hayes

Per your Post of 1-12-06, Yes, My Henry & your Miles Womack were brothers, both sons of William Womack & Rebecca.

To answer your question "Is your James R. Compton the son of John Compton & Elizabeth Anderson?" No, because your James R. was born in 1820. John Compton & Elizabeth Anderson were married 26 Sept 1827, Halifax. Now they did have a son, James R. born 1835. See the 1850 Halifax Co., Census, John born 1805 & Elizabeth along with their entire family, including their son, 15 year old James R. was living in the household of William Anderson, Sr., age 72.

I'm pretty sure that your James R. and my Peter Compton were brothers. I have to much info to post here on the Comptons. Therefore, I will send you all family data on the generations via email. I've worked on these lines for 30 years and at times have my "Senior Moments." I do not have all my stuff on the computer, only my direct lines.

Also, Sam is absolutely correct about the indexes, whether it be Ancestry's or printed. Sometimes you just have to sit and read microfilm. I have found several ancestors not listed.


Friday, January 13, 2006 at 06:06:10 (PST)

Note the age difference between Nancy and Della - Nancy was born ca 1800;
you say Della about 1886. If any relationship exists; I would have to guess
at either a great granny or a great aunt --

Also, I checked that 1900 census on John Moorefield -- the Della you refer to
is Idella Franklin born abt Sep 1882 -

On the 1910 Census, Roanoke District, Halifax Co A,
it lists a Geter B Womack, wife Idella [note not Della]
ages 25/27 respectively. He, Idella, children all born VA.
Children: Martha G age 4; Letcher M age 3; Zola F age 0/12, census done Apr 20;
Mother: Eliza A, widow, age 60 born NC
Son Jeter must be the one below --

Remember Lwellen Jackson from 1850 Census? Guess who is the
next family on the census? So there must be some connection?

Next: I cannot find anything on a Geter on the 1920/30 censuses, running soundex. I did find a Jeter Womack, born in 1915, died 1975, on the Social Security Death Index - I did not locate him on any census. Again, either left out of indexing; or, somewhere in the boonies and was not enumerated.

To show you how messed up the indexes are, I went thru the 1920 for Halifax Co VA - All caucasians, 3026 of them - I only came up with 6 Wommac and 9 Warmack
There were 2300+ blacks for a little over 5300 total souls in Halifax in 1930.
Yet the 1900 listed over 17000!! Wouldnt you say the Ancestry censuses are not
very reliable??

Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 19:17:31 (PST)
Teresa Womack Moore

Thanks for your email, you amaze me with all your info. The Nancy Frankin in the census you sent: my great-grandfather Bradshaw Geter Womack (I think he is the son of William R. Womack) married a Della Franklin born abt. 1886 according to their marriage license. Her parents were William and Bettie Franklin. Della was born in Halifax Co. VA. At the age of 17 she was recorded as a servant for John Moorefield in 1900 census. Do you think there is any connection between Nancy and Della? If so how?

Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 18:02:09 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Thanks Mary, your posting has given us two more generations back on our Compton line. I have been looking for some time for their names. I haven't quite figured out how to bring up the different census on the computer to check for someone. Those census sure are handy. I am a little confuse on who James R Compton's father was. Is James R the son of John Compton and Elizabeth Anderson? Also I would love any sibling data that you wish to share. I have none. Lottie Womack's line back is: Jefferson Davis Womack and 2nd wife Lucy Sneed/Snead. Jeff is the son of Mary C (who never married and Littlrjohn S McCargo. Mary's parents were Miles Womack and Frances Hawkins. Your Henry Womack and Miles were brothers and sons of William Womack and Rebecca. Thanks again. Doretta

Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 11:47:00 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Hey Sam, it looks like you have hit the jackpot. Your E-Mail is right on. Your Halifax Co VA census on Henry Womack is Mark Womack's Henry & Susan. On that 1850 Census, a Nancy Franklin age 50 is living with them. I wonder if she could be Susan's sister or maybe a servant. Her Franklin surname could be a maiden or married name. Now Lewellen Jackson could also be a worker or relative or both. I don't know. Now on the 1870 Halifax Co VA Census, Henry & Susan are enumerated with Andrew Tuck & wife. Could the Tucks be also some kind of relative? Now it seems that Henry & Susan's daughter Nancy (bornin VA) went to Grandville Co NCar (maybe to visit relatives). There she met and married in 1859 John Torian. Then Nancy died almost 40 years later in Halifax Co. Is that Halifax Co VA or NCar? Either way it shows Womack connection with both states. --- Now to those ADS Compton files. They do shoe Mary Hayes' lines from Roberta (per her recent posting). My husband's Comptons do seem to be of the same Compton bunch. But Don's line seems to be NOT a direct line from Roberta Womack. It looks like Roberta's husband "Jim" Compton is a brother or cousin to my husband's direct ancestor. I am still trying to figure out the connection, but I can say that Roberta's "Jim" is some kind of close relative to my husband's direct ancestor. --- Now on to the Jenkins of Posey Co Ind. That bunch that you found on the 1850 Census is the Anderson Jenkins & wife Nancy that I was talking about. If that Mrs Nancy Jenkins is really Nancy Womack,(the sister of Henry Womack of Halifax Co VA), it could help to tie in some of those loose hanging Womacks who left Va for other parts of the country. To me this Nancy sure seems to be Henry's sister. I don't know anymore on Henry's sister Nancy than what I have posted, nor do I have any proof to prove if the Nancs are the same person or different people. But if that Mrs Nancy Jenkins is really Henry Womack's sister, she could help to tie in some of those Womacks who left VA. Figuring out where she has lived and who the Womacks & Jenkins who lived in the same area are, could maybe provide connection clues to some of those loose hanging Womack lines. Also the direct ancestory of Anderson Jenkins and the line of Mrs Isabel (Jenkins?) Dunn's husband, may hold some clues on some Womacks. Relatives always kept some kind of contact with each other time. People just don't push a pin into a map to find a place to move to. They know of that place before moving and have a reason for going to that place or a reason to leave the place where they are living. Moving a great distance is a BIG STEP and Anderson Jenkins & family took several BIG STEPS. --- Now last to John Womack b1811 who married Ann Long. From your E-Mail, John's father is David Womack, so John can't be Henry's brother. Henry Womack (who married Susan), his parents were William & Rebecca. But I can't help but wonder what happen to Henry's brother John Womack. My husband's direct Womack line is Miles Womack of Halifax Co VA who married Frances Hawkins. This Miles is Henry's brother. Also Henry & Susan had a son Miles Womack and there is a Miles Jenkins age 28 living 1850 in Anderson & Nancy Jenkins household. Could William Womack's wife Rebecca be a Miles or does the Miles name come in further back? Doretta

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 09:43:52 (PST)
Mary L. Hayes

Per your post of January 11th.
Roberta L. Womack & Thomas "Jim" Compton were my great grandparents. Roberta was the daughter of Henry Womack & Susan ?, see the 1850 Halifax Co., VA census. Thomas "Jim" Compton was the son of Peter Compton born 1806 Halifax Co. & Sarah (Sallie) J. Williams. Peter was the son of Richard Compton & Mary Kirk. Richard son of John Compton, Sr. & Mary Crews. John Compton, Sr. son of William Compton born ca1720, he lived in Lunenburg, Halifax Cos, died 1774 Pittsylvania Co., VA.

In my files I have a little info on your Richard Thomas Compton who married Lottie Womack. Richard Thomas was born September 1889, the son of Elijah H. Compton born Jan 1849 & Margaret ? born Sept 1849. See 1900 Halifax Co., census Roanoke Dist., 13th of June, dwelling 143/family 146. Elijah H. Compton was the son of James R. Compton born 1820 & Elizabeth D. ? born 1829. See 1870 Halifax Co. Census, Staunton Township, 11th August, dwelling 67/family 65. & 1850 Halifax Co. Census, Northern Dist., 9th of August.

Also on the 1920 Halifax Census, Roanoke District, Lottie Womack & "Tom" Compton have three children listed. In 1930, Halifax, Roanoke District, "Tom" Compton is listed as single, age 40, laborer on farm.

I hope this will be of some help to you. If you need names of siblings for Richard Thomas or Elijah H. I can provide them for you.

Mary L. Hayes

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 08:04:53 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Mary & Beth - Jacob G Snead married Ann/Nannie and had lots of issue of whom four were: (1) John Snead (1803-1874) who married Sarah H Allen (1800-1875) and they had Lewellen Snead (1821-1894) who married Jan 1849 Halifax Co VA to Rebecca J Womack (1822-1889) the daughter of Abe Womack who I know nothing about. (2) Charles Henry Snead (1804-1850) who married Susannah Rebecca Hudson (1817-1880) who is I think the daughter of Julius Caesar Hudson and Mary Womack. (3) William Snead who married Parkey Elizabeth Allen. (4) Zachariah Gordon Snead (1806-1878) who married Sarah B Majors. Now William & Parkey and Zachariah & Sarah are direct ancestors of Lucy Snead who married 1st Jefferson Davis Womack as his 2nd wife. (Jeff married 1st Mary Hudson and Lucy married 2nd an Edmondson.) Lucy and Jeff's daughter Lottie Womack b1898 married Richard Thomas Compton. I have been looking for descendants of Roberta Womack and Thomas "Jim" Compton to see if they are ancestors of my husband through Richard Thomas Compton. I know nothing more on Richard except his children's names. Doretta

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 11:25:33 (PST)

Gotcha Sam - No problems. Here's to a good year for all of us in Womack Research. Doretta

Monday, January 09, 2006 at 21:11:55 (PST)

Thank you - that is all I need is to know people get what I send - my apologies if I have caused you any problems

Monday, January 09, 2006 at 13:25:02 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Sam - I am so sorry that I am late in getting an answer back to you. E-Mails come in on my husband's equipment. I believe that I can receive E-Mails if I use a different address but for some reason I can't send out on my equipment. We haven't been able to figure out what the problem is, so I have been using his address. I also have problems using a CD on my equipment. I am hoping that after our budget gets a break from these high heatin bills, that we can get different equipment for me. I last posted before Don found your E-Mail to me. I have learned so much about computer research from you and others on WGN. I do want to thank you for your trouble and I do miss your postings. Please Sam, be patient with me. My old Gateway that I have been learning on is about used up. I believe be better this summer when I get new x-p equipment. Also a second phone line and a genealogy program that will work on the new stuff. Now I must tell you that I know of a Elizabeth Jeter who married a Josiah Crews b1745.They were of Campbell & Lunenburg Cos VA, but they had descendants who lived in Halifax Co VA. Also I wonder if some of Elizabeth's Jeters could have wondered down to Fla and are some relation. I suspect Josiah Crews could be connected in some way to a Mary Crews b1750-1752 who married John Compton b1745-1748. Their grandson Peter Compton b1806 Halifax Co VA married Sarah Williams. Sarah (maiden Williams) maybe married 1st Joseph Williams and 2nd Peter Compton. Sarah Williams had by Joseph, (1) Sarah H, (2) Peter James, and (3) Richard Jones Williams b1828 d1912 who married Virginia ann Blanks. Sarah Williams and Peter had Thomas "Jim" Compton b1837. This Thomas married Roberta L Womack. Now the Henry Womack (b1800 d June 20 1875) who married Susan (the Susan that Teresa & I have been talking about) had a daughter named Roberta. I don't know if they are the same Roberta, but I think they could be. I have been looking for decendants of theirs to see if they could be my husband's Compton line. Also I want to tell you about an Anderson Jenkins with a wife Nancy that I foun on RootsWeb. They had a daughter Maria Ellen b1836 Tenn d1906 Posey Co Ind. Maria Ellen married 1857 Ind to Charles Carrol Weaver. I can't but wonder if this Anderson Jenkins' wife Nancy could be Nancy Womack, the sister of Henry Womack (1800-1875). Henry's sister Nancy did marry Dec 18, 1819 Halifax Co VA to a Anderson Jenkins. Also Ann R Long's parents seem to be John R Long & Sarah Burnett. Ann R b1808 married John Womack b1810 d 8 March 1885. (Henry also had a brother named John of whom I know nothing more.) Ann R seems to have also married Tristam Bostic b1805 d Jan 1836. He seems to be of the Bosticks in your E-Mail. All the above could be what you already know. I am passing it along in case it is not known. Please forgive me Sam, I do find your great knowledge of Womacks very helpful. Your imput will be greatly missed by me & others just starting to work with the computeron that large family of Womacks. Doretta

Sunday, January 08, 2006 at 23:36:01 (PST)

You are one of the reasons I rarely post on WGN - I have sent you two e-mails outside WGN with info - I have yet to receive acknowledgement that I sent that info - whether it was duplicate information or not is not the case; the fact it was sent is what matters --

I have been put down, castigated, etc for mentioning things like this - I have even bee told I was the reason people dont post to WGN - the only thing I have done in the past is to get people to post - regardless of how little they think they have - what they have may be a key or clue for someone else --

I am tired of the castigation - those people that dont post are, well I dont really have s decent wowrd for them at the moment -- other than cowards...

I stayed away from WGN for quite awhile to see if the "traffic" would pick up - It hasnt - --- So it hasnt been my fault totally - but I wont indulge very often in posting ---

You asked for help in one of your recent posts - And I tried - But, in the future, where is that help going to come from? Not from the rank and file Womacks - OOps better not say that --

Anyway -- Dont bother asking me for help if you cannot acknowledge it when it is given --

I have resources I pay for and I do share when people share back --

Anywaw, WGN started out nicely as a share and share alike -- Methinks it has gotten far beyond that lately,,


Sunday, January 08, 2006 at 07:40:13 (PST)
Doretta Noland

I stand corrected. The Susan who married Henry Womack of Halifax Co VA, is NOT Susan/Susannah Vassar. Reginald Vassar on his WebSite says Nathaniel Vassar & Sarah Hudson's daughter Susan/Susannah Vassar/Vasser born ca 1795 married 27 Nov 1845 Jeremiah Nichols. So I say... Does anyone have any ideas of the surname of Henry Womack's wife Susan? Doretta

Friday, January 06, 2006 at 19:08:46 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Teresa - I don't know if there was really a SUSAN JETER> I believe JETER was a surname and it is a guess that Susan who married HENRY WOMACK might have been a JETER. Anyway it is worth looking into to see if there was (1) a Susan Jeter who was about the right age and (2) if so, who she could have married. Who knows, by finding who Henry Womack's Susan is NOT may lead to who she really is. But right now my bet is on Susan being SUSAN VASSAR who I think was about the correct age. I just haven't been able to find out if or who that Susan Vassar married. I am just guessing on all of this. Hey you all out there... we need lots of help. Has anyone researched Henry Womack and Susan of Halifax Co VA? Thanks Teresa, pictures would be great. I'll pay you for them. Don's birthday is next month and I know pictures would please him. Doretta

Friday, January 06, 2006 at 19:08:44 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Teresa - I don't know if there was really a SUSAN JETER> I believe JETER was a surname and it is a guess that Susan who married HENRY WOMACK might have been a JETER. Anyway it is worth looking into to see if there was (1) a Susan Jeter who was about the right age and (2) if so, who she could have married. Who knows, by finding who Henry Womack's Susan is NOT may lead to who she really is. But right now my bet is on Susan being SUSAN VASSAR who I think was about the correct age. I just haven't been able to find out if or who that Susan Vassar married. I am just guessing on all of this. Hey you all out there... we need lots of help. Has anyone researched Henry Womack and Susan of Halifax Co VA? Thanks Teresa, pictures would be great. I'll pay you for them. Don's birthday is next month and I know pictures would please him. Doretta

Friday, January 06, 2006 at 16:00:20 (PST)
Teresa Womack Moore

Letcher Miles Womack was my great great uncle, But with all of his sisters and brothers dead, I can't find anything about his name from family. Either I dont know who they are or they live far away. The name Jeter you mentioned really interested me. My grandfathers name is Jeter Patterson Womack. I haven't seen that name anywhere else except his father's name was Geter Bradshaw Womack. They are the only two named Jeter that I have found. Are you saying that there was a Susan Jeter somewhere in the line or did I misunderstand you? That would really be interesting. I live about 50 miles from that farm I told you about. The next time I have some time off and my Dad will go with me, I can go back to the farm and take some pictures with my digital camera and send them to you. You are right about the Hudson name, I have found that name alot in my research.
I hope someone reading this maybe has some info that could lead me in the right direction as far as Henry and Susan. Thanks

Friday, January 06, 2006 at 07:17:53 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Teresa - Sorry I missed your last posting. I don't have any data on LETCHER MILES WOMACK b1906 d1972. I bet the source for the name Letcher is a surname as is I believe the name Miles. I do agree with you that the name Miles does have a common source for our lines. I wonder if it could be the maiden name of some early Womack's wife. Also could your Susan who married Henry Womack be a JETER or could Susan be SUSAN VASSAR, daughter of NATHANIEL VASSAR and SARAH HUDSON? I have nothing to go on, just a thought. I have been unable to find who SUSAN VASSAR married. There is for sure close connections between HUDSON or HUDSON DESCENDANTS with the WOMACKS. I can easily name 5 marriges. I would love to go to Halifax Co VA todo research and see the farm, but with my bad leg, about as far as I can drive from home is to Maysville KY. Knowling who now owns the farm helps me. Now I can name the place in my notes. LOTTIE WOMACK married first to RICHARD THOMAS COMPTON. I don't know his parents or grandparents, but I am almost sure there is some close relation to ROBERTA WMACK who married THOMAS "JIM" COMPTON b about 1837. Could this ROBERTA WOMACK be HENRY and SUSAN WOMACK's daughter? Lottie's first is my husband's direct line. Can anyone help us on Henr Womack's line? Doretta

Friday, January 06, 2006 at 01:15:43 (PST)
dsrobinson2 @ cox.net

There was a C Womack in Pasadena and a Peter Womack in Pasadena at www.whitepages.com

Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 16:42:44 (PST)
Paul Laemmle

I am trying to locatea Bob Womack from Pasadena, California. any help would be appreciated.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 18:44:44 (PST)
Paul N. Womack

Sam, thanks for input on Ky Womack's. These graves are on land still owned by the Mooney family.
Oliver Clayton was older Brother of my gg grandfather Walton B Womack. They were the sons of David and Esther Tanner. Was David the youngest child of Thomas and Louvisa Rice? That is the question I've been asking for several years. I've read many arguments on both sides. I am of the opinion that he was, but can I prove it? NO! But then I don't think anyone can prove he wasn't.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 16:45:19 (PST)
Betty Phea

The veterans administration has put up a search page for finding gravesites of veterans. I found a little more information than I had on several of my family. url is http://gravelocator.cem.va.gov/ . hope some will find it helpful.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 12:41:00 (PST)
James Walker Womack

I tried to send photo's of Abner's gravesite and well as his grandson and greatgrandson. Your email would not let me send anything. Abner as in the article and 1st book by Oscar was my great (4x)grandfather. My father was Jessie Alton, son of Grover Alton, son of Levander. Would like to send these for those that do not know they exist. The pictures were taken over this last weekend (New Years)because my sister had not ever been to Abner's grave.

Thank You

Jim Womack

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 11:00:18 (PST)

Are ideas as to who these girls are and how they are connected to their guardian? Wake Co, NC County Court Minutes: Sept 1772 The Court appointed Nathan Roland Guardian to Lucey and Sarah Womack, Hardy Sanders and Turner Smith Securitys." Thanks!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 at 12:48:31 (PST)
sherry womack

I am just now starting to research my family ancestry and I am not sure How to begin. My father was Ernest Austin Womack Son of Ernest A Womack-wife Ada(don't have her maiden name but I have heard her family was from texas. I know that I have family in mccomb, ms & I beleive my father was born in tylertown ms. My father had 6 siblings, Gary Elliot Womack., Carl Rex Womack,Jonnie Gilbert Womack,Betty Lou Womack James dOYLE wOMQACK & Marie womack. If anyone can point me in the right direction or offer any help to get me started it would be greatly appreciated

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 at 09:27:56 (PST)

P.S. from Tammy: Don't know if this will help or not, but in the photo on the postcard, Left to right is Jim, Ethel, John, and then Marion. They are standing up outside in the picture in front of some trees. Jim is wearing a Military uniform and is standing next to Ethel who looks to be an older woman. Ethel is standing next to John who is an elderly man in the photo. Marion on the far right is also wearing a Military uniform. I don't recognize their names and/or can't figure out if they were related to me or not. This old postcard photo was apparently given to one of my Boatmans or Womacks, years ago.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 at 08:58:43 (PST)

Just a quick note: I was looking thru' a big box of old photographs I inherited and came across a very old postcard. On this postcard is a photo of four Womacks. Their names written on the card are: Jim, Ethel, John and Marion. Do those names ring a bell with anyone? If so, let me know and I'll be happy to scan it and email you a copy of it. Also on the postcard is written in Printers Ink: "Seasons Greetings, from our house to your house." And underneath that, is written by hand: "Love Jim and John Womack." I'm sure these must be kinfolk of mine but the names don't ring a bell with me. I can't figure out who they could have been or how they were related to my Womacks or Boatmans?

Monday, January 02, 2006 at 21:15:25 (PST)

Just a little tip:
When looking for Womacks in Webster Co KY - In the index, look under Warnack..
The older Oliver C below was listed as O C Warnack in the index; but the actual census showed Wamack---Also, found the same thing in another state - if it hadnt been for the wife and children, I would have missed it...

By the way Paul, He was married 3 times, first to Easter/Esther Mooney;
Then Martha Herron Waggoner[widow of Waggoner], then to Elizabeth J Wilson - and as far as your Burney, I found a few with that name as first or middle; and, they were all males.

And someone has OC Sr listed as the son of a David Womack and Maria Tanner
--this David being a son of Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack - can anyone verify that to any degree??

Monday, January 02, 2006 at 17:25:36 (PST)
Paul N. Womack

In the timbered hills just outside of Dixon, Ky is a small "Womack Cemetery". Buried here are Esther Mooney Womack abt 1814-1844(first wife of Oliver Clayton Womack Sr), Oliver Clayton Womack Sr Nov 12, 1812 - Apr 24 1887, Oliver Clayton Womack Jr July 17,1862-Feb 6,1908, and Burney Womack Feb 22, 1894-June 13, 1894. All that to ask, was Burney a girl or a boy?

Monday, January 02, 2006 at 15:34:28 (PST)
Doretta Noland

I am beginning 2006 right. Already making corections. I stated in my former posting that Littlejohn S McCargo's will was written 7 May 1887. That is incorrect. It was written 7 May 1889. The corection is important because it mentions Mary C Womack, Jefferson Womack and Lillie Womack Hudson. Doretta

Monday, January 02, 2006 at 15:30:41 (PST)
Teresa Womack Moore

I do remember that the farm is near Difficult Creek, and I think there is an airfield nearby. I did take pictures that day but I seem to have lost the roll before I had them developed. Sounds like the Womack luck HuH? If you live near Halifax Co.,give Mr. Seamster a call. He is a very nice man. He may know more about the history of the farm. I know he didnt have any problem with us coming over to look around. He wasnt there when we went, so I didnt get a chance to ask him any questions. Good Luck and Happy New Year. Maybe 2006 will be the year you can finish putting the puzzle together!

Sunday, January 01, 2006 at 09:54:39 (PST)
dsrobinson2 @ cox.net

Happy New Year every1