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Thursday, May 01, 2003 at 06:55:19 (PDT)
Sally Ivaskewitz

Hi--I happened upon this website by accident--I was looking to see how much information Google has on me and my relatives, and on a whim typed in Womack. My god! I didn't realize there were so many of use, nor that they originated in England! If anyone comes upon Luther (died age 74 in 1973) and Effie (Bottom--died 1995 age 93) Womack from Russell County, KY or Green County, IN, please let me know! Thanks so much!


Thursday, May 01, 2003 at 08:30:59 (PDT)
Sally Ivaskewitz

Hi, again--

Went through some papers and found more stuff. My mother, Norma Womack Ivaskewitz, gave this to me.

Will Book H - Page 204 of Adair County, Kentucky Court Records. Will of Jesse Womack. (Photocopied form with info entered after 1964 from original paperwork)
"Wife Delila to have all estate during life or widowhood, to raise the children. She and two Sons, Wesley and William to be Executors. Five sons to have $50 each - to wit: John, Wesley, Harrison, William, and Milton. Son Morgan to have $50 also. Daughter Mahaley Thompson to have all household furniture at her mother's death." Signed: Jesse Womack
Dated: February 12, 1859
Witnesses: Arthur Bradshaw, Milton Warmock, Jerry Leach.
Probated: Adair County, Kentucky Court, April 23, 1863"

I thought it was interesting that Jesse's name was Womack, and Milton, one of the witnesses and also one of his sons spelled his name "Warmock," unless this was a coincidence and they are really two different people.

I also found a copy of what looks like a form composed after 1964; probably info from a census. The most recent entry is my grandfather, Luther Womack (actually listed as born in Russell Springs, Adair County--most of his children--including my mother--were born in Greenwood. Indiana) and the last entry is Jesse (born 1798 in Virginia) and Delilah (Blair)Womack (born in 1803 in North Carolina. In between is daughters and sons and who they married.

If anyone has any connections to this, I'd be beholden!

Sally in Pennsylvania


Saturday, May 03, 2003 at 05:06:40 (PDT)
Al Womack

Response to Mary Etta Norsworthy's post on Feb 27, 2003 re: William Womack. Indications are that William is one of three children born to Abraham Womack b. abt. 1743 in (Goochland Co.?)Va. who m. Judith Minter, b. abt 1744 in Va and married about 1760 in Va. Listed children are Ann Womack, DOB unknown; Charles Womack b. 1766 and William Womack b 5 May 1772 in Cumberland Co., Va. Abraham & Judith apparently moved to Chatham Co., North Carolina abt. 1774 where they lived during the Revolutionary War. Abraham was a private in the RW for 12 mos. 16 days and wounded in the Battle of Brier Creek. He moved to from Chatham Co. NC in 1786 to Hancock Co., GA, later to Jones Co. and in 1825 to Monroe Co., GA. On Sep 14, 1804 Abraham was named guardian of his son William's children who had apparently died that year. William's wife Mary Ann would raise their children Nathaniel Green, Polly Ann, and Deguichen and Abraham would raise Mark Sanders and Abraham Minter. On 8 May 1825 Abraham married Lucy Moody in Jones Co. Ga. He died on 10 Apr 1834. This information seems to be well documented but is not my work but seems to be well documented. I trace my leneage through the Nathaniel Green line and if anyone else has different or better information I stand corrected. II have sent a separate e-mail with the document lists.


Sunday, May 04, 2003 at 09:49:23 (PDT)

From a book....Domestic Life in Virgina in the Seventeenth Century, By Annie Lash Jester...The University Press of Virginia Charlottesville. Page 71.
Fourth printing, 1970
Horse-racing as a regular sport was inaugurated in the latter half of the seventeenth century,althought it does not appear that horses were bred and kept especially for racing in that period as they were during the eighteenth century.At the "race-paths" at "Malvern Hill," the Cocke plantation in Henrico, running the quarter of a mile was a popular contest.
Elsewhere, similar races were engaged in.In 1674, James Bullock,a tailor,was fined 100 pounds of tobacco in York County for racing his horse against Mr.Mathew Slader's horse,the decree reciting that it was "contary to law for a laborer to make a race, being a sport only for GENTELEMEN".Yet, Mr Slader's intent to cheat at the race brought him a sentence of an "hour in the stocks".
Ricard Ligon, to whom his cousin Thomas Harris bequeathed his "mares and foals" in 1679,was one of the racing enthusiasts of the Colony. He engaged in a horse-race and a controversy over it in 1678, and the following year he ran his horse against that ALEXANDER WOMACK,the wage being 300 pounds of tobacco.
The colonists often were quarrelsome over their racing,and not infrequently, bets on horses were put in writing and recorded in the County records, that there might be no mistake in regard to the terms.These races elicited a great deal of intrest on the part of the people in the countryside where they were staged.
I thought this was an interesting piece of history.


Monday, May 05, 2003 at 06:57:31 (PDT)

I have heard that story before; but first time I ever heard it was Alexander Womack; I always heard it was Abraham!!


Monday, May 05, 2003 at 07:22:06 (PDT)
Fred Womack

I agree. The Edward Pleasants Valentine papers detail Abraham W Womack, 2 June 1679 in a horse racing dispute.
Fred Womack


Monday, May 05, 2003 at 18:54:09 (PDT)
David Dunn

Well it's hard to tell what's a quotation and what's not in that "racing" posting but there's more wrong than right there. Anyway the reason the incident got into the courts was not some "sporting" business of recording the venture, but the fact that the party of the first part accused the party of the second part of not paying up, and the party of the second part said they didn't pay because the party of the first part cheated. Not exactly the "Sport of Kings". By the way we don't know who won the court case and thus whether or not Old Abe Womack was convicted of cheating.


Monday, May 05, 2003 at 21:04:24 (PDT)

Thanks Guys for the correct info about the post,on the "racing".
I will trash that book!!!
I nor anyone else want or need info that is not accurate.
So this will show us, not to believe everthing we read.
That is what is so great about this web site, it helps all of us.
I went back and reread that page to make sure I copied it correctly as it was printed, and I did, that is what she said.
I feel bad about posting now. Sorry. But glad you guy were there, to see it.And post the correct info.
Our libaray has this same book in there Genealogy Dept.


Tuesday, May 06, 2003 at 16:35:13 (PDT)
Keith Arsenault

Greetings. I'm interested in locating a Norman Womack, DOB/POB unknown to me. He would be in his early to mid 60's by now. Lived for a time in Providence, RI during the late 1960's; he was enrolled at Brown Univeristy in the music department, where he played the french horn with a chamber group. Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Keith Arsenault


Tuesday, May 06, 2003 at 20:14:44 (PDT)

Dont trash the book! it might have clues somewhere that may help...
Now, I am a renegage Womack genealogist, and a dang good one -- I leave no leaves overturned - and accept all clues - good, bad or indifferent -- some people do not like my tactics, so be it! I get results at times -- dont trash anything!! Keep it as a starter for what ever, OK??


Wednesday, May 07, 2003 at 15:39:53 (PDT)
Pam Justice

I read the will provided by Sally posted May 1st, Jesse is my great-great grand father. Milton being my great-grandfather, and his daughter Mayme being my grand-mother. Mayme(Mamie) married Ezra Coomer. Somewhere in line there is a James Anderson Womack(married to Martha Gowen). Can anyone point me in the right direction for help in tracking my family? Thank you for any help. Several Womacks had the same first name therefore comes my confusion. I beleive that my grand-parents married and lived in Adair Co. KY. Later moving to Hart and Barren Co.s


Wednesday, May 07, 2003 at 20:57:37 (PDT)

I just finished a lengthy dissertation with a Womack researcher and hav enote many in the past that allege to full blooded native american Womacks - yes they are those. I was born in 1942 of two quite anglo parents -- I therefore am a native american, I was born here -- therefore I am full blooded native American! -- as far as any Womack being a full blooded American Indian, WAKE UP PEOPLE!! THERE IS NO SUCH THANG!! I am tired of seeing postings to that effect/affect -- you are living a pipe dream that will never come true -- I am tired of seeing people trying to take advantage of a race/culture they may have no true claim too other than mebbe someone did just happen to marry an American Indian, that really happened back then -- but no full blooded Womack indians unless they were adopted...pursue the per centage of blood - and be proud of it--but dont lie to people when you say yer granny or granpa was a full blooded American Indian Womack (unless a Womack married an American Indian, then you still have the stigma of twerent a Womack)- Leave the Indians alone -- they got enough problems surviving after what they have been thru without you claiming their heritage!!

Thursday, May 08, 2003 at 07:01:07 (PDT)
dlynn Walker

Dear Sam,

I understand your point of view, but there are some of us out here who heard bits of stories from our ancestors and are just trying to find our true heritage.

I always heard that one of my ggg-grandmothers was indian, but could pass for white and so did. She was trying to get along in a world that shunned the Indian way.

I however have always felt somewhat displaced in our world and prefer the Indian way in many areas. Maybe I am just what some would call "odd" because I prefer to try to stay in touch with the Earth, the seasons, phases of the moon and natural herbal medicines.

I would love to know what percentage and what type of indian blood I have to claim a part of my heritage and possibly become a part of the indian community and contribute to a community which still shuns the other part of my heritage. (white) To claim my indian heritage I must actually trace the blood-lines if possible.

Don't be so hard on those of us who are just trying to research the truth to find out more about who we really are and what our true heritage might be.

As children we also heard stories of a French ancestor who had a family in France and then came to America and started a new family. He was declaired insane by the first family when he died and so the second family was never recognized. Fact or fiction. With out searching and asking questions and questing for the truth one will never know.

with respect for the quest,


Thursday, May 08, 2003 at 10:23:13 (PDT)
Dale Shaw


My search is two-fold:

(1) To find the ancestry of my many-times great grandmother, Mary Womack (who married John Williams), and whose daughter Mary Williams went on to marry Colonel William Farrar, II, in Henrico Co, VA. Mary Womach was allegedly born ca. 1627 in VA and d. ca. 1676 on Farrar's Island, Henrico Co, VA.

(2) And, to find out why Mary Womack is sometimes referred to as "Mary Piggot".

Any help, data, leads, info, suppositions, guesses and speculations greatly appreciated. I can offer all the Farrar descent from Mary Womack's daughter you can handle. :-)

Dale Shaw, Jr.


Thursday, May 08, 2003 at 12:52:28 (PDT)

I may be able to help you on that one - John Williams was one my great grannies on another side brother -- so he would be a great unk many times removed -- I think I have that or part of the info on my database (am at work now so will have to wait til I get home) But I think Roger has the same basic info also.


Thursday, May 08, 2003 at 19:05:47 (PDT)

Here is what I have -- John William's sister Ann was my great grandmother on another line that eventually came back to my great grandfather Womack--

Descendants of Abraham Womack

1 Abraham Womack
.. +Sarah Sumercales
........ 2 William 1 Womack 1682 - 1762
............ +Mary 2 Woodson
................... 3 Priscilla Womack
....................... +William Doss
................... 3 Martha Womack
....................... +? Nichols
................... 3 Sarah Womack
....................... +James Barnett
................... 3 Judith Womack
....................... +Ralph 4 Graves
................... 3 Mary Womack 1700 - 1758
....................... +John 4 Williams 1704 - 1770
............................. 4 Charles (1) Williams
............................. 4 Nathaniel 3 Williams
............................. 4 Lucy (1) Williams
................................. +Bartlett Searcy
............................. 4 Mary 3 Williams 1729 - 1776
................................. +William 3 Farrar 1685 -
........................................ 5 Perrin Farrar 1732 - 1785
............................................ +Sally Lacy 1720 - 1785
............................. 4 John 5 Williams 1732 - 1799
................................. +Agnes Bullock
............................. 4 William 2 Williams 1732/33 - 1775
................................. +Phyllis Beckham
................... 3 William 3 Womack 1715 - 1791
....................... +Mary ?
................... 3 Agnes Womack 1758 -
....................... +John Bullock
............................. 4 Mary Bullock
............................. 4 William Bullock
............................. 4 Susanna Bullock

Abraham's father was purportedly the infamous William the Immigrant - take with a lotta grains of salt for the time being --

Sunday, May 11, 2003 at 11:31:40 (PDT)

Have you changed e mail addresses?? send you main and came back as undeliverable couldnt resolve address or something like that.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 17:36:54 (PDT)
Acy McGehee

Update on the Womack-White Cemetery - Learned today from my dad that This historic cemetery in Morgan, Bosque county, Texas has been cleaned up, the landowner has erected a fence, and a road for access is in the works. This cemetery had fallen into very bad shape and, as of a few years ago, the landowner was not sympathetic to even allowing anyone access.


Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 08:10:31 (PDT)
Frances Thomas

I am doing my husband's genealogy. There is a Nancy Wommack (born 1803 in SC) who married William Brantley Sr. about 1827.

I would like information on what part of SC she was from and who her parents were.

Thanks in advance for any information!


Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 04:47:40 (PDT)

Received this E maikl and want to share with those of you who do hunt American Indian Womacks -- While I maintain none are full blood except by marriage; this may shed a little more light for someone:

Dear Sam -

Womack information was sent to me and now I have misplaced it.

It goes like this -

Charlie Womack married Allie ?? whose father was Joseph and whose mother was Palace Owens. This may be where some of your Womacks pick up Indian. Allie was a cousin of my mother and was old enough they called her "Aunt Allie". I met her a couple of times as a child. Palace Owens was Cherokee Indian and was born on the Reservation as were her siblings Robert, Francis, James, "Cub" and Sally (Sadie??). Francis was my grandmother and was born on Look Out Mountain, TN while it was still the Reservation property (may still be for all I know). My information is that they were possible not full blood however I do know they were American Indian.

If you want to reach me I am



Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 11:41:47 (PDT)
Marie Holland

Info wanted on John Abner Womack, born 21 Apr 1893 in Naples,Texas;
married Rachel Myra Austin, 1919 in Texas; died 21 Oct 1929; buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Marietta, Texas. Was a PVT in 132nd Field Artillery Division. Hoping some one has info on his parents and the rest of his lineage, and if he had descendants. All info would be most appreciated.


Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 16:18:32 (PDT)
Thomas Knight

Looking for a Sarah Womack who was living with Thomas and Rebecca Knight in the 1850 Tallapoosa, AL census. Other sources say Sarah Womack was Rebecca's mother but Rebeccca's maiden name was said to be Hancock. Sarah's age was 80 in 1850 census so her birthyear would have been around 1770.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Response by email would be O.K.

Thomas Knight


Monday, May 19, 2003 at 08:51:22 (PDT)
Farris Womack

Joel W. Womack was born in Georgia, moved to Tallapoosa Co.,Alabama abt 1842-43. The oldest child was Martha who was born in Georgia in 1838. There are evidences that Martha married Richard Franklin Wallace, lived in and around Tallapoosa Co.AL all of her life and died in 1910, buried in Holley Cemetery at Pine Grove. Can anyone help me more with this family?


Friday, May 23, 2003 at 11:11:16 (PDT)
Mary Clare Wohlford

My grandfather was William Womack Chaffin, M.D. b. 55 1868 in Wythe County, VA.m. Mary Clare Macgill
His father was Alexander Nathan Chaffin b.1819 (I assume in Wythe County, VA)m. Sarah Ann Painter, Wythe County, VA.
HIS father was William Womack Chaffin b. 1790...m. Elizabeth Cloud Peirce b. 1799 in Wythe County, VA.....I'm looking for the Womack connection! Can anyone help me?

Mary Clare Wohlford

Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 18:50:34 (PDT)

Your William Womack Chaffin -- I found one Chaffin Womack connection as follows:

Chaffins and Womacks lived in Lunenburg Co and a couple others at the same time - I find none in Wythe Co -- On one record there was a William Womack living in the same area as a Chaffin - perhaps the two were friends; or earlier ones were and yours was named after a friend named William Womack -- best I can come up with at this time --


Monday, May 26, 2003 at 08:47:34 (PDT)
Teresa Brewer,,

Hey Sam and Roger,

Remeber me...Teresa Brewer, Daughter Donald Brewer, son of Violet Agnes Womack 1910-1999, daughter of Henry Harrison Womack b.1886 m.Ethel Price, son of Calvin Newton Womack 1856-7 m. Matilda Francis Mayberry, son of Levi T. Womack and Nancy Pendergraft...and that's all I have.
It's been too long! But I'm back at it again and was hoping you could share any info on latest developments in the Thomas and Louvisa descendants mystery, DNA findings, etc., as I am also one and any and all info you have on my lines above.
Also, any knowledge of family reunions comming up this summer?
Eagerly awaiting your reply,
Teresa ("Teressa")


Monday, May 26, 2003 at 11:41:18 (PDT)
Jack Womack

Teresa Brewer
Straighten out your E Mail addy in your post. all mail bounces. Email me, I have info for you.

Monday, May 26, 2003 at 14:26:52 (PDT)
Teresa Brewer,

Sorry about that, I needed to empty the trash. These two emails are working fine now. I'm looking forward to receiving what you have Jack. Thank you so much.


Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 08:56:55 (PDT)
Teresa Brewer

Jack has brought to my attention, that my aol email addy are insufficient to say the least and that I erred in posting both addy's so close. I apologise for the inconvenience. In the future, please use my yahoo addy i.e,
to reach me or call me at 417-869-4617.


Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 10:09:14 (PDT)
Teresa Brewer

Please ignore the aol addy for me above. It leaves too much to be desired, for use. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 09:31:26 (PDT)
ruth (dolly) shaw

i was taken from my mom at age 3 in canada . i'm a canadian native .i have duel citizenship ,with a indian statise card. in 1985 i found my natural and only family. i never call those who took me family and only seem to die over and over with the thoughts of what they did to me. i feel the courts never looked into my mother at the time they adopted me and feel my rights were never thought of. my kids also have no indian rights from this . anyone with info . please write me on any info about canadian indian statis in the u.s.a. that have dual citizenship. it cost me over 1000 dollars to go home each time , where i feel the state that let this so called adoption or customs ,should be at fault .or maybe all those involved in my taking away from my heritage , which also inclues a missionary board. thank you for any help.


Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 21:16:38 (PDT)

Dolly or Ruth
If you have an American Indian card - and it is one of those tribes that straddled the two borders; then there is no problem - Also, if you are a citizen of the United States, or Canada, there is NO WAY it costs a thousand bucks to cross the border -- we here in the US havent imposed any restrictions on Canada(So far)...either someone is yanking your chain; or you are ours -- so lets keep it clean -- what you say has no foundation whatsoever...

Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 21:30:08 (PDT)
Teresa Brewer

Ouch Sam!

Perhaps you simply meant that the TRIP costs you $1000.00 and NOT that the US Government charges you $1000.00 to CROSS THE BORDER. I have answers for most of your questions, if you'll call or email me.


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