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Saturday, February 01, 2003 at 03:22:59 (PST)


On your statement, "Keziah Middleton (Copiah, MS) (some have her as a Beard," the reason we have her as a Beard is that she was reflected as a widow who married the Womack - her maiden name was not known -- thanks for filling in another blank..

Sunday, February 02, 2003 at 13:25:33 (PST)
Alan Womack

Hello all you Womack's out in America,

I'm afraid I am not as knowledgeable as the American Womacks, but I hope that the few facts that I know maybe of some help.

I think that the name originally came from Norfolk, a county in England. Do you know that in this area, and close to a town called Kings Lynn that there is a Womack Water (a small lake). I was taken on this water as a small boy and this fired my interest. I believe that it is now almost weed logged and overgrown.

The name Womack means "hollow oak", i.e. womb oak and that the first recorded name of Womack was in the early 1600's, I think it was Henry de Womack, when the French connection in England was fashionable

I also believe that all you American Womacks must come from the same stock as I think that a lot of our ancestors left U.K for America by the nearest ports (Norfolk).

I have also read that our name, in fact a lot of names, may have been mis-spelt by local parish recorders who were largely illiterate and spelled names literally rather than correctly, and this makes genealogy almost impossible.
For example I have letters posted to me to "Lomack, Lomax, Wormack, Wormax, Domax, etc.", so if we cannot get it right today, and we are supposedly literate, what hope for yesteryear.

Any way, if this note has only helped one of you, it will have been worth it.

I will be unable to help you any further with your needs to find your ancestry as I now live in the south of France and have very little contact with the U.K., but I hope that you find, or are helped with any information that you require from the U.K., unfortunately the English Womacks are not as keen to find out about their past as our American cousins.

God bless


Monday, February 03, 2003 at 11:24:49 (PST)

Somewhere I have see a Johannes Wombok on a tax record around 1378; Also there was a Wamuke in about 1470ish that had sons spelling it alternately Womack and other variations -- I have found between 85 and 90 different variations - Cambridge records graduations of some in the 1500's -- so the name has been around quite awhile -- But,I do agree to the illiterate spellings of those in the past in the UK and census takers and ministers here in the US...

Tuesday, February 04, 2003 at 13:46:14 (PST)

Someone I correspond with sent me this - perhaps one of you may be investigating a HALL line - mebbe not - I think this was from the HALL list on Genforum --

"I earlier posted an inquiry about James Womack HALL. We had a birth date
for him of 31 Jan 1897 and a death date of 31 Oct 1945 in Fresno,
California. The California Death Index has a James HALL in Fresno, but the
birth is 27 Jan 1898, and the death is 18 Oct 1946. I need to check into
that one closer to see, if it might be the right one. If it is, his birth
is listed as being in Tennessee. If any of this is familiar to anyone on
the list, I would appreciate hearing from you. He married Rowena Eloise
SCRIVEN on 16 Jun 1926, presumably in Fresno.
Ed Scriven"

Wednesday, February 05, 2003 at 20:12:35 (PST)
Peggy Kilgore Bozeman

I am looking for David Daniel Womack, who was married to Mary(Polly) Hayes. David's parents were Andrew and Elizabeth Womack. David's daughter was Jane Womack and she married William F. Kilgore. I was married to a Kilgore and am trying to get all info I can. I have the Kilgore information, only I need more on Jane. I have found some that may be the right one, but if you know anything about these people, would love to hear from you. Thanks. Peggy Kilgore Bozeman

Wednesday, February 05, 2003 at 21:51:48 (PST)
Roger Womack

Peggy, I have a daughter of David Daniel Womack, sp Mary (Polly) Hayes as Martha Jane Womack who married Tom Buckley. I did find in the LDS Ancestral file some time back a Cynthia Jane Womack who married a William F. Kilgore, it said she was from Falls Co., Texas. I don't put much stock in any information I find in the LDS files though, at least from my experiences. Martha Jane may have married a second time however I don't have anything on it.

Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 12:33:12 (PST)
Tracie WoMack Easterling

SOMEONE SHOOT ME!!! When I started this genealogy search this summer, a few people told me to look in the library. I didn't. I assumed (shame on me) that my local library would carry a few things on the "locals". Today I went with my daughter's class on a field trip to the library and I happened into their Genealogical Section. Talk about hitting pay dirt! I am amazed at the info I am finding, particularly on Womack's. Except for Census Records I find Mrs. Keziah Beard m. Abraham Womack, with her name spelled as Kisiah.

Tracie WoMack Easterling

Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:17:45 (PST)


Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 19:44:23 (PST)
Tracie WoMack Easterling

Thanks Sam, I deserved it!!!!

I am still struggling with my Womack line. But, I found some info at the library I copied and wanted to share in case it will help someone.

From a book compiled by Marie Luter Upton in January 1958, Marriage Records, Copiah County Mississippi 1823-1843 I found the following:

Henry Muffett & Patience Womack m. April 7, 1824 Bondsman: Reuben Roe

Benjamin Womack & Margaret Golman m. March 24, 1825 Bondsman: Joel L. Womack

James Foster & Malinda Womack m. April 20, 1826 Bondsman: Abner Womack

Jacob S. Womack & Martha Lewis m.November, 14, 1826 Bondsman: Not Listed

Robert Womack & Wrizopa Sothern m. November 11, 1830 Bondsman: Samuel McLeland

William McRee & Mary Womack m. December 26, 1835 Bondsman: Wm. E. Tomlinson

Malachia Grafton & Nancy Womack m. February 23, 1841 Bondsman: Benjamin Womack

Asariah Townsend & Martha Womack m. December23, 1841 Bondsman: Benjamin Womack

Abraham Womack & Mrs. Kisiah Beard m. December 6, 1842 Bondsman: Daniel Womack

I don't know if this type of info is helpful. If it isn't let me know and I won't post such info in the future. If it is, Please let me know and I will continue to post what I find.

I am finding a LOT of Beards. I will keep my eye open for a Keziah or Kesiah Middleton marrying a Beard.


Friday, February 07, 2003 at 06:48:04 (PST)
Fran Schulze

Hunting for Ooltewah, TN Womack line. "Allie" married a Womack. Dates unknown. Her mother was Palace (Shorty) Owens ?? and they were from Ooltewah. The family of Owens reaches back to the Cherokee Reservation. Allie has a daughter names "Peaches" who moved back to the Reservation with her husband and children between 1959-1960. Palace Owens was sister to my grandmother, Francis Owens. They had siblings James, "Cub", and Sally or Sadie. Can anyone help? My email is FranLiv@aol.com. Thanks.

Friday, February 07, 2003 at 09:45:09 (PST)
Roger Womack

Fran, this may be the line you are looking for, get in touch!

1. Charlie C.9 Womack (William R.8, John C.7, James Alexander6, Alexander5, Alexander4, Richard3, Richard2, William1) was born September 30, 1898 in Tennessee, and died July 1986 in Hamilton Co., Tennessee. He married Allie H. She was born Abt. 1898.

Notes for Charlie C. Womack:
Charlie C. Womack
WOMACK, Charlie C, 87, of Ooltewah, died Thursday in a local hospital. A lifelong Hamilton County resident, he was of the Baptist faith. Survivors include his wife, Allie H Womack; two daughters, Bobbie "Peaches" Brady and Margaret White, both of Ooltewah; son, Wilbur "Buck" Womack, Chattanooga; six grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. Services will be held at 2 p.m. in the funeral home chapel With the Rev. Robert V. Ziemer officiating. Burial will be in Lee Cemetery. Arrangements by the Valley View Chapel of Lane Funeral Home. Chattanooga Times, Aug. 1, 1986

Obit submitted by Connie Baumann, Littletn@aol.com

Children of Charlie Womack and Allie H. are:
2 i. Bobbie10 Womack. She married Brady.

Notes for Bobbie Womack:
aka: Peaches Womack

3 ii. Margaret Womack. She married White.
4 iii. Wilbur Womack.

Notes for Wilbur Womack:
aka: Buck Womack

Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 10:14:41 (PST)

OK they arrived!!

Arthur's will of 1607 - names brother Hughe Womocke of East Dereham,
Appears he tried to name a son named Arthur (but nor spelled that); did name Lawrence as a son, names someone looks like A.isso (poss Avice his wife)as his wife, named another son I cannot make out aooears like a Bosttma..
also named a George - but there were some many sons of sons etc and the writing not easy unsure if he could have been talking grandsons or what even nephews since he mentions Hugh a lot as his brother -- and appeared to name a :my ..
Elizabeth Woodard -- also named a Thomas Womocke of E Dereham - and an Anne late the wife of ?Aurrtio? he appears to name some people with latin names making it hard to distunguish them apart -- this will needs a real pro with old English for sure --

Henry Womack who had the will in 1628- cant make out name of wife yet but looks like Maud - heck the writing is almost 375 years old ya know -- he signed his will Henricus Womocke Sen. indicating a younger Henry also, who was later named in the will -- I was also able to make out the name of a daughter Martha McCormicke -- and a son some have spelled, Salatheil and that is close enuff; and either a son named Emanuell or Samuell, Salatheil was not mentioned again and either these are the same person or ?(however the latter spelling with the 'uell' ending is quite clear; Henry a son, and YES! a son named William! One other daughter I cannot make name out at all .. neds a pro again here to get the most out of it....BUT, I tried...!!!

Sunday, February 09, 2003 at 18:47:20 (PST)
Alberta Whaley
Alberta Whaley-Hartshorn

Just found this web site. I am a Wamack decendent. I found my Wamack family in the 1880 census on your site. My Wamack's: T. B. Wamack b. 1841 AL. m L. C. Gullion Wright b. 1831 VA to Ulysis S. Grant Wamack b. 1866 VA m Matilda Fisher b.WVA to Virgie Wamack b. 1893 WVA m Jacob Byers b. 1879 to Goldie Byers b.1921 WVA m Johnnie Whaley b. 1916 OH to me Alberta. Does anyone have this line would love to find my ancesters. Thanks Will share what I have.

Sunday, February 09, 2003 at 21:20:32 (PST)
Bob Moore

Hello all Womacks: I think what Sam has done is great and exciting.
While "searching" last night I found this on the Lawrence County, Ky web site:
Eilene Womack born 1892 died 1932. Buried in Hicks Cemetery. I could not find her on the 1920 or 1930 censuses. I hope someone knows of her. Bob

Sunday, February 09, 2003 at 21:44:02 (PST)
Roger Womack

Alberta, please email me, I have information on your line.

Monday, February 10, 2003 at 01:17:38 (PST)

JUST FOUND YOUR SITE...Sure has a lot of information on it. I just wanted to tell everyone that sometimes the name is spelled --WAMMACK--. A lot of these people came from Tippah Co. Mississippi. If anyone knows any of these please let me know as I am working on my family tree.Thank You

Monday, February 10, 2003 at 02:51:35 (PST)
Dave Schoff

While researching another line I came across this Entry: Willie Arthur Kirk, b. 7 Jul 1883; d. 25 Nov 1925; Buried in Yadkin County, NC; married Fleta Womack. Does anyone have anything on Fleta Womack? Who's line is she in? Appears tha she is from either Yadkin, Surry, Wilkes or even Forsythe counties.
Thanks, Dave

Monday, February 10, 2003 at 04:55:12 (PST)
Melissa Wammock Zager

Hello all you Wammock researchers. I've recently combed through the available online census records of Georgia from 1820-1880 and thought I'd share my findings. Below are the listed Wammock's in Georgia during that time by county. I didn't go into detail on lines that weren't connected to mine, but it will provide a start to those of you searching ancestors in Georgia. Also, the Georgia census records site is very helpful for finding your ancestors. It's located at http://www.accessgenealogy.com/census/georgia1840.htm

Here ya go!

Georgia Census Records 1820-1880

GREENE COUNTY – Womack, pg. 243

HABERSHAM COUNTY -- Warmack, pg. 113

HANCOCK COUNTY – Wamack, pgs. 101-103

PUTNAM COUNTY – Wammuck, pg. 84 -- Wamic, pg. 83


GWINETT COUNTY – Wammack, Bird (3 m 5-10, 1 m 40-50, 8 f 5-10, 1 f 40-50)

HABERSHAM COUNTY – Womick, pg. 33

MONROE COUNTY – Womack, pg. 224 – Wommack, pg. 189

MUSCOGEE COUNTY – Womack, pg. 285

PUTNAM COUNTY – Wamac, pgs. 179, 199, 205

RABUN COUNTY – Wammack, Elizabeth, pg. 225

TROUP COUNTY – Womack, Wily (1 m 30-40, 2 f 0-5, 2 f 5-10, 1 f 30-40, 13 slaves)

Womack, Sarah (Kendrick (widow of Wylie Womack)) – (1f 0-5, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 40-50)

Womack, William (son of Wylie) – (2 m 20-30, 1 f 15-20)

HABERSHAM COUNTY – Warmack, pg. 142

MARION COUNTY – Womack, pgs. 58, 72, 78

MONROE COUNTY – Wammack, pgs. 185, 192, 193

MURRAY COUNTY – Wamack, pg. 267

Wamack, ? (772nd district ((3 m 20-29, 1 m 50-59, 1 f 20-29, 1 f 50-59));

Wamack, George (772nd district (1 m 0-4, 1 m 5-9, 1 m 20-29, 1 f 15-19, 1 f 50-59))

PUTNAM COUNTY – Womack, pg. 183

UPSON COUNTY – Wommack, Degitchen (farmer, 1 m 0-5, 1 m 30-40, 2 f 0-5, 2 f 10-15, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 30-40)

Wamack, W** (William Wammock) – (illiterate, farmer, m 30-40)
1 m 0-5 (Spencer Brantley) - son
2 f 0-5 (Nancy and Louisa) - daughters
3 f 5-10 (Sara Anne, Emmeline & ?) - daughters
1 f 20-30 (Mary Anne Brantley Wammock)) - wife

CRAWFORD COUNTY – Wammock, pg. 387b; Warmack, pg. 403A

DEKALB COUNTY – Wommack, pg. 109A/B

Wanock, John, 47, SC (farmer with $2000 personal value)
Elizabeth, 50, SC – wife
Elizabeth, 19, GA – daughter
Robert, 17, SC - son

HABERSHAM COUNTY – Warmack, pg. 298b

Wammack, Josiah, 65, VA (farmer with $300 personal value)
Nancy, 45, GA – wife
Jane, 19, GA – daughter
Catherine, 17, GA – daughter

Wammack, Ezekiel, 25, GA (farmer)
Mary W., 20, GA – wife
William, 8 ½, GA – son
Sarah, 4, GA – daughter
Martha, 2, GA – daughter

Wommock, Susan, 34, NC -- mother
Robert G., 3, GA – son
Babe, 5 ½, GA - daughter
Della, 6, GA – daughter
Nancy A., 8, GA – daughter
Sarah, 10, GA – daughter

Wammack, Thomas, 76, VA (farmer, can read and write)
Lavina, 70, VA (can read and write)
James, 31, GA (farmer, can read and write)
Elberry, 28, GA (farmer, can read and write)
Almeta, 23, GA
Thomas, 7 ½, GA
Amanda, 7, GA
Mary, 6, GA

Wammack, William, 44, GA (farmer, can read and write)
Mary, 44, GA (can read and write)
Jane, 21, GA
Seabron, 18, GA (farmer, can read and write )
Julia, 14, GA
William, 13, GA

Wammack, pgs. 251B, 268A, 270B
Womack, pgs. 264B, 303A

MONROE COUNTY – Wamach, pgs. 31A/B, 35A

MURRAY COUNTY – Warmack, pgs. 148B, 158A

MUSCOGEE COUNTY – Wammack, pg. 423A

NEWTON COUNTY – Wormack, pg. 441B

RANDOLPH COUNTY – Womack, pg. 404A

TROUP COUNTY – Womack, pgs. 124A, 136B, 157A

UPSON COUNTY – Womack, pg. 309A

WALTON COUNTY – Wannock, pgs. 40B, 71A, 71B

Warmack, Margarett, 40, NC (widow, can read and write)
Martha, 20, NC
Briant, 18, NC
Hugh, 14, NC
Jason, 9, NC

Warmack, Sarah, 65, GA (widow (of Wiley Womack), can read and write)
Martha Ann, 25, GA (can read and write)
Sabrina A., 3, GA

Womack, Mary J, 19, GA (all in the home of Matthew Page 20, farmer and Susan H. Page, 28)
Rachael, 10, GA
Thomas H., 4 ½, GA
Sion, 2, GA

Warmack, Jane, 45, GA
Martha, 20, GA
Jane, 18, GA
Rebeca, 15, GA
John T., 12, GA
George W., 11, GA
Elizabeth, 7, GA
William, 3, GA

Womack, John Bc, 48, GA (farmer with $1500 read value and $600 personal value)
Kizirah, 47, GA – wife
L. B., 27, GA (farmer) – son
W. L., 24, GA (farmer) – son
John T., 16, GA – son
Elenizai, 12, Ga – daughter
S. B., 9, GA (can read/write) – son

Warmack, Jesse, 46, GA (famer with $200 personal value)
Molly, 44, GA
Archabld, 19, GA
John, 17, GA
Eliza, 15, GA
Thomas, 14, GA
James, 13, GA
Desly, 10, GA
Martha, 8, GA
Phillip, 6, GA
Mary, 4, GA

Womack, Clerisa, 30, GA (cook (home of Richard Jordan, 41 and Mary Jordan, 44))
John M., 2, AL
Flora, 1 ½, GA

Wamack, William, 53, GA (farmer)
Mary, 57, GA
Jane, 30, GA
Julia, 26, GA
William, 22, GA
James Smith (not a Wamack), 6, GA

Wamack, Vina, 75, GA (widow
Also in her home Nancy Barnes, 26, and Polly Barnes, 17.

Wamack, W. M., 38, GA (farmer with $2000 personal value)
Ameda, 33, GA
Manda, 16, GA
Mary, 15, GA (in school)
Thomas K., 10, GA (in school)
Elizabeth, 5, GA
Linton W., 4, GA
Pore, 2, GA

Womack, Anna, 60 (in home of James Griffin, 46, Lucy A., 46, Adna, 22, and James W., 21)

Wamuck, Robert, 36, GA (farmer in the home of L.H. Jordan, physician)

Wamack, F. S., 40, (clerk in the home of Nathan Turner, 55, trader and J.B Mabry, 49, mechanic)

Wamock, J. W., 30, GA (day laborer)
Mary, 27, GA
James, 9 ½, GA
Thomas, 5, AL
Mary, 3, GA

Wamock, T. J., 52, GA (day laborer with $70 personal value)
Esther, 50, GA
Nancy, 23, GA
Matthew, 20, GA
Sarah, 15, GA
Mary, 13, GA
Gergian, 11, GA
Emily, 9, GA
Thomas, 7, GA

Womuck (should be Wammock), William, 50, GA – (farmer with $2500 real value and $1000 personal value, can read and write)
Mary, 50, GA
Emeline, 26, GA
Spencer B., 24, GA (went to school)
Louisa, 22, GA
Mary, 17, GA
Wiley A., 16, GA
Rhoda R., 14, GA (in school)
William S., 13, GA
Eli N., 11, GA (in school)
Womack, Daniel R., 9, GA (in school)

Wamock, Elizabeth J., 49, GA
Sarah L., 21, GA
Joseph A, 19, GA
Mary E., 16, GA
Patric T., 12, GA
Newton, J., 10, GA

Wamock, William P., 29, GA
Martha A., 27, GA
Margaret, 4 ½, GA
John S., 2, GA

Womack, John B., 59, GA (farmer with $1500 real value and $900 personal value)
Kitsirah, 58, SC
Ebenezer P., 22, GA
Stokes B., 19, GA

Womack, Lyddal B., 34, GA (farmer with $800 real value and $350 personal value)
Jennett, 34, GA
John P., 9, GA
George, 3 ½, GA
William A., 3, GA

Wommock, James, 24, AL (farm laborer)
Malissa, 23, GA
Jessee, 5, GA

Wommock Jesse, 60, GA (farmer)
Will L., 56, GA (domestic)
Martha, 17, GA
Jesee, 15, AL
Margaret, 13, GA
Laura, 11, GA

Womack, Elizabeth, 26, SC (domestic servant, race is listed as white (home of Meredith Griffin))
John, 8, AL

Womack, Mary, 9, GA (home of Mary Jordan)

Womack, John, 11, SC (home of Mary Newman)

Wamack, William, 63, GA – Horeb district, Monticello P. O. (cannot read or write)
Mary, 67, GA - (cannot read or write)
Sarah, 44, GA - (cannot read or write)
Julia, 34, GA- (cannot read or write)
James, 16, GA - (cannot read or write)

Wamack, Almeda, 44, GA – Roberson & Kelly’s district, Palo Alto P.O. (cannot read or write)
L. (male), 14, GA - (cannot read or write)
Caroline, 11, GA - (cannot read or write)
Josephine, 7, GA - (cannot read or write)

Wommack, Thomas, 19, GA – Henderson & Cook’s district, Newborn P.O. (cannot read or write)

Wamack, Lorina, 88, GA – Whitfield’s district, Shady Dale P.O. (helpless, cannot read or write)
Nancy, 35, GA -- (vagrant, cannot read or write)
Mary, 27, GA
Georgia, 4, GA
James E. A., 2, GA

Wommack, Ju*, 15 – (house servant, white, in home of George Mobley)
L.K., 27, female
M.C., 15

Wammock, William, 60, GA – (farmer with $1500 real value and $300 personal value) (b: 11/06/1809 d: 09/07/1878)
Mary (Mary Anne Brantley), 55, GA – (b: 10/11/1811 d: 02/29/1884)
Emmeline, 32, GA
Louisa, 27, GA
Hilley A. (Wiley A.), 26, GA – (deaf)
Rhoda R. (Rhoda Roberta), 22, GA
William S. (William Stewart), 23, GA (works on farm) (b: August 1847 d: 04/14/1917)
Womack, Randolph (Daniel Randolph), 18, GA (works on farm) (b: 10/17/1850 d: 03/20/1910)

Wammock , Spencer B. (Spencer Brantley), 30, GA (farmer with $200 personal value) (b: 1836 d: 10/1917)
Caroline (Martha Caroline Jackson), 28, GA (b: March 1842 d: 07/12/1903)
William (William Allen) 4, GA (b: 12/30/1866 d: 01/18/1935
Nancy A., 2, GA (born and died 1868)
Benjamin (Benjamin Enoch), 1, GA (b: 02/11/1869 d: 05/10/1917)

Wammock, Eli N (Eli Nelson), 21, GA (farmer)
Celia (Celia F. Brantley), 24, GA
Anna F., 3 ½, GA

Wommock, Martha, 38, GA
(in home with Solomon Brantley, 18; William Jenkins, 19, and Raiford Brantley, 16)

Wamack, James, 60, GA (farmer)
Malinda, 59, GA -- wife
June, 20, GA – daughter
Thomas, 19, GA – son
Laura, 17, GA – daughter
Margret E., 16, GA – daughter
Henry, 12, GA – son
Wommack, John, 19, GA – nephew (farmer)

Monday, February 10, 2003 at 18:41:38 (PST)

I listed a note here on March 03, 2002 but have since got a new eMail address. I've also found other names that may be a bit more helpful in this quest for more information.

So to reiterate my older posting, I'm seeking any information about:

Catherine "Katie or Kathy" WAMAX, b. 30 June 1897 in either Cherry Valley or Hedgesville, Berkeley Co., WV, to parents Jesse & Mary WAMAX. She d. 8 Nov. 1921 in Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., WV, of peritonitis. She was buried in an unmarked grave on 10 Nov. 1921 in Green Hill Cemetery, East Burke St., Martinsburg (1st Ave., Lot #23).

Also buried on this plot of land is a Rilda [Newcomb] Miller. Records from the Brown Funeral Home in Martinsburg shows the plot was owned (in the 60's) by Ted Miller of Martinsburg. We have been unable to find any forwarding location for him, but would be very interested in contacting him. We're curious about how Katie came to be buried in the plot with Ms. Miller.

The Berkeley Co. courthouse records show that Katie was divorced at the time of her death [from Albert ELLIS]. Her mothers name is listed as WAMIX - but we all know how variable this name can be :) The informant for this record was one William Hill/Hile.

The 1910 Berkeley Co. census of Hedgesville, District 18, taken 4 May, shows that Jesse "Jess" WAMAX was 43 yrs. old, b. in VA, as were both his parents, and worked as a railroad hand. He was married to Mary for 24 yrs., during which time they had 9 children, with 5 living at the time of the census taking. Mary was 48 yrs. old, and was b. in WV as were her parents. Living with them is their son, William, age 13, and dau. Catherine, age 10 [later known as "Katie", the person in question here].

Other searches have found a Polly/Mollie WAMIX as being another dau. of Jesse & Mary. Polly was b. abt. 1894. She married Oscar WORTHINGTON on 16 Feb. 1910 in Martinsburg, WV.

Further queries in the Berkeley Co. courthouse records finds a Nettie WOMAX b. 19 July 1899 to Jesse & Mary WOMAX of Hedgesville, WV.

The 1920 Berkeley Co. census of Martinsburg, District 33, taken 10 Jan., shows Katie ELLIS & her son Carl living with Albert & Martha HILL, aged 28 & 23 respectively. Katie was listed as 22 yrs. old, married, and working as a knitter at the knitting mill. Both her parents are shown as being born in WV.

If you have any information about Catherine "Katie" Wamax ELLIS, or anyone else mentioned here, please don't hesitate to contact me. This is one of our proverbial brick walls. She was very young when she died, and she left behind a son who spent his childhood on a work farm in WV. He died never knowing where his mother was buried, nor anything about her family. We are very interested in learning more about her family.

Many thanks.

ps. Also found in a cemetary book at the courthouse, which could help someone else but we've yet to make a connection here, was a Cora WOMIX, b. 31 Nov. 1881 in Berkeley Co., dau. of J.F. & B. ["Becky"?] WOMAX - another book states that her parents were John F. and Rebecca J. WOMIX. She d. 17 Feb. 1889 (listed as age 6 yrs., 3 mons. 17 days) and is buried at Little Georgetown Methodist Cemetery.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 05:58:45 (PST)

You want to see how many variations have been found for the spelling of the name "Womack," Scroll down to a Jan 14, 2003 entry I made -

Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 15:50:06 (PST)
Emmett Womack Hines Jr

I tryed to respond to a 12/2/1999 posting by Sam Jordan at sam_jordan@ibm.net but the mail delivery system kicked it back with the message "unrouteable mail domain "ibm.net"

Can anyone give me Sam's current email address? If so, please email me directly at ehines2@erols.com

Many thanks

Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 10:32:44 (PST)
Roger Womack

November and December messages have been moved to the archives.

Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 11:04:45 (PST)
Jack Womack

Waco Times-Herald Sunday March 31, 1901 T.Jay Womack was mortally shot by A.B. Meek yesterday at the Meek residence near 18th and Morrow. Family fued. Meek married Womack's sister. Womack was a well-known attorney, son of the late Dr. T.J. Womack. Monday April 1, 1901 T.J. Womack died yesterday. Born in Waco, February 9, 1872; was 29, Son of the Late Dr. T.J. Womack, a physician. In May of 1898, married Miss Ella Willie, youngest daughter of the late Judge A.H. Willie. Was admitted to the bar. Funeral today from the residence at 525 North 5th, Rev. Nelson, Rev. Hotchkiss, and Rev. Page officiating. Burial at Oakwood Cemetery. Tuesday April 2, 1901 The remains of T.J. Womack were buried yesterday at Oakwood Cemetery.

Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 19:05:42 (PST)
Roger Womack

Mark and I are planning to update the researchers list this next week, some of you have already sent your updated email addresses, those will be changed in this next update. Any others that have new email addresses or other information to change let us know ASAP.

Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 20:10:45 (PST)
barbara davis

in search of relatives and info on nancy harris womack of white co, tn.she was born in 1830. married jan, 1849 in white co, tn to robert davis. any info appreciated! barbara

Saturday, February 15, 2003 at 20:54:23 (PST)
Mark Womack

RE: William Womack & Rebecca (Parker?)

I have seen some of the research for this couple on the internet, but have not had time to substantiate it.

In my line, as Doris posted earlier (thanks!), my ggg-grandfather, Henry Womack has his parents listed as William & Rebecca Womack in his death record, as reported by his wife Susan. When I did some checking in the various Halifax County, VA records, there is a William Womack that died in ~1829. He did not do anything convienent for his heirs (or future family tree researchers :-) like live a will or anything. But, there is an estate auction. Names mentioned in that auction suggest that this is the father of Henry and his siblings. I also have a chancery court deposition related to Edward Womack (probable brother of Henry Womack) that explicitly mentions his mother (which would be Rebecca) being around in Halifax County in 1832 when another brother (Creed) gets married.

So, after all that, I would be really surprised if the William & Rebecca Womack of NC are the same as the William & Rebecca I am trying to track in Halifax Co, VA. It could just be more complicated than I suspect.

I'll be happy to send details of what I have to anyone interested.


Monday, February 17, 2003 at 08:49:26 (PST)

This E mail address is a new one - the others are still active, However, the one I normally use, samsawadee@cgmailbox.com, unfortunately louses up attachments it is ok for normal e mail stuff - this new one and the others are OK for attachments.

Monday, February 17, 2003 at 16:55:02 (PST)
Don and Doretta Noland Reece

Hi Mark and all you other WOMACKS. We are still very much interested in researching WOMACKS. Roger so kindly sent us some data on Miles Womack's family connections and we have been trying to study it between holidays, doctor visits and icy rain. Here in Kentucky we are iced in ICE, but thankfully safe from rising water. We lost just about everything six years ago in a flash flood. Part of that everything was many years of genealogy notes made before computers. Some of those notes were on the line of NOLAND. Also we have been trying to study the WGN ARCHIVES and we have a few questions. 1. How does Miles Womack's father William connect to Martha Womack who married John Mosley? John Mosley was maybe a Woodson descendant. 2. How does Miles Womack's father William connect to the CHERRY GROVE WOMACKS? Was James Watson Womack who married Sarah C. Allen, son of William Womack who married Mary "Molly" Allen? If so, James and Sarah were maybe cousins. Those Allens are maybe descended from Arthur Allen and Alice Tucker who were owners of Bacon's Castle in Virginia. 3. Who were William Womack's and Molly Allen's children and who did the marry. Thanks again for your help, Don and Doretta.

Monday, February 17, 2003 at 17:49:43 (PST)

OK, now who wants to go after these two?

Norfolk: Nowich - Index to Wills, Consistory Court of Norwich, 1550-1603
Diocese of Norwich Wills Proved in the Consistory Court 1550-1603
There are gaps from 1340 to 1377 and from 1405 to 1413.
County: Norfolk
Country: England
1585 Womack, Womocke, William, senior, East Dereham, yeoman 15 Jarnigo
Norfolk: Nowich - Index to Wills, Consistory Court of Norwich, 1550-1603
Diocese of Norwich Wills Proved in the Consistory Court 1550-1603
There are gaps from 1340 to 1377 and from 1405 to 1413.
County: Norfolk
Country: England
1572 Womack, Womocke, James, Whinburgh & Westfield, Norf., clerk 467 Brygge

E mail to inquire is: norfrec.nro@norfolk.gov.uk

Friday, February 21, 2003 at 11:51:06 (PST)
Ms. PJ LaRue

I am looking for information about my great-grandmother,Josephine "Josie" Womack (12 Sept. 1878 to 9 Oct. 1959). On ~24 Dec. 1900 she married John Taylor Haston (7 March 1880 to 20 May 1955) in White County, TN. (FHL Number 507886, Dates: 1886-1910 Name could have been miss-spelled as "Wamack".)

My grandmother, Altie "Alta" Aurora Haston (26 Sept. 1901 to 1989)was the oldest of their 12 children. (When I was a young child, she often told me that I resembled my great-grandmother.)

Any information about her, and her family line would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Friday, February 21, 2003 at 14:58:53 (PST)
Roger Womack

PJ, I have Johnny Haston that married Josephine (Josie) Womack, she was the daughter of James R. Knowles Womack, I have a different birth date on her, but the same year. There are several WGN members working that line, I'll be glad to send them, get in touch.

Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 09:42:43 (PST)
Kathy Womack

I am a teacher of English in high school, and pronounce my name thus: "Wom" as in "wig-wam" and "ack" as in "uck" (drop the "l" from "luck"). The Spanish teacher at my school, married into Womack, pronounces hers "Woe" as in "woe-be-gone" and "mack" as in a truck. Is there any "correct" way? Many say they've never heard it pronounced the way I pronounce it, but my dad and his family, from Coalgate, Oklahoma, have always pronounced it that way.
One story of our spelling I had heard was "we" dropped the double "m" from Womack to disassociate ourselves from the horse thieving "Wommacks". My grandfather was the youngest of 13 siblings and never met some of them. His name: Charles Oren Womack. My dad: Charles Edgar Womack.

Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 11:44:22 (PST)
Karin Wammack

Regarding the message from Kathy Womack. That is interesting. My name is traditionally pronounced like yours in our family. I always thought it was the Northern pronunciation. However, I met a Lousiana Womack, who tells me that in the South it is pronounced the same way. Also, Oren is such an unusual name (I think!). My father's name is Lewis Oren Wammack, born in 1918 in Nebraska. We are descendants of Richard Womack (also spelled Wamack in old letters) of Wilson County, Tennessee.

Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 13:55:49 (PST)

Kathy, I pronounce my name as in the first example and my family
has never left Virginia. By the way, that is the best example
of how the two are pronounced that I have ever seen.
Thanks, Doris

Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 15:27:09 (PST)
Evelyn Hudson Ramos

James Berry Davis passed Feb.4th,2003 in Ontario Calif. Buried in Salinas,Ca.Son of Robert Howell Davis and Julia Ann Bowen.
G-parents are Mary Elisabith Womack Bowen and Mahala Emma Womack Bowen.

Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 23:16:38 (PST)

Growing up in Arkansas, we pronounced it the way you do -- after joining the Air Force, it became the same as your Spanish teacher pronounces it - the double "m" came from barely literate census takers; who, as you know, in the past butchered many a name and changed a lot of spellings and pronunciations.
In England, the name was once pronounced with sort of an 'h' sound in it - i.e.
whummack, close emphasis on the 'h' with the 'w' slight and sounding almost like hummuck; hence our cousins that now spell it Hammack, Homack or variations thereof. Remember, also, that a carelessly written 'W' can be mistaken as an 'H' - and were those writers ever careless in the days of yore!!!
In England there are those who spell it Whomack today. With the advent of the singer Bobby Womack, Ball Player Tony and of course Lee Ann, the Brits now mostly use the Woe-mack pronunciation per Jan Womack of the UK.
However, as Oscar B said, "regardless of the spelling or the pronunciation, we believe it one and the same." Or words to that effect.

Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 23:48:45 (PST)
Eugene D. Maddox Jr.

Hello everyone,
was searching for Wiles family info and got into you`re site somehow
I`m glad I did because I found a message about someone looking for James
Thomas and Clara Wiles, that is the names of my Grandfather and Grandmother
They both died in Gridley,Ca. I have just started trying to find info on my
Ancesters so I am really in need of HELP! Any return info would be greatly
Thanks in Advance

Eugene Maddox and Family

Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 12:35:53 (PST)
Carolyn Womack Rinta

Brand new to your site.. it's great!! I am a grand-daughter of William Egbert Womack who left Carter Co Ky cir. 1909 for Rainier OR His wife was Ida Gilbert. Egbert was Roy Rogers uncle.
Would love to hear from relatives around Grayson KY or where ever. I have info on Egberts children etc.

Answering a query from JESSICA McCALL: 2/11/00 She wanted info on a Wommack and Bickle. Have a good source for her if she will contact; e-mail address does not answer.

Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 16:13:30 (PST)
Ann McDonald

Well, I'm with Sam - the Arkansas side of my family pronouces it as you do - my sister has a friend in NM who is a mm Wommack and insists that it's the LeAnne style pronunciation. Go figure. Alot of it has to do with accents, spelling, etc.

Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 18:30:54 (PST)

thankee Anne,
However I guess yer cuz in NM never watched the coiuntyr music awards nor the grammys and heerd it called Woe-Mack? Lee Ann Style!!

Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 22:31:40 (PST)
Roger Womack

My family pronounces it both ways, my parents pronounce it Woe-mack,like lee Ann. Grand-mother say's "Wammuck". And the cousins do both. I wonder how it was pronounced with the original spelling of Womoche, or other variations in some of the early records.
I wonder if the "e" was silent and it sounded close to Woe-mack?
How do the English pronounce it?

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 07:44:28 (PST)
Kathy D'Ann Womack

WOW! The consensus is "Wom - uck" on the pronunciation. I always felt a little snobby in saying, "'WE' don't pronounce it like 'stop that truck'"..HA! (WOE -MAC!!) Thanks to all the wonderful responses! It's been great. My favorite was, "We are not 'sad trucks'"!

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 07:57:09 (PST)
Madelyn Womack Cunningham

There is a Womack family reunion in Nashville TN on Saturday June 21st 2003 This is for descendants of George Washington Womack and Abner Womack. Email me if u want information or directions. Would love to have as many as possible there.

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 08:22:41 (PST)
Madelyn Womack Cunningham

Check out the Womack website at www.angelfire.com/tn3/womack See if you know anyone! This site was created by Dari Womack Shadwick

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 08:23:04 (PST)
Madelyn Womack Cunningham

Check out the Womack website at www.angelfire.com/tn3/womack See if you know anyone! This site was created by Dari Womack Shadwick

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 12:11:58 (PST)
Jack Womack

Daisy Lee Womack, age 73, died April 17, 2002. She was born May 2, 1928 in Atmore, AL to the late Charlie and Earkie M. (Quarker) Salter. Daisy is survived by daughter, Linda Reed and husband, Mark of Denver, CO; sisters, Sallie Florence and husband, Eddie of Moreno Valley, CA; brothers, Clifford Salter of Los Angeles, CA, John Salter of Atmore, AL; aunts, Charlie Jean Salter of Orlando, FL, Bernice Salter of Atmore, AL; grandchildren, Erika Womack of Denver, CO, Tina Perea and husband, Ramo of Albuquerque, NM; two great-grandchildren; and special friend, Doty Hoskin and husband, Bill of Albuquerque, NM. She is preceded in death by her husband, Norman Womack; and son, Carl Womack. Daisy was a member of the New Hope Baptist Church. A Memorial Service will be held at 11:00 a.m., Monday, April 22, 2002 in Palm Chapel of Strong-Thorne Mortuary 1100 Coal Ave. SE with Bishop David C. Cooper officiating. Strong-Thorne Mortuary is entrusted to the care of Daisy.

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 18:10:24 (PST)
Janet Brewer

My Uncle, Carlos Womack, did extensive research on the Womack family. Through his research, I am able to trace my line back to Abraham Womack the son of Richard & Martha (Mitchell) Womack III. I want to join the DAR. Abraham has the necessary history to allow me to do this but I need proof (birth, death, marriage certificates, etc.). Can anyone help me with this? My line starting with my mother would be: Elba Womack, daughter of Henry Kinchen & Mary Lou Etta (Shelton) Womack. Henry was the son of Kinchen Roger & Sally V. (Gossett) Womack. Kinchen Roger Womack was the son of Mansel & Mary Womack. Mansel Womack was the son of Abraham & Sarah (Rogers) Womack. Please email me @ jjbrewer2000@aol.com. Thank you, Janet Brewer

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 19:43:12 (PST)

Wasnt it you that gave me the Henry Womack born in MA line? and that lateron we connected in my Brewer line as some number of cuz??

Monday, February 24, 2003 at 20:37:44 (PST)
Jan Wallace

Looking for info on Lucy Anne Womack b. 1750 in Cumberland Co., N.C.
She married William Blalock (son of Richard Blalock and Rachel Harden),
abt. 1775 in Cumberland Co., N.C. Children were:

Thanks in advance, Jan W.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 14:03:57 (PST)

Hello all,
This is a letter that was written to Nelda WOMACK several years ago from a researcher.
So sorry I could not talk to you today. When I wrote you,I used the address given to me by Carlos.When I received your wonderful letters, I noticed different address on the envelope, and wrote to you again,but got sick and didn't get the letter mailed. Now,I am at a point where I don't know what I told you and what I didn't tell you.

One thing for sure, we know: James W.WOMACK son of Catherine (and William and Larkin's brother) was not the James who married Mary Ann DOBBS 10 May 1843. He, our James married Mildred YANCY, daughter of Jere YANCY, 1842 in Pittsylvania and returned to Lynchburg, still married to Mildred as late as 1850--unless he was a bigamist.By 1850, he and Mildred has: Benjamin Larkin WOMACK, age 7 years, Sally WOMACK, age 5 years, Ann WOMACK, age 2 years.

What happened to Leroy and John? We might check to see if that is our Leroy WOMACK in Hard Co., KY in 1850.

Nelda, I was talking to Carlos about the letters signed by Catherine---Did she sign her name Catherine A.WOMACK and sometimes Catherine "P" WOMACK? Or was this a type error?
If she actually used "P" it would not surprise me a bit to learn she was Catherine Ann PENDLETON, prior to her marriage---Now, I am only guessing--because--.I have wondered why she did not return to her people when she was left a widow with eight small children by 1830. Maybe, it was because her people were already there.So who was there in Campbell Co., close by?
The MURRELLS were there,and Larkin took James MURRELL-age 22- to Buckingham Co., VA.with him (Census 1850) The CABELLS were there. The M. M. OTEY family was there 1840; and anther household headed up Elizabeth OTEY. Larkin named a daughter Frances "Fannie" Otey WOMACK.
But the most interesting of all was:
1840: Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA---Micajah PENDLETON, Age 50-60, Born 1780-1790. Could he had been Catherine brother? In house 2 males 20-30, 3 males 15-20, 2 males 10-15,1 male 5-10, 2 males 20-30, 2 males 15-20, 1 male 5-10,.

When we remember Larkin WOMACK married Mary C TAYLOR, who had been born and raised in Buck, Co.,,and they lived in Buck Co., VA 1850. How did they get together? He was unwed June 1844, but was married 1844-45, and Mary concieved a son 1845, which was born 1846.

I believe Micajah PENDLETON is our clue. He had TAYLOR ancestors, AND he had PENDELTON relatives who lived in Buckingham Co., VA. who were decended from or intermarried with TAYLORS. In fact, he may have been born in Buckingham Co., VA.
The TAYLORS and PENDLETONS seemed to prefer to marry "kinfolks"!!

Massanello WOMACK (1751-1837) wed Elizabeth SMITH, and her sister Mary wed Charles MOORMAN and went to Campbell Co., VA. Charles MOORMANS'S sister Mary wed James TAYLOR,1771, whose guardian was Edmond PENDLETON, whose wife was a PALLARD, sister of James TAYLOR'S mother.

There were also some TAYLORS in Campbell, CO.,in 1840, we should not over look.
At Lynchburg: Nancy TAYLOR, age 20-30, female age 15-20,
N.E. District:pg 31, Elizabeth TAYLOR age 40-50 (born 1790-1800) 1 female age 20-30,---pg 29, Edward TAYLOR age 40-50, Female age 20- 30, 2-males under 5 years, 1 female under 5 years.
William TAYLOR, age 20-30, 1 female age 40-50, 1 male 10-15, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 5-10,1 female 0-5,

Nelda, If you get a chance read, pages 318 and 319--Virinia Genealogies, by Rev Horace Edwin Hayden--I have been told, Hayden made many mistakes and I believe these pages should have been discussing "WOMACKS" not WARWICK!!!!.
He apparently wrote this book 1885, but do believe transposed erroneously the name WOMACK or WOMICK to WARWICK.
Note they are at Lynchburg.
Note the line of descent, Major William WARWICK, John M. WARWICK,of Lynchburg,
Sarah WARWICK, wed 1840 Wm DANIEL.
This Wm DANIEL has descended from same line of DANIELS as Sarah who wed JESS WOMACK, and Catherine's son Joseph wed a daughter of Wm DANIELS.
The CARRINGTONS referred to at the top of the page were related to Wm L. WOMACK'S wife, Mary C. VENABLE daught of Mary Scott CARRINGTON.

I believe this letter was written before the computer became a household item. I am not to sure how much of this research is correct, but did find the letter interesting. Maybe there is a nugget in it that someone is looking for.

Thursday, February 27, 2003 at 22:37:04 (PST)
Mary Etta Norsworthy

What a great website! Looking for information on WILLIAM WOMACK, died 1804 in Hancock Co., GA. Children were: Dedgychen, Polly Anne, Mark, Abraham Minter, and Nathaniel Green. DEDGYCHEN WOMACK, born 1800, m. Elizabeth -?- and their children were: Mary E., Martha, Sarah, Eliza?, Adaline, William, Samantha, Ann, Victoria, Wayman and Debora. Dedgychen settled in Upson Co., GA. MARY E. WOMACK, born Nov 22, 1825 m. John J. Norsworthy. Any information on this family will be appreciated.

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