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Saturday, October 02, 2004 at 22:11:25 (PDT)

Best I can get for you:

Birth Date: 3 Feb 1893
Death Date: Feb 1977
Social Security Number: 434-30-1060
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: LA
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 71106
Localities: Cedar Grove, Caddo, Louisiana Forbing, Caddo, Louisiana
Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana Spring Lake, Caddo, Louisiana
Birth: 03 FEB 1893 Shreveport, Caddo, LA
Death: 17 FEB 1977
Death: 14 JUN 1977
Marriage: 22 FEB 1914 Logansport, De Soto, LA

Saturday, October 02, 2004 at 22:29:51 (PDT)

Sorry almost missed this - as with any of the info - verify it --'

James Lloyd WOMACK
Birth: 26 Aug 1869
Of, Ida, Louisiana
Death: 31 Oct 1933
Of, Ida, Louisiana
Spouse: Mary Leona FLOWERS

Mary Leona FLOWERS
Born: Abt 1875 Place: , Caddo Parish, Louisiana
Died: 2 Mar 1904 Place: Of, Ida, Louisiana
Married: About 1896 Caddo, Louisiana?
Father: Robert Monroe FLOWERS
Mother: Mary Louvenia HULL

Birth: 16 AUG 1870 Blanchard, Caddo, Louisiana
Death: 31 OCT 1933

Marriage: 23 DEC 1888 Blanchard, Caddo, Louisiana
Death: 31 OCT 1933
Marriage: 23 DEC 1888 Blanchard, Caddo, Louisiana
Death: 1897

James Lloyd WOMACK
Birth: 26 Aug 1869 Place: Of, Ida, Louisiana
Death: 31 Oct 1933 Place: Of, Ida, Louisiana
Spouse: Mary Ethal Couch
Marriage: Place:
Spouse: Mary Leona FLOWERS


Monday, October 04, 2004 at 18:17:57 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

Hey, Sam - I was just looking at your 1900 census data, how did you do that?

I've been searching through Arkansas counties trying to find some missing folks. I tried to cross reference and didn't find the first few I was looking for.

Also, got a call from Ancestry.com the other day - they have a new version of FTM they are pushing - evidently addresses all the gripes you and I have with the old version and supposedly works with Ancestry's free software better. I forked over the $20 for the special offer - I'll let you know.


Monday, October 04, 2004 at 18:30:45 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

LEWIS WOMACK - I've been trying to identify the correct Lewis Womack who was married about 1931 in Sebastian County Arkansas and lived (I think ) most of the rest of his life in nearby Oklahoma. His wife's name was Maude or Maddie and they had a "bunch" (my grandmaw's words) of kids. He was my grandfather's cousin and I'm hoping to find Lewis' father.
Anybody that could help please send me an email or post a response here. My grandparents were Lester and Marie Womack of Barling, AR.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004 at 10:39:14 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Royce, well - I'd get his death certificate to check it out. But if he was born around 1902 he might be the son of James H of Yell Co., AR - there was a Lewis in that family. The only reason I keep tabs on the Yell Co bunch is that my family lived nearby briefly and there was another Womack family there that as far as I know wasn't related to mine. Ann


Tuesday, October 05, 2004 at 12:38:17 (PDT)

Unfortunately they only have so many states under than one - If you mean AR, did I do that already??? Hmm short term loss setting in?? Soem where I have GA thru about 1850 or 60 - just tidbits here and there -- need to get them organized metinks but anyway if you checked the AR censuses I have on that AR page, they were all taken from microfilm at the local FHC - spent some time on that one fer shure...

I just went thru an old download I did some years back on NC and got the W's separated from the other W's that share W520 -- What is interesting tho is that I noted, in AR, that many of the Weems and Wingos were right there with the Womacks; and I think I found a marriage or two also -- I did fing some Womacks living with one or the other of the two names as nieces, nephews, sis in law or something close -- so I would think checking those names might give us some more data also --

Since I am now a ful time home-body -- I spend quite a bit of time surfing for Womack info -- I found some good stuff, that some may already have, from VA the other day -- got it all ready to upload but havent yet -- better to dupe than miss something -- anyway reading the microfilm and those soundex and the other cards, Miracodes, took some time but was worh it --


Tuesday, October 05, 2004 at 14:49:40 (PDT)
Stephen Richard Womack

My Grandfather's name was Joseph Womack and we are talking about the 1950s I believe. My Grandfather's Sister was born here in the UK.



Wednesday, October 06, 2004 at 02:08:46 (PDT)

In the year 2000, there were 550 registered turkey farms in Canada - the majority in Ontario and Quebec. although there were others in Western Canada and the maritime provinces -- How many there back in the 50's - havent the
foggiest idea --

So, lets pick some brains here - Your grandfather was Joseph,
Where was he born/died, and when; his fathers name, birth/death info.

There was a Joseph Womack transported to Canada in 1929 - he was born abt 1911.
He is the only one I can find in the 1900's.

It appears you do have little to go on - do you have any family still alive, great uncles/aunts - cousins that were in your grandfathers age group??

If you knew where your grandfather was born; you could check civil/church records for that area for birth/christening information - chances are his sister may have been born in the same area and etc..then if you can ID her thru this means; then contact Canadian Immigration for information --

Sorry I cannot be of more help -

Wednesday, October 06, 2004 at 13:42:24 (PDT)
Bob Moore

Today I found two Womack marriages in New Madrid County, Missouri @ FHC.
1. William P. Womock & Mary Lions married 22 January 1851 by Thomas J. O'Morrison, JP
2. Abraham Womack & Alcy Mathews married 24 December 1850 by T.J. O'Morrison, JP
The spellings are as they are in the record.
I hope these records may help someone.
I am still looking for the marriage of my grandparents:
Lemuel Alexander Womack & Nancy Elizabeth Reed. Married some where between 1900 & 1907.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004 at 16:56:56 (PDT)
Stephen Richard Womack

Thank you so much. I'll do exactly as you suggest. Thank you again


Thursday, October 07, 2004 at 09:36:15 (PDT)

Obit sent to me by friend in AR

Emmagene Womack
October 4th, 2004

Emmagene Womack, 83, of Murfreesboro, died Monday, October 4, 2004, at a Murfreesboro hospital. She was born January 16, 1921, in Murfreesboro, AR, the daughter of the late Embry and Rebecca Chambers Self.
She was a housewife; a member of the Pleasant Home Church of Christ.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Ross Womack and a son, Mack Womack, six brothers, Elbert Self, Clarance Self, Eldon Self, Dewey Self, Mendel Self, Leive Self; one sister, Izora Self.
Mrs. Womack is survived by one son, Windel Womack and wife, Shirley of Murfreesboro, AR; one daughter, Barbara Moffitt and husband, Jerry of Taft, TX; two sisters, Syble Womack of Benton, AR and Ilene Grisham of Lufkin, Texas; five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Services are scheduled for 3:00 P.M., Wednesday, October 6, at Pleasant Home Church of Christ, with Steve Kelly officiating, burial in Pleasant Home Cemetery, under the direction of Latimer Funeral Home, Murfreesboro. Viewing will be from 5:00 – 9:00 P.M., Tuesday, October 5.

From this I gather she had a sister that also married a Womack??


Friday, October 08, 2004 at 13:21:31 (PDT)
Jerry Hanna

Greetings all,

Just found the WGN and I am very impressed, some really great information here!

The reason for my visit is that I have recently started researching my Great Great
Grandmother Mary Elizabeth ( Womack ) Williams.

Below is what I have found so far, I would love to hear from anyone who can
make a connection.

Mary Elizabeth Womack was born Febuary 15 1854 in Missouri, possibly Perry Co.
She married Henry L. Williams in approx 1872, they had 6 children one of
which was my Great Grandfather Claude Williams, in 1901 the family moved to
Oklahoma from Missouri. Mary died September 7 1936 in Grady Co. Oklahoma.

On the 1860 Perry Co. MO census I found this Womack family...

Perry Co., St. Mary's township, page 149

Robt M. Womack 32 TN
Louisa 24 IN
Mary E 7 MO
Wm F 5 MO
Geo. W 3 MO
Nancy C. 9/12 MO

I was unable to find them in 1870 but found them again in 1880...

St. Genevieve Co., Saline township, page 19
Robert M. WOMACK Self M Male W 51 TN Farmer TN TN 
Louise WOMACK Wife M Female W 44 IN Keeping House IRE OH 
Nancy C. WOMACK Dau S Female W 20 MO At Home TN IN 
Levi J. WOMACK Son S Male W 19 MO Works On Farm TN IN 
John A. WOMACK Son S Male W 16 MO Works On Farm TN IN 
Edward M. WOMACK Son S Male W 14 MO Works On Farm TN IN 
James A. WOMACK Son S Male W 9 MO TN IN 
Leon W. WOMACK Son S Male W 5 MO TN IN 

Researching Robert "Marion" Womack on the LDS website and other sources on
the internet I found some conflicting information but the concensus
seems to be that Robert M. Womack was the son of William "Buck" Womack Jr.
of Rutherford Co. NC and Sarah McBee of GA. Robert's parents are found here on the 1850 census...

Perry Co., Cape Cinque Hommes Twp, Page 45B
Womack William 55 M W Farmer 0 NC  
Womack Sarah 54 F W GA  
Womack Asa 28 M W Laborer 260 TN  
Womack Robert 22 M W Laborer TN  
Womack Elizabeth 17 F W AL  
Womack Mary Ann 15 F W AL  
Womack William N 13 M W AL  
Womack Levi 11 M W AL  

One LDS reference reports that Robert Marion Womack's wife Louisa/Louise's
maiden name was Hawthorn.

Other sources seem to indicate that Robert was married to a Melinda Hahn,
that information doesn't match the census records above so I'm wondering
if there were two Robert M. Womacks.
Interestingly the listed child of Melinda Hahn and Robert Womack
was also named Mary Elizabeth Womack. That Mary E. Womack however is
listed as having married a James Murray not Henry Williams. As that Mary
E. Womack's mother is listed as Melinda and not Louise/Louisa it makes
me think that the Mary E. Womack found on the census reports may be
my Great Great Grandmother.

I'd love to hear from anyone who can shed some light on who's who and
what's what!

Best regards
Jerry Hanna

Saturday, October 09, 2004 at 07:04:01 (PDT)
Jerry Hanna

Hi again,

Re- my post about the Robert Marion Womack family below,
I think I can safely say that this is not my Womack family.

I have just found the 1910 and 1930 Oklahoma census records
for my Mary Elizabeth ( Womack ) Williams and in both of
those censuses she listes her father's state of birth as
Virginia and her mother's state of birth as Kentucky, this
does not match the info on Robert ( TN ) and Louisa ( IN ).

Sorry to have jumped the gun on my previous post!

If anyone has any clues for me about my Mary Elizabeth Womack's
correct family please let me know, thanks.


Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 12:06:06 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Jerry, I hate to ask the obvious. But if she died in 1936, did you find her death certificate and/or obituary or funeral home info? And did that by any chance yield any useful info? The state of OK Health Dept should have the certificate. Ann


Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 17:55:06 (PDT)

Ann Made a good point - even if you dont know the funeral home - check the church or cemetery records - they should have who handled the funeral -- and should have the death cert information there -- generally, if handled right, the death certificate will show parents names --


Monday, October 11, 2004 at 08:00:58 (PDT)

After reading my post, I see it could be misleading about the death cert info..what I meant was, the funeral home should have the death cert info -- my
post sorta implies the church or cemetery records would...


Monday, October 11, 2004 at 10:23:44 (PDT)


Looks like from your posts on Genforum, your 4th great grandfather is John H. Williams of Madison Co., AR. So you have two Williams lines?

This is what I found on Mary Elizabeth Womack and Henry Williams:

1900 3-WD Atchison Co,. KS Census
Henry Williams, age 53, b. Feb 1846 IN Father: IN Mother: IN
Mary E., age 45, b. Feb 1854 MO Father: MO Mother: VA
Edward, age 25, b. Jan 1875 MO
Nora, age 23, b. Oct 1876 IA
Fannie, age 17, b. June 1882 IA
Bulah (sic), age 15, b. Jan 1885 MO
Claud, age 11 b. May 1889 MO
Bertha, age 10, b. Feb 1890 MO

Note on above census states Mary's father was born in MO and her mother in VA.

1910 Washington Twp., Caddo Co., OK Census
Henry L. Williams, age 66 b. IN Father: IN Mother: IN
Mary E., age 56, b. MO Father: KY Mother: VA

On this census Mary's father born in KY and mother in VA.

1920 Washington Twp., Grady Co., OK Census
Mary E. Williams, age 66, b. MO Father: MO Mother: VA

Here she stated again her father born in MO and mother in VA

Based on the age of Edward, they probably married ca. 1874. I was unable to find them on the 1880 census, nor did I find Henry Williams or Mary Elizabeth Womack with their parents on the 1860 and 1870 census records. Let us know if you have found them on the 1880 census. Our opportunities of finding her parents would increase tremendously.



Tuesday, October 12, 2004 at 05:11:29 (PDT)
Jerry Hanna

Thanks to all for the great input!

Yes I need to locate that death certificate, I just got excited
to find all of the Womack info on this website and got my cart in front
of my horse a little bit!

Beth, your are correct, I have two main Williams lines.
My John H. Williams line actually doubles a few generations
later when my Great Great Grandfather Hanna married a descendant
of John H.'s brother David.

Thanks for the 1900 census I had not found that one!

Here is what I believe to be the 1880 census for Henry and Mary Elizabeth,
as you see it throws a bit more mud in the water as it shows KY as birthplace
for both their sets of parents...

1880 Missouri census Platte Co. Marhall township ED84
p 14D Stamped pg. 14D: 103 103:
Williams, Henry 35 farmer KY KY KY
Elizabeth 25 wife KY KY KY
Eddie son 5 MO KY KY
Norie dau 3 MO KY KY

the 1930 census for Mary flipflops again and shows KY for her father...

1930 Oklahoma census - Grady Co. - Washington township - ED26-39 -
sheet number 3A - stamped page 245: family 46 - house 46:

Williams, Mary head 76 Wd MO KY VA

Roger Womack sent me a lead on a Missouri Mary Womack who married
a Williams.
That Mary Womack's father was Joseph Womack of Jasper Co. Missouri.
One genealogy.com forum post I found speaks of that Joseph Womack
being the son of an Eppy Womack. Haven't found a solid connection
to tie my Mary to this family but it looks promising.

Henry L. Williams was a 26 year old single man in 1870 and a Civil War
veteran, I don't know that he would have been living with his parents.
The point is sort of moot as I don't know who his parents were either! :-)

I will keep at it and let you know what I find.
Thanks again!
Jerry Hanna

Tuesday, October 12, 2004 at 11:32:05 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Jerry, you may be on the right track, the reason I didn't give you more info on Joseph is I'm just not sure which one it is. Joseph son of Eppy was born in Kentucky abt., 1825 and went to Missouri. I have he married Mary Farrar. Then I have Joseph brother of Robert M. born abt.,1825 who also was married to Mary Farrar, and he also went to Missouri. So the question is which one is correct. The Joseph born abt., 1825 father of Mary who married a Williams I don't have a father on, but I suspect he is one of the above. Eppy named a daughter Mary E. sister of Joseph. but Robert M. named a daughter Mary E. also.


Tuesday, October 12, 2004 at 16:32:42 (PDT)
Rick Womack

I am trying to find any information on John Peter Womack (Wamock) who was married to Priscilla Watkins or his brother Henry who was married to Temperance. Both families lived in the Lincoln County TN area between 1820-1860. My ancester Thomas Newton Womack (1834-1916) is said to be son of one of the brothers. Any help would be great!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004 at 20:58:44 (PDT)


I believe this is the family you are looking for:

1850 Federal Census Lincoln Co., TN
9 Dist, roll 887
Page 118A, House 186
10 Wamack Peter 56 M W Farmer 0 SC
11 Wamack Priscilla 43 F W NC
12 Wamack Susanna 19 F W TN
13 Wamack Elizabeth 17 F W TN
14 Wamack Thomas 15 M W TN
15 Wamack Amanda 12 F W TN
16 Wamack Henry 8 M W TN
17 Wamack Yarborough 4 M W TN


Wednesday, October 13, 2004 at 04:07:45 (PDT)
Rick Womack

Thanks Beth, I have been told by a descendent of this Peter Wamack that he had a brother name Henry who was the father of my Thomas Newton Womack but I have noticed Peter had a son Thomas the right age but I haven't been able to prove or disprove or determine the parents of Thomas and Henry. Thanks for the help.


Thursday, October 14, 2004 at 12:38:18 (PDT)
carol r christian weaver

i am in womack world, this is so cool.
my name is carol, my mother was a DAUGHTRY.
her father was dell b. DAUGHTRY, his was EDGER T. DAUGHTRY. his was SAMUEL MURFREE DAUGHTRY who was married to SALINA WOMACK her mother and father were
MARION (FRANK) WOMACK, mother was martha thomas.
that is about all i have on hand, my uncle has pictures that are so cool. there is some news paper cliping's i get my stuff from him. he is going to TN. again to see family ( cousins ,cousins , cousins.) any way i have EDGER TRAVIS DAUGHTRY married , i have LILLIE SMITHY , we can't find any thing on her side.

the big thing is there is the THOMAS AND LOUVISA WOMACK book. i haven't seen
it but one time it was in 1976? i think, at that time my ggg aunt SAM SMITH.
had made some correction in the book.i have sdome of those now, but i do not have a book. are they still for sell? please let me know.
thank you to any one that can help.



Friday, October 15, 2004 at 05:05:04 (PDT)
Jack Womack

The book you speak of is The Descendants of Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack by my great uncle Oscar Black Womack and it is available from:
105 Donnell Street
McMinnville, TN 37110
Phone (615) 473-7212
Fax (615) 473-6252

Note: The prices may have changed by now

The following books are still available for sale:

McMINNVILLE AT A MILESTONE by Walter Womack A comprehensive history
of McMinnville and Warren County, Tennessee from 1810-1960. - .$25.00

SEDBERRY INN RECIPES - A collection of the favorite Southern recipes of
an historic McMinnville hostelry; copyright 1941. - $3.50

1850 CENSUS of WARREN COUNTY, TENNESSEE - Lists name, state of birth and age
of every free person living in Warren County in 1850. - $6.50

MARRIAGE RECORDS OF'WARREN COUNTY, TENNESSEE (1852-1900) Copied from the county
records. - $6.50

in England & America with emphasis on the Tennessee branches, published in 1959
by Edythe Whitley. - $6.50

by Oscar B. Womack, published in 1970. - .$6.50

EARLY HISTORY OF WARREN COUNTY A brief form of the early history of Warren County
compiled in 1902 and published in 1930. $6.50

Please add $2.00 for Postage & handling to all books.

Friday, October 15, 2004 at 14:47:51 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Ok, got a question. Who was the Nancy Louisa STONE who m. John E. WOMACK in Putnam Co., GA on July 8 1830 - I need to know, because I am tracking down the Stones, and Nancy Womack - daughter of Abraham m. William Stone who croaked in Putnam Co in 1829 - leaving, bless him, a will. So, I need to know if she went and remarried a cousin or something or if this was a different Nancy! Ann


Friday, October 15, 2004 at 15:41:23 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Well, how odd. my previous message didn't post!
Ok, here's the thing. Does anyone have any info on Nancy Louisa Stone who m. John E. Womack in Putnam Co., GA? I'm trying to clear up the Nancy Womack Stone family, daughter of Abraham stuff. I'm finding that the William Stone there in Putnam Co whose info has long been attached here is probably not the right guy - his wife may be Nancy AVERY, not WOMACK. BUT, he died in 1829, and in 1830 I find Nancy Louisa Stone marrying a Womack, might be the widow, might be someone else....so, might that not be where the confusion lies?

Anyway, if anyone know which John this is, give me a yell.


Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 07:55:07 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

The following are some Womack (or near Womack) records found in the 1900 census of Franklin County Arkansas

Franklin Co
Ivy Twp. –Enumeration Dist. 193 Sheet 3a
Stella (or Della) Wamock born 7/1887 in Household of Henry Callum

Watalula Twp. Enumeration Dist. 197 Sheet 3b

Womack, Leon /Head/b.2/1873
Sarah/ Wife/b.10/1874

Mountain Twp. Enumeration Dist. 197 (missed sheet number)

Warnock, George /Head/b.2/1857
Georgie/ Wife/b. 8/1863
Iclus L. / son /b.8/1880
Arbertie / Daughter/ b. 1/1882
Frances E. /Daughter / b. 3/1887
Jenia G. / Daughter / b. 1/1894

Ozark Town Enumeration Dist. 204 Sheet 3b

Warmack, Joseph /Head/ b. 11/1849
Martha J. / Wife / b. 11/1855
Walter L. / Son / b. 1/1880
Lillie / Daughter / b. 5/1876
Elmar C. A. / Son / b. 9/1881
Garland / Son / b. 1/1886
Haman (Hannah) / Daughter / b. 9/1890

Wittich Twp – Enumeration Dist. 205 Sheet 2b

Womack, Homar - / Head/ b. 7/1872
Eveline / Wife / b. 6/1877
John / Father / b. 3/1831
Martha/ Mother/ b. 1/1836

Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 20:50:41 (PDT)
Erin Dent


Missori State Archive Stite is listed above.

Hope it helps someone!


Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 20:52:44 (PDT)
Erin Dent


Another one!



Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 00:14:36 (PDT)

For those of you who care to hear the very best ( to coin an paraphrase a phrase) Tomottow I will finish all census data for Womack, all spellings available, and all states available, from 1790 to 1840 --

I do want to caution all,the census data that has been posted does not include all of our peeple -- I can assure you of that -- I know me GGGG-GF was in Rhea Co TN in 1830 - but even with soundex, he was not shown anywhere - the only Womack there was me GGG-GF -- I double checked some census images, at least those available, and many names were mispelled, etc - but could not check all --

I do know later on that White and Woodruff counties in AR were omitted from a census or two - so dont take ancestry, or any other service purporting to have census data, to heart - they aint correct - and some of the transcribers were lousy -- IE, Jareh and I looked at the image, and it was clearly Josiah!!

some have data but say there are no images available, Then how did they get the data they posted!!??? Food for thought methinks ...


Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 09:22:15 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Sam, I told you about Sherwood Jr being indexed as GORMAN didn't I? That was a weird one. It's clearly Womack. Sometimes in those there is still no substitute for getting the film and scanning it yourself. Making some progress, but had to delete the Stones and am back to square one on that.

Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 11:53:41 (PDT)

OK I have finished that lil project -- I went to my pages and got the real 1830 and 1840 data that I obtained sometime ago off the indexes and film at the FHC -- I also added a couple AR sheriff's censuses for that state --

As I said before, I have 1900 done for all available states - there werent many states but 1500+ of Womack spelling alone, not counting the other spellings... have some other censuses done i.e. AZ 1910-20-30 - I think I have GA from 1830 thru 1850, and MO around that same time frame --

Anyway, will get posted soon as I can -- gotta see where I have the most space available --


Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 13:13:27 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

Just so it's clear - I'm not competing with Sam to post 1900 data - Arkansas is one of the states that is not indexed online yet and it not in Sam's list. I've got Logan county done too and I'll post the Womack results.


Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 13:52:11 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

the following are the listings I gathered for 1900 Logan County Arkansas

Logan County

Boone Twp – Enumeration Dist 48 – Page 23 a and 24b

Womack, Mary E. / Head/ b. 10/1844 (my gg-grandmother lying to census taker again)
Samuel / Son / b. 2/1882

Womack, James W. / Head/ b. 5/1876 (my g grandfather and son of the above)
Martha J. [Jane] (McInturff) / Wife / b. 5/1880
Jams C. [Cary]/ Son / b. 9/1898

River Twp. – Enumeration Dist. 57 – Sheet 1 B

Womack, W. M. / Head/ b. 9/1850
M. E. / wife/ b. 12/1855
F. H. / Son/ b. 11/1881
T. N. / Son/ b. 11/1883
E. E. /Daughter/ b. 7/1886
E. C. /Son / b. 7/1888
` W. E. /Son / b. 8/1891
J. H. / Son/ b. 9/1893
J. J. / Son/ b. 7/1896
W. J. / Daughter/ b. 10/1899
Revilee Twp. – Enumeration Dist. 58 Sheet 13

Womack, Levi F. /Head/ b. 11/1861
Mary E. / Wife/ b. 4/1864
Henry / Son/ b. 12/1884
Sadie / Daughter/ b. 5/1890

Womack, Joseph / Head/ b. 6/1863
Lula/ Wife/ b. 12/1870
Ora/ Daughter/ b. 6/1888
Otis/ Son/ b. 5/1892
Gunner/ Son/ b. 10/1897
I believe the above two are brothers and the sons of JCC Womack

Sheet 11 –

Womack, Levi P. / Head/ b. 11/1860
Eudora / wife/ b. 9/1867
Laura / Daughter/ b. 7/1889
William/ Son / b. 9/1891
Wingfield S./Son/ b. b. 5/1894
Ella / Daughter/ b. 11/1895
Ava/ Daughter/ b. 2/1897
Revilee Twp. ED 58 – missed sheet number

Womack, Lon E. / Head/ b. 10/1870
Savannah / Wife/ b. 8/1876
Hattis/ Daughter/ b. 12/1894
Hettie/ Daughter/ b. 10/1896
Douglass/ Son / b. 10/1897
James/ Son / b. 3/1900
Young, Margarette/ Sister in Law/ b. 12/1870

Sheet 18

Womack, John / head/ b. 1864
Rosia/ wife/ b. 1/1870
? / daughter/ b. 9/1886
L?/ daughter/ b. 10/1888
Mattie/ daughter/ b. 11/1890
?/ Daughter/ b. 12/1892
Mobelle/ Daughter/ b. 8/1894
Wanda?/ Daughter / b. 7/1898

Six Mile Twp. – Enumeration Dist. 62 Sheet 3

Womack, Carter C. /head/ b. 11/1857
Martha J. / wife/ b. 2/1859
Ella M. / Daughter/ b. 8/1881
Baldridge, Mary E. / Niece/ b. 3/1880
Ogelby, William/ Boarder/ b. 5/1871
Wilton, Ruthie A. / Niece/ b. 6/1893
Not really sure this was a Womack – very hard to read

Washburn Twp – Enumeration Dist. 64 Sheet 3

Womack, Ev [John Everett] / head / b. 5/1868 (this is my great grand unlce)
Lydia A. [nee McInturff]/ wife/ b. 9/1873
Earl/ Son / b. 5/1892
Jo [Ella] / Daughter/ b. 5/1895
Lizzie [Martha Elizabeth]/ Daughter/ b. 2/1897

Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 22:16:03 (PDT)

go ahead - however if you have all of AR done for 1900 (I do thru 1920 somewhere I think)-- then I can post it to the census pages I am doing with credit to you -- keep in mind I may have to modify the format a bit tho --


Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 22:32:13 (PDT)

To save yourself some work - I have Arkansas done from the beginning thru 1930 and on line -- at http://dubbie.tripod.com/samsville/rkansa.html
it is not in county order, but in alpha by first name -- soundex-cards used..
has whole families --


Monday, October 18, 2004 at 05:01:09 (PDT)

OK OK so Jack inspired me!!
It is 5AM and I have been up all nite, and have AL thru IL done and on line..
1850 that is -- access thru my home page. Would like some feedback, via e mail and not here, on the project -- thankee


Monday, October 18, 2004 at 05:19:18 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

Thanks, Sam. - I thought you had only done the one's that were indexed online. I'll quit posting them unless I come up with something different. I'm looking for other names too


Monday, October 18, 2004 at 14:00:04 (PDT)
Douglas Womack

To anyone who cares to respond;

Over the last couple of years I have "dropped in" on your website now and then and have been amazed at the interest and the information that you all have shared with each other and your extensive research efforts.

However, I have been hesitant to participate for a couple of reasons.

First, I am not a "full time" researcher into my family's past and therefore felt that I may not be able to "contribute" to the group as a whole in the manner in which you all seem to contribute.

And secondly because I am one of those Womacks who grew up hearing tales of Oklahoma Indian Ancestry and stories that I had accepted as embellished by
time, but true nonetheless.

But, in my limited research, I continually run into "stone walls" when trying to follow the "Indian connection" and therefore have determined that not only myself but much of my family have been victims of someone's distortion of our historical back ground.

And so with no guarantee that I have any information that would be of interest to any one of you "professionals" out there (and I use the term professional in the most respectful way possible) I will submit what pitiful little information I have in hopes of gaining new insight into my family's past.

My Grand father's name: George Washington Womack born 1911 died 1959
Married Audrey Brewer sometime in the 1930's and had two boys; Roy Lewis Womack (my father)born 1934 in Shafter, California and Carl Eugene Womack (obviously my uncle). No other children born to this marriage.
He (George Washington Womack)claimed to have been born on an Oklahoma Indian Reservation (Choctaw) to an Indian simply known as "Wommack" who married an Irish woman named Pearl May. (I knew her as Grandma Pearlie May) She died in the early 1960's in California.I only know that Great grandfather Wommack died prior to my birth in 1951.

If we have been mislead by information passed on throughout the years I would love to find out and maybe find a way to pursue this family's roots in the CORRECT manner.

Any help will be appreciated and while my knowledge at this point is pitiful, I will more than happy to share anything I find in the future in the hope that it will aid someone else in their research.



Monday, October 18, 2004 at 17:33:33 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Sam, I was able to make a couple of connections because that 1930 AR., census was up, thanks.

Doug, glad you finally made a post, even a little bit helps tear down some of those walls.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 14:01:48 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Welcome Doug! At least you have a fairly reasonable tribe there, everyone wants to be Cherokee, not Choctaw! Anyhow - here is a start for you....You'll find your family in the 1930 census, California, Kern Co., Township 2, District 5, (ED 15-5), line 86 - George is the head of household, age 20, b. Ok, with his mother Pearl, 40 b. TX (father b. Ireland mother b. OK), and Lucille, 16 b. CA, Eva 21 b. OK, Ponnie 12, Beatrice 10, Lovada 7, Johnnie 5 and Corrine 3 all b. CA.
All listed as white, but that's par for the course.
From which you can deduce that a) you've got alot more relatives than you thought
b) they moved to CA ca. 1913 c) should be in the 1920 census in CA d) should be in OK in 1910, and e) you probably really need to get death certificates for George W, Pearl, and great-grand....should be all in CA from the looks of it.

saving you the trouble of looking for 1920 - his name was George, b. Ok abt 1875, living in Riverside Co., Palo Verde, ED 110, page45A, wife Pearl, age 29, son Cubby, age 12, Eva 10, George 9, ? daughter 6, Ponnie 2 and Beatrice 3months.

Which gives you a George Sr, and another son...
meanwhile back in Oklahoma....1910, George and family are in Murray Co., Turner Twp, district 209, sheet 5A, line 6. Now, here's where it gets interesting. George was b. abt 1875 in OK, but says his parents were from MS, they were married 5 years, 3 children 2 living (Cubbie 3 and Evie 14 months), Pearl now says her father was from Alabama, and mother from Missouri. He was farming, all listed as white.

Now, because he's living there in Murray Co we're in a little quandry, as it wasn't formed until 1907 at statehood....
1900 census - Oklahoma territory Dagnabit! I can't read it. Anyway, there is a George Womack b. 1875 Choctaw living in the Choctaw nation, township 10, ED 180 page 21A. Darn darn darn.... If some one has seen that family, help Doug out here!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 14:40:58 (PDT)
virginia wears

Am trying to find husband's g-mother, Lucinda Bell Wamack. Married Edward Wears, March 17, 1890 in Mason Co., W.Va. She was born in 1870, not sure where. Supposed to be Blackfeet.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 15:35:21 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Ok, this is driving me nuts. That almost has to be George. He's got a brother Cubby and one Lee, listed in the index, but the link to the page doesn't pop up the family and nothing is listed looking like parents in the index. All listed as Choctaw. Ok that's frustrating.....BINGO! the Dawes Rolls. George and Cubbee are in it! Yah hoo! Choctaw by Blood - George Wommack 7246, Cubbee Wommack 7247...and there is an Ida, #393. And of course of the 5 tribes, the applications for Choctaws aren't online.... So, if'n I were you, I'd be investing $10 a person on those Dawes roll cards - from there that should lead to the applications. And I'd track down that census microfilm and scan it instead of relying on the index to pop out the right page....AND you need to contact Markie Owen. http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~markie/index.htm should get you Markie's page. Ask her if by chance she has those roll cards. As I suspect I may know kinda where these guys fit in..... Ann


Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 16:27:45 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Doug is going to hate me by the end of the day. I found a better version of the 1900 census. George is in the house hold of Nannie Thompson - his mother   Cowlington 10 Township, Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma Series: T623     Microfilm:  1850     Book:  2     Page:  64 She was 47 b. Oct 1852, George was 24 b. Oct 1875, Lee was 12 b. 1878 and Cubby was 12 b. Dec 1882 I think the choctaw rolls and the birth and death certificates are your best bet.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 12:29:58 (PDT)

I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for the courteous and extensive help I received concerning the roots of my family. Especially to you Ann.

However, you have given me so much info it will take a day or two for me to absorb it all! And most amazing of all is how you stirred my memory of long forgotten family.

For instance your references to "Cubbee" came back to me as the man my father called Uncle Cub. Aunt Eva, and Aunt Bea and Ponnee (which I had always spelled "Pawnee")were often talked about by my father. Lovada, John, and Corrine are all new to me.

If you will forgive my ignorance of proper procedure, I will probably need to inquire more concerning "census" and "indian rolls" in the near future.

But, once again thank you for your efforts on my behalf! I have this strange feeling that I am about to engage on a fastinating search for my past, and I have you to thank for it. What a blessing you are!

I assure you all that whatever I might be fortunate to find, I will be glad to share!

Thanks again,


Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 13:01:44 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Is this William Womack who married Nancy McFarland who was Choctaw Indian the parents of George below, who was the fathere of George Washington Womack?

1885 Choctaw Nation Census
182. Womack, William 44 M W Farmer
183. Womack, Nancy 37 F W
184. Womack, Wm. Jr. 14 M I
185. Womack, Ida 12 M I
186. Womack, George 10 M I
187. Womack, Lee 7 M I
188. Womack, Ada 5 F I
189. Womack, Jennie 3 F I
190. Womack, Henry 8mo. M I


Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 13:03:42 (PDT)
Roger Womack

There was also a son spelled Cobbie in December 1887, after this census.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 13:56:01 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Roger, that would be them. Offhand, I didn't see Nancy Thompson listed in the Dawes Rolls, so unless I am just missing her, then getting the 3 Womack applications listed should clear up what the % of blood was and from whom. BTW, I mistyped Lee was 21, Cubby was 12 in 1900 Ann


Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 15:17:49 (PDT)
Jerry Hanna

Hi folks,

Just a quick follow up re: my search for the parents of my Great Great
Grandmother Mary Elizabeth ( Womack ) Williams.

I sent off for her 1936 death certificate about a week ago and received
it today. Unfortunately under father's name all it says is "Womack"
and for his place of birth it says "U.S." :-(

Under mother's maiden name it says "Don't Know" with her place of
birth also "U.S.", argh!

The info was provided by her oldest son Ed Williams and about the
only solid piece of usable info I got from the document was that
it confirms that Ed's middle initial was "B.", yahoo.

Oh well, it was worth a shot!

Anyone curious to see the document can look at it on my webpage
at this URL...


Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 17:08:02 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Oh now I see, she's listed as Choctaw by Blood under Nannie CROWLEY, because she was on hubby #4 or #5 at that point....#7245 and #9566......still checking.....


Thursday, October 21, 2004 at 06:27:14 (PDT)

Good Morning All,

Just one of those ROOKIE questions: Could you explain to me the "Dawes rolls" and their significance in my search? And your references to "applications".

I warned you I was pitiful in my knowledge of research. (But, it's rumored that I learn fast!)

Thanks again,



Thursday, October 21, 2004 at 09:48:53 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Well, this isn't a bad place to offer an explanation. The Dawes rolls were one in a series of listings the government made of Native Americans - in this case the 5 Civilized tribes - one of which was the Choctaw. The Dawes rolls were the last of them so it's also known as "the Final Roll", and in terms of the OK Choctaw are particularly important because if you ancestor is not on that list, you can't join the tribe. Basically, there is an index online at the National Archives.

You look in there under the tribe (remembering to look in all the catagories!) and it's more or less alphabetical. So, the Womacks are on page # 88 of Choctaw by Blood. Now, that gives you enough info to order the card (because the Choctaw cards aren't on-line) and that gives you enough info to order the application. The application will often offer a whole mess of genealogical info - who married who, who the Choctaw was, and what % of Indian blood. Also known as the blood quantum, that last becomes important if you actually want to join the tribe. It's my memory here that Nancy McFarland who m. William Womack was 1/4 Choctaw - her mother was Orphia Taylor who m. Neal McFarland, so then George Sr would be 1/8, George Jr 1/16, etc. Unless of course an additional Choctaw marriage was made.

Anyway, the basic significance of the Dawes rolls for genealogy is that the applications of your ancestor and their relations can be a gold mine of info.


Thursday, October 21, 2004 at 11:11:58 (PDT)

Again, Ancestry is lousy with omitting information - they completely omitted McMinn County for 1850 as well as those mentioned earlier -- Luckily I have seen the index books, and the images, at the local FHC and will post that info as I have it when I do the TN info -- I have TX and VA left to do then will post -- but keep in mind I will still need to go back reformat numerous states.
Just getting it out there where you can use it now -- as soon as I can that is..I will be watching Arkansas really close because I know at least two counties were left out in one of the later censuses, as I knew McMinn was in TN; because my GGG-GM and GG-GF and numerous relatives were in McMinn then - I do have that info so I wont have to go thru all images again -- from 1900-1920 (AR)is done thru soundex and miracode cards which had the complete family info on them -- or who one was enumerated with --

Surprisingly I did find Womacks, or similar names in NY CA, CT, NY, PA for 1850. OH had one head of household born in Ireland - he was a Whamock spelling-and then a whole family, Wamack, born in Ireland...So I guess either they gave wrong information and were merely immigrating from Ireland and didnt want anyone to track them; or, we really do have relatives from Ireland -- the CA Womack, spelled just that, was born in Germany..so we cannot rule them out either anymore --

Anyone who has anyinfo to fit in please post here for all --

On many, I have included who one was enumerated with as it may hold a clue to a former marriage for the female - or her maiden name -- those are shown as notes to the census --


Friday, October 22, 2004 at 11:00:26 (PDT)

Ok Sports Fans,
All the 1850's are up and runnin -- still have some formatting to do but they are in order by state and county within the state and can be used - it appears, for the most part, they they were transcribed family by family in most states -- I would appreciate comments, corrections, additions I(In case I missed someone), or a county was omitted that I didnt know about..I figger there are some out there--anyway -- there they are...



Saturday, October 23, 2004 at 08:33:56 (PDT)
Denise Kneifel

Harrisburg Daily Register

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Brian Scott Womack

Brian Scott Womack, 39, Harrisburg, died 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21, 2004 at Rose Ford in Pope County.

Funeral arrangements are pending at Gaskins Funeral Home in Harrisburg.

He was born March 5, 1965 in Harrisburg to the former Marjorie Ford and the late Harold Edwin Womack.

He was an asbestos abatement supervisor and a Baptist by faith.

He is survived by two sons, Christopher Womack of Surfside Beach, S. C. and Hunter Womack of Harrisburg; one daughter, Jada Womack of Harrisburg; his mother, Marjorie Graves of Harrisburg; two grandchildren, Darion Womack and Ashton Womack, both of Surfside Beach, S. C.; one sister, Beth Ann (Patrick) Heptinstall of Harrisburg; six brothers, Keith Turner of Harrisburg, Kevin Turner of Harrisburg, Randy Feazel of Harrisburg, Mike Womack of Herrin, John David (Lisa) Feazel of Carrier Mills and Kenneth Turner of West Virginia; an uncle, Vernon (Lorane) Ford of Harrisburg; an aunt, Sandra Ford of West Frankfort; nine nieces and nephews; and one great niece.

In addition to his father, he was preceded in death by a daughter, Heather Rae Womack; an uncle, Glenn Ford; and his grandparents, Alvin and Omijean Ford.

Sunday, October 24, 2004 at 05:56:40 (PDT)

The following censuses are ready:

1790-1840 have been separated by year instead on same page.

1850 All available states.

1900 separated by states rather than surname - there are now 28 indexed instead of 11 - will add as more are available --

If you find any broken links, missing data, etc - please E mail me

I will do lookups for those that dont have access to the census images,

I would like to point out that on the 1850 and 1900's, you may be able to piece
together a family by carefully reviewing the data - most is county by state, and perhaps a voting district, precinct or whatever within.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 09:09:01 (PDT)
Barbara Sullivan

I have a gravestone picture for a Charles Leland Womack, 1897-1905 from the Evergreen Cemetery in Branson MO. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to send an email copy.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 13:45:14 (PDT)
Christina Chavez

I am looking for any information on Jefferson Kinne. He married ca 1860/1861 Helen C. Keeler from Onondaga Co, New York. They resided in 1870 in the town of Constancia, Oswego Co,New York. Jefferson's parents were Henry and Susan (Waite) Kinne.
I can't find Jefferson in 1880. I believe he and Helen died. The four children they had were living with relatives in Iowa.
any help would be appreciated.
Thank you


Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 15:36:27 (PDT)
Andrea Phillips

I am a womack decendent from William C. Womack of VA. I am currently duing research on the family and like many other womacks have heard family rumors of Cherokee ancestry. I am trying to find any info on the line listed below, I am in the early stages of the Womack line so any help would be appricated. Below is how my family fits into the Womack linage...(I do have some info on wives but this is a quick list of the Men only)

William C. Womack
Richard Sr. Womack
Richard Jr. Womack
Alexander Womack
Alexander Jr. Womack
James Alexander III Womack
John C. Womack
James L. Womack
Earl Chester Womack
Chester Thurman Womack (My grandfather)
If anyone would like information related to Earl or Chester's family I would be happy to provide that info.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 18:56:53 (PDT)


From Richard Sr on down thru Alexander Jr thru James III's brother Jacob we are related - However, like most of us, treat William father of Richard with caution regardless of a middle initial -- Unless, that is, you have something we dont?


Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 13:28:00 (PDT)
andrea Phillips

Unfortunately I don't. Do you happen to have info surrounding the confusion with William? I have heard from other sources that the Womack linage could be traced back to a Lawrence in England, but I have yet to see any proof of this.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 19:36:36 (PDT)

Other than heresay, legend, or whatever, there is no real proof William ever existed. Possibly he may have, but no proof.

As far as Lawrence goes, that is a dead end also - many claim descendency from
Bishop Lawrence Womack of England - he had no son, or if he did he left nothing to him in his will; the only male he named in his will was a nephew...

I, and some others, have done some fairly extensive research on the Brit side of things - I have two wills from 1607 and 1628, and one transcript from 1bt 1535ish - and only one names a William and that is the 1628 one of Henry Womack.

there is a genealogy of a Henry Womack, allegedly born in MA around 1625 and later ended up in Accomack Co VA - one or our member did extensive research on that one and the conclusion is that is a manufactured genealogy - if this family ever existed, they did not marry, buy land, be christened/baptized, or die in Accomack --

I read an article one, and I wish I could find it again, that in the late 1800's many people wanted their roots traced - and there were "genealogists" happy to accomodate them for a fee -- that is how many of our current lineages have so much trash in them, it is hard to filter it out --

One of my pet peeves is that someone went into the DAR using the wife of my
GGGG-GF -- the Rev War dude was Gramps older cousin of the same name -- I still ahve problems getting her maiden name corrected in many of her family lines --

In any research, we can tell you and point you, but you need to verify as much as you can -- we can give clues, we may have conclusive evidence, but what I and most have, is gut feelings about our lines, some hard evidence and a lot of circumstantial --

The moral of this is, dont give up - contribute what you have, not matter how small you think it is -- what you have may be a piece of someone else's puzzle.

You can go to my web page listed here, or Roger's which I think I have cross referenced on may of my pages -- and Roger had many others crossed on his -
Look around - you might be surprised!!!

Good luck; and, KEEP ON SEARCHIN!!!


Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 13:00:54 (PDT)
andrea phillips

Thanks Sam!
I'll check your and Rogers sites out. I'll keep you all posted if I find anything new. Thanks agian for your help.


Friday, October 29, 2004 at 13:18:28 (PDT)
Betty Klassen

Looking for any information in reguards to Womacks from the Delta Colorado area
My gg Grandma Minnie Smiths gg or ggg Grandma was suppose to be and indian decendent from the Womack family. any help would be great.

Friday, October 29, 2004 at 14:42:29 (PDT)
Roger Womack

August messages have been moved to the archives.


Sunday, October 31, 2004 at 19:44:40 (PST)
Lorrie Schaefer

In his wanderings, my husband found a gun site that was built by a W. H. Womack in Shreveport, Louisiana. I don't have much more information about this person other than it appears the site might date back to sometime in the 1920 to 1940 period and that he was a gunsmith. Does anyone have any information about this person?

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