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Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 08:16:54 (PDT)

I merged all my family files into one; and redid the surname page accessible from my home page - please note - there is no other information posted than the alpha list, the surname list, and the index for the surname or alpha -- there is no pedigree information posted - this is for a strictly look up and information exchange -- you find a name, send me your information on that name - and I will respond with what I have on the name --


Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 11:49:17 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Speaking of site updates, the Abraham of Hancock Co GA tree is slowly shaping up on my site. I'm still missing the youngest kids, but seem to have cleared up the Glenns and a few other strays. Still many mysteries to go! Ann


Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 11:50:42 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Hmmm, well that didn't work!
try linking at


Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 12:26:58 (PDT)

Royce--- Don't only consider the people moving around to different counties. Also consider the county lines moving around and family members staying in the same neighborhood. I don't know enough about the Womacks you named but it seems that both kinds of moves might be the case with the Womacks of VA. Over the time of many years I found that Madison Co KY was at first so large that it ranged almost to Cumberland Gap and little by little that area was cut up into many, many counties with some families staying put in the same neighborhood area. I believe this could be the case with some families of Prince George Co.,VA. I have been trying to figure out Prince George's area. So far I know that Brunswick was formed from Prince George in 1731. Then came Amelia in 1734/1735 from both Prince George and Brunswick. Then in 1746 came Lunenburg from Brunswick. In 1752 Halifax was formed from Lunenburg. Then in 1754 you get Prince Edward formed from Amelia. All this seems to have happened in less than 25 years. I think it might help if it could be found what Womacks and their family connections that maybe stayed put in the same neighborhood while the county lines moved around them. I don't know enough about VA families and I am too new on the computer to really know how to find proof one way or the other. Royce, does your Womack research show that this might be the case with any of those Womacks you named? Does anyone working on VA Womacks have any ideas or research on this problem? I would love to hear about proof or maybes one way or the other on this problem. I have been wondering about this with the Halifax Womacks for some time. Doretta


Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 19:23:46 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

Thanks Doretta, I have some really good maps of how the counties changed fron decenial to decenial in VA and the Alexandria library has a lot of county information in the original format. I need to plan a long trip to Richmond, if we ever get out of hurricane season. Also, some of the government records of VA are in West Virginia. History lesson follows: During the Civil War Union sympethizers removed state records from Richmond to Berkely Springs and other parts of the three counties of VA that became WVa. My own town of Harpers Ferry - changed hands many times during the war and I'm sure that important documents are still in this state that relate to the so called "burned" counties of Va. I'm sure there's a better way of doing this research but I'm just searching county by county for more clues. One of these days!


Thursday, September 02, 2004 at 21:21:31 (PDT)

I hope you are getting better responses than I from your postings - It has got to the where I post or send E-mails and get no response; that I am going to quit posting or sending E's - I will still put my stuff out there - but someone is gonna have to find it - I aint gonna point it out or lead someone by their hand to it!! - And, as I sed below - when asking me about someone - give me what you got if you want a response or you dont get one -- no more freebies - share is the word - BTW Ann, this is not directed to you but to those who ask and never give -


Friday, September 03, 2004 at 19:50:13 (PDT)
Phyllis E. (Womack) Kinder

Could Someone please help.

I am still looking for information on my Womack Great Grandparents. My father's name was Elmer Lewis Womack Jr., born April 23, 1916 to Elmer Lewis Womack and Minnie Belle McGee. Elmer Lewis Womack and Minnie Belle McGee were married December 19, 1909 in Temple, Comanche County, now it is Cotton County, Oklahoma. In 1920 Census, it shows Elmer Lewis Womack to be born in Colorado about 1877. His wife, Minnie Belle McGee was born in Montepelier, Clay County, Mississippi on January 13, 1885 to William Alexander McGee Jr. and Nancy Ann Thornton. I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather Womack and his wife. Also information on when and where my Grandfather, Elmer Lewis Womack was born in Colorado.

If anyone has any information on an Elmer Lewis Womack, born about 1877 in Colorado, please let me know. Thanks, Phyllis.

Friday, September 03, 2004 at 20:03:03 (PDT)

Thanks so much for posting the URL of the AZ government page for death certificates. You were correct. it was Willis Rudolph Womack(My grandfather) and I was also able to get my husband's grandfather which was a real bonus.
You knew me first as Genesgene and I am sorry I have nothing to give you. I haven't done any genealogy for the past two years. Just starting back.
You have helped so many of us so much. I thank you.


Saturday, September 04, 2004 at 04:46:12 (PDT)
melody pruitt.married is smith
lisa hinnant

i can not find any records in the death index of lisa marie hinnant.she was born june 13 1981 in atlanta ga. and died oct.23-1981 at east alabama medical center in lee county auburn-opelika alabama.she was in the hospital 9-28-1981 thru 10-7-1981.dr. r m freeman was her doctor. the hospital and the doctor said they have no record of her being theire. richmond m. freeman also did the autopsy report.she died 10-23-1981 one cause was meningities. i can not read the other two causes which is on the death certificate.i was not married to her father michael steve hinnant who is about 47.her birth certificate says brandy marie pruitt,her father put lisa hinnant on the death certificate. he also put her date of birth as 05-13-1981.his name is not on her birth certificate. she was supposedly buried at union memory gardens in blairesville ga.i need to know why she died and how i can find out how i can get records of her death.i have checked the obituaries for alabama and can not find anything .her death certificate # is 26924 issued in the state of alabama.


Saturday, September 04, 2004 at 14:02:36 (PDT)

Ann S. Womack (1657 - 1694) married Wiliam Puckett. I don't have any proof and I don't know where. I am looking for a way to research this line further in connection with my Davis's of TN.

Thanks for any direction.


Saturday, September 04, 2004 at 21:38:56 (PDT)

HHHHHEEEELLLPPP! Someone save me from the cluthes of FTM!! This must be the lousiest gnealogy program on the market - I went thru almost 49000 names and deleted all unknowns - merged all dupes (which FTM wouldnt) by hand (over 30 hours) and then the dang program shows up with more dupes than I started with -
so watch for hidden files - they are in there - I merged one guy with a dotter, and then had to merge 20 (yes 20!) unknown wives before the file was clear and thois was after a merge by FTM and a manual go thru prior that left no dupes (that happened so many times, cannot say) - in most instances, duplicate, no error info was not merged on from 3 to 5 or more separate files when there were no difference in the files from the crossed I's to the dotted T's... I have personally set up duplicate files of my own info and FTM COULD NOT MERGE IT!

Any one got a program that will keep the hours of manual merges down, work halfway decent; AND, not add file numbers/reference numbers to the names??

My blood pressure needs something that will work; and it is evident that
FTM will not!!

Oh by the way - for those you you whot lime to add astericks in your names and other catchy things, a pox on you!! We are in this to help one another and those that add the little "whatchamacallits" aint helping (and yes I have been guilty of this meself and am purifying me files as of now)...

Saturday, September 04, 2004 at 21:43:21 (PDT)

Your best bet as to where is in Henrico Co VA - I got their info - but the exact location and when(prob prior to or during 1675) is hidden in someone elses files --


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 08:53:04 (PDT)
Will Womack

Hi cousins can you help me find my grandpaw?


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 09:16:32 (PDT)

We will give it a try - but you need to supply more info than you have - what was gramps name, any idea of age or date of birth - place of birth or general locale - grannies name and same info if available - or any of that as best you know.... also your fathers name and etc will help


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 09:26:26 (PDT)
Will Womack

Huummm"We are in this to help one another" A catchy phrase at best. I believe the Womacks are the most helpful and friendly people on Earth for the most part. Of course there are maybe some that use the "Barter System" ie you send me yours and I will send you mine. If I were a newbie to genealogy and nothing to send how would this work, I don't have anything to send. Guess I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I don't want to "Steal"your information just want to find my great grandpaw. I may forget to "Thank You" when you send me his name but deep down you know I do. Oh yeah you have a good feeling because you helped me find grandpaw or do you resent the fact that I have nothing to "Trade". I thought we all are "Cousins" or at least part of a great Womack clan descending from a distant progenitor. Maybe someone who gives freely will read this and help me find my Grandpaw, and if I'm lucky they will have additional information and fill in some of my blanks.


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 10:56:20 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Will, Unless we have more info on dates, places etc, you're one of literally thousands of William Womacks. So, unless you say, grandad was so-and-so Womack who died in such place at some date had any other info you might have to distinguish him from other Womacks, we literally can't help. Seriously.


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 11:42:26 (PDT)
Will Womack

Dont no much about my family but
My Daddys name was William Cleaveland Womack same as me I am a junior. he was borned in1885 i think in TN or KY.
My moms name was Katy dont no when she was borned but she was older than Daddy.
He used to call her his old lady all the time. I had seven brothers and sisters. I dont no their names because they adoped me out an I ran off when Iwas seven. I was the yongest I recon. I was in Atica when mom died and dont know how to find any of my kinfolk. Daddy left mom for some young woman i think and I dont no what happened to him. Mom wrote me while i was in Atica and said my brother Nugene had been killed in a car wreck.


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 16:00:00 (PDT)
Jack Womack

I have a William Cleaveland Womack b. Feb. 24, 1855 in Warren Co. TN. d.May 23 1962 in Warren Co. TN., Wife Kate Johan b. Feb. 17, 1877 d. Feb. 28, 1957. I do not have any children listed for them.
William's parents who would be your grandfather and grandmother are John Calhoun Womack b. June 11, 1856 in Warren Co. d. Oct. 28, 1844 in Warren Co. married Mary Collier Oct. 03, 1877 in Warren Co. TN. She was born Oct. 12, 1859 in Warren Co. d. Nov. 11, 1938 in Warren Co.TN They had eight children.
Your father was the third child born to them. Your great grandfather is Samuel Marion Womack b. April 21, 1826 in Warren Co. TN d. Feb. 24 1895. Wife Mary A Stockstill b.Feb. 01, 1833 in Warren Co. d. March 23, 1963.
I have more on this family if you think these are yours.


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 16:55:59 (PDT)
Will Womack

Mr Jack
I cant say for sure but it may be. I wish they would let you send me somethimg in the computer mail but they blockall incoming and outgoing mesages. I am using the prison library computer here at the Texarkana Regional Correction Center. They will only let us use the computer to study or do genalogy. I cant recieve regular mail ether if you are not kin and on my mail list. The library truste just told me my time is up for the week


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 17:35:00 (PDT)

We DO HELP when warranted - and yes, in the past it has been, show me and I will show mine - mainly because of, literally, theft of information - we do not mind helping a "novice" to this hobby/obsession - but what I see of your inquiry that does not fit the case - ie, theft -- but we do need some little more information than you have revealed - as a couple others have mentioned - I haover 40 Williams in my data base -- that is those without a middle name - and there are many Womacks of all spellings in that base with the name William


Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 19:21:44 (PDT)
Jack Womack

You spoke of theft of information. If someone has stolen your information, sue them. Did they steal copyrited stuff, if they did you can sue the socks off of them. I understand that genealogy facts can not be copyrited. If you put them in pages on the net only your personal notes and the page format can be copyrited. In other words a person can copy, lets say, just a census record from your page and that be called theft, I think not. On the other hand if a person copies a complete page with personal info that has been copyrited he/she is liable. What if they took one generation of your ged and added it to theirs is that theft. I'll bet you twenty dollars to a hole in a donut that you have done that many times. It is hard, no imposible to copyrite something that is in the general public domain. Personally I don't have anything that I will not freely share with anyone and be dang glad to do so. If they thank me OK, If they have info to add to my files and they do so when I ask, I thank them. If I never hear from them with a thank you thats OK too. I ain't going to get my shorts wrinkled up over it. In the last few months I have voluntarily sent info without being asked to people needing help. Completed several family GEDs and brought a family together for a reunion with a lost member from 7000 miles away. I suppose most of them thanked me, I didn't ask for anything in return but man did it make me feel good. Sure glad old Roger don't mind me getting a few census and marriage records off his web site. I suspect some of the census had a little note telling who or what attached so I am guilty of theft. He is free to sue me but he can't get blood out of a turnip.
My advice is if you have had a legitamate theft sue the culprits and get it over with.
Me, I'm a gona set back and sip my tea and watch CSI.


Monday, September 06, 2004 at 06:22:01 (PDT)
Daniel Glenn Womack

My grandparents were Wilfred Womack b1877 Yorkshire England, married to Malinda Holmes b1881 England,in Wortly District 1900. Children were Annie,Ken,Nora and Leonard.Several are buried in Christ Church Cemetery Stannington England.Any info would be appreciated. Thanks


Monday, September 06, 2004 at 17:27:51 (PDT)

mett is because of the thankfulness I get Po'ed - Womacks are beter than that; but, I do now understand Ray Bryan's attitude, of show me yours and I will show you mine - share and share alike -- you dont share keep outta the WGN and my life - sorry, but I do share with people that rarely even say thanks; and, I think that is very rude -- and would be rude of me to do the same in return -
Outside of you, Ann, Roger, Mark and a couple others, I am one of the premier Womack researchers - and you and the others know that -- I post my stuff, right or wrong, on the net as I am doing now with all my files merged into one, over 1gb raw and 43. somthing mb GED and whatever - I am deleteing all number references and if possible all periods after initials an other places in the files - they are unnecessary and only an nusiance to those who get a GED and then try to merge -- but, I can back off easily enuff and people will have to search for what I do (with a few exceptions) -

I can, and will, change this research stuff to where everyone can access and enjoy easy access and consolidation without hours of manual merginging which I am going thru now -- as I said, I am in this to share and sjare easily and not impress anyone with numbers and astericks and starts and quotes before and after a persons name --

For instance - me own name if input as S W Womack and then someone else does as
S.W. Womack - that is two different names - in the English language, periods after itnitials and any ohter thing, IE, CO. for county, and so on are totally unnecessary and are different from those that are the same without - CO is Colorado not county - Tenn for TN is not acceptable by the US Postal Service, Use TN -- eventually, you, and I will receive returned mail because the abbreviations are not standard - mark my words - the ruling is already out there and a penalty can be applied for non-compliance --

GEDCOM was devised for a standard genealogy exchange between people and it only works if certian rules are applied --
I have been going tyhru 49000 names and eliminating duplicates that FTM should have taken care of and then going back and taking care of those that were hidden within FTM --many hours to clean files so YOU and others can receive my info as a clean file --

Soap box closed

Wednesday, September 08, 2004 at 09:08:04 (PDT)

This is to Lisa,leebaby....
John Wesley Warmack B. Mar. 20 1836 Carroll Co. Ms. D. Mar, 2 1917 Rankin
Co. ms. Mar. Nancy (Nannie) Simmons B. july 20 1856 Travis Co. Tx. D. Feb. 29
1936 Bur. Tx. Stste Cem.John's parents William Warmack and Rachel Penny.
Nancy parents R. h. Simmons and Mary Walton. Have John Brothers ans Sisters
and parents. Write if you want them.M.w.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004 at 19:46:27 (PDT)
melody pruitt
lisa marie innant

i neeed help to find out if my daughters death- certificate is valid or if she is still alive.i can not find any records. the hospital said she was never theire.also her dughter who supposedly did the autopsy said he never saw her. i have a copy of her birth and death certificare. she was born in atlanta georgia at georgia babtist hospital and i named her brandy marie pruitt. born 06-13-1981. steve her biological fathher put her name as lisa marie hinnat and her date of birth as 05-13-1981.his name is not on her birth-certificate, but i remember he signed his name on it when she was born.her birth certificate # is009428 that is the local file # and the state file # is 110-81-040434.i heard diffferent stories from friends that were contacted when she died. abby pettis who lived in albany ga. and was watching my daughter because i was in fl.and she said a lady callled her and told her that when the foser mom went to pick her up from her nap at8.a.m. she was dead. one cause ws menengities, and i can not makle out the othr two. abby said she took her to the hospital because she had a cold and was whwzzing. she said dr. richmond m. freeman toldher she had a small heart mummer.barry noble white who lived 8n marietta called me infl. and told me she died from menengities. i can not find her in the death index and theire is no birth certificate legally named lisa m. hinnat unless steve had her name changed.her death certificate 3 IS26924 ISSUED FROM THE ALABAMA CENTER FOR STASTICS STATE OF ALABAMA.NEITHER COPY HAS A SEAL. NOT ENBEDDED.


Thursday, September 09, 2004 at 10:07:53 (PDT)
Barbara Edwards

I am researching Rebecca Womack, born around 1805 in VA. She married Wesley Plumley, born in NC. They moved to Glassy Mountain Section of Greenville Co.,
Any help will be appreciated


Thursday, September 09, 2004 at 19:34:24 (PDT)
Will Womack
Ain't got any

Mr Sam you sounded like you thot I was a thief well I aint one leastways not like you would think. I was working for a car wash in pine bluff arkansas and they gyped me outa my overtime pay so I just took it and the rest of the money and left twon that nite. Was arrested in little rock when I got in a fight in a bar and hit a guy with a sack of quarters. the police asked me where I got all those quarters and they took me to the station and found out I was wanted in pine bluff and I pleaded guilty for a liter sentenance. i did not steal it was owed me but that judge was a friend of the car wash owner so he gave me 5 years cause i had been in trouble before. I had to pay the boss library trustee two packs of smokes for extra time in the library. have you found out who was my grandpaw yet.I wont have any more library time coming until saturday so please write by then. Will


Friday, September 10, 2004 at 10:13:32 (PDT)
Diane Womack-Foreman of chicago

My father is Emmit Womack of Little Rock Ar., I was told by him that he was kin to Friendly Womack, Bobby Womack's family I started to do the family tree search but when they told me how much it was going to cost I couldn't afford it. Is there someone here who can help me out. I met a Womack who was managing a target greatland on the north side of chgo he told me about the family reunions being so big they used a whole hotel, it was like a convention it was so many of us. help me!!! :(


Friday, September 10, 2004 at 10:17:16 (PDT)
Diane Womack Foreman of Chgo

I'm sorry I forgot to put my father's birth date it was 10-20-1908 and I forgot to say we the womack's have a web radio station,


Friday, September 10, 2004 at 12:06:03 (PDT)
Jack Womack

Obituary, Ellis County Press
Jimmy Lee Womack
April 22, 1957 Aug. 22, 2004
DALLAS Memorial services for Jimmy Lee Womack, 47, of Dallas were held Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2004 at the Cedar Creek Crematory in Mabank.
Born April 22, 1957 in Blytheville, Ark., the son of Anna Mae Lane and Robert Lee Womack, he passed away Aug. 22, 2004 in Methodist Central Hospital.
He married his wife Judy Louise Womack on Feb. 2, 1986.
Preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, Russell and Grady Lane Womack, he is survived by wife Judy Womack of Dallas; one son Jimmy Don Womack of Dallas; two sisters, Barbara Self of Dallas, Brenda Hughes of Arlington; two brothers, William Womack of Dallas, Joseph Womack of Dallas; and friend Cindy Matos of Dallas.
Green Funeral Home in Ferris was in charge of the arrangements.

Saturday, September 11, 2004 at 16:26:29 (PDT)
Mary Hatfield

looking for John Wesley D. womack wife was Julia Reynolds , there daughter Elizabeth Womack married Cornelius Edward Mace in 1885 i wont to know all i can about them.i have one picture of Elizabeth ,


Saturday, September 11, 2004 at 22:47:40 (PDT)
Jack Womack

This is John Wesleys info.
Direct Descendants of Thomas Womack

1 Thomas Womack 1743 - 1790
. +Louvisa Rice 1745 - 1810
...... 2 Abraham Womack 1771 - 1850
.......... +Nancy Ann 1774 - 1850
.............. 3 John Wesley Womack 1806 - 1854
.................. +Elizabeth Moss Hogan 1806 -
...................... 4 John Wesley David Womack 1839 -
........................... + Juda Ann Reynolds 1866 -

If you would want to go back past Thomas Womack 1743. We can do that because of what the DNA testing proved. This is the results;

Direct Descendants of Abraham Womack

1 Abraham Womack 1644 - 1733
. +Sarah Worsham
...... 2 Thomas Womack,Sr. 1672 - 1734
.......... +Mary Farley 1690 - 1750
.............. 3 Abraham Womack,Sr 1708 - 1800
...................... 4 Thomas Womack 1743 - 1790
.......................... +Louvisa Rice 1745 - 1810
.............................. 5 Abraham Womack 1771 - 1850
.................................. +Nancy Ann 1774 - 1850
...................................... 6 John Wesley Womack 1806 - 1854
.......................................... +Elizabeth Moss Hogan 1806 -
............................................... 7 John Wesley David Womack 1839 -
Note; No one has any proof of Sarah Worsham being the wife of Abraham but there are several things that lead me to believe this was his first wife.
DNA results of the Blanton/Womack testing proved Thomas Womack was son of Abraham 1708. And court and other records indicate his mother was Ann Blanton.
I have little info on John and Juda's children oter than a son Lemuel Axelander Womack b. Abt. 1886.


Sunday, September 12, 2004 at 13:23:53 (PDT)

Mary: I descend from Lemuel Alexander Womack, as does Jack Womack. There is a lady who used to be on this site, Sue Kelley, who descends from Elizabeth Womack.
Try her at and see if she can help you. Good luck. Bob


Sunday, September 12, 2004 at 15:50:44 (PDT)
Jack Womack

Correction on my last post
The date on Juda Renolds is not her birth date but her estimated marriage date. Somehow I got that as her birth date.That is not my line altho I descend from Thomas Womack and Louvisa Rice. It happens one of the lines I was researching for someone because they were thought to have descended from Thomas. I have abt. 2.4 GB of Womack and allied family info in my database and all of it is not sorted or filed in a good manner. I'll be working on my filing system forever.


Sunday, September 12, 2004 at 20:26:56 (PDT)

Apologies to all. I typed in the wrong e-mail address for myself. Also Sue Kelley's e-mail address didn't track. Sue's addy is


Monday, September 13, 2004 at 07:41:40 (PDT)

Mary, perhaps this will shed some light on your query below - taken from the LDS files; and, as usual, take with a grain of salt and verify --

Ivy Reynolds
Birth: 7 Mar 1793 Place: Wilkes Co., North Carolina
Death: 29 Apr 1875 Place: Reynoldsburg, Johnson Co. Illinois
Burial: Place: Reynoldsburg, Johnson Co. Illinois
Parents: Unknown
Rebecca Canady Marriage: 9 Apr 1821 Place: Vienna, Illinois
Caroline Engels Marriage: 20 Nov 1839 Place: Johnson Co. Vienna, Illinois
Other Event(s):
Census: 1830 Place: Johnson Co. Vienna, Illinois #Pg68
Census: 1840 Place: Johnson Co. Vienna, Illinois #Pg396
Census: 1850 Place: Johnson Co. Vienna, Illinois #229

Juda Ann W. Reynolds Compact Disc #74 Pin #359951
Birth: 20 Jul 1850 Place: Johnson Co. Illinois
Death: Jun 1906 Place: Johnsonco., Ilinois
Parents: Father: Ivy Reynolds Mother: Caroline Engels
John Wesley David Womack Marriage: 12 Sep 1866 Place: Johnson Co. Vienna, Illinois

John Wesley David Womack
Birth: 1839 Place: Hardin Co. Illinois
Death: 9 Nov 1903 Place: (Not given, but assume in IL?)
Parents: (not listed)
Juda Ann W. Reynolds Marriage: 12 Sep 1866 Place: Johnson Co. Vienna, Illinois

Lemuel Alexander Womack
Birth: 28 Mar 1883 Place: Johnson Co., Ilinois
Death: 8 Sep 1929 Place: Kansas City, Kansas
Father: John Wesley David Womack Mother: Juda Ann W. Reynolds
Marriage(s): Nancy Elizabeth Reed (no date or place listed)


Monday, September 13, 2004 at 08:04:14 (PDT)

Further that I should have included:

Caroline Engels b: Oct 22, 1821 in Sumner Co TN d: Abt. 1899 in Reynoldsburg, Johnson Co, IL, buried there also.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at 15:57:56 (PDT)
Gary Jaensch

I received an inquiry from Mike and Brenda Womack who live in Oregon. Their note says:
Only information I have is a Loman? and Mildred Womack moved from OK to Modesto, CA and then to Hilmore, CA.
Mikes father is either Ray Womack or Wesley Ray or Michael Ray. Not a lot to go on but Mike is interested in his Womack family.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at 20:52:01 (PDT)
Judy VanZant

I am looking for information on Anna Louise Womack born in Ravenden, AR about 1939. In 1959 she was in Callaway County, MO married to Herbert Howard Scott. Any information on her family would be great. Judy


Thursday, September 16, 2004 at 15:22:04 (PDT)
Jean Young

William R. Womack
We have always assumed William R. was born in NC. However I recently saw a federal census where he states his birthplace as AL.This is very easy to believe as his older children were born in Al, and he served in their army during Indian uprising. His first wife was HAnnah(unknown)and second wife Lucy Womack .He died in St Genevive county,MO.His later children were more in MO.
HIs son Benjamin Bradford Womack was my Ggfather.Any help appreciated.
Thank you
Jean Young descended through my mother


Thursday, September 16, 2004 at 16:28:20 (PDT)
Jack Womack

Your address bounced, please check, I have info on William R for you.


Friday, September 17, 2004 at 19:08:50 (PDT)
Phyllis E. (Womack) Kinder

I am still looking for information on my Womack Great Grandparents. My father's name was Elmer Lewis Womack Jr., born April 23, 1916 to Elmer Lewis Womack and Minnie Belle McGee. Elmer Lewis Womack, aka E L Womack, aka Elmer L Womack and Minnie Belle McGee were married December 19, 1909 in Temple, Comanche County, now it is Cotton County, Oklahoma. In 1920 Census, it shows Elmer Lewis Womack to be born in Colorado about 1877. His wife, Minnie Belle McGee was born in Montepelier, Clay County, Mississippi on January 13, 1885 to William Alexander McGee Jr. and Nancy Ann Thornton. I am looking for information on my Grandfather Womack and his wife. Also information on his father and mother. When and where my Grandfather, Elmer Lewis Womack was born in Colorado.

If anyone has any information on E L Womack, Elmer Lewis Womack, or Elmer L Womack born about 1874 through 1877 in Colorado, I would greatly appreciate the help.


Saturday, September 18, 2004 at 17:33:21 (PDT)
Jean Young

An address correction on my E-Mail courtesy of Jack Womack.
I am still looking for ancesters of William R Womack who came to Mo in 1852 on govt land grant. Settled in St Genevieve county. We had always assumed he was born in NC, but I recently saw census of both him and his son and the birthplace they gave was ALabama. Makes sense.All his older children were born there.
Thanks for any and all help.


Saturday, September 18, 2004 at 19:20:38 (PDT)
Penny Bennett Casey

I am trying to connect my Mason family to the Holt family in Campbell Co. Va. My ggg grandfather was Adin Mason. He married Polly (Mary) Womack Dec. 1806 in Campbell Co. On the same day, Adin was also a bondsman for the marriage of James Mason and Betsy HOlt, Daughter of Robert Holt. I have not been able to find Adin's parents or siblings. James Mason must be a relative of Adin. Perhaps a cousin, brother or nephew? Is there anyone out there with any information to help? I thought if I could find the HOlt connection it might help me on my Mason line.

I have been told there is a Mason genealogy that was privately published years ago and there is a copy in the Charlotte Co. Historical Library. Does anyone know if this book?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Sunday, September 19, 2004 at 17:12:16 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

Two Items -
One - I just returned from vactaion in Provincetown, Mass and can report that there are no dead Womacks there under any variation of the name. So cross that off your list.

Two - I'm looking though the 1900 Census records for Lamar County Texas. Trying to find a GG Uncle who disappeared on me by the name of Henry Womack (son of Jordan Henry and Mary E. Crenshaw) - Haven't found him yet but found the following
Enumeration District 61 Sheet Number 2
34/36 - Womack, Harold (?) w/m born April 1843 in MS, father - MS, Mother - MS
wife - Adeline w/f born Feb. 1845 5 children 4 living born in LA, f - Ms, m - MS

Enumeration District 78 Sheet 7

132/134 Womack, W. A w/m born May 1837 in GA - Father in SC - Mother in GA
wife S.E. w/f born Jan 1839 mother of 11/11 born in MS, F - TN , M - TN
Dau. Sallie born 9/1867
Son Mark born 10/1873
son Austin born 1/1879
dau. Eddie born 11/1881
Next door
133/135 Womack, [H] Marshall born 12/1869 the son of above - All work in Drygoods business owned by Marshall
wife Letha (Allen) born 12/1871 in AR father - IL , Mother - AR 3/3 children
Son - Sam born 3/1894
son - Allen born 3/1899
Son - "Census" born 5/1900 - all in TX

Enumeration District 80 Sheet 2

35/35 - Womack, William L. Border in HH - born March 1862 in MS, Father in Ms, and Mother IN MA

Monday, September 20, 2004 at 07:52:22 (PDT)
Jack Womack

Note; to all Womack DNA Project testees.
If you have not received a mail from me dated 9-20-04, subject Womack DNA Info please e mail me for an update and other info.


Monday, September 20, 2004 at 19:10:23 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Hey All! I am sorry if I missed any emails or generally have been absent. I've been nursing along a dying computer, and now have the new one up and running. Mostly. It's going to take me a while to get everything transferred over, I think I didn't lose a whole lot - BUT, what I mostly seem to have lost moving from Brothers Keeper (DOS is boss) to Reunion (bless it's little Mac heart) is my sources and burial locations. Some of them got lost in the GedCom as did the file links. Got the files, lost the links. Go smack a programmer someplace.

While I am re-entering fun things like sources (hey, it's a way to check them) and photos for the near future, got something for ya'll to ponder.

Thanks to a kind reader of my site (which can't be updated until I finish wrestling with the computer or move the site as the updating software is PC only!) - he id's Mitchell W. Glenn as indeed cousin Mitchell W. and a son of Susannah Womack and Clement Glenn. Which certainly explains why he was in Alabama with the Womacks. This leaves 2 people from John W.'s letters as complete mysteries.

"Aunt Patsy Alford and Uncle Wiley" - were apparently in GA, probably Troup Co., in Nov 1849, as when John W. writes to cousin Rebecca in April 1850, he says to say hello to them.

Ok, so who are they? As near as I can tell - they are not Lewis aunts and uncles. I am pretty positive they aren't Rogers. So, are they Womacks or what?

Of Abraham Womack's kids I'm missing a Lucy, Jesse, Sarah and William. All from the apparent second Martha marriage. So, that's either an Auntie and her husband, or and Auntie and an Uncle. If anyone has found any of these nice folks, give me a yell.

BTW, anyone with info on the Stone family - descendants of Nancy and William Stone - that I'd like to hear as well.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 14:05:48 (PDT)

Just reentered my surnames page - thanks to the lousy FTM programming, I had to delete about 5000 dupes by hand and occasionally when I did one it added something from somewhere else that I had been thru before - I had to merge one guy 18 times before he was cleared! no duplications that FTM couldnt have recognized, then it had the audacity to ask me if Jane wife of John was the same as Jane wife of William - totally different info!! -- I did not upload the pedigree pages -- only the main page, surname and index pages - space limitations and security --it is for an exchange, not blatant give away of information -- I have recently found more information I gave away freely and is now on LDS, rootsweb, Ancestry and etc for subscription and etc -- that irritates me - and if it upsets some that I feel that way - then so be it --

I will exchange, and the word is EXCHANGE, data - with anyone - as Ray bryan said, and I have quoted him before, show me yours, and I will show you mine!!

There are many I have had private correspondence with and they have taken the initiative to go on from what little I have supplied and expanded their data; I just hope they will reciprocate by adding to my data base -- Some have, some are probably gathering, some wont -

Anyway what I have is there - read the main page carefully before proceeding - data will be changed as necessary --

Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 20:42:58 (PDT)
Jack Womack

Hey hoss, Ray B Bryan is no longer with us to defend himself about "show me yours and I'll show you mine" statement. If he ever said that ,and knowing Ray as I did, it is hard to believe he ever said that. If he said that to you OK, that may have been between you and him ,he may have felt like that about you. I always found Ray to be ready to help with what he had. He was always sending his "Care Packages" as he called them and I know there are many looking on who he has freely given a "Care Package" too who will agree with me that Ray was a caring individual who was an great asset to the Womack name. It would please me greatly if you would quit dragging his name into reasons you have for your outlook on sharing. Ray was my special friend and I'm sure he was to others. Please give your reasons as your own and not on someone who can no longer defend himself.
Now my friend I stand in the gap for Ray and if you can't stand some constructive criticism you are not the person I thought you were.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 20:18:54 (PDT)

To any who are offended by my comments - I apologize -- but, I will not retract them -- I simply want those who fail to contribute to start doing so - and yes, I know that some of you disagree with that - but someone may have a tidy tidbit so small that could open a dang big door for many -- There was no intent of any kind to demean Ray's name --

And Jack, I am still the same person I always was and will be - a Womack researcher always looking for someone to open a closed door -- anyone out there wants to "blacklist" me go ahead - I started my research alone; but have helped, and been helped by, persons too numerous to mention or remember -- I can go it alone, and will, if need be --


Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 20:28:38 (PDT)
Royce W. Gibson

to Phyliss Kinder

Hi, I went off a did a little research on Elmer and failed to locate him or anyone similar in the 1880 census. However, fellow researcher Beth repsonding to me last message about Henry's in Tx send me an email that has Henry in Tx in 1900 with a son named Elmer born in Colorado. The birthdate on him is not close, however at the time they were living next to McGees in Texas. I think it is worth you consideration.

Do you know what the L stands for. My grandfather /born in 1910 had a cousin he called Lewis that lived in Okalahoma and I've been trying to find Lewis and his father. They might be one and the same as your Elmer. Send me an email and I'll go into more detail. Thanks Royce


Thursday, September 23, 2004 at 12:40:45 (PDT)

To thos of you who arent on my froup mailing lists -


All I can say at the moment is, Thanks for the referral, Jack...


Friday, September 24, 2004 at 11:20:49 (PDT)
Stephen Richard Womack

Hi to all.
I am looking for the sister of my Grandfather Joseph Womack of Liverpool, England who emigrated to Ontario, Canada around fifty or sixty years ago or any of her descendants. Anyone?

Thank you.

Stephen Richard Womack

Runcorn, Cheshire, England


Friday, September 24, 2004 at 20:15:08 (PDT)
Jack Womack

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Saturday, September 25, 2004 at 10:18:58 (PDT)

What was the name of your grandfather's sister -- and approximate year of birth?


Sunday, September 26, 2004 at 07:05:48 (PDT)
Roger Womack

May-July messages have been moved to the archives.
Just wanted to thank everyone for their participation, WGN continues to be one of the best single surname web sites on the net do to the message page and all of you. I've finished with my move, what a joy moving is. Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of the web-site updated in the near future with all of your updated addresses and the new members. I have a couple of days off this next week and my plan is to get after it. Thanks for the emails and keep on searching and posting!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2004 at 20:42:18 (PDT)

I copied every name on the available states from the 1900 census - Unforunately the names are listed alpha by first name - However, I did separate then by last name (at least all I could find anyway).. There were too many to try and look at each image - perhaps a together project - taking a block of surnames and looking them up and posting the family data? However, I suggest that if you do, you let us others know what block it is so we wont duplicate your efforts...the URL is


Monday, September 27, 2004 at 23:08:08 (PDT)
Christina Wammack

I'm truly at a loss... I don't know much about my relatives. I know about the closest ones, Father, uncles, grandparents, but that's about it. I'm not sure they even know that much. Could someone point me in the right direction, I want to start learning, so i can inform my children. Thank You


Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 12:58:56 (PDT)
Stephen Richard Womack

I don't know her name. The only other information I have is that she married someone who ran a Turkey Farm near Ottawa.

Thank you


Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 18:21:21 (PDT)

Have you any idea what your grandfathers name was?? and what time frame are we looking at? and, was she born in UK or the US or Canada?


Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 22:18:21 (PDT)
Richard Chandler

My mother was a Womack from Moore Co. N.C. Her name is Virginia Womack Chandler. Her mother and fathers name was Elbert and Eva Womack. My grandfather passed away in 1962 or 64,my grandmother left here in 87 or 88. My grandmother was L.P.N. at Womack Hospital until she retired. If you will e-mail me with some of your info. we might get wverthing together. Thank you. Richard,


Thursday, September 30, 2004 at 11:19:48 (PDT)
Kim Holdeman

I am looking for information on my grandfather's family. His name was James L. Womack. He had three bothers, Jesse, Edwin, and (C.A.) Cherry Allen Womack. My great-grandparents lived in Shreveport, LA until they died in 1977. I know that my Great grandmother's name was Hazel (MCkinney?) Womack. I believe my great-grandfather's name was Cherry, but am unsure. My grandfather was married to Carrie Mae Jordan and they have 5 children. Jerry, Carol (deseased), Hazel (deceased), Lily (my mother( and Lawrence. I know my grandfather was married to someone else before he married my grandmother, but, I don't know her name. Any information would be helpful. I also know that my great-grandmother, Hazel, was a descendant of Woodrow Wilson.

Thank You for any info you might have.


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