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Saturday, December 31, 2005 at 13:23:16 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Teresa, what a great gift. I believe you have most likely found Jefferson Davis Womack's grave. Did you take pictures? The birth date of March 31, 1858 fits. I know from census records that Jeff was born about 1858. (Can you name creeks, a road or crossroad. Is the airfield and train tracks nearby? My husband says that Lucy lived near an airfield and he thinks that on her place there was a spring with a springhouse over it.) My source for the following data is from McCARGO PAPERS, WILLS & ADMINISTRATIONS compiled by Tom McCargo. Hugh Williams McCargo 1815-1845 was a brother to Jeff's father, Littlejohn S McCargo. Littlejohn S McCargo's will of 7 May 1887 was proven in Halifax Co VA. He gave 1/2 of his property to Jeff and the other 1/2 to Lillie Hudson, Jeff's sister. In that will it is stated that Mary C Womack, Jeff's mother is dec'd. (I don't know where she is buried. Could it be in the cemetary up the road?) Anyway, Littlejohn S McCargo bought two tracts of land in Halifax Co from his father in Jan 1855. (Littlejohn McCargo Sr died 23 March 1856 Charlotte Co VA). These land tracts were given to Sr's wife Elizabeth Williams Callicott in loan for her lifetime by her brother William Hubbard Callicott in his will of 18 Sept 1844 Charlotte Co. Elizabeth died Dec 1854 Charlotte Co. The land was to go to all her children at her death. There was a lawsuit in Halifax Co which involved this land. Depositions were taken there in March 1860 and also from Wm Bacon in Charlott Co in April 1860. Now this land in Halifax Co involved a tract with a dwelling house on it and was on Difficult Creek. The other tract was on Hazel Branch and was called the Terrapin tract. (Either one tract was about 80 acres or else both tracts equaled about 80 acres. I can't tell since I don't have the original docs. to read.) Now this farm where you found the graves could b some of the land that was in that lawsuit. I don't know , but i just have a feeling that it is. That grave marker for JAW has me stumped. I know that Lucy & Jeff had two issue born before Lottie and they died as infants. But their names don't match the letters JAW. Lottie's younger brother John Henry Womack died about age 68. I don't know where he is buried, but that JAW marker is most likely NOT for him. If Jeff and 1st wife, Mary Hutson/Hudson had issue that didn't survive, I don't know of any. I don't have any names. Do you have any ideas who JAW could be? I don't have any proof that Miles & Henry are brothers and sons of William Womack. Wish I did have proof. That data is from WGN and as far as I know is still being worked on for proof. Do any of you other researchers out there have any input or proof on anything I have above mentioned? Doretta

Saturday, December 31, 2005 at 08:13:21 (PST)


Friday, December 30, 2005 at 22:20:26 (PST)
Teresa Moore

Doretta, You don't know how excited I got when I saw your post. FINALLY someone else is looking for these people! I went back and looked at some of my records of when I went to that farm in Halifax last year. I found the headstone for J.D. Womack dated March 31, 1858 to Feb. 7, 1918. There were two footmarkers, one with JDW and another for JAW (no headstone for JAW) The other headstone was for Hugh William McCargo 1815 -1845. This little graveyard is almost in the back yard of the people that live there. The house they live in is not a very old place. But I didnt go and explore the whole farm. They are very nice people. There was another graveyard I found on a back road close to that one but it is in the woods and it is so grown up. I only looked at some of the larger stones, that I could see from the road. It was tooo snakey to walk in there. Another thing I wanted to mention was my grandfather had a brother named Letcher Miles. Miles is an unusual name and I know they have to be related to your Miles to have that name. I will keep looking back through my notes to see if I can find something else for you. One more thing. How did you put Willam and Henry together as father and son? I have marriage licenses but I didnt have any concrete info. Again, I am so happy to have another person looking for this line. Thanks, Teresa

Friday, December 30, 2005 at 11:21:25 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Teresa -Yes! You and my husband are of the same bunch of Womacks. I also agree that this bunch of Womacks are a hard bunch to track. I hope that other researchers can add imput or proof to what follows. Teresa, your Zora and Bradshaw are not siblings of Jefferson Davis Womack. They seem to be distant cousins. Jeff's mother was Mary C Womack who never married. The only sibling Jeff had was Lillie Womack. Zora and Bradshaw's father was William R Womack who married Elizabeth Ann Wilmouth and William R Womack was son of Henry Womack and Susan. Now Mary C Womack's father was Miles Womack who married Frances Hawkins. It is thought that Henry and Miles Womack were brothers and sons of William Womack and Rebecca. My husband's Jefferson Davis Womack's father is thought to be Littlejohn S McCargo. I am trying to figure out who that William McCargo you mentioned is. He has to be some kin. My husband's Jeff is buried somewhere in Halifax Co VA, but I don't know for sure where. Jeff did receive some land from his father which maybe had been in the McCargo family. I know that Littlejohn S McCargo did buy land from his father just before his father's death. Teresa, I don't know if that JDW grave you mentioned is my husband's Jeff or if it is someone else. Do you know, or can anyone tell us the history of that farm? Jeff could have also and most likely did receive land from his mother mary C Womack, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, Jeff's 2nd wife, Lucy Taylor Sneed, married after Jeff's death to an Ednondson. I have been told that after Jeff's death, that any land that Jeff had owned went under Edmondson's control. My husband says that when he was very, very young, he remembers a house that seem to have a large porch. He thinks this was maybe Lucy's place of residence, but is not sure. Lottie Lee Womack, my husband's grandmother, was Jeff's and Lucy's daughter. Lottie's first husband was a Compton and I have been woundering if William R Womack's sister, Roberta Louise, could have married a Thomas Compton and be some connection. If there is some connection between them and Lottie's husband, then they are maybe my husband's ancestors also. Oh, what a web we weave. Doretta

Friday, December 30, 2005 at 09:43:31 (PST)


I'm merely "suggesting" the following lineages, which I have abstracted from the research of others, and can't vouch for their work. Let's ask the Womack researchers on WGN for corrections, especially the early lines. It looks as if you could descend from William Womack and Mary Jane Allen in three ways.

If you would care to, you can look at the research on Rootsweb's World Connect for your grandfather, Oscar Benton Womack, who married 2nd Genevieve Constance Brotherton. Rosa Belle St. Gemme was his first wife, and the mother of Oscar Roland Womack.

Oscar Benton Womack
Robert Benton Womack
William R. Womack m. 3rd *Lucy Womack
William Womack m. Rebecca Parker
Thomas Womack m. Sarah Owens
John Womack m. Mary Akin
Abraham Womack, Jr. m. Elizabeth Stubblefield
Abraham Womack m. Sarah Worsham
William Womack m. Mary Jane Allen

Oscar Benton Womack
Robert Benton Womack
*Lucy Womack m. William R. Womack
William "Buck" Womack m. Sarah McBee
William Womack m. **Lucinda "Lucy" Womack
Abraham Womack, Jr. m. Elizabeth Stubblefield
Abraham Womack m. 1st Elizabeth
Thomas Womack m. Mary Farley
Abraham Womack m. Sarah Worsham
William Womack m. Mary Jane Allen

Oscar Benton Womack
Robert Benton Womack
*Lucy Womack m. William R. Womack
William "Buck" Womack m. Sarah McBee
**Lucinda "Lucy" Womack, m. William Womack
Thomas Womack m. Louvisa Rice
Abraham Womack and relationship with Ann Blanton
Thomas Womack m. Mary Farley
Abraham Womack m. Sarah Worsham
William Womack m. Mary Jane Allen

Friday, December 30, 2005 at 02:51:08 (PST)
Gail Deck

i would like to know more about my womack family - i don't have too much information - most of my womack relatives had died before i was born. my maiden name is sharon "gail" womack - i have three siblings - Thomas Francis, Kathryn Ann and Jeffrey Lynn (deceased). my father was robert everett womack, born on 09/29/1909. he had a sister named wilma and a half-brother named Roland who died in his 40s. (Roland oldest, wilma youngest). my grandfather's name was oscar womack. not sure of his first wife's name (they had 11 children of whom only one survived past the age of 2 (miscarriages, still births, whooping cough) he then married genevieve who had my father and my aunt wilma. oscar died sometime in the early 1950s, prior to my birth. he lived in leadington, missouri at the time of my father's birth. he was a deacon in a church there as well as president of the school board. he and genevieve are both buried in the leadington cemetery. i am some relation to the womacks of Womack, Missouri but am not sure how. there is also a Brotherton connection (not sure if that is through genevieve or oscar) and i also remember a relative with the last name Bible (not sure if that was through marriage) i know this is not much info but i would love to know more. thanks, gail deck at

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 at 11:58:48 (PST)

I am posting this as I feel it is something that needs clarification. And, something I have been partially wrong about in the past:

Dear Mr Womack,

Thank you for your e-mail which has been passed to me as officer in waiting at the College of Arms.

No, all legitimate sons inherit their father's arms under English law. If a man has no sons his daughters (no matter how many there are) become co-heiresses to them and each daughter may pass them on to her children as a quartering in the arms of her husband.

Yours sincerely,

David White
Somerset Herald
College of Arms
Queen Victoria Street
London EC4V 4BT

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 at 11:12:24 (PST)
Ruby Brown

I am reaearching Josiah Alday, Rev soldier, of Burke County, GA. My line is through Benjamin Alday, one of his sons. I would like to exchange information with anyone who is researching this family. Thank you.

Monday, December 26, 2005 at 16:19:27 (PST)

Hello All,

I am living in North Yorkshire, UK and am hoping that someone out there has a lead on the orgins of William, the immigrant. While I am here for the next two years, I'd like to do some research. There is another cousin here with me and he thinks that Yorkshire might be the ancesteral home of William. If any one has an idea of what are to start in, please e-mail me. Thanks!

Johnny Kasper

Saturday, December 24, 2005 at 21:16:46 (PST)
dsrobinson2 @


Saturday, December 24, 2005 at 12:38:12 (PST)
Aubrey Womack

For Sam, Jack, Kim and Beth and all my other Womack relatives:
Thanks for all the help in the past and Jack, much better health in the New Year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. From A Trinity Co., Tx. descendant of John Madison (Buck) Womack.

Saturday, December 24, 2005 at 05:11:35 (PST)

Womack Cousins,

With the tree adorned, the bird in the oven and my grandchildren excitedly awaiting St. Nick's visit to our home, I wish for all of you a wonderful holiday season. Thanks to everyone for your help in filling the gaps in our ancestors' families this past year.

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 11:41:09 (PST)
Chris Mason

My ggg Grandfather was Adin Mason. Adin married Mary "Polly" Womack in 1806. The got married in Campbell County Virginia. Mary is buried in Scott's Cemetery in Bethal Township, just outside Macomb, Illinois. I am from Macomb, Illinois and have found several of her children are buried in the same cemetery. I am looking for information on Adin and his Parents etc. I believe they lived near Mary's family in Virigina and were close to them. If anybody can be of help I would appreciate it.

Chris Mason

Saturday, December 17, 2005 at 05:49:52 (PST)
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1820 Federal Census Bedford County, Tennessee
WOMMACK Alexr. 38 30 pg27.txt
WOMMACK David 38 29 pg27.txt
WOMMACK Hawkins 39 3 pg39.txt
WOMMACK Henry 23 6 pg14.txt
WOMMACK Josiah 39 1 pg39.txt
WOMMACK Michael 38 28 pg27.txt
WOMMACK William 38 31 pg27.txt

Free White | | Slaves | Free Colored | | Male | Female | | Male | Female | Male | Female | | 0 10 16 16 26 45 | 0 10 16 26 45 | | 0 10 26 45 | 0 10 26 45 | 0 14 26 45 | 0 14 26 45 | No | LINE | Firstname Lastname | 10 16 18 26 45 . | 10 16 26 45 . | Fo | Agri Co Man | 14 26 45 . | 14 26 45 . | 14 26 45 . | 14 26 45 . | Ta | SNDX | Remarks

28 | Michael WOMMACK | 1 0 0 2 0 1 | 1 0 1 1 1 | 0 | 2 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 | W520 | 29 |
David WOMMACK | 2 1 0 0 0 1 | 0 2 1 1 3 | 0 | 2 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 | W520 | 30 |
Alexr. WOMMACK | 1 1 0 0 1 0 | 1 0 1 1 1 | 0 | 1 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 | W520 | 31 |
William WOMMACK | 2 1 0 0 0 3 | 0 1 2 0 1 | 0 | 1 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 | W520 |
1 | Josiah WOMMACK | 2 0 1 1 0 1 | 1 0 2 2 0 | 0 | 1 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 | W520 |
3 | Hawkins WOMMACK | 1 0 2 2 0 0 | 1 0 1 0 1 | 0 | 2 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 | W520 |
6 | Henry WOMMACK | 2 2 1 1 1 0 | 1 0 2 1 0 | 0 | 2 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 | W520 |

Andrew Patterson's Company - William Metcalf's 1st West Tennessee Militia
Mustered in on 13 November 1814
Mustered out 13 May 1815
Name and Rank Enlisted Mustered Out Comments
William Wamack, Pvt. " 13/05/1815
Mahel Wamack, Pvt.

Blount, TN 1850 Federal Census
73B 13 WARNACK Elizab. 18 Ten pg0065a.txt
73B 12 WARNACK Wm. 20 Ten pg0065a.txt
CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE or TERRITORY: TN COUNTY: Blount DIVISION: The 9th Civil District REEL NO: M432-871 PAGE NO: 73B REFERENCE: Enumerated on the 13th day of Nov, 1850 by B M Russell ========================================================================================================================= LN HN FN LAST NAME FIRST NAME AGE SEX RACE OCCUP. VAL. BIRTHPLACE MRD. SCH. R/W DDB
12 1053 1053 WARNACK Wm. 20 M Tailor Ten
13 1053 1053 WARNACK Elizab. 18 F Ten

WAMACK, Wm C marr. BARNES, Elizabeth on 26-NOV-1840
WORMACK, Charles marr. FIELDS, Nancy on 26-SEP-1804

CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN - DEEDS - Deed Book D 1820-1826 ----¤¤¤---- Deed Book D 1820-1826 Deed Book Vol. “D” Campbell County, Tennessee 1820 – 1826
Womacks Creek; 287, 335

CANNON COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1850 Census Index

CANNON COUNTY, TN - COURT - Index of County Court Clerk Settlements, Administrators' Exec. & Guardianships
JS Wamack Settlement 53, 137
Wamack Martha To Years support Page 380

CANNON COUNTY, TN - VITALS - Marriages, Mar 1838 to Feb 1850
Womack, Abram to Wood, Elizabeth...September 10, 1845...September 10, 1845 Womack, William to Romines, Elenear...April 9, 1847...April 11, 1847

CARROLL COUNTY TN - CENSUS - The 1840 Census of Carroll County TN
Womack, Josiah 58 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0

CLAIBORNE COUNTY, TN - MILITARY - Muster Roll, Company K, 34th Tennessee Infantry ----¤¤¤---- The 34th Tennessee Infantry (4th Confederate Regular Army) Company K
Wamack, Josiah D

Mary A. Womack May 22, 1791 June 18, 1880

Crockett, TN 1880 Federal Census
261A 3 Warmach H. T. 20 TN pg0261a.txt 154B 5 Warmath Bettie 9 TN pg0154a.txt 154A 48 Warmath C. 41 TN pg0154a.txt 154B 6 Warmath Charlie A. 4 TN pg0154a.txt 154B 2 Warmath Della 15 TN pg0154a.txt 154A 11 Warmath E. 75 TN pg0154a.txt 154B 4 Warmath Ella 11 TN pg0154a.txt 154A 50 Warmath J. H. 20 TN pg0154a.txt 154B 7 Warmath J. M. 4/12 TN pg0154a.txt 154B 1 Warmath J. W. 19 TN pg0154a.txt 261B 41 Warmath Lucy 26 TN pg0261a.txt 261B 39 Warmath M. W. 53 TN pg0261a.txt
261B 42 Warmath M. W. 23 TN pg0261a.txt 261B 40 Warmath Martha 53 TN pg0261a.txt 154A 49 Warmath Mary J. 41 TN pg0154a.txt 261B 43 Warmath Sallie 16 TN pg0261a.txt 154B 3 Warmath Tom C. 13 TN pg0154a.txt

CROCKETT COUNTY, TN - MARRIAGES - July 1872 - Dec 1899
Warmoth, Bettie Cathey, Vivian A. (m) 26 Oct 1887
Warmoth, Della Hefley, W. R. 17 Jan 1885
Warmoth, J. H. Brooks, Anna 18 Sep 1884
Warmoth, M. Ella Chambers, R. T. 30 Mar 1893
Warmoth, Ned (Col) Bond, Mat (Col) (f) 23 Aug 1883
Warmoth, Sallie Williams, W. C. 3 Dec 1882
Warmuth, J. F. Almquist, Beulah Benton 8 Sep 1897
Warmuth, Nathan (Col) Smith, Alice 31 Mar 1896 (license- not executed)

FRANKLIN COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1850 Census Index

Womack, James*
Womack, Jonah*

GIBSON COUNTY, TN - Census - 1850 Census Index

WARMACK, Benjamin marr. ARNOLD, Frances C on 04-SEP-1846
WARMACK, Burwell marr. COOK, Avy on 09-MAY-1840
WARMATH, Micajah W marr. EUDALEY, Martha on 23-AUG-1850
WARMATH, Thos D marr. GREEN, Harrett M on 20-SEP-1854
WOMACK, Daniel marr. FAWBESS, Soniza C on 20-AUG-1849
WOMACK, Hezekiah marr. HUTCHENS, Caroline N on 18-NOV-1849
WORMACK, Richard marr. BILLINGSLEY, Mary L on 09-JAN-1847
WORMACK, Wm marr. BILLINGSLEY, Adaline E on 18-JUL-1850

GRUNDY COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1850 Census Index

Grundy, TN 1860 Federal Census
450a 16 Womack Charles W 22 Alabama pg0444a.txt
CENSUS YR: 1860 TERRITORY: TN COUNTY: Grundy DIVISION: District No. 9 REEL NO: 653-1252 PAGE NO: 450a REFERENCE: Enumerated on the 1st day of Sept 1860 by R B Roberts =================================================================================================================================== LN HN FN LAST NAME FIRST NAME AGE SEX RACE OCCUP. REAL VAL. PERS VAL. BIRTHPLACE MRD. SCH. R/W DDB
16 392 392 Womack Charles W 22 M Clerk/Salesman Alabama

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1830 Census Index
HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1840 Census Index
HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1850 Census Index

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN - VITALS - Marriage Records, 1824-1950
Wamack J D Jr. Nov 1895 Lutrell J E
Wammack A M Dec 1900 Lambeth Cassie
Wammack J D Dec 1904 McIntire F M M
Warmack John Nov 1865 Whitby Francis P
Warmack S L Jan 1885 Leathers F D
Womack, Henry Brookram, Mary Sep 1835
Womack, J.C. Glass, C.E. Sep 1890
Wormack, William M. Curry, Charlotte Dec 1902

HARDIN COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1850 Census Index
15 66 66 Eoff Squire 34 M Farmer 500 TN
16 66 66 Eoff Siena 31 F TN x
17 66 66 Eoff Wm J 12 M TN
18 66 66 Eoff Mary E 11 F TN
19 66 66 Eoff Dice W 6 F TN
20 66 66 Eoff Eliza J 4 F TN
21 66 66 Eoff James D 1 M TN
22 66 66 Womack David 20 M None TN

HICKMAN COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1850 Census Index


Saturday, December 17, 2005 at 05:40:29 (PST)
Joanne Shepard Gage

HECK JOHN HENRY 1815-1882? He came to FLORIDA and joined the Mounted militia to protect the whites from the Indians in 1835 he applied for 160 acres in Hawthorne area of FLORIDA on 1842, in 1838 he married in Duval county FL to Amelia Anne Hall he was very good friends with Captian Fances Calvin Morgan Bogges the writer of the book called "Veteran of Four Wars" who was married to the sister of Amelia Hall , Margerate "Maggie" Hall Bogges, also his brother in law, William Ray Hall and there mother and fatehr John Hall who died at Ft Heilman Florida on the banks of the Black River in Jacksonville Florida, John Halle died at the Ft Heilman in 1837 of phynomia. JOHN HENRY HECK was a Captian when John Hall died in 1837, he married his daughter in 1838( Amelia Anne Hall), He went to Georgia in 188 and jointed to 3rd artillery U.S.Army as a Sargent, Ulissis S Grant, Robert E Lee, Garland Vinton, Satterlee, and Martin Burke, fought the Mexicans at the battle of Charabusco in 1847. He might have married a MRS D.E. WEBB in 1852 in Jackson county Arkansas and had a child with her a divorce in St Clair County ILL in 1858 is recorded. 1862 he was sentanced to life for manslaughter in Washington county Ill Joliet prison states he was born in the alantic ocean a physcian, 47 years old no parents or family. I need some help finding out who he killed just pryor to the charge date sept 17 1862 1869 he was pardoned he went to St Louis MO for a few months then moved to Evansville Indiana in 1870 untill 1876, I lost him I cant find for sure where or when he died or who his parents really were, there was a CHARLES HECK who was killed in the battle with the indians and Captian DADE IN FLORIDA 1835,
Joanne Shepard Gage

Saturday, December 17, 2005 at 02:06:16 (PST)
dsrobinson2 @


Feel free to browse around at your own pace. We are sure you'll find something useful. And you don't need to be listed in the WGN Researchers Index to use the resources on the WGN site. All researchers are welcome to use the WGN site for their research and to share their experiences and knowledge.

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Friday, December 16, 2005 at 05:31:26 (PST)
david autry

Royce - well said.

From the webmaster:

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 16:17:25 (PST)
kelley OR

okay, the Hampden-Sydney boys were under Lt. Col John Pegram, who surrendered to McClellan in the battle of Rich Mountain in 1861. this is so much fun!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 15:43:08 (PST)
Doretta Noland

Susan --- Jeff Womack is my husband's direct line. Jeff is his great-grandfather through his daughter Lottie Lee. My husband's great-grandmother was Jeff's 2nd wife Lucy Taylor Sneed. I am happy to see somebody else is working on this bunch of Womacks. How are you connected? I will gladly share what little I have collected. Doretta

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 14:17:41 (PST)
kelley OR

wow. my gg-grandfather, DG Womack, was one of the Hampden-Sydney boys, G company of the 20th infantry:

"Eight separate military companies (usually of a hundred men) went off to war from the county, and in some cases these companies included black servants. One of the infantry companies, "The Hampden-Sydney Boys," was composed entirely of college and seminary students, and it was the first college-boy unit on either side‹Blue or Gray‹to come under fire in the war."

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 08:59:39 (PST)
kelley OR

wow, i just found a DG Womack on the Womacks in the Civil War page. Same age and in Prince Edward Co., Virginia! this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I imagine he is my gg-grandfather! they even described him and he sounds a lot like my grandfather!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 08:32:29 (PST)
kelley OR

thank you to Sam for help getting me started! i really do appreciate the info. there was mention that the womacks in my family line were actually wamacks, but there was also mention that the names were sometimes inaccurate, as was my grandfather's given name, Colvin; sometimes listed as Calvin. anyway, if anyone has any info of a DG Womack (i would need an actual name etc.) born about 1843 in Prince Edward Virginia, that would be great! thanks again to Sam for all of his help! YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =0) much love, kelley

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 at 16:56:55 (PST)
David Womack

To all you Womack's out there wishing you all a merry christmas from David Womack
Nortahnts UK AGE 41
Partents Terry Henry Herbert womack & Elizibeth (Betty) Womack
PLease contact me via e-mail if you have any news on relatives direct to my family I would be glad to here from you

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 at 10:19:58 (PST)

previous post

forgot to mention that Stuart Womack died in Virginia and his last known address was in Lynchburg where many of my relatives still remain. thank you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 at 10:18:58 (PST)
kelley OR

my ggrandfather, Stuart Womack, ss # 223-72-9445, was born in 1880 and died in 1970, just a year after i was born. at one time he had four sons in the military, including my grandfather, Colvin H. Womack who was married to Ruth Womack. does anyone have any info on Stuart's parents, etc.? i'm just getting started..........thanks and Merry Christmas!

kelley allison

Monday, December 12, 2005 at 19:31:00 (PST)

I am looking for information about Jefferson Womack. His mother was Mary Womack, and his sister was Lillie Womack. They lived in Halifax, Virginia. Any info on any of them would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, December 12, 2005 at 13:21:14 (PST)
Kim Womack

Hi, my name is Kimberley Lorraine Womack, my father is Joseph Howard Womack. He married Emma Ghookassian in Tehran, Iran. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old. I am 38 years old. Looking to find my geneology. Can anyone of you help me. Really don't know much about the Womack history. My dad was the youngest of 14, 10 boys and 4 girls.

Thanks and Have A Merry Christmas,

Saturday, December 10, 2005 at 18:14:39 (PST)
Denise Kneifel

Just wanted to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS...Happy holidays all....

Thursday, December 08, 2005 at 23:30:40 (PST)
dsrobinson2 @


Thursday, December 08, 2005 at 23:28:43 (PST)
dsrobinson2 @





Thursday, December 08, 2005 at 19:17:56 (PST)
Royce W. Gibson
royce gibson at

And before I get lots of flames on the previous message - my reason for being on this site is searching for my history - reguardless of what it might turn up.

I don't care what my ancestors believed but I want to know what that was. They could have sacraficed chickens to the full moon for all I care. There are other places on the internet to post your religious, sexual, racial and political opinions - do that. This forum is for exploring all things Womack. Let's do that.

Thursday, December 08, 2005 at 18:57:35 (PST)
Royce W. Gibson
royce gibson at

I thought our National Motto was "E Pluribus Unum" (the banner in the Eagles beak on the dollar bill or is it "Novus Ordo Seclorium" - the banner under the pyramid on the dollar bill - which are the front and back of the "SEAL of the US".

And for the history buff (which I hope we all are) - the phrase "Under God" was not added to the pledge until the 1950's during the McCarthy Red Scare

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 at 04:57:13 (PST)

For all of us who are christians and others also please read this and go to to sign the petition

Newdow Files Suit to Take National Motto Off Currency
Michael Newdow, who has already filed a suit to take "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance, is now suing to remove our national motto from our currency.

Newdow told the ACLU of Oklahoma that the national motto on U.S. currency is a violation of the separation of church and state. He is offended because he is an atheist. He wants to use the Federal courts to make his atheism the official religion of America.

Newdow filed in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which recently ruled that judges, not parents, have the final say in what will be taught school children concerning sex education. These same liberal judges supported Newdow and ruled that the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional. That suit was dismissed due to a technicality so Newdow sued again.

The 9th U.S. Circuit is expected to agree with Newdow. The case will then go to the U.S. Supreme Court for final action.

Help us secure one million signatures on the petition below to stop Newdow. Remember that only one person-Madalyn Murray O'Hair-was able to get prayer in schools banned. We must not allow one person-Newdow-to get our national motto removed from our currency by our silence.

During the last session of Congress, Representative Chip Pickering introduced a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to use and recite the motto and the Pledge of Allegiance. Your petition will encourage Rep. Pickering to re-introduce his constitutional amendment in the present session of Congress and send a message to the liberal judges of the 9th U.S. Circuit.

Sunday, December 04, 2005 at 16:03:56 (PST)
Richmond Stanfield Frederick, Jr.


Those interested in the Womack family of Caswell County should view the following resources:

Please note that I recently posted to the Caswell County Historical Association website a census of the Yancey family cemetery, which includes a several Womack graves. See:

Best personal regards.

Rick Frederick
CCHA Webmaster

Saturday, December 03, 2005 at 17:20:02 (PST)
Joseph Womack

Hello my name is Joe, I am looking for family tree help. I live in Fulton, Missouri. Callaway county area. The farthest I can Go back is my grandfather, Jackie Womack. Who past 2years ago. I don't have alot to go on. Will some one please give me a hand?

Saturday, December 03, 2005 at 05:16:36 (PST)
B Womack

Does anyone have info on a Honey Melissa Womack? She was a Cherokee indian woman left for dead in Cannon co. Tn on the trail of tears. She was found and nursed back to health by Robert Renolds Womack.

Saturday, December 03, 2005 at 05:10:48 (PST)
B Womack

I just wanted to say hello to all you Womack's. I'm a Tennessee Womack. We have our branch worked out to about 1655 I think it is. Good luck to all those searching and Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 01, 2005 at 03:35:47 (PST)
dsrobinson2 @

I found this in case anyone needs it

OLIVER C. WOMACK was born November 12, 1812, in Rutherford County, N.C. In November, 1815, the family came to Union County, Ky., where the father died about 1827. Oliver C. then commenced to learn the carpenter trade, which he followed about four years. He then took up the blacksmith trade and followed that about eighteen years; since that time he has been engaged in farming. In 1861, he came to his present farm, which consists of 164 acres with about ninety-six acres in cultivation. He was married, August 9, 1832 to Easter Mooney, of Hopkins County; she died in 1844, leaving five children - two sons and three daughters. His second marriage was in 1846 to Mrs. Wagner of Hopkins County, who died in 1852, leaving two children - one son and one daughter. His third marriage was in 1860 to Elizabeth J. Wilson, of Webster County. This union has been blessed with six children, of whom four are living, two sons and two daughters. Mr. Womack is a life-long member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

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