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Monday, August 02, 1999 at 21:24:25 (PDT)

Found some pension applications for Republic of TX vets, 1832-46
will be putting on line shortly....

Tuesday, August 03, 1999 at 16:49:32 (PDT)

Reference previous message -- they are on line now

Tuesday, August 03, 1999 at 21:17:04 (PDT)
Joyce Wommack

Hi all. I was so excited to finally see someone who is researching the same family as my line. I have answered Carolyn Berdecia privately and sent her some info and hope to "talk" to her again. If anyone else out there is also researching this line, I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, August 08, 1999 at 01:01:29 (PDT)
Dave Schoff

I am searching for information on my great-grandmother's family, she was married to James Landrum Womack, b. 10 Jun 1855 in Franklin, Rutherford or Macon, NC, d. 1 Apr 1926 in Cordele, Crisp, GA; married 5 Jan 1878 to Laura Adalaid Constant, b.28 Sep 1860, Bryson City, Swain, NC, d. 17 Feb 1928, Macon, Bibb, GA. Her father was John J. Constant, b. Abt 1833 in TN, d. Abt. 1870, NC; Her mother was Elizabeth Delozier, b. 23 Jul 1842, d. Abt. 1870, NC. It is rumored that both the Constants and Deloziers were of Cherokee decent, but I have found nothing to indicate this. Any help would be appreciated.

I am also searching for information on my Grandfathers siblings, children of James Landrum Womack and Laura Adalaid Constant.

1. Lorain(Loren) Lee Womack - 29 Sep 1877 to 6 Jan 1967 - My Grandfather
2. Emma E. Womack Smith - 9 Oct 1879 to 26 Mar 1956
3. John Fernando Womack - 1 Nov 1881 to 23 Dec 1922
4. Harley J. Womack - Jan 1883 to Apr 1883
5. Edward F. Womack - 8 MAr 1884 to Abt 1937
6. J. L. Bernardo Womack - 31 Jan 1890 to Jul 1929
7. Mary B. Womack Goodwin - 20 Feb 1892 to 18 Jan 1978
8. Sarah Pearl Womack Bennett - 30 Jun 1894 to 3 Jan 1981
9. C. William Womack - 7 Jul 1896 to 18 Dec 1946
10. Carrie L. Womack - 13 Jun 1898 to Abt 1899
11. B. Grace Womack Smith - 24 May 1900 to Abt 1996

All were born in Swain, MAcon and Cherokee counties in NC.

Sunday, August 08, 1999 at 16:54:09 (PDT)

OK Chilluns,
I did two web pages today. One for phone and address listings for Womacks in AR, and one for AZ. The AR Womacks are accessible thru Samsville; AZ thru
Wonderings...The lists are not conclusive because of unlisted numbers; and, God forbid in this day and age, those who have no phone! Will be working NV and UT and NM shortly. Keep tuned in to WGN for the latest and greatest in Womack happenings!!
Oh yes, found a Sam Womack in OR, got a reply but his grandfather doesnt know much; said the family split back East a long time ago..he may be getting involved shortly as I gave him the URL for here, he is 17, so if he comes in, lets all welcome him and assist as we can...
I also found a Sam Womack in AK and sent mail there awaiting reply..

Monday, August 09, 1999 at 20:14:42 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Been pondering this for a while, though I would throw it out there for everyone. In the past we have tried to connect Sarah Womack who married James Archdeacon Cody as the daughter of Richard and Ann Childers, Carlos has Richard and Ann, no last name and another line. The problem I am having with either of those is back to the dating problem. If their daughter Mary,married George Lumpkin Sept 20, 1748, guessing I would say she was probably bornsomewhere between 1727 to 1732, and if that is the case then how old was Sarah Womack, guessing 1710- 1715. She is more age wise in line with the age of Richard III as possibly a sibling rather than a daughter, we have very little on Richard Jr. s children Thomas Womack who married Sarah Woodson was not the daughter of Thomas Womack sp Mary Farley,
Thomas who was the son of Thomas Womack and Mary Farley married a Mary.
Thomas Womack Will, Nottoway WB 2: 78 1803-1809. (exract taken from will)
Thomas Womack of Nottoway Co., Virginia leave wife Mary all Estate, after her death, to my daughter Martha Hurt, negroes Dick, Bet and Esther also the Mill I purchased of John Philips with land & app_ _t also 1/2 stock except sow & pigs & 2 cows & calves, also 1/2 household furn. to her and her heirs forever.

To grandson Anthony (Hurdly ?) Womack tract of land where I now live & negroes Lanny & Miles also 1 sow & pigs & 2 cows & calves also 2 best feather beds & bedsteads, 1 walnut cupboard & 1 desk. also my int in estate of my brother William Womack. also 1/2 of my household & kitchen furn & all my plantation utensils. To my grandau Mary Edwards Hurt, 1 feather bed & furn. No appraisal of my estate wife Mary sole Exec 14 Dec 1803. So this proves this Thomas is the son of Thomas and Mary Farley.

So back to the question of Thomas and Sarah Woodson. Hubert Mcalexander Jr. e-mail: , sent me this. Thomas's holding on Sappony Creek evidently came from his father Richard Jr.. His brothers Richard and Matthew are also involved in land transactions on Sappony Creek. These three also appear in 1736 lower Henrico Co. Quit Rent Roll.

So we have a Thomas, Matthew and Richard as possible siblings, we know Alexander was a son also, could Richard Jr. have had daughters and was Sarah Womack who married Archdeacon possibly one of his children? At least it worth looking in that direction. The date sure line up better. I think. Hope you followed me on this one.

Monday, August 09, 1999 at 23:05:00 (PDT)
Mark Womack

You can follow the above link to a mention of Womack in a recent comic strip. i don't know if anyone else out there follows the Pirahna Club (it used to be called "Ernie"). The characters are usually doing to something to finagle their way through life...with humorous results. IMHO.


Tuesday, August 10, 1999 at 06:02:38 (PDT)

Know of a person that does Lumpkin research, have funnelled info her way a few times. Will query her and see if she can enlighten us on the Lumpkin angle.

Saturday, August 14, 1999 at 00:11:08 (PDT)
Jamie Ayres

Help! I have an off the wall question, not really relating to anyone in the Womack lines but do need help!
The question is, or better yet an example:
Jane Doe, b. Dec 20, 1844; d. Dec 4, 1883
Now that is easy enough to figure her age at death, but then comes along information from the family bible (from AL):
Jane Doe, aged 3 yrs, 1 Lack 11 days.
What on earth does Lack mean?
It's obvious the woman did not die when she was only 3yrs old by the dates shown. Have you ever heard/read anywhere of 'lack'?

Roger, boy did you throw me for a loop with the last post!
I have been gone for awhile and may have missed some vital info on Thomas who married Sarah Woodson. On file I have that his parents are Thomas & Mary Farley Womack, his parents Abraham & Sarah Worsham Womack, his parents William & Mary Jane Allen Womack.
Daughter of Thomas & Sarah Woodson, Sarah (b.c1740) married Thomas Reams c1766 Chesterfield Co., VA.

Has this Texas heat really fried my brains and I just can't think straight or do I have things listed wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS. Thanks for the great site, it's the best I've seen yet!

Saturday, August 14, 1999 at 06:17:41 (PDT)
Sam Jordan

OK, to update the information I posted about June 29, 1999, I have just
gotten back from the Social Security Admin., the applications by my
Grandfather, Robert Kendrick Womack, and his sister, Annie Virgil Womack for
their SSNs. I was mistaken in my assumption of where in Georgia they were
born. In fact, both were born to parents Joseph Emerson (or Emmerson)
Womack and Annie Eliza Lokey in Blakely, Early County, Georgia just before
and after 1900.
Parents: Joseph Emmerson Womack & Annie Eliza Lokey
Children: Annie Virgil Womack, b. 7 Sep 1895 in Blakely, Early Co., GA
Robert Kendrick Womack, b. 25 Oct 1903 in Blakely, Early Co., GA

I'm certain that there were other children, but these are the only two that
I ever met and remember enough about to track down. Does anyone recognize
the family?

Sunday, August 15, 1999 at 05:41:10 (PDT)
Diane Sparkman Dedmon

My GGrandmother was Arminda Womack. She was born feb.6, 1869 in White
County,TN. Her parents were James Womack and Sarah Crain. She married
Thomas J. Mayes. I have just recently began to research this line and
would love to have Arminda's lineage confirmed. I would also love to hear
from any of Arminda and Thomas Mayes' descendants.

Sunday, August 15, 1999 at 10:56:41 (PDT)
Ann McDonald

Found these while looking for something else at the Library of VA -
from the Confederate Veteran Magazine 1893-1932 Index
Wommack, David G. b.? d. Feb 12 1917 13th NC inf Co. A
C.V. v. 25 p. 469
Womack, Albert Alonzo b. Feb 29, 1844 Hernando MS d. Dec 14 1910 Longview
TX 3rd TX inf C.V. v. 19 p. 232
Womack, J.K. b.? d. Oct 8 1921 Hillsboro TX aged 75
4th LA Cav. Co. K, C.V. v. 30 p. 231
Womack, James Henry b. Feb 9, 1843, De Soto Co., MS d. Oct 23, 1921
44th MS Co. 3 C.V. v. 30, p. 67
Womack, John K, b.? d. Apr 4 1922 aged 78 4th TN Cav, C.V. v. 30, p. 229

These are probably all obituary notices.

Sunday, August 15, 1999 at 12:09:06 (PDT)

Ok Chillun's after due consideration, some oil burnin, and consultation with
Roger; I have posted every Womack that has an unlisted phone number, that I can
find for the western half of the US, also including Puerto Rico and the Virgin
Islands. American Samoa and Guam had none...any one would like to copy some of the others, I will post them also, but please use to do your search, and Puhleeze DO NOT use rtf--that stuff is the pits when you upload or download something--save it as a txt file with

 on the beginning and 

at the end to ensure it holds format - editing is such a task ye know!!

Sunday, August 15, 1999 at 12:12:09 (PDT)

oops the pre before and the /pre after - seems you cannot use the lil thangs above the comma and the period in examples!! bu tthe do have to enclose the above two thangs.. sorry

Sunday, August 15, 1999 at 16:14:59 (PDT)
Angela Fannin

Need info about Melissa Frances Strother/Strawther who married Thomas Kendrick Womack and had at least one child born in Madison County, Texas, in 1886. Melissa was born in Centralia, Trinity County, Texas. She was 30 years of age at the time of the birth of this child. The child's name was Lula Candace Womack and Lula is buried in San Angelo, Texas. ALL CLUES are important.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999 at 02:47:18 (PDT)
javier gomez finnett

I want to find and know about people with the surname FINNETT. Originated in France, and emigrated to UK with the Norman invasions. I want to know more about the surname and it origins.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999 at 13:23:28 (PDT)
Mamie S.

I am searching for the parents of Emma Louisa Womack married Ansley Giddens (spelled variously) in Tipton Co TN c 1830. They migrated to Dallas Co AL mid 1830s. We have some indirect evidence that her father may have been a James Womack. The 1850 US census for Dallas Co Al shows J.H.D. Womack age 50 b TN. In the household is Elizabeth Womack age 72 b. NC. We think J.H.D. may be Emma Louisa's brother and Elizabeth her mother. I hope someone has run across this branch of the family and can steer me in the right direction. (Ansley Giddens was born in Iredell Co NC 1809)

Tuesday, August 17, 1999 at 16:44:35 (PDT)

Willian N. Womack born January 17, 1860 married Leota E. Lawson born September 25, 1865. They were from Arkansas. If anyone has any information regarding William or Leota, please email. I have a friend whose only family information is this and she would like to know more about her family. My friends mother was Clara Womack, born December 22, 1899 and died January 18, 1982. Clara did not speak, but used sign language. Please help if you can.

Friday, August 20, 1999 at 15:45:30 (PDT)

where can i get imformation on my family tree

Friday, August 20, 1999 at 16:08:11 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Maybe here if you give us a little more than an e-mail address.

Sunday, August 22, 1999 at 18:25:05 (PDT)
Roger Womack

With Sams help I have made my first attempt at a homepage. I think every thing is working. Let me know if something don't.

Monday, August 23, 1999 at 13:42:08 (PDT)
Dawn (Voelkel) Womack

I am looking for the parents or any information on Steinbeck Womack or James B. Underwood. Steinbeck married Martha Johnson and they had three sons and two daughters. James married Emma Loafman and they had seven children together. Any help would greatly be appreciative. Thanks

Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 20:16:19 (PDT)

Seems to me I heard somewhere that someone said that the wife of Lester Gillis,
aka Baby Face Nelson, was Helen Womack..would appreciate knowing where that came from, OTHER THAN THE MOVIE SYNOPSIS fromt he movie in 1997..have an A&E documentary on him and some photos of her and they showed the names on the marriage certificate, and her name clearly was not, please drop some info here on WGN and we will go from there OK

Wednesday, August 25, 1999 at 16:26:02 (PDT)
Tom and Sally Tamblingson

This message is for Womacks/Legends of Cripple Creek, CO. During the month of July 99 we had some difficult in having a slot teck recogonize and record our small jackpot. The individual working that area(level) explained he was too busy re-filling empty hoppers; some one else would have to record our jackpot, that he would send some one else to record the jackpot and eventual payoff. Approx 40 minutes another slot teck from a different playing area(level) asked why our jackpot had not been recorded early as he saw that it was a hand pay over 30 minutes ago. He had not checked earlier as he too had seen the other slot teck speak w/me and assumed all was well. To make a long story short we were promtly attended to. Shortly after a Mr Jack White not only offered his apologies, but compt us a dinner for two. We finally made use of the meals on Aug 22d. We were pleased with the meal and service. However, we have always been pleased with all branches of service in your casino. We are fairly frequent, but low end players and are always treated the same as though we were spending hundreds per visit. We are members of several Cripple Creek Card club casinos. We have been gambling in Cripple Creek since day 1 and can make no better recommendation than your casino! I have never written or emailed a casino before, but feel your staff should be recognised for their continued "special treatment" to all players.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999 at 20:05:33 (PDT)

Dont know that the previous message was; but think a very distinct case of
mistaken ID!!! There is a Womack Casino or something there in Cripple Creek, and bet this is what has happened!!

Wednesday, August 25, 1999 at 20:15:09 (PDT)
Joyce Wommack

Womack's Casino is indeed in historic Cripple Creek, Colorado. It is named for the first man to find gold in this great gold camp, Robert Miller "Bob" Womack. You can read his story in WGN's feature articles.

Thursday, August 26, 1999 at 17:50:22 (PDT)
Patti Setchell

Looking for info on my gg-grandmother Eliza Josephine Womack b: 1817 (believe she was born in Arkansas???) and married Joseph Henry Baker 8/21/1834 and they lived in Dent County Missouri. Eliza died in 1879. This is all I have on her, so any info helpful. Thanks.

Friday, August 27, 1999 at 03:27:18 (PDT)
Martin Womack

I am intreasted in finding out what the name Womack actually means and also where the name originates from. I realy have no idea so and help would be appreciated.

Friday, August 27, 1999 at 05:34:06 (PDT)

I beleive Roger has the most popular definition on his page. You can access by
scrolling down. Or to mine, books, Womack Gen Mag, and I think Vol 1 gives the
basic same description..

Friday, August 27, 1999 at 07:26:42 (PDT)
kory carman

Looking for my grandfather's roots. David Allen Womack born somewhere in Arkansas, probably 1880-1890s. Moved with his mother to Quanah Texas and farmed there until the mid 1930s. His father left them at an early age, and my elderly mother cannot remember her granparents frist names or where they were born.

Friday, August 27, 1999 at 14:35:36 (PDT)
Ashley Womack Cloninger

I am looking for any information on my grandfather William Henry Horace Womack. What I Know: He resided in S.C., married Juanita Lucille Clark, had three sons, Al Womack, Dooley Womack,and Larry Womack.My uncle, Dooley played professional baseball in the 60"s. It is rumored he had a huge family, was adopted by a Womack somewhere near N.C. He was born around 1913? and was 80 when he died. He lived in West Columbia, S.C.,had his family there, and worked at a furniture company for many years. His sons and I desperately need any information. Any info. would help

Saturday, August 28, 1999 at 05:46:58 (PDT)
David Womack

I,m interested in the genealogy of my grandfather Joel Henery Womack, I believe he was born August 3,1907 in Oklahoma.

Monday, August 30, 1999 at 01:32:30 (PDT)
Timothy Womack

I am looking for info. My father is Robert Womack 8-25-53 i beilve, his father is Charles Womack, his father is Yancy Womack born in Az 1902. Thats all I know and I would like info as far back as I can get it. Please help!

Monday, August 30, 1999 at 06:10:30 (PDT)
Steve Womack

I have come across a Womack in my mother's side of the family that I need help with. The name is James Womack, born 1775 in Rutherford Co., NC and died abt 1860 in Pope Co., Ill. He was married to Margret Bowers, born abt 1784 and died 1870. I would appreciate information on both sides of that family.


Monday, August 30, 1999 at 06:23:57 (PDT)

Ran across these cemetery postings on GenWeb--can anyone elucidate on why
a Abner had Womack as a middle name, unless the grandparent of one of his
parents was a Womack??

Abner Wamie CHESLEY Husb of Sarah Jane BLAIR and
B. 9 June 1865 D. 18 March 1921
Son of Phillip Alexander CHESLEY and Eliza HAWS

B. 15 Oct 1890 D. 8 March 1962 Pvt U. S. Army
Son of Abner Wamie CHESLEY and Sarah Jane Blair

Sarah Jane (BLAIR) CHESLEY Wife of Abner Womack CHESLEY
B. 22 April 1865 D. 23 Nov 1925
dau of Carlton James BLAIR
Father and mother buried in Graham Cemetery

B. 24 Sept 1865 D. 3 March 1954
Son of Abner Womack CHESLEY and Sarah Jane BLAIR

Hubbard is a small [no longer in existence] town north of the Gila River
near Safford, Graham, Arizona. Cemetery still being used.

Monday, August 30, 1999 at 07:28:11 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Timothy, What I have on your line is your granfather was Charles Wendell Womack,; s/o Yancy Turner b1902 sp Veronica E. Doran; s/o Yancy Tooms b1861 sp Martha Lucinda Kerr; s/o William Womack sp Sarah Elizabeth Miers. I have some conflicting info from here back, I'll send you what I have found e-mail.

Monday, August 30, 1999 at 07:53:38 (PDT)
Roger Womack

James that married Margaret Bowers was the son of Thomas and Louvisa Rice.
Let us know your line down to you and I'll send you what I have.

Monday, August 30, 1999 at 14:53:51 (PDT)
Betty Phea

Has anyone come across a Blanton that changed his name to Womack when he came to Tex.? An older cousin told us this about 30 yrs ago. Haven't found a way to check it out. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Monday, August 30, 1999 at 17:04:34 (PDT)

There is an old story going way back, I have it somewhere here, and I think Roger and others also have it..for brevity it goes something like there may have been a Womack male and Blanton female living out of wedlock; children yes, but two sons; supposedly one took the name Womack from his father; and the other took the name Blanton from his mother; and that is the short of it..the long gets a bit more involved..however as I remember this was in the 1700's sometime--but descendants of the one who took Blanton, could call themselves Womack, I guess, if they wanted---I think the version I have was written by a greatgrandson who was a preacher; not that that gives it any credibility...

Tuesday, August 31, 1999 at 16:34:11 (PDT)
Ramon [Ed] Dean

Re: Monroe Co, Al. 1860 census, William Wamac [Womack], Age 33, Wife Elizabeth [?] Womac age 30 allspeled Womack on 1880 census. Children listed Lewis 12, Mary 10, Julius 7, Willian Henery 3, Zela 1. Thomas added on 197o census. Does anyone out their know where these Womacks came from? I think maybe Butler Co. Al., no prof or what part. His son William Henery married Addie Elizaeth Traweek of Butler co. Al. 27 Dec 1883.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999 at 22:47:42 (PDT)
Mark Womack

A news article that mentions our good friend Miles Womack of Gadsen Co, FL.


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