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Thursday, March 31, 2005 at 22:15:11 (PST)
Randall Merriott

Looking for marriage record of Edward C Womack, b. 9 Nov. 1841, Winn Parish, La, d. 8 Aug 1912, Brown County, Texas and Sarah A Jordan. They married probably about 1863 in Winn Parish, Louisiana. However, I have no proof of this. Edward C Womack is son of Jesse W Womack and grandson of David Womack of Gadsden County Florida. Daughter Martha Ella WOMACK Kirksey was born February 11, 1864.

Military records and pension application indicate that Edward was serving in the Confederate Army during this period.

Louisiana Confederate Soldier Database - "Womack, Edward C.,Pvt. Co. C, 12th La. Inf. En. Aug. 18, 1861, Camp Moore, La. Roll to Oct. 31, 1861, Discharged Oct. 7, 1861, at Columbus, Ky."

From Spring of 1862 to the close of the war Edward served with Waller's 13th Texas Cavalry Battalion in Texas and Lousiana. Listed as Private E.C. Womack, later promoted to Sgt.

Possibly took a furlough to marry Sarah, but haven't yet found any record of this or of the date of their marriage.

Would like some confirmation that Ella was his blood offspring and not adopted later after the war.


Randall Merriott (gg grandson of Martha Ella)
Lubbock TX

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 at 13:42:49 (PST)
Jerry L. Griffin

I had posted I think twice before about my ggg/grandparents Kinchen Griffin and Ferebe WOMACK who were married in 1817 in Wake county N.C.(at the time of the post I was trying to prove if they were indeed my ancestors and my relation to the WOMACK line. Well several weeks back I proved that these people were indeed my ancestoral grandparents and that Albridgton WOMACK would be another ancestoral grandparent. I guess "this is a little success story" but now I am intrigued by the WOMACK heritage and want to find out all I can about my ancestors. Thanks for letting me share.

Warmest regards,

Jerry L Griffin

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 at 12:00:01 (PST)

Thx Sam and Jack

Tuesday, March 29, 2005 at 21:16:10 (PST)
samsawadee @

I can truthfully say you have been more truthful and giving here on WGN than any I have seen in years - Keep up the good work - but after 32 years of Womack research ( or was that 33??) I am tired - time someone took over my reins and those of others ---

Tuesday, March 29, 2005 at 12:53:39 (PST)
Jack Womack

You can rest assured others have read your postings. I for one found some interesting reading in there, may not have been exactly in my line but interesting because I study all lines and record a lot of information I find in the post for future reference. I have an inkling that we are all descendants of one early Colonial progenitor so I always find something useful to store in my databases that will help someone in their quest. ERIN DENT'S post are refreshing and a lot of info in there I didn't have, so you guys post away, trust me, they will be read. Sure a lot of us are in a group that trade info by e mail but by posting somebody else gets in the loop. To all my cousins who hesitate to post I say post what you can and often as you can, we need the input. Personally I enjoy helping others with what little I have.
Caveman Jack

Tuesday, March 29, 2005 at 07:22:40 (PST)
Sandi Phillips

Good Morning:

Well I can tell we are all Womacks - sensitive, straightfoward, to say the least, and always trying to help or get some help...hehe

Come on you guys, I'm new here - Sam lead me to his website and I love it. I wish I had more info to give, but unfortunately, like I said, I'm new to this and most the information I have you all already have - but if I ever did come across something I thought would be interesting I would post it - regardless if it might be a repeat or not - like Jack said, sometimes a little reminder is great, especially without going back into the archives. Those of you who have been doing this for a while pretty much have this information memorized, why? Because you have had it repeated over and over, and have done most of the research, but new ones like me are still learning all of the information that you have known for years...Sam, don't stop posting - you have a lot of interesting things - and Jack you appear to be very well documented as well...I have gone back into the archives and personally it was overwhelming how much information there was - in fact I have gone back several times and reviewed things, so I welcome when someone posts a new message with some of the old stuff - it helps me a lot to get more comfortable with all the names and dates of who and where and when...

Keep up the good work - and someday I hope to be able to chime in and give some new information that may you all have gotten yet...


Monday, March 28, 2005 at 23:35:54 (PST)

I have had ppl not tell me they got my info. or read my post That reminds me I wonder if they did get it.Any how have a good day all

Monday, March 28, 2005 at 22:27:03 (PST)
samsawadee @

Message received - however, I do not believe my last post about the misnomer on my 4th great, of whom I have extolled the mistake numerous times, should have caused any great holding back from anyone I would have welcomed an answer from Michael on that one and the fact that I also stated it was great we had someone in England that could add to the research --

Constructive critism is ok - but too often loosely defined -- Yes, I do criticize people who dont post even the miniscule bit of info they may have -
That is constructive also -

I do also criticize those to whom I send info outside WGN, after getting their query off WGN, and never get a response saying they got the info; or if it even helped at all --

But, also, if anyone has a problem with me - they they should have the intestinal fortitude to come direct to me and say so - not second hand from someone else -

I am sorry some people believe the way they do about posting info - afraid of what I will say?? Nice excuse - but no kewpie doll...

So, I guess the best thing for me, WGN and everyone else is to stay outta the way and keep off and not try to do anything here or for anyone on the side.
Some people are too sensitive; not to say cant read between the lines very well at all!!

Monday, March 28, 2005 at 10:07:05 (PST)
Jack Womack

I sincerely hope that you can take a little constructive criticism.
Do you think the reason for the lull in postings could possibly be due to your post berating and chastising some of the exuberant people who do post? I have a cousin who is becoming an avid genealogist who will no longer post because she fears ridicule from you. She is only one of the few who feel the same way.
Posting to the board is a privilege afforded to all, whether it is a miniscule bit of information or a lengthily dialog. The post may be a repeat of information others have posted before but thats okay, some researchers never dig into the archives and a reminder helps at times. A simple obit post or a long dissertation may furnish someone the clue they need to complete a search.
We should never discourage anyone who is posting matter that pertains to genealogy or information on computer security. We all need help at times and I think the Womacks are a breed of helpful and considerate people who are mindful of others feelings. I know you have helped an untold number of people in the past but I beg of you please refrain from the caustic remarks, some are not like you or I , they are a little more sentisive.

Sunday, March 27, 2005 at 19:19:31 (PST)
samsawadee @

Shake the tree a little harder - only one apple fell out -- I got to thinking I had posted something (usually when I do it gets quiet a few days) -- anyhow, thanks for the cemetery info --

Saturday, March 26, 2005 at 18:12:50 (PST)
Jack Womack

Wishing everyone a happy Easter. Go to for a cute message. Then send the URL to your grand children they will enjoy it.

Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 09:43:38 (PST)
Jack Womack

Yikes it works!
Well here is a little FYI, the folowing are Womacks buried in the Texas National Cemeteries;
Kerrville National Cemetery
Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas
Womack, Clifford E, d. 11/28/1939, US Army, PVT, OK, Plot: 1A 0 20, bur. 11/29/1939
Womack, Lee C, d. 03/21/1942, US Army, PVT, GA, Plot: 2D 0 19, bur. 03/23/1942

San Antonio National Cemetery San Antonio, Bexar County, TexasWomack, Gus J, d. 10/21/1918, Plot: F 0 1088, bur. 10/21/1918

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
Womack, John A, b. 06/09/1898, d. 06/06/1994, US Army, PVT, Plot: 8A 0 1195, bur. 07/25/1994
Womack, John Fontain, b. 09/10/1895, d. 06/02/1973, US Navy, SN, Res: San Antonio, TX, Plot: 2-A 0 2386, bur. 06/05/1973
Womack, Julius Otto, b. 08/14/1930, d. 08/28/1963, LA, Plot: MA 0 11, bur. 08/28/1963
Womack, Louise A, b. 06/15/1905, d. 01/17/1996, US Army, 1ST SGT, Res: San Antonio, TX, Plot: 2-A 0 2386, bur. 01/19/1996
Womack, Lylas D, b. 07/02/1932, d. 03/04/1999, US Army, 1ST SGT, Res: San Antonio, TX, Plot: 25 0 517, bur. 03/08/1999
Womack, Olvis , b. 07/15/1918, d. 04/15/1980, MSGT USA, Plot: AH 1963, bur. 04/18/1980, *
Womack, Willis G, b. 05/21/1929, d. 08/01/1982, COL USAF, Plot: 3 1168A, bur.
08/03/1982, *

Houston National Cemetery
Houston, Harris County, Texas
Womack, Charlotte K, b. 09/03/1927, d. 06/04/1995, US Army, PFC, Res: Magnolia, TX, Plot: G2 0 2112, bur. 06/08/1995
Womack, Edmund James, b. 05/17/1949, d. 03/24/1989, SGT U S A F, Houston, Harris, Texas, Plot: K 2394, bur. 03/30/1989, *
Womack, German Sr, b. 08/03/1922, d. 04/04/1997, US Army Air Corps, PFC, Res: Milwaukee, WI, Plot: C-11 B 72, bur. 04/11/1997
Womack, Herbert Alvin, b. 11/14/1924, d. 11/17/1993, S2C NAVY, Plot: G1 363, bur. 11/19/1993, *
Womack, Joan, b. 01/10/1918, d. 02/26/1987, Plot: I 2758, bur. 03/02/1987, *
Womack, John Henry, b. 09/04/1920, d. 04/13/1998, US Army, PVT, Res: Nacogdoches, TX, Plot: K2 0 124, bur. 04/17/1998
Womack, Johnnie, b. 01/16/1922, d. 10/02/1991, PFC USA, Plot: J 1113, bur. 10/07/1991, *
Womack, Leon, b. 01/06/1914, d. 11/26/1996, US Army, 1ST SGT, Res: Houston, TX, Plot: J 0 3840, bur. 12/03/1996
Womack, O.T., b. 01/22/1924, d. 12/26/1985, STM1 US NAVY, Plot: J 322, bur. 12/31/1985,

Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 09:37:08 (PST)
Jack Womack

I thought I would break the zone of silence on the message page.

Sunday, March 20, 2005 at 19:43:24 (PST)
Mark Womack

Moved February messages to the archive.

Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 22:34:19 (PST)

found the genealosist rating thought it was interesting

Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 22:33:30 (PST)

What Kind of Genealogist are You?

Not all genealogists are pursuing the same hobby. I classify genealogists into 4 general categories, with what I estimate are the percentages of genealogist who fall in each group:

COLLECTORS OF DEAD RELATIVES (25%) - These folks happily collect whatever information they find. They seldom if ever take the trouble to confirm anything from original records. They seek quantity rather than quality, are generally interested in all their ancestral lines, and as many of their lines of cousins, no matter how distant, as they can find. The Internet and the GEDCOM file have put them in hog heaven, and you can hear them enthusiastically talking about the 2,500 new cousins they added last week. They are probably the most enthusiastic genealogists, are the most willing to share their information with others, and are most likely to have their whole line available on the Internet. They are the biggest offenders when it comes to passing along errors, but collectors are also very easy to identify, and can be avoided by those who take the hobby more seriously. They actually have more fun trading ancestors with other "Collectors" anyway, and think the others take it all too seriously.

HOBBYISTS (40%) - These folks often learned about genealogy from a book or a class. They keep good records, tend to limit their research to their direct ancestors, a few surname lines, and/or cousins closer than 5th or at most 6th. They tend to put a great deal more emphasis on biographical information, photographs, and copies of certificates and documents (not because they're sources, but because they're historical mementos.) Lists of names and dates with no "meat" tend to bore them, and they're more likely, if they get such lists, to start digging into the libraries and local records to see if they can give the name a personality. For them, the family genealogy is a continuing saga of people's lives, and their pride is in piecing together the story. They record sources sometimes, but they aren't necessarily all that conscientious about it. They are not nearly as turned on by Internet web sites, but ohhh, do they love email! For them, genealogy is a social experience and email connects them with more interesting people with more interesting stories. They're also the most likely to be seen at family reunions, notebook or tape recorder in hand.

PROFESSIONALS (25%) - Most of these folks don't actually do this for a living, but they have a lot in common with the folks that do. For them, documentation is the key. Quality is all important, quantity immaterial. Unlike the hobbyists, they feel genealogy is far less social, as they're not all that impressed with oral history, in that they suspect that many of the cute and interesting stories are exaggerated and even fictional. Most of the people documented in their records have primary or at least very dependable derivative sources, or they are marked clearly as "unproven" or even "questionable". They tend to spend lots of time scouring census records, church registers, and public record offices. Like the Collectors, they are very turned on by the Internet, but unlike them, they are using it to locate new record sources in distant places where they can finally get what they need to prove that elusive connection. These folks tend to happily fit the stereotype of the genealogist at the microfilm reader in the deepest, darkest basement room in the library.

SKEPTICS (10%) - These folks aren't as visible as the other three categories. They are really not all that interested in genealogy, per se, but for other reasons, are involved in genealogy research. They might be found among adoptees or persons assisting them; members of patriotic groups like the DAR; lawyers looking for heirs or other missing folks; or historians researching events or localities. Because their quests involve things more important than just curiosity about family or the fun of a hobby, they require a much greater level of proof than even the professionals, and reject many connections that even the most diligent hobby genealogists would quickly accept. There is also a class of skeptic into which a few ex-genealogists fall ... persons who decided that most of the information available is likely to be bad, if not because of transcription errors and premature jumping to conclusions, but because of intentional hiding of the truth by the ancestors and cousins themselves, trying to cleanse history in their favor. They often quit the hobby in frustration.

While most genealogists pretty clearly fall in one of these categories, some do fall on the borderlines between them. The librarian who is really a hobbyist, but has the skill to document like a professional. The collectors who spend more time and effort documenting their direct ancestry, but lets the cousins fall where they may. The historian who gets involved in the story of a family of folks from his/her town, and ends up researching and documenting them as a separate project. Whatever type of genealogist you are, my guess is that you could place yourself pretty accurately on this continuum, and with a little thought, you could place everyone else you deal with somethere on it, too.

Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 02:45:04 (PST)
W. Dale

Okay had it wrong. I e-mailed my Aunt this morning who was up and sent me a message back quickly. Clifford was my grandfather but was not married to a womack but she was his mother and her name was Ella. His father was named Tom and spelled the last name Blankinship instead of Blankenship but changed it sometime in early 1900s. They were married in Benton, Arkansas 17 Dec 1902. She was 23 and he was 19 years old. Thats all Aunt Mary Ella new. She did not know Ella Womack's parents. Now I no why had trouble with the last name for grandparents. any info would be appreciated. thanks and god bless

Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 01:27:55 (PST)
W. Dale Blankenship Jr.

Hello! I have been researching my family name BLANKENSHIP for a few years now and recently found that my grandmother's maiden name was WOMACK. My grandfather was CLIFFORD BLANKENSHIP and if the information is right her name may have been ANN.
They lived in Everton Arkansas and are burried near there. I wasn't raised by my father and have been stumped to find Clifford's parents My folks are deceased and I haven't been able to get the info from other family members and until now I haven't tried to research the WOMACK line other than possibly her father was a preacher of some sort in Arkansas. If anyone has info to share so that I may begin documenting my WOMACK line, I would appreciate. Thank you and God bless!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 23:51:11 (PST)

Some Blankenship Marriages

Mary Emma Blankenship, age 24, married Jno Dallas Womack, age 22, of
Halifax, February 15, 1893, parents were J.T. and Bettie B. Blankenship,

Ann Eliza Blankenship and Lafayette Womack April 3, 1858 page 173, parents
were Charles W. and Mary L. Womack and Braxton and Orentha Blankenship,
married by Silvany Gardner

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 23:48:07 (PST)

Attn: Billy

ID: I77492235
Name: Josiah ALDAY
Given Name: Josiah
Surname: Alday
Sex: M
Change Date: 13 Jul 2001

Marriage 1 Ann WOMACK
Married: 14 Jan 1760 Lunenburg Co., VA
Benjamin ALDAY

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 23:28:29 (PST)

ATTN: Billy

Richard and Ann Nancy/Nancy Ann Womack III had a daughter named Ann Womack and she did marry a Josiah Alday. Ann was Major Jacob Womack's sister.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 20:03:29 (PST)
Billy Alday

I am looking for the tie of Alday to Womack.
Thanks for any info.
Billy Alday

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 22:45:49 (PST)
Mark Womack

Well, just ignore my test there. Sorry. I am in the middle of moving the WGN site to a different domain name and in the process I am revamping the web pages, etc.

As I was going through the pages, I am sorry to say that we haven't had very many recent submissions for feature or source articles. I know folks like Sam and Roger have been posting stuff on their own web sites, and that is great. But if there is anyone out there that wants to submit articles for publication on the WGN site, please let me know. You don't have to be a web/html guru, I can help with that part.

I would also like to have a better set of links to external information. The external links we have right now are out of date and the sites don't exist anymore. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Please email inquiries to me directly instead of the message board here.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 08:54:28 (PST)

Major Jacob Womack WAS NOT married to Mary Wills Cole Womack
First there was no Mary Wills Cole Womack - there was a Mary Wills
whose mother Mary Whitlock Wills married John Cole in Aug 1772..
Mary was John Cole's stepdaughter -

Jacob Womack, my 4th great gramps, and a cousin to Maj Jake, married Mary Wills.
Proof of her maiden name is in her Son Danie;'s Bible record of which I have a transcript --

This misnomer has been handed down thru a lot of time; even the DAR has been duped on this one...

At this time, there is some derision whether not Maj Jake was married to a Sarah Johnson or a Martha someone -- most lean towards the Sarah ..

By the way, there are old colonial records stored in London somewhere, used to be Somerset House but were moved to a Public Records Office somewhere -- I must say tho, it is refreshing to have a Womack there that can find some time to do research and pass it along -- that has been sorely needed --

By the way can you e mail me your line back???

Mine is
Richard I
Richard II
Alexander Sr
Alexander Jr
Jacob Sr
Samuel M
Thomas A

Maj Jakes would go:

Richard I
Richard II
Richard III (brother ot Alex Sr)
Maj Jake

Note that I do not count the alleged William Womack/Mary Judd Allen yet...

Samuel L
Samuel O
Samuel W (me)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 06:32:22 (PST)
SSgt. Michael Womack

Hello, I am now stationed at Lakin Heath AFB in England. It is just 7 miles from the cathedral at Ely & I have been there several times checking old documents that pertain to the UK Womacks. One day I met an older gentleman, Thomas Axelander Womack, who was a Womack descendant who had done a lot of research in the Thames Public Library and had much information about the Britt Womacks. Worshams, Allens, Pucketts origins in the UK.
I only have access to the Ely Library computer an he does not do computers therefor I will have to visit him as I can and relay his information. Most of the old records in the UK are kept in the parish churches, there is not a central data base that I know of and everything is hard to decipher from records five hundred years old. The parish custodians are very choosy about letting anyone handle the old books. The next time I go to Ely I will question Thomas about his information and post my findings here.
My line is through Maj.Jacob and Mary Wills Cole Womack.
SSgt. Michael Womack

Monday, March 14, 2005 at 23:42:57 (PST)
Erin Dent

Sorry. I thought I was being of help. I'll Shut up now...

Monday, March 14, 2005 at 19:16:46 (PST)
samsawadee @

Ladies and Gentlemen
Notwithstanding the eagerness of some to post information here -- lets please keep the posts to a small roar - in other words, not lengthy dissertations - many of the recent posts have information that is listed either on Rogers web page or mine -- and available to anyone -- also the Womack Association Genealogy Volumes are all available here on WGN - merely remind people they are here -- check the home page out --

Monday, March 14, 2005 at 17:13:17 (PST)
Erin Dent

I think I found the Davy Crockett connetion to the Womacks. Thanks everyone!


Monday, March 14, 2005 at 12:49:34 (PST)
Carolyn Wiley


There is more than one Davis-Yancey-Womack connection in VA and Caswell, CO., NC. Please read to the bottom of the page. A good story is worth repeating.

Annie Elizabeth Yancey (1821-1900) of Caswell Co., NC
Her Experience With Early Plastic Surgery

Ancestry: Annie E. Yancey, daughter of Bartlett, son of Bartlett, son of James, son of Charles, son of Charles Yancey

Annie Elizabeth Yancey was born in Caswell County, NC on June 15, 1821, and was the sixth child of Bartlett and Nancy Graves Yancey. During her early childhood she suffered the common diseases of children. As a young child her health was very poor, so much so that she was unable to attend school. Her entire formal training amounted to only nine months. At age seven her father passed away. This she could not understand. Annie Elizabeth was blessed with a brilliant mind, was an avid reader, and was eager to learn. It was said that she read all of her father's law books through several times. Medical books were also available to her and she read them. She was determined to learn.

The disease which haunted her for many years was diagnosed as inflammatory rheumatism. This plagued the child for quite a long period of time. Her doctor tried about every medicine available to him at that time. It was the decision of the doctor, and agreed to by the family, that the patient should be salivated. This was accomplished by giving heavy doses of calomel. Following the treatment the patient contracted what was called "Ozena". Her skin and flesh appeared to be in a stage of decay. Her condition became critical. The flesh was in such a condition that her nose dropped off. Survival seemed to be almost miraculous. Of course, loss of her nose greatly disfigured the face. As a young woman, life became almost unbearable. Often she felt the urge to walk a few yards east, sit on the stone mourner's bench, surrounded by rock walls shaded by cedars, and among those who had passed, cry over her oppressive burdens. She fully decided that she "could not go through life in that condition". When she arrived at the age to make decisions, it was agreed that she should go to a surgeon in Philadelphia for what we call today plastic surgery.

After careful study by the doctors and surgeon, she was told that they could take flesh and skin from her arm or forehead and make a nose for her. Annie Elizabeth objected to taking it from the arm on the premise that this might affect her ability to use it. The doctor then asked if she would agree for the transplant to be taken from her forehead. That seeming to be the best solution, the patient agreed. During the entire operation, she watched the procedure through a set of mirrors, and without a modern day anesthetic. Silver tubes were used to hold the nose in proper shape and to serve as nostrils.

This brought a reawakening to her. It changed her life. Happiness and contentment were again part of her. Life became meaningful. She was truly happy.

Following the death of her mother, and at age 34, Annie Elizabeth and Thomas Jefferson Womack were married. Secret aspirations became a reality. The fulfillment of love and gratitude filled her heart. She looked forward to children. Their first was a boy and they named him Bartlett Yancey for his late grandfather. Today a large portrait of the three by Roberts is on display at the home of Miss Annie Yancey Gwyn, a favorite cousin of the Womack family. By deduction and some research, the painter has been identified as William Anderson Roberts (1837-1899). He was a famous artist, a nearby neighbor, and at age 20, painted the portrait of the three in 1857. This was his third commercially painted portrait for which he was paid $60. In that portrait the lifetime scar on Mrs. Womack's forehead was almost obscured by the brush.
WILLIAM ANDERSON ROBERTS IS THE SON OF ELIJAH AND REBECCA DAVIS ROBERTS. REBECCA IS THE DAUGHTER OF OUR REV. WAR GRANDPA JOHN BOSWELL DAVIS. Is Miss Annie Yancey Gwyn online or related to any Womack searchers in this group? We'd like to contact her.

In Annie Elizabeth's adult life she assisted with community problems, assumed civic responsibilities, even the performance of marriages, especially for slaves. When doctors could not be secured she was called into service.

The Womacks had three other children - Sally Henry, Nancy and Thomas Pancoast, who was named for his father and the famous surgeon who performed the operation on his mother's nose. Today there is a large Medical Foundation and a Pancoast Surgical Procedure, both so named in memory of the famous surgeon.


Monday, March 14, 2005 at 01:37:46 (PST)
Erin Dent



President: Walter Womack, McMinnville, Tennessee
Editor: Oscar Womack, Daylight, Tennessee
Secretary: Mrs. Clifton Wolfe, Route 14, Knoxville, Tennessee
Genealogist: William Perry Johnson, Box 531, Raleigh, North Carolina
Treasurer: Mrs. R. L. Anderson, McMinnville, Tennessee

VOL. I, NO. 2 - DECEMBER 1957 - WHOLE NO. 2


From: Land Patent Book 6 (1666-1679), page 447,Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia

The above Patent reads as follows ("translated" by William Perry Johnson):To all st: Whereas st: Now know yee that I ye sd Sir Will Berkeley knt. st: give and graunt unto Richard Womack foure hundred and fivety acres three rood eight po: of land on ye North side of Appomatock River in Henrico Cout extending as ffolloweth (beginning at a small branch of ye Ashen Swampe and running along ye Swampe So: by Ea: 220 po: over a small branch to a Pokicory No: Ea: over ye same branch 26 po: then up ye branch No: Ea: by Ea: 94 po Ea: by No: along ye branch to ye head of it 102 po So: So: Ea: 22 po: to John Puckett his line No: Ea: b Ea 54 po: No: Ea: by No: 130 po: to ye head of ye Spring Run No: Ea: by Ea: 56 po: No: by We: 34 po: No: We: 60 po: to Mr. Baugh his line neigh ye Round Kash[?] No: No: We: 15 po: to Maior [Major] Harris his cornor We: by So: 380 po: to ye place aforementioned the sd land being due unto ye sd Richard Womack by and for ye transportacon of nine persons into this Collony whose names are: Dated the 15th March 1672/3
Sarah Johnson
Jane Hayes
Jean Grigory

John Adams
Jane Barrett
Jane Treble

Mary Cooke
Tho: Browne
An: Percer

Monday, March 14, 2005 at 01:29:17 (PST)
Erin Dent

This information I have has lots of names and such, but it is 338 pages long. To big to post, so if you are looking for someone in this area, let me know.


This file was compiled from the Bureau of Land Management
land records and includes Homestead and Cash Entry Patents
before 1908 for what is now Washington Co, AR.

L Name F Name MI Sec No T R Acres Date Warrant Name Remarks

WOMAC MARY A 7 15N 32W 80 1860/10/01
WOMAC MARY A 7 15N 32W 0 1860/10/01
WOMAC WILLIAM C 19 15N 32W 120 1860/10/01
WOMAC WILLIAM C 19 15N 32W 0 1860/10/01

Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 12:28:22 (PST)
Erin Dent


This is in my files on that. Let me know if it matches up with what you have. Thanks. Erin

1) From Madison Co. Musings, Volume IX, Fall 1989, No. 3, pages 114-120. States that Jacob Womack is Johnson Ashley's father and that Sarah Johnson is his mother; states that Johnson Ashley is listed in the 1799 Tax List for Grainger, Tennessee; on the 1815-1816 Tax List for Arkansas Territory in Lawrence Co.; and on the 1820 census for Lawrence, Territory of Arkansas; and that he came to Madison Co. before 1832 and settled in what would become Madison Co. near the Washington Co. line.

2) Madison Co. Musings, Volume IX, Fall 1989, No. 3, pages 114 -120. States that Jacob Womack is Johnson's father and that Sarah Johnson is his mother; states that Jacob is listed on the Washington, Tennessee Tax Lists in 1778, that he is listed in Burke, North Carolina and that he is listed in the 1790 census for Pendleton, South Carolina.

Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 12:03:49 (PST)
Erin Dent

Texas 1920 Census Alphabetical by County



WOMACK, Henry Y KLUTTS, L V Miss 27 Nov 1870
WOMMACK, Lotty BROWN, Eli 10 May 1866


Vera Cemetery near Seymour TX
Womack, Baby (no further information)


Land Records
Womack, A P Womack, A P 1043

WOMACK, A V ALSUP, Armintie 08 Apr 1896
WOMACK, Abbie E NEW, F D 09 Nov 1892
WOMACK, C L BAREFIELD, Emmie 09 Jan 1893
WOMACK, Calvin MYERS, Etta 07 Jan 1890
WOMACK, Cora NEW, Robert 25 Jul 1894
WOMACK, D W MYERS, Rachel Elizabeth 28 Jun 1892
WOMACK, E S MYERS, S Lee 24 Mar 1889
WOMACK, Elizabeth Jane JOHNSTON, C A 21 Feb 1894
WOMACK, Etta STRINGER, G L 06 Oct 1892
WOMACK, F W WOMACK, Rachel Mrs 20 Aug 1895
WOMACK, Florence STRETCH, W M 10 Mar 1881
WOMACK, J P CRUCE, Georgia 15 Jul 1884
WOMACK, John A WALLS, E J Miss 17 Sep 1879
WOMACK, Julia A WILDER, D E 30 Nov 1876
WOMACK, L R CHILDRESS, Nealie 24 Dec 1885
WOMACK, M A Miss ROY, Richard D 06 Oct 1884
WOMACK, M J Miss GARY, Isaac C 26 May 1885
WOMACK, Mary A HERNDON, J L 28 Dec 1882
WOMACK, Mildred P MORRIS, F M 21 May 1885
WOMACK, Mintie LIGON, George W 20 Nov 1883
WOMACK, Ollie May LEWIS, Chas A 17 Oct 1891
WOMACK, R T GLASS, Annie 20 Dec 1893
WOMACK, Rhoda ARCHER, Earl 21 Jun 1888
WOMACK, S F Miss WELCH, Wm J 07 Nov 1877
WOMACK, S H Miss BAXTER, W B 02 Sep 1886
WOMACK, Saphronia WELCH, T R 15 Jul 1884
WOMACK, Sarah BELCHER, James L 15 Dec 1892
WOMACK, T S Miss PINKERTON, J T 22 Apr 1894
WOMACK, W M GOODALL, Janie 01 Jan 1885


old settlers of Texarkana, prior to 1888

Womack, J. W.


BKS C-D Page 363
Womack, H W McCarty, J M Jul 27 1872

Jeffrey Cemetery
Womack, Francis Frank 9 Mar 1900 24 May 1958
Womack, Lura Pearl . . . . .1912 1975


WOMACK, Hattie MCKINNEY, R A 18 Sep 1892


Land Rcords
W&NW RR CO H Womack, R L 486 1103


1850 Census Index
Wormack 13A


TAX ROLL A thru H, 1884

NAME Abstract # SURVEY ACRES Other Taxables
Bishop,L.J. 1063 L.Womack 500 C,H,c,s
Wolf, Mrs. M. A. 1063 L.Womack 150
Grimes, J. A. 1063 L.Wommack 630

Birth/WWI Registrations
Warren, J J Womack, T 58 1800
Womack, Larkin Womack, L 1063


Land Records
BBB&C RR CO Womack, A 2 1418
Was also shown as Wommack A


Land Records
Womack, P V Womack, P V 40 987


Lorenzo Cemetery
Womack, Sarah C. 04/20/1851 07/26/1940


WWI Draft/Birth Information
Name DOB Race POB Location of Reg
Womack, Mal K. 6 Sep 1884 W Dallam TX


WARNOCK, Thos E MAPLES, Margaret E 19 Dec 1878
Womack J. H. McQueen Agnes A. 18-Feb-1891
Wilmans Bertie Womack C. C. 23-Dec-1888 Martinier, J.
Bennett C. G. Womack Mrs. J. P. 27-May-1898 Fuller, D. F. M. G.
Jordan D. A. Wamack Sue 04-Jan-1891 Mothershed, W. P.
Nance J. P. Wamack Miss Ida 10-Dec-1890 Bramblitt, E. C.

Smith Cemetery, Irving
Womack, John R., 24 Jul 1881 29 Sep 1939

Sowers Cemetery
WOMACK, Abe M 28 Mar 1875 12 Dec 1958


WWI Draft/Birth REgistration
Name DOB Race POB Location of Reg
Womack, William Lafayette 29 Mar 1899 W Dawson
Womack, William Wallace 25 Feb 1874 W Dawson

Land Records
G RR CO 35 Womack, T6S 82 945


WOMACK, John L AICHLMAYER, Margaret Rita 08 Feb 1953
WOMACK, Mac BAKER, Sloan 20 Sep 1919
WOMACK, W B RUNTON, Bessie May 02 Nov 1924

Draft Registrations WWI
Name DOB Race Birth other Info Where Registered
Bowers, Robert Womack 18 Nov 1896 W Nocona TX Deaf Smith TX
Womack, Richard Homer 29 Feb 1876 W Deaf Smith TX


Pilot Point Community Cemetery
Mayfield, Florine Womack Masonic 5 5 8 6
Pederson, Thomas Womack Yarbrough 11 4 6 4


Spur Memorial Cemetery
Name Maiden Name Obit Section/block/lot Birth/Death dates Owner of Lot
Robinson Mattie Ada Womack Obit Old 21 7 06-28-1873 07-26-1944
P.T.B.Robinson Robinson, Mattie Ada Womack

Dickens Cemetery -
Womack, Randy Location: N-08-37, No dates given


Land Records
Wormack, Joseph H Womack, J 653
Womack, D G Womack, D 1621
ET RR CO Womack, M 34 1214


Land Records
Stewart, CD Womack, W O 318 9877


Land Records

WOMACK, W C SEGRAVES, Sarah E 06 Sep 1885


WOMACK, D L STRACENER, Minnie 01 Dec 1895
WOMACK, Florence ROGERS, T P 08 Jul 1888
WOMACK, J A THOMPSON, Miss Laura (I 264) Book/Page?



WOMACK, J L MCDONALD, Mary 27 Jan 1869
WOMMACK, Martha M MCDONALD, John 06 Mar 1856


Oakhill Cemetery
Womack, Elizabeth Ann Sep 29, 1829 Mar 25, 1900 w/o W B Womack
Womack, Estella Dec 09, 1888 Aug 03, 1897 d/o JA and VT Womack
Womack, Mary Marshall Jun 10, 1858 Jan 13, 1937 w/o W B Womack
Womack, Oliver A Jan 10, 1891 Aug 01, 1892 s/o AJ and VT Womack
Womack, R M May 17, 1876 May 15, 1948
Womack, W B Dec 28, 1900 Nov 30, 1952
Womack, W B Aug 29, 1829 Jun 01, 1907 h/o Mary Marhsall
and Elizabeth

Doss, Sears or Lindsey Springs Cemetery
Womack, Eliza Maybell 14 Feb.1876 07 Nov.1877 dau. of J.H.& M.R.Womack
Womack, Infant 15 Nov1885 15 Nov 1885 of J.H.& M.R.Womack
Womack, M.R. 03 Oct.1851 28 Sep 1888

Lindsey Cemetery near Randolph
Allen, Infant of W.& L.C.Allen 07 Feb.1884 14 Feb.1884 next to Minnie Womack
Womack, Minnie E. wife of W.J. 16 Sept.1867 10 Oct.1884 next to Inf.Allen

S E Blanton Cemetery
Womack, A Dec 25, 1987 Nov 30, 1897

Land Records
Womack, William Wommack, W 1155
Moore, J B Womack, T 1 1458
UL 2 Womack, W L 2 1219


1850 Census Index


Land Records
AB&M Womack, A 46 2340
AB&M Womack, W 46 2415
AB&M Womack, W 46 2585
AB&M Womack, W 46 2414


Land Records
H&TC RR Co A M Womack 450 1275
H&TC RR Co A M Womack 460 1056


WWI Draft/Birth Information
Name DOB Race POB Locationof Reg
Womack, Cal Sugg 15 Dec 1887 W Brownwood TX Glasscock


Harwood Masonic Cemetery
Perkins, Elizabeth Womack


Fairview Cemetery
Womack Hilliary W Sep 10, 1912 Mar 03, 1985 Wed Leona Huff Mar 02, 1928
Womack, JOhn F 1865 1944 S/W Laura B Womack
Womack, Laura B 1866 1949 S/W John F Womack
Womack, Leone Huff Jan 20, 1917 Jun 26, 1990 Wed Hilliary W Womack
Womack, Walter Francis 1889 1917 Pvt US Army WWI

Gordonville Cemetery
Womack Clark 1878 1957
Womack Grace 1883 1962
Womack George Turner 07-19-1913 02-12-1996 (Buster) (Cpl Army WW II)
m. 11-21-1931 Lurlene Hopkins
Womack Elmer Lee 10-24-1916 07-07-1995 m. 09-26-1934 Marvis Godwin
(PFC Army WW II)
Womack Willie C. 10-23-1905 06-04-1987 m. 08-11-1925 Ruby M.
Womack Albert H. 11-11-1911 01-04-1976 ( PFC Army WW II )
Womack Julia Joe 12-02-1918
Womack baby 08-21-1914
Womack Thomas L. 01-18-1914 12-25-1991
Womack Vera 07-08-1915 06-02-1995

Preston Bend Cemetery
Carender, James Thomas, Jun 02, 1867 Jan 07, 1944, m. Sep 21, 1894
Carender, Mary Ann Womack, Jun 10, 1879 Jun 19, 1916, wife of James T Carender

City Cemetery, Whitewright
Womack, Edna Ray ---------- May 26, 1935

Sadler Cemetery, Sadler
O'Neal, Lula Womack Sep 08, 1868 Oct 24, 1923
O'Neal, E R Feb 12, 1893 Mar 18, 1893 S/O W B & M L O'Neal
(child poss hers? there is no other O'Neal listed)
Wommack, J W Sep 28,1833 Jan 30,1884
Wommack, Mary C Oct 18,1835 Oct27,1923
Wommack, Nancy SSep15,1800 Mar15,1877

Oakwood Cemetery - Denison TX
Womack, Effie Hayden Jan 21, 1895 Sep 08, 1984


WOMACK, A LAWRENCE, Adaline 04 Jul 1853
WOMACK, Henrietta M MONTGOMERY, J M 04 Jun 1850
WOMACK, Mary F GREEN, John H 01 Mar 1858
WOMACK, Matilda S M DAVIS, Benjamin F 23 Aug 1853

WAMACK 731A-774A


Harwood Masonic Cemetery
Perkins, Elizabeth Womack

Mansfield Cemetery
Hall, Mollie Lois (Womack), 14 Oct 1894, No Date


Land Records
EL&RR RR CO A3 Womack, A 42 2129


WOMACK, Franklin M MADDUX, Nancy E 07 Sep 1853
WOMACK, Jacob LOVEL, Lucy 04 Jul 1841
WOMACK, John WOODLEY, Amanda 30 Jan 1856
WOMACK, Louisiana ELLIOTT, W W 12 May 1844
WOMACK, Mary A HILL, William T 31 Jul 1853
WOMACK, Matilda GREER, M D 05 Feb 1841
WOMACK, Orville J MADDUX, Rachel B 29 Nov 1853

Land Records
Womack, Larkin Womack, L 735
Wornick, Jacob Wornick, J 733
Womack, Larkin Womack, L 734


WWI Draft/Birth Information
Name DOB Race POB Location of Reg
Uzzell, Minter Womack 28 May 1874 W Hemphill Co


Womack, ALferd Reppond, Willie 20 Apr 1918
Womack, G. A. Hinkle, Hazel 23 Dec 1937
Womack, G. P. Dawson, Leora 22 Dec 1900


WOMACK, F M Miss GREGG, A M 26 Dec 1887
WOMACK, J B GLENN, Addie 14 Sep 1887


WOMACK, C B PATILLO, Mary Ida 10 Feb 1889


Land REcords
Womack, Morris K Womack, M K 486,487,488
Womack, Morris K Womack, M K 489,490,491
Womack, Morris K Fraser, W B, 492
Womack, M L JR Womack, M L 423
Womack, F J Womack, F 167 480


WOMACK, E J BOATMAN, R G 29 Jun 1884
WOMACK, I C BEEBE, Prudie 11 Dec 1895
WOMACK, J S RAINS, M J 14 Mar 1886
WOMACK, Margaret J LANGSTON, H S 01 May 1877
WOMACK, T M BRISCO, C J 10 Feb 1885
WOMACK, W J MCDONALD, Rebecca J 03 Jul 1889

Land Records
SP RR CO Womack, T 2 2341
Womack, W J Wommack, W 1199
Womack, W J Womack, W 912
Buckner, George Womack, T 1500


Land Records
Womack, AM Womack, A 893


Land Records
SP RR CO Womack, A G 16 1208
SP RR CO Womack, A S 16


WOMACK, Geo M PEARCY, Mary F 14 Aug 1872
WOMACK, Jas CARLEY, Winney 17 Jul 1872
WOMACK, Maggie WALKER, Jno 08 Nov 1873
WOMACK, Mary E POSS, E H 07 Dec 1870
WOMACK, Mary L WEAVER, J C 14 Oct 1874
WOMACK, Virginia E HENRY, James A 17 Dec 1869
WOMACK, Wm H CLACK, Julia 06 Jan 1863


Oak Hill Cemetery
Womack, Mary Agnes, 1904 - 1936


1880 Census

50 22 329 330 Womack L A W M 31 . . . 1 . . . Farming . . Ala Ala Ala .
50 23 329 330 Womack Martha M W F 28 . Wife . 1 . . . Keeping House . . Geo Geo Geo .
50 24 329 330 Womack Elizabeth W F 5 . Dau . . . . . . . . Ala Ala Geo .
50 25 329 330 Womack William W M 3 . Son . . . . . . . . Tex Ala Geo

50 33 332 333 Womack Julius W M 25 . . . 1 . . . Farmer . . Ala Ala Ala .
50 34 332 333 Womack Nancy A W F 26 . . . 1 . . . Keeping House . . Geo Geo Geo .
50 35 332 333 Womack Hety W F 4 . . . . . . . . . . Tex . . .
50 36 332 333 Womack Henry F W M 1 . . . . . . . . . . Tex . . .


Coolidge Cemetery
Adams Willie Womack 10/22/1883 09/15/1977
Womack D. M. 06/10/1859 07/11/1932
Womack Dealy 03/14/1866 01/29/1931


1900 Census
273B 30 0 0 159 160 Womack Charles H. Laborer W M Aug 1854 45 S . . . MS GA MS


Land Records
EL&RR RR CO Womack, L 489 1045


Land Records
H&TC RR CO Womack, G 22 1569
T&P RR CO Womack, T1G 4 1491
T&P RR CO Womack, T1N 4 1570
T&P RR CO Womack, T1G 10 1639
(these are as listed, must be some kind of code after last name)


Land Records
Womack, Jesse Womack, J 853


WOMACK, Aurelia COTHRAN, E W 27 Sep 1842
WOMACK, Mary Margaret ANDERSON, Dr Caleb L 24 Jun 1851
WOMAK, Jesse BEASLEY, Eugenia 11 Jul 1850

Land Records
Bruce , C G Womack (no name/initials given) 729
Womack, M L Jr Womack M 54 727
Womack, M L Jr Womack M 52 730
Bruce, C G Womack, M 08 728
Womack, M L Jr Womack, M 61 735
Womack, K L Jr Womack, M 51 726


Land Records
Womack, William B Womack, W 316


WOMACK, R L BULLOCK, Sarah H 08 May 1887


WOMACK, John C THOMPSON, Nancy H 16 Mar 1852
WOMACK, Nancy H COLVILLE, John P 20 May 1855


Womack, A. F. Bradford, Mrs. A. A. 13 Feb 1902
WOMACK, M M Miss HAYNES, S P 18 Mar 1880
WOMACK, Wm B DAY, Amanda A 30 Aug 1880
Davis, Jesse Womack, Miss Hazel 29 Aug 1918
Keats, J. F. Womack, Mrs. Alpha 07 Apr 1917

Birth Information
Name DOB Register Parents
Womack, Jack Garnett 19 Oct 1930 vol 3 p 202 John Garnett & Delma Letney


Waldrop Cemetery
WARMACK WILLIAM 00-00-1847 00-00-1877

Land Records
Womack, Larkin Womack, L 270 706
Wornick, Jacob Wornick, J 1028
Womack, John Womack, J 705
Womack, John Womack, J 894
Womack, John Womack, J 701
Womack, John Womack, J 703
Womack, John Womack, J 841
Womack, John Womack, J 702

1850 Census - Microfilm # 432-913
Index only
6 389 389 Womack Julius 21 M farmer AL
13 399 399 Womack Francis 53 F W widow(sic)MO
14 399 399 Womack John 36 M W farmer MO
15 399 399 Womack Lucy Ann 27 F W MO
16 399 399 Womack Jacob 26 M W farmer MO
17 399 399 Womack Newton 24 M W farmer MO
18 399 399 Womack Larkin 21 M W farmer MO
19 399 399 Womack James 18 M W farmer MO
20 399 399 Womack Wm. 16 M W AR
21 399 399 Womack Panola 14 F W TX

23 179 179 Womack Jacob 54 M W Farmer MO
24 179 179 Womack Lucy 34 F W Housekeeper AL
25 179 179 Womack Fredonia 17 F W Housekeeper TX
26 179 179 Womack Zenora 14 F W TX
27 179 179 Womack Lavilla 12 F W TX
28 179 179 Womack Elmira 10 F W TX
29 179 179 Womack Levinia 07 F W TX
30 179 179 Womack Jeremiah 04 M W TX


27 28 Womack Elmira 10 TX
27 25 Womack Fredonia 17 TX
27 23 Womack Jacob 54 MO
27 30 Womack Jeremiah 4 TX
27 27 Womack Lavilla 12 TX
27 29 Womack Levinia 7 TX
27 24 Womack Lucy 34 AL
27 26 Womack Zenora 14 TX
21 5 Wormack James 24 TN

See Tx Afro-American Page


Land Records
Womack, Thomas J Wormack, T 1632
Womack, William Womack, W 1645


Land Records
H&GN RR CO 12 Womack, L A 12


Land Records
Womack, Frank Womack, F 723
Womack, Mark S Womack, M 83


Land Records
T&P RR CO 36 Womack, T5M L 46 967


Land Records
Harrington, E M Womack, T 197 1615

WOMACK, Fannie HORNE, T W 08 Jul 1869


WOMMACK, Frances B REGISTER, A G 21 Jun 1887


Land Records
Womack, John Womack, J


08 205 205 Womack John C. 26 M Physician Ala
09 205 205 Womack Charlotte 28 F Ala
10 205 205 Womack Frances 05 F Mi (Probably should be MS)
11 205 205 Womack Mary 03 F Texas
12 205 205 Womack Charlotte 02 F La

11-29-1942 Wilkes McCallum dies. Survivors are daughters: Mrs. LilaCompton,
Mrs. Reta Womack; Mrs. Lila Wiseman, Mrs. Addie Bell Williams.; sons : Clive,
H.A. and David?; father :John N. ; 3 brothers: Vick,Tommy andMarion; 2 sisters:
Mrs. Walter Cooper and Mrs Virgil Ramsey.


Land Records


Land Records
H&TC RR CO 97 Womack, B F 252 2226


WWI Draft/Birth Information
Name DOB Race POB Location of Reg
Womack, Clarence Abram 08 Sep 1882 W Schleicher
Womack, Clifford Thomas 29 Dec 1888 W Texas Schleicher


Land Records
LAL Womack, A M 26 1225


Herbert C. Womack May 31, 1905 Aug. 5, 1996 Married
Ella Avis Womack Oct. 13, 1906 July 21, 1990 Feb. 4, 1933


Liberty Hill Cemetery
Womack, Dorothy S. - 1 Jan 1890 19 July 1976 Mother


WWI Draft/Birth Information
Name DOB Race POB Location of Reg
Harrison, John Womack 30 Dec 1892 W Marshall TX Sterling


Johnson Station Cemetery
Womack, Mary A., nee Mitchell, Feb. 27, 1822 - Oct. 25, 1893

Mansfield Cemetery
Hall, Mollie Lois (Womack), 14 Oct 1894, No Date


WOMACK, Mary J BRASHEAR, Alford 09 Feb 1882

Land Records
Womack, W N Womack, W N 17911
Womack, Abraham J Womack, A J 652
Womack, David Womack, D 651
Womack, W N Womack, W 16 937
Womack Womack, A J 666


WOMACK, Louis STEWART, Zella 16 Jul 1899
WOMACK, M E WATKINS, J P 26 Jul 1903


Womack K. Dement Nannie Oct/18/1909 16 291 582
Wormack J. J. Sapp W. A. May/04/1875 05 162 317


WOMACK, J A MEEKS, Lizzie 28 Dec 1894
WOMACK, J L ROGERS, Annie 05 Mar 1891
WOMACK, Sophronia B MCNERLY, Joseph 01 Dec 1881


Probates--1920-1959, Vol II

Womack, E.R. 172
Womack, J.R. 178
Womack, Jackie Wright 107
Womack, Mary E. 23
Womack, Noble 3
Womack, Noble A. 24




Womack, A. J. 28700
Claimant: Womack, A. J.
Pension Number: 28700
County: Grayson

Womack, Abram Richmond 50659
Claimant: Womack, Abram Richmond
Pension Number: 50659
County: Trinity

Womack, Adiline F. 15860
Claimant: Womack, Adiline F.
Pension Number: 15860
County: Lamar

Husband: Daniel
Pension Number:

Womack, Andrew Jackson 24148
Claimant: Womack, Andrew Jackson
Pension Number: 24148
County: Hardeman

Womack, C. C. (Mrs) 18668
Claimant: Womack, C. C. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 18668
County: Grimes

Husband: Mark Sanders
Pension Number:

Womack, Cyrena 36839
Claimant: Womack, Cyrena
Pension Number: 36839
County: Dallas

Husband: John C.
Pension Number:

Womack, Daniel Brown 34150
Claimant: Womack, Daniel Brown
Pension Number: 34150
County: Dallas

Womack, David G. 15869
Claimant: Womack, David G.
Pension Number: 15869
County: Lampasas

Womack, E. C. rej
Claimant: Womack, E. C.
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Brown

Womack, E. W. rej
Claimant: Womack, E. W.
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Bosque

Womack, Eliza Jane 51069
Claimant: Womack, Eliza Jane
Pension Number: 51069
County: Hardeman

Husband: Andrew Jackson
Pension Number: 24148

Womack, Eudora F. 29648
Claimant: Womack, Eudora F.
Pension Number: 29648
County: Brazoria

Husband: Thomas A.
Pension Number:

Womack, Fannie 35071
Claimant: Womack, Fannie
Pension Number: 35071
County: Bowie

Husband: Jordon Martin (wommack)
Pension Number: 17365

Womack, Frank Coleman 07874
Claimant: Womack, Frank Coleman
Pension Number: 07874
County: Hardin

Womack, G. M. 36955
Claimant: Womack, G. M.
Pension Number: 36955
County: Red River

Womack, Georgia Ann Mahala 41273
Claimant: Womack, Georgia Ann Mahala
Pension Number: 41273
County: Trinity

Husband: Henry H.
Pension Number: 18464

Womack, Henry H. 18464
Claimant: Womack, Henry H.
Pension Number: 18464
County: Trinity

Womack, J. B. 12248
Claimant: Womack, J. B.
Pension Number: 12248
County: Anderson

Womack, J. K. (Mrs) 37774
Claimant: Womack, J. K. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 37774
County: Hill

Husband: James K.
Pension Number: 12416

Womack, James K. 12416
Claimant: Womack, James K.
Pension Number: 12416
County: Hill

Womack, John Albert rej
Claimant: Womack, John Albert
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Freestone

Womack, John H. 24203
Claimant: Womack, John H.
Pension Number: 24203
County: Wilson

Womack, John Watts (Mrs) 35175
Claimant: Womack, John Watts (Mrs)
Pension Number: 35175
County: Atascosa

Husband: John Watts
Pension Number: 34392

Womack, John Watts 34392
Claimant: Womack, John Watts
Pension Number: 34392
County: Bexar

Womack, L. A. (Mrs) 42159
Claimant: Womack, L. A. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 42159
County: Trinity

Husband: William Henry
Pension Number: 18463

Womack, Lucy C. 06562
Claimant: Womack, Lucy C.
Pension Number: 06562
County: Houston

Husband: Jacob
Pension Number:

Womack, Lucy O. 17248
Claimant: Womack, Lucy O.
Pension Number: 17248
County: Mclennan

Husband: William David
Pension Number: 08408

Womack, Luella L. 40219
Claimant: Womack, Luella L.
Pension Number: 40219
County: Parker

Husband: Berges Riley
Pension Number:

Womack, M. J. (Mrs) 19148
Claimant: Womack, M. J. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 19148
County: Morris

Husband: Josiah Duncan
Pension Number:

Womack, M. S. 09824
Claimant: Womack, M. S.
Pension Number: 09824
County: Grimes

Womack, Martha K. 49556
Claimant: Womack, Martha K.
Pension Number: 49556
County: Foard

Husband: R. P.
Pension Number: 36631

Womack, Mary E. 45291
Claimant: Womack, Mary E.
Pension Number: 45291
County: Red River

Husband: G. M.
Pension Number: 36955

Womack, Mary 27388
Claimant: Womack, Mary
Pension Number: 27388
County: Bosque

Husband: Thomas Jefferson
Pension Number:

Womack, Mary 33778
Claimant: Womack, Mary
Pension Number: 33778
County: Mills

Husband: David Green
Pension Number:

Womack, Matilda 51362
Claimant: Womack, Matilda
Pension Number: 51362
County: Falls

Husband: Daniel, Jr.
Pension Number:

Womack, Nannie rej
Claimant: Womack, Nannie
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Unknown

Application is missing, but other records
indicate application was made

Womack, R. P. 36631
Claimant: Womack, R. P.
Pension Number: 36631
County: Foard

Womack, Richard H. 46493
Claimant: Womack, Richard H.
Pension Number: 46493
County: Tom Green

Womack, S. H. 15762
Claimant: Womack, S. H.
Pension Number: 15762
County: Jasper

Womack, Sarah A. 05449
Claimant: Womack, Sarah A.
Pension Number: 05449
County: Collin

Husband: William E.
Pension Number:

Womack, Sarah E. 38146
Claimant: Womack, Sarah E.
Pension Number: 38146
County: Bosque

Husband: Elbert Washington
Pension Number:

Womack, Sarah 02706
Claimant: Womack, Sarah
Pension Number: 02706
County: Limestone

Husband: Abner J.
Pension Number:

Womack, Susan E. 29325
Claimant: Womack, Susan E.
Pension Number: 29325
County: Hardin

Husband: Frank Coleman
Pension Number: 07874

Womack, Susan 50847
Claimant: Womack, Susan
Pension Number: 50847
County: Wichita

Husband: James Andrew
Pension Number:

Womack, William David 08408
Claimant: Womack, William David
Pension Number: 08408
County: Mclennan

Application is missing, but other
records indicate application was made

Womack, William Henry 18463
Claimant: Womack, William Henry
Pension Number: 18463
County: Trinity

Wommack, Catherine 11840
Claimant: Wommack, Catherine
Pension Number: 11840
County: Cass

Husband: Robert A.
Pension Number:

Wommack, James William (Mrs) rej
Claimant: Wommack, James William (Mrs)
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Cass

Husband: James William
Pension Number:

Wommack, Jordon Martin (Womack) 17365
Claimant: Wommack, Jordon Martin (Womack)
Pension Number: 17365
County: Bowie

Wommack, S. A. (Mrs) 25770
Claimant: Wommack, S. A. (Mrs)
Pension Number: 25770
County: Cass

Husband: Elija John
Pension Number:

Wommack, Virginia L. 24801
Claimant: Wommack, Virginia L.
Pension Number: 24801
County: Waller

Husband: Elijah Bransford
Pension Number:

Warmack, Nanny 47288
Claimant: Warmack, Nanny
Pension Number: 47288
County: Grayson

Husband: John
Pension Number:

Wormack, M. J. (Mrs) rej
Claimant: Wormack, M. J. (Mrs)
Pension Number: Application Rejected
County: Morris

Husband: Josiah Duncan
Pension Number:


J. N. Buddy Warmack

(Henderson Co TX??)
Womack, Bernice, Student

Womack, Joseph D., letter in postoffice, Gonz.Inq. 9 Apr 1881
Wamue, Mr., Atlanta, Harwood col., No. 17 Gonz.Inq 21 Oct 1882

Womack, Mrs. H. D.
Womack, Oscar
Womack, Mrs. Oscar

Joined Name
09/10/50 Womack, H. D. PFB RR 12/31/73
09/10/50 Womack, Mrs. H. D. PFB RR 12/31/73
04/15/51 Womack, Oscar LaMesa (CA) Pres. 10/14/51 to St. Andrews, Dallas
04/15/51 Womack, Mrs. Oscar LaMesa (CA) Pres. 10/14/51 to St. Andrews, Dallas
09/16/51 Womack, Dorothy PFB 10/14/51 to St. Andrews, Dallas
09/16/51 Womack, Diane PFB 10/14/51 to St. Andrews, Dallas

Texas 1920 Census Alphabetical by County

Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 10:52:00 (PST)
Audrey Horner

Hello Sam and All,
Sam,I sent you an e-mail a month or so ago, you didn't respond, so I guess I'll post my info here for all. A year or so ago, I wrote you requesting info on my husband's Womack line, you were kind enough to respond and I was thrilled. We did have a difference of opinion when it came to whether or not Mary Womack born July 10, 1903 in Cave Springs, Missouri was a daughter of Archer Preston Womack and Nora Erwin Compton, as you correctly stated that there was no proof. After conversing with older family members, they told me that Mary's 'real' name was Valley Lockey Womack, a name she hated, when Valley turned 18, she just up and changed it to Mary and was forever known by that name. No legal paperwork involved, just did it. I have had many distractioons from genealogy this year, including the passing away of my Mother so I haven't been as diligent as I use to be, however, I have started back up and did run across a census page with Valley listed on it, once again, not iron clad proof, as most researchers demand, but all I got and probably all I ever will have!! The census page, if you want to look at it yourself for verification purposes:
1910 Missouri Census, Walnut Grove Township, Greene County, page 264A, Ancestry Image #34, Line 36, Household #354, Arch Preston-Head, Line 40, listed as his daughter is Valy, age 7. This is my husband's grandmother, also known as Mary Womack. I also wanted to make sure you had an updated e-mail address for me, which is, sorry, I was not aware that you still had my old one. Thank you, Audrey Horner

Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 04:43:36 (PST)

ATTN: Pamela I fount these records Mount Olive is in Covington County Mississippi

This is what I found Pamela hope it helps

1910 Census MS/Covington Co./5-Bt/District 9
Wilborn John 26yrs Married 8yrs MS---MS---MS
Viola 29yrs Married 8yrs MS---MS---MS
Troy 7yrs MS---MS---MS

1920 Census MS/Covington Co./Oakohay/ District 9
Welbourne J W 37yrs MS---MS---MS Farmer
V V 41yrs MS---MS---MS
Troy 16yrs MS---MS---MS
Curtis 9yrs MS---MS---MS
Homer 4yrs? MS---MS---MS
Haword 4yrs MS---MS---MS

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Info Found at


Marriage: 1900 , Smith, Mississippi
Death: 07 MAY 1958



Marriage: 1900 , Smith, Mississippi
Death: 03 JAN 1960

Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 17:45:14 (PST)


Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 17:28:43 (PST)
pamela welborn


Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 13:01:26 (PST)
Royce W. Gibson
royce gibson at

The Valentine Papers are available online if you have the bells and whistles membership on Ancestry.

Ann must have seen parts of them because she quotes from the often.

I think that's where all the wife beating, pig and apple stealing and horse racing information comes from on the first brood.

Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 11:35:56 (PST)
samsawadee @

Thanks for you input - have had a copy of the pages that pertian to Womacks for some years now - on a disk somewhere in the great cavern of my lousy filing system.

What we really need, since we have beaten the VA bunch to death looking for an
immigrant ancestah, is access to the Brit records on the colonies - I dont think those got burned in a courthouse fire, etc -- It is quite obvious there was some reather painstaking records keeping of births, deaths, property, etc - so Ole King whats-his-name would know who, what and how much to tax...I doubt seriously that the availabe records there are cataloged - rather in loose files somewhere in a dingy basement under inches of dust...and hopefully not too damp and moldy!

I also believe that there are many church records that have yet to be made available to everyone - those hold some truths and fiction breakers methinks..

Unless someone has something in the bottom of an old trunk they havent looked at, we are at wits end on this side of the water -- all we can do is try to link up what we have back to those we know for sure were in early VA...AND, hope for a good break somewhere in our lifetime...

So, Derrell, mi amigo - keep on diggin like you have and you just may be the one to crack this wide open...

Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 06:27:05 (PST)

ATTN: Sam and Roger have u two heard of The Valentine Papers if not u two might want to read them lots of info. about our Womacks in it. Information on the Womacks while in England I believe and some other important info. such as Womack orphans and such and their guardians. Will give yall info. on how to look at these records at my local library if yall need me to it will not be a problem to me just let me know.

Friday, March 11, 2005 at 03:48:05 (PST)
samsawadee @

Beth, et al

We know were two Jacob Womacks at Watauga - one one of the Commissioners, the other a signer - the only assumption we can make of this is that the signer was the son of the commissioner (Maj Jacob)... no real proof of course, strictly circumstantial, but you never know..........

I also see that the wife of Jacob is rearing an ugly head as Mary again - methinks this is where someone got the idea my Mary Wills Womack was the wife of Maj Jake, a cousin to my 4th great; and the real husband of Mary Wills -- Unfortunately the DAR has a problem with her being listed as the wife of the ole Maj....and by the way, all you people that have her as Mary Wills Cole, drop the Cole - her son David's Bible record shows her as WILLS....I have a transcript of it......Doesnt anyone think it would be rather weird for parents to name a child after the last name of the mothers former husband???

Her grandfather Josiah Whitlock did not name her in his will of Oct 1769; but did name a brother and sister or two - it mentioned her father Doctor Wills as deceased - looking at this, and the fact the census records indicate she was born between 1760 and 1770 (Kentucky indicates 1765-70); she would have been born after the will was written, her father died while she was still in the
womb, but sometime in 1769; and she had to have been born after Oct 1769-probably early 1770..then her mother, Mary Whitlock Wills, married John Cole in Aug 1772 (18 Aug on bond or certificate)..

Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 20:05:11 (PST)


I saw two posts on, which are of interest to most of the researchers on this web page (some folks here maintain large data bases of Womacks and collateral families). We are very much interested in the sons of Maj. Jacob Womack and Sarah Johnson. Here are the children of Jacob Womack by Patricia:

"131,26 Major Jacob and Mary Womack

1 Martha b 20 March 1758 d ca 1840 Benton Co Ala m Robert Bean b 3 May 1758
2 Sarah m ________ Lane (Son of Tidance Lane)
Patricia's note:(I am not sure if this is correct or if there us another Jacob lived on Little Limestone Creek Washington Co Tenn. Possible the father of the above or the above Major Jacob the father of Jacob on Little Limestone Creek or if they are the same person and married two or more times one wife being Sarah Johnson, dau of Joseph Johnson/Johnston of Lunenburg Co VA
3 Johnson
4 John
5 Jesse
6 David
All above the Arkansas early inhabitants
7 William ? Pendleton SC White Co Tenn. Jeremiah, Jonathan, and David of Grainger Co Tenn. And David and Johnson of Grainger, Wh Co Tenn. Also Jenkin and Jacob of early Arkansas 1820’s"

I've identified the William of Pendleton, SC (Jacob was in Pendleton Co., SC on the 1790 census) and White Co., TN and I'm adding this information because of the name "Crockett" being carried down the line. William named a son Crockett and his dau., Mary Jane Womack Robinson named her son William Crockett Robinson:

Note: William Womack died ca. 1846-1850 White Co., TN. His youngest child is three years old.

1850 White Co., TN 1850 11 Dist, roll 900 White Co., TN
Page 105A, House 1431
16 Womack Rachell 44 b. 1806 TN
17 Womack John F. 21 b. 1829 TN
18 Womack Mary Jane 18 b. 1832 TN m. George W. P. Robinson
19 Womack Susan 15 b. 1835 TN
20 Womack Benjamin 11 b. 1839 TN
21 Womack Cynthia 9 b. 1841 TN
22 Womack Lizanna 6 b. 1844 TN
23 Womack Crockett 3 b. 1857 TN

(Rachael Unknown Womack and children moved to Madison Co., AR ca. 1859. Johnson Womack died in Madison Co. ca. 1839)

1860 Marble Twp., Madison Co., AR p. 381
Rachel Womack, age 53, b. TN
Benjamin, age 20, b. TN
Cynthia, age 18 b. TN
Lizanna, age 15, b. TN
Crockett, age 13, b. TN

1860 Marble Twp., Madison Co., AR, b. 483
J.(John) F. Womack, age 30, b. 1829 TN
Mary Unknown, age 36, b. 1834 TN

1860 Marble Twp., Madison Co., AR p. 481 m. 8 Nov 1852 White Co., TN
George W. P. Robinson, age 40, b. 1820 TN, d. ca. 1862 ..buried Nard Cemetery, Carroll Co., AR
Mary (Mary Jane Womack), age 25, b. TN
William C. (Crockett), age 9, b. 1851, White Co., TN
Martha A., age 6, b. 1854 White Co., TN
Amanda, b. age 3, 1857 White Co., TN
Alexander Woodrow, b. 1860 Carroll Co., AR
and Arizona, b. 22 Apr 1862 Carroll Co., AR

March 5, 2005:
"I have Fannie Womack (my 3rd greataunt) married to Elijah David Weaver. Her father being Johnson or johnson Ashley Womak, mother unknown. Where does the Cherokee information come from? If Johnston was her father and her mother were Cherokee, then she would be only half. Anyone know of her mother then? Thanks.

Erin Dent"

Did Patricia indicate Johnson Womack was the father of Fannie Womack, who married Elijah David Weaver? This is just my opinion....I think Fannie Womack Weaver was the dau., of David Womack, who is most likely my Larkin Womack's father. Weaver researchers insist that her father was Larkin Womack. No one to date has been able to confirm with documentation of her father's name. This being the case, she named her son Larkin Weaver after her brother. My Larkin named a son David, probably for his father, named a son Jacob for his grandfather, named a son John for his uncle and named a son William for his uncle. In the "Basye Family In The United States", which I just purchased from Ebay, I found this: ".....In "Book E," at page 307, in the office of the Recorder of Deeds St. Louis Missouri, appears a deed dated and acknowledged October 27, 1815, recorded November 29, 1815, from Larkin Womack and Frances (also written elsewhere in the deed Fannie) Womack (late Frances Quick (F.13) to James Fugate, assigning all her dower interest in the estate of Jones Quick, deceased......". So my estimate of Larkin's marriage to Frances Basye Quick was pretty close. I'm guessing June of 1815. Their first son was born 15 Feb 1816.....but you know the first one can come any time, according to old wives' tales!

March 10, 2005
"David Womack, married to Elizabeth M Brisco, his father was Johnson Ashley Womack. I have that line back to the late 1500's. I can be contacted at"

The family group sheet of Johnston Womack, wife Elizabeth submitted by Patricia to the Washington Association of Genealogists indicated Patricia thought Johnson was married to Elizabeth and she was puzzled by the age difference. But the children are David and Elizabeth Brisco's children. I think your David's name was probably David Johnson Womack or Johnson David Womack. This family group sheet can be found on LDS's IGI site

Re: your post of March 7, 2005 on this web page about your family's belief that your Womacks are related to Davy Crockett and the name David Crockett Womack.....this is certainly is possible. Davy Crockett was the son of John Wesley Crockett (son of David Crockett, Sr. and Elizabeth Hedge) and Rebecca Sullivan Hawkins. Major Jacob Womack was a committeeman on the Watauga Petition of 5 July 1776. David Crockett, Sr., and his son, William Crockett signed this petition. Davy was born in 1786 Limestone Cove, Washington Co., TN. This a note Patricia had in her research: "(I am not sure if this is correct or if there us another Jacob lived on Little Limestone Creek Washington Co Tenn. Possible the father of the above or the above Major Jacob the father of Jacob on Little Limestone Creek or if they are the same person and married two or more times one wife being Sarah Johnson, dau of Joseph Johnson/Johnston of Lunenburg Co VA)"

Is the David Crockett Womack a descendant of your David Womack or he an ancestor of your David Womack?


Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 00:56:34 (PST)
Erin Dent

From the Hawkins Funeral Home Records in Jack County Texas:

Womack, Thomas Marion
Male White
Married Bertha A. Barth in 1921
Born August 22, 1858 Texas
Died October 17, 1946 Jacksboro, Texas
Father W. L. Womack Mother
Oakwood Cemetery Jacksboro, Texas


Womack, Bertha Asbary
Female White Housewife
Married T. M. Womack in 1921
Born Feb 23, 1892 Parker County, Texas
Died August 21,1968 Mineral Wells, Texas
Father M. B. Barth Mother Lucinda Ensley
Oakwood Cemetery Jacksboro, Texas

Hope this is of help to all of you cousins!


Monday, March 07, 2005 at 23:25:41 (PST)
Erin Dent


I have the brand auth. and brand image that was registered by William Jefferson Womack and by his son John Seaman Womack if anyone is in this line and interested in this, too.


Monday, March 07, 2005 at 22:47:07 (PST)
Erin Dent


My Womacks are said to be decendant from Davie Crockett. David Crockett Womack comes up through out the line, but who knows? I haven't been able to find a link. My mother's cousin is said to have documentation, but she is old and far away and very tight fisted with stuff in her later years. Anyway, if anyone has ANY information on this line, please let me know!

Sunday, March 06, 2005 at 11:14:18 (PST)
William Eugene Womack

I recently visited the Roy Rogers Museum, which was recently relocated from Apple Valley, Ca. to Branson, MO. It's a great museum. Many family photos are on display. I was surprised at the large number of Womack photos. Like me, Roy's mother's name was Martha Womack. If you're ever in Branson, a tour is sure worth the time.

Saturday, March 05, 2005 at 07:01:14 (PST)
J Gresham

I am trying to find information about my grandmother's family and a possible Womack connection. My grandmother was from Carter County KY and her name was Lucille Jones. She always told about being a cousin of Mattie Womack who married Andrew Slye (parents of Leonard, aka Roy Rogers. I am trying to identify whether my grandmother's grandmother was a Womack.

William 40 (born November 1868,also known as Willie)
Mollie 34 (born March 1876, maiden name was Everman and I think she
might be Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Hord) Everman
but I do not have conclusive proof)
Lucile 15 (my grandmother, married T.P. Edwards) Kennie 13 (married a ? Bently, ? McAllister and Vic Hardin)
Bettie 10 (married Tim Hannah, son of Albert and Ethel (Goble) Hannah)
Raymond 7 (never married)
Ralf 4 ("Ralph", married Edith Lewis)
Roland 1 (I think this is "Ceph", never married)

Martha (mother) 74 (was she a Womack??)

Saturday, March 05, 2005 at 06:45:34 (PST)
J Gresham

I am trying to find information about my grandmother's family. She was from Carter County KY and her name was Lucille Jones. Her family is listed in the Grayson, Carter County Census 1900, 1910 and 1920. She married my grandfather Rev. Thomas P. Edwards of Estill County KY after 1920. She always told about being a cousin of Mattie Womack who married Andrew Slye (parents of Leonard (aka Roy Rogers).


William 40 (born November 1868,also known as Willie)
Mollie 34 (born March 1876, maiden name was Everman and I think she
Mary, daughter
of Samuel and Mary Hord Everman
Lucile 15
Kennie 13
Bettie 10
Raymond 7
Ralf 4
Roland 1
Martha (mother) 74

Friday, March 04, 2005 at 11:45:31 (PST)
Daisy Johnson

if theres someway you can help me.just run across this page.throught i would give it a try.the last name davis frist name Rufus my uncle last seen i was about6yrs oldthey lived in PHILADELPHIA.COULD YOU EMAIL me where to start.thanks

Thursday, March 03, 2005 at 14:57:49 (PST)
Jack Womack

One of the lessons we learn from history is to hopefully not repeat the mistakes that led up to wars and loss of information in the past. By not repeating those same errors, hopefully, we, as genealogist, will not repeat the same results. But every so often we need a reminder of what has happened in the past. We sometimes forget the essence of the past, the nuts and bolts of what happened, and how it happened, and how the effects of it can still be felt today. We have more tools at our disposal and are equiped with a better education than our ancestors were as a whole, this should make our generation the authors of good genealogies and not some erroneous information copied from some speculative source posted on the net.
These things have a tendency to multiply like fleas on a dog's back. Researchers of today are privy to a multitude of gedcoms to glean information from and many take advantage of borrowing and posting complete genealogies as their own without the work involved in citing the sources. The LDS, DAR and even our on Descendants of Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack book has mistakes in them made by people like you and I.
Wars, fires, floods, lack of education and foresight makes our job a challenge that daunts us on a daily basis. I am reminded of the great tragedy of the Civil War where 622,000 of sombody's ancestors died and set brother against brother. Considering that a soldier probably had an average of four children, this war left two and a half million children fatherless and an untold number of families devastated at the loss of kin and property.
Adoptions and children being raised by relatives, widows remarrying and children being bound out didn't help any. We should as researchers of our genealogy be very cautious as to what we pass on as documented facts.
We should freely share our information, be it a small bit we discovered or helping someone with their line.
Speaking of wars, this site is just an example of what happens to the children. See Missing Identity

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 at 07:27:11 (PST)
samsawadee @

Sent to me by a cuz in MN - FYI

From the McCurtain OK Daily Gazette, Jan 11, 2005


A Valliant man found with his throat cut at his residence on Gardner early today is alive but in critical condition, authorities said.

Jackie Dean Womack, 50, was in critical condition at McCurtain Memorial Hospital. Emergency medical services personnel transported him to the hospital at about 6 a.m.

Police chief David Carrell, at is request, said the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has taken over the investigation. Details are lacking as the man has been unable to talk to the authorities, and it is uncertian who inflicted the wound.

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