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Thursday, April 01, 1999 at 12:55:46 (PST)
Mark Womack

Ann, everyone is making a big deal about the LDS/IGI site. I've seen it announced on a bunch of mailing lists. I've tried several times to use it, and it is always too busy. I don't understand why groups bother to even put sites like this up when they obviously haven't allocated enough computing power to handle the flood that they should have expected. "Gee, I wonder if anyone will use our site?" Duh. I've never had any luck with the IGI and find it pretty useless. Maybe I just don't know how to use it, but without the references to the specific records supporting the listed data and connections it seems useless. Carlos' book does a better job in that respect. At least he trys to include some of the supporting records. -Mark

Thursday, April 01, 1999 at 14:09:13 (PST)
Carolyn Powell

I have gone on this new site (LDS)and looked up some families I am working on. Decided to look for the elusive Jacob, b 17 Aug 1817 and found a couple of entries for he and a couple for Green (his father?) I will be at Library the latter part of Sept. and am going to see if I can look at these entries. Do they put their documentation on these sheets? That would be most helpful if they do. I found a lot of misinformation on other families so I suspect that you probably can't trust everything on them, but if they were documentedthat would be great.

Thursday, April 01, 1999 at 16:24:26 (PST)
Roger Womack

I have found very little supporting documents with any of their information but usually you can get in touch with the submitter, and hopefully they will have something. I have made some good connections and have been able to prove some of the lines submitted to the LDS. church, but have also found an awful lot of wrong information. I'm very sure alot of those who baptised for the dead are going to be saying in heaven "who is thet, why didn't they write"

Thursday, April 01, 1999 at 17:25:22 (PST)

The O B Womack ticket isnt Oscar B of TN - Steve, his grandson, says
Oscar worked for the US Post Office..

Relating to the LDS/IGI site--as Mark says bit hard to get into, have to keep trying, then when you rehit the enter after getting the too busy note, on mine
it said the page needed refreshed or whatever that is(can never get it right).
Had a dickens of a time getting it to find Womacks at all!!
Agree with Mark, insufficient horses to pull the wagon.
Mark, sorry about that overload of references where that book was, but there were diff prices diff places as you noted..

Thursday, April 01, 1999 at 19:52:33 (PST)
Sharon Williams

Can anyone please help? I am looking for info on SARAH WOMACK who MARRIED FOUNTAIN DICKERSON, sometime in the 1830s or 1840s. They lived in Southern ILLinois and had the following children.....America,Missouri,Ben,Ike,and Sherman,possible more. Thank you Sharon

Thursday, April 01, 1999 at 21:33:55 (PST)
sharon ginn


Friday, April 02, 1999 at 11:43:05 (PST)


Friday, April 02, 1999 at 19:15:47 (PST)
Laurie Malott

I am trying to find information on Elizabeth Womack b. 10-1-1843 d 27-1-1899 bakersfield Mo. She married Benjamin Franklin Atkinson in 1866. Any information would be appreciated.

Saturday, April 03, 1999 at 12:35:12 (PST)
David Dunn

HORSE RACING. Hello folks. Just back from a long trip. I have two references concerning Abraham and horse racing, both from "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography". First, Volume II p. 293ff has an article entitled "Racing in Colonial Virginia" which gives the details of the Ligon/Abraham Womack race which occurred in July 1678, citing three depositions in "Henrico Records, 1677-92, p. 65" Second, Volume III p. 110, in an article about the Hancock family, there is described another race in 1683 which did not involve Abraham but which was set up at his house and also involved a Ligon and William Puckett among others.

Saturday, April 03, 1999 at 16:03:01 (PST)
joeann bransford

Hoppy Easter to all our Womackin!
found some interesting...nay, mayhap i say important
Womack references? good leads, methinks!
still huntin those eggsceptional Womacks!
yer cuz,

Saturday, April 03, 1999 at 19:59:57 (PST)
John Fahland

Eliza Josephine Womack possibly daughter of William and Abigal Womack/. Eliza was probably born in North Carolina about 1818 and later migrated with her family into Southern Illinois to Shelby County. She married Joseph Henry Baker (1812-1902) in 1834 in Shelby County, Illinois. Joseph and Eliza moved to Reynolds County, Missouri where she died in 1879. They had many children.

Possible siblings of Eliza Josephine Womack are Levi T., J. Brown, John W., Martha A. and Mary who married Jesse Pemberton.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Sunday, April 04, 1999 at 18:27:21 (PDT)

Me thinks ouah erstwhile webmastah will be makin a lil announcie-ment
shoahtly. As it appeahs theah was a minah mixup in an e-mail ah got. So,
Mark, lay it on these peeps, ye deserve it!!

Sunday, April 04, 1999 at 22:18:14 (PDT)

Well looks like Roger getting Marks E mail for some reason, go gonna post this heah, and MARK go get it!!

Congratulations. Your Womack site is a winner
of the Genealogy Excellence Award. A link to
your site will be posted later today from the
surname page (page 3) of our Award section.
Mark Ellsworth Hickman, PhD

It is already posted, surnames section, and the link works.
Somehow this came to me fer whatevah reason dont know..

Monday, April 05, 1999 at 07:35:39 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Sam, I don't have a clue what you are talking about with this email thing, Would you mind explaining it?

Monday, April 05, 1999 at 10:28:33 (PDT)

Roger, Sam: Well, it appears that the WGN site has been awarded the Genealogical Excellence award. Sam, did you or someone else nominate the site? My thanks to whomever did it. It is nice to be recognized.

I think they sent Sam the email announcing that we had won the award. I didn't get any kind of email about it. Roger doesn't get my email, BTW. He is just on the New Members mailing list. When new members join, their info is forwarded to this mailing list so that interested members and help connect them with related information and researchers. We're serious about connecting people up around here! -Mark

Monday, April 05, 1999 at 11:46:29 (PDT)
Pamela J Gutsche

Congrats Mark

You and the web site are doing great things. Keep up the good work.And good hunting to all the Womacks out there.

Monday, April 05, 1999 at 22:04:17 (PDT)

Mark and all!!
Guilty as charged..but it is deserved!!

Tuesday, April 06, 1999 at 19:17:10 (PDT)
David Dunn

MARK - Congratulations! SAM - thanks for nominating the page! The Womacknet is without a doubt the best genealogical site there is. Real information! Lots of success stories! Knock down and drag out discussions based on (mostly) documented sources! Interesting characters (meaning contributors)! Not to mention a Fascinating

Tuesday, April 06, 1999 at 23:12:48 (PDT)

The congratulations for the recent award goes out to everyone that participates in the WGN, not just me. As always, our members make us strong and make this a great place to do Womack research. I think David said it well. -Mark

Tuesday, April 06, 1999 at 23:23:00 (PDT)

February 1999 messages have been moved to the message archive and can be accessed via the above link. February was the month everyone discussed the early Womack's, so the archive size came in at a hefty 115KB, the largest file thus far. Woo-hoo!

I am targeting tax day, April 15th, for the site update. This update will include: the often mentioned, but never posted article about the early Womack's and the various theories (which I'm sure will be updated as we go along here); some large number of new members; various updates to success stories, reunions, etc. I wish there a few more articles for this update (HINT!), but the early Womack one will be a biggy.

I'm in the process of putting all of the current and new members into a Filemaker Pro database to ease the maintenance of the researcher pages. I will also be switching over to using Adobe GoLive CyberStudio instead of Claris Home Page. I'm hoping all of this helps in making the site easier to maintain so there won't be such a lag between updates. We'll see. -Mark

Tuesday, April 06, 1999 at 23:49:35 (PDT)

ME David! I just want the "parents" of Robert Womack's wife, Wrizopa Southern!! After 25 years, that's ain't much to ask for is it?? "Now Why Don't she Write???".. I love that line Roger... my favorite movie! :)

Thank You Sam... and congratulations Mark, you are doing a great job. We Womack's have a very special family here, and we are all proud of you..
Thank you....Markie

Wednesday, April 07, 1999 at 06:47:39 (PDT)
Linda Jehle

Hi! I am looking for any information on Rebeca J. Womack who was born in Missouri in 1855. She moved on to Texas in the late 1800's and was in Belcher Texas around 1900. It looks like she had a daughter born in Kansas and her mother Hilda Campbell was born in Tessessee. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, April 07, 1999 at 14:07:07 (PDT)

OK now down to business..jest got thru scouring the net and GenWeb for Womack
in NC, got some stuff to put up on Wonderings so keep tuned for further
episodes..not evah thang..as we all know theah always sumthin theah to find, sumplace and sumhow!!

And, rightfully so; all the aw shucks, gee willikers and golly gees do go to Mark for setting this neat lil ole site up fer us all!! Aftah that, yes to the
rest that keep it goin!

Thursday, April 08, 1999 at 00:16:46 (PDT)

Well, upgrade to Adobe GoLive 4.0 has gone well. Much better tool than Claris Home Page. Just a few notes about entering messages here:

1) Web addresses always begin with "http://". So, when you enter a web address, be sure to include it.

2) Greater-than and Less-than characters are treated as HTML commands. So, don't bother using them. Everything inside of them will be invisible to the web browser.

These items became very obvious with GoLive. I fixed all of the existing problems in a jiffy. But thought you might like to know. -Mark

Thursday, April 08, 1999 at 19:52:18 (PDT)

Lil sad heah tonite..got a mail from GeoCities that they were sorry I didnt
renew my service for the extra space...I sent the check over a month ago..that
could have been straightened out..but by doing what they did without any warning
caused me to lose over 8mb of data, that was mostly on Wonderings..I am not sure I can replace it all--Just about 4-500 hours of work down the drain..I will not tell you what I told them about it..ladies present!! They are gonna pay and thru the nose for their mistake..as I had acknowledgement that the payment was received, and the check cleared the bank..so bear with me for awhile. A setback I did not anticipate..some tho are backed up; but stupidly not all..let that be a lesson to all...back up..back up and more back up!!

Friday, April 09, 1999 at 09:18:56 (PDT)
Charles Sherrer

I came across this book at the Emory Library.

'A Treasure Album of Milledgeville and Baldwin County, Georgia',
by Nelle Womack Hines.

Ms. Hines is the daughter of Emmett Womack and Eleanor Wright Womack

Not much genealogy but there are some Hines names and connections.

Friday, April 09, 1999 at 10:14:02 (PDT)

Sam, I am really sorry to hear about your problem there. What a loss! Doesn't GeoCities have a backup? I would imagine that they back up their own systems on a regular basis in case of a major crash on their end. Follow up with them!

Also, a neat feature I heard about the other day...Adobe Acrobat 4.0 now has this feature where you can download web pages into an Acrobat pdf file. Big deal right? But the cool part is that you could download say, the entire WGN site into this pdf file and then navigate to all of the pages in the pdf file as if you were navigating on the web! It is kind of the ultimate back up. If you were going on a long research trip, say to England, and would have a portable computer but no internet connection, you could download the WGN site to a pdf file, go on your trip, and still have all of the WGN info at your fingertips. With all of that info, it would be a cinch to make the connection back to England, right? :-)

Anyway, I thought it was a neat feature. Not that I want people to surf our site in a pdf file as opposed to visiting us here online. ;-) -Mark

Friday, April 09, 1999 at 23:35:21 (PDT)

Sam, I am so sorry for your loss. I know what goes into the web page "stuff". It is truly a lot of hard work! I always keep a backup of everything! Too much work to have to start over. Wish I had a back up of your information for you. (S) If I can lend a helping hand just let me know.

My sister-in-law, Nell, and I have just taken over the Bienville Parish GenWeb page in Louisiana. Any of you Womacks from that neck of the woods please stop by and give a howdy. It will be a couple of weeks before we start uploading the remodeled pages, lots of work to do between now and then. My Womack's came into Bienville ca. 1840's, and been there every since. Any advice on what you like to see on a County/Parish page, please let me know that too. Thanks... Markie

Saturday, April 10, 1999 at 06:17:03 (PDT)
Michael Dee Womack

I have one brother David Ray Womack
We are the son's of Jimmy Ray Womack
Grandson's of Dee Womack who past away around 1960
I have two son's Michael R.C. Womack and Casey Dee Womack

Saturday, April 10, 1999 at 13:47:19 (PDT)

To those of you who expressed concern and assistance, thank you..
GeoCities reinstated my account; but they are beating aroudn the bush on the
loss of the data (Mark dont think they have back up)..I sent them mail and all they sent back was how to upload files..
Sent them mail again demanding a competent answer before I go to me judge friend and get a court order banning them from AZ operations..might not work but might make them stand up and take notice!!
Anyway, Ann, Roger, Steve, Markie--looks like the AR page and Wonderings are intact as they are on Tripod.. was too upset to really look the other nite.
What is lost are the pages with the actual files for about 12 family lines, some collateral pages I am not sure of yet till I try to access them thru other pages..you can bet I will back up and will redo and do so as soon as I get my a CD record/rewrite which may be this weekend (there goes me overtime!!)
thanks again..and you also Mark for the suggestion about back up by them..

Monday, April 12, 1999 at 12:47:28 (PDT)
Ann Lindsey Crumpton

Michael Dee Womack - Please contact me. (Your e-mail address would not work for me.) Was your family from Tippah Co. MS.? If so, then I know we are cousins. I would like to correspond with you and share the information I have gathered on our family. Dee Womack who died in 1960 is probably the grandson or g-grandson of William Calvin Womack. William C. is the brother to my great grandmother, Charity Louiser and they are the children of David & Adeline (?) Womack.

Monday, April 12, 1999 at 12:50:11 (PDT)
Ann Lindsey Crumpton

Oooops! I made a little typo in my address. s/b

Monday, April 12, 1999 at 21:36:34 (PDT)
Mark Womack

Does anyone have a recent email address for Gail Goetz? I have bnbn01@jett.net. But it doesn't appear to be working. Are you out there, Gail?

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 at 16:19:51 (PDT)
Rita Ellis

Looking for parents, siblings, of Sarah C. Womack, born August 25, 1862 in Kentucky. Married William Lee Holifield, December 15, 1878, in Kentucky. They raised their 9 children in Graves County, Kentucky. William died in 1918 and was buried in Holifield Cemetary in Graves County. Sarah was still alive then but my mother-in-law does not know where her grandmother went after that.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999 at 15:46:05 (PDT)
Susan Tullis

Seeking information on Joseph Womack (born in TN about 1827) and his wife Julia Ann [Unknown maiden name] (born in TN about 1835). They appear in the 1860 census of Putname County, Tennessee. Any information about their descendents or ancestors would be appreciated. He is (evidently) my great-great-grandfather, and evidently was a fairly poor farmer. His real estate value is shown at $300, his personal property at $50, and both he and Julia are listed as illiterate.

Thursday, April 15, 1999 at 14:03:10 (PDT)
Linda Jehle

I am looking for any information on REBECCA WOMACK born in 1855 in Missouri. She had one child Ella McConnell born in 1883 in Kansas, a son Henry B. Womack born in 1890 in Texas and Flurida Womack born in 1894 in Texas. On the 1900 census she was living in Montague County Texas in the town of Belcher. She lists her Father as being born in Kentucky and her Mother in Tennessee. At this time her Mother Hulda Campbell is living with her. She was born in 1820 in Tennessee. Does anyone have any information that will help me?

Thursday, April 15, 1999 at 20:27:36 (PDT)

We've had some interesting queries here recently, and I hopd that people are getting answers to their questions.

The site update won't happen until this weekend at the earliest. I'm still getting everyone into a Filemaker database that will be used to generate the researcher web pages. My friend, who is a Filemaker super-expert, is helping me with this. Ok, really he is doing the database dessign. I get to put everyone in the database. :-) I'll update everyone as to the progress. -Mark

Friday, April 16, 1999 at 13:48:39 (PDT)
Robert F. Reese

Help! I'm beig gored by a dilemma. Those who are knowledgeable tell me that my Womack line goes William/John/AbrahamI/AbrahamII/Thomas/William/Levi/Hester Ann. John was born abt 1653 and AbrahamI was his youngest son to whom he left his estate. John's other sons were John William, and Abram. Son John's will is said to have been probated in 1787 and William's will was said to have been probated in 1776. Assuming John lived to be 103 and William lived to be 90, AbrahamI couldn't have been born much before 1690 (leaving room for the birth of Abram) which would barely put him out of diapers when his son AbrahamII was born abt 1692. AbrahamII's son Thomas is said to have been born abt 1724, but he is said to have had an older brother born abt 1718. William was born abt 1757 and married Rebecca Parker. Levi was born between 1810 and 1815. It would appear that there is one too many generations in this line and that either John or one of the Abrahams doesn't belong. Also, is there any info available on Rebecca Parker. Does anyone have any info or answers?

Friday, April 16, 1999 at 16:34:34 (PDT)
Linda Daucette

My grandmother was Gertrude Womack from Fincastle/HaymakerTown/Roanoke, Va. Her brother was Spurgeon Womack and a sister Mary Hestor Womack. Anyone with any information would be most appreciated. I am just starting out on this venture, so any information would be great.

Friday, April 16, 1999 at 18:35:02 (PDT)
Roger Womack

In Re: Linda, this is what I have on your line or what I believe is yours.

Descendants of Emmett Jerome Womack
Generation No. 9

1. Emmett Jerome9 Womack (Jesse Jerome8, Daniel7, Jesse6, William5, William4, Abraham3, Abraham2, William1) was born Abt. 1849 in Montgomery Co., VA, and died Abt. 1907 in Virginia. He married Emma Rhodes.

Children of Emmett Womack and Emma Rhodes are:
2 i. Anne10 Womack, born Abt. 1877.

3 ii. Mary Hester Womack, born Abt. 1879. She married George Wilbur Shanks.
4 iii. Joseph Jessie Womack, born Abt. 1882. He married Lucy Grace Tripps.
5 iv. Gertrude Sue Womack, born Abt. 1885. She married (1) Walter Robert Meadows. She married (2) Clarence M. Hess.
6 v. Spurgeon Rhodes Womack, born January 01, 1900 in Virginia; died January 1968 in Virginia. He married Mary Mattie Brickeys Abt. 1920 in Virginia.

Friday, April 16, 1999 at 20:01:24 (PDT)
Lloyd L. Womack

My descendency is William/ Richard/ Richard II/Richard III/ David/ David II/David III/ Joseph/Joe Ollie/ Lloyd(mysrlf). I am looking for the burial place of David II. He moved to St. Helena Parish La. in the early 1800's and then to Simpson County Mississippi somewhere around 1830. I read a letter long ago stating he was buried in the Floyd Cemetery. I was recently in Simpson County and visited the courthouse and several libraries without finding anyone
with knowledge of the said cemetery. I am sure it is there and I would appreciate any help I might receive. Send any info to -mail ---LLopal@swbell.net I sure enjoy the service we receive on this page. Keep up the good work.

Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 11:12:06 (PDT)
Joyce Wommack

I have been away for awhile. There was a death in the family and then I have had nothing but trouble for weeks with my ISP. Have not been able to send e-mail, so those of you that I owe notes to, please be patient awhile longer. To Robert Reese, your dilemma is also my dilemma. I have been searching for the answer to your question for 30 years. You are correct that it does not add up and my belief is that an extra Abraham is in here. My line is from Thomas' son, Richard, brother to your William. I am sending more to you via e-mail.

Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 17:15:32 (PDT)

My name is Ken Womacks, son of Ben Womacks of Heinsburg Alberta ( Born in Gwynne, Alberta April 20th, 1916. Ben's Parents were Elmer Edward Womacks married to Ruby Myrtle (Ketchum).Elmer's birthdate was August 15th, 1882. His death being November 18th, 1959. Elmer's parents were Alvin Terry Womacks (Jan. 8th,1842 inMoscow, Iowa - Sept. 27th, 1923) and Josephine Berkshire. Alvin's parents were William Henry Womacks ( July 20th,1817, Brown, Ohio -Aug 9th 1899) and Elizabeth Doty. William's parents wereTerry Womacks, and Roxanna Reynolds. If anybody has any further information on this line or would like more information, please contact myself or my sister, Sandra Marcoux (nee Womacks) at Sandra's E-mail address of marcoux@telusplanet.net or slobberhagen@hotmail.com

Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 19:59:56 (PDT)
Jeen Ruff

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any information on Anne Womack who married William S. Puckett? I have her parents down as being William Womack b. abt. 1655 and Mary Jane Allen b. abt. 1657. They all seem to be from the Henrico County, VA. area. This is all I have. Any info. would be very much appreciated. Thanks

Sunday, April 18, 1999 at 11:03:08 (PDT)
Mark Womack

To Robert Reese: The William Womack m Rebecca Parker that you are wondering about...I have seen data that claims that William & Rebecca migrated to IL (via NC & KY). Thomas (William's father) packed up and left Halifax Co, VA prior to the Rev. War. The records I have been able to find support this. However, I have not seen compelling proof that the Rebecca Womack listed in the IL census is really the SAME Rebecca Womack m William Womack. Maybe I haven't found the right records.

My interest in this stems from my ggg-grandfather Henry Womack of Halifax Co, VA. His death record (1875, Halifax Co) lists his parents as William & Rebecca. At this time I am figuring that it is a different William & Rebecca fro the ones mentioned above because he was born (supposedly in Halifax Co) ca 1800, too late for them. I can track a William Womack in Halifax Co starting in around 1787 through 1829 when he died. All in Halifax Co.


Sunday, April 18, 1999 at 17:14:13 (PDT)
Womacks,Roger A.

Home; Lloydminster, Sk. Canada
Father; Ben Womacks Mother; Edith Womacks

siblings; Dale Womacks, Adelaide, Australia
Teresa Sinclair, Slave Lake, Alta. Canada
Ken Womacks, Lloydminster, Alta. Canada
Alan Womacks (dec Mar.21/1994)
Sandra Marcoux, St.Paul, Alta. Canada
For more info contact email.

Monday, April 19, 1999 at 12:20:39 (PDT)
Ann Lindsey Crumpton

I was recently checking-out the new LDS Internet site and found an error that I would like to correct here on the WGN. I will contact the submitter, but, it will take "forever" if "ever", to get it corrected on the LDS site. On the IGI "Patsey Womack is listed as the daughter of Carter & Catherine Womack of VA." Actually, according to Carter's will in Halifax Co. NC in 1822, Patsey (Martha) Womack is listed as his sister, NOT his daughter. Carter noted specific land that she was to live on for the rest of her life. Hopefully, anyone researching this family will find this correction. I have a copy of Carter's will and if anyone wants a copy, please let me know. Happy and Successful hunting to all my Womack cousins. Ann in NE Texas

Monday, April 19, 1999 at 18:32:23 (PDT)
Brenda Dunn

I have a Frances Eveline (Eva) Catron (Womack). b. July 23 1893 belive to be born in KY or AL. married a James William Catron.
Her father is a Jesse Womack or Womac. b. (unknown) d. 1934. in or around Mineral Wells (Palopointo) County.
Mother is a Alice Jolly b.around 1869 d. 1938 in wichita Falls TX.
Brothers and sisters are:
Guss b. 1895, d. oct 16 1918 (in the war)
H.L. (Hermen) b. 1902 d. 1945 (Ok City, Oklahoma)
Dollie Poore b. 1891 d. 1980 (Ok City, Oklahoma)
Leona Mae Frank b. 1898 d. 1990 (Longvein TX.)
Jesse B. 1889 d. 1889 (not to long after birth)

Her children are:
Leona Mae Lester b. aug 11, 1912 d. Sept 1988.
Raymon b. april 20 1916 d. 1926
William Henry 1919 d. 1920.
Elmer b. 1921 d. 1991
Frances Marie b. 1928 d. 1997
Georgia still living.

If any one could gave me any info on any of these people cant find Jesse Womack or Alice Jolly dont Know for sure where there from. herd thay were on the trail of tears in the Govement relocation program. thay ended up in TX OK area.
thanks for any thing or any help.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 18:31:56 (PDT)
Denise Gibbs Kneifel

Who are her parents, just need to know where it fits in my line. Thanks for your time and happy huntimg.
Mrs. Cynthia Williams passed away at the Eastern Star Sanitarium at Macon, IL. Friday, March 25, aged 68 years 8 months and 11 days.
The remains were brought to the Dr. J.A. Womack's home in Equality on Saturday evening, where the body lay in state until Monday morning. The funeral was held from the Good Hope Church near Karbers Ridge Monday and interment was made in Good Hope Cemetery.
Deceased, who was Miss Cynthia Womack, was born near Karbers Ridge and with the exception of a few years lived at Elba, her whole life has been spent in that community. She was married to Marion W. Williams who died in the year 1918.
Eighteen months ago Mrs. Williams went from her home at Elba to visit her brothers near Karbers Ridge and while these suffered a stroke a paralysis which resulted in her being an invalid, and almost helpless for the remainder of her life.
In November 1925, she was placed in the sanitarium, and it was here that she received the second stroke on Friday which brought about her sudden death.
She was from a family of eleven children, of which were seven boys and four girls, four brothers survive. They are J.T. Womack of Eldorado, J.H. Womack of near Equality, W.L. of Jonesboro, Ark. and Dr. J.A. Womack of Equality. Mrs. Williams was a member of the Presbyterian Church and for the Rebekah and Eastern Star Lodges, she having been a member of the Eastern Star lodge for more than 20 years. Services were conducted by Rev. Sherman Rector and Jonas Spivey.
Taken from the Hardin County Independent 7 April 1927

Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 20:30:45 (PDT)
Sam Womack

Need any information on an Edmund Womack, wife Mourning, last known in
Nottoway Co VA, between 1815 and 1830. Brother to GGGG-GF, apparently
oldest in family. Have no information on descendants, if any. Post here or E mail or both at your convenience...thanks

Dont know if relayed this previously or not; but another Womack place name:
Wamack Point AR..more about where and so on as can find out. I will
consolidate them all on one web page later...If any of you know of any others
would appreciate..I have the two in TX, the one in MO,. one in LA and Womack
Hill also. Any history about any would be appreciated and due credit given
the author.. so sign yer mail!!

And, have made some recovery progress..some links still point the wrong way
and dont work; but getting there..succeeded in getting my senior class pages
from the annual back on and found one of the pieces of music we had for the
procession/recession and have it on there also..

If any of you who have a web page would like to put a small weather sticker
let those who go there know your weather; I will point you in the direction
for a freebie! A public service announcement from the Womack Network.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 22:02:01 (PDT)
Roger Womack

Sam... There is a Wamic, Oregon. It was suppose to have been named after Green Womack's descendants who came out here in the mid 1800's.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 22:43:03 (PDT)
Dixie Sharp

[posted by webmaster: this is going to be in the update, but wanted to make sure anyone interested was aware of it.]

It will be held at the American Legion Hall in Southwest City, Mo. from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All Womack's are invited especially anyone who has a connection to Levi and Polly Ann Baker Womack. We usually have between 75-100 people attend and several of us bring our genealogy books to compare. Hope to see some new faces. For information anyone can contact me, dsharp@clandjop.com. They post signs on the main street and since it's such a small town, you can't miss it.
Thank you, Dixie

Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 23:31:30 (PDT)

I fellow Womack researchers!
I haven't been here in a while and I noticed that our numbers have grown considerably so I thought I would post my Womack info again in hopes that someone out there will recognize a name and give me a hand!\

My Great-grandfather was John Franklin Womack, married to Rhoda Gertrude Asque Black. They had 13 children:
George ?
Edda Johnson
Anna Prather
Sally Jester
Finnett Cook
Fannie Batton
Andrew (Drew)
William (Bill)
Joseph (Joe)
Thomas (Tom)
Burton Lee Womack (my grandfather, the youngest of the 13)
I have chased this bunch all over Texas, Arkansas and Missouri and still not figured out where they came from?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, April 22, 1999 at 00:13:18 (PDT)

I just received the Pre-emption land Record for Martha Womack and son Abner Pryor Womack back from the National Archives. It is the land located in Washington, Co. Ms. which they received in 1834.

Martha Womack was married to Richard Womack, b. 1765/72, and died, possibly in St. Heleana Parish. Martha and children are found back in Copiah Co. MS. By 1834 at which time she and Abner received land in Washington Co. & Copiah Co. with Pre-emption Certificates.

It is witnessed by a JESSIE ? WOMACK. There is a big ink spot over his middle initial. Does anyone know "who" this Jessie Womack is in Washington Co.? Or how he fits into these Womacks? Thank You... Markie

Sunday, April 25, 1999 at 10:31:15 (PDT)
Doyle Womack, Jr.

[posted by webmaster; for those that might have the gumption to restart the Womack newsletter...]

I was surprised and delighted to see the information on the Womacks. I live in Texas and have tried to trace the genealogy on a sporadic basis. If you know of someone who is updating the information contained in the news letter, I would like to participate on a somewhat regular basis. Several of my cousins have asked for the information, and perhaps we could exchange ideas and comments on how to revive the newsletter. Thank you for all your hard work.
Sincerely Doyle Womack Jr.

Sunday, April 25, 1999 at 16:51:16 (PDT)
Carol Basore

Does anyone have any info on Benjamin Womack from Lynchburg Tenn?

Monday, April 26, 1999 at 05:48:47 (PDT)

On the issue of a Womack Newsletter...Connie Baumann is trying
to get and keep one going....the WGN fills in quite nicely also
as a newsgroup/newsletter etc for passing and receiving data on
our most humble name!!

Monday, April 26, 1999 at 08:21:44 (PDT)
Roger Womack

I just ordered a 14 cd set from www.familysearch.org..... Vital records of North America & British Isles for $ 34.00 & $ 2..62 tax. Don't have a clue what info or quality of info is on it, but the price seems right.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999 at 05:50:57 (PDT)

Anyone here know how the info gets on the IGI?? I am quite sure that
the LDS hasnt gone to Jackson Co AL and White Co AR and picked out my
GG grandparents marriage nor my grandparents marriage..and can I find
out who submitted it someway??? I know none of my immediate family did
as I am the ONLY one actively involved or who cares about the family
ancestry. Hmmmm, wonder when my parents and I will show up??
Anyone think they are cultivating web pages for info??

Tuesday, April 27, 1999 at 10:33:38 (PDT)
Mark Womack

Sam, not that I think the LDS has the highest standards of research (hey, I might be wrong), but I do believe that data can only be added to the IGI by members of the LDS church that have done the research into their family lines. So, that would mean that only somone related to your family line somehow could have submitted it. Maybe there is someone out there you don't know about...

And don't get me wrong, I think the services the LDS provides for their members and for the public at large are wonderful. I just wonder what the standard of proof is for much of this information. Is a reference from a secondary/tertiary source good enough or does the member have to go all the way back to the original sources to prove an ancestor for IGI inclusion?


Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 21:52:36 (PDT)

Sam, & Mark,
I have a copy of a letter from a genealogy firm in Salt Lake City, UT. to James L. Womack of Winn parish stating how they found all of their information, census.. land records... etc...then it says,

"This couple can now be sealed to each other in the Temple."...

so James L. Womack (who recently passed away) is the one who submitted Robert Womack and Wrizopa Southen to the LDS. I feel sure that everything is submitted to them by someone who is a member of the church.


Friday, April 30, 1999 at 05:30:07 (PDT)

Well, as someone once said, there are gonna be many waking up one of these
says finding they are something they werent when they went to sleep. I can
just imagine my great grandmother, a devout Baptist, whose father was a
Baptist minister; and, my grandmother a Methodist, and whose grandfather was
a Methodist minister, waking up to find themselves baptized and sealed as
LDS!! I also a great great grandmother, her second husband and her father
and mother on that IGI list!!
One reason I cannot imagine that one has to be a member of the LDS to up date is the fact there is no one that is actively interested in my immediate
family but me, and there few of us anyway..I have only two first cousins who are not interested, a sister and two nephews who could care less..There are
no other descendants really old enough to be interested. That is why when I
saw my great and grandparents I was surprised!

Friday, April 30, 1999 at 20:35:09 (PDT)

Well, since that first thang on the searchon the LDS site, I have been unable to find the names..mebbe gg-gf and grandpa were such hellraisers they didnt qualify for sainthood!!

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