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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at 12:44:08 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

Henry by Tr-Miles Womack Est Part 60 485 May 28 1866 20 1/2A
Harriett A E-M D F Womack D in T 66 91 Feb 19 1878 126A Polecat Ck
H W-W T Rickman &wf B&S 107 139 Apr 29 1910 91A Roanoke Dist
Herbert-P W Farmer B&S 122 94 Nov 6 1918 29.95A Ban Dist
Herbert-Wilson Boxley &wf B&S 122 169 Nov 26 1918 17.79A Ban Dist
H M-H H Edmunds &wf B&S 122 240 Dec 20 1918 143A Mead Dist
H L &c-J E Johnson &wf B&S 122 355 Jan 9 1919 209.67A Mead Dist
H C[hand written in, middle initial "W"] &wf-H C Lacy &wf B&S 128 515 Jun 20 1921 91A Roa Dist
Isham-John Watkins &c B&S 2 224 Sep 18 1760 200A Polecat Ck
Idella-George W Johnson &wf B&S 11[9] 38 Jun 9 1917 61A Roa Dist

Monday, May 30, 2005 at 13:29:32 (PDT)
samsawadee @

I will be uploading, sometime this PM, a listing of Womacks in US Vets cemeteries. Many on the lst have middle names, there are dates of birth and death for many of them, some of them are children and wives of veterans. Also
the cemeteries, by state, where interred.

Also, believe it or not, I found an AR divorce index for the years 1923-27; and 1934-39. Putting that out there on me AR page. Also one for TX.

A little trivia on the TX divorce index - 1968-2002 - there were 1642
Womacks, 92 Wommack, 24 Wammack, 2 Wamack, 2 Womock...the listing apparently
lists each twice; so these figures have to be halved to get a true count of couples it seems..but then, what the heck may go back and get them for TX while I can still get into the place -- other states you have to ask for a look-up and may have to pay - these two were freebies--anyway keep eyes peeled for postings.

Sunday, May 29, 2005 at 10:22:29 (PDT)

Looking for living Womack's in Carter County Ky to contact for information on that line of the family. thanks

Sunday, May 29, 2005 at 09:20:40 (PDT)
Nelson Womack


Check out the following website it's about the 16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment.

Sunday, May 29, 2005 at 04:55:10 (PDT)
DERRELL This web site has news paper articles in the early 1800's to the mid 1900's

I found articles on Womack/Wamack/Wammack

Just firgured if anyone wants to possibly get articles on their ancestors and it work My 2nd Great grandpa Isom Conrad Womack got a divorce from his first wife I didn't know they had and now I have the date and place of divorce so good luck on your article searches

Saturday, May 28, 2005 at 10:52:47 (PDT)
Jack Womack

I Understand that there is a book written by Captain John M. Womack in the Tennessee State Library of Archives called "The Diaries of Captain John Womack" of which only a few copies remain. John is in my family line and if anyone has copied or transcribed it I would forever be indebted to them for a copy. John was the son of William "Big Billy" Womack my GG grandfather and the brother of Solomon Womack my G grandfather. I'm sure I will never be able to make the trip to see the book myself but would like to add it to my Ged files. This should be of intrest of all the Thomas and Louvisa descendants. Perhaps someone will make this a WGN project.
I have a number of treasures I prize highly amoung them are dozens of typed Geds from some no longer living. Tons of stuff from Ray Bryan and even a copy of the manuscript of Carlos U Womacks book sent to me by his niece Janet.

BTW Janet wrote me and said Carlos is not expected to live. He has been in an alzheimers home for some time. Carlos 75 is of the old school and his books are no longer in print. He did research the hard way with letter writing and digging in all the county archives and librarys in person.
A signed book written by a Pecos Pate Boone telling about the early days in OK, TX, and NM and of my Mother who was a Cowgirl and Bronc rider in her youth, She performed in Pate Boone's Wild West Shows in 1918. For you who are into South Louisiana early history there is a book written by my Nephew, Gene Thibodeaux titled Rice, Railroads and Bullfrogs, A history of Rayne , Louisaina. Library of Congress # 2001130759. Has litterly hundred of names dating back to 1833. He also wrote and published a book about his home town Church Point LA and the surrounding praries of LA. in 1999.

Saturday, May 28, 2005 at 09:33:54 (PDT)
samsawadee @

Let me run a couple of name findings by you:

English: unexplained. The surname is well established in England (Yorkshire and Norfolk) as well as North America, and there is a Womack Water in Norfolk, but the name remains unexplained. It may possibly be connected with Dutch Walmack, from Middle Dutch walmac(k)e ‘twig’, ‘faggot’, applied as a nickname for a thin person. [remember a faggot used to be a stick of wood as I recall.]

altered form of English Womack (itself unexplained).
Americanized form of Polish Warmiak, a habitational name or regional name from any of various places in Poland, in particular Warmia, a region of northeastern Poland.

Of uncertain origin. Possibly a variant of English Waymark, which is probably a
derivative of the Old Breton personal name Wiumarch, composed of the elements
uuiu ‘worthy’ + march ‘horse’. See also Wymer. [Interesting as this was brought
up in the old Womack Genealogy publications, but with a slightly different definition of Wiumarch.]
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press,
ISBN 0-19-508137-4

Willwe ever really know???

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 16:11:01 (PDT)

Womack : English Place name that designated a 'hollow or crooked oak' tree. The person who wound up with the surname was the one who lived nearby. Requested by Mark Womack

The Surname Thesaurus

NameX matched
58 Surnames
Search took: 0.046875 Seconds

Surname Match Score C1881 NBI EO SO

Womac 99 x
Womacke 99 x
Wommack 99 x x
Womacks 98
Wommacke 97 x
Womake 96 x
Womeck 96 x
Wommac 96
Womacko 96
Womacku 96
Womackg 96
Womacki 96
Womacc 96
Womak 95 x x
Wommak 94
Wommake 93 x
Womaks 93 x
Womacky 93
Womackii 92
Woomock 92 x
Womek 91 x
Womakc 91 x
Womackiii 90
Womalk 90
Womax 88 x
Womackm 87
Womackd 87
Womackv 87
Womackr 87
Womackt 87
Womacque 85
Womwack 84 x
Womck 83 x
Woamck 83 x
Womacp 82
Womakd 82 x
Woemack 81 x
Woma 80 x
Womackiv 80
Womackmy 80
Womackof 80
Womach 79 x x
Womas 79
Womask 79 x
Woomack 79 x x x
Womback 78 x
Womcack 78
Woommack 77 x
Womackson 77
Wamack 76 x
Wimack 76 x
Womock 76 x
Womuck 76 x
Womick 76 x x
Wommach 76
Womcak 75 x
Womackouns 75
Womacot 75

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 15:45:48 (PDT)

I found this at thought yall might want it for help looking at censuses it does make since

Transcription Problems
In addition to phonetic various, it's important to keep in mind that some letters are easily misread, which can cause indexing problems. The following letters are among those easily misread, but also remember that individual handwriting can significantly influence the way a name is interpreted by an indexer.
- Upper case letters
F and H
J and I
J, G, and Y
K and R
S and L
O and Q
P and R
T and F
U and V
W and M, UU

- Lower case letters
a and ee
a, o, and u
b and f
d and el
j and i
k and t
s and l
t and c
ss, fs, ps
w and vv
y and g

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 09:42:58 (PDT)
samsawadee @

Thanks - as I think I mentioned - I do not believe they are complete - I know for sure TN and VA ar emissing from the CSA side of it -- will post those you sent shortly---

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 09:40:55 (PDT)
samsawadee @

Thanks - unfortunately that Sarah was in the same area as John was - and John was the son of Jacob Jr - my GGG-GF bro -- that is one interest - and I am naturally curious about all dem Whoa-macks or wom-ucks.

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 09:36:12 (PDT)
samsawade @

Just another lil tidbit from the peanut gallery:

National Gravesite Locator

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 08:19:49 (PDT)


I know you trying to establish a relationship to the "other" Womacks, i.e. Sarah, wife of Abram, in White Co. to your family, but I don't believe there is any in this era.

Abram WOMMACK b. ca. 1815 TENNESSEE on the 1860 Marion Co., AR census was probably a son of David Womack and Catherine Wood, dau. of Abraham Wood. I suspect that David Womack is part of my group who came into Arkansas ca. 1815.

1816 Tax List of Lawrence Co., AR, Territory of Missouri (Excerpt)
WOMACK, David (m. Catherine Wood)
WOMACK, Jesse (son of Maj. Jake)
WOMACK, John (a second listing of the same name)
WOMACK, Johnson (son of Maj. Jake)
WOOD, William

1850 Marion Co., AR Census
HH 52 Jacob Womack - in the HH of William Wood and Margaret Rhea, who is Catherine Wood Womack's nephew.

HH 56 David Womack, wife Catherine Wood, daughter Catherine Womack

HH 58 Isaac Womack, age 21, wife Maryann, son David

HH 59 James Cochran, wife Mary. James is probably the son of Betsy Womack Cochran, daughter of Jesse Womack, (son of Maj. Jake) per probate of Jesse Womack's will 26 Feb 1827 Lawrence Co., AR Territory of Missouri

1860 Izard Co., AR
Isaac Womack, age 31 - probably David and Catherine Wood Womack's son

On the 1860 Marion Co., AR census James Cochran was next door to Abram Wommack. On the 1870 White Co., AR census James Cochran (a younger one) was next door to Sarah Womack.

I know that Abraham Wood was in KY and then Bedford Co., TN before migrating into AR. "Abraham Wood sold to Thomas Dean 10 ac. Abraham Wood of Independence Co, AR conveyed to Thomas Dean land in Bedford Co., TN, on waters of Big Flat Creek, borders cabin of Abraham Wood. The land is that on which Davis (David) formerly lived." (Sorry, I didn't note the source) 1822 Bedford Co., TN Land Sale Record: p. 110, Land Deed Genealogy of Bedford Co., TN 1807-1852
Davis (David) Womack

Also, here are some 1860 AR Womack census records for your web page:

I didn't add their families - only heads of household

1860 Crockett Twp., Arkansas Co., AR
Abram WORMACK, b. ca, 1787 SC (w/wife) - one page and one household from James WAMACK

1860 Brown Twp., Columbia Co., AR

1860 Magazine Twp., Yell Co., AR
Burrell WORMACK Robert Burke's family

1860 Clark Twp., Johnson Co., AR
Josiah WORMACK - Josiah C. C. b. Jackson Co., AL d. Logan Co., AR

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 07:07:26 (PDT)
Sandi Phillips

Hello All

Found this while looking in Colonial Ancestors - don't know if anyone might be interested but here it is:

Oaths of Allegian, Valley Forge, 1778: Source: "The Army and Navy of United States 1776-1891", George Barrie Publisher, Philadelphia, 1890, at

W. Womack, quartermaster 1st N.C. regt.


Thursday, May 26, 2005 at 23:32:14 (PDT)

I thought I'd post the site I got that from

This site give u an idea where and what battles they faught in some may not have ny history but some do just if yall see names u recognize at Sam's site this site address I posted is just if you want to read about the battles they faught and is for every name like kin married into the family or something if you know they faught in the CW

Thursday, May 26, 2005 at 23:27:57 (PDT)

William is my 3rd great grandfather and Thomas is my 3rd great uncle. Just posted these because I didn't see them on your list Sam no biggy figured I'd give ya the info. incase

Womack, William J.
19th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Burford's)

William J. Womack (First_Last)
Regiment Name 19 Texas Cavalry
Side Confederate
Company F
Soldier's Rank_In Private
Soldier's Rank_Out Corporal

Thomas J. Womack (First_Last)
Regiment Name Madison's Reg't Texas Cavalry
Side Confederate
Company F
Soldier's Rank_In Private
Soldier's Rank_Out Private

Womack, Thomas J.
Madison's Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Phillips') (3rd Regiment, Arizona Brigade)

Thursday, May 26, 2005 at 00:34:50 (PDT)
samsawadee @

I just finished coping, pasting and uploading a listing of CW Womacks, both Union and CSA - be aware that on the CSA side it appears TN and VA are missing.
Will check into that later and if can find will correct pages.. just go to my
webber, above, scroll down and click on the appropriate flag.

Thursday, May 26, 2005 at 00:13:36 (PDT)

1850 Census Marion Co. AR

Catharine Womack Not Stated, Marion, AR abt 1794 Tennessee
David Womack Not Stated, Marion, AR abt 1793 Tennessee
David L Womack Not Stated, Marion, AR abt 1849 Arkansas
Isaac Womack Not Stated, Marion, AR abt 1829 Arkansas
Jacob Womack Not Stated, Marion, AR abt 1830 Arkansas
Maryann Womack Not Stated, Marion, AR abt 1831 Arkansas

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 21:09:33 (PDT)
samsawadee @

Seriously people, I havent been imbibing much of anything but water and tea..
Disregard that change of dates to the 1820's - on Abram and Sarah..

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 16:25:08 (PDT)
samsawadee @

Correction on years of birth of Abram and sarah, 1825 and 1826 respectively - then Isaac b. 1829 woul prob have been a brother... sorry this stuff tets to ya after a few hours!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 16:17:58 (PDT)
samsawadee @

Looking for whereabouts, 1850, of Abram Wommack, b. abt 1815 VA, wife Sarah, b. abt 1816, Va Son Hiram b abt 1841, Jonathan b. abt 1844, Rebecca b. abt 1851, Edward b. abt 1856. Poss son Isaac b ca 1829, all children shown as b. AR -- altho Isaac could have been son of David and Catherine ? Womack of TN..
Trying to work 1870 images for AR backwards - White and Woodruff counties were not indexed by Ancestry -- maybe others -- Abram was in Marion Co 1860 census.
Isaac, Izard..

There was a Leeanne on the 1870 White Co AR census with a Sarah Womack, b.abt 1815, VA - Isaac, above, had a wife Leanda and children of the same names as those with Sarah -- so would give a good bet that Isaac was a son -- and that poss Isaac was lost in the CW -- Close by is a John Womack, wife Ellen B (maiden name Denton). John was the son of Jacob and Nancy Bates Womack..a somewhat removed great uncle of mine (GGG-GF's brother). Please E mail any info,
post here if you want and if you think it will help someone else..thankee

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 11:26:58 (PDT)

Arkansas has added the 1942-1950 deaths to their index - I have replaced the three separate indexes with one since this one is alphabetical by first name by last name - not by year then the name...I hav emade some notes to the page - if anyone else can add anything - send and I will add to the page..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at 14:08:33 (PDT)
Ruth Hasten Walsh

I am seeking information about descendants of Achilles Womack and Myrtle Nichols. Achilles Womack, son of William Melton Womack, M.D. and Lydia Magdalena "Maggie" Blanton, was born 1-1-1878 in Whitewright, Fannin Co., TX. He married Myrtle Nichols in Oklahoma. Census records reveal they had three children, Roy, Flora L., and Geraldine. Achilles and Myrtle were divorced before 1830. In 1830 Achilles was living with his daughter Flora Womack Millett in San Pedro, CA. Achilles died at Los Angeles County Gen'l Hosp on 8-6-1943. Cause of death reported to be carcinoma of face. His daughter Flora L. Bagley was the informant on his death certificate. He is buried in the Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA.

At the of his death Achilles daughter, Flora L. Womack Millett Bagley, was living at 1823 So. Cabrillo, San Pedro. I am investigating possibility that Flora may have died in San Joaquin Co., CA under the surname of Collins. It is not yet known what happened to Achilles other two children.

Achilles Womack's mother, Magdalena "Maggie" Blanton was the daughter of Stephen Fletcher Blanton and granddaughter of Rev. Jeremiah Blanton and Sarah Rebecca "Sallie" Womack. In other words, Maggie's ancestry stems from the illicit affair between Ann aka Nancy Blanton and Abraham Womack b. ca 1708 in Henrico Co., VA.

Any with information about members of this family, please contact me at or at


Friday, May 20, 2005 at 09:50:09 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

Ernest L-Meadville Dist School Bd by Comr B&S 127 443 Dec 23 1920 5A Mead Dist
E W-J A & Susan A Mebane B&S 130 24 Mar 16 1922 1/4 Int L3,4,5 B56
E W &c-R H Smith B&S 130 458 Jul 24 1922 1/4 Int Sdy L Logan St S B
E W-W I Jordan Est by Exors B&S 131 509 Mar 17 1923 1/3 Int 132.2ft Wall St So B
E W-Earle T Anderson &wf B&S 138 68 Nov 8 1926 57ft Fenton St So
Elizabeth E-W W Throckmorton Agmt 139 358 Jul 26 1927 200A Roa Dist nr C
Frances W &h &c-Laban Hawkins Est by Tr Rel 40 326 Nov 26 1832 627A Difficult Ck
Florence &c-James W Rodden by Comr B&S 101 268 May 11 1906 30A Birch Ck Dist
Green-J B Nunnally Est by Extrx &c B&S 63 172 Mar 24 1873 108 1/10A
G B-George W Johnston &wf B&S 113 549 Feb 23 1914 100A Roa Dist

Friday, May 20, 2005 at 09:19:52 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

Edward Tr-Littlejohn McCargo D of T 49 90 Sep 6 1843 238A Pers Difficult
Elizabeth Heirs-W W Womack Est Part 65 678 Nov 17 1877 401A Sandy Ck
Eliza A-Jos C Terry Sr B&S 66 479 Jan 28 1879
Edgar &c-R E Womack by Comr B&S 80 52 May 28 1889 20A nr Dryburg
E L-Meadville Public School B&S 107 541 Nov 21 1910 5A Mead Dist
Elizabeth-Jennings W Womack B of S 110 491 Oct 22 1912 Pers
E L-J S Jackson &wf B&S 111 169 Dec 23 1912 35A Mead Dist
Emmitt-John Cole &wf B&S 113 158 Nov 24 1913 L22 B3 N Ridge St
Edward-Wm Hobgood B&S 122 176 Nov 29 1918 54A Roa Dist
E L &c-J E Johnson &wf B&S 122 355 Jan 9 1919 209.67A Mead Dist

Friday, May 20, 2005 at 08:38:32 (PDT)

Thot y'all all might like to see this:
1535 James Wannoke Rector of Yaxham to be buried in the chauncell before
St Peter in Yaxham..
...onto the church of St Peter in reperacon xs....
in the Cathedrall Church in Norwich of the holy trinite xxd....
to everyone of the Gylde in Yaxham iiis.iiiid....
to the Church of Yaxham ... to bye a peyer of chalis xls....
to the iiii ordres of Fryers in Norwich houses iiis.iiiid...
to the house of seke men in ..Norwich gates xiid...
at my burial day every prest have ivd. & every man woman and child id....
I will have an honest prest to syng for my sowls & my friends sowles in the
church of Yaxham.. & he to have vil.xiiis.iiiid.
to ye mending of ye hye wayes in
Yaxham wher ned ye to be don iiis.iiiid....
that myn ececutours shall have the profight of my
benefice of Yaxham from the day of my deth unto th Annunciation of our
Lady next coming....
to John Webster clarke parson of Whymbrugh xls. ...
Executours John Webster clarke parson of Whymbrugh & William Wannoke "my nevy"
for their labour xxs...
Witness John Thorp prest Stevyn Potter of est Derham & other...
Here is the line, (I think)
Descendants of William Wamuke
1 William Wamuke 1470 -
...2 William Womocke
.....3 William Womocke - 1585 (the "nevy," waiting for his will)
.......+Agnes Scarlett 1516 -
.....3 James Womocke (waiting for his will)
.....3 Margaret Womocke
.....3 Isabel Womocke
...2 James Wamuke (will above)

According to my contact in England this is a Womack, just another spelling....
She is working on James and William, sons of his brother.

Thursday, May 19, 2005 at 22:23:11 (PDT)

I found her last name it was Hunt - still need to know what happened to her after 1910..

Thursday, May 19, 2005 at 11:04:04 (PDT)

Nuther mystery:

Jethro Womack, b. Dec 13, 1857, Terre Haute MO(sic); m. in Blaine Co ID Emma Hunton Jul 6 1894. She was b.abt 1862,1874 or 1877 depending on which record you choose. Supposedly also MO. They had 3 chilluns-Mabel in 1892; Jethro 1895, and Frank abt 1897. All b. ID

By the 1900 census, Emma had remarried an Edwin P McWilliams and had a 1 year old son. The 3 Womack children were with her. She was shown as age 22....which would, if correct, would show she had her first child, Mabel at the age of about 14.

Apparently she and Jethro divorced - as Jethro married an Ida or Addie Farris on
Jan 2 1900. The marriage record shows Ida, the 1920 census shows her as Addie,
they have a son Charlie age 19 at that time. Jethro died in 1923.

Edwin and Emma divorced apparently; as in 1920 he is shown with a son 11, dau 9;
as divorced (1920, Kitsap Co WA).

Her maiden name is unknown. She and Jethro both were supposedly born in Clark Co MO - one family with an Emma, aged 18, 1880 Clark Co census, was that of a Frank Halleck - Note the naming of the 2 sons.

Just for curiosity sake, would like to know if anyone has anything on her correct birth day or year - what happened to her after 1910?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at 11:44:26 (PDT)

Anyone having information on a George Grant Womack(various spellings) b. Jun 5 1863 MO, d. Haines, Baker, OR Jan 17 1940; spouse Dora House b. abt 1868 MO
d. same place Jun 9 1934 - they were married Sep 11 1887, Worth Co MO.
Son George Donald b. abt 1904, in ID. There probably are other children but
none on 1910 census but this one. 1920 census has him as G Donald -- If you have info - please sent to me with a cc to GSJAENSCH@MSN.COM; or to Gary with a cc to me - we have her parents already -- thanks, danke schoen, muchas gracias and all that....

Monday, May 16, 2005 at 18:46:42 (PDT)
samsawadee @

Censuses -
to save yourselves some time - go to my web page and click in on censuses - every Womack I could find from 1790 thru 1930 is there by year, state, county --assuredly corrections are in order as the takers werent too fastidious with their data..send corrections and I will post...

Also, on that same page is a link to Womack Doctors - if you know of any others and can provide verification they were doctors - send to me and I will post..

Monday, May 16, 2005 at 10:07:52 (PDT)
Erin Dent

Here is the 1930 Fedral Census. I have correntions at the end as these are my family members and the census is wrong on these dates. I hope it helps someone.


Name Home in 1930 Est State Relationship to (City,County,State) YOB Born Race Gender Head of Household

Ralph J Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1895 Kansas White Head Regina H Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1898 Wife Ralph J Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1919 Son Josephine R Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1921 Daughter John J Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1922 Son Lawrence W Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1924 Son Bernard J Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1926 Son Paul E Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1927 Son William E Womack Humboldt, Allen, KS abt 1929 Son Charles M Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1894 Kansas White Head Ester J Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1893 Wife William N Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1920 Son Robert E Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1922 Son R Rex Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1927 Son Ross A Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1921 Daughter Mary D Wamack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1872 Canada White Head Francis W Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1902 Kansas White Head Doris A Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1900 Wife John W Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1925 Son Jack F Womack Iola, Allen, KS abt 1929 Son Lulie L Womack Logan, Allen, KS abt 1901 Missouri White Head Edna Womack Logan, Allen, KS abt 1901 Wife Loe A Womack Logan, Allen, KS abt 1856 Missouri White Head Prudence Ann Womack Logan, Allen, KS abt 1863 Wife Francis Womack Clarence, Barton, KS abt 1904 Missouri White Head Alpha Womack Clarence, Barton, KS abt 1909 Wife Mary C Womack Clarence, Barton, KS abt 1927 Daughter David E Wammack Galena, Cherokee, KS abt 1903 Arkansas White Head Mabel I Wammack Galena, Cherokee, KS abt 1909 Wife David E Wammack Galena, Cherokee, KS abt 1925 Son Walter E Wammack Galena, Cherokee, KS abt 1927 Son Thelma M Wammack Galena, Cherokee, KS abt 1929 Daughter Richard A Wammack Lowell, Cherokee, KS abt 1853 Tennessee White Head Mattie D Wammack Lowell, Cherokee, KS abt 1869 Wife Harlan C Wammack Shawnee, Cherokee, KS abt 1898 Texas White Head Edna M Wammack Shawnee, Cherokee, KS abt 1910 Wife Virgil Wammack Shawnee, Cherokee, KS abt 1927 Son Howard Wammack Shawnee, Cherokee, KS abt 1928 Son Dorsey Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1877 Missouri White Head Mabel Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1877 Wife Adrian Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1915 Son Clifford Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1907 Missouri White Head Edith Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1908 Wife Phyllis J Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1928 Daughter Harold Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1923 Son Fred Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1888 Missouri White Head Della Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1902 Wife Cearl Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1913 Son Jerome Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1874 Missouri White Head Ida Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1870 Wife Helen Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1912 Daughter Mercedes Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1915 Daughter Warren Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1910 Kansas White Head Kathleen Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1912 Wife Richard H Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1884 Missouri White Head Ellen M Womack Arkansas, Cowley, KS abt 1877 Wife Grace Womacks Atlanta, Cowley, KS abt 1914 Kansas White Stepdaughter Donald Womacks Atlanta, Cowley, KS abt 1917 Stepson S C Womacks Atlanta, Cowley, KS abt 1920 Stepson Eugene L Womacks Omnia, Cowley, KS abt 1909 Kansas White Head Louise H Womacks Omnia, Cowley, KS abt 1909 Wife Carmen L Womacks Omnia, Cowley, KS abt 1929 Daughter Carol J Womacks Omnia, Cowley, KS abt 1929 Daughter Thompson L Wammack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1888 Kansas White Head Mary L Wammack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1890 Wife Rosa M Wammack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1916 Daughter Freida A Wammack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1920 Daughter Gilbert C Wammack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1922 Son Lewis B Wommack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1890 Kansas White Head Goldie T Wommack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1894 Wife Lewis O Wommack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1918 Son Phyllis L Wommack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1926 Daughter Maylon E Wommack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1928 Son Clarine Wammack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1866 Wisconsin White Head Winema Wammack Finley, Decatur, KS abt 1892 Daughter Glenn F Womack Jennings, Decatur, KS abt 1907 Czechoslovakia White Farm Hand Frank Womacks Wild Cat, Elk, KS abt 1897 Missouri White Head Dorris Womacks Wild Cat, Elk, KS abt 1895 Wife Sue Louise Womacks Wild Cat, Elk, KS abt 1922 Daughter Mary Wamack Junction, Geary, KS abt 1871 Texas White Head Earl D Womack Smokey Hill, Geary, KS abt 1900 Oklahoma White Head Stella E Womack Smokey Hill, Geary, KS abt 1914 Wife Beatrice M Womack Smokey Hill, Geary, KS abt 1922 Daughter Harley B Womsck Ulysses, Grant, KS abt 1894 North Carolina White Lodger Hattie G Womsck Ulysses, Grant, KS abt 1893 Indiana White Lodger Ernest Womick Ulysses, Grant, KS abt 1905 Missouri White Lodger Lyul Wommack Hoosier, Kingman, KS abt 1890 Missouri White Head Bertha Wommack Hoosier, Kingman, KS abt 1896 Wife Jodie J Wommack Parsons, Labette, KS abt 1883 Missouri White Head Nola E Wommack Parsons, Labette, KS abt 1883 Wife Lucille L Wommack Parsons, Labette, KS abt 1911 Daughter Dorothy L Wommack Parsons, Labette, KS abt 1913 Daughter Cyril W Wammack Summit, Marion, KS abt 1904 Missouri White Head Virginia Wammack Summit, Marion, KS abt 1904 Wife Sarah Lee Wammack Summit, Marion, KS Daughter George F Womack Elkhart, Morton, KS abt 1892 Kansas White Head Elsie M Womack Elkhart, Morton, KS abt 1892 Wife Doris M Womack Elkhart, Morton, KS abt 1912 Stepdaughter Helen Womack Elkhart, Morton, KS abt 1916 Daughter Lewis Womack Elkhart, Morton, KS abt 1917 Stepson Jewel Womack Elkhart, Morton, KS abt 1917 Daughter James J Womack Elkhart, Morton, KS abt 1848 Father George E Womack Rolla, Morton, KS abt 1921 Kansas White Nephew Francis C Womack Rolla, Morton, KS abt 1899 Texas White Head Hulda W Womack Rolla, Morton, KS abt 1899 Wife Claude F Womack Rolla, Morton, KS abt 1920 Son John F Womack Rolla, Morton, KS abt 1923 Son Morris L Womack Rolla, Morton, KS abt 1926 Son Lillian M Womack Rolla, Morton, KS abt 1929 Daughter Boyd Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1905 Kansas White Lodger William Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1875 Missouri White Head Margaret Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1874 Wife William Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1897 Son Emery Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1910 Son Stella Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1916 Daughter Joel E Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1880 Missouri White Head Lucy Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1877 Wife Floyd Womack Sylvia, Reno, KS abt 1907 Son Rex Womack Salina, Saline, KS abt 1911 Kansas White Roomer Nellie Womack Salina, Saline, KS abt 1912 Kansas White Roomer Levi L Womack Kechi, Sedgwick, KS abt 1903 Oklahoma White Head Mabel I Womack Kechi, Sedgwick, KS abt 1903 Wife Lloyd W Womack Kechi, Sedgwick, KS abt 1925 Son Alvina M Womack Kechi, Sedgwick, KS abt 1927 Daughter Clevis L Womack Kechi, Sedgwick, KS abt 1919 Daughter Roy Womacks Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1894 Kansas White Head Nell Womacks Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1901 Wife Forest Les Womacks Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1920 Son Frances Womacks Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1922 Daughter Forrest L Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1867 Ohio White Head Eliza Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1873 Wife Frank Womacks Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1898 Kansas White Son Richard E Womacks Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1924 Grandson Earnest Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1905 Missouri White Roomer Gladis Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1909 Arkansas White Roomer Ted Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1902 Indiana White Head Geneveie Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1908 Wife Edwin Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1889 Arkansas White Head Lora Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1894 Wife Idelia Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1911 Daughter Thelma Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1913 Daughter Edwin Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1919 Son Bert Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1891 Kansas White Head Mary Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1893 Wife Virginia Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1918 Daughter Max Womack Wichita, Sedgwick, KS abt 1924 Son Jack Wommack Liberal, Seward, KS abt 1884 Tennessee White Head Willard Wommack Avon, Sumner, KS abt 1899 Missouri White Head Fannie Wommack Avon, Sumner, KS abt 1896 Wife Bonnie Wommack Avon, Sumner, KS abt 1925 Daughter James Womack Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS abt 1896 Texas Negro Head V Jennie Womack Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS abt 1900 Wife Lula Womack Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS abt 1874 Missouri White Head Roy B Womack Kansas City, Wyandotte, KS abt 1896 Son

Earl Dewey Womack March 6, 1900

Stella Elizabeth Pratt May 6, 1913

Mary Jeanette Raines-Womack Aug 15, 1870

Beatrice Mae Womack Nov 2, 1929

All living in Juction City KS, Geary County


Monday, May 16, 2005 at 05:46:59 (PDT)

I stand corrected on the Thomas, son of Hugh, having a daughter Elizabeth -
Twas Arthur his brother - no known children of Thomas (yet)..

Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 20:44:18 (PDT)

Doretta - I sent a little bit more than this to Doris - was quite lengthy - but this is the major part of it --

Elizabeth Womack
Birth: About 1595 London, London, England Using the age in the
muster below she would have been born about 1599/1600.
Death: Before 01 FEB 1650 VA
Father: Thomas Womack
(1) William Sharp After 1634 Of, , , Virginia( date incorrect they had two children on the 1624/25 muster).
(2) Thomas Parker abt 1634 VA - no known children
(3) William Baugh aft 1638 VA - had children

From: Henrico County, Virginia: Beginnings of Its Families: Part I
William Clayton Torrence
William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 2.
(Oct., 1915), pp. 116-142.

List of the Livinge & Dead in Virginia Feb. 16, 1623."(2)
A List of the Livinge. At the Colledg Land.(3)

Seriant (Sergeant) William Sharp, Mrs. Sharp

"The Must(er) of the Inhabitants of the Colledge: Land in Virginia taken
the 23th of Janery 1624 (1625)"
William Sharp, aged 40, came in the Starr in May----, Elizabeth, his wife, aged 25, in the Bonaventure, August 1620, Isaac, his son, aged 2 and Samuel, his son, aged 2 months. Sharp's servant, Richard Vause, aged 20, came in the Jonathan, May 1620(1). [based on childrens ages, they had to have been born here][sam]

Thomas Parker in the Neptune I listed this because he may be her second. Which apparently was short lived -

"Gilbert Platt is first mentioned as a "servant" imported by Elizabeth Parker, widow, in a patent which received 12 February 1635." I knew there were others and thanks for bringing them in.. based on this, her marriage to Parker was quite short lived..

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 3.
(Jan., 1916), pp. 202-210.
(4) Ibid., VII, p. 424, and Stanard's Some Emigrants to Virginia, p. 5.
In the Virginia Magazine, etc., Vol. XIX, p. 193, is mention of William
Baugh, late of London, now gone into Virginia (date 5 June, 1639). Mr.
Stanard adds that "probabaly this is William Baugh who was born about
1610 and was a justice of Henrico County in 1656."

There was a Thomas Womack, son of Hugh (great gramps of the Bishop) who had a daughter named Elizabeth born around 1601 - the coincidence is there; but no substantiation...

Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 19:58:42 (PDT)
Phyllis E. (Womack) Kinder

I am still looking for information on my Womack Great Grandparents. My father's name was Elmer Lewis Womack Jr., born April 23, 1916 to Elmer (Lewis or Louis) Womack and Minnie Belle McGee. Elmer Lewis Womack and Minnie Belle McGee were married December 19, 1909 in Temple, Comanche County, now it is Cotton County, Oklahoma. In 1910 Census, it shows Elmer Lewis Womack to be born in Colorado about 1877 and his father was born in South Carolina. His wife, Minnie Belle McGee was born in Montepelier, Clay County, Mississippi on January 13, 1885 to William Alexander McGee Jr. and Nancy Ann Thornton. I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather Womack and his wife. Also information on when and where my Grandfather, Elmer Lewis Womack was born in Colorado.

If anyone has any information on an Elmer (Lewis or Louis) Womack, born about 1877 in Colorado, please let me know. Thanks, Phyllis.

Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 19:48:12 (PDT)

Doris --- Elizabeth Womack maybe arrived on the ship "BONAVENTURE". It seems she married William Sharpe, Thomas Parker, and William Baugh. What order or the dates she married, I don't know. I believe the above ship carried females to be wives of the single men in the colony. I don't know if Elizabeth was a widow or maiden or a married woman arriving with husband. Anyway a son of hers, William Baugh married Jane Hatcher and maybe also Jane Byrd, daughter of William Byrd and Maria Horsmanden. Jane Hatcher and William Baugh had a daughter Priscilla who married William Farrar/Farrah. Elizabeth Womack and William Baugh maybe had a son James who married Elizabeth Ashbrook and they had a daughter named Elizabeth who married Edward Hill. Edward Hill was the son of Ann Clark/Clarke and James Hill. Ann Clark/Clarke maybe also married William Pride, son of William Pride and Jane Halcott. William Pride and Jane Halcott also had a son John who married Susannah Puckett and their son William Pride married Elizabeth Baugh who also married Edwaed Hill. Also Halcott Pride, brother of William and John had a daughter Mary Pride who married Cadwaller Jones. I have no idea who David Jones is and if he is connected. This is all from several sites on Roots Web and needs proving, but maybe there are some clues mixed in with all those William fellows. ---Doretta

Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 19:29:44 (PDT)

Sam and Doretta,

Thanks for the additional information on Elizabeth Womack Sharpe Parker Baugh.
I ran a search on Samuel and Isaac Sharpe and didn't find anything of interest.
While reading some information a few days ago at LVA, it stated that early on the patents/land grants were hung on a string as they were granted and recorded when they got to it; in using this process many were lost which may explain why we can't find where the early Womacks entered the country.


I haven't forgotten the Halifax index, just lazy. It is very small print and tedious work. My eyesight even with glasses is less than desirable.

Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 18:14:10 (PDT)

Re: Elizabeth (Womack) Sharpe, Parker, Baugh.
From Library of Virginia

Title Parker, Elizabeth.
Publication 12 February 1635.
Gen. note Parker, Elizabeth, widow
Location: Henrico County.
Description: 200 acres between the land granted by patent unto Wm. Dawkes on the east and the Gleab land on the west.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 330 (Reel 1).
[It appears Elizabeth Parker was granted the first 100 acres - due unto her in right of her first husband William Sharpe who was ?orginial planter? by Thomas Dale his governor and 100 acres by and for the transportation of two servants ?Gilbert Platt? ?John Nornman?
Title Parker, Elizabeth.
Publication 11 July 1636.
Note Location: Henrico County.
Description: 500 acres between Curles and Varinaes So. upon the main river &c.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 373 (Reel 1).
[The said 500 acres being due unto her the said Elizabeth Parker as followeth viz. in right of her late husband ?Sarjarent William Sharpe? for transportation of....
[none of the names are Womack]
Title Parker, Elizabeth.
Publication 17 August 1637.
Note Location: Henrico County.
Description: 950 acres joining easterly upon Fower mile Creeke, westerly upon the land of Seth Ward.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 454 (Reel 1).
[none of the names look like Womack]

Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 12:27:17 (PDT)

Beth, Sam, and all interested in early Womacks,

I can't tell you how many patents I have read through or tried to read at the Library of Virginia in search of the one mentioned by Martha McDaniel Thompsom, ie. William Womack, the Immigrant, patented land in 1665 at Bermuda Hundred Section of Henrico Co VA. I haven't read every patent and some were just unreadable, but I have not been able to find this patent. This is the one referenced by the Colonial Dames, etc.

The last time someone gave a clue about "Margaret Weym'ke", I searched for this patent and found it.

Title Jones, David.
Publication 20 November 1646.
Gen. note "See page 340 of this book no. 2 in the abstract book, under the title "No Country."
[Patent Book 2 page 340: nothing of interest, dwc.]
Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.
Related See also the following surname(s): Joanes.
Note Location: Charles City County.
Description: 650 acres a neck of land, lying between two creeks opposite against Taphanna Marsh; upon the northerly side of the river. .
Source: Land Office Patents No. 2, 1643-1651, p. 94 (Reel 2).
Three hundred (300a) of this land was formerly granted to David Jones on the 4th day of July 1635.

The following is one of seven persons listed as a headright in the above patent. Patent Book 2 page 94.
Margaret Weym'ke or Woym'ke or
Margaret Weymeke or Woymeke or
Mararet Weymlke or Woymlke.

I wrote all those possible spellings, because I couldn't be sure of the writing.
I didn't abstract the other headrights, wish I had, because now I can't remember if I didn't because they didn't ring any bells or whether it was just an oversight. I'll have to go back and recheck. Also, I didn't try and figure out where this land is today.

Elizabeth Womack father Thomas is a new clue. I have never heard this before.

Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 10:06:59 (PDT)

Not insinuating a plus or minus intelligence for anyone - just going with the fact of the Bishops Will, and the info from Rog's two webbers I listed below..

There is a clue or hint we all need to explore - that of an alleged Elizabeth Womack, father Thomas - who was born ca 1595, married a William Sharpe and came to the colonies about Aug 1620 - Sharpe later died and she married a man named Parker - then he died and she married a Baugh -- Somewhere there is evidence she had headrights in her own name - but no one was named -

The only info I have of Elizabeth being a Womack came from Sharpe/Baugh researchers - but surmising she was and some of those headrights were relatives she brought over??..I believe I remmeber they were in the 1630's...

Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 06:30:37 (PDT)


I was wondering, does anyone know anything about the "Womack Point" mentioned in the index of Life & Times from the Clay County, Arkansas Courier Newspaper? I ran across that yesterday on a website while doing my Womack research. It caught my eye and thought maybe some might know something about that? I haven't yet ordered the book but was wondering if anyone had heard of it? All is says in the index is 'Womack Point'. I thought it was interesting. Also I finally got all those old receipts scanned, from the 1700 & 1800's which mention Jacob and Johnson Womack. Now the receipts do not mention the 'where' but we're pretty sure they, or at least, some, pertain to Arkansas, because some of the Sheriff's names written on the receipts were traced back to Arkansas.

Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 15:56:02 (PDT)

You know, Sam, I'm not half as intelligent as you, and I indicated it by making an assumption in genealogy. Mrs. Hale was quite an educated lady for her time, and she married a gentlemen who was born in London. Perhaps she had the opportunity of enhancing her endeavor by researching in England while visiting with his family or while studying abroad. Her work included many letters of correspondence with descendants of her lines, but there were no sources for early data you discount. Instead of disproving her family line, we should look at the positive side of the Wormack genealogy in the book.......what new information did we learn?

Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 14:02:57 (PDT)

Looking for info on Womack's in NC in 1700-early 1800's. Specifically in Johnston/Wake/Cumberland Co (NC) Esp. if anyone has any confirmed evidence that connects the Womack's with the Rowland family in those counties. There are several Willie Womack's that I'm having trouble sorting out too (in these counties) if anyone can help me with that! Lines I'm looking at: John Womack d. abt 1765 Johnston Co, NC & wife Sarah,(this area of Johnston Co later became Wake Co, only know of 1 son Benjamin: need to know of other children. Benjamin was born bef 1745 and died abt 1790-91 in Cumberland Co NC: he was married to Ann; one son known: Willie born abt 1790-91, died abt 1820 married Frances Jones in Wake Co 1817; they had one son Benjamin born abt 1818-19. Thanks for any help anyone can give!

Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 13:01:27 (PDT)


The lady is quite wrong on Bishop Lawrence Womack having a son Edward that survived him and died in VA (see below) - male heir was nephew also named Lawrence son of brother John.. his children are named below in the Parish Register.
His first wife was Anne as shown (last name unknown); Second was Anne Aylo(m)er (also shown as Aylmer)- Actually she was a Widow of a man named Aylmer.
Her maiden name is purported to be Hill - married or license taken, Nov 18, 1668; Katherine Corbett was third marriage or license taken Apr 25 1670.

Source for marriages 2 and 3: Marriage Licenses of Archbishop of Cantebury London (indicates these dates were when licenses taken)

Check out: and also

Note: two daughters by first wife - and the statement about survivors...
Here's more from the Horringer Suffolk Parish Register about Womacks. Baptism: "Ann dauter of Larrance and Ann Womack" August 21 1665 making it clear her birth and burial of her mother August 26 1665 are linked, as the Biographical Notes in the volume also say. The Biographical Notes about the Bishop also say "Another child Mary died in infancy" thus explaining that one, and showing that couple did have other kids. But it also says "no children survived him". This is very interesting and not in the DNB article: "In 1642 he succeeded his father at Lopham, but was soon deprived of it. Before that he had been living at Quidenham as chaplain to the Holland family".

Yeah I know a bit long winded and not to discount your info- just to add to.

Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 06:37:26 (PDT)

I found this descending chart in a book written by Margaret Miriam Strong (Mrs. Philip H. Hale), b. 1855. The book was published in 1928 St. Louis MO.

I. William Womack, of E. Dereham, County, Norfork, England

II. Arthur Womack, A. M., Rector Lopham County, Norfolk, 1578, married at Hargham, Norfolk, May 12, 1579, Alice Rowse; buried at Lopham, June 18, 1607.

III. Lawrence Womack, D. D., Rector of Lopham County, Norfolk, 1607 to 1642, and of Fersfield, 1642. Married __________. Died 1642

IV. Lawrence Womack, born County Norfolk, May 12, 1612, M. A., Cambridge, 1633; Chaplain to Lord Paget, had benefice in west of England, where he attained fame by his preaching. Little known of him from 1648 to 1660. In 1660 a prebend in Hereford Cathedral; in 1660, Dec. 8, Arch deacon of Suffolk; in 1662, D. D.; in 1663 prebend of Ely Cathedral; in 1683 consecrated Bishop of St. David's. Was noted for his publications supporting the liturgy, etc. Had a fine collection of books. Married, first, ________; second, in West Bradford, Nov 18, 1668, Anne, daughter of John Hill and widow of Edward Alymer, of Claydon County, Suffolk; third, at St. Bartholomew, the Less, London, April 15, 1670, Katherine Corbett, of Norwick, age 40. She was still living in 1697. By third marriage no children; by second, a daughter, Anne, who died in 1685. By first, at least one son, Edward. Lawrence Womack died in Westminister, Nov 7, 1685; buried at St. Margaret's Church, London, where there is a tablet to his memory. Left his books and property to his nephew, Lawrence Womack, Rector of Castor, of Yarmouth.

V. Edward Womack, born March 12, 1653; died in Sufolk, England, Prince Edward County, Virginia. Moved to George in 1765. (typed as printed)
Sept. 8 1723. Married ________. Children were:

VI. Abry or Abraham Womack, also called Ashby. Born Aug 15, 1685. Died in Virginia, Feb 4, 1756. Came from England to Virginia. Married _________.

VII. Richard Womack, born Dec 7, 1710, in England. Lived in (didn't finish this)

VIII. Sarah Womack, sister of Sherwood and Cicely Womack, born about 1729; married about 1746, to James Cody.

IX. Mary Cody, born in 1746. Married George Lumpkin in 1762.

X. John Lumpkin, born 1763; married 1780, Lucy Hopson. John Lumpkin, moved to Georgia and formed the first Wilkes County, jury in 1784.

XI. John Lumpkin, born Oct. 4, 1785; married Anne Ragland Hopson, Dec 15, 1807. Both Johns died in Oglethorpe County, GA.

XII. Mary Ann Lumpkin, born ______; married J. M. Strong.

XIII. Twelfth child was Margaret Miriam Strong, born May 18th, 1855. Married Philip H. Hale, of London, England, Feb. 22, 1880.

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 11:10:26 (PDT)
Jack Womack

To all, A beautiful lady has answered the call and gone home to be with her Savior.

I received a call from Neysa Powell Thursday she was in Ada Oklahoma. Her mother Nyda Ruth Womack passed away Thursday May 12, 2005. The funeral, grave side services, will be at the Sunset Memorial Gardens, Odessa TX Monday May 16 at 2pm. She will be laid to rest next to her husband Jack Carl Womack.
Nyda Ruth Echols b.January 10, 1931 in Duncan, Stevens Co. Oklahoma to Allen Wilson Echols and Ethel Estell Hall. Nyda and Jack Carl Womack were married October 16, 1947 in Lovington New Mexico. Nyda had been a nurse for 30 years, giving herself to comfort others. She loved her family, they were the light of her life and the love of her heart. She was loved by all that knew her.
Nyda and Jack had two children, Neysa Jean and Kirk Allen Womack.
Jack Carl Womack died September 10, 1987 in ElPaso TX during By-Pass surgery and is interned in Sunset Memorial Gardens between Odessa and Midland.
Nyda had been in ill health for some time now and Neysa and Dwayne had gone to Ada for a visit before Mothers Day.

With Loving Sympathy

No matter how deep the shadow,
Or how long and dark the night,
There is a loving Father
Who keeps us in his sight;
So while the days are saddened
And your eyes with tears are dim,
Seek out His tender comfort,
And find your rest in Him.
Note; Jack Carl Womack was the son of Wendle Kirkendal Womack (Kirk Sr.) and Lena Taylor and descendant of Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 06:17:43 (PDT)

"The first known mention of a Womack was in England, where Henry
Womack was vicar of Great Ellingham in the County of Norfolk about
This statement is totally incorrect. I have a transcript, small tho it is, of a Womack will from 1535, there there are two wills on Womacks dated in the 1580's in Norfolk records, I have Arthur's will from ca. 1607, and the aforesaid Henry's from 1627ish(he had a son named William)...
Then we have William Wamuke as an alumni of Cambridge, being born ca 1475 or earlier. At one time I read something about a tax record on Johann or Johannes Wombok sometime in thelate 1300's, 1370's I think..
I seen also the statement that the name may have derived from a Dutch name,"Walmack," altho I havent been able to find any evidence of that...However, there is a Womack in England whose grandfather came from the Netherlands.
As far as where the name originated, anyone's guess is as good as the others.When doing the censuses, I found many countries of birth for Womack or similar names - Here are some of them:


While some of the names may later prove not WOMACK as we know it - some are exact spellings all were too close to discount at this time.
As for the name variations there are 80 some odd listed here - but there are more - these are mainly from the US and England:


Note: Checking on Wormeck, it is definitely German - all the names of the
parents - two sets are of German origin.. I also found one Womack, a female,
born in Brandenburg, Germany around the late 1890's. I have previously
found a Womack male born in or around Berlin, Germany, late 1890's also.
I also found sometime back a female Womack born in 1818 or thereabouts in
Denmark - Germany one other possible - WOMBECK

(Actually, there may be
couple more not listed yet.


One I found on 1895 IA state census--WOMACHKA, husband and
wife both born Bohemia(CZECH) You might find this interesting

And just remember, there are 3 countries that share a similar history:
Australia, Canada and the US - We all had our cowboys and indians
(the Aborigines being the indians in Australia); and are English
speaking (for the most part)countries.

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 04:13:56 (PDT)

Will of Sarah Kyle, abstracted, 1822 - Botetourt Co. VA

Will of Sarah Kyle, widow of William Kyle(Abstract)
Entered: Botetourt County Will Book September Court 1833

27th day of May 1822"
"I, Sarah Kyle, widow of William Kyle deceased........"
leave to:
Sally Rowland - slave Rachael
Harriet Price $100
Charlotte Rowland, if deceased to mother Sally Rowland
Maria Poage if deceased to sister Sarah Poage
Harriet Dickinson if deceased to sister Caroline
Robert Pitzer if deceased to brother James Pitzer
Joseph Kyle Womack if deceased to sister Sarah Ann Womack
Sarah Ann Beale if deceased to brother William Beale

19 October 1824 Codicil
Removes Harriet Price as an heir as she has been given her amount

29 Sept 1828
Adds son James Kyle, accounts he manages for her " principal is not to be called due for 12
months", James is to receive the interest

June 12, 1833
Takes the gifts left to the grandchildren and leaves it to their mothers (mothers of Poage and
Pitzer grandchildren are deceased)
Charlotte Rowland to Sarah Rowland
Harriott Dickinson to Charlotte Dickinson
Joseph Kyle Womack to Jane Womack
Sarah Ann Beale to Ann Beale
Maria granddaughter if she dies to sister Caroline Allen instead of sister Sarah "who has
departed this world"
Robert Pitzer "shall share equally with his brother James"
Adds son James Kyle and son-in-law Charles Beale to son-in-laws George Poage and John Dickinson
as executors

Sept Court, 1833, Botetourt Co, VA
"Sarah Kyle has made a donation Coura Mortis to four daughters Sarah Rowland, Jane Womack, Ann
Beale, Charlotte Dickinson, the Court orders it to be entered upon the record that on the 16
August 1833 and immediately previous to her death she gave to her said daughters all her
household furniture with the exception of one Bed and furniture which was given to Harriet Kyle
wife of James Kyle and all her money an homo except Ten dollars was given to her granddaughter
Charlotte Kyle."

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 04:12:11 (PDT)

Yesterday I forgot to give a third source that was mentioned by John Brown on his Roots Web Site. It was MAGAZINE OF VIRGINIA GENEALOGY, Vol 32, PAGES 24,30,129. It was for that dispute between Abraham Womack and William Clarke.--- Doretta

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 03:19:37 (PDT)

BOOK FOURTEEN 1803 - 1805
4 March 1803

Pg 11 Pleasant Robards, Stephen Robards, Joshua Robards, William
Robards, Arthur Robards, Fanny Irby, who was Fanny Robards, Judy Chandler, who
was Judy Robards; children of Martha Robards who was Martha Womack; Plaintiffs
vs Thomas Womack, adm'r of William Womack, dec'd, and William Womack, son of
Francis Womack, dec'd, Avery Womack, Elizabeth Cauthorn, who was Elizabeth
Womack, John Spraeling and Mary his wife, which sd Mary was Mary Womack;
children of Abraham Womack, dec'd, William Womack, Mary Owen, who was Mary
Womack, and Martha Womack; children of Johann Womack and Francis Rice, Thomas
Rice, Samuel Rice, Abraham Rice, Johann Rice, Fanny Rice, Molly Cheatham who was
Molly Rice, Elizabeth Puckett, who was Elizabeth Rice; children of Sarah Rice,
dec'd, who was Sarah Womack, Francis Hamilton, Daniel Owen & Mary his wife, who
was Mary Hamilton, children of Judy Hamilton, who was Judy Womack, Mary Mann,
who was Mary Womack, Josiah Hatchett, Joseph Talbot and Martha, his wife who was
Martha Hatchett, Judith Funkening, who was Judith Hatchett, and William
Hatchett, children of Elizabeth Hatchett who was Elizabeth Womack; Defendants -
a suit in chancery.
. . . ordered that the land and slaves be sold and the proceeds be
divided into nine parts , one ninth to the heirs of Martha Robards; one ninth to
Thomas Womack; one ninth to William Womack, son of Francis Womack; one ninth to
the heirs of Abraham Womack; one ninth to the heirs of Johann Womack; one ninth
to the heirs of Sarah Rice; One ninth to the heirs of Judith Hamilton; one ninth
to the heirs of Elizabeth Hatchett; one ninth to Mary Mann -- brothers &
sisters of the intestate.

6 June 1803

Pg 40 An indenture between David Blankenship & Nancy his wife one the
one part and Lillous (?) Womack one the other part.

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 03:03:18 (PDT)

ATTN: Pleasant Womack line yall might want to read this will

Petersburg, VA Wills

Will of Matilda Hall
(Will Book 2, page 215, Hustings Court, Petersburg,VA.)

I Matilda Hall of the Town of Petersburg and State of Virginia, do
hereby make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following
that is to say-
First I desire that no more of my personal estate be sold than what my
executor may think proper to sell, leaving it entirely to his option
to dispose of a part retain the whole.
Secondly I lend to my Best and only Friend for the term of his natural
life all my estate both real and personal goods chattes and effects of
whatever kind and this only Friend is Pleasant Warmack I know of no
other on Earth, Without the let hinderance or molestation of any person
or persons whatsoever for and during the said term of his natural life.
Thirdly after the death of the said Pleasant Wamerek, I give devise all
my estate both real & personal as herein before mentioned unto William
Edwerd Wamack, the son of the said Pleasant Wamack and the reversion
and reversions remainder and remainders, subject as before stated to
his fathers life with all the goods Effects and chattles whatsoever to
him the said Wm.Edwerd Wammuck and to heir for ever, And lastly I do
opoint my said friend Pleasant Wamock my exetor of this my last Will
and Testament.And it is my will and desire that he shall not be obliged
to give any security for his Executorships as aforesaid Hereby revoking
all other or former Wills or Testaments by me heretofore made in
witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this
ninth day of June in the year one thousand Eighteen hundred and twenty
fore Signed Sealed published and declared as for the Will or Testament
of the above named Matilda Hall.
Meltady(herxmark)Hall (Seal)
In presents of us
Witness test
Parham R.Heath
John Dennis
Dudley Brockell
Stephen Baranzzino

At a Hustings Court held for the Town of Petersburg at the Courthouse
of the said Town Thursday the 16th day of June 1825.
The last Will & Testament of Matilda Hall dec'd. was proved in open
Court by the oaths of Parham R.Heath and Stephen Baranzzino two of the
witnesses thereto and is ordered to be recorded.
Teste J.Grammer C.H.

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 02:32:47 (PDT)

The following sample is taken from the first pages of the book.

Part I: William and Mary Jane Womack of Henrico Co., Virginia.

The ancestor of most of the Womacks in America today is believed to be William Womack who was born about 1610 to 1620 presumably in England, county Norfolk. There are still Womacks in that area. On a tour of England in 1970 a Womack store was noticed in Sleaford. William is believed to have come to Henrico County, Virginia between 1630 and 1640. The five sons of William--William, Abraham, Richard, Thomas and John are mentioned in the Colonial Records of Virginia as was the ancestral home being Norfolk, England. There were two daughters, Ann and Mary.

1. William Womack, the Immigrant b presumably in England, County Norfolk b 1610/20
d Henrico Co., Va. 1674/77. m Mary Jane Allen, widow d a 1685. The children may not be listed in order of birth. All may have been born in Henrico Co., Va.

...2.1 William Womack, Jr. b 1640s d Henrico Co., Va. a 1674. m Jane (_______).
ch: Thomas, Mary. See Part I for descendants.

...2.2 Abraham Womack I b 1644 d Henrico Co., Va. Will dated Nov 1732 proved Oct 1733. Wife unknown. Some believe she may have been Sarah Sumercales, one headright named in his patent of 1688. ch: Abraham II, William, Thomas, Martha. See Part II for descendants.

...2.3 Richard Womack I b a 1650 d Henrico Co., Va 1664. m Mary Puckett b l647 Henrico Co., Va. ch: Richard, William, Elizabeth. See Part III for descendants.

...2.4 Thomas Womack b c1647 d Henrico Co., Va. 1697. m Mary Puckett. no ch. See Part V for his record.

...2.5 John Womack b c1653 d Prince George Co., Va. will 1725. m Mary (_______).
ch: John Jr., William, Richard, Abraham. See Part IV for his record.

...2.6 Ann Womack b 1657. m Will Puckett. ch: Elizabeth Ann, William, Richard, Womack. See Part V for her descendants.

...2.7 Mary Womack b 1659. m Thomas Puckett b c l658. ch: Thomas, Frances, William, John. See Part V for her descendants.

...2.8 Jane Womack b Henrico Co., Va. c 1662. m Henry Pugh Jr. b c 1665 d Henrico Co., Va. c 1710. Will 5 May 1709, prob 3 Mar 1711. ch: Ann. See Part V for her descendants.

Ref: Valentine Papers pp 1772,1774

William patented land in the Bermuda Hundred Section of Henrico Co., Va. in 1665.
Ref. CDXVII Century Applic. on William Womack b 1620 Eng/Va. in 1957.

William Womack on tithing list of Henrico Co., Va. in 1679. Va. Rec. Bk. 1677-92 pp 492, 716, 762. Va. State Library.
Also "Rand, Hale & Allied Families" by Nettie Hale Rand, 1940.

Other references:
Valentine Papers pp 1772, 1774.
William & Mary College Quarterly V24 p 208.
Virginia Historical Magazine, Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia p 369.
Chesterfield Co Va. p 48 by Lutz.

The descendants of William Womack remained essentially southern families. In the 1790 census there were at least 30 Womack families in Virginia. There were 11 in North Carolina and 2 in South Carolina. Later they went westward to Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri and later still to the north- west and farther west. They went south to Alabama, Georgia, Texas and other states.

The Womack name is spelled with many variations in the records: Womack, Wamack, Wamoche, Wommack, Waamock, Wamocke and many others. The most used pronunciation of the families in North Carolina and Tennessee put the accent on the first syllable as Wom'ack. In a few instances an "r" was used in the first syllable as War'mack.

Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 16:35:20 (PDT)

Sam,Beth,Doris and others working on VA WOMACKS --- On Roots Web, John Browns' site, I found a note under William Clarke (Clark) born abt 1634 died 1713. It said: Quote One of William's wives was the widow of William Womack for a suit in General Court 8 April 1674 was resolved by conveying two-thirds of William Womack's property to his brother Abraham Womack and the remainder to his widow then the wife of William Clarke. Unquote --- In October 1689 William Clarke and Abraham Womack had a boundary dispute and it was resolved on 30 May 1690. Later Abraham Womack helped to inventory William Clarke's personal property for settlement of William Clarke's will which was recorded 5 October 1713. (John Brown's sources were Henrico Co VA, Deeds & Wills 1688-97, page 144 and Henrico Co VA Deeds & Wills 1710-14, page 228). William Clarke named his wife Mary in his will and also children, one of whom was Ann Pride. (She married William Pride and this William Pride had a brother John Pride who married Susannah Puckett.) Ann was William Pride's 2nd wife. He married 1st Jane Halcott and they had a son Halcott Pride. (There was a Halcott Pride who was the 1st husband of Martha who married 2nd a Hudson. These Hudsons were later connected to Womacks in Halifax Co VA.) The only thing I could find out about William Clarke's two wives was that one seems to maybe have been named Mary Gibson. Could she have been the one who married also William Womack? Can anyone shed any light on this William Clarke's wives and children? What William Womack was the 1st husband of Wm Clarke's wife? Also I wonder if the two Halcott Prides are the same person. Can anyone shed any light on Halcott Pride? Derrell, I want to thank you for posting the VA will list for Womacks. I wonder if the above Abraham Womack connected with William Clarke is the same Abraham in the will list who had a will in 1733 in Henrico Co VA? --- Doretta

Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 04:48:20 (PDT)

Just in case any1 needs NC burials on Womacks Womicks and Womichs here they are

Womack, Frank P. April 26, 1879 December 28, 1954
Womack, Sally E. May 25, 1883 May 30, 1952

Womack, Rosell Fred c1926 c1938

Womack, Oscar Alonzo February 1, 1914 February 25, 1914

Womack, Fred Parker September 20, 1904 November 15, 1930

Womack, Anderson William February 3, 1888 December 7, 1967 WW I

Womack, Margaret E. McGinnis November 29, 1956 September 29, 1932 w/o AWW

Womack, Infant March 24, 1920 s/o Otho

Womack, Hugh Anderson September 17, 1925 March 21, 1926 s/o Otho

Womack, George W. November 15, 1899 November 22, 1981
Womack, Julia H. September 10, 1906 November 12, 1969

Womack, Bryant Homer May 12, 1931 March 12, 1952 Korea

Womack, Fletcher Eugene April 4, 1941 April 28, 1969

Womack, Linda Ann May 6, 1960 November 16, 1961 d/o GLW

Womack, Collett R. July 14, 1901 December 27, 1976
Womack, Annie O. December 16, 1905 January 18, 1971

Womack, Junior C. December 25, 1926 ------
Womack, Iris J. November 12, 1931 August 7, 1990

Womack, Jeffrey Dean November 16, 1955 June 21, 1985
Womack, Debra Hudgins November 25, 1956 October 26, 1992

Womack, Amos White c1914 c1920 s/o Ancey

Womack, Bertha Ruppe May 18, 1886 January 15, 1964
Womack, Thomas L. November 8, 1883 November 20, 1979

Womack, G. B. March 2, 1876 January 5, 1918

Womack, Jane January 4, 1846 July 9, 1932
Womack, Rev. William W. June 30, 1844 January 9, 1934

Womack, Corrie May 5, 1871 March 8, 1940
Womack, Minnie July 10, 1873 May 12, 1959

Womack, J.C. 1904 Infant son of

Womack, Steve April 7, 1931 January 16, 1932 Son of
C.R. & Louise Dobbin

Womick, J. T. 1861 August 24, 1886

Womick, Bessie H. December 7, 1879 September 21, 1881 Daughter
J.T. & Alpha Womick

Womick, Eva Cole July 18, 1880 May 1, 1918

Womick, Quinn Lee November 22, 1877 January 1, 1955

Womack, Winnie B. October 24, 1891 April 23, 1976

Womack, Burl November 23, 1890 May 3, 1973

Womack, John E. July 14, 1869 July 24, 1951

Womack, Mattie H. November 8, 1880 September 26, 1976

Womack, A. E. (Tobe) April 4, 1911 May 10, 1973
Womack, Dinah E. October 20, 1914 _______
Womick, Worth, Sr. May 27, 1900 December 17, 1991

Womick, Irma Freeman June 15, 1899 November 17, 1971

Womack, James L. (Jim) October 26, 1915 May 20, 1977

Womack, Virginia Briscoe August 26, 1917 June 17, 1994

CHATHAM COUNTY, NC - WILLS - John Womack, Sr., 29 Jul 1813

John Womack, Sr. Will - Dated 29 July 1813, Probated Feb. 1814
Chatham Co. Will Bk. A pg. 242
NCSA Film # C.022.80001

In the name of God, Amen. I John Womack Sr. of Chatham County and State
of North Carolina, being in Sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be
God do make publish and ordain this my last Will and Testament this
Twenty Ninth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight
hundred and Thirteen in manner as follows.
First, I give and bequeath unto my son Rora Womack, the tract of Land
whereon I now live containing Two hundred and Eighty Six Acres, also
Fifty Acres on the River concluding the Mill, also one Negro Man by the
name of Ned.
Item. I give unto my son William Allen who generally goes by the name of
William Womack one Negro Man by the name of Sam.
Item. I lend unto Susannah? Allen her life all the stock of Horses,
Hogs and all the Household and Kitchen furniture & plantation utensils
with the crop that is now growing and after her death to be equally
divided between Robert William and Elizabeth Allen.
Item. I give unto my (son?) James Womack five shillings to be raised out
of my Estate.
Item. I give unto my son John Womack five shillings to be raised out of
my estate.
Item. I give unto my daughter Patsey Parham five shillings to be raised
out of my estate.
Item. I give unto my daughter Nancy Baute/Ballte/Bante? Five shillings
to be raised out of my estate.
I do also ordain and appoint Rora Womack and William Allen my
executors to this my last Will & Testament. Signed and ordained and
published by the said John Womack to be his last will and Testament in
the presents of us the year and date above written.
John Womack {Seal}

Parish Cross
Proved Feby 1814 by Parish Cross

Rutherford Memorial Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Womack, Bate March 13, 1905 October 20, 1989

Womack, Rena H. c1901 c1989
Womack, Morgan H. c1897 c1970

Womack, Inez G. c1927 ------
Womack, James c1923 -----

Womack, Virgil Lee c1925 ------
Womack, Virginia Hoyle c1926 ------

Womick, Henry Hudson c1912 c1984
Womick, Edna Fowler c1919 -------

Catawba County Cemeteries - from 9 volumes of "Catawba County Cemeteries"
published by the Catawba County Genealogical Society (C) 1986-1998
WOMACK |Bessie |3:094 |Mt. Pleasant Methodist
WOMACK |Elisha |3:095 |Mt. Pleasant Methodist
WOMACK |Elizabeth |3:095 |Mt. Pleasant Methodist
WOMACK |Erah B. Allen |3:094 |Mt. Pleasant Methodist
WOMACK |Ida J. |3:102 |Mt. Pleasant Methodist
WOMACK |Lee A. |3:094 |Mt. Pleasant Methodist
WOMACK |S. Rebecca |3:095 |Mt. Pleasant Methodist

Union Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Womack, Carl July 12, 1882 July 27, 1933

Womack, Elizabeth Smawley June 24, 1892 February 8, 1949

Womack, Joe January 17, 1931 -----
Womack, Vivian February 25, 1939 January 8, 1991

Womack, Baby No Dates

Womack, Thomas No Dates CSA

MACON CO., NC - CEMETERIES - Woodlawn Cemetery, Section 2 of 6
Headstone, Womack:
Footstone: Ella Hughes Womack Aug. 15, 1883 Feb. 19, 1969
Footstone: John Silas Womack June 2, 1874 July 24, 1957

Double stone, Womack:
Ralph Womack 1907 - 1978
Katherine Womack 1910 - 1992; footstone: [blank]

Cliffside Cemetery, Cliffside, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Womack, Alda M. December 17, 1923 -------
Womack, G. Horace May 17, 1911 November 20, 1988

Womack, H. Grover May 28, 1887 March 9, 1965

Womack, Mary S. July 2, 1886 April 2, 1986

Lincoln Co, NC
Womack, Eva Sigmon 18 Oct 1889 29 Jul 1972
Womack, Frank Payne 28 Jul 1884 3 Oct 1970
Womack, Lewis S 22 Oct 1895 8 Nov 1961
Womack, Josephine Abernathy 29 Sep 1899 28 Jul 1990

Womick, L. B. September 15, 1849 October 23, 1919
Womick, C. P. March 18, 1878 December 25, 1894
Womick, Mrs. M. J. January 29, 1856 October 6, 1934

Womick, M. E. May 18, 1848 August 27, 1912
Womick, P. C. May 9, 1847 October 14, 1925

Womick, Texie Blanton July 8, 1900 July 8, 1948

Womick, John S. August 29, 1886 January 12, 1953

Womick, Alice freeman April 27, 1887 February 15, 1941

Womack, Eunice C. September 14, 1912 August 17, 1988

Womack, Lindsey W. July 11, 1910 December 19, 1963

Womick, Earl Lee May 11, 1914 December 22, 1977 WW II

Womack, William S. October 11, 1923 October 14, 1983
Womack, l. Frances November 9, 1921 ------

Hedrick, Mary Womick May 21, 1912 February 15, 1986

Wake County, NC - Kennebec Baptist Church Cemetery
Womack, Jack, b. 7 Jul 1933, d. 19 Apr 1999, US Army
Womack, Marion, b. 26 Jun 1938, d. 6 Jul 1977, US Army
Womack, Rita J., b. 1904, d. 1983
Womack, Thomas V., b. 1901,d. 1975, shared w. Rita Womack

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Mountain Rest Cemetery, Section #4
Womack, George I. Jun 19, 1881 Aug 5, 1954
Womack, Edith Hoover Oct 9, 1891 Sep 1, 1966

Morris Alexander Womack April 16,1887 - July 14,1972
Nancy Perkins Womack May 30,1859 - March 9,1933
Ola Keever Womack Nov. 8,1887 - Jan. 20,1970
Wife of Morris Alexander Womack

MACON CO., NC - CEMETERIES - Watauga Baptist Church Cemetery
Triple stone, WOMACK
Father James Otto Womack 1884 - 1955
Mother Sarah H. Womack 1893 - 1933
Daughter Lois Womack 1933 - 1933

MACON CO., NC - CEMETERIES - Woodlawn Cemetery, Section 6 of 6
Double Stone: Womack
Samuel Bernard Womack October 10, 1927 [no date] US Navy World
War II MSGT US Air Force Korea Vietnam
Christina M. Slade Womack December 24, 1931 April 9, 1997 Born
in Middlesex, England

MACON CO., NC - CEMETERIES - Woodlawn Cemetery, Section 4 of 6
Headstone, Womack:
Footstone: Reid Womack PFC US Army World War II May 22, 1913 Oct.
23, 1983
Footstone: Elda Ledford Womack [no dates]

Shiloh Baptist Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Womack, Essie L. October 1, 1902 March 4, 1983

Wall’s Baptist Church Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Womack, Elizabeth October 13, 1848 August 21, 1917
Womack, John November 3, 1844 December 30, 1916

Wake County, NC - Mount Pleasant Presbterian Church Cemetery
Womack, Billie G., b. 22 Jun 1872, d. 27 Apr 1936, shared w.
Rosie Baker Womack
Womack, Rosie Baker, b. 3 May 1874, d. 18 Jan 1947, w. o. Billie Womack

Bertie County NC Dickens Cemetery
Inell Dickens Womack
Jefferey A. Womack and Tina L. Womack
no dates
(all three names above are on the same grave marker)

GASTON COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Alexis Baptist Church Cemetery
WOMACK, Clyde W. Sep 26, 1912 Sep 1, 1979
WOMACK, Annie M. Apr 16, 1917

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church
Womack, Infant Daughter
February 19, 1938
Infant daughter of G.W. & Annie Womack
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

Old Bethlehem Cemtery - Polk County, NC - Cemteries
Womack, Martha Parker June 14, 1808 October 7, 1883 w/o Gassoway

Womack, Anderson Co. C 55NC Inf. CSA No Dates

Womack, Anlo Nanney c1894 c1979
Womack, George Otho c1885 c1940

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Womack, Howard Glenn April 22, 1908 June 9, 1991
Womack, Lucille Camby May 22, 1915 -------

Providence United Methodist Church Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Womich, Elizabeth 49 years November 27, 1858
Womich, Isom 24 years August 12, 1882

Womack, Mary Carpenter February 9, 1844 March 9, 1901

Womick, Asa B. October 20, 1828 July 6,1907

Womack, Hannah June 5, 1841 December 20, 1908

Womich, Vicky Sherman 3y3m26d December 20, 1908

Womich, Jane E. 74 years April 7, 1898

Womich, M. L. 91y 10m May 24, 1861

Tanner's Grove Methodist Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Womack, Betty Lou May 10, 1933 d/o Jack
Womack, J. C. May 9, 1932 s/o Jack

CATAWBA COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Maiden Cemetery, Sect. 4
James Ralph Womack
24 Sept. 1921 - 12 Nov. 2000 Sgt. US Army Air Forces WWII
Evelyn Setzer Womack
18 March 1926 -

Mt. Harmony Cemetery, Cleveland County, North Carolina
Womack, Gasoway c1808 c1869

Womack, Jennifer Joann February 22, 1971 February 23, 1971

Wake County, NC - Wake Chapel Christian Church Memorial Gardens
Womack, Annie M., b. 23 Aug 1911, d. 3 Feb 1986
Womack, W. Preston, b. 17 Aug 1913, d. 9 Mar 1982

Womack, Irene Sauls 01-01-1913 12-03-1962
d/o Rufus & Theodosia Sauls

ANSON COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Morven Cemetery, Morven, NC
Womack, Joseph Edgar
Mar. 18, 1882
Mar. 1, 1935
27 Years A Methodist Minister.
O, Cross That Liftest Up My Head,
I Dare Not Ask To Fly From Thee:
I Lay In Dust Life's Glory Dead,
And From The Ground There Blossomes Red
Life That Shall Endless Be.
"JEW" footstone

Partial Listing
J. B. Womack 12/16/1848 - 10/17/1917

The Green Cemetery, Cleveland County, North Carolina
Davis, Sarah Womack September 6, 1791 c1850
Davis, William F. March 19, 1788 July 16, 1876
Davis, Willis January 12, 1831 c185

MACON COUNTY, NC - CEMETERIES - Franklin Baptist Cemetery
S. E. Womack July 2, 1883 - July 28, 1911

WOMACK, Susan Sep 22,1827 – Dec 29,1917

Wake County, NC - Cemeteries
Womack, Jack Jr., b. 31 Jul 1959, d. 3 Aug 1959

Wake County, NC - Justice Cemetery
Womack, Henry, b. 1939, d. 1953

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 01:49:57 (PDT)

At least 21 Womacks are known to have died in Virginia prior to 1800, the earliest being Richard Womack who died intestate in Henrico County in 1684, the county where our Womacks first settled. Unfortunately, many of Henrico's earliest records have been destroyed. Will records are missing in Henrico for the fol. lowing years: 1634-1676, 1719-17241 1738-17431 1758-1766 and 1770-1773 (thus approximately 40% of Henricols will records prior to 1800 are lost). Both William Womack I (our immigrant ancestor) and his son, William Womack II, died in Henrico prior to 1677, so they do not appear on record. Also, a large number of Womacks settled in the early 1700's in that part of Prince George County which became Dinwiddie County in 1752. Dinwiddie records have been completely destroyed (a 100% loss), and the records of wills before 1800 for Prince George County have been destroyed for the years 1702-1712, 1729-1786, and 1793-1800 (a 78% loss). These tragic losses in Henrico, Dinwiddie and Prince George Coun. ties have been and will continue to be severe handicaps in the tracing of the various branches of our Womack family in Virginia.

Following is a list of the 21 Womacks that died in Virginia prior to 1800, and arranged in chronological order for easy reference:

Richard Womeck Henrico County - 1684 - inventory.
Thomas Womack Henrico County - 1697 - will.
John Womack - Prince George County - 1725 - will.
Richard Womack - Henrico County - 1730 - administration.
Abraham Womack - Henrico County - 1733 - will.
Thomas Womack - Henrico County - 1733 - will.
Mary Womack - Chesterfield County - 1750 - will.
William Womack - Goochland County - 1762 - will.
Thomas Womack - Chesterfield County - 1780 - will.
Jesse Womack - Bedford County - 1782 - will.
Thomas Womack - Chesterfield County - 1782 - will.
Joel Womack - Chesterfield County 1783 - inventory.
Alexander Womack - Campbell County - 1784 - will.
Sarah Womack - Chesterfield County - 1785 - will.
William Womack - Cumberland County - 1786 - will.
James Womack - Southampton County 1787 - inventory.
John Womack - Prince George County - 1787 - will.
William Womack - Charlotte County - 1790 - will.
Thomas Womack - Southampton County - 1795 - will.
Jesse Womack - Chesterfield County - 1797 - inventory.
Nathan Womack - Cumberland County - 1798 - will.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 23:11:25 (PDT)
Dave Maher

With regards to Daniel asking about Coat of Arms, There is no Nobility in the Womack line. The Rev Laurence Womack had four sons and one daughter from Prudence,and one daughter from Jane.
Any title would have been passed to those sons.
I think the first step for anyone in America trying to claim the right of the Womack Coat of arms they need to be able to trace their line back to England, then to the Rev Laurance's family.
I have seen lots written on who was believed to be the first Womack into America, but still waiting for the first bit of proof. Not guess work.
I trace my line back to Rev Laurence directly, with all Certs. and church records.
I am also in touch with several Womack relations in Norfolk England, and they cannot find any connections to early America as yet.
Using a coat of Arms that you have no legal right too is like wearing War Service medals that you did not earn.
11 Generation descendant of Rev Laurence

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 14:54:50 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

Charlotte-W G Womack Est Dower 100 314 30 1/4A Peytonsburg Rd
Coly-Isham Logan &c Est Part 100 583 Feb 26 1906 5.47A Mead Rd
C W-W H Sims Est B&S 107 595 Dec 19 1910 39 1/2A Roa D nr Clover
Cornelia L &h-L D Dunn &wf B&S 126 522 Jun 23 1920 47A Ridgeway Pickaway Rd
C W-M C Sims Est &c B&S 130 362 Jun 21 1922 29A Roanoke Dist
Cleo Delta &c-C W Womack Est by Comr B&S 133 521 Apr 16 1924 119.51 & 39.5A Clover Mt L
Delia S &c-Isaac Adkisson Est by Comr B&S 69 516 Apr 21 1882 1 5/8A nr Clover
Edward-Thomas McCargo &wf B&S 39 506 Mar 21 1832 200 1/2A Wades Ck

Sunday, May 08, 2005 at 18:13:47 (PDT)
Bud Pearson

Good Morning!

Looking for information having to do with Alfred A Womack. Born 1927. Married Betty Lou Elaine Hall 10/1/47 in Ellicott City, Md. Divorced 5/23/50.

Thanks for any information.

Bud Pearson (Oceanside, Ca.)

Sunday, May 08, 2005 at 12:24:22 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

Charles W-Charles W Vasser B&S 55 388 Mar 27 1854 1/2 int in Real & pers
Charles W-Wm Cole Est by Comr B&S 55 434 Apr 24 1854 8A Polecat Ck & Mill
Chas H children of-Martha Womack Gift 60 617 Jan 28 1867 Int 150A Dower
Chas H heirs of-Chas Womack Est Part 60 635 Feb 25 1867 158A Polecat Ck
Chas W-Jas S Easley &wf &c B&S 63 103 Jan 6 1873 13 3/4A Clover
C W-Nath T Green Comr B&S 64 326 May 25 1875 16&c A 15&c A
C W &c-Isaac Adkisson Est by Com B&S 69 516 Apr 21 1882 1 5/8A nr Clover
C W &c-Beverly Canada &c B&S 70 746 May 23 1883 Lot Clover
C W-M R Womack Est Part 75 35 Feb 18 1886 337A Difficult Ck Farm
C W &c-R E Womack by Comr B&S 80 52 May 28 1889 20A nr Dryburg
C W-G E Nichols &wf B&S 100 296 Oct 27 1905 115 1/2AMt Laurel Clo R

Sunday, May 08, 2005 at 07:30:40 (PDT)

Doris --- Thanks for posting the Halifax County VA Grantee list of Womacks. I find it very interesting. Abraham Womack - Daniel Hudson/Hutson and 480A on Beavers Creek is the Woodlawn Lands. On the web, The Early History of Woodlawn says that Abraham Womack sold the property ten years later in 1779 (deed presented at court on Feb 17, 1780) to John Coleman, both of Halifax Co Va. Now Daniel Hutson/Hudson is maybe of the Hudson family that maybe this Abraham Womack married into. Anyway Henry, Miles, and William Creed Womack's sister Mary A Womack married Julius Caesar Hudson who seems to be from this same Hudson family. ---- Also I have a new Email Address. --- Doretta

Friday, May 06, 2005 at 21:34:20 (PDT)

Attn: Thomas Alsobrook Found this info at

ID: I33021
Name: Temperance WOMACK
Sex: F

Father: William WOMACK
Mother: Mary

Marriage 1 James C. ALSOBROOK b: bef 1743
Married: 13 Mar 1783
James C. ALSOBROOK b: 1774 in Halifax County, North Carolina
Landon ALSOBROOK b: 1780 in North Carolina
Asa ALSABROOK b: 13 Apr 1790 in North Carolina


Friday, May 06, 2005 at 17:13:44 (PDT)
Thomas W. Alsobrook

Do any of you know the names of the children born to Temperance Womack and James Alsobrook. They were married in Southampton, county, Va., 13 March 1783 A Matha Womack (unmarried) left one eleventh of her estate to the children of James and Temperance Alsobrook. The will did not name the children.I believe I am descended from James and Temperance but without knowing the names of their children I am at a road block.

Friday, May 06, 2005 at 12:57:07 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

Chas Wm Womack B&S 8 31 Jun 21 1770 315A Sandy Ck
Chas Luke Williams &wf B&S 12 88 Mar 15 1781 60A
Chas Mary Wilson B&S 13 492 Sep 21 1786 272A
Chas James Henry B&S 15 374 Jul 23 1792
Chas Beverly Miller B&S 19 146 Oct 26 1801 500A
Chas W &c Tr John Cobbs D of T 33 346 Aug 22 1825 65A & pers
Charles W &c James Young &c B&S 35 496 Nov 29 1828 Lot nr Co House
Charles W William W Womack Gift 36 427 Oct 27 1828 486A Polecat Ck
Charles W &c John Dismukes &wf B&S 39 227 Nov 28 1831 250A Polecat Ck
Charles W Wm W Womack &wf B&S 49 479 Apr 23 1844 115A Polecat Ck
Charles W &c Henry Farmer &wf B&S 51 95 Nov 26 1845 6 1/4A Little Birch Ck

Friday, May 06, 2005 at 09:32:39 (PDT)
Beryl Jean Branum

Hi, I ran across some Jones ancestry by Paul Latmir while doing a google search in the archive section here. I tried to email him but it was blocked. Hope he is still around and can give me some answers to some Jones information. I have a site with about 30 distant cousins that are related to Seaborn Lisbon Jones and Catherine Long's daughter, Tacy Jones through her marriage to Shadrach Jones Moore. One of my cousins posted some info on Seaborn's ancestry that is not documented but it comes from the Jones line that Paul posted here. Here is the Jones Line that is posted on our site:
Descendants of David Jones

Generation No. 1

1. DAVID1 JONES was born Abt. 1752 in South Carolina, and died Abt. 1801. He married TACY FLOYD. She was born Abt. 1756.


2. i. CHARLES WESLEY2 JONES, b. Abt. 1777, Union County, South Carolina; d. 25 July 1833, Bedford County, Tennessee.

Generation No. 2

2. CHARLES WESLEY2 JONES (DAVID1) was born Abt. 1777 in Union County, South Carolina, and died 25 July 1833 in Bedford County, Tennessee. He married REBECCA NORMAN. She was born 02 February 1781 in South Carolina, and died 19 December 1859 in Howard County, Arkansas.


3. i. SEABORN LISBON3 JONES, b. Abt. 1798, South Carolina.

Generation No. 3

3. SEABORN LISBON3 JONES (CHARLES WESLEY2, DAVID1) was born Abt. 1798 in South Carolina. He married CAROLYN LONG 13 July 1820 in Bedford County, Tennessee. She was born Abt. 1803 in Virginia.


4. i. TACY4 JONES, b. 1818, Beford County, Tennessee.

Generation No. 4

4. TACY4 JONES (SEABORN LISBON3, CHARLES WESLEY2, DAVID1) was born 1818 in Beford County, Tennessee. She married SHADRICK JONES MOORE 1839 in Talladega County, Alabama. He was born 26 March 1814 in Johnston County, North Carolina, and died 05 June 1894 in Potter, Polk County, Arkansas.


Cove, Polk County, Arkansas 1870 Census:





122 122 MOORE, S. J. 56 M W Farmer 120 250 NC

Tasey 52 F W KH TN 1 1

Edney L. 20 F W HK MS 1

Theophelus 18 M W Works on farm MS 1

?Levina L. 16 M W Works on farm TX 1 1

Rebecca 14 F W TX 1 1

Mary E. 12 F W TX 1 1 1

Susan 10 F W TX X X

William 8 M W TX X X

SANDFORD, James 80 M W Preacher 75 VA

If this is the correct family of Seaborn Jones, then somehow I am related to those here at this site. Anyone who may have an answer, please contact me at my email address. Thanks

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 18:37:11 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

Banister Womack Nathan Tucker &wf B&S 119 79 Jul 4 1917 Tract Mead Dist
Ben Womack Armistead Logan &wf B&S 119 349 Oct 25 1917 6A Mead Dist
Ben W Womack Louis Logan &wf by Tr B&S 123 366 May 12 1919 100A Ban R
Mead D
B L Womack Tr Tucker Chappell &wf D of T 123 374 May 13 1919 1/2A &
2A Meadville D
B W Womack W S Nichols &wf &c B&S 125 275 Jan 13 1920 127.70A Mead
B W Womack Armistead Logan &wf B&S 127 324 Nov 22 1920 29A & 9A
Mead Dist
B W Womack Isham Logan Est B&S 135 80 Feb 2 1925 5A Mead Rodden Rd
Bettie E Womack Town of Clover B&S 136 630 Mar 25 1926 #52 & 62
Cem Plat Clover
Ben Womack Tucker Chappell &wf B&S 137 229 May 10 1926 2A N Mead
B W Womack Walter Guy &wf by Tr B&S 141 143 Dec 31 1927 127.70A
Mead Dist

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 17:32:19 (PDT)

Thanks Sam. The more I read that coat of arms would have belonged to Bishop Laurence and we're not even sure exactly what his heraldry looked like and likely anyone inheriting the arms would have changed them over time so much so that any Womacks in line to inherit arms could pretty much create their own based on the limits of their title and preference.
Looking back on my own line I personally have no right to arms. I am the eldest son of an eldest son and so it ends from there. If the only peerage held by a Womack are that with the church, my membership with the Latter-Day Saints would surely eliminate any right to arms I'd think even if I were in such a position.
Anyways I've become obsessed lately with British History and so that brought my question.

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 17:11:11 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

A V Womack M R Womack Est B&S 92 237 Aug 2 1899 Lot Church St Clover
A V Womack &c Richard Smith Est by Comr B&S 96 361 Sep 13 1902 97 1/4A
A V Womack J W Dunkley &wf &c B&S 97 545 Jul 8 1903 23.86A nr Clover
Adelia Womack Jesse B Nunnally Est Part 100 315 [no date] 35.80A
Sandy Ck
A V Womack Tucker C Watkins &wf Corrn 102 193 Nov 26 1906 60A nr Clover
A V Womack C H Martin Est by Comr B&S 111 55 Nov 29 1912 103.27A
Roa D nr
A V Womack Charles H Martin &wf by Tr B&S 113 290 Dec 29 1913 100A
Roa Dist
A V Womack Clifton Duffy &wf B&S 117 11 Feb 5 1916 65 1/3A Roa D
Ralphs Br
A V Womack Geo W Douglas Est B&S 132 332 Aug 9 1923 9.20A nr Clover
A V Womack C G Blackstock &wf B&S 135 239 Mar 20 1925 Timber on
100A nr
Burras Womack Heirs of Miles Womack Est Part 60 485 May 28 1866
30 1/2A
Bettie A Womack &c Isaac Adkisson Est by Com B&S 69 516 Apr 21 1882
1 5/8A nr Clover
Belle Womack Annie B McDowell &h B&S 92 103 May 30 1899 38A Mead
Ben Womack Wm R Barksdale B&S 99 12 Jun 4 1904 120.12A Mead Dis
B W Womack John H Collie &wf B&S 104 186 Feb 13 1908 120A Bye Ck Mead
Ben Womack Adam Womack B of S 105 214 Oct 7 1908 Pers
Ben W Womack Sarah Ann Logan &c B&S 111 343 Jan 30 1913 2.60A Mead Rodd

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 12:53:02 (PDT)

Those Womacks you refer to in England were vicars and etc - not earls or other noblemen -- the only true Coat of Arms belonged to Bishop Lawrence/Laurence Womack -- he had no male heir in his will other than a nephew or great-nephew -

The Henry you refer to, as I remember, was a vicar - I have a copy of his will from 1627 -- also that of Arthur, another vicar or some important post - 1607

One word of caution to all that want to display a coat of arms for any name -
The arms are legally passed down only to the oldest son; and if I remember the info from the College of Arms in England - if the oldest son is dead - and his oldest is living - then it passes that way - brothers 2 thru how many get the short end of the stick so to speak -- not to mention the girls. I'll try to get back with the College and get a better reading of the line of succession..

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 12:49:43 (PDT)
Daniel Womack

OK I've done just enough research to realize "Lord of the Manor" isn't really a title but just says that we once owned our own land. Well ok so at least we were land owners and for the time I suppose that says something. I have read a little of David Dunn's entries from 2000 but I'm still unclear as to whether we held any peerage at all in Norfolk or that is, any right to arms. I see the Bishop Laurence Womack and I'm still confused by that houseofnames mentioning of Earls. I'm beginning to think the Womack family never had any heraldry because no one in the family ever held a title that would qualify us for it. I don't care so much about having nobility in my family history I do just want to know whether to even continue searching for any links to peerage or if instead I should give it up because there are none. Thank you.

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 10:42:13 (PDT)
Daniel Womack

Based on the houseofnames entry for the Womack surname I read: "First found in Norfolk where they were anciently seated as Lords of the manor." I also remember seeing something about 1601 and a Henry Womack or so being listed as an Earl in Norfolk. Could this be correct? Is there or was there a peerage in our family in which our ancestors held title and do those titles exist today? If not, how and when were they lost?
I'm sure this is a FAQ but I thought I'd bring it up and see if anyone had any information on the subject. I assume if we have historical records of Wamukes and Womukes back before the 16th century and most peasants couldn't read or write then that would mean we at least had enough noble stature to be listed on official records. Reply via email preferred but I'll keep checking in to see if someone has responded. Thank you very much.

Thursday, May 05, 2005 at 09:35:25 (PDT)

Thought this interesting

Name: WOMACK, Jane
Location of Event: Tasmania [Australia]
Notes: Entry number 64
Ship: Aeolus
Year: 1809
This entry is from the book 'Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls: Convict Women in Van Diemen's Land 1803-1829' by Phillip Tardif (ISBN 0-207-15798-7) which is out of print. It can be found in some libraries or use Books We Own List
"Notorious Strumpets & Dangerous Girls" by Phillip Tardif. Biographical details of 1,700 women transported to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) 1803 - 1829
Not sure how he got in with the wimmen, but..................
Name: WOMACK, William
Location of Event: Tasmania
Notes: Entry number 64
Ship: Aeolus
Year: 1809
This entry is from the book 'Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls: Convict Women in Van Diemen's Land 1803-1829' by Phillip Tardif (ISBN 0-207-15798-7) which is out of print. It can be found in some libraries or use Books We Own List

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 at 20:37:51 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

A V Womack &c Milly Williams by Clk B&S 81 222 Nov 11 1890 13 1/2A
Catawba Rd
A V Womack &c Robert J Pulliam by Clerk B&S 81 223 Nov 11 1889 84A Hyco R
A V Womack &c Isaac Adkisson Est by Clk B&S 81 224 Aug 22 1889 Lot
near R & D RR Clover
A V Womack &wf Wm Logan Est by Admr & Tr Rel 83 347 Apr 11 1892 Lot
Clover 139A [Pi] Ck
Ardelia Womack &c Jesse B Nunnally Est Part 84 557 May 6 1893 178 1/4A
Sandy Ck
A V Womack Agnes Heidelberg Est B&S 85 208 Oct 2 1893 72ft Main St Clover
Adam Womack E C Hurt &wf B&S 85 394 Jan 30 1894 10A Roa Dist
A V Womack Tucker C Watkins &wf B&S 87 260 May 27 1895 60A nr Clover
A V Womack Bettie A Womack &c B&S 87 411 Aug 8 1895 Int in lot Clover
A V Womack C A Gregory &wf &c B&S 89 559 Aug 13 1897 Int 14.14A
nr Clover
A V Womack R T Howerton &wf B&S 91 182 Sep 26 1898 Lot Main St Clover
A V Womack R T Howerton &wf B&S 91 482 Feb 27 1899 1 5A Clover
A V Womack R T Howerton &wf B&S 92 236 Aug 2 1899 1.3A Clover

Monday, May 02, 2005 at 19:32:15 (PDT)

Parke Coleman Bogle,

Re: Laban Coleman, born Abt. 1770

*1797 Laban Coleman Elizabeth Womack 19 October 1797 Chesterfield Co VA
*1804 LDB 20:61
15 Jun 1804 – Laban Coleman to Tussekiah Baptist Society, $1, 1 ac; Lunenburg Co, adj land sold by Ward Hudson to sd society; to extend to road.
*1810 Lunenburg Co VA Census
COLEMAN Salom Roll 069 Page 326 10001-30011-01
Males under 10: 1
Males 45 & up: 1
Females under 10: 3
Females 26 and under 45: 1
Females 45 & up: 1
Slaves: 1
*1817 Laban Coleman Surety for the marriage of:
Thomas Franklin Polly Coleman Laban Coleman 2/10/1817
*1820 Lunenburg Co VA Census
Roll 137 Page 164 or 176 No Twp Listed
Laban Coleman
*1830 Lunenburg Co VA Census
Roll 195 Page 007 No Twp Listed
Laban Coleman
*1840 Lunenburg Co VA Census
COLEMAN Saban Roll 565 Page 278 No Twp Listed
*1844 LDB 33:236
6 Jan 1844 – Labon Coleman & wife Elizabeth to John A Johns, Drury A Smith, Thos Gee (M), Joel Johns, Thos A Johns, Jas E McCraw, Hatcher Clark, John T Dowdy trustees for Regular or old side Baptists called Tussekiah Congregation, $1, 156 [poles] 6 perches; Lunenburg Co, by survey John C Stokes, land whereon to erect a church for sd congregation, on ridge div waters Tussekiah/Church Crks at road, adj Labon Coleman, estate L Crymes.
*1850 Laban Coleman
Mortality Index: 1850 Age: 83 Gender: M Occupation: Farmer
Death Date: March, 1850 Death Location: Lunenburg, Virginia
Cause: Dropsy Birth Location: Virginia

Parke, I don't know who the parents of Laban and Elizabeth are. There are several Womacks from Chesterfield Co VA but without more information, it would be hard to place Elizabeth. Their marriage record may list their parents; all I have is the marriage off the internet.


Monday, May 02, 2005 at 18:28:23 (PDT)

To those of you might happnstance send me main - dont sent to anymore - have had numerour problems and cannot any longer tolerate them -
use samsawadee@netzero or - not that I expect to hear from anyone of you - but there they are

Monday, May 02, 2005 at 18:09:55 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:
Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

A V Womack E C Hurt &wf B&S 81 163 Jun 6 1890 23.86A nr Clover
A V Womack James Foster &wf B&S 81 172 Jun 13 1890 12A nr Clover
A V Womack &c Elizabeth Martin &c by Clerk B&S 81 216 Nov 11 1889
1/[4] of 43 1/3A
A V Womack &c James Yuille Est B&S 81 217 Nov 11 1889 16A
A V Womack &c George R Watts by Clerk B&S 81 218 Nov 11 1889 34 3/4A
Hundleys Old Mill
A V Womack &c R A Parker by Clerk B&S 81 221 Nov 11 1889 30A Staun
Dist Rookneal[sic] (Brookneal) Rd

Monday, May 02, 2005 at 17:41:58 (PDT)

The following is the Grantee list of Womacks in Halifax Co VA:

Grantee - Grantor - Kind - Book - Page - Date recorded - Area & Location

Abraham Womack Daniel Hudson B&S 7 267 Nov 17 1768 480A Beavers Ck
Abraham Womack Robert Wade Est &c B&S 43 261 Aug 22 1836 1/7 of 245A Staun
Abram Womack John Coleman B&S 48 531 May 22 1843 Int in tract
Abraham Womack Robert Wade Est B&S 49 223 Dec 8 1843 Int in 245A Staunt
A V Womack Marshall R &wf B&S 64 666 Mar 10 1876 1A 35 poles Clover
Ann S Womack Beverly Canada &wf B&S 65 567 Aug 27 1877 21A
Allen W Womack Mary Womack Est Part 68 420 Feb 11 1881 11A
Ann S Womack John C Crowder &wf B&S 68 521 Mar 28 1881 Lot Scottsburg
A V Womack &c Isaac Adkisson Est by Comr B&S 69 516 Apr 21 1882 1 5/8A nr Clover
A V Womack &c Beverly Canada &c B&S 70 [7]46 May 23 1883 Lot Clover
A V Womack Martin Wackerly &wf B&S 71 132 Jul 23 1883 98A Roanoke Dist
A V Womack Thos Ba[i]lin B&S 74 394 Nov 4 1885 Lot Clover Depot
A V Womack M R Womack Est Part 75 35 Feb 18 1886 139 Piney Ck
A V Womack Tr A H Blunt &wf D of T 76 124 Sep 6 1886 1/2 int in 307 1/2A Dif
A V Womack &c C [T] Bethel B&S 77 542 Aug 15 1887 14.14A Roa Dist nr Clover


Monday, May 02, 2005 at 14:28:38 (PDT)

Attn: Alice Robinson this web sit is where I found this info I went to Gooogles and put James Watt Womack in the search bar

67. JAMES WATT WOMACK, merchant, sometime public official,
b. at Oldtown, Nov. 24, 1852, moved to farm on Three Prong in G.Co.
until 1863, moved to Greenup. attended Greenup schools until 1867,
moved to Oldtown, but came back to Greenup to school Clerk in
general store of Womack & Kouns and at Laurel Furnace store.
Lifelong Democrat, deputy sheriff l875-82, sheriff 1883-1886,
state representativel890-92, county judge 1912-1918. A Mason.
He died June 9, 1951, 98yr-6mo-16da. M. Ida Mae Osenton of
Wheelersburg, Ohio, b. Feb. 16, 1860, d. July 1930, dau of
John Thomas and Katherine Cameron Osenton (See Osenton famili)-
They had no children, but reared her niece, Mabel Osenton, who
m. O.W. Stennett of Russell, and with whom James Watt Womack lived
during latter part of his lifetime.
50. James Watt WOMACK.

He was married to Martha A. STARK (daughter of Henry STARK and Adelaide HOWE) on 5 Jan 1864 in C'burg. Martha A. STARK was born about 1844 in KY. James Watt WOMACK and Martha A. STARK had the following children:

93 i. Luella WOMACK was born on 6 Jul 1876 in Greenup Co, KY.

51. William Neville BOSTICK was born on 1 Sep 1847. He died on 20 Dec 1930.

James W. Womack, age 98, died 9 June 1951 in Greenup County, Kentucky

Monday, May 02, 2005 at 11:01:05 (PDT)

Doris---I don't know if this post is clear about those look ups in R. Dodson's book. If not let me know. --- I used a regular road map and the maps in Dodson' book. In his book Dodson gives maps of the surveys (on even number pages) and the page facing (on odd number pages) he gives a copy of USGS map for the same area. The regular road map helped me to find the pages in Dodson's book that I wanted. In Dodson's book I used pages (106&107) and looked at pages (108&109). I first found the railroad on page 107 and then tried to pick out on page 106 its about path. On page 106 there was not any roads, creeks or railroad. Just surveys so I had to guess the railroad path. I did not find any surveys for WOMACK on that page, but I did try to pinpoint where the railroad would go. There are lots of surveys on page 106. On Dodson's USGS map on page 107 it looks like the railroad crosses Difficult Creek, then swings down and goes through Scottsburg. There is a little road with no number going from Scottsburg towards what I guess is 360. anyway at that spot on the little road is Scottsburg School and across the little road is a cemetery. I am naming these points so you know what area was covered. The area on the railroad between Difficult Creek and Scottsburg is what I tried to pinpoint on the survey page (106).---Doretta

Sunday, May 01, 2005 at 20:43:55 (PDT)
Alice Dewey Robinson

James Watt Womack and Ida Mae Osenton
Can some one tell me where James and Ida were married,died,cemetery any newspaper items. Ida Mae Osenton is conected to my 2 oldest sons family. Ida would be their great aunt. I belive she is a sister to George E.Osenton .
Can any one help?

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