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Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 07:29:35 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Ann Stacy, thank you. I sure would appreciate it if you could post a scanned copy of those records, or send it in email and i would be glad to post them. Those records are a very good find, proving Ann as a daughter of Richard.

Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 11:30:42 (PDT)

Any one recognize any of these:

Goochland Co Marriage Bonds
April 9, 1767. Wm. Wadlow to Mary Womock. Letter of Rev. Wm. Douglas certifying to marriageable ages of contracting parties: witn. by Meredith Price and John Laprade.
October 25, '85. John Davis to Nancy Walmack; sec., Rich- ard Walmack [X mark].(this should be 1785)

Fluvanna Co VA Marriage Bonds
1788 Glass, John Walmack, Mary

Amelia Co VA Marriage Bonds
May, 1825 -- Womack, Charles & Elizab. Miller (d. of Dabney).
Nottaway Co Va Records

November 3, 1810. Thomas W. Bacon and Elizabeth, his wife, of Oglethorpe Co. Georgia (the said Bacon being now in Virginia) to Obadiah Nunally, of Nottoway Co. $200; 92 acres in Nottoway Co. 64 3/4 acres absolutely without limitation and 27 1/3 a. are in remainder which will elapse at death of Keziah Womack.

Pittsylvania Co Va marriages
22 May 1797 Womack, Charles Mc Daniel, Sally

Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 12:05:48 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

I don't have a scanner but I can give you the title, author, page number, etc.
and you could get the book on inter-library loan. It is in the Dallas Library
and others around the country I'm sure. Here it is: LUNENBURG COUNTY MARRIAGES
1750-1853, Early Virginia Marriages by John Vogt and T.William Kethley,Jr.
Published by Iberian Publishing Co. Athens, GA...p.8. Josiah Alday and Ann Womack, 14 January 1760 daughter of Richard Womack Bondsmen Richard Womack and
Thomas Read. While you're in the library, look for CUMBERLAND PARISH,Lunenburg
County, Virginia...Vestry Book 1746-1816 by Landon C. Bell, The William Byrd
Press, Inc.,Printers Richmond, VA. p.326 #8 "Ordered that from Twittys path up
Roanoke to the extent of the county on Kings road be one precinct and that
Richard Womack & Phillip Jones be processioners of the same." As you may know,
a processioner was a court appointed surveyor in England and Virginia. His job
was to decide on property boundaries and enter them in his processioner's
book. Property boundaries determined by the processioner are to be found in the
minutes of the church in whose parish the land was located.
Further, in Virginia Land Grants...Patent Book 34, p.30 dated 1756 "To Richard
Womack, 2600 acres in Lunenburg County."
Lastly, in Patent Book 6 p. 447 15 March 1672 Sir William Berkeley granted to
Richard Womack 450 acres on the north side of the Appomatox River in Henrico Co.
for the transporting of two people. Phillip Childers and Anne Daily. Possibly
this Phillip Childers was the ancestor of Ann "Nancy" Childers who was the wife
of Richard Womack III.

Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 20:52:33 (PDT)

I thought this was kinda cute - look at all the different spellings in here!!

Will of Matilda Hall (Will Book 2, page 215, Hustings Court, Petersburg,VA.) I Matilda Hall of the Town of Petersburg and State of Virginia, do hereby make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say- First I desire that no more of my personal estate be sold than what my executor may think proper to sell, leaving it entirely to his option to dispose of a part retain the whole. Secondly I lend to my Best and only Friend for the term of his natural life all my estate both real and personal goods chattes and effects of whatever kind and this only Friend is Pleasant Warmack I know of no other on Earth, Without the let hinderance or molestation of any person or persons whatsoever for and during the said term of his natural life. Thirdly after the death of the said Pleasant Wamerek, I give devise all my estate both real & personal as herein before mentioned unto William Edwerd Wamack, the son of the said Pleasant Wamack and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders, subject as before stated to his fathers life with all the goods Effects and chattles whatsoever to him the said Wm.Edwerd Wammuck and to heir for ever, And lastly I do opoint my said friend Pleasant Wamock my exetor of this my last Will and Testament.And it is my will and desire that he shall not be obliged to give any security for his Executorships as aforesaid Hereby revoking all other or former Wills or Testaments by me heretofore made in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this ninth day of June in the year one thousand Eighteen hundred and twenty fore Signed Sealed published and declared as for the Will or Testament of the above named Matilda Hall. Meltady(herxmark)Hall (Seal)

Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 21:10:15 (PDT)

At least we know where old Abe was in 1688:
Page 23: Book 3, Henrico County Wills & Deeds 1688-1697 p 5, Inventory of THOMAS SHIPPY Exhibited in court by Joseph Royall for Frances Shippy, relict and executrix. Tanken by Martin Elam, (Abraham Womecke) and Edward Stratton. Value 7960 lbs tobacco. Recorded Oct 12, 1688.

Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 22:31:59 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Sam, whats the date on that Matilda Hall, will, trying to figure out which Pleasant this could be?

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 05:03:03 (PDT)

Roger, your attention is invited to the last line of the will.

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 08:36:32 (PDT)
David Dunn

Ann Stacy and others. An error crept into your account of the Richard Womack Patent in Patent Book 6, p. 447. Phillip Childers and Anne Daily are not in the list of persons transported as given in that Patent. Nine persons are listed (you got 50 acres per person) but they are not there. I do remember that at least Phillip is listed as a transportee in some other Patent, but I can't put my finger on it now. If I find it I'll post it. By the way the date is 15 March 1672/3, using the old/new calendar dating system. The Patents can be found online at the Library of Virginia site. It was Ann McDonald who first led me to them there.

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 10:31:47 (PDT)
David Dunn

It was ungallant of me to post a message about an error in Ann Stacy's posting without thanking her for the valuable addition to our knowledge of Richard III. I've been sure for a long time that Richard III had a bigger family than usually shown. I'm sure there was a daughter Sarah who married James Archdeacon/Cody III (see my earlier postings). And Richard's Burke County GA Land Grant applications show more kids being there with him than were previously accounted for. Now it's time to raise another delicate question (like was there really a William the Immigrant and what is the connection -if any - to the Norfolk family): how do we know Richard III's wife was really Ann "Nancy" Childers?

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 11:02:50 (PDT)
David Dunn

And speaking of "The Norfolk Family" and to answer Glenn. Those folks in your posting and who appear in are all members of the Norfolk Womack family to which the Virginia family has often been attached in various writings, but without any evidence that I know of or that anyone else I know of can find/post. And while they all were real people, their relationship to each other was probably not as shown in your message based on There are many sources for the information which I have, which may or may not be accurate. One source is the Genealogy "Womack of Mautby, Co. Norfolk" by Arthur Campling Esq., in "Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica" Volume VIII Fifth Series 1932-1934, pp.317ff, supposedly based on Parish records and Norfolk County Records (wills etc.). According to that source: the two Arthurs you mention confuse two different people, a man and his uncle; and, the first Lawrence you mention is actually the son of a Hugh. The second Lawrence is the famous Bishop of St David's. I should thank Jan Womack who first provided me with this document.

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 11:08:43 (PDT)
David Dunn

Oops! Glenn mentions only one not two Arthurs; that one is a confusion of two separate people.

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 12:58:18 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Well, I'm dredging my memory here, so let's see if I can do the Childers thing without messing up. Ok, Ann "Nancy" Childers father is supposed to be Henry Childers. Who, it seems to me, left a will...which means I should be able to hit a button and find out WHERE ah! 1727, Henrico Co., VA - his father said to be Abraham Jr, and his father Abraham Sr. which takes you to ca 1640 Henrico Co., VA. Now, years ago, before I started being a good little genealogist and working my way backwards, I had some e-mail addresses for a bunch of Childers researcher types. Fair warning, this is the line where you get into rabid arguments one way or the other on Jane wife of Henry Pew. I have no convictions on Jane wife of Henry Pew and whether she was a Womack and if so whose kid she was. I have enough problems with Martha Mitchell Womack and Martha Watkins? Womack, so I'm reserving conviction on Pews/Childers/etc to those who want to devote time to it. I can probably pull out of a file someplace the citations back and forth on the Childers....I think I know what file they are in.

OTOH, I am still cruising around 1600s VA records looking for Womacks. I put two Puckett ones up on my site that mention Richard Womacks land. Oh, and I haven't yet rung up the Lunenburg Co. clerk to see if they have a copy of that 1760 marriage bond or if it's over at the Library of VA....remind me to do that! Ann

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 13:29:46 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

Had to check out your tip about the Library of Virginia Land Grants online.
Bless my soul, check this address and see if on the third line from the bottom
in Patent Book 6, p.454 it does not say "for transporting 2 persons". That's the way I read it and
who are the Childers and Daily listed below?
By the way did you ever respond to my email about my Dunn ancestors in Georgia? My memory may be failing but I don't think so.

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 13:45:42 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

I made an error in the address I just sent....change the - to_. Should be 006_
0464.tif. Can't read my own writing.


The marriage bond between Ann Womack and Josiah Alday is available at the
Lunenburg County Courthouse. I have a copy signed by the County Clerk.

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 13:57:27 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

I just realized I gave the wrong page number in my first entry about Richard's
land grants. I wrote 447 and it should have been 454. You'll have to excuse
my muddle..had surgery last week and am still on some medication. Have nothing
to do but sit in front of this danged computer for the next few days.

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 14:01:30 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

David, to see the patent Ann is talking about, go to my site, and click on the second patent from the top - book 6 page 454 - Richard Womack - that's the 1673 patent. at the very bottom of the page it says (more or less) "Philip Childers Ann Daily (Dally?)" Homestead was very very cranky this afternoon and not letting people access the files, so assuming that it clears up, the site should pop up with a TIF file for you to download into a TIF viewer. If Homestead is STILL cranky, go to the Library of VA digital records site, hit land records, land grants, chronological order, vol 6, p. 454 and that should pop up the TIF - it's at the very bottom of the page - two names only.

Ann, way cool on the bond! If it says "daughter of Richard Womack" on that thing, it's golden! Like I said, that's a heck of a lot better than most of us have to link to him. I'll get a copy, and scan that baby into my site for all to admire! Ann

Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 15:43:43 (PDT)
David Dunn

Ann and Ann. Thanks for the clarification. I knew I'd seen the Childers thing somewhere. And yes, it is "sort of" Childers. Indeed I couldn't get to Homestead but I already had the Akins/Womack patent. And Ann S. I thought I had answered but anyway no, those Georgia Dunns are not mine. Ann M. let us know if you find an evidence for Childers as the surname for Richard III's spouse. Thanks, David.

Thursday, August 03, 2000 at 14:08:57 (PDT)

I have search enabled my home page; hopefully making it aa bit easier to
navitage - works with names, states, subjects that I have tried so far..
For those of you who have home pages, and want to do the same; it is free for
up to 1000 pages(links of your own) - can get to the server by clicking on the
Icon on my page - they do the indexing for you - take a look at mine and see
how it comes out on a search -

Friday, August 04, 2000 at 15:18:56 (PDT)

We just got back. If I'd got your phone number I'd have called you as we finished up in Mesa which I think is just a spit from you? A question - how do you folks breathe out there - the heat is enough to suck the very life out of a person!
We thought USA was fantastic especially Yellowstone & Wyoming and South Dakota (except Las Vegas - ghastly & vulgar) and the people were magnificent (especially the thomas family from Iron Town Utah who helped when we were running out of petrol). A very big thumbs down to Cruise america who tried their best to spoil our holiday - don't use them anyone, they are crap!! Filthy, run-down Rv's - ours broke down in Yellowstone and we had to get to Salt Lake to get another and when we got there they said they didn't have another!! .. and all this fun on a holiday that cost £6,000 (don't know that in dollars ? about 9,000).

Friday, August 04, 2000 at 15:23:46 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

About the Childers....Henry is the son of Abraham Sr. and the brother of
Abraham Jr. Will filed l June 1698 in Henrico Co. and his mother is Anne.
Henry's Will filed 4 September 1726 identifies his wife as Lucretia and one of
his daughters as Anne (who married Richard Womack III). His other daughters were
Martha Jones, Lucretia and Millesant. His sons, Thomas and Henry both minors.
His brother Abraham was a witness. Found in COLONIAL WILLS OF HENRICO CO., VA
Part One 1654-1717 by Benjamin B. Weisiger III

Friday, August 04, 2000 at 16:41:37 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Actually, it looks like his grandfather was Abraham Sr., his father was Abraham Jr, his brother Abraham III (of course renamed Sr., and Jr after the grandfather's death). Apparently there is a deed, Henrico record book I, page 160, Nov 2, 1680 from Abraham Jr to John Pleasants that says...."The plantation that Abraham Childers lived on to be surrendered at decease of Abraham Childers mother, estimated to be 140 acres, it being the whole dividend purchased by Abraham Childers, father to his son Abraham Childers...." and on page 200, Jr is called " Abraham Childers, son and heir of Abraham Childers, deceased." So, here's Abraham version 1 dying about 1680 - leaving widow with dower rights and Jr as son and heir, Abraham mark 2 dying in about 1698 (technically between 1693 when the will was written and 1698 when it was probated - the will nicely lists a bunch of kids), and Abraham mark 3 who is listed in mark 2's will and witnessed his brother Henry's will in 1727.

BOY! I'll be glad when the copies of the EPValentine Papers books get here and I'm not looking this stuff up in my notes! LOL! The trick being that the abstract of the will that I have of Henry's will doesn't list whether Ann is listed as Ann Childers or Ann Womack - or if Richard is somehow involved in the witnessing or division of the estate. I'm really going to have to get copies of some of these orginals!

I did find among my notes that among the papers in Lunenburg Co., VA should be a lawsuit between Richard IV's widow, Margaret Archdeacon Womack, and Richard III and family - which among other things, proves that she was an Archdeacon and the sister to the head of the Archdeacon/Cody family, and that Richard III had sons Richard IV and Jacob. Also, that someplace in Louisiana, Abraham Jr's family has a family bible listing a few of their relations.

Also, according to my notes, which I'll have to recheck, Richard III is on the tithe lists for Lunenburg Co., and the number of tithes he has is slightly useful.

Friday, August 04, 2000 at 18:09:34 (PDT)
David Dunn

Ann and Ann. All that being said, nothing there actually says that Henry Childer's daughter Ann married Richard Womack III. Richard and his wife probably were not married yet when Henry died.

Friday, August 04, 2000 at 18:31:15 (PDT)
David Dunn

How about this though. In "Womack Genealogy" Vol.II, No. 2, December 1958 there are shown 4 pages of a Bible belonging to an Abraham Womack born in 1809 which twice names Ann Childers as the wife of the Richard Womack father of the David who married Mildred Pryor (i.e. Richard III). A century more or less later, but pretty good evidence.

Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 06:01:10 (PDT)

That be right. Good evidence, and so the paper trail was established for all
prosterity!! And, this is how paper trails begin-from rememberances passed
down from mouth to mouth until one day someone decides to make a record - It is as I have contended all along, paper is only as good as those who choose to and do make it.

Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 11:07:38 (PDT)

Thought this interesting
Birth: 1678 Henrico Co, Va
Death: 4 Sep 1728 Richmond, Henrico, Va

This next one is hilarious!!

Lucretia JONES
Birth C1688 Henrico Co, Va
Death: (Aft) 1727 Henrico Co, Va?
Burial: Aft 1727 Henrico Co, Va?
Spouse: Henry CHILDERS
Marriage: 15 Sep 1708 Henrico Co, Va
Spouse: Richard III WOMACK
Marriage: Abt 1732, Henrico, Virginia
Someone got Rich III marrying his mother in law 2 years after he married his wife..
And yes, it does appear that Henry died before Ann and Richard were married..
if they married in 1730 as is supposed in some circles--

Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 11:12:25 (PDT)
David Dunn

Truly I found on my own my copies of the those LA Bible photocopies from "Womack Genealogy" in one of my 6 or so 2" Womack black books (where the WG copies are next to the Valentine Papers) when looking through them for Childers stuff, but on rereading Ann McDonald's last I see she referred to that Bible! She's always one step ahead!

Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 17:45:12 (PDT)

ah quit!!

Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 18:30:51 (PDT)

Just stumbled across your site. Am not doing research but may be able to either
shed light/confuse you. My family are Yorkshire Womacks descended from the Norfolk branch. My paternal grandfather did some research into our genealogy so l'll pass on what I can remember›from my conversations with him, although I have no idea how accurate any of this is. The name comes from Hungary/Romania and was originally Van Womack. Some of our ancestors then moved to the Netherlands were they became involved in land reclamation (marsh draining!). Then onto England specifically around East Anglia/Norfolk, presumably to do land reclamation. As well as Womack Water there is also a Womack Dyke in Norfolk and a Womack Hall. This is in private hands but I do hope to be ableto visit one day. My grandfather was able to draw up a family tree dating back to the 18th century. Around 1740 some members of the Womack family emigrated from Norfolk to the States more specifically to Virginia and Louisianna. There are still Womacks living in East Anglia. I think he also had a copy of the Womack coat of Arms but I have no idea how accurate/authentic it is. Will post more in a few weeks after picking memories of rest of immediate family.

Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 20:13:01 (PDT)

Uh Oh!

Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 20:46:04 (PDT)

Before we get out our goulasch recipes and start testing them:

Van - of, from used with Dutch family names.

Von - 0f from used with German/Austrian family names as an attribute to
nobility; corresponding to the French de(God forbid we be french!)..
Source: Reader's Digest Encyclopedic Dictionary

Therefore, neither Hungarian nor Romanian do I be - but the story of draining marshes we have heard before. And, we have a member whose grandfather came from Holland..
But, would like to hear the rest of it..........

Sunday, August 06, 2000 at 12:10:29 (PDT)
David Dunn

Cezzie. Would you happen to know exactly where in Norfolk County Womack Water, Dyke and Hall are?

Sunday, August 06, 2000 at 18:49:22 (PDT)

If you have eney information on Rev. Richard Denton who came to America in 1635 would you please e-mail me and if you have eney questions I will tri to anser them thank you

Monday, August 07, 2000 at 11:03:23 (PDT)
David Prince

I'm searching for ANY information on: Charles Edward "Charlie" Womack. He was the son of W.W. Womack (?)..Charlie was married to Lena R., married 22 Jun 1929. Charles did in a plane crash near Ramer, Alabama. Any assistance would be a big help to me. Thanks in advance.


Monday, August 07, 2000 at 12:52:14 (PDT)
David Glover

Looking for information about David H. Womack (b. abt. 1806 NC). He is found on the 1850 Census of Madison County, Alabama (page 343):

D. H. Womack;44;NC;Shoemaker
D. M. Womack;34;AL;
Mary Womack;16;AL
Martha Womack;13;AL
Susan Womack;12;TN
James Womack;11;TN
Nancy Womack;9;TN
David Womack;5;TN
George Womack;2;TN

David H. Womack was a witness to the will of Richard GLOVER (died 1856) in Madison County, AL. Was this family connected to the GLOVERS?

Monday, August 07, 2000 at 15:18:06 (PDT)
tami smith

I am looking for the mother of Ramona. I am her granddaughter. Ramona was taken from her mother between the ages of 4 & 7 against her mothers will. We think Ramona's mother was involved. Ramona was born to a white woman and a black man who was married. I have more details about the night she was taken and I hope you also have more detail. If you are Ramona's mother or know of this incident, please contact me.

Monday, August 07, 2000 at 17:42:13 (PDT)

I have corresponded with Charles' wife at one time in the 1970's, I think.
I have a lot of correndence to look thru - so give me some time and jeepreminding me a lil now and then, OK..

Monday, August 07, 2000 at 18:43:08 (PDT)
Deborah McCullough

I am descended from William Peoples (Peebles etc) Womack(1812-1861) and Matilda Oliver(1823-1890) through their son William Oliver. I have 8 siblings listed for William Peoples Womack, including Thomas Massey Womack m. Eliza(beth) Pollard. I need to confirm Albert Gallatin (A.G.)Womack (1835-1921) is the son of Thomas and Eliza (beth?), and wonder if A.G. and wife Emiline (1842-1913)have a descendant tree somewhere? A.G. and Emiline are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Jones County TX as are my gggrandparents William Oliver and Wirt Womack. Is there a Mary Alice Womack in A.G.s family who married J. L. Herndon? Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, August 08, 2000 at 07:19:23 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Deborah, Mary Alice Womack, born, 20apr1962, I have listed as the daughter of Albert Gallatin Womack, she married John L. Herndon, 28dec1882, Bosque Co., Texas. I believe those are in my marriage records, the link is on my home page under Womack records.

Tuesday, August 08, 2000 at 19:15:30 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Sorry, born 20apr1862.

Thursday, August 10, 2000 at 11:55:14 (PDT)
Deb Firth

My great grandmother was Mary Ellen Womack.
I've never done any research so any & all info is appreciated.

Here is what I know:
She was married to a man that wouldn't work so she divorced him.
She later married Jasper Newt Frazier and had seven children. Jasper Frazier might have been born in OH. He was also divorced. Mary & Jasper had several properties in Walnut Ridge/Hoxie ARK. They both died in a tornado abt. 1927.
Their youngest child was my grandmother, Pearlie Ellen Frazier b. Feb 1897 in Lawrence Co?,ARK, d. 1970 Hoxie, Lawrence Co. ARK m. abt. 1913 Ovon Carrell
Mary's other children were: Sibyl, Bertha, Newt, Maude, Sharie (male), and Charlie

We think we have American Indian ancestors but do not know if they were on Pearl's or Ovon's or both sides of the family. Mary Ellen,in pictures, and Pearlie Ellen certainly had the American Indian look.

Friday, August 11, 2000 at 10:50:41 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Okey dokey, I need someone who knows Latin to help me out here. While putzing around various places I happened through the Bodleian Library in England. They have nothing in their new database on Womack (they do have ann old genealogy on the Kemp family if someone is terribly interested in them) but they DO have something on old Bishop Lawrence - as follows -

Bibliotheca Womockiana, sive Catalogus variorum librorum instructissim  bibliothec  ... Laurent. Womock; quorum auctio habebitur 23tio die Maii, 1687. Per E. Millingtonum.

Now, my Latin takes me only as far as thinking this is a catalog of books owned by the old guy in 1687, but it could be yet another of his pamphlets or something, so if someone with more Latin than me could take a fling at translating that, I'd be grateful. It's not especially helpful genealogy-wise, I know - the old guy's family bible would have been more useful, but curiousity gets the better of me and I'd like to know what the heck that is! Ann

Friday, August 11, 2000 at 12:32:25 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Deb, I do research in Arkansas, so I can help you out some here. First since you know where they died, you can probably easily find their gravestones with more information like their birthdates - around 1981 most counties in Arkansas did a grave survey - there likely is one for Lawrence Co. The U. of Ar has most of the copies, lots of other libraries have their local ones. I happen to have Dallas Co.'s myself. Second, since they died after 1917, there is likely to be a death certificate for them. You can get those from the state vital records folks in Little Rock (check the webpages, I don't have a terribly recent address or price list for them) Most of the time, that will list the parents of the deceased, unless no one was in a state to fill it out. Also, if they died in a tornado, likely there was a newspaper article about it - so find their obituary in the local paper. You can also get her marriage licenses from the county clerk. Then, work your way back in the census. Also, ask your relatives, the older ones probably still have tidbits of info tucked away, as well as photos, bibles and other useful stuff. Ann

Friday, August 11, 2000 at 16:02:57 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

Please, tell me where I can find the Womack Genealogy that you say has four
pages of Bible records belonging to Abraham Womack b.1806 in Vol. II No.2.
If it shows Ann Childers as the wife of Richard Womack that should be enough
proof of their marriage for anyone. Right? Ann Stacy

Friday, August 11, 2000 at 18:43:12 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Ann, well, to see a transcript of Womack Genealogy Vol II - go to the first page of this website, click on Source articles, then on Womack Genealogy (I think it's listed as that, it's the old newsletter from the 1950s), then on Vol 2 #4, it's the fourth one there I think. I honestly don't know who has the bible these days, someone down in Louisiana I assume. Ann

Friday, August 11, 2000 at 22:15:45 (PDT)

the pages themselves are not there!

Saturday, August 12, 2000 at 10:37:54 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

Thanks for the reference to Source Articles. I found the pages. Does no one
have actual copies from the Bible? I guess the Bible is in the possession of the James Garner branch of the Womack family. Did you ever actually see the
original 1958 copy of the family newletter to know who furnished the data? Ann

Saturday, August 12, 2000 at 19:13:35 (PDT)

Thought y'all might find this interesting

Craig S. Womack
Oklahoma Muscogee Creek-Cherokee writer and teacher Craig Womack received his M.A. in English from South Dakota State University in 1991 and his Ph.D. from University of Oklahoma in 1995. He is a member of the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers' National Caucus.

Online resources by or about Craig S. Womack:
Fiction and Politics: Issues of Activism in Native Novels
Author: Craig Womack
Type: etext
Description: Craig Womack's review of Philip H. Red Eagle's Red Earth - A Vietnam Warrior's Journey, from the Summer 1998 issue of Native Americas Journal.

Books by Craig S. Womack:
Womack, Craig S.. Red on Red: Native American Literary Separatism
Univ of Minnesota Pr, 1999.
Genre: Nonfiction
Description: 288 pages
ISBN: 0816630224

Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 09:58:46 (PDT)

I am trying to find information about Womack's in Illinois. I have traced my great-great grandmother, Matilda Womack, to living in Collinsville, Ill. and I believe my great-great grandfather's name was Charles, although I have been unable to confirm this date. Does anyone have any information they could share regarding Womack's in Illinois?

Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 10:03:47 (PDT)

Does anyone have information they could share, regarding Womack's in Illinois?
I have traced my great-great grandmother, Matilda Womack, to Collinsville Illinois and it appears, from information I have recently obtained, my great-great grandfather's name was Charles Womack. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 13:52:07 (PDT)
Bradford Le Womack

My grandfather is John Robert Womack of Rocky, Oklahoma. He is the oldest of twelve children. I would love to find out any information pertaining to this line of ancestry. His mother was Grace Everhart Womack and his father was William Carney Womack.

Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 14:06:21 (PDT)
Dale W Daley

N E Wamack/Womack and Alice Dewing were married 11 Feb 1903 in Perry Co, AR. If anybody can put me in touch with their descendants, I have some important information to share with them.

Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 20:54:29 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Bradford, I have William Carney Womack as the son of William Melton Womack sp Lydia Blanton, son of Achilles Womack. Get in touch, I have alot on this line.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 20:23:46 (PDT)

How manyh of you have been to a name forum and been asked to leave your e mail address - the the people try to contat you the highlighted thang dont work? Now, that is the stupidest thing that any one could spring on us people - GenForum is the worst - Rootsweb aint any better the ony one I have see work any good is here when you click on a name--remember that

Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 00:07:46 (PDT)
Danny Womack

Ann McDonald/David Dunn
I am Danny Womack son of Lyman O. Womack son of Robert C. Womack son of Burwell [Burrell] H. Womack who's father this family is trying to identify. I was born in Yell co. 1935, Lyman O. was born in Yell co. Ar. in 1907 and Robert C.was born in Yell Or Dallas co. in 1854.
The 1850 Dallas co.Ar. census shows Burrel Warmic [Womack] tn. 34,Ava nc. 32 Parthenia E.8,Mary J.7,WmW.5,Roland J.2 and Sarah Rogers 94 from Georgia. The four children were shown to be from Tenn. Burrel and Ava Cook was married in Gibson Co. Tn. in 1840.
In Oct. 1998 you were talking back and forth about the Womack/Rogers connection and pointed out that Mansel Womack married Sarah Rogers daughter of Drury and Tabitha Rogers.
In The Tabitha Roger's will of 1793 she mentioned a daughter named Sally Womack and a son by the unusual name of Burwell.Do you think this Sarah Rogers could be our link? Could she be Burrell Womack's Grandmother?
I have LDS information that shows that Mansel Womack's 1st wife Sarah Rogers died in Hancock Co. Ga. about 1800, However, I have questioned LDS on information I have known to be false and found that they record information as submmitted without verfication. The following is one example.
The 1860 Yell Co. Ar. census shows the Burrell Womack household to include Burrell Womack 40, Kisiah [wife]34, P. Elizabeth 18, Mary Jane 16, William 14,Roland 12, Margaret 8, Robert 6, Martha Jones 14, Julias Jones 13, Lydia Womack 5mos. Later census shows that Burrell and Kisiah had a son David S. b 1863 and a daughter Sarah b 1867. Kisiah also had a son ,Andrew J Jones,from her 1st marrage to Martin Jones, Gibson Co. Tn. 1841.
A professional genealogist passed a version of this same 1860 census entry to the LDS that showed Burrell and Kisiah as the parents of all children in this household, sumitted in 1982 it remains today.
My generation of this line of Womacks are working extensively to complete our history from Burrell Womack forward. We have made much progress in the last 2.5 years and will be happy to share more information with interested parties in the future.
I recently submitted my request for membership in the WGN, Hope to hear from you soon.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 11:04:18 (PDT)
David Dunn

Danny, I'm afraid I can't help as my connection to those Georgia Womacks is further back, but Ann may know something.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 11:05:55 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Well, oddly enough, although my family is actually FROM the Dallas Co., AR area, those aren't my Mansel Womack descendants! Sarah Rogers Womack died between 1800 and 1806, when Mansel Womack remarried to Mary Mariah Lewis. The family then moved to Alabama - Butler Co., mostly. They didn't have a son Burwell, Mansel died in AL in....1826, if I'm not mistaken. And I'm relatively certain they didn't have a grandson Burrell Womack - I'm missing a couple of daughters from that family, but I'm pretty certain of the sons. John Warburton Womack, bless his putzy little heart, wrote alot about the family in his letters and nary a Burwell is to be found. BUT, alot of other Rogers married Womacks in GA, including possibly Sherwood, Mansel's brother - Sherwood's wife is said to have been a Rogers.

My best guess, on the theory that who you might have there is the other batch of Womacks who ended up in the Dallas Co. area is that you might have a bunch of the Richard Mansel Womack descendants - those far outnumbering, in fact, my family in the area. So, operating on that theory that that is who you might want, try dropping a line to Jamie Lawson at (and BTW, I have the Dallas Co. AR, cemetery book here and don't see Burrell Womack at a quick glance - my family is buried in McDonald cemetery out in in the woods in Ramsey near Fordyce and in Moss Cemetery in Bearden) or cruise down the messages to a post on the WOOMACKs, as that was a local variation on the name there in Dallas Co. Maybe those guys can help pin him down for you. Literally all I know about Burrell is that I've seen him in the census. Ann

Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 11:14:35 (PDT)
David Dunn

Here is more about the Abraham Womack (b. 1809 LA) Bible. I have a copy of the copies of photocopies which appeared in "Womack Genealogy" in December, 1958. The entry about the Bible says the Womack Family Association obtained photocopies of the four pages "after considerable trouble and expense". It doesn't say from whom or where. It says "Present location of the Bible is unknown."

Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 12:46:14 (PDT)

Searching the WOMACK site I found this tid Bit:
ITEM 26. Charles Edward Womack, b. 5-28-1905, died in a plane crash 12-31-1954 near Ramer, Ala., the son of Mrs. W.W. Womack and the late Mr. Womack of Franklin Co. Tenn. Charles Edward Womack and Lena R.[the writer omitted her
own maiden name] were married June 22, 1929. Their one child Martha was born 10-14-1932. She married Robert Eugene Garrett. Charles Edward had siblings [brothers and sisters] Robert Henry, Ollie B., A. C., and Mrs. Jack Statum.

I'm searching for this FAMILY......

Robert Henry married Minnie Taylor (AL)
Ollie B., Franklin Co., TN area
A.C. is actually Arthur Charles ( UNK )
Mrs Jack Statum is Irene Womack

ANY assistance appreciated. This is really all I have at this time.


Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 12:50:29 (PDT)

Does any on ehere do Look ups for Womacks from TN / AL?


Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 19:31:25 (PDT)
Jerry Lloyd Womack
womack@localaccess. com

I am looking for information on a Charles Beven Womack or it could be Beven Charles Womack from BeeBee Ark. He was married to a Myrtel Hensley.He was living in Blythevills Ark. when he died.He had three sons John, Steel,MO. Lymon Yakima Wa.Pete Topeka, Kan.and a doughter Gladys, Charlestown,Ind.
My understanding is that he came from Mississippi in the early 1900s. Also that he came from a very large family.

Thursday, August 17, 2000 at 21:17:56 (PDT)
Ronnal Womack

Hello everyone,
I am a Womack from McKenzie, Alabama near Greenville, Alabama or about 65 miles down below Montgomery, Alabama. I don't know really were my last name comes from but I would love to get more information from all of you who are reading my file. My mother's name is Betty Joyce Womack. I have a host of brothers and sisters, lets just say six brothers and four sisters. My great great parents were Hudson's and Sally's. However, most of my relatives have migrated to West Palm Beach, Florida; Pensacola, Florida; Maryland; and other various areas. My side of the Womack's have twins in the family every thrid generation. So if any of you have those genes there must be some type of connections some where. I am in the U.S. Navy in Charleston, SC now. My mother's mother's name is Bernice Womack and her mother's name is Molly Hudson who is deceased. She was a Chorokee Indian from North Carolina. Peace out my friends and distant neighbors.

Thursday, August 17, 2000 at 23:00:15 (PDT)

Ok got thru the required crap and now I am here - and I am not going to be very popular with people after this - BUT- supposedly there are 250+ people working Womack on WGN, I think, and see, that is BS!! I see mebe 10-15 or so doing the work and the others sucking up the info and not sharing..AND I do not share the idiom that if one has something then we all benefit..again BS!! If, one of you cannot bare your souls, then get the hell off WGN and go play elsewhere..your stuff is not needed. A lean, mean research machine is what WGN should be, not charity! You a Womack, any spelling, say it or forgit it--leave us!
YES MARK, ROG, ANN ET ALL - I'M PO'ED - a recent posting where someone "found" info that I provided, instigated this - I do not tolerate that--

Friday, August 18, 2000 at 06:17:50 (PDT)
Tracie Womack Joyner

You go Sam!
I just want to thank all of you for the research that each of you do. Without Mark's help (he emailed me some info)I would still be stuck trying to figure out who my gg-grandfather was. I wish I could contribute more to this site. Every morning this is the first place I visit to check and see if anyone that is in my line has posted. I have corresponded with a 2nd cousin that I found in here and have sent her the info that Mark sent me, but I did note that this was not my info but his. Hopefully she won't see this post, I owe her some family pictures that I am slowly trying to get to. (They are coming Christina, I PROMISE!)
This is the best family research site that I have been to and I hope it continues to be the best with everyone's input. Keep up the great work!

Friday, August 18, 2000 at 06:38:13 (PDT)
Tracie Womack Joyner

Forgive was Roger, not Mark that sent me the info on my line. But thank you Mark for having this site! Tracie :O)

Friday, August 18, 2000 at 11:28:46 (PDT)
David Dunn

I hope some of you serious researchers of the earliest Womacks will look at and comment on the postings of Lynn Collis of August 17, 2000 on the Womack Genforum. It seems to me someone (Ann?) once suggested the possibility discussed there (on this page or as part of the Homer Wilson email exchanges)? Specifically, can anyone nail down a reference to orphans of a William who was identified as Abraham's brother?

Friday, August 18, 2000 at 18:07:38 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Well, Lynn certainly has a point there on the land division implying no heirs. The records on William Jr are definately messed up. The whole Abriel Gower thing is a mess. I'll have to actually check some legal stuff. If after William Jr's death his widow remarried, would the dower right land from the first marriage go to the heirs or the second husband? Let me ponder some more. Ann

Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 07:20:16 (PDT)
Lynn Collis

Ann, I don't know the particulars of this case (Clarke v. Womack) but I believe that generally , unless specified otherwise in a will, the widow had the land interest for life and then the land would revert back to the heir of her dec'd husband, in this case Abraham Womack. This caused lots of court cases as people fought over who legally owned a piece of land. In William Clarke's will, he lists a wife Mary, but this may or may not be the wid of William Womack. I don't know what happened to the land. If we could tract it it would be helpful.

Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 09:44:02 (PDT)
Larry D. Hamilton Coats

My Womack interest lies in the line of Wm Womack(b. 1715 Henrico Co. VA; d. 1789 Charlotte Co. VA)whose dau. Elizabeth married Charles Cawthorne. Based on second-hand information, I understand that from Wm Womack, the line goes back as follows: Wm Womack>Thomas Womack>Abraham Womack>William Womack>Charles Augustus Womack(b.c. 1575 England). Would appreciate it if someone could either confirm or invalidate this lineage(or any part of it)before I get too far into this.
I am particularly curious as to the unk wife of Wm Womack, the Sarah Somerscales, who(I'm told)was the wife of Abraham Womack, and Mary Jane Allen(widow?)who married Wm Womack in or about 1640.
I have seen a variety of opinions(elsewhere)regarding the parentage of Elizabeth Womack(b.c. 1730), wife of Charles Cawthorne, so I'm just being careful and am hoping that someone can either confirm my info or straighten out my facts!
Thanks and regards to all,

Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 11:26:29 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

I am particularly curious as to the unk wife of Wm Womack, the Sarah Somerscales, who(I'm told)was the wife of Abraham Womack, and Mary Jane Allen(widow?)who married Wm Womack in or about 1640.
I have seen a variety of opinions(elsewhere)regarding the parentage of Elizabeth Womack(b.c. 1730), wife of Charles Cawthorne, so I'm just being careful and am hoping that someone can either confirm my info or straighten out my facts!
Thanks and regards to all,
Ok, let's take this one at a time. First of all, preface that this is NOT my line, so I'm looking at stray documents here. What I have is Elizabeth dau of Abraham, son of Thomas, etc. Now, as far as I can tell, who you think her parents are is all based on the interpretation of a lawsuit in Virginia. In which the Robards family sued the Womack family, including "Elizabeth Cauthorn who was Elizabeth Womack" - if you judge by the way the people are listed, namely with their parents - she's listed with the children of Abraham. So, just for the fun of it, you can track down the originals in the records of Charlotte Co., VA October 1, 1810, In Chancery court. I'm looking at an abstract, so errors in abstraction being fairly common from those dates, one's interpretation may vary. This abstract, I THINK, is copied from the Edward Pleasants Valentine papers, but I may be wrong as my copy of those is in the mail someplace right now.

Next up, Sarah Sumerscales - well, here's the thing. No one knows who Abraham Womack's wife was. A person of more or less the name Sarah Sumerscales appears as a headright in a landgrant. There. That's it. No further info on her around.

Mary Jane Allen - traditionally said to be the wife of William, who is traditionally said to be the immigrant. No specific documentation is known on either, although we're looking! Links to the Allen family persist through a few generations, and they are hard to unravel.

Charles Augustus Womack - as far as anyone knows - didn't exist. Or at least there is no real documentation of him, and certainly no documentation linking someone like him with the Virginia family.

(Let the argument ensue!)

Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 23:10:15 (PDT)
Danny Womack

Ann McDonald/David Dunn
Just wanted to thank you both for your attention to my Womack/Rogers subject.I still think Sarah Rogers from Georgia, 94 years old in 1850 must be of interest to our family history. I don't suppose you find her listed in the Dallas co. Cemetaries? I think she probably died before Burrell and Ava moved to Yell co. before 1855.
I had another interesting response by direct E-Mail from a great grandson of Burrell,s son, Roland.
In order that I may not fall short in my obligation to share, I'll leave you with this bit of information about my grandfather Robert Caldwell Womack. As I have found so far he fathered 13 children in 2 of 4 marrages. In his first marrage to Marsavan Lyon,May 25 1875,was three girls,Rosa 1876, Emma 1878 and Ella 1880. His 2nd marrage to Martha E. Lyon,Aug. 29, 1882 found no record of children. In his third marrage to Mary E. Hudgins Nov. 11, 1886 census information shows 10 children, William Monroe 1888, Tennie 1890, Dave 1892,Robert Ethridge 1895, Olga Austin 1897, Ramond D. 1900, Lora L. 1902, Ora L. 1904, Ira Phill 1906, and my father Lyman Odell 1907.For his 4th marrage to Nancy Ann [Miller] Hopkins I have found no record of of marrage or of children.
Robert died in 1933 and is burried at Petillo Hill cemetary near Centerville Ar.. Yep! All this happened in Yell co. Ar. and more is coming your way.

Sunday, August 20, 2000 at 08:52:09 (PDT)
Roger Womack

I have more on this but this is dealing with the estate of William Womack deceased. Son of Thomas Womack and Mary Farley. The below petition was file by Josiah Womack, son of Abraham sp Elizabeth Stubblefield, son of Abraham, son of Thomas sp Mary Farley above.

"1816 May 25th. Rec'd of Asa Dupuy, one of the commissioners to the Estate of William Womack, dec'd, of Charlotte County Virginia, the sum of one hundred eighteen dollars and sixty seven cents, that being one fourth of one ninth of that part of the estate of William Womack dec'd that has fallen into the hands of James Dupuy and Asa Dupuy to be divided between the parties interested. I am entitled to an interest in said estate in the manner following, viz., my father, Abraham Womack Jr. of Caswell County, N. Carolina, was a son of Abraham Womack Sen'r of Lincoln County, N. Carolina, which said Abraham Womack Sen'r was a brother of William Womack, dec'd of Charlotte County VA and had four children, to wit, Abraham (who was my father), Elizabeth, Mary and Abner. My grandfather, Abraham Womack Sen'r, was entitled to one ninth of William Womack's estate and my father was entitled to one fourth of my grandfather's interest (viz. a ninth) which said fourth of a ninth I am entitled to under the last will of my father, hereto annexed.
(signed) Josiah Womack
John Turnoll (or Furnoll?)"

Plaintiffs VS Abner Womack, Eliza Cauthorn who was Elizabeth Womack (note says, living in Franklin County Georgia, 90 years old in 1812 ), John Spradlin & Mary his wife who was Mary Womack vs, Josiah Womack son and representative of Abram Womack ___ -- ___ ___ all children & representatives of Abraham Womack, dec'd.

As to the names; Mary Jane Allen and Charles Augustus Womack. I've always had doubts as to these names. Middle names were almost non existant in this country before the mid to late 1700's I'm not saying there wasn't any, but I would sure like to see some documents of any kind showing them. I see alot of them in folks genealogies but not any documents to back them up.

Sunday, August 20, 2000 at 09:01:09 (PDT)
Roger Womack

BOOK FOURTEEN 1803 - 1805

4 March 1803

Pg 11 Pleasant Robards, Stephen Robards, Joshua Robards, William Robards, Arthur Robards, Fanny Irby, who was Fanny Robards, Judy Chandler, who was Judy Robards; children of Martha Robards who was Martha Womack; Plaintiffs vs Thomas Womack, adm'r of William Womack, dec'd, and William Womack, son of Francis Womack, dec'd, Avery Womack, Elizabeth Cauthorn, who was Elizabeth Womack, John Spraeling and Mary his wife, which sd Mary was Mary Womack; children of Abraham Womack, dec'd, William Womack, Mary Owen, who was Mary Womack, and Martha Womack; children of Johann Womack and Francis Rice, Thomas Rice, Samuel Rice, Abraham Rice, Johann Rice, Fanny Rice, Molly Cheatham who was Molly Rice, Elizabeth Puckett, who was Elizabeth Rice; children of Sarah Rice, dec'd, who was Sarah Womack, Francis Hamilton, Daniel Owen & Mary his wife, who was Mary Hamilton, children of Judy Hamilton, who was Judy Womack, Mary Mann, who was Mary Womack, Josiah Hatchett, Joseph Talbot and Martha, his wife who was Martha Hatchett, Judith Funkening, who was Judith Hatchett, and William Hatchett, children of Elizabeth Hatchett who was Elizabeth Womack; Defendants - a suit in chancery.
. . . ordered that the land and slaves be sold and the proceeds be divided into nine parts , one ninth to the heirs of Martha Robards; one ninth to Thomas Womack; one ninth to William Womack, son of Francis Womack; one ninth to the heirs of Abraham Womack; one ninth to the heirs of Johann Womack; one ninth to the heirs of Sarah Rice; One ninth to the heirs of Judith Hamilton; one ninth to the heirs of Elizabeth Hatchett; one ninth to Mary Mann -- brothers & sisters of the intestate.

Sunday, August 20, 2000 at 16:26:32 (PDT)

At times I guess one becomes so involved and infatuated with something that he or she forgets where they are coming or going - Quoting myself:

"Two things one has to learn about genealogy: (1) patience, which I agree isnt easy; and (2) not to be too demanding of others. I learned that the first time I went live on line in a genealogy chat - humility came fast that night.!!"

I think I may have forgotten that lesson a few times on WGN - So, to those of you who think I might "jump in yer shorts" about something you post; I want to assure you I wont - and to all my apologies--I will be somewhat scarce for awhile as I have a lot of files to take care of - so breathe easy and keep the data exchange going!!

Monday, August 21, 2000 at 09:35:37 (PDT)
Mark Womack

The following blurbs were posted on the RootsWeb VA-Southside mailing list about William Byrd. The same William Byrd, I believe, that had a letter mentioning the death of Richard Womack, son of the alleged William Womack The Immigrant. I'm going to try and follow up on some sources about this William Byrd when I have a chance. There is also a book which covers the early frontier period of Southside Virginia, the area in which Richard was supposedly killed (while on a trading trip). I don't have the reference handy, but can dig it out.

For those interested in a general picture of the health of early Colonists,
I suggest reading the book "William Byrds Secret Diary" .. I don't have the
authors name but I ran across it in our local community college library..
William Byrd had several plantations, sawmills, iron making and trading
operations in eastern Va.. The diary was written in an old shorthand which
Byrd had learned in England and when it was found no one could decypher
it..later it was, and I found it to be a most interesting account of life
during the period.. Byrd traded in herbs and recorded sales he made to people
during epidemics.. It includes his accounts of his sexual activities..
drinking habits..etc... Read it!
I am sure there is must be a lot of genealogical information on the William
Byrd of the early Virginia Colony.. He was a nephew of a wealthy trader who
had built a stone house on the south-west side of James River across from
Jamestown, Va.. He operated pack trains into Indian towns to the west and
brought out furs to ship to England and when he died without children,
William Byrd was heir to his holdings in the Colony...

Wednesday, August 23, 2000 at 12:10:51 (PDT)


Wednesday, August 23, 2000 at 20:38:27 (PDT)
Betty Fulco

We are trying to find out more information about Anastasia Stacy Short
b 1808/1810 ? Simpson Co., Ms, believe a Choctaw Indian
d @ 1851 in Polk Co. Tx., m Abner Pryor Womack b 5 May 1806 d 16 June 1893

According to aland transaction we saw on your web site, Copiah County, MS records dated 24 Dec. 1834 ( these words were in the transaction. Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty of 1830 , any Choctaw could remain in Miss as a citizen of the US and receive 160 acres of land by registering with the Indian Agent.

Any one have an information that would help us. Thanks

Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 09:02:07 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

The strangest thing happens when I tune in to this website. I hear a click,
click, clique, clique coming from my computer. But lately, the sound is
softer and eventually I hope it will go away entirely. Good hunting to all
you beginning researchers on the Womack line. Genealogy is really fun and on the
internet a quick way to get acquainted with relatives you didn't know you had.

Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 11:15:33 (PDT)
David Dunn

More about that Abraham Bible. On p. 54 of "The Womacks from Oaklawn Plantation Louisiana" it says that in 1955 it was owned by "Hon. Hollis W. Womack of St. Helena Parish, La." Ann Stacy I haven't forgotten you and will get those copies to you pretty soon.

Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 15:39:39 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Betty, well, you are talking about the family of Richard Mansel Womack of LA there - of his family, his daughter Millie (Abner's sister) married James Phaster who was part Choctaw. His grandson (nephew of Abner) Robert Jr m. Martha Miller who was part Choctaw. And they weren't shy about claiming their land and Choctaw blood, either. Last I heard, the family of Robert Jr was looking into Robert's mother Rachel Southern Womack to see if she was also Choctaw. Your problem is going to be that I don't think any of the descendants of Stacy Short Womack signed on as Choctaws in any of the rolls. With their other relatives signing on, if they had as well, that would be your evidence. What you need to do is check the land records to see if they got land under the treaty - as a quick run through the BLMs database I don't see them. Ann

Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 18:50:35 (PDT)
David Dunn

Out of the blue, why did so many Womacks end up in Oklahoma? Is there a common thread?

Friday, August 25, 2000 at 11:40:45 (PDT)
Roger Womack

David, the above link has a lot of information about the beginnings of Oklahoma. My family moved there from Arkansas in the early 1900's for the land. Most of my line were traders and farmers. Later when the oil business boomed they worked in the oilfields. Don't know about the rest of them.

Saturday, August 26, 2000 at 11:57:44 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

Does anyone know whether the book on Womack Genealogy by Carlos Womack is still
available? Back in 1998 someone put the author's address in Colorado on the
website but is it still the same? Also exactly what is the title and price?

Saturday, August 26, 2000 at 16:50:02 (PDT)
David Womack

I am looking for information on my grandfather, Granville (Grant) Womack. He lived in Leonard (Fannin County) Texas from the 30's to mid 60's. I have no other information. Thanks.

Saturday, August 26, 2000 at 18:04:09 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Ann, Carlos' book is not available. Carl, bless him, hasn't been well,
and neither has his wife, so he hasn't done much research in the past 5 years
or so. Carl is my cousin of some removes, and another cousin who lives in the same town as Carl and I baby-sit his database. Actually at this point it's in need of some serious re-doing, which I have to talk to Carl about. Carl doesn't believe in computers, and did everything on a typewriter, so it's a little awkward getting corrections to him.

If there is someone you want looked up, I can do that, but the usual warnings of published genealogies apply. Unfortunately, while he did insert many abstracts and transcripts of documents, the book isn't documented and footnoted to the degree we'd like these days, making it very difficult to figure out just where dates and places come from in most cases. And no, he doesn't list your Womack who m. Josiah Allday, so I can tell you that right there.

If you want to look at a copy of a previous edition you can order it up on microfilm from the LDS at one of their family history centers.

Saturday, August 26, 2000 at 23:57:47 (PDT)

O.k. I have a little more information on the Womack line I am trying to trace. I started off in Madison County, Illinois with my great-grandfather, Clay Womack and his mother Matilda. I was able to find out from a directory in Collinsville, Illinois (by way of some wonderful people associated with the history of Collinsville), that Matilda's husband, Clay's father was, Charles A. Womack and I was then able to acquire their marriage certificate. I found out, Charles marriage to Matilda (on Jan. 20, 1883) was his 2nd marriage and that he originally came from Lynchburg, Virginia. On the marriage certificate, his father is listed as L. A. Womack and his mother is Mary C. Williamson. By chance does anyone of information regarding Womack's in Lynchburg, Va?

Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 08:24:52 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Kelly, you finally posted enough clues for me to get a grip on who you were looking for, thanks for posting. Charles A. Womack was born abt., 1854 as best I can figure there in Buckinham Co., VA. But most of this family was in Campbell Co., Lynchburg area. L.A. is Larkin A. Womack his spouse was Mary Catherine Taylor and went by Kate, I don't know where the name Williamson came from. Larkin and Kate had 10 children, Charles being the 5th.
After KateŪs death Larkin married Ruth Morris Meeks, they only had one child, George Farris Womack, my ggrandfather. Get in touch cuz, have lots of info for you. See my website under my directline.

Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 09:53:12 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

For those interested in Choctaw type Womacks or other NA Womacks for that matter - the Choctaw Nation has a page of "Original Enrollees" where they are trying to get original enrollees or their descendants to post genealogical or other interesting information (some of the originals are still around - we're talking about 1900-5 or so for this roll I think) Anyway, so far the only Womack I've spotted is from a descendant of Millie Womack Phaster (Foster)'s daughter.

All on one line - you want Foster_Campbell

Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 09:54:41 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Well putz! That won't work - try

On one URL line of course - the last message at a couple of characters. Or, go to the Choctaw Nation homepage and hit the links to the enrollees page.

Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 10:21:35 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Ok, next question - does anyone remember the Womacks who lived in Norfolk England, a bunch of them were rectors of Lopham Parish. Does ANYONE remember if it was South Lopham parish? The reason I ask is that the LDS library has the parish registers dating back to the late 1500s for South Lopham Parish on microfilm. But, NOT North Lopham. And does anyone do the LDS family history center thing very often? I don't - the nearest one to me is around the Beltway and annoying to get to, but if that's the right one, and someone else doesn't want to call up that microfilm, I probably can arrange to. Back to looking for other stuff! Ann

Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 10:40:14 (PDT)
David Dunn

Ann. It was always given as South Lopham, or just Lopham. Actually I think there was only one parish for both.

Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 11:22:21 (PDT)
Gloria Perry

Looking for ancestors of Burwell Womack born c.1750 Virginia, served as guard at
Prince George jail along with Wm.Marks. Burwell appears on tax lists from 1782
to year of his death in 1819. His son SAMUEL WOMACK (b.1791, d.1859) is buried
at Broadway, VA (now Fort Lee, VA). Anyone near there to look up grave? My
line is from Samuel's first daughter, Elizabeth Epps Womack. Samuel's second
child (from first marriage was Richard Albert Womack (left no proginy); third
child was Sarah Womack Drew of City Point, VA had one daughter, Mary.

Samuel's second family came later and consisted of Maria, John J., Mary, and
Henrietta Womack, all born between 1835 and 1847. I have been unsuccessful in
finding name of Samuel's first wife (my gggrandmother) because Elizabeth Epps Womack (their first child) was born in Prince George County, VA. I know she was born in 1815 and is buried in Oakwood cemetery in Richmond, but have never and probably never will find the name of her MOTHER. I feel lucky to have found Samuel, Her father, after almost thirty years of Looking. ANYone else
interested in this line? If son, let me know.

Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 18:01:19 (PDT)
Fred Womack

Ann, according to A History of the Lophams by Michael Friend Serpell, South Lopham Church (St. Nicholas) and North Lopham Church(St. Andrew's) are separate parishes, approximately one mile apart. St. Nicholas, originally built prior to 1086. Origin of St. Andrew indefinite, but existing structure dates to 14th century. Arthur Womock was rector South Lopham Church 1578-1607. We visited this area 3 years ago. Both churches are beautiful. There are many Womack headstones in both church cemeteries.

Monday, August 28, 2000 at 12:22:35 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Fred, that's really cool! I'm a fan of old churches, one of my hobbies is photographing them. Hopefully the registers will be interesting as well. Ann

Monday, August 28, 2000 at 13:33:44 (PDT)
Cindy Moran

hello to anyone....i am searching for a Helen Womack who may still be alive...parents were Frank Hethcock, and Bertha Benson....had sister Vivian Spurgeon, brother Donald, Francis...more info....they lived around Paradise, Calif in the late 50's....originally from Missouri...
any info much appreciated.....i am related to Bertha Benson.....

Monday, August 28, 2000 at 13:34:41 (PDT)
Cindy Moran

hello to anyone....i am searching for a Helen Womack who may still be alive...parents were Frank Hethcock, and Bertha Benson....had sister Vivian Spurgeon, brother Donald, Francis...more info....they lived around Paradise, Calif in the late 50's....originally from Missouri...
any info much appreciated.....i am related to Bertha Benson.....

Monday, August 28, 2000 at 13:39:23 (PDT)

searching for a Helen Womack of Paradise, Calif...mother, Bertha Benson, fatherFrank Hethcock...Helen may still be alive....Bertha and Frank originally from Missouri....Helen had sister, Vivian Spurgeon...and brothers, Benson of Alaska, Donald of Fair Oak, and Francis of Penn.
any help much appreciated

Monday, August 28, 2000 at 19:56:17 (PDT)

Gotta say it!!
Cindy posting here is like marriage: ONCE IS ENOUGH!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 09:03:17 (PDT)
Cindy computer kept saying it wan't going thru......since you seem to have read the any info?

Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 17:56:19 (PDT)
Ann Stacy

Does anyone recall who the owners' of the plantation called "Hard Labor" in
Charles Cittie County, VA were? Womacks, Childers, or someone else? I have
read about the family but can't pull up the name? They were murdered by a
servant in 1675.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 20:21:51 (PDT)
Roger Womack

I think they were all "Hard Labor" Kidding, never heard of that one.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 04:20:37 (PDT)
Tina Singleton

I am looking for any info on Jacob Womack and Catherine beavers kids. I have the Family group sheet but would really like to know more about this family. Since they were
my GG Grandmothers Family.
Thank you

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 16:19:02 (PDT)
Robert E. Womack Moore

Hi Sam, Mark, Roger, Ann and all Womack searchers: I have read the various discussions about the existence or non-existence of William Womack in early Virginia. I found the following today in a book at the Orange Family History Center Orange, California. It doesn't prove William Womack was in Henrico County, Va but that he was the father of Abraham Womack who was there. The book is entitled, "The History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia" by Maud Carter Clement and was published in 1929 by J.P. Bell Company, Inc. Lynchburg, Virginia. On page 43 is the following paragraph, "In the list of tithables (tax lists) of Henrico County, 1679 are the following familiar names: Nicholas Perkins, James Royall, Mr. Kennon, Thomas East, Abram Womack (son of William Womack), James Akin, William Harris, Mr. George Worsham, Charles Clay, Godfrey Ragsdale, Henry Pruitt, Mr. Richard Ward, and John Millner." I have typed the material as it appears in the book. If anyone wants a copy, send me your snail mail address and I will sent it to you. I don't have a scanner or fax machine. Bob

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 16:36:02 (PDT)
Robert E. Womack Moore

Hi Sam, Roger, Mark, Ann and all Womack researchers. I have followed the discussions about the existence or non-existence of "Ole" William Womack in early Virginia. Today at the Orange FHC in Orange, California I found the following information and though it doesn't say William Womack was in Henrico County Virginia in the 1670s, it does say he was the father of Abraham Womack. In a book entitled, The History of Pittsylvania County Virginia by Maud Carter Clement published in 1929 by J. P. Bell Company, Inc. of Lynchburg, Virginia. On page 43 is the following paragraph, "In the liss of tithables (tax lists) of Henrico County, 1679 are the following familiar names: Nicholas Perkins, James Royall, Mr. Kennon, Thomas East, Abram Womack (son of William), James Akin, William Harris, Mr. George Worsham, Charles Clay, Godfrey Ragsdale, Henry Pruit, Mr.Richard Ward, and John Millner." I have typte this just as it is in the book. I don't have a scanner or a dax machine, but if any one wants a copy for their records, let me know and I will send a copy. By fax or snail mail. Bob

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 18:24:04 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Robert, I have seen that reference a few times, is (son of William Womack) in the book or (son of William) its different on both post. I wonder who added that? Its funny to me that Oscar's Newsletters in the late 50's & 60's, seemed to be a stickler for source material and proof. I sure would like to know why they seemed so confident a William was the patriarch of this bunch? What made them come to that conclusion?

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 20:19:38 (PDT)
Sharon Umiker


Re: Church records on LDS Family History library microfilms.

I am on the staff of the local LDS Library here in the Buffalo NY area. I would be happy to get the film. What do you want me to check for. I'm in the library at least once a week.
Let me know which record and I'll do it. You can go to and, under check resources, you can click on Family History Libraries, then the catalog, and actually obtain the film numbers there. Let me know. I'd be happy to help in the search. My Womack data is a mixture of faded family records, family lore, help from Roger & this website--and things I found on the LDS website. I'd love to get solid info. (So much seems to be by guess and by golly.) You can e-mail me directly or respond on this page. :o)

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 20:23:39 (PDT)
Sharon Umiker

Does anyone have a Margaret Womack married to a Melvin Jones in their line? We're talking Kentucky (Carter county area) probably in the 1870s-1880s. She's the grand-daugher of Richard and Harriett Womack. Margaret's younger sister was my great-grandmother, Jesten (Jessie Womack.) Their father was Tignal Archer Womack and their mother was Mary Elizabeth Moore.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 20:31:49 (PDT)
Sharon Umiker

Is anyone good at Virginia counties? I am trying to locate the marriage records for Tignal Archer (Archie) Womack and Mary Elizabeth Moore. Their youngest daughter was born in either Wise or Scott County in 1864--and I think Wise county was created out of Scott county. Anyhow: I have checked both microfilms and fiche's for Wise County and had no luck. Then, on the 1870 census I see that there is a Mary Womack listed in the Roanoke area...and that could be my Mary because by then Archy had disappeared during the war--supposedly dead but actually living a new life in Texas and Lousiana with his new bride Melissa Shows. Is Scott county a viable shot? Is Roanoke in that vicinity too? I forgot to check the VA map tonight during my shift at the local LDS Family History Library.
Roger and Sam: Sorry for all of these posts but I'm on a Womack rampage tonight. :O)

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 20:34:58 (PDT)
Sharon Umiker

I tried e-mailing Ann directly about looking up the parish records thru the LDS
FH Library. My system wouldn't put it through. Would someone let her know that I posted a message here? Many thanks.

And, now I'll really sign off for the night. :o)

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 21:47:52 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Sharon, I'm looking at some old Virginia maps, and it looks like Wise Co., came into being sometime between 1850-1860. From this map it looks like it was created from Scott, Lee and Russell Counties. Then in 1880 it looks like Wise became a little smaller when Dickenson became a county taking part of Wise and Buchanan.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 22:00:02 (PDT)
Bob Moore

Roger & all other researchers: I appologize for two posts. I didn't know either one went through. The quotation should be "Abram Womack (son of William)". I inadvertently added Womack after William. Sorry for the confusion. I have all the 1950s Womack Family Association news letters but I don't know why they thought a William Womack was the immigrant. Bob

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 22:03:35 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Sharon, Roanoke is about 140 miles East Northeast of Scott County, next to Bedford County, closer to the center of Virginia.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 at 22:15:42 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Bob, Thanks, I've seen that posted both ways before, thats why I wondered what the exact wording was. No problem with the double post, done it myself, about the only thing that gets my dander up is the posts trying to sell us something. Now I can't say how Sam feels about it, I think his undies may get in a wad.

Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 12:54:43 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Roger and Bob, while unfortunately I don't have a copy of the tithables list I have an abstract - it's from Henrico Records Nov. 1677 - Dec 1692 - p. 79 June Court 1679 and it lists in Bermuda Hundred "at Mrs. Isham's 6; Turkey Island Capt. William Randolph 5; Curles; Robert Woodson 5, John Woodson Sr 3, John Woodson jr 2; Mr. John Pleasants 13; Abraham Womacks 2;....

no mention of William in the abstract. I'm fairly sure from my notes that that particular abstract is from the EPV papers, if not it's from VA Colonial Abstracts by Beverly Fleet - I wasn't as big on my notations in those days and they are both noted on the same page. I DO know that that particular record book is in the Library of VA and that it's been microfilmed and is available through the LDS FHCs. Ann

Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 16:03:33 (PDT)
Roger Womack

For those interested, I posted Virginia County Maps 1790-1920 on my website, they are kind of hard to read so if someone knows of better ones I'll link to them. Its on my homepage on the left column under Womack Misc.

Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 18:49:14 (PDT)

the way it shows on the extract on the gen web for ole abe is here:
Abrah Womecke 2

And Roger, on that indies thang - so far ye be a good cuz -

Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 19:45:50 (PDT)

Y'all are cordially invited to my web page, as shown; and, would appreciate
your going to the message board; reading the post and leaving your comments.
Thankee one and all

And Rog, indies should be undies -

Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 22:07:21 (PDT)
Reba Smith

I'm fairly new to computer world. I have submitted my info as a researcher(submitted at end of July) but have yet to see it on list of researchers. Anyway,my grandmother Thelma's maiden name was Womack, her father was Thomas Washington Womack, his father was Calvin Green. I have been trying to contact people that may have ancestors buried in Womack-White Cemetery in Morgan,Bosque Co.,Tx. There has been some concern that the landowner where the cemetery is located is not sympathetic toward preservation of sites in fact he has attempted to try to plow up area but so far has been stopped. The main patriarch buried there is Abner Pryor Womack (father of Calvin Green). I have landowner's name and address if anyone is interested in contacting him. I promise future messages will not be so long. Reba

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