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Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 19:41:00 (PDT)


The information on the railroad I got from the Library of Virginia web site. They have more information on the railroad but I don't believe it is in circulation which means you would need to view it at the library. You might check your local library to see if there are books which have been written whcich can be sent to your library on the interlibrary loan program. Mark was interested in the railroad also, but I don't know if he pursued it.

I doubt the graveyard on Lot 3 or 4 is where Jefferson Davis Womack is buried, because there are no headstones at this graveyard. Also, this graveyard is in trees not in a field. The home place is also in the trees. At the turn-in to the driveway, I believe Edmondsons live there today, but I don't know which one. The only Edmondsons I have any knowledge of were State Troopers over 30 years ago.

When you speak of the railroad bridge, are you speaking of the one on 360? If so, that bridge is a good ways from Miles Womacks place. If you are traveling towards Danville on 360, the farm is located between Clover and Scottsburg Center. After leaving Clover on Hwy 92, turn right onto 360 headed West, you will cross the railroad bridge, then you will cross the bridge for Difficult Creek, and it is on the left before you get to Scottsburg Center. Later in the week, I will try and remember to get out the map for Halifax and get the highway numbers which run on both sides off 360.

I don't know about the other Halifax researchers, but I haven't done any original research in at least a year and a half. I have been wanting to go to Prince Edward Courthouse.

Maybe this coming week I can post some of the data from the indexes which may shed light on Jeff's and Mary's land.

Another interesting thing in the indexes was a lawsuit brought by the railroad against Miles and Frances for damages. If I remember, the railroad won the case for damages. Considering how close the railroad was to the house, I can understand Miles and Frances concern.


Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 13:53:23 (PDT)
Kathy Womack Tucker

BETH and all:
I've been trying to track down my Womack ancestors, and believe that I'm on the right track...not completely sure, tho. I haven't wanted to pay Ancestry for any help, but found the Womack Census Records at Sam's site. They have really given me some ideas.

I was searching for John S. Womack, hopefully in Cherokee Co., AL, and found him in the 1870 Census. He was grouped with Henry C., 26 (b. 1843); Frances, 22 (b. 1847); Amanda, 2; and Elisabeth, 4. Henry and Frances were both born in GA.

I then went to the 1850 Census in GA, and found Henry Wamack (age 6) and he was grouped with Jesse N. Wamack (b. 1818), Amanda M. (b. 1816 GA), William O., Ann R., Mary and Turner.

Had a heck of a time with Jesse's parents...could've been so many...but went to Rootsweb and found that Jesse would fit right in being William Womack and Rebecca Hunt's son (they married June 19, 1813 in Jasper Co., GA). Their other children were: Francis, William, Martha and Susan.

Maybe William's Francis is the one you're looking for...hope so! Everyone please keep on posting...I love it!

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I finally got my boxes unpacked that contain my genealogy files. I found some copies of old receipts that were handed down to me by a Boatman cousin, L.S. These receipts may or may not be of any help to us. And some of you may already have these copies? I haven't had time yet to really study them or 'research' them. (except for a few of them) Some of the names of these receipts are Jacob Womack, Johnson Womack, etc. with various spellings of those first names. I'm going to scan them and put them all on a temporary webpage on my personal website. If anyone would like to view and copy/print these receipts from off my temp. webpage, just email me and I'll be happy to send you the link to the page. Hope they'll be of some help, regarding David Womack and his parents and grandparents, or maybe give us some clues or answer some questions. (Womack line - Thomas and William Jefferson's grandparents, etc. etc.) Some of the dates are from the 1700's, etc. Sorry it's taken me so long to do this, but with us moving and getting settled in our new home, AND with me now taking care of my new grandbaby, I just wasn't able to get to it any sooner. But this weekend, I'll be busy scanning them and getting them ready for you to look at.

Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 02:49:53 (PDT)


Yes, that is correct. He might have also been married before. Martha, his dau. who married Capt. Robert Bean, was b. in 1758. According to Annette Carpenter Womack, she was born in Orange Co., NC. Johnson's RW pension app said he was born 1762 in Goochland Co., VA. I know Jacob and Sarah were married when her father died in 1761.


Friday, April 29, 2005 at 20:17:38 (PDT)


Thank you.

So, Peter Jacob Womack married to Sarah Johnson is the same individual as Major Jacob Womack, is that correct?


Friday, April 29, 2005 at 19:01:03 (PDT)

Doris --- You helped me pinpoint about where Miles Womack family's land was located. I knew the Railroad was close but I didn't know it cut through the land, nor did I know its name. Don't go out in those weeds. We also have those pesty tick critters here in KY. I know you and Mark and others are working hard to figure out Miles and Henry's line and I do so want to Help. I found some web sites on the Richmond Danville Railroad. There seems to be 8 vol. of manuscript (MS84-133) at Virginia Tech in their Special Collections Dept. These records on this railroad include stockholders and director's minutes and correspondence, contracts, deeds, and reports. I don't know if it is possible to read this stuff on the computer. If it is possible I wouldn't mind reading it. That kind of stuff I digg. I don't yet know how to bring it up. But I did find Maude Carter Clement's AN ABBREVIATED HISTORY OF PITTSYVANIA COUNTY VA pub 1952. She says a railroad convention met in Danville VA in Oct 1835 and Whitmell P Tunstall (of Bellegrove Plantation) was represnting the area in VA Legislature and introduced a bill to charter thr R.R. They won their charter in 1847 and was then incorporated in VA. The first train arrived in Danville on June 19, 1856. Maude Clement says the first road was in 1747 laid out and cut from William Bean's plantation on the Dan River to the courthouse at Old Town. Doris, I checked adain in Roger C Dodson's PROPERTY LINES FROM AN OLD SURVEY BOOK 1741-1901. It is confusing trying to figure out his data on whom first owned the land and where. About where you say those lots were located I find a large survey for Peter Hudson (4 June 1751) 6,310 acres and for John Legrand (Ligon?) (4 Nov 1748) maybe 400 acres or more. Both of them on the Clover side of Difficult Creek near the railroad bridge. On the Scottsville side of Difficult Creek where the RR runs, there seems to be several smaller surveys to different men with the surname of Wall. All made in 1848 or 1849. But on the east side of the RR between there and the river I find a Joseph Nash (26 Aug 1825) 100 acres and two surveys for Hezekiah Blankenship (6 April 1825) 130 acres and (26 Aug 1825) 100 acres. Also last June 12 (2004) Teresa Womack Moore posted to WGN about a reunion for Zora Womack Conner and that she found J.D. Womack buried in a field. She said the headstone read March 31 1858 to Feb 7 1918 and also a headstone for Hugh Williams McCargo 1815-1845. I think the J.D. Womack is Jefferson Davis Womack. Her posting sounds like the graveyard you mention with lots 3 and 4. I don,t really know, just a guess on my part. (Don's Aunt Peggy (Porta) says Jeff is buried in Halifax Co VA and the graveyard has or did have an iron fence around it, but she couldn't tell me the name or the spot where it was.) The Hugh Williams McCargo mentioned is a brother of Jeff's father, Littlejohn S. McCargo who died in 1889 and left 1/2 of his land to Jeff. It is possible that the graveyard could have been Hawkins or McCargo or Womack since Jeff maybe could have gotten land from all. As I understand it, Jeff had at one time about 500 acres. When he died, his 2nd wife Lucy married 2nd an Edmundson and the land went under his control as the husband of Lucy. I might add that Mary's lot I think had a boundry with some McCargo's land. What McCargo, I don't know. I think she maybe died before 1880 but for sure before 1889. I am now trying to figure out how to find sites on history of the early churches and early ministers. Maybe I will get lucky and find where some early records are now. Doretta

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 19:00:09 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson
royce gibson at frontiernet.net

Don't mean to preach to the chior here but thought I'd try to help.
Prior to the Revolution and likely for some time after - a fort was not necessarily a "military" thing. Prospectors and adventurers had "forts" to entice people to move west and they weren't always stockaded areas but at time natural forts (surrounded by cliffs on three sides or water). Powell's Fort near Winchester, VA is an example.

Having grown up in the South and West it was hard for me to understand why people in the mid 1700's were building houses on top of each other in the area where I now live. It was strickly for safety. They farmed "their land" a ways from their house so they could easily "circle the wagons" if the need arose.
Also, you might try looking at the very extensive history on the battle (political not hand to hand) for the state of "Franklin". I haven't but the area of TN you guys are mentioning for Fort Womack was very engaged in trying to become not Tennessee but Franklin.
One more point to the sermon, and I'll do the benediction - almost all of the original colonies (including Connecticut) claimed land to the Mississippi River since there charters usually said from sea to sea and the French or Spanish claimed everything west of the Miss. River.
Amen and someone please pass the collection plate. :)

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 17:22:15 (PDT)
Parke Coleman Bogle

Laban Coleman, born Abt. 1770, died in Lunenburg County, Va in 1849 or 1850; married Elizabeth Wormack, born abt. 1775, died before 1880; in Chesterfield County, VA on Oct. 19, 1797. They later moved to Lunenburg County where Laban's will is probated. Does anyone out there have information on this family? Parke Coleman Bogle

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 13:13:54 (PDT)

i am looking for any photos that people would share for my website for others to view in regards to the dejarnette families. alot of them married into the mcgehee family and i am looking for anything regarding hester or esther ann stith.

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 11:29:37 (PDT)

Beth, Doris, Sam --- The boundry between N. Car and VA was run by Wm. Byrd II in 1728. The line began in the east and west, but Byrd's survey only extended west about 1/2 or maybe 2/3 of what is Virginia's line today. I don't know where he stopped. The line has been extended several times and is today also the boundry of Tenn and Ky. I just know bits and pieces of that Boundry Line Story and always interested in learning more of it. N. Car and Va were at each other throats for a long time over their land claims. In the 1700's both of them claimed land all the way to the Mississippi River. When Henderson wanted to make a treaty with the Indiand, he as a person could not do it under Va law and Va would not do it for land over the mountains. Henderson then went to the area claimed by both Va and N.Car and under N.Car law was able to make the treaty. Later before KY became a state, Va and N. Car settled their differences and Fort Boonesbourgh became Va land and then later in the State of Ky. --- The area of southwestern Va, the area that is now maybe Pittsylvania and other nearby counties seem to have had settlers early. Maybe it had some but not many when the area was formed as Brunswick County and Andrew Parish (ca1720-1732). Then it grew with settlers. Robert "Buster" Stevens says that by the year 1730 England was asking for more tobacco and they (Eng? VA?) began making liberal land grants to encourage men to move westward. One such grant of 40,000 acres was made (year not mentioned) to the Caldwell Settlement in Brunswick County, (later area of Charlotte Co) on Cub Creek and Staunton Rivers. Lunenburg Co and Cumberland Parish were formed in 1746. Maude Clement says Lunenburg Co included area that is area of present day counties of Patrick, Henry, Franklin, Bedford, Campbell, Pittsylvania, Halifax, Mecklenburg, Charlotte and Prince Edward. Then in 1752 a petition by inhabitants living in the forks of Dan and Staunton Rivers asked that Lunenburg be divided and so it was. The new area which had Staunton River and Blackwater Creek for its Northern boundry and extended westward to the mountains was named Halifax County. By this time there were lots more people living there. The courthouse was located at HALIFAX OLD TOWN (Peytonsburg, VA), also called OLD TOWN. The courthouse was built in 1759. Doretta

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 07:23:48 (PDT)

I guess the excerpts from Carlos's book disappeared when I posted. It was regarding Margaret Archdeacon Cody Womack, widow of Richard Womack, IV, suing Richard III and Maj. Jake, indicating that Jacob was not a resident of the area in 1753.

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 05:58:36 (PDT)

This is also very confusing, but the Poll List is probably a tax list (we used to pay Poll Tax in our state):

*1764 Jacob Womack Nov 28 Poll List Halifax Co VA
*1764 Residence Orange Co NC

From Carlos Womack’s book:

"The following papers were found in an old box of papers, upstairs in the Courthouse, Farmville, VA. Margaret Womack, widow and Relict of Richard Womack dec'd. Plt against Richard and Jacob Womack Defts - In Chancery. (Prince Edward Co. order Book 1759-1765 p. 1)
"July 8, 1760 executed on Richard Womack , Jacob Womack no inhabitant. Margaret Womack, widow and Relict of Richard Womack, Jr. deceased Late of this county that your Oratrix in or about this month of June in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and fifty three, intermarried with one Richard Womack, Jr. of the Co. of Lunenburg that Richard Womack Sen."

my notes above are in brackets < >

Friday, April 29, 2005 at 05:36:30 (PDT)


From your list, I'll just tell you which ones are not Maj. Jake.

* [Note: Mary Whitlock Wills Cole's Will, dated 1818 mentions a daughter Letty Comer} Note: son of Alexander Womack, Jr.

*[?Jacob P. Womack married to Nancy Faddis.] Note: son of John Womack and Lucy Pryor

*1810 VA 1810 Federal Census Index Page: 342 Lunenburg Co VA WAMMOCK, JACOB 22010-21110-02 Note: son of Alexander Womack, Jr.

*[?Jacob married to Mary Wills] Note: son of Alexander Womack, Jr.

*1810 NC 1810 Federal Census Jacob Womack [?Jacob married to Nancy Faddis]
Orange Co NC Township: Hillsborough Page: 111
3rd. Col=1 All other col's. =0 Note: son of John Womack and Lucy Pryor

*WAMUCK JACOB 12 AND 13 CONSOLIDATED REGIMENT, LOUISIANA MILITIA. PRIVATE PRIVATE Roll Box 218, Roll Exct 602 Note: This is the War of 1812. He is probably Jacob Green Womack, son of David Womack and Mildred Pryor. Someone please correct me if this assumption is wrong.

*There were two Jacob Womacks signing the WATAUGA PETITION - one was a member of the Committee and the other was a non-member. Source: "Tennessee Cousins" Author: Worth S. Ray Note: The committeeman was Maj. Jake. The other.....probably one of his sons....don't think it was Johnson because he was with Captain Jonathan Kemp, Maj. Jake's brother-in-law. It could have been one of his other sons, John, Jesse, David or William.

Note: Maj. Jake could have been married to a Mary or Martha, but I've found no documentation. He married Sarah Johnson, of Lunenburg Co., VA, dau. of Joseph Johnson. Source: "The Johnson Report" by Harold Johnson. His last known record is:

From Grainger Co, TN court records 1796 - 1802 (WPA transacription at TN
State Archives) - several mentions of Jacob and David Womack. In one court
record, Jacob referred to as Major Jacob Womack. In another court record,
Jacob and David listed together as part of a jury to lay off a road. Source: Robert Burke.

I also found this very interesting:

WOMACK GENEALOGY pg 56: Washington Co., NC (now TN) File No.63 JACOB WOMACK 262 Acres, Washington Co., NC, 23 Sep 1778, Entry No. 433. 400 acres to Major JACOB WAMACK, on west side of Fains Branch, the waters of Little Lime Stone. Beginning at a white oak at the road that goes from the place where the said WAMACK formerly lived (now the property of Christopher Taylor) to Benjamin Gests. Surveyed 24 Mar 1779, 292 Acres for JACOB WAMACK on west side of Fain's Branch, Adj. W. Carter. Chain Carriers; Josiah & Francis Hamilton, Grant, No 231, issued 23 Oct 1782. Book 44 Pg. 260.

NOTE: Christopher Taylor was a Captain in the Rev. War. He moved his family to Washington Co,. TN. After the war. he settled on 205 acres of land on Limestone Creek. His 2 story log home still stands in Jonesboro, TN today. Andrew Jackson lived in the Taylor home from 1778-79 while practicing law in Jonesborough. Source: Chaster Johnson, P.O. Box 582, Hurst, TX. 76053-0582: "History of Washington County, Tenn."

Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 22:44:21 (PDT)

Also address this to anyone who can help clarify how many Jacob Womacks born in the 1740 time period and which data belongs to which Jacob.

Beth wrote: >Johnson was the son of Maj. Jacob Womack<

The following information I have is all from various internet postings.

I have two Jacob Womacks born about 1740.

Jacob(1) with tile of "Major" I have married to Martha (unknown) with alternate names of his wife being a Mary (unknown) or Mary Wells. A daughter listed as Martha Womack married to Robert Bean. And they had a daughter, Martha Womack married to Levi Berry Womack.

This Jacob, I have with this data, it is obvious the data can't be for just one Jacob Womack. Most likely I placed some of it under this Jacob until I could determine which Jacob:
*1740 Born about 1740 in VA; Parents as ?Richard Womack III & Anne Nancy Childers
*1752 Halifax Formed from Lunenburg Co VA
*1757 Jacob Womack a witness to the Will of David Flournoy of Prince Edward Co VA [Note: 1830 Cumberland Co VA a David Flournoy married Ann Womack.]
*1758 Virginia Colonial Militia, Lunenburg Co VA, Ensign
*1758 Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776 Certificates.
County: Lunenberg County Date: Sep 1758
Name: Jacob Womack Rank: Ensign
*1758 Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776 Certificates.
County: Lunenberg County Date: Sep 1758
Name: Jacob Womack Rank: Sergeant
*1761 Deed Book 7 Page 141 Lunenburg Co VA 2 Sep 1761 Between Jacob Womack of the province of North Carolina and Samuel Comer of the County of Lunenburg land in the Parish of Cornwall (Charlotte Co VA) in the County of Lunenburg 175 acres. [Note: Mary Whitlock Wills Cole's Will, dated 1818 mentions a daughter Letty Comer}
*1764 Jacob Womack Nov 28 Poll List Halifax Co VA
*1764 Residence Orange Co NC [?Jacob P. Womack married to Nancy Faddis.]
*1765 Jacob Womack 17 Jul Poll List Halifax Co VA
*He was Major in the militia in East Tenn.
*1772 One of 13 commissioners for Watauga Settlement.
*1777 Washington Co VA Captain Jacob Womack makes oath that the within is a just Pay Roll of the men called into Duty under his Command signed Thomas Maddison 4th February 1777.
*1777 June 9th Received the amount of the within Pay Roll signed Jacob Womack
A true copy from the original lodged in the auditors office Wmsg. 29th Octr. 1778 Dun. Rose
*1790 Pendleton Co SC Page:10 Jacob Womack 52500
*1810 VA 1810 Federal Census Index Page: 342
Lunenburg Co VA WAMMOCK, JACOB 22010-21110-02 [?Jacob married to Mary Wills]
*1810 NC 1810 Federal Census Jacob Womack [?Jacob married to Nancy Faddis]
Orange Co NC Township: Hillsborough Page: 111
3rd. Col=1 All other col's. =0


Peter Jacob Womack born Abt. 1737; Parents unknown
Married Sarah Johnson daughter of Joseph Johnson & Mary (unknown)
Residence: Goochland Co VA
Son: Johnson Womack born about 1762 Goochland Co VA
Information on Johnson Womack:
Military Service - Revolutionary War
*1780 Burke Co NC when called into Revolutionary War Service.
*Residence - Crawford Co AR, Lawrence Co AR, Madison Co AR, Washington Co AR, Pendleton Co S C, TN
*1837 Two Pension Applications for Revolutionary War.

There were two Jacob Womacks signing the WATAUGA PETITION - one was a member of the Committee and the other was a non-member. Source: "Tennessee Cousins" Author: Worth S. Ray


*1752 Halifax Formed from Lunenburg Co VA

Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 15:59:29 (PDT)
David Womack

Found this on the web with a Google search:

Womack's Fort Militia Roll, 1776
Capt. Jacob Womack's Company
Fincastle County, Virginia
(now Sullivan County, Tennessee)

So I guess when the fort was built, it was built on land in Virgnia that later became part of Tennessee.

Here is the Link:


Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 13:35:01 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

Somewhere, I do have to look in my photo files, I have a photo of a historical marker for a Womack's Fort - but, if I am not mistaken, this one was in TN,not NC... when I find - will post and anyone wanting a copy can e mail me -- please only after I find the dang thang again!!

OH yes, for those of you who are descendants of Thomas and Louvisa - the info you sent me for the update to Oscar's book was lost in a crash - can you resend?
I have some on a disc, but no where near what I had on the computer when it dumped... Thanks

Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 12:49:51 (PDT)

The other possibility for the builder of Womack's Fort in Burke Co., NC is Thomas Womack, husband of Louvisa Rice, who died there after 1781.

From Roger's web page:

"History: Thomas had a Fort, called Womack Fort, in Burke Co., NC., Reference to it is made in Lincoln Co. Deeds. They were in Burke Co., NC before Rutherford Co., NC., was formed. Most records of Burke Co., NC are lost. From WG 1957-1960, furnished by W.P. Johnson, Genealogist of Raleigh, NC (deceased). From Burke Co., NC., Miscellaneous Papers (C.R. 14.099 in the Archives & History, Raleigh, NC.) St. No. Carolina: I promise to pay or cause to payd unto Thomas Womack or his order the full and just sum of fore hundred pounds good and lawful money of North Carolina, it being for value received. Witness my hand and seal this 28th day of Januy in one thousand seven hundred and eighty. Test: Oliver Spadlin... Jon Ragsdale. Revolutionary War Pay Vouchers (see pg 358 of the Dec1957 issue of THE NORTH CAROLINIAN). Thomas Womack of Burke Co., NC., dated 1781. Thomas Womack must have died in Burke Co., NC., as there are no further Records until Louvisa Appeared on the 1790 census in Rutherford Co., NC., with her family."

Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 11:57:24 (PDT)


Thank you very much for this valuable information. We knew from Johnson's RW pension app that he was in Burke Co., but hadn't found this record. Johnson was the son of Maj. Jacob Womack. The fort in Burke Co. could have also been built by Jacob. He and his family probably migrated to TN from that area. Jacob built "Womack's Fort" in what is now Washington Co., TN, east of the Holston River. Based on the following info found in TN, the time frame is correct:

"HISTORY OF JONESBOROUGH, TN: Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee, established in 1779 by the General Assembly of North Carolina as county seat of Washington County, first county west of the mountains. In 1784 the State of Franklin was organized here, with Jonesborough as its first capital. In 1775 the settlers on both the Watauga and Nolichucky Rivers purchased great acreages of land from the Cherokee Indians, comprising almost all the six upper counties of the present Tennessee (then within North Carolina). Desiring their own government, these settlers petitioned the Provincial Council of North Carolina to be annexed as an official entity. In 1777 the "County of Washington" was formed. The first meeting to decide the location of the new courthouse was at the home of Charles Robertson, and it was decided that John Carter, Andrew Greer, William Cobb, Jacob Womack, George Russell, John Sevier and James Stuart would lay out the plans and location of the new courthouse.

pg 894: Washington County was laid off by an act of the Legislature of North Carolina, passed in Nov 1777, and was made to include the whole of the territory afterward erected into the State of TN. One of the first magistrates appointed was Jacob Womack. The first session of the court of pleas and quarter sessions was begun and held on 23 Feb 1778: Jacob Womack was appointed stray master. Jacob Womack was one of those appointed to make return of the taxable property. At the Nov term, 1778 Jacob Womack was appointed one of the Commissioners to lay off the place for erecting the courthouse, prison & stocks.

(Note: Jacob went with General John Sevier (later Gov. Sevier) to the NC Legislature to petition for this land. Gen. Sevier appointed Jacob Second Major of his troups. These troups became the "Overmountain Men" in the RW and fought among other places in the Battle of King's Mountain.)

pg 913: Fort Womack, which stood two miles east of Bluff City, was built by Jacob Womack. Biographical TN General Assembly 1796-1861 G9293 Mch.

Jacob Womack 1746, Lunenburg., VA, son of Richard, one of the first Magistrates of Washington Co. 1777; Straymaster 1778; Justice of Washington Co. 1778-80; Kings Mountain Men G973336 Red Book.

From Haywood’s History of TN, pg 61 The Wommack Fort was built about the latter part of Jul 1776, east of the Holston (river), ten or twelve miles above the mouth of the Watauga."

I would appreciate it very much if you could provide the web site where your data was found.

Thanks again, Anne.


Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 09:07:53 (PDT)
Anne Swann

Has anyone out there heard of "Womack's Fort" located somewhere near Second Broad River in what was once Burke County, NC (now McDowell County)? From old Burke County land records: "#1494, p. 494, Alexander Erwin, 100 acres on Second Broad River, including Womack's Fort. Entered 8 Jan. 1779. Transferred to Mary Bradly." Also "#1803, p. 599. Thomas Bradly, 300 acres on Second Broad River inclding both sides of the river and a 'shole' and Womacks old place for complement. Entered 25 Nov. 1778." I have no idea which Womack may have owned this property originally, but am still investigating. Just thought someone might have heard of the "Fort". FYI: A Johnson Womack joined Rev. War effort in old Burke Co. in 1780, not many miles from Second Broad River area. Later moved to Madison Co. Ark. Many thanks for any info.

Anne Swann
Marion, NC

Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 00:41:22 (PDT)

No Sandra but r u looking for something in particular perhaps I can give ya hand finding some info.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at 10:06:35 (PDT)
Sandra Myers Bellflower

Womack / Calls

Does anyone have any connections between Womacks and Calls in Coffee County Tennessee? Thank you advance.

Monday, April 25, 2005 at 20:47:48 (PDT)

Does anyone have any suggestions for the father of Francis Womack?

1840 Roll 48, Town Dist, Newton Co., GA
Francis L. Womack, age 20-29
Female, age 20-29
Female, age 15-19

1850 Covington P O, Newton Co., GA
Francis Womack, age 34, b. GA
Nancy, age 23, b. GA
William, age 9, b. GA
Francis, age 7, b. GA
John, age 2, b. GA

1860 Covington P O, Newton Co., GA
In the household of J. B. Mabry
F. S. Womack, age 40, b. GA Occu: Clerk (widower)
Francis Womack, Jr. age 17 Occu: Printer
Martha Reb (Rebecca?), age 13

1870 Covington P O, Newton Co., GA
F. S. Womack, age 54, b. GA
Martha F. Womack, age 28, b. GA (second wife)
John M. Womack, age 20, b. GA
Iola E. E. Womack, age 13, b. GA
Valentine M. Womack, age 6, b. GA
Sarah Sorrows (Sorrells?), age 9, b. GA (step dau?)
Jesse W. Womack, age 4, b. GA
Thomas F., age 1, b. GA

1880 Twp. 9, De Kalb Co., AL
Martha WOMMAC Self W Female W 37 GA Kpg House GA GA
Valentine WOMMAC Son S Male W 15 GA Wks on Farm GA GA
Jessee W. WOMMAC Son S Male W 13 GA Wks on Farm GA GA
Thomas F. WOMMAC Son S Male W 11 GA Wks on Farm --- ---
Anna B. WOMMAC Dau S Female W 7 AL None --- ---

1900 Brindley Twp., De Kalb Co., AL
Jesse Wommack, age 32, b. Oct 1868 AL SC SC Farmer
Allice C. Wommack, age 28, b. Oct 1872 AL GA GA
Dollie M. Wommack, age 9, b. May 1891 AL AL AL
Evel Wommack, age 6, b. Aug 1893 AL AL AL
Leona Wommack, age 8 mos., b. Sep 1899 AL AL AL

Francis's son, Jesse Wahn Womack, married Alice Jolly and lived in Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX.

Monday, April 25, 2005 at 20:29:42 (PDT)

I am assuming interrment in a family plot rather than a church cemetery - If I remember, by federal law, all interments prior to the 1914 death records thang, had to be recorded in church records - I am sure we all realize, lazy recorders and illiterates and ne'er do wells, didnt do that - well not all of them anyway - but from my experience, the recording in church records was lousy at best - bar none - I am not Catholic; but the best records were probably kept by the Catholic church in the area -- If they were buried in a Catholic cemetery -

Half the time, or less, the people who survey cemeteries DO NOT actually check the church records; merely the stones in the cemetery -- and those who post that info, sans real fact - are quite amiss and should not be posting genealogy data to the net-- I know where my immediate family is in the cemetery - the church does not!! Some greats and great greats I know approximately where they are; but, not the specific plot...church records should show that - they dont -

Perhaps a funeral home in the area may, at best, have some records....pray on that one!!

Monday, April 25, 2005 at 15:56:07 (PDT)


After thought on Laban G. Womack - In 1850 Laban is listed as age 5 - maybe he died between 1850 and the start of the death records of Halifax Co VA which I think was 1853.

>Also does anyone know when the railroad bought their land near Clover and from whom?<

A small point: I believe this 312 1/2 acres would be considered located in the Scottsburg area rather than Clover.

I have all the Womack Deed index (thanks to Mark Womack) for grantor and grantee and there is no deed from a Womack to the railroad for this land. Either it was not deeded or it was deeded prior to the Womacks owning the land.


Monday, April 25, 2005 at 14:26:10 (PDT)


Corrections and additions welcomed. I hope I haven't confused my directions when referring to north, south, east, and west. I didn't try to be as accurate as to indicate northwest, southeast, ect.

>where Miles' parents are buried<
Mark, a friend of Marks from the local area, my husband and I walked over part of Lots #3 & 4. There are no headstones, not even rocks indicating graves only sunken places and the plant that grows over graveyards (I forget the name of the plant). I have no idea if any of Miles Womack's Family are buried here, but there are indications that a graveyard exist on Lot #4 or maybe it is Lot #3. I also don't know if the home was built by Miles or was already there when he and Frances inherited the property from the Laban Hawkins' Estate. Only feet west of the graveyard was a large sunken place which we surmised was the location of the home. Both the home and the graveyard are only feet from the railroad tracks. Lots #3 & 4 are approximately 1/2 mile following the driveway into the Lot and is off Highway #360. There is a road to the west closer to Lots #3 & 4 but no driveway to enter off that I could find when my husband and I went back later.

While looking over my records to answer your questions, I realized I didn't have Frances Womack's death notice. I rechecked the death records for 1866 and she is not listed even though there are many listed for 1866. I think she probably died during the years of the Civil War and from what I know almost no deaths were recorded during that time period.

I have nothing in my records for Labon G. Womack except for his birth date which is about 1843 and comes from the 1850 Halifax Co VA Census when he was 7 years old.

Regarding David Burras Womack I have the following. The name Burras comes from the McGehee Family. His maternal grandmother was a McGehee.

Note: Nathan Womack born about 1746 of Cumberland Co VA married Anna McGehee of Cumberland Co VA on 25 February 1775 in Cumberland Co VA. Anna's parents were Edward McGehee and Elizabeth DeJarnette. I don't believe this will tell us much from where Miles Family fits into the larger Womack Family; however, every clue is worth further research.

Back to David Burras Womack. "The Heirs of Burras Womack as the Grantee with the Grantor being the "Estate of Miles Womack with the kind of deed being "part interest in" Deed Book 60 Page 485 dated 28 May 1866 concerning 30 1/2 acres. From this deed is the hand drawn map of the land division of the Heirs of Miles Womack.

The railroad splitting the property runs east to west. On the south side of the railroad are Lots #1 & 2 with Lot #1 lying west of Lot #2. Lot #1, 40 acres deeded to William Womack. Lot #2, 37 acres deeded to Thomas Womack.

On the north side of the railroad are the remaining lots. Beginning near the railroad on the north side is Lots #3 & 4. Lot #3 deeded to Theoderick Meems and wife Cordelia (Womack). Lot #3 is listed as lot with house and is within Lot #4. Lot #4, 30 1/2 acres deeded to Heirs of Burras Womack with a Family Burial ground located on Lot #4. So, I am not sure whether Cordelia or Burras owned the burial ground. I would need to read the deeds when the property was later sold to determine who owned the burial ground.

Proceeding north, Lot #5, 36 acres deeded to Mary Womack.

Lot #6, 40 acres deeded to Charles Smith and wife, Martha (Womack).

Lot #7, 40 acres deeded to William Arnold and wife, Emily (Womack).

Lot #8, 36 acres deeded to William Ritchie and wife, Elizabeth (Womack).

Lot #9, 33 acres deeded to James Womack.

Lot #10 20 acres deeded to Henry Womack.

This adds up to 312 1/2 acres.

Difficult Creek meanders along the entire west side of all lots and along at least part of the southern side of Lots #1 & 2.

"The Richmond Danville Railroad" dated 1847. I don't know if this is the start, completion, or operational date. The actual date of the section running through the Womack Estate I don't know.

Additional note - the time to walk the woods in VA is in the months between heavy frost and before Spring. We have ticks, the large ones are not so bad as they are easily felt and seen on the body; however, we have very tiny ones which are terrible. And if one is unlucky enough to step in a bed of them, by the time you realize they are on you, they have "dug in". January and February are good months to research graveyards and our winters in VA are mild except for a couple of days here or there.


Sunday, April 24, 2005 at 20:40:57 (PDT)
Lexy Womack

I just found out that my greatgrandpa is leanes cousin im 12 years old.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 at 11:49:06 (PDT)

Hi Derrell,

Well, here we go......I sent you LOTS of info. and was happy to do so. And you sent me info. on your W. J. Womack's line, who as we know, was a brother to my direct Womack Ancestor 'Thomas Jefferson Womack', which most of I already had, thanks for my cousin Erin. But the point really is, that I truly appreciated everything you sent me. The only instance where I asked you not to share was, as you know, was when it pertained to personal letters that I sent you copies of that were written by MY Womack kinfolk, one to the other. That, I did not have to share with you, but did so, because I thought you might enjoy reading them. Those, I feel, are personal and precious letters of correspondence between my Womacks. If I asked you not to share certain info. I sent you, then it was only because it must have been personal correspondence dating back many years ago between my Womacks, that has been handed down to me, yes, by a cousin. I just sent it to you thinking that you might really enjoy reading it. The other info., which by the way, was a lot of info., that I sent you, and I have no problem with you sharing it. My husband and I have recently moved across Country and many of my Genealogical files are still boxed up. I just haven't had the time to unload them yet. Hopefully I'll get around to that very soon. I am never hesitant to share information and always do so with a 'glad heart'. I may be slow these past few months in doing so, but only because my days and weeks are now so busy.

Cousin Erin, thank you so much for the copy of William J.'s obituary! I was so excited and thrilled to receive that from you. Forgive me for being so late in thanking you. I have a brand new grandbaby, my first grandchild actually, and I'm now babysitting him every day during the week, as my daughter had to go back to work. The days seem to really fly by now. *smile* Will be in touch with you soon! Lenore says Hello and we'll be visiting soon at our Boatman Reunion in June in New Mexico.
love Tammy

Sunday, April 24, 2005 at 10:18:51 (PDT)

Doris --- Thanks for that data on Rebecca. Do you, Mark or any other researcher have any idea where Miles' parents are buried? To me, it seems likely that they are buried in Halifax Co. VA somewhere. Maybe even in this cemetery. When Frances Hawkins Womack (wife of Miles) died before March 1866, land was surveyed then to be divided up between their children. One of the lots was #4 with 30 and 1/2 acres. The 1/2 acre was reserved around the graveyard as a family burying ground. This lot description begins at the railroad bridge (over Difficult Creek?) and goes along the railroad where it makes a corner with lot #3. Lot #3 contained the mansion house and it went to daughter Cordelia Womack Meens. Lot #4 was allotted to the heirs of Burras Womack dec'd. I don't know for sure, but I think Burras is son David B. Womack who died in 1858 at age 11. I could be wrong on who Burras is, but there should be a court record of somekind as to who did receive the family graveyard. Do you or any other researcher know who got that graveyard? I am interested in all who are buried there. I have no information on what name the cemetery was known by. Also I would like to add that the data that I have seems not to be complete. Laban G Womack seems to have been left out of the land division. If that is true, then why was he left out? Are there court records on him. Also does anyone know when the railroad bought their land near Clover and from whom? Doretta

Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 16:47:59 (PDT)

Doretta & Beth,

The female age 60 to 70 may be Miles' mother, Rebecca. Miles's father died about 1829. Rebecca was still alive in 1832. This is from Mark Womack's research.


Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 15:47:40 (PDT)

Beth --- Elizabeth, the sister of Frances isn't a bad guess, but she is too young. That eldery woman in Miles Womack's household in 1830 was born about 1760-1770. Miles and Frances were born about 1800-1810. By the way, with Major Jacob Womack being Richard (the third)'s son, that puts Jacob in Keturah Hawkins' generation. Doretta

Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 12:03:04 (PDT)


Nancy Ann Childers, daughter of Henry Childers, married Richard Womack, III. Their son was Maj. Jacob. Even researchers who worked on this family some time ago have Childress and Childers for Nancy's name.

One thought on the older female in Miles's household in 1830.....Frances's sister, Elizabeth, b. ca. 1799, didn't marry James Bottom until 1836.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 at 10:18:16 (PDT)
dreec@ EKNS.net

Sam --- Thanks again for that copy and paste tip. We are always interested in tips. That tip helped don to at last figure out only the message part (which was only the password) would copy and not the data in the address space. (By the way Sam, he typed the address wrong for you. That "B" between the "WHAT" and the "EVER" should have been "G". He also forgot to type the attach: lower case letters data that was in the address space.) Anyway Sam I don't send E-Mail often since we are on one phone line. I must run my husband out of his comfort space and use his computer. In time we will get two lines, but for now while I am still learning the computer, one line works. Like a five year old, I love getting mail anytime, so if you or anyone wants to E-Mail me, please do. I need some more pratice on Don' computer. Sam, and all of you other reachers, I was checking out Miles Womack's wife's family conections. Frances Hawkins Womack's grandfather was Joseph Hawkins. Joseph's sister, Keturah Hawkins married William Childress/Childers who was the grandson of Philomen Childers. Now Philomen Childers was the grandson of Henry Pew/Pugh and Jane Womack. Also Philomen Childers' niece was Nancy Ann Childress who married a Womack. That Womack was either William or Jacob Womack or she could have married both. I don't know nor do I myself have any proof, but I thought these family connections were very interesting. I wanted to pass my thoughts on to those of you who have worked on these families and might have proof or clues. I am always looking for clues on how Miles Womack might fit into the overall Womack picture. I am interested in what all you researchers think. Lots of you have or know how to get data. What you think is important in how Miles Womack fits into the Womack overall picture. That overall connection is out there just waiting to be found. Any ideas, thoughts or proof on Miles' connections, I welcome. You can post here or E-Mail me. I so do want to see Miles placed in the overall Womack picture. Thanks again Sam for your help. Doretta

Friday, April 22, 2005 at 19:29:04 (PDT)
samsawadee @ msn.com

OK just remember before sending me mail the space between the @ and msn have to be removed - if they aint there from tis page - aint me -

I rrarely post here any more as when I do people tend to hold off for 3-5 days for some reason before they do anything -- gbut that one needed addressing right away -

Anyway, people want info from me - send person to person - I will not post here because of past experience - the rest of you, post as you will - I wont bite..

Friday, April 22, 2005 at 16:26:45 (PDT)

Place your cursor over the message - drag until highlighted - then go to edit, click on copy - bring up an e mail send - the go to the body of the mail, clic and get the cursor or whatever flashing and then b ack to edit and hit paste..
Should put that in a new message -- then address to me -- and send
Need thia resolved quicker that snail -- \

Friday, April 22, 2005 at 16:24:05 (PDT)

Hi Sam, Derrell, Beth and all of you interested in Miles Womack's line. --- But first Sam let me say that I am still willing to send you that page by snail mail if you want it. That was a dirty trick on both of us that someone did by using a spin on your e-mail address. At first I thought it was yours until I read your posting. Then I checked that address against yours that you posted. Thats when I found the little differences like the "n" between "sam" and "saw". I still don't know how to use passwords, but that is OK with me for now. I guess it saved me a lot of trouble not knowing. ----- Derrell --- Thanks for that stuff you sent. Laban Hawkins' Will is interesting. Although it does not say in the source just what Frances received from her father, it does say that John and his brother Royal Hawlins are to take care of their mother. She was to be supported out of Laban's estate as long as she lived. Laban died in 1820 which was before Frances married Miles Womack in 1826. I have often wondered who the older female was in Miles Womack's household in 1830. She was not there in 1840. Anyway I don't think the female was Frances' mother Catherine, but I can't be sure until I find John and/or Royal Hawkins on the 1830 and 1840 censuses to see if they really did take care of their mother. Catherine didn't die until 1842 and if she is in their household, then the older female in Miles Womack's household is likely his father's wife. That is a guess on my part. Does anyone have any other idea who she might be? Can anyone tell me how to get the different censuses on the computer so I can do some checking? Doretta

Friday, April 22, 2005 at 12:46:51 (PDT)

Sam --- I am having trouble doing that copy and paste thing. Do you want me to send it to you by snail mail? Contact me by E-Mail. Doretta

Friday, April 22, 2005 at 11:57:11 (PDT)

OK Sam, will do like you say, but give me a little while. I need to look up how to copy and paste first. Doretta

Friday, April 22, 2005 at 11:25:24 (PDT)

I dont remember sending you anything concerning a password -- copy and paste that message and send to me at my e-mail address shown here - pls dont forward - copy and paste -- Methinks it be good you dont know how to use what you got -
Someone may be spoofing my address --

Friday, April 22, 2005 at 05:57:12 (PDT)

Help Sam --- Thanks for the password. I think it is a good idea to have one to keep from being buged by persons who are troule makers, but I don't know how to use it. Is it used so I can receive E-Mail from you? Please help me. This computer stuff is sometimes overwhelming. Doretta Also I don't know about those paper clips either.

Thursday, April 21, 2005 at 02:50:05 (PDT)

Stumbled onto this Sam and Roger might have this alrdy

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, NC - DEEDS - Deed Index "W-X-Y-Z", 1779-1917
Sorted by Grantee (Whitehead - ZVJOLLYCo)

Bright, LJ & T. / Womack, AB / Mtg/H-3/464/1904
Eakin, John / Womack, Abner / Deed/24-26/665/1812
Enloe, Abraham / Womack, Abner / Deed/24-26/90/1807
Franklin, John / Womack, Abner / Deed/24-26/689/1912
Melton, Joshua / Womack, Andrew / Deed/25/21/1809
Bostic, Samuel E. / Womack, Asa B. / Deed/65/251/1892
Green, Harriett & GW / Womack, Grover / Deed/97/348/1913
Coffey, HE & OE / Womack, JE / Deed/102/545/1916
Carpenter, JH / Womack, John B. / Deed/48/505/1865
Bryan, AR / Womack, John E. / Deed/92/503/1909
McClure, Annie & JA / Womack, LB / Deed/90/594/1909
Butler, BR & LA / Womack, LL / Deed/103/284/1916
Carpenter, Laura & WG / Womack, PG / Mtg/U-4/55/1915
Eaves, AJ / Womack, PG / Deed/105/278/1916
McDaniel, AH & TL / Womack, PG / Deed/57/402/1885
Mosley, GR & PW / Womack, PG / Mtg/C/313/1890
Mosley, John / Womack, PG / Mtg/G/574/1895
Buttler, Deliliah & Richard / Womack, Phillip / Deed/57/400/1885
Buttler, Deliliah & Richard / Womack, Phillip / Deed/57/400/1885
Jones, Alpha V. & WB / Womack, TB / Deed/95/321/1912
Martin, Dorie & TP / Womack, TB / Deed/95/321/1912
Eaves, Guilford & NL / Womack, Thomas / Deed/54/102/1877
Camp, Thomas / Womack, William / Deed/11-Oct/91/1798
Coxe, Tench / Womack, William / Deed/25/257/1810
Duponcean, Peter S. / Womack, William / Deed/25/257/1810
Fisher, Peter / Womack, William / Deed/25/257/1810
Kintzing, Abraham, Jr. / Womack, William / Deed/25/257/1810
Calton, TF / Womack, Willis / Prom Note/D/109/1891
Jolly, John / Womack, Willis / Deed/44/509/1843
Coxe, Francis S. & Tench C. / Womick, AB / Deed/64/561/1891
Coffey, HE & Othie / Womick, John / Deed/82/136/1905
Coffey, HE & Othie / Womick, John / Deed/84/16/1905
Carpenter, MG & LT / Womick, PG / Mtg/T/275/1914

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 18:39:17 (PDT)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 17:59:33 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson
royce gibson at frontiernet.net

Food for thought:

I've been trying to find the maiden name of both Carter Womack's wife and his father Thomas' wife.

What if Thomas' wife's name was CARTER and Carter's wife's name was Jordon. These are both new names to the line and would follow some previous patterns.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 13:52:09 (PDT)

Attn: Doretta I found this still looking for more

Laban Hawkins1,2 (M)
b. circa 1768, d. 18 May 1820
Laban was born at Virginia, circa 1768.3 He married Catherine McGehee on 30 December 1784.2 Laban died on 18 May 1820,,.2 Laban's will was probated on 24 July 1820.4

Children of Laban Hawkins and Catherine McGehee:
Martin Hawkins
John Hawkins
Nancy R. "Annie" Hawkins d. b 1842
Elizabeth B. Hawkins
Sarah M. Hawkins
Frances W. Hawkins
Martha M. Hawkins
Tazewell M. Hawkins
Joel Hawkins+ d. 31 May 1830
Royall Hawkins b. a 30 Jun 1840

[S394] DAR National # 196732.
[S3] Walter H Millard - Katie LaRee Millard, Family Group Sheet.
[S484] 1880, U.S. Census.
[S12] Testator Labau Hawkins, Dated 1/27/1820; probated 7/24/1820
Will Book 11:639.

Catherine McGehee1 (F)
b. 1771, d. circa November 1842
Pop-up Pedigree
Catherine was born at Virginia, in 1771.2 She was the daughter of William McGehee and Catherine (mcgehee). She married Laban Hawkins on 30 December 1784.1 Catherine died circa November 1842,,.1 Catherine's will was probated on 28 November 1842.3

Children of Catherine McGehee and Laban Hawkins:
Martin Hawkins
John Hawkins
Nancy R. "Annie" Hawkins d. b 1842
Elizabeth B. Hawkins
Sarah M. Hawkins
Frances W. Hawkins
Martha M. Hawkins
Tazewell M. Hawkins
Joel Hawkins+ d. 31 May 1830
Royall Hawkins b. a 30 Jun 1840

[S3] Walter H Millard - Katie LaRee Millard, Family Group Sheet.
[S484] 1880, U.S. Census.
[S11] Catherine McGehee, Dated 6/30/1849; probate 11/28/1842
Will Book 20:129.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 12:51:20 (PDT)

Hi Beth --- Glad to hear from you. I have been reading postings and thinking about the data but I have taken sometime out on the MILES WOMACK line. Too many dead ends and brick walls. I tried to run the SELF and HAGAR/HAGER lines (who are somewhat connected to ARCHIBALD WOMACK), but I got no-where on the computor. I gave up trying to hack on the computor and took up weed hacking in the garden. I have been having more success doing weed hacking, but it is harder on this old lady. I would love to get back to working on WOMACKS but I am still trying to figure out what wall that just might crumble. Anybody got any ideas to share? Let me add that MILES WOMACK's wife FRANCES HAWKINS was daughter of LABAN HAWKINS born about 1760 Amelia Co VA died about 1820 and wife CATHERINE McGEHEE born June 1771 Cumberland Co VA died 23 Oct 1842 Halifax Co VA. FRANCES and MILES married abt 1826 (4 July 1826 Halifax Co VA?) and LABAN and CATHERINE married abt 1784 VA. In typing the name CATHERINE, I wonder if MARY C. WOMACK's middle name could be CATHERINE and named after her grandmother? No proof. Just a thought. Dotetta

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 12:00:09 (PDT)
Sandi Phillips

Thank You Erin

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 07:36:36 (PDT)

Looking for some information....My gggggrandfather was Willliam Womack (1736-1819) and his wife Mary Allen (1746). I am looking for information on there parents and however far back some one has information. Need it to complete my family tree on the Womack side. thank you elizabeth

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 00:25:21 (PDT)
Erin Dent

Hey Tammy,

I don't know for sure why they named them both with the middle name of Jefferson. I'm still working on that one. I do know that William went by Will and Thomas went by Jeff though.

My mother, just today, got an envelope of stuff from Roselyn. I has the obit. for William Jefferson Womack in it! I was thrilled as I have never seen it before. It has a picture and information in it! She also sent a copy of Johnson/Johnston Womacks pension application for Rev. War!

I was excited to finally get something new! Any family that is interested in copies let me know and I will scan them in and send them email. Just drop me a line and let me know! Always willing to share what I have to help out!


Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 00:17:09 (PDT)
Erin Dent

OK, I am going to do something I wouldn't usually do and ask someone NOT to post something. The Advertisments for cigs or anything else do not really belong here. Forgive me if I am oversteping my bounds, but what do these ads have to do with our 'family'? Thanks.


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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 at 19:33:34 (PDT)
Dana Womack

Thank you Beth for all of your information. It is so cool to know about my Womack side of the family that I've never known. It's just too bad I don't have any aunts, uncles or cousins to ask questions too since my father was an only child. Thanks again.
I don't know if I posted the information before but if anyone is keeping a current record of up to date Womacks, I can post my brothers info too.
Thanks again.

Monday, April 18, 2005 at 21:57:25 (PDT)


This is my best guess on your line.....

1840 Halifax Co., VA Census
Miles Womack, age 30-39 b. ca. 1805, d. 1846 Halifax Co., VA
wife: Frances Hawkins Womack, age 34
Henry E.Womack, age 13
James W., Womack, age 12
Elizabeth Womack, age 4
Mary C. Womack, age 3 (Doretta's line)
2 females 0-5 yrs old

Note: Miles was possibly the brother of Mark's Henry Womack

1850 Halifax Co., Va Census
Page 29A, House 447
24 Womack Frances 44 F W 3000 VA
25 Womack Henry E 23 M W Farmer VA
26 Womack James W 22 M W Farmer VA
27 Womack Elizabeth 14 F W VA
28 Womack Mary C 13 F W VA
29 Womack Cornelia S 8 F W VA
30 Womack Labon G 7 M W VA
31 Womack William M 6 M W VA (William Miles...Dana's line)
32 Womack David B 5 M W VA
33 Womack Emily F 3 F W VA

1860 Scottsburg P O, Halifax Co., VA Census
Frances W. Womack, age 56
Mary C. Womack, age 21
Thomas Womack, age 19 (where was he in 1850?)
William M. Womack, age 17 (William Miles)
Emily Womack, age 13
Unnamed Womack, age 2 (Jefferson Davis Womack, Mary C.'s child by Little John McCargo)

1870 Ceredo Twp., Wayne Co., WV
William Womack, age 25 b. VA Farmhand (William Miles in the HH of Joe E. McCormick)

1880 Curry Twp Putnam Co., W VA
William Warmick, age 30, VA VA VA (William Miles)
Malvina Warmick, age 28, VA OH OH
Mary F Warmick, age 6, b. KENTUCKY

1900 Curry Twp., Putnam Co., W VA
William Womack, age 55, (b. Mar 1845) VA VA VA (died 1921)
Malvina Womack, age 50, (b. Oct 1849) W VA VA VA
Pearlie Womack, age 17 (b. Dec 1882) W VA
Thomas M. Womack, age 12 (b. Apr 1888) W VA (Dana's line)
Henry E. Womack, age 9, (b. Nov 1892)W VA

William and Malvina Womack are buried in Griffith Cemetery, Putnam Co., WV. Malvina Womack's maiden name was probably Manning.

1910 Census - Can't find Thomas M. on the 1910

1920 Precinct 7-Union, Dunbar Twp, Kanawha Co., WV (Josephine Street)
Thomas M. Womark, age 32 W VA VA VA
Ida Womark, age 23 (Ida Annis McLaughlin)
Arthur Womark, age 6
Virginia Womark, age 3-1/2
Eugene Womark, age 19 mos (Eugene Dana Womack, Sr.)

Note: Thomas M. Womack, b. 1 Apr 1888, d. Feb 1979, age 90 Dunbar, Kanawha Co., WV Source SS Death Index

Note: Eugene Dana Womack, Sr., b. 18 Apr 1918, d. 15 Jan 1989, age 70 Lakeland, Polk Co., FL Source SS Death Index

I also have some data on Thomas Womack, son of Miles Womack and Frances Hawkins. He removed to Putnam Co., W VA. He also had a William Miles Womack. Thomas's son, Sidney Morgan Womack was the father of the Dana Womack, who Royce found on the 1930 Jefferson, Kanawha Co., W VA census. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll post it.

Sunday, April 17, 2005 at 02:23:56 (PDT)

I know some ppl like that tammy seeing I gave pics and stuff and they right me an e-mail of letters they have but aren't willing to give me copies of all documents they have on Womacks especially when they had an aunt that was a genealogist that had gotten a hold of many documents but I was told not to share what I was sent but I did anyways so it could help others. Ironic ppl claim to be helpful but still tend to hide stuff from ppl trying to just fill the gaps.

Saturday, April 16, 2005 at 18:48:22 (PDT)

P.S. Oh, by the way, here's my 2-cents worth: (*smile*) I know that there have been many times that I've read this message board and been helped by some tid-bit of info. and it's all interesting info. to me. Even those who post concerning Womack lines other than my own. I enjoy reading all of it. There have been many times when I've helped others with their Womack lines, and/or given and sent them info. on my Womack line when they needed it. And sometimes I never hear from them again. Sad, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. I'm never surprised by that anymore. I just wonder (deep thought here, haha) if they suddenly dropped off the face of the earth, or what?? But then there are times when those I've helped by sending them the Womack info. they needed, do express their gratitude and truly are grateful for the info. But either way, I'll still help those who need info., if and when I can. I enjoy helping and I enjoy reading others' posts here. It's all interesting to me, like I said. Also by the way Jack, I always enjoy and look forward to your emails and posts, as well as the others.

Saturday, April 16, 2005 at 18:42:02 (PDT)

Hi cousin Erin,

You know, speaking of your William Jefferson Womack (and my Thomas Jefferson Womack, his brother) - I've wondered before about the both of them having the same middle name. Makes you wonder 'where' or from what family member they got that Jefferson name from. What do you think?
love cuz Tammy

Saturday, April 16, 2005 at 08:36:08 (PDT)
Kathleen J. Palone

My maiden name is Kathleen J. Anderson. My father John G. Anderson. His William H. Anderson of Tennessee. His father John G. Anderson, Sr. His wife Sallie Oldham Haynes. Her sister Kate W. Haynes married Frank J. Womack of Texas. They had two children, Morris Kenneth Womack and Charles Cowan Womack of Houston, Texas. I am very interested in my family geneology and am looking for living relatives who might share stories about these people and possibly E Mail some photos for my geneology project. Please contact me.


Friday, April 15, 2005 at 18:03:55 (PDT)
Dana Womack

I have found some more children my father Eugene Dana Womack JR. had. Apparently my mother was his 4th wife. His first wife was Judy and were married in AZ. They had 2 children Craig Allen Womack and Andrea Dawn Womack. They moved to San Diego, CA where my father served some time in the Navy. They divorced and my father married a Philipino woman without the US's approval and they had a daughter named Eugena. That marriage was annulled. He then had an affair with a Mexican woman named Sandy who he met in Tuscan AZ and had a daughter but no marriage was involved. He then married a woman named Inell in VA and had 2 children named Jeffery Allen and Tina Louise but they were murdered in the early 70's. Then he married my mother Brenda Sue King and had myself (Dana Kristine Womack), and my two brothers Eugene Dana Womack III and Duane AJ Thomas Womack.
Has anyone been looking for this info?

Friday, April 15, 2005 at 16:38:09 (PDT)
Dana Womack

By the way, I live in NY and have almost all my life but I was born in Norfolk, VA.

Friday, April 15, 2005 at 16:36:22 (PDT)
Dana Womack

I finally got permission from my mother to research my fathers side. :)
I know that Eugene Dana Womack Jr was my father and he was born January 22, 1942 in Charleston WV. His father who was Eugene Dana Womack Sr was born in the same place and his wife's name was Ruth Catherine O'Neill. They divorce and he re-married a woman named Bertie and they had moved to Lackland, FL and my grandmother moved to Tucsan, AZ where my dad grew up. She had re-married to a man named Dorsey Stewart but he died and she moved to New Shamerna Beach, FL.
My grandfather Eugene Sr's parents were Thomas Womack and Ida Annis McLaughin. He was born in Charleston WV too. That is as far back as my mom knows.
Does this fit anyone's tree?

Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 23:43:10 (PDT)

ATTN: Dana here is some info for ya


87 yrs old
place living at this time-->SAINT ALBANS WV

Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 19:51:34 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson
royce gibson at frontiernet.net

Womacks have been in WV for a while. I found a 9 year old Dana Womack (male) in Jefferson, Kanawha, West Virginia in the 1930 census - this could be your grandfather.
If you are still in the state you search should be easy by visiting the local court house and library.

Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 10:33:01 (PDT)
Dana O'Hare (Womack)

Hi! My name is Dana and was born a Womack. I didn't really know my father who was Eugene Dana Womack Jr. He left when I was six years old. Now that I am in my late 20's, I really would like to know about my heritage on my father's side of the family so I can pass it along to my own children. Here is what I know and maybe I can fill in the blanks for some of you.
My father Eugene Dana Womack Jr was born in West Virginia in January 1941. He was married to my mom Brenda King. His parents were Eugene Dana Womack Sr and a woman whose last name was Stewart. I know that they had moved from West Virginia and lived in upper Florida. I know Eugene SR divorce the Stewart woman and re-married. There was another boy who was born named Robert Womack. I don't know which marriage it came from. My father was in the US Navy and I know some of the ships he was on but that is about it.
I was wondering if anyone can help me. I didn't know where to start and this looked like a good place since you are all Womacks yourself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 06:24:46 (PDT)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 04:26:24 (PDT)

he there

Saturday, April 09, 2005 at 12:24:54 (PDT)
laura lopz
19314 378 sw
chapter 1

i wrote a book and it interesting and what ido with it?

Friday, April 08, 2005 at 20:50:30 (PDT)

This is one post I find necessary

Dave Maher, one of our contributors, and a distant cuz to all, is to undergo bypass surgery Monday per his wife Rhonda -- join me in prayers for Dave and send your messages of support to both @ rhondaanddave@bigpond.com

Friday, April 08, 2005 at 09:13:35 (PDT)
Steve Womack

Does anyone have information on when or where Louvisa Rice Womack passed away? I have doing some research on the old Womack cemetary in Warren County and need some help on this question.

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Womack

Monday, April 04, 2005 at 13:41:54 (PDT)

After seeing Dave's post of Jesse Yell Womack II's obituary yesterday, I became curious about his line (I'm sure most of you already have this knowledge but me). Mr. Womack's death is a terrible loss, and I extend our deepest sympathy to his family.

Jesse's line is:

Richard Womack, III *
Nancy Childers

Jesse Womack *
Dorothy Pryor

John N. "Jack" Womack *
Frances Coleman

Francis Hancock "Frank" Womack *
Nancy Grimes ***

Jessie Willis Womack *
Mary Angela Yell

Jesse Yell Womack I **
Jane Smith

Owen Walter Womack ****
Emily Crain

Jesse Yell Womack II

* Research of Annette Womack Carpenter - Rootsweb's World Connect

** "Womack Genealogy" VOL. I, NO. 2 - DECEMBER 1957 - WHOLE NO. 2
ITEM 12. Mrs. Jesse Yell Womack (nee Jane Smith) writes that her husband, who died in 1956, was the son of Jesse Willis Womack and Angela Yell, and the grandson of Frank Womack from Alabama. Mrs. Womack has twin sons. Of these, Decker married Miss --- Caldwell. They have one daughter Cynthia and a son Decker Smith. The other twin, Owen, married Emily Crain. They have one daughter Suzanne and two sons, Jesse Yell and Walter Crain.

*** WGN Post March 05, 1999 by Jim Cooper (Excerpt)
"....Jesse W. Womack storeowner came to Taylor from Alabama in 1877. He was married to Aggie Yell of Montgomery, Texas in 1876. This is from the Taylor Sunday Press article in a Womack vertical file. Another article in the vertical file was a copy from a History of Texas book (date unknown) that indicates that Jesse W. Womack was born in Washington Co., Alabama in 1849, a son of ??(page is blurred on the side) and Nancy (Grimes) Womack. They came to Texas in 1845, joined the Confederate cause in 1863. This article states he died in 1875. Children of J.W. Womack and Nancy Grimes were , ??(blurred), John F., William, Fannie A., Jesse W., and James B. This Jesse W. Womack, son of Jesse W. and Nancy Grimes, was educated in Montgomery Co, Texas, and also attended a commercial school in New Orleans. where he graduated at age 21. In 1877 he opened a mercantile store in Taylor, in partnership with John Sturgis. In 1878 the store burned, was replaced by a one-story brick bldg, which was shortly torn down and replaced with a two-story brick building in 1889. (There is a picture of it in the vertical file which mentions an opera house operating on the top floor.) Jesse married Aggie Yell , daughter of Judge P. M. and Mary (Rodgers) Yell in 1876. Their children are listed as Cecil, Olga, Frank B., Jessie, a babe unnamed and one deceased when young...."

Note: Error in above data - Nancy Grimes was married to Francis Hancock "Frank" Womack.

**** Mr. Womack's obit

1830 Washington Co., AL Census
250 13 Womack John Jr (John N. Womack, Jr., spouse, Tabitha Ford)
254 15 Womack John Sr (John N. Womack, Sr., spouse, Frances Coleman)

1840 Washington Co., AL Census
278 20 Wamuck John (John N. Womack, spouse, Frances Coleman)
278 25 Wamuck F H (Francis Hancock Womack, spouse, Nancy Grimes)

1850 Montgomery Co.,TX Census
Page 45A, House 217
36 Wamack F H 35 M W Farmer 1000 AL
37 Wamack Nancy 27 F W AL
38 Wamack Mary 11 F W AL
39 Wamack Jack F 8 M W AL
40 Wamack William G 7 M W AL
41 Wamack Francis A? 4 F W TX
42 Wamack Jesse W 11m F W AL (Jesse Willis)

1860 Montgomery P O., Montgomery Co., TX
F. H. Womack, age 45, b. AL
N., age 35, b. AL
M., age 19, b. AL
J. F., age 17, b. AL
W. G., age 15, b. AL
F. A., age 13, b. AL
J. W., age 11, b. AL (Jesse Willis)
J. B. age 7, b. AL (this should be TX)

1870 Montgomery Precinct., Montgomery Co., TX
F. H. Womack, age 55 b. AL
Nancy, age 38, b. AL
Jesse, age 21, b. AL (Jesse Willis)
Joe B., age 16, b. TX

1880 Precinct 6, Williams Co., TX Census (Taylor, TX)
Jessie WORMACK Self M Male W 29 AL Genl. Merchant AL AL
Angie WORMACK Wife M Female W 21 TX Housekeeper TN TN
James HAMILTON Other M Male W 56 PA Stock Broker VA VA

1900 2WD-Taylor., Williamson Co., TX
Jesse A. Womack, b. Dec 1850 AL (the A. is actually a W.)
Mary A., b. Oct 1857 TX Had 7 children, six are living; m. 25 yrs.
Cecil, b. Feb 1881 TX (dau.)
Olga, b. Jan 1885 TX
Frank R., b. Jul 1888 TX
Jesse Y., b. Jan 1890 TX (Jesse Yell I)
Ernest L., b. Nov 1892 TX
William G., b. Dec 1894 TX

1910 2-WD Taylor, Williamson Co., TX
Jesse W. Womack, age 60, b. AL (Jesse Willis)
Mary A., age 51, b. TX
Olga E., age 24, b. TX
Francis R., age 21, b. TX
Jesse Y., age 20, b. TX (Jesse Yell I)
Ernest L., age 17, b. TX
William G., age 15, b. TX

1920 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX
Jesse Y. Womack, age 29, b. TX (Jesse Yell I)
Janie. age 21, b. TX
Owen, age 3 1/2 b. TX
Decker, age 3 1/2 b. TX

Monday, April 04, 2005 at 03:05:16 (PDT)
Erin Dent

1880 Texas

* Census Place: Precinct 1, Jack, Texas
Source: FHL Film 1255313 National Archives Film T9-1313 Page 7A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Wm. WAMACK Self M M W 47 AR
Occ: Farmer Fa: TN Mo: AL
Louisa J. WAMACK Wife F M W 32 TN
Occ: Keeping House Fa: NC Mo: AL
John S. WAMACK Son M W 14 TX
Occ: Helps On Farm Fa: AR Mo: TN
James C. WAMACK Son M S W 10 TX
Fa: AR Mo: TN
George A. WAMACK Son M S W 8 TX
Fa: AR Mo: TN
Arazonia WAMACK Dau F S W 3 TX
Fa: AR Mo: TN
Mollie WAMACK Dau F S W 1M TX
Fa: AR Mo: TN
James C. ELKINS SSon M S W 10 TN
Fa: TN Mo: VA
Elizabeth LEDBETTER MotherL F W 68

Note: William Jackson Womack, sp. Louisa J. Ledbetter. RGW

Monday, April 04, 2005 at 03:02:53 (PDT)
Erin Dent

PS to last post:

By the way, there are a couple of errors on the census below. William's middle name was Jefferson not Jackson. Jackson was Elisa J.'s madian name. She was also a widow before marrying William and her deceased husband's name was Elkins.


Monday, April 04, 2005 at 02:40:18 (PDT)
Erin Dent

These William and Thomas Womack's are the sons of William Jefferson Womack and Mary Nelson Ensey Womack. They worked on the High Farm in Jack County Texas. Mary Nelson Ensey Womack died in 1875 and William had remarried and started another faimly. William Jefferson Womack's Mother, Elizabeth lived with william and his new family in 1880. William was married to Elisa J. at that time.

1880 Texas Census:
Census Place: Precinct 1, Jack, Texas
Source: FHL Film 1255313 National Archives Film T9-1313 Page 7A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
William HIGH Self M M W 29 GA
Occ: Cattle Raiser & Farmer Fa: SC Mo: SC
Martha E. HIGH Wife F M W 31 TX
Occ: Keeping House Fa: PA Mo: MO
Fa: TN Mo: TX
Fa: TN Mo: TX
Wm. WAMACK Other M W 16 TX
Occ: Helps On Farm Fa: TN Mo: AR
Thomas WAMACK Other M S W 19 TX
Occ: Helps On Farm Fa: TN Mo: AR

Monday, April 04, 2005 at 01:53:09 (PDT)
Erin Dent

Children of David Womack and Elizabeth M. Brisco Were:

William “Will” Jefferson Womack born Feb. 1 1833 Washington Co. Arkansas died Sept. 21,1889 m. Mary Nelson Ensey

Thomas “Jeff” Jefferson Womack born May 11, 1834 Wasington Co. Arkansas died Feb. 22, 1893 m. Eliza Jane Ensey (sister to Mary Nelson Ensey who married William Jefferson Womack)

Margaret E. Womack Aug. 22 1835 Arkansas, died Sept. 29, 1927 Jack Co Texas married James A. Miller

Charity Womack born 1837 married Elijah Armstrong

Mary Womack born Jan 14 1839 married John Worden

According to the book, "Early Texans", John had 13 children by his first wife Louisa Burris, seven who reached maturity: William, Mary A., Nancy J., Jerusha, Francis M., Jack a nd Hezekiah ( Andrew born in 1857 was listed on the 1870 Ce nsus ) Members of the Primitive Baptist Church.

Nancy Womack Aug 7, 1840 married William Worden

William Jefferson Womack is my line.

Sunday, April 03, 2005 at 20:42:24 (PDT)
Dave Schoff

San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, Sunday, April 3, 2005

Womack – Jesse Yell Womack II (“Jess”) died suddenly on April 1, 2005 while on a pleasure trip with his wife, Lou. He was born January 21, 1947 in San Angelo, Texas to parents, Owen Walter Womack and Emily Crain Womack. His ancestors included a pioneering ranching family from Victoria County who were instrumental in bringing Brahma cattle to Texas during the 19th century. Jess moved to San Antonio with his family in 1958, becoming a life-long resident of the city. He was educated at Eaglebrook and Saint Andrews preparatory schools. Jess graduated from the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee, where he was a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity. Additionally, he received a graduate degree in business administration from Trinity University. Jess married Helen Louise Strumberg on May 5, 1971. Their marriage was to be the primary focus of each of their lives, producing four children and great shared joy. Jess was a member of the San Antonio Country Club, the Argyle, the Order of the Alamo, the German Club, the Texas Cavaliers, and the Conopus Club. His Board memberships included the San Antonio Zoo and previously the Mission Road Development Center. His business interests were varied including agricultural and ranching operations in Blanco and Victoria counties. These endeavors stimulated what was to be an abiding interest in conservation of the natural resources under his direction. For this Jess and his wife were awarded the honor of being designated “Land Steward of the Year” in 2003 by the State of Texas. This Award recognized his exceptional devotion to the preservation of the wetlands on his ranch near the confluence of the Guadalupe and San Antonio rivers. Other efforts included involvement in the youth hunting educational activities of the Texas Wildlife Association and the on-going research of the Ceasar Kleberg Wildlife Foundation. Jess was a devoted husband and father. His schedule always was arranged to accommodate these goals as a priority of the first order. He had an unequaled talent for combining his role as a loving husband, devoted father while being a best friend to each and every member of his family. They recognized him as an enduring blessing to them and their lives. Jesse was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio. The friends of Jess knew him as a “hail fellow, well met”. He provided great entertainment in a hunting camp or around a campfire. Once, he cultivated you as a friend, you could never have one better or more interested in your well being. His laughter and jolly manner would be you blessing forever. Preceding him in death are his father, Owen Walter Womack; mother, Emily Crain Herder; and stepfather, Paul K. Herder. He is survived by his loving wife, Helen Louise Womack; children, Louisa and husband Jack Mayfield; Jesse Yell Womack III and wife Lisa; Dr. Virginia Nell and Husband Dr. Robert Duncan; and William Henry Crain Womack III; and grandchild, Emily Grace Mayfield. Other survivors include his sister, Suzanne Womack Canavan; brother Walter Crain Womack; aunt, Eileen Sullivan; and numerous nephews, nieces and cousins. Memorial service, Tuesday – April 5, 2005, 3:00 pm; First Presbyterian Church, 404 N. Alamo. Rev. Richard R. Kannwischer will be officiating.

Saturday, April 02, 2005 at 21:00:50 (PST)
Randall Merriott

Following is an extract from Edward C. WOMACK's Confederate Pension Application. Brother L.L. (Lewis) is mentioned as well as sisters Bettie (Elizabeth Womack Stovall) and N.A. (Nancy Womack ?) Shepperd.

From Texas Confederate Pension Application of Edward C. WOMACK

Date of filing 9 Aug 1909; rejected 31 Aug 1909

Name of Applicant - E.C. Womack
County - Brown
Post Office - Blanket


``I surrendered at close of war''

Age - 67
Birthplace - Winn Parish, LA
How long a resident of Texas - 36 years
County of residence - Brown Co.
How long a resident of this county - 33 years
Post office - Blanket
Ever applied for a pension before - No
Occupation - Farmer and merchant
In what State was the command in which you served organized- 1st La, then Texas
How long did you serve - Enlisted July 16 1861 - to close of war
Letter of Company, number or name of battalion, regiment or battery - Co. E of Waller's Battalion, Greene's Brigade
Transferred - No
Branch - Cavalry
Commissioned - No
Special services - No
Transferred any property to establish eligibility - No
Application Date - 23 July 1909

Witnesses G.W. Eaton and D.M. Scott gave an affidavit that E.C. Womack had been a resident of Texas since prior to Jan. 1, 1880.

Mrs. N.A. Shepperd and Mrs. Bettie Stovall gave the following affidavit concerning E.C. Womack's service:

``E.C. Womack is our brother. We know that he belonged to the Confederate Army both in La. & Texas. He belonged to Waller's Battalion in Texas. We lived in Texas at the time he joined Waller's Battalion. He went from here to join the Army and remained in the army until its close. He came home one time and stayed about one week, we wrote him letters frequently while he was in the army. We addressed letters to Waller's battalion.''
Certificate of the State and County Tax Assessor - blank
Assessed value - left blank

Deposition taken by County Judge of Eastland County, Texas of L.L. Womack 30 July 1909:

``My name is L.L. Womack, age 59 years, residence in Stephens County, Texas, and P.O. address is Ranger. I personally knew E.C. Womack, he is my brother. I have know E.C. Womack all my life. I personally knew that E.C. Womack enlisted in the Confederate Army and served in that army as a soldier. I know that E.C. Womack enlisted at Goliad, Texas, in Waller's Battalion in the year 1862 in the spring, and served continually in the war until close in 1865.''

``I was at my Father's house when E.C. Womack went to the war, and I know that my brother E.C. Womack left there for Goliad to enlist in the army, and came home on a furlow (sic) once during the war and I got letters from him during the war. I never knew anyone else possing (sic) the same name.''

Are you positively certain that said E.C. Womack applicant for pension, is the identical person serving as testified by you?
Do you know whether or not the said E.C. Womack applicant for pension served honorably from the date of his enlistment until the close of the late Civil War between the States, or until he was discharged from said company and regiment, or the special service to which he had been assigned?


``I know he never abandoned his post of duty, or the service during the war.''

Friday, April 01, 2005 at 13:51:10 (PST)
Patricia Collins

I found your site by accident and was thrilled. Was wondering if anyone had any information on my Womack side of the family. Grandma says there are kin in Texas, but she didn't know how they tied in with Grandaddy. She only remembers that some cousins would come to NC to visit. This is my lineage that I have verified thus far:
Marion Womack born 1843 married Lydia Ann Spence born April 2, 1842
Children: Cornelia (Neely) born about 1861, Columbus (Lum) born about 1867,
Etta aborn about 1870, Mary born about 1871, *William Green* born
22 June 1873,Emma born about 1874. Lydia was washing clothes at the
creek, fell hitting her head and seizured until she died. She was
pregnant with twins who were born and died along with her. They
were named Raymond and Tharna.
William Green Womack (1873-1936)married Rosie Baker
Children: Lidia Vallie (Vallie) born August 18, 1895, Vernon Mayton
Thomas (Tom) born May 13, 1901, Bleaker May (Bleaker)
born May 14, 1904, Gloomie Imeter (Gloomie) born
November 6, 1906, Pernie Essie (Pernie) born January 28,
1909, Myrtle Blanche (Myrtle) born March 18, 1911~still
living, William Preston (Pres) born August 17, 1913,
*Layton* born December 3, 1915
Layton Womack ( 1915-1990)married Mary Magdalene Honeycutt~still living
Children: *Barbara Nell Womack*
James Ray Womack
Barbara Nell Womack married Donald Ray Collins
Children: Patricia Kaye Collins
Clayton Ray Collins

I have been working on my paternal line and just starting with the research on my maternal line. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day,

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