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Friday, August 01, 2003 at 04:28:49 (PDT)
jane cross

Can anyone connect to the following listed in the 1860 Yazoo Co., MS Census page 121
John Warmack 50 M Merchant
L. M. Warmack 40 (or 60) F.
William2 25 M, Merchant
M. L. Boyce 17 F
Lucy Boyce 12 F
B. F. Sherrard 14 M
(I am researching the Sherrard/Sherrod family. William Warmack b. Dec. 1848 in MS married Emma Cornelia Sherrard, daughter of Joel or Joseph Sherrard and Eleanor Buckley. Their children were: Estelle, Maggie M., Mary R., Johnie W., John Wesley, Henry Sherrard, N. B.)

Sunday, August 03, 2003 at 06:42:43 (PDT)
Doretta Noland Reece

Hello to all of you WOMACK researchers. It has been a while since my husband Don and I have been in touch, but we are still interested in WOMACK data. Due to various medical problems and the newness of using the computer, we have not been able to add to your research. On the computer I know how to find very little and in no way how to find any proof, or even for sure if it is even possible to find proof there. I grew up with Snailmail, but now in my senior years I have gone high tech with Email. I am willing to share now and then if I can. I would like to share the following quote of part of the Will of William Callicoat of AMELIA CO.,VA, June 4, 1765 (Will Bk 2, pg 209) taken from the source WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS compiled by Tom McCargo. QUOTE: I give and bequeath to my daughter Tabby, 200 acres of land adjoining WOMACK's land and Legon's Road, also one negro girl Peg with her increase; also one feather bed and furniture, and to her and the heirs of her body. UNQUOTE Now this william Callicoat's wife was maybe Mary. I don't know anything at all about the WOMACK who owned the land next to Tabby's 200 acres. Does anyone have any data or ideas on those WOMACKS? Thanks Doretta


Monday, August 04, 2003 at 07:15:32 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Because of the confrontational nature of a previous post I have deleted all messages concerning that post including my post. We want everyone to participate at WGN regardless of how much, how little, or how often. Let’s keep WGN going in an upbeat and positive direction. I hope the offensive nature of the previous post does not keep you from participating. Your sharing is always appreciated at WGN. Thanks.


Monday, August 04, 2003 at 11:29:22 (PDT)
Tracie WoMack Easterling

Roger you are right.

I have come across a bit of new info from my father and a cemetary.

I have been searching for Herman Kemph Womack. Son of Samuel and Roxie Womack. At the cemetary, I found that Samuel is listed as J.S. Womack H/O Roxie K. Womack. So, I have been searching the wrong first name.

There was a woman I grew up knowing as Aunt Callie. Her name was Callie Kemph and I know that she was a neice of Roxie. So at least I do believe I know where the name Kemph ties into my line.

I also have a picture from my dad that belonged to my grandmother. On the back my grandmother wrote: Mrs. C.W. Templeton-Sister of Kemph Womack-Utica, Miss-Box 13. (Her first name is not listed)

Now that I seem to be actually getting somewhere....I will be adding a Womack page to my home webpage. As soon as I get the page up and running, I will will post it.

Note: Herman Kemph Womack m. Jessie Mae Dixon. They had 3 children. 2 of these were albinos. Hoping that will trigger a memory for someone having heard of albinos in the family.


Tracie WoMack Easterling

Monday, August 04, 2003 at 22:07:28 (PDT)
Tracie WoMack Easterling


After finding out that my ggrandfather was J.S. Womack and Samuel was not his first name....Roger found my line in his notes!!! And on some of the info, some of my line was incorrectly listed on Census Records as Wammack(That certainly wasn't helping me when I was searching!). Roger made the connections and I have family!

For some I know that Genealogy is a hobby or just interesting to work on. For me, finding where my Womack branch fit into the tree was an obsession. My dad has been estranged from his family for almost 57 years. He had almost zero family info, it took him a while just to remember his grandfather's name. What little info he had, he gave it grudgingly because his family was a subject that was "off limits". Also, he had forgotten most everything about them through the years.

I now know that I am a Generation #12 from William Womack. I knew who I was, but now I know where I come from!

Roger...Thank you and God Bless you, just aren't enough! There is NO way I can ever thank you for finding where I belong and for giving me family.


Tracie WoMack Easterling


Monday, August 04, 2003 at 22:59:46 (PDT)
Dave Maher

Hi Tacie,
you say you are 12th generation of William Womack, can you tell me please which William?


Monday, August 04, 2003 at 23:27:46 (PDT)
Tracie WoMack Easterling


I am proud to say I can tell you! Thanks to Roger!

My line is:

William Womack
Richard Womack
Richard WomackII
Richard WomackIII
David Womack
Richard Mansel Womack
Jacob Womack
Jacob Moore Womack
John Samuel Womack
Herman Kemph Womack
Myron Kemph Womack



Wednesday, August 06, 2003 at 10:47:35 (PDT)
Tracie Womack (formally Joyner) Thompson

I have a new email address and last name (just remarried) if any is interested it is:

Hey Cuz! Congrats on finding your family line! Your Jacob Moore Womack is the brother to my GG-Grandfather Albert "A.G.B" Womack. My line is:

A.G.B Womack
Jacob "Moore" Womack - named after your Jacob Moore, but went by Moore.
James "Oliver" Womack Sr.
James Oliver Womack Jr.

Hope to keep in touch with you and Happy Hunting!


Wednesday, August 06, 2003 at 19:41:35 (PDT)
David Dunn

Hi Folks. Back about 3 weeks from my trip to UK and Norfolk. No progress to report. Looked at a lot of parish records and wills but most undecipherable to this modern reader. Have decided to engage services of a local(Norwich) professional to do transcriptions of wills which may have clues to the origins of the Henrico 5 brothers. Best to all. David.


Thursday, August 07, 2003 at 13:38:32 (PDT)
Richard J. Jones

I have been searching for some time,for the ancestry of my ggrandmother, Nora Belle Wommack (1870?-1916)without much success. She married Rees J. Jones, of Pittsburgh, PA, prior to 1895. I know that the family lived in Illinois, (Marion?) in 1901, because their son, my grandfather, started to school there in that year. Sometime in the early 1900's they moved to Los Angeles, where the family farmed, on what is now part of Ventura Blvd. Nora Belle Wommack Jones died fairly young, in 1916. She apparently had a brother, Art Wommack, because I have a photograph of his two children, with this writing on the back:" For Aunt Belle, Art's children", from Mrs A.G. Wommack,395 Duffy St., Charleston W. Va. I have been told, by family members, that Nora Belle's parents were Iverson H. Wommack and Mary Rebecca Howell (or Howe) Wommack, but I have found almost nothing about them on-line. Any help appreciated.


Friday, August 08, 2003 at 19:22:07 (PDT)
thomas knight

Sarah Womack was my G.G.G.G Grandmother.

In the 1850 Tallapoosa, Alabama Census Sarah Womack was living with Thomas Knight and his second wife Rebecca Hancock Robertson Knight. Sarah Womack's age was listed as 80 making her birth year around 1770. Other references say this Sarah Womack was Rebecca’s mother. Sarah was not listed in the 1860 census with Thomas and Rebecca and no burial site has been found for her. Rebecca (Sarah’s daughter) was previously married to a Joe Robertson hence the Robertson surname. One must assume that Rebecca’s maiden name was Hancock.

In searching for a Sarah Womack born around 1770 in SC, NC, or VA with a Hancock connection who might be Rebecca’s mother I have found only one likely candidate so far: a Sarah Womack who was born about 1772 in VA. This Sarah was the second child of Jesse Womack (b. 1749 in Farmville VA, d. 1782 in Bedford Co. VA) and his wife Sarah “Sallie” Daniels (b. abt. 1751 in Cumberland VA, d. 1823 in Jessamine Co., KY). Jesse and Sarah married abt. 1767 and had 11 children (see Family Group Record from LDS Ancestral file v4.19 for Jesse and Sarah).

After Jesse died, Sarah Daniels Womack married Edward Hancock (the Hancock connection) on Sept. 4, 1792 in Bedford Co. VA with a John Folden providing the surety. Edward Hancock, Sarah Womack, Salley Daniel Womack, and Anna Womack provided consent for this marriage. Anna Womack was the ninth child of Jesse and Sarah (Salley) Womack. John Folden was the husband of Mary Womack, the eighth child of Sarah and Jesse Womack.

The younger Sarah Womack, at about age 22, married Richard Brown (b. 1768 in Montgomery, IL) on Dec. 4, 1794 in Bedford Co. VA. John Folden again provided surety and consent was provided by “Sarah Hancock, Mother of Sarah”.

I am trying to find out what happened to Sarah Womack Brown and Richard Brown and whether this Sarah might have been the same as my Sarah Womack in the 1850 Tallapoosa census. Were there any children of this union (none was shown on LDS)? And I cannot explain why Rebecca’s maiden name is Hancock if this is her mother. Did Sarah Womack Brown and Richard Brown split and Sarah remarry a Hancock (like her mother)? Richard Brown died in 1843 in Montgomery IL (LDS Ancestral File v4.19).

The elder Sarah “Salley” Daniels Womack Hancock couldn't be Rebecca's mother because she died in 1823 and therefore couldn't have been in the 1850 census.

This has become very frustrating since I thought I was really close to finding the one piece of data that would establish or eliminate the above as my Womack link. I now realize I may be out on the wrong limb or maybe not even in the right tree.

Is the apparent Hancock and Womack connection just mere coincidence?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and any suggestions or comments are welcomed.

Thomas Knight

Saturday, August 09, 2003 at 13:39:05 (PDT)
Dorinda Bain

Searching from great grandfather was Samuel Clayton Womack(Wommack), b:Feb. 15, 1878 in Telogia, Fl. His parents were Frank Wommack and Celestra Jane Chason and according to Samuel's death certificate they were born in Telogia, Fl. and Jane Gregory is the name on the death certificate for Samuel. Her mother was Elizabeth Gregory if that information is correct. I have found Stephen Chason(b:1821 Decatur,GA, D:1856 Liberty Co, FL)and Elizabeth Gregory(b:1823?, D:1870?). Samuel Clayton Womack lived most of his life in Wakulla County, FL. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Dorinda Bain


Saturday, August 09, 2003 at 13:43:30 (PDT)
Tracie WoMack Easterling


Well, I knew with such great names as Tracie Womack, we had to be related somewhere!!!

I got started adding the info from Roger, but my husband had emergency surgery 2 days after I got the info. So I am at a standstill right now on most of my genealogy work.

I know I have congratulated you before on your marriage, but CONGRATS again! Hope you are getting settled in well.

Tracie Womack Easterling


Saturday, August 09, 2003 at 20:01:31 (PDT)
barbara davis

Hi, I,m try to find a hannah womack who married a michael/michal davis a son is named john davis, wife is sadie hurt, he was [b] 1864 he[d]1953 in columbus,indiana i like anything on thier names


Sunday, August 10, 2003 at 20:02:13 (PDT)
Doretta Noland

Hi folks! I may have found something that maybe could be of interest to several of you. My husband's ancestor is Mary C. Womack (daughter of Miles Womack and Frances Hawkins). She was born about 1837 VA and lived in Halifax Co. VA and is said to have had an affaire with Little John McCargo, Jr. which resulted in a son, Jefferson Davis Womack born about 1858. Now Little John McCargo, Jr's mother was Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Callicot McCargo who was maybe the daughter of Mrs. Susannah Brezendine Brooke Callicot. (I am unsure of the correct spelling of Brezendine and Callicot.) Anyway this Susannah's parents are maybe Thomas Brezentine and Elizabeth ______ and are thought to have been married by Rev. John Williams. Now this Rev. John Williams was maybe a nephew of John Williams and Mary Womack (daughter of William Womack and Mary Woodson). Rev. John Williams was ordained in 1772 as a Pioneer Baptist Minister i VA. His church is said to be The Meherren Baptist Church and JoLee Gregory Spears says this church had members who were residents of Lunenburg, Charlotte and Mecklenburg counties, VA. and is shown on the map of 1871 by Jed Hotchkiss, and known as "Old Church". JoLee says the boundary lines of the church members extended into all three counties. (I might add most likely also the area of Halifax Co.VA). I think there is somewhere a film of church membership lists 1771-1844. I wonder if Womacks are on it. Can anyone tell me more about any of the above? Thanks Doretta


Monday, August 11, 2003 at 14:12:10 (PDT)
Beth Howser

After seeing Doretta Noland's post yesterday regarding the members of Meherrin Baptist Church, it reminded me that I need to update WGN members and readers on our progress on the research of Johnson Womack being another son of Maj. Jacob Womack's, hoping that someone will have some input. Harold Johnson's "Johnson Report" says that a couple of Joseph Johnson's daughters were members of the Meherrin Baptist Church. I know I probably don't need to tell you again that the will of Joseph Johnson and a law suit indicated that Joseph's daughter, Sarah Johnson was married to "a" Jacob Womack.

I've gotten with WGN researcher, Erin Dent, whose ancestors were Elizabeth Brisco and David Womack. At the time I emailed her, I had no proof that this David Womack was the son of Johnson, but the source of the documentation I had on Johnson Womack being the son of Maj. Jake was one of Erin's family members.

I have two RW pension apps from the "Madison Co., Musings" along with a report, "Johnson Womack - Revolutionary Soldier", by William M. Bailey. Mr. Bailey wrote. "...Johnson Womack was born in Goochland County, Virginia on Jan 2, 1762 (d. ca. 1839 Madison Co., AR) and was the son of Jacob Womack and Sarah Johnson. Joseph Johnson of Virginia mentions in his will in 1761 Sarah Womack and Jacob Womack among others. Two other daughters and sons-in-law named childred Johnson which is no doubt how our Johnson Womack received his name....." Mr. Bailey also expressed his appreciation for the census and tax records plus other data submitted by a named descendant of Johnson Womack. Mr. Bailey is now deceased.

I found on the web page of Watauga Association Genealogists Society (WAGS) a RW pension app of a Johnson "Wamuck" included in one of their bulletins. Since the bulletin was sold out, I wrote an officer of WAGS and asked if someone could burn a copy of the pension app. When she replied, she asked if I would also like a copy of the family group sheet of Johnston and Elizabeth Womack. Oh, the genealogy gods were smiling on me that day! When I received the copies, the name of the person who submitted the data was the same person who submitted the info to the Madison Co. Musings and the family group sheet was the same as you find on the LDS/IGI web page. The pension app was one of which I already had.

I started searching for further clues and looked at Erin's information on Rootsweb's World Connect, following every family line. I found the name of the researcher who had submitted the data indicating that Johnson Womack was the son of Sarah Johnson and Maj. Jacob Womack. Erin has reported to me that the researcher is deceased, but the research, along with the research of the deceased's sister is safe!

In posting much of the above for the umpteenth time, I would like to ask WGN researchers two questions:

1. Is there any documented proof that Maj. Jake's wife's name was Martha?

2. Does anyone have any other information regarding their children, including William Womack, Sarah Womack (m. Unknown Lane) and Martha Womack Bean or any other children? Note: There is an unidentified William Womack on the 1829 Crawford Co., AR census with Johnson Womack.

BTW Doretta, I have emailed a person who has the membership roll of the Meherrin Baptist Church, asking for help!

Beth Howser


Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 21:12:01 (PDT)
Darrel and Judy Womack

We are asking again is there anything out there that shows that Richard Womack 1771-1825, son of David and Mildred Womack, that shows Martha and Richard Womack were the parents of Abner Pryor 1806-1893. This has been a big road block for our family tree. The last link to prove that we belong to David and Mildred Womack . This must be a big block for all in this line. Thanks for looking.


Thursday, August 14, 2003 at 22:33:09 (PDT)
Mark Womack


The Miles Womack that you mention is most likely a brother of my ggg-grandfather, Henry Womack. I just finished sending an email to a descendant of Jefferson Womack, Lillie's brother, about the info I have about him. I'd like to share any info that we can. Some years back now I was able to visit the site of Miles & Francis' homeplace in Halifax Co. I tracked it down from the county records (there was a convienent map and description) with some key help from a local resident.

I'd also be interested in the Meherrin(sp?) rolls to see what Womack's might be listed there. Do you know where about this church was located? Anywhere near Clover or Scottsburg Co, VA?



Sunday, August 17, 2003 at 17:07:53 (PDT)
Doretta Noland

Hi Beth and Mark In 1997 I had water up in my 2nd floor attic which destroyed most of my many years of collected notes of Madison Co. KY area. I like to mess with my husband's WOMACK line of VA to get away from trying to make heads or tails of that river wreacked stuff. Now every time I go onto Rootsweb (that's about all I know how to get) trying to check out WOMACK and/or connecting families of VA, it seems I end up in some way running into families and surnames with connections of Madison Co. KY area. That's what happened when I hit on Rev John William's Meherrin Church. I never knew of the church or the Rev, but WILLIAMS and HENDERSONS and other surnames connected with that bunch had branches in the Madison Co KY area. Henderson and Boone were behind the building of Fort Boonesboro. So Beth, any data of that church that you want to share, I would love to read. I have copied from Rootsweb a list of WILLIAMS members that were posted. Mark, that spelling MEHERRIN I got from Rootsweb. I figure the church is/was located about stright east from Clover VA and near Route # 1. The church was maybe too far from Halifax Co for regular services, but not for Camp Meetings. A good USGS map will show the church if still standing and for sure the cemetery if the church is gone. Jeff and Lillie Womack most likely did receive Mary C. Womack's share of her parents inheritance, but they also received land from Little John S. McCargo, Jr when he died. I believed Mary died first before Little John. Family oral history relates that som Edmundsons later had title to some of the land that Jeff had received. I have no details, just that oral history statement. My husband spent his young years with Lottie Lee and his very young years with "Aunt Carrie". I also owned PROPERTY LINES FROM AN OLD SURVEY BOOK (Halifax County, Virginia 1741 To 19010 By Roger C. Dodson. Doretta


Sunday, August 17, 2003 at 23:45:33 (PDT)

Meherrin Baptist Church (1781-1844) was located in Lunenburg Co VA near Charlotte Co VA. The Library of Virginia has the minutes on microfilm, I believe. Doris

Monday, August 18, 2003 at 06:47:12 (PDT)
T. Crews

William D. Womack served in CSA from Ga., returned to Newton Co., Ga. and is listed as bookkeeper on 1880 Newton Co., Ga. census with wife Lucy V., children: Laura A., Etha E., Lucy L., Mary E. Found next as billing clerk on 1890 Substitute Census in Waco, McLennan Co. Tx. The McLennan Co. 1900 census shows family with son Edwin (?). Family not in 1910 census. Cannotlocate death dates or burial sites, but expected to have died in McLennan County between 1900-1910. Anyone with knowledge of this family, or who will check the couny cemetery records, please respond. I am interested in a cemetery lot that this family might have owned in Georgia. I would like to contact descendants to see if there is a possibility that anyone can prove ownership.


Monday, August 18, 2003 at 16:10:13 (PDT)
Meghann Leigh Howell


My name is Meghann Leigh Howell. I was wondering if anybody had any information on Elaine Womack. All I know is that she was born in the 1900's and died in the 1900's. She was from Mercedes Texas and married Robert R. Howell of MIssion Texas in the valley. She died of cancer. I need some answers for a history paper i am doing on my background.


Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 12:05:34 (PDT)
Jenny Short

My g-g-g- grandmother was Mahala Boone Womack who married Moses Higgins in 1838. Does anyone have information on her birth date and who her parents were and if she was related to Daniel Boone? Thanks Jenny


Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 12:12:25 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

I was watching Antiques Roadshow (the British edition) and this particular program was from St. David's in Wales. VERY interesting. They had a good 5 minute intro on the history of St. David's. Named for the Welsh St. David who was a native of the area, it turns out it's the smallest cathedral city in Great Britain, they showed the Cathedral and the ruins of the Bishop's Palace. It seems that a Bishop (Barlow?) slightly previous to Bishop Laurence trashed the place by taking the roof off to sell the lead roof for salvage. The show was actually held on the grounds of the ruined palace. It looks like it's a lovely little city, BTW. Since he was palace-less, I doubt old Laurence ever really showed up in St. David's except possibly in passing, but still it's a neat looking place. The cathedral is still in good order, might be interesting to see if their records go back that far, not that anything useful would turn up as Laurence clearly wasn't our ancestor, but it could be interesting anyway in case any more of his monographs were lurking about there....



Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 21:23:07 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Jenny, as far as I know the families were related in marriage and probably why she was given the Boone name. Mahalia Boone Womack who married Moses Higgins, was the daughter of Jesse Womack, Jr., and Hannah Blacklidge, Jesse’s father and mother were Jesse Womack and Sarah Daniel. Jesse Jr. had a brother named John W. Womack, who married Phebe Boone Bryan, Phebe was the daughter of Daniel Boone Bryan and Elizabeth Turner. Daniel, was the son of William Bryan and Mary Boone, Mary Boone, was the daughter of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan, Mary’s brother was the famous Daniel Boone. That’s what I have.


Wednesday, August 20, 2003 at 08:36:14 (PDT)
Jerry L Griffin

Kinchen Griffin married Ferebe Womack in 1817 in Wake co N.C. I am trying to ascertain and prove that these are my 3d ancestoral grandparents. They both appear in NC. census (1820) they are in 1830 and 1840 census of Walton co Ga. also in 1850 census of Harris co Ga. and both appear in 1860 census of Randolph co , Al. Ferebe appears to be about 11 yrs older than "Kinchen" My ancestors had a great affection for Randolph co Al/this could be a point of proving the ancestory. Maybe some Womack researcher has some insight on this union. Would really like to prove this without a shadow of doubt.

Warmest regards,

Jerry L Griffin


Wednesday, August 20, 2003 at 10:04:23 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Ah, one of the Kinchens! Here's what I have - Kinchen Griffen m. Ferebe Womack in Wake Co., NC 25-Apr-1817. She may have been the daughter of Albridgeton (Brittain) Womack although I'll have to look that one up. Now, without actually checking beyond my notes, I'm pretty sure he's listed in 1850 in GA....I'm thinking here there was a probate file in Chatham Co for Brittain ca 1820 or so listing the heirs, but I could be wrong there - my interest was the name Kinchen and where it came from. Let me check my Kinchen file briefly, as he may actually be listed over with my stray Kinchens as well as the Womacks. Nope.
Ah, quickly looking at an index, in Harris Co. GA there is a Kinchen Griffen in 1850, aged 53, page 113 of the Osbourne Mill District, Pharaby, looks like she's 65, Malinda, looks like 19, and Yancy R, looks like he's 20, 24 or 26...can't quite read that
Anyway, it's likely there were other children. Good hunting. Ann


Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 09:15:05 (PDT)
Jack Womack

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Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 21:33:40 (PDT)
Robert Burke

After many years of looking, I finally discovered the father of Burrell H. Womack (my ggg-grandfather, and ancestor the Womack family of Yell Co, AR).

Burrell was the son of Josiah Womack and ? Rogers. Josiah was in the 1820 census of Bedford Co, TN, and in the 1830 & 1840 censuses of Hardeman Co, TN. His wife, whose first name I do not yet know, was the daughter of Henry and Sarah (Johnston) Rogers. The Rogers and Womack families moved together from Bedford Co, TN to Hardeman Co, TN. Some of the Rogers family later moved to Madison Co, TN. By 1850, Burrell Womack and several Rogers families were in Saline Twp of Dallas Co, AR. Sarah Rogers, Burrell's maternal grandmother, was living in Burrell's household.

Most of my proof is circumstantial, but I have enough of it to be 99 percent certain. I have more info that I will be putting on my own web site once I get it all together. I still need to check a few things, such as tax, deed, and probate records of Hardeman Co, TN.

Now for a few questions...

Has anyone ever untangled the Womacks in Bedford Co, TN?? How does my Josiah fit in? Was he the brother of Michael and Hawkins Womack?


Friday, August 29, 2003 at 20:13:50 (PDT)
judith Hugg Grimes

My grandmother was Lola Lee Womack McKown, born march 7, 1891 in crowell, foard county, texas of parents: rhesa plummer womack and martha kirkland shields womack. Lola Lee Womack born in Crowell and died in Dumas texas in may 11, 1952. Her husbands name was Clarence M. McKown. Does anyone know the foard county, tx Womacks? Your web sites are so very large. I have McKown data but nothing much on grandma's people. thanks for any leads-Judy yorba linda ca.


Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 07:20:37 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Judy, I have Lola Lee Womack, as the daughter of Rhesa/Recy/R.Plummer Womack, son of Richmond Womack, son of David Womack, Jr., son of David Womack, sp Mildred Pryor. You should be able to get plenty of info on this line as there are several researchers working this line, get in touch.

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