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Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 17:51:24 (PDT)

Sorry to hear about Carlos - He will be missed..

Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 12:19:28 (PDT)
Jack Womack

Obit as written by Janet Brewer, posted with her permission.

Carlos Uvalto Womack was known as "Noot" or "Nootie" to his family & friends, Carl to his military friends, & Carlos to those working at The Brighton Gardens where he was living at the time of his passing on June 29, 2005. He was born on June 20, 1919, in Roosevelt, OK. His parents were Henry Kinchen & Mary Lou Etta (Shelton) Womack. His family then moved to Crowley, CO where he grew up & attended school. As a boy, Carlos was baptized & joined the Crowley Community Baptist Church & still remains a member there. During World War II, Carlos joined the Air Force from which he retired as a Chief Warrant Officer on Feb. 1, 1971 after 30 years of service to his country. He was military through & through. He married Alice Mayble Watson on Sept. 7, 1937. To this union, a son, Carlos Uvalto Jr.(Val) was born. While a junior at the Air Force Academy, Val contracted Hodgkin's disease & passed away on Feb. 9, 1965. Alice passed away on April 9, 1971. Carlos married Louise (Lou) Love Holten & they made their home in Colorado Springs, CO. Lou passed away on Aug. 14, 2004. Carlos was an avid genealogist & compiled an extensive history of the Womack family. His genealogy books are a part of the genealogy library at the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah. as well as at other libraries.
He was loved very much by his sisters, Elba Palmour of Ordway, CO & Henrietta Baker of Colorado Springs, his stepchildren, Lynda (Jerry) Winchell, Jay (Diane) Holten, & Tanya Tapper, his step grandchildren & great grandchildren as well as his nieces & nephews. He & Lou were interested in seeing that all had a chance for a college education & helped provide for that.
He was preceded in death by his parents, his two beloved wives, his son & 3 brothers, Wilfred, Jack, & LaVerne.
Services will be held at 2:00 PM at the Dewitt Funeral Home in Fountain, CO on Friday, July 1st. Visitation will be from 12:00 noon until 2:00. Burial will be at Memorial Gardens on Tues., July 5, 2005. Rev. Kirk Larson, the husband of a great-niece of Dodge City, KS will officiate.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 11:46:19 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Beth, I'm sorry I've been off-line for a while as we had some health issues
around here for the last couple of months.

Anyway -
Kinchen R. 1850 Monroe Co. is indeed my ancestor.

I don't honestly know if William in Lowndes is his brother, son, nephew or cousin. My list of
Kinchen's children is based on the 1850 household. There
were alot of Williams running around, half of them related to the Lewis family
and they are a pain to sort out.

Since we don't know when Kinchen and Mary married, it's hard to say when
their first kid would be born. BUT, he had a kid named Wiley, which makes
me really wonder if he had a kid named William.

I seriously suspect that who you might have there is William aka Green
aka William Green, son of John and Sarah Avery Lewis Womack, b. abt
1822. NOT Green's nephew William Green or other nephew William,
who would both be too young.

But, I'll do some more checking.

Sam, thanks for the link! Great list. The only one I see there I know right
off the top of my head is uncle Wiley,
who died at the Confederate Home in Sweet Home, Ark. in 1927. Who, BTW, is the
above referred son of Kinchen.
There are a bunch who should be listed in Camden and Bearden, but they aren't. So
you just know some folks just didn't bother with gubmit forms.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 at 11:06:57 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

I see Jack has posted the news about cousin Carlos. May he rest in peace.
For those of you in the CO area -
Services will be held at 2:00 PM at the Dewitt Funeral Home in Fountain, CO on Friday, July 1st. Visitation will be from 12:00 noon until 2:00. Burial will be at Memorial Gardens on Tues., July 5, 2005. Rev. Kirk Larson, the husband of a great-niece of Dodge City, KS will officiate.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 at 20:41:01 (PDT)
Jack Womack

The passing of a great Geanoligist.
Carlos Uvalto Womack went to be with his Lord today, Wednesday June 29 at 2:45 pm. Carlos had been in an Alzheimers hospital for quite some time.
Carlos was the author of 'The Descendants Of William and Mary Jane Womack' book and its revisions. He was a master from the old school that did not have the benefit of a computer to do his research on, but relied on researching libraries court houses and record archives in person.
Carlos and Ray Bryan Womack are probably comparing notes with their ancestors who have gone on before.
Our deepest sympathy in this time of grief and loss to niece Janet Brewer and family.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 20:52:50 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Thanks, at least you recognize quality when you see it - e mail me your phone number and we will talk - just remember to take the space out before and after the @ in my address.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 12:26:41 (PDT)
Sandi Phillips

Hi Sam

Just took a gander at your death records - that is pretty amazing - you must be totally give out....talk at ya later....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 04:39:42 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

It is now 4:38 AM Jun 28 - I have finished uploading all the deat records I have except TX - I like about 1500 names to go on that big 'un...too wasted to
do it now....hope you guys like what I have done....

Monday, June 27, 2005 at 11:49:20 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

I have death records for 17 states compiled - like about 550 names for CA - would be done but my DSL went out for about 24 hours - should finish that today.
When I get them ALL finished will upload to one of my sites -- Keep an eye on my main page, above, for link...if there is no link to a particular state you may have interest in - there were no records on line for that state --

But now I have a question - I am searching for the parents, birth and death location of one Elma Womack, born Feb 1905, died Oct 12, 1936 - she is buried in the cemetery where my greats on down to my dad are buried - - I have checked AR death index and also have written for a copy of a death certificate. Arkansas has no record of her death. I have been unable to locate her on a census as of yet - Womack may have been a married name rather than maiden.

The only thing I can figure is that she died out of state, but was brought to AR and buried. Why, I have no idea; but she must be a relative of some sort..
I have written the person who keeps the cemetery records - hopefully they kept good enough records to know where she is in the cemetery and any other info - I would like to buy her a marker, regardless, a relative or not..

Saturday, June 25, 2005 at 13:30:37 (PDT)

Jeff Fisher and Ann McDonald:

I'm flying by the seat of my pants again, so I'll have to get Ann to please look at this regarding Kinchen. Jeff inquired June 12 about Julius Womack, b. ca. 1855 AL, m. Nancy Sapp.

1850 Lowndes Dist., Lowndes Co.,AL
William Womack, age 24 b. AL
Elizabeth Womack, age 21 b. AL
Lewis Womack, age 1 b. AL

Next County South of Lowndes
1850 No Township Listed, Monroe Co., AL
Kinchen R. Wormac, age 50 b. GA
Mary, age 48, b. SC
Sherod age 20, b. AL
Louisa, age 18 b. AL
Pantheon, age 15 b. AL
Henryetta, age 13 b. AL
Wiley, age 10 b. AL
Mary, age 8 b. AL
Kinchen, age 6 b. AL
Nancy, age 6 b. AL
John, age 3 b. AL

1860 Burnt Corn P O, Monroe Co., AL
HH 664/608
(Mary Agnes E. Jones Womack, widow of Kinchen R. Womack)
Mary Wamac, age 55, b. SC
Henrietta, age 21, b. AL
Mary, age 18 AL
Nancy, age 14 AL

HH 665/609 (Next HH)
(Possibly another son of Kinchen R. Womack?)
William Womack, age 33 b. AL
Elizabeth, age 30, b. AL
Lewis, age 12 b. AL
Mary, age 10 b. AL
Julius, age 7 b. AL
William, age 3 b. AL
Zela, age 1 b. AL

Ann, I believe this is going to be the Eliza Womack to whom Mary Agnes E. Jones Womack sold land in 1870. Sallie and John Watts are next door to Eliza Womack on the 1880 census.

1870 Dennards Bluff P O, Monroe Co., AL
Elizabeth Warnoc, age 42, b. AL
Lewis, age 21 b. AL
Mary, age 17, b. AL married John Watson
Julius, 16, b. AL
William, age 13, b. AL
Zela, age 10, b. AL
Thomas, age 8, b. AL
Silvie Warnoc, age 88 (Race B.) Laborer

1880 Old Texas Twp., Monroe Co., AL Page 427A
Eliza WORRACK, age 57 AL SC AL
William WORRACK, age 23 Son AL AL AL
Zellah WORRACK, age 20 Dau AL AL AL
Thomas WORRACK, age 18 Son AL AL AL

1880 E. D. 94, Lee Co., TX Page 80C
L. A. WOMACK, age 31 b. AL (Lewis Womack, brother of Julius)
Martha M. WOMACK, age 28 b. GA
Elizabeth WOMACK, age 5 b. AL
William WOMACK, age 3 b. TX

1880 E. D. 98, Lee Co., TX Page 80C
John SAPP, age 31, b. GA
James E. SAPP, age 6, b. TX Son mother b. AL
Henrietta SAPP, age 2, b. TX Dau.

1880 E. D. 98, Lee Co., TX Page 80C
A. H. SAPP, age 71 b. GA Ireland Ireland
Sarah SAPP, age 50 b. GA SC SC
M. Q. SAPP, age 22 b. AL GA GA
Sarah A. SAPP, age 19 b. GA GA GA

1880 E.D. 94., Lee Co., TX Page 80C
Julius WOMACK, age 25 b. AL
Nancy A. WOMACK, age 26, b. GA (Nancy Sapp)
Hety WOMACK, age 4 b. TX
Henry F. WOMACK, age 1 b. TX

Friday, June 24, 2005 at 22:47:51 (PDT)
Erin Dent

Here we go. I finally found the actual obit. I spoke of.

From Alamogordo News

Tommy Lee Womack, 64

Jun 24, 2005, 08:29 am

Tommy Lee Womack, born Sept. 19, 1940, went to live with the Lord on June 21, 2005.

He was preceded in death by his father, T.L. Womack and his mother, Thelma Irene Gibbs Womack. He is survived by a sister, Marsha Turpen of Bloomfield, N.M.; nephews, Robert Lee Fifer of Alamogordo, N.M., Richard Glen Fifer of Thoreau, N.M.; a niece, Kelly Turpen of Bloomfield, New Mexico; uncles, Jerry Gibbs of Robert Lee, Texas, and Bud Gibbs of Tyler, Texas; an aunt, Judy Chandler of Colbert, Oklahoma; a great nephew, Danny Fifer, and nieces Kylee Fifer and Starlyn Fifer.

Tommy was born in Konawa, Oklahoma. He graduated from high school in Gallup, N.M. and lived in Alamogordo, N.M. from 1963 to 2004. He was a member of Grace Methodist Church, Woodmen of the World, and Alamogordo Evening Lions Club. He served as Assistant Manager at White Sands National Monument Gift Shop. Tommy was an avid fisherman and loved the outdoors.

Services will be held at the United Methodist Church in Colbert, Oklahoma followed by graveside services at the Colbert Cemetery.

Sorry about the previous errors.

Friday, June 24, 2005 at 22:38:23 (PDT)
Erin Dent

Sorry, I think that should be Colvert, Oklahoma instead of Colbert.

Friday, June 24, 2005 at 22:22:27 (PDT)
Erin Dent

In today's Obit. in the Alamogordo Daily News, Tommy Lee Womack died June 21, 2005.Was born September 19, 1940 in Konawa, Oklahoma. His father was T. L. Womack, who also past away in Alamogordo some time back. It states that he will be buried in Colbert, Oklahoma where his sister, Thelma Irene Womack-Gibbs resides.
It lists neices and nephews also. Last names include Gibbs, Turpen and Fifer.
It also states that Tommie Lee Womack graduated highschool in Gallup, New Mexico and lived here in Alamogordo, NM from 1963 to 2004.

Friday, June 24, 2005 at 12:43:42 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Not sure if you are aware of it but a number of states have their death indexes
on line - so far I have compiled the following and will be posting to one of my sites soon, accessible thru my main web page:


Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 09:42:39 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Methinks this be he:

1920 Census Jackson Parish, Police Ward 5, LA taken Apr 2, 1920
Womack, G B, age 35 born LA his parents born LA
Ollie age 31 born Ar father born AL mother born LA
Harvey age 11 born LA
Jack age 10 born LA

This may be a bit far fetched but

1900 Census, Same Place as 1920, Census done Jun 23 1900
Dwelling/Family 211/213
Womack, Howard age 36, May 1864, he and parents born LA
Lolitha C wife age 37, Oct 1862, born LA parents born MS
Guey B son age 14, Oct 1885, all children born LA
Labella dau age 12, Dec 1887
Maggie M dau age 8, Sep 1891
John W son age 6, Jun 1893
William R son age 5, Feb 1895
Petrolia P dau age 6/12, Nov 1899

I have sent other data to you via e-mail, a bit to long to post more than this here. I included this also - posted here so you know something when you sign in here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at 12:46:52 (PDT)
Chris King

My great Grandfather is Harvey C Womack of Womack, Louisianna. He was born 21 June 1908 in Womack, La and died 7 Nov 1990. I am stuck on him and cannot find his parents. Can anyone help????

Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 14:09:32 (PDT)
Joann Horton

I have visited this wonderful web-site many times in the past. I am the granddaughter of John William Womack and Ollie McFarland Womack of Corpus Christi, Texas. My mother was Jean Womack Beard who passed away May 2, 2002. I would like to hear from anyone who knew my mother and her sisters, Madelyn Womack, Helen Womack Segrest, Bobby Womack Reagan and Frances Womack Gorham. Madelyn, Helen, and Bobby are all deceased and Aunt Frances is not doing well. My cousin, Sandra Gorham Stever, is putting together a book of tales of our aunts and mothers and would love to hear any stories anyone might have about them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Joann Horton.

Monday, June 20, 2005 at 09:46:38 (PDT)
Jean Reed Herbelin

I was in Van Buren County, AR at the Plant Cemetery there and found the gravestones of the following :
Jacob L. Wammack b. Nov 184? d. 1903?
Milum J. Wammack b. ? 4, 1850 d. May 15, 1909
Delilah Cathrine Wammack 1842- 1911 Wife of Jacob L Wammack
Spensor W. Wammack b. Nov. 3,1878 d. Nov. 11, 1896

I have pictures of the above, if there are any relatives who would like them just e-mail me.

Monday, June 20, 2005 at 08:52:43 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Add this to the post below:
Nancy Holmesley b: 1834 in Madison Co.,Richland,AR
William Holmesley b: 1836 in Madison Co.,Richland,AR
Sarah Holmesley b: 1837 in TX
Jane Holmesley b: 1841 in Madison Co.,Richland,AR
Holford Holmesley b: 1843 in Madison Co.,Richland,AR
Lucinda Holmesley b: 1844 in Madison Co.,Richland,AR
Louiza Holmesley b: 1847 in Madison Co.,Richland,AR
Vancusy Holmesley b: 1848 in Madison Co.,Richland,AR

From Ancestry.com - again check for validity.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 at 07:58:06 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

From LDS - cannot attest to validity of this but:

Birth: 1810 Ky
Death: Sep 15, 1881
Father: John R. HOLMESLEY
Mother: Mary JAMES
Spouse: Jane Or Jennie WOMACK
Birth: abt 1810. poss Elkins, Washington CO AR
Death: abt 1899
Marriage: ABT 1833

Not so sure this is the same one, but if it is and Jane or Jennie died in 1899
they must have been divorced?
1880 Census Comanche Co TX
James HOLMESLEY Self M Male W 73 KY Farmer VA VA
Eliza HOLMESLEY Other M Female W 65 TN Keeping House SC SC
Ada TUNNELL GDau S Female W 05 TX AL AL

Saturday, June 18, 2005 at 13:21:26 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Sorry forgot to mention - the link to OK Death records is here:

http://www.deathindexes.com/oklahoma/ it is skimpy but does have infor on how to obtain a a record - at the bottom are links for all states. Click and go!

Saturday, June 18, 2005 at 13:18:07 (PDT)

Beg yer pardon - AR has death records from 1914 to 1950 on line -- I am not saying they are complete; but the Womacks are at:


And yes, still with MSN - DSL now and its great!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005 at 10:01:50 (PDT)
Carlene Peacock Brown

I need the parents of Mary Jane Womack, born ca 1814, KY and married James Holmsley, born ca 1810 KY. They had a daughter, Nancy, born 1834 Ark and died 1859 Madison Co., Ark. Nancy was married to Bayless Shumate, born 2-17-1833, Harlan Co., KY and died 12-18-1927 Washington Co., Ark. Nancy Holmsley was 1/2
Cherokee, but I don't know which of her parents was Cherokee. I suspect it was James Holmsley. I am researching this Womack family for Sally Lyons Kindle, who is in bad health and unable to do it herself. Most of her family is Cherokee. Any help on the Womack family would certainly be appreciated. Contact me at Tyra302@aol.com

Friday, June 17, 2005 at 20:08:17 (PDT)

Attn: ED
Go to this site has lots of William Conditt's Info.

1920 Census OK-Bryan Co.-Albany Twp

Head of house hold will be Pernia's dad John H Conditt

Womack Perney 21Yrs Wd AR-AR-AR
Dortha 11M OK-USA-AR

Friday, June 17, 2005 at 19:37:58 (PDT)

Ed I will try and help these r from 2002 archives

Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 18:21:00 (PST)
Ann McDonald
Ed, I think your guy probably died between 1919 and 1920 - I am guessing your grandmother is the Perney Womack listed with the Conditt family - she is listed as age 21, widowed, with a girl Dorthea (?) - that's Bryan Co., OK 1920, Albany township, page 1b

Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 18:36:23 (PST)
Ann McDonald
Ed, sorry to do this in two postings, but my knowledge of OK records is limited, so I had to look it up. You should be able to get the death certificate from the state vital records office. This is in theory - apparently the state started in 1916, but if Arkansas is any model, 1919 -1920 they may or may not have it on file. http://www.health.state.ok.us/program/vital/brec.html has the details. Or there may be an obituary or funeral home notice.

Friday, June 17, 2005 at 17:21:04 (PDT)
Edward Bowen

I am looking for any information on a Thurman Womack born in Mich. around 1892. From an old birth certificate it appears his middle inital is H. but am not sure since what I have is a copy of a copy and is not clear. He married Pernia Conditt August 3, 1914 and they had a daughter Dorothy O. Womack born January 16, 1919. Thurman died before the 1920 census. They were living in Durant, Ok. at this time. It turns out that Thurman is my actual grandfather but I did not find this out untill after my mother and grandmothers death. I am in hopes that someone will be able to help me. Thank you. E. Bowen

Monday, June 13, 2005 at 23:17:44 (PDT)
samsawadee @ netzeero.com

Anyone have any idea of the parents of Benjamin Womack, b. abt 1755 NC or GA;
he married a Mary Lanier, b. 1759 in GA - I can trace Mary back to her 2nd greats and beyond - In fact her 2nd greats and my 9th greats are the same (Lanier). But I cant place ole Cuz Ben no where..

Sunday, June 12, 2005 at 12:02:15 (PDT)
Jeff Fisher

Wow, what a site on the Womack's! Quite overwhelming.

I have a question for you...below is an entry from you....I have seen the census...and am suspecting that Hety Womack is my great great grandmother, Hester Womack....but anyway, I was supprised to see the not you had below expanding on the names of her parents...where is that information from and do you have any other information on this line of the family?

* Census Place: E.D. 94, Lee, Texas
Source: FHL Film 1255316 National Archives Film T9-1316 Page 80C
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Julius WOMACK Self M M W 25 AL
Occ: Farmer Fa: AL Mo: AL
Nancy A. WOMACK Wife F M W 26 GA
Occ: Keeping House Fa: GA Mo: GA
Hety WOMACK Dau F S W 4 TX
Fa: --- Mo: ---
Henry F. WOMACK Son M S W 1 TX
Fa: --- Mo: ---
Note: Julius J. Womack, sp. Nancy Irene Sapp. from Roger Womack www.womacknet.net

Thanks for your help
Jeff Fisher

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 07:23:20 (PDT)
samsawade @ netzero.com

OK OK I know a lotta posting - but I went back and checked the LDS records and came up with these for children of Free and Linda Womack Farris - The Chatt I mentioned below, I found not on this list but with James as Charity..

1. Alexander Farris
Birth: JUL 1870 Tennessee Death: After 1920

2. John Will Farris
Birth: 11 MAY 1871 Mcminn, Tennessee
Death: 19 MAY 1912 Mcminn, Tennessee
Burial: 22 MAY 1912 Mcminn, Tennessee

3. Mary Freelove Farris
Birth: 1873 Mcminn, Tennessee

4. Diana Farris
Birth: 1874 Mcminn, Tennessee

5. Nannie Bell Farris
Birth: 1876 Tennesse Death: 1941

6. Matilda Farris (twin)
Birth: 11 AUG 1877 Mcminn, Tennessee
Death: 09 JUN 1913 Mcminn, Tennessee
Burial: 12 JUN 1913 Mcminn, Tennessee

7. William Farris (twin)
Birth: 11 AUG 1877 Mcminn, Tennessee
Death: 19 JUN 1913

8. Jane Farris
Birth: 1879 Mcminn, Tennessee

Odd that twins born same day, died within days of each other..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 06:57:09 (PDT)
samsawadee @ netzero.com

Yesterday was browsing around with teh various DNA things - same across on McCown that apparently had a Womack way back - checked the Pedigree and it appears this person connected to the Thomas Womack, who had the daughter named Elizabeth, who hit Jamestown in about 1620. Altho the person did not have the name of the female -- Unfortunately he had her born in 1630, the Jamestown muster, or census in 1623/24 indicated she was 25 when she arrived in 1620.
This is the one Elizabeth Womack/Sharp/Packer/Baugh that had headrights, unnamed, in the mid 1630's..this pedigree I saw had her bearing children to Baugh from 1639 to 1660 something. Couldnt have done that because she died in 1650 and would have been over 50 years old at the time of some of the birthings -- My info was thru the Sharp(e) researchers -

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the Thomas - Elizabeth Womack connection; nor anything other than a William Sharp hit Jamestown well before 1620; and an Elizabeth came over in 1620(no last name given nor ships list), probably as a load of women to be brides for single men in the colony--they had two sons who were age 2 and 2 mons old, respectively, on the 1623/24 muster. Isaac and Samuel. William apparently died ca. 1635 or 36, she married a Packer, he died within about 2 years, and then she married in about 1638--William Baugh..about 10-15 years younger than she..

As I think I have mentioned before, this may be our Womack connection to the immigrant - a headright of a relative??? This needs more research to be sure..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 06:40:52 (PDT)
samsawadee @ netzero.com

Actuallly the Free Paris mentioned, in the will Derrell posted below, was known as Free Farris; but real name was Frances Meredith Farris, b. TN Mar 15, 1846; d. McMin Co TN Dec 20, 1906. Married Linda R Womack, b. Polk Co TN Aug 11, 1848, d. Mcminn Co TN Oct 5 1908. They married Jul 23, 1868. Linda was the daughter of James Alexander III and Freelove Thompson - they may have had more children but I only have name of one Chatt Farris (female) Born Aug 7, 1875 in McMinm Co TN, d. Meigs Co Oct 3, 1936. She married a cousin James Samuel Womack,
b. McMinn CO Jan 9, 1876, d. Dec 28, 1943, Meigs Co..James was son of Ransom Andrew, a son of Alex III and Freelove; and brother to Linda R. Bit confoosin, but guess cuz marryin' was the norm back then..

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 at 23:40:58 (PDT)

ATTN: Andrea Womack http://www.rootsweb.com/~tnmcminn/#LAND

State of Tenn.
McMinn Co.
Know all men by these presence that I Alexander Womac in the
presents of mind do make this day my Will. I give to my wife Freelove, my land
& stock, household & kitchen furniture, after the funeral expenses is paid
and for Free Paris still to work the farm and keep up the repairs & pay the
taxes and take care of my wife so long as she lives and at her death I want
all sold and equal divide made with all the children alike and Elizabeth to
have to make her equal. I wish this to be faithfully executed and in order
that it be done I appoint James A. Womac to tend mu bus??? and to attend at
the death of the old woman to wind up this my will. Signed, Sealed, and
delivered the presents of us this 11th day of May 1874. I also give my mare
colt to Green Paris & his wife Lucinda the loving day and date above for the
services in waiting on me.

Alexander X Womac (Seal)
His Mark

Thomas Prince

Contributed By: Connie Baumann
Return To: McMinn Co. Web Genealogy Project

http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/a/u/Connie-J-Baumann/ <---- This sight is Connie Baumann's she has pictures of some of the Womac/Womacks in your line Andrea

This is the start of here Decendent Chart
Descendants of James Alexander Womack III
Page 1 of 8

[ Home Page | First Page | Previous Page | Next Page | Last Page | Index of Pages ]
1 [9] James Alexander Womack III b: Abt. 1797 in Lunenburg Co. VA d: Aft. 11 May 1874 in Shoal Creek, McMinn Co., TN Burial: 1874 Homeplace, McMinn Co., TN
.... +Mary Neal b: Abt. 1802 in North Carolina d: 1832 in North Carolina Burial: 1832 Unknown m: Bef. 1821 in Prob Rutherford Co., NC

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 at 18:50:32 (PDT)
royce gibson at frontiernet.net

Sam - on your Accomack County inquiry.
Accomack was formed around 1660 from Northampton County, however it was actually a county before that called (Accawmack) around 1630. So a good 20 years of history is likely in the Northampton archives, if at all.

It is and was a part of the "outer" banks of Virginia and borders the state of Maryland on the North. Seems to have quite an history and you may end up with records in Maryland since that state is contiguous with the county and the rest of Virginia is across the Chesapeake Bay.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 at 11:45:40 (PDT)
andrea phillips

Has anyone been able to find information on Freelove Thompson or her family. She was the Wife of Alexander WOMACk. In the late 1830's, they moved to Polk Co., Tn., where they remained until the 1860's. About the time of the Civil War, they settled in McMinn Co.,where they stayed until their deaths.

Monday, June 06, 2005 at 19:37:58 (PDT)

Does anyone have any info on these Womacks? This was in Johnston Co NC in the area that later became Wake County.
Johnston Co Deed Book E-1:214 28 Oct 1765
Sarah Womack to Benjamin Womick "My whole Rite and Title of my thirds of a tract of land belonging to John Womick deceased containing 160 a cors..."..."the said part of land containing 53 acors." Wit: Charles Jones & Hardy Sanders Note: at this time in NC the widow was entitled to 1/3 of her husband's land

Then: 17 Nov 1769 Benjamin Womack Jo. Co. to John Bradford, Junr, Hallifax Co...160 A in Jo Co...."by virtue of his birthright as Son and Heir to John Womack deceast. Who purchased the same of Dunkin Lemons for whome the land was survey'd and granted by Original deed from the Proprietors." Wit: William Moore, G.S. Turner, Chrsito. Woodward, Benjamin (B)his mark Womack

Note: NC State Archives: Duncan Lemmon granted 160 acres in Johnston Co 1 July 1760.

I'm esp. interested in info on Benjamin and any other children of John & Sarah, as well as Womack's of Johnston, Wake & Cumberland Co NC. Thanks!

Monday, June 06, 2005 at 07:02:13 (PDT)
samsawadee @ netzero,com

Y'all all know we still have the name suspect in the Immygrant and his spouse.

One enigma is the naming process they had back then - John, Thomas and William
defintely are names from mainly the Yorkshire branch of Womacks. Altho, they
do show up in the E Dereham/Lopham Womacks..

If our branch had came from the E Dereham/Lopham's - there would have been
more Lawrences, Arthurs, Henrys, Hughs, James; and yes, even Samuels in the earlier bunch. I may be proven wrong, but you know naming patterns.

Abraham?? Someone had a deep religious conviction; or his name came from
a wife's side of the hill..In the LDS Ancestral file, which we know is loaded with errors because of what people put out there, the earliest one of any substance is the Abe of 1644 in VA..

The British IGI shows, with duplication, Abe and Abe Jr of VA being born
in England or Wales....The US IGI and Pedigree files show the VA Abe begining with about 1644 as we know it..so I do want to throw this out there:

Marriage: 01 MAY 1602 Cranbrook, Kent, England (notice the county)


Timothy Allen (I believe this is the one who took care of the Orphans?)
Birth: 1594 , , England

Wife ? Worsham (now where have we seen that name before??)


1. Mary Jane Allen
Birth: About 1615 , Henrico, Virginia (dont really buy this)
Death: 1677
Mary Jane ALLEN
Birth: 1620 , , England (makes more sense than above)
Death: 1685
Dates of death, close? No Kewpie??

Friday, June 03, 2005 at 05:56:33 (PDT)
samsawadee @ netzero,com

Previously, we were perplexed about Henry Womack in Accomac(k) Co VA - I went thru the US Gen Web county page for Accomac(k). I was advised by one of the people there that many of the so called Accomac(k) records were actually filed in a couple of counties over the border in another state[MD or MA??]. I queried those counties and nil came up on Henry Womack of any spelling -- Not that most of us havent already; but I think I can finally lay to rest mine and David Dunn's conclusion the "perfect" genealogy of Henry is nothing but a FAKE! And, that anyone claiming descent from that one really doesnt exist!!!

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