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Date: Nov 1, 1998; 20:19
Bonnie L. Womack

I have recently started working on our part of the Womack Family Tree. I am looking for information on William Wesley Womack. He raised his family in Illinois and we believe that he came originally from Tennessee or Kentucky. We are not real sure. According to members of the family he was a school teacher, who was born in the late 1800's he had 4 sons, Paul, Bond, George, Amos and 1 daughter, Iris, who is still living. Her memory is not real clear on any other information, as told by other family members. The children were all born in Vermillion County, Illinois. Paul is the grandfather of my husband Paul. William Wesley Womack was married to Mary Marshall. Not sure of the year. I have also learned that the line that my husband belongs to may have Indian blood. This has not been confirmed. In speaking to his step-grandmother, she had met a gentleman who spoke of the Womack family in Oklahoma, which has Cherokee in the family line. As of this date, I have not been able to confirm this. The gentleman also spoke of Womack's in Huebner, Oklahoma, that may have some connection in this.

Date: Nov 2, 1998; 10:10
Gail Stafford

LEVI WOMACK the good fiddler!! Brother to F. M. Womack. Levi married Nancy Pendergraft. I believe one of their sons to be WILLIAM H WOMACK b1846 m. LUCY A. ARNOLD. Levi and Nancy's other children are as follows; Malvina b 1844 m. Simpson, Thomas?Homer b.1848, Mary Ann b.1850 m. Rankin, Isham W b.1853 m. Elizabeth Thompson, Joseph J b. 1853, Calvin Newton b 1856 m.Francis Mayberry, John b 1859 Lucy b. 1863 Henry b. 1865 Betty b. 1867 m Frank Lewis Levi T jr. b. 1868 Nancy b 1870 Queen b. 1873 CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO WM H and LUCY ARNOLD WOMACK? Their daughter lived with a Arnold family in the Dade/Cedar counties of MO. Some of my data is the work of others and some has been reserached by me. Thanks Gail

Date: Nov 2, 1998; 16:18
Connie Womac Faraone

My family is orginallly from Cleveland, Tennessee. My father was Eugene O'brien Womac, and his brother is U.L. Womac;my grandfather was Ransome Womac and they lived in Polk County Tennessee. I know that my grandfather's parents were killed when they were riding one of little cars on the railroad tracks coming back from church. My mother is Catherine Liner Womac, her father was Colonel Adophlus Liner married to Willie Bell, and they lived up around Athens, Tennessee. Looking for anyone who may know my parents and/or grandparents...

Date: Nov 2, 1998; 21:57
Lisa Moses

Let me first say, "I don't know how in the world you people can keep up with all these Richards, Abrahams, etc., I have been nothing but confused from the start of the Womacks. I commend you all." My father-in-laws g-grandfather Rev. John Christian Pharr married Elizabeth Womack, dau. of Nathan and Louvicia(b1800) Womack. Nathan (b.1795) was the son of Abner & Martha D. Womack of TN. I found him in Warren Co. Louvicia was the daughter of Abram & Nan Womack of IL. This is what the tombstones state. Nathan and Louvicia are buried at the Old Bethel Cemetery in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. I get lost from there. Can anyone help? Thanks, Lisa McDowell Moses

Date: Nov 3, 1998; 20:46

OK, gonna lay one on y'all since someone said somethin about Levi the fiddler. Back some years ago, I heard of a Paul Womack that had a group called the Puddle Jumpers..yep that was what I heerd!! Suposedly Paul was a fiddler and he made a fiddle by gluing matchsticks together sanding and etc whatever it takes to make onna theem thangs. I also heerd they played on the old Grand Ole Opry at one time..A letter to there in the mid 70's produced nothing. Enny one else got ennythang on this??

Date: Nov 4, 1998; 23:25
Roger Womack

Sam, there was a Paul V. Womack that played a fiddle in the Grand Ole Opry. He was born Feb 5, 1885 in Coffee Co., TN. He was the 4th son of Thomas Price Huston Womack and Mattie Elizabeth Blackburn; son of Francis Marion Womack (the author of the letter on WGN) and Martha Jane Thomas; son of Isham Rice Womack, sp Mary Ann Stewart; son of William Womack sp Lucinda Womack, she was the daughter of Thomas Womack and Louvisa Rice. William was the son of Abraham Womack and Elizabeth Stubblefield. I think I got that right!

Date: Nov 5, 1998; 07:32

Roger, Thanks...Supposedly this Paul was a cousin to my G-GF--If so, then the Thomas/Louvisa line is closer to me than I thought. I am aware than many of this line were in Jackson Co AL where G-GF went from TN and eventually married. Then many moved westward and were in the Florence AL area. So was G-GF as that was where GF and his sister were born..

Date: Nov 5, 1998; 10:12
Roger Womack

In Re: Bonnie L. Womack's message dated Nov 1,1998. I have tried to use the e-mail address listed but it was returned. I have William Wesley Womack as the son of John Wesley D.Womack sp Julie Ann Reynolds; son of John Wesley Womack, sp Elizabeth Moss Hogan; son of Abraham Womack, sp Nancy Ann; son of Thomas Womack and Louvisa Rice.

Date: Nov 6, 1998; 17:57
Roger Womack

Spoke with Carlos Uvalta (Carl) Womack today. He and his wife have been sick for a while. For those new to WGN Carl is one of the old-timers in Womack research, his books can be ordered at your local family history centers on microfilm, the call number is Film Area 1597789 item 9. He's been hearing about us on WGN and said he would love to hear from us. He's 79 years old and not ready to get into these new computers. His address is: Carl Womack, 8 Anita Road, Colorado Springs, CO. 80906.

Date: Nov 8, 1998; 18:43
Roger Womack

Trying to find Benton Co., Alabama. apparently it has changed names as it is not on the map. Also still trying to find John Davis Womack born May 9, 1861 Attala, Etowah Co., AL. married Mary Etta Battles. Any help would be appreciated.

Date: Nov 8, 1998; 23:21
Robert E. Womack, Jr.

Anyone with information about Womack's around the Rockingham, North Carolina area please contact me. I am looking for information on my grandfather, James Rufus Womack and his brother Roan Womack. Any help greatly appreciated.

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:12

November 10th, 1998 site update is complete. 45 new or updated researchers and over 230 researchers total! 2 new feature articles and 1 new source article. My thanks and appreciation to Mary Glenn, Miles Womack, and Bobbie Callahan for submitting these articles. Roger Womack submitted an article on the Womack genealogy of actor James Garner, but I haven't had a chance to convert it to HTML yet. Look for it in the coming days. Enjoy! -Mark

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:15
Mignon T. Nicholson

[posted by webmaster] William Watson Womack m. Mary Logan. Their daughter Ann "Nancy" Williams Womack married William Oldham Lovelace. Their daughter Mary Womack Lovelace married William W(alter) White. Their daughter was Carrie Smithie White who married Henry Clay Glover in 1901, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. The White's left Virginia and traveled across Tennessee where they had several children. They came to Elgin, Texas and eventually to San Antonio.

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:20
R. Ilene Tracy

[posted by webmaster] My husband is descended from 2 of Richard and Ruth Owen Womack's sons. On his father's side Hezekiah and Mary Windows Womack, Henderson and Mary Ann Murrell Wommack and Mary Emily Wommack and Jesse Thomas Tracy. On his mother's side Daniel Henderson and Mary Owen Womack, Richard Bently and Polly Wiseman, Delilah Jane Wommack and Thaddeus Snider, Sarah Alice Snider and William Allen. Hezekiah and his brother Daniel are buried at Cedar Bluff Cemetery near Fair Grove in Greene County, Missouri.

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:23
Thomas Womack

[posted by webmaster] My grandfather was William Thomas Womack, SR - his father was John David Womack, SR - his father was Reverand Doctor John Crosby Womack. I have information on all of my fathers brothers and sisters both living and dead - most of whom still reside in Oklahoma City. Would like to have information back beyond Reverend Doctor John Crosby Womack.

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:27
Paul Marshall Womack

[posted by webmaster] My father Samuel E. Womack was born October 1900 in Coffee Co. TN and died Dec. 1962 in OH. His father was Thomas Alexander Womack who was born in Franklin Co. TN (year unknown) and was married to Nancy Tuck, also born in Coffee Co.. They had 6 children in addition to my father- Eula, Jessie Mae, Bessie, Vera, Edna and one other boy (name unknown) who died at approx. 21 yrs. in a drowning accident. As far as I know, all 7 children were born in Decherd TN were the family lived. My father was the second to the youngest of the siblings. If possible can you help me in locating all the information available on this Womack line. I am 42 yrs. old and was born when my father was 56 yrs., so almost all of of his side of the family had passed on before I was born or not too long after. My mother is 76 years of age and has an excellent memory, but knows little about the Womack lineage prior to my father's parents. She does, however, have a wealth of knowledge about the migration of a number of my fathers siblings. My mother is the last person still living that can help in piecing our geneology together. Although she is in relatively good health at this time I feel that time is of the essence in extracting important details which can guide me through this research. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated. I hope to here from you soon. Sincerely, Paul M. Womack

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:30
Lawrence R. Wiley

[posted by webmaster] Annie Leigh Womack was my grandmother. She was born in Georgia in Oct. 1889 and died in Spalding Cty., Georgia on Aug. 1, 1957. Her primary residence was Lamar Cty. Her father was James Edward Womack and he was born in Georgia in March 1870. Her mother was named Florence Duke . She was born in Georgia in March 1873. James Edward took a second wife and her name was Willie Lee Copeland. James Edward had a brother named Henry and his wife was Lila Duke. Henry was born in 1874 and died at the age of 81. Lila was born in 8-4-1878 and died at the age of 76. Annie Leigh married James William Bishop from Ga. who was born in Sept. 1876 and died Feb 25, 1936. James Edward Womack and Florence had 7 children( Fletcher, Willie C., Loudie, Pearl, Albert, Ammie, and Annie Leigh. I do believe that is it. Would love to get some help. Thanks!

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:32

ATTENTION: Pamela Tracy Womack-Gardner the email address you submitted,, is not valid. Please send me an email with your correct email address. -Mark

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:34
Linda Snow Davis

[posted by webmaster] I know my line is William of Effingham Co. Savannah Ga who married Elizabeth Inman and was deed propert belonging to the Shadrack Inman Heirs in Greene Co. Ga. in 1784. I believe his father was Frederick of Halifax Co., NC. who I understand was a son of William who married Martha both of NC. I am very pleased to know this site is here to help with this line. Hopefully it will help me clear up a lot of confusion.

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 02:35
Jo Jordan Faulk

My grandfather is Robert Kendrick Womack, MD of Shreveport, LA. Died 1974. First wife's: Grace Hardin, 2nd wife: Virginia Dupree (both deceased).

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 03:01
William Barry Womack

[posted by webmaster] My name is William Barry Womack. I am originally from polk co. Ga. I don't know much about my family except that my grandfather"s name was William H. Womack. I know all me aunt"s and uncles but hardly ever see or talk to them. I know he lived in Harralson co. Ga. but i'm not sure if he was born there. My grandmother was Bernice Womack and her maiden name was Roach. I think this is very interesting but I have no idea how to trace my family back since most of them have passed away. I would really love to find out all I could and it would really be appreciated if you could stay in contact with me via e-mail. If I can find out more I'll be sure to pass it on through here. Are you a Womack? If so, where are you from and do you know any Womack's in Ga.? My e-mail address is

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 11:04

Miles, your submission of the letter from J T Womack was quite interesting. And I realize people spoke and wrote different back then; however, the name of the town was not Facklin, but Fackler. It is NE of Scottsboro up I70. That is where my G-Gf was married in 1881. And also brings me to what I came on here for in the first place. As we all know The parental mystery of Thomas who married Louvisa Rice has perplexed many of us for years. I noted in the Frances Marion writing Mark had here previously; and in the book on Thomas and Louvisa, that their son Levi married a "Miss" Bean. This should be the same Levi in Miles submission. At the URL listed here, I have placed some of this information and a means to compile and compare notes on Thomas and Louvisa..Would appreciate those of you who have info on this line doing so. This is not my direct line; but I know it is kin and closer than I originally thought..

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 11:38
Roger Womack

IN RE: To Tom Womack (Posted by webmaster Nov 11, 1998) William Thomas Womack was the son of John David Womack; son of Dr. John Crossley Womack (possibly Crosby); son of David Womack sp Mildred Womack; son of Richard Mansel Womack IV; son David Womack sp Mildred Pryor. His ggrandfather John David Womack had a daughter Abbie Lillian Womack who had a daughter Mildred Meek who had James Bumgarner (James Garner the actor) This is upcoming on WGN......................IN RE: to Paul Marshall (posted by webmaster Nov 11, 1998) Samuel E. Womack; son of Thomas Alexander Womack; son of John Hawkins Womack. At my local FHC, I found some information he was the son of Elisha Womack brother of Michael (featured on WGN) Other researcher list John Hawkins with other parents, I would sure like to be corrected on this line........... IN RE: to Linda Snow Davis Womack (posted by webmaster Nov 11, 1998) Per Carl's book; William Womack sp Elizabeth Inman was the son of Frederick Womack son of William sp Martha; son of John Womack sp Mary Akin; son of William Womack the Immigrant. Some of these early generations are confusing to me, any documentation would be appreciated.

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 17:01
Dana Womack

I am just starting out my research. Does anyone have any information on a William Jennings Womack living in Texas or Oklahoma in the early 1900s (around 1915)? He had several children, son W. J., daughter Thelma, to name a couple. Unfortunately, I don't have much information.

Date: Nov 11, 1998; 21:38
Roger Womack

The new feature article written April 4, 1896 from J.T. Womack (John Tipton Womack). I have in my notes he was.... A.K.A. John Benton Womack, does anyone know where this name came from?

Date: Nov 12, 1998; 23:34
Cindy Peters

My mother's maiden name was Womack. My g grandparents were Daniel Brown Womack and Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Greene; my gg grandparents were Jesse Womack and Julia Ann Brown; ggg grandparents were John Womack and Fanny Coleman; gggg grandparents were Jesse Womack and Dorothy Prior (?); ggggg grandparents were Richard Womack III and Nancy/Ann Childers. I would love to hear from anyone that shares this family line.

Date: Nov 14, 1998; 22:50
Paulette Haynes

I'm trying to locate descendants of Frank and Catherine Warren (Haynes) Womack. I believe Catherine died 1938 in California. She was the daughter of Rev. William Andrew Haynes b. 1830 TN.

Date: Nov 17, 1998; 01:10

September 1998 messages moved to message archive. You can access them via the link above. -Mark

Date: Nov 17, 1998; 01:16
marcella phillips

I am looking for betty and janet williams daughters of david and shirley williams Ihave some important news about their mother.If any one has any information please write Marcella phillips 511 anderson road helenwood tn 37755

Date: Nov 18, 1998; 11:23
Rhonda Lytle

I found out about an interesting search site from a family list I belong to. I wanted to post it to this list because I thought some of you might find it useful. It is a search site that gives information on some holdings including information on the Dawes Rolls and how to order the applications and supporting materials. I searched Womack, and received 24 hits. Some of the hits really got my curiosity going. There were several applications to citizenship through the B.I.A. I hope this helps someone The site is:

Date: Nov 19, 1998; 07:55

OK, y'all all know me. Always comin up wif sumpin controversial. So, food fer thought. We all have Abrahham Womack Sr married to a Sarah Summerscales/Summercales or whatever. I havent seen the surname that I can remember anywhere except on her name.. WHAT IF>>>She is really Sarah Summer Scales?? Summer being a middle name?? I have seen the Scales surname...jes' think it ovah...hmmm?

Date: Nov 19, 1998; 10:25
Roger Womack

Sam, one thing I have found out in this genealogy work is, just about anythings possible. She is the only person with that surname I have seen. Many people list her as the mother of Abraham's children but Sarah Worsham was the mother of his children. Sarah, A.K.A. Sumerscales/Sumercales/Somerseals came over on a land patent dated 20 oct 1691 (well after the children were born) with 16 other individuals in which Abraham received 879 acres of land. Patent book 8. page 172. In that listing her name is spelled Sarah Somerseals. In the United States Passenger List 1538-1940 it is spelled Sarah Somerseal. Somerseal won't generate to many hits either, so back to where you were, Scales, Seal/Seals, there is alot more of those around.

Date: Nov 21, 1998; 02:17

Do any of you know of a Womack named Doice?

Date: Nov 21, 1998; 11:17
Roger Womack

Michelle, your email address did not work. There was a Doyce born abt., 1935, probably in Oklahoma as his parents were. A little more information might help.

Date: Nov 21, 1998; 20:55
Betty Phea

WILLIS LAFAYETTE WOMACK D.ABT 1949 m.Fronie Annie Elizabeth Davis, my gparents,mothers side.Their children that I know are Sons-Albert(Houston, m.Gracie?),Floyd (Henderson Tx,m.Gladys ?)"JB" Franklin Lafayette, Joinerville tx, and twins Arther and Other(died in infancy).Uncle Arther is the only living sibling,Tyler TX. daus were Artis Ester(Seagroves),Alma(Webb), Doris(Vance,died in childbirth 3rd child),Lillian(Ross),Ruby Loucille,died 7 yrs,wood cutting accident,Maggie Edith Seagroves(my mother.My dad Benjamin and aunt Ester husband, Nathaniel were brothers. gparents died in Joinerville,Tx,both buried Union Grove Cementery Smith County Texas.Email if you have information on this family.Thanks

Date: Nov 23, 1998; 07:51

Mark--glad to see you got that garbage off here!! I sent the person an E Mail asking not to do that and advising it had no business on a page like this. Will not repeat the reply..but I did copy the stuff here before you took it away and the reply and send to Microft Net(they own hotmail now) Methinks the guy with the middle eastern name will surely get suspended fer a spell (I read their TOS!).

Date: Nov 23, 1998; 14:40
Jerry Abbott

Trying to fill in some blanks..(hmmm..seems like an ongoing problem with genealogists) If you have any information concerning Nannie WOMACK and John F. (Dick) CROWDER, I would appreciate hearing from you via email. Nannie was John's third wife. John was born 25 Dec, 1837 in Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL, and married Nannie on 10 June, 1874 in Springfield. They had one known child, Clinton Carroll CROWDER, and their last known place of residence was Pawnee. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for you time and effort. Sincerely; Jerry.

Date: Nov 23, 1998; 15:33

Sam, thanks for taking that action. More important to me, however, is that everyone realize that the WGN does not endorse or condone the spam scams that have been getting posted here recently. ALL of them are a con, please DO NOT send anyone any money. I think the crooks have decided to start posting to genealogy boards because genealogy tends to have more new people experiencing their first time on the internet. And new people can be vulnerable and gullible enough to fall for the scam. Don't be one of them! Be aware, -Mark

Date: Nov 23, 1998; 16:20
Sharlene Porter-Williams

After reading this page of enthusiastic, motivated WOMACK postings - I think I feel a glimmer of rekindled hope. My solid start of facts is a copy of Marr Cert and License stating the marriage took place "at the house of J.A. Womack and M.A. Womack. Date: 8th day of January 1868. She was Millie E. Womack marrying Francis Marion Ladd in Christian County, KY Census and other research gave me Joseph Alexander and Mary A.M. Grogan as her parents, but no real proof. Was told Millie was born in Cadiz, Trigg Co, KY. After marriage they moved to Joplin, MO then to Carbon County, WY where Millie had a mysterious disappearance. Ring any Womack bells? Will gladly share all descendants for just one ancestor!

Date: Nov 25, 1998; 07:31
Mary Ann Womack

Posted by Sam from Guest Book: Date: Wed Nov 25 00:47:18 1998 Searching for the past and the present Thanks for having this site. Hopefully it will help in my search. I'm trying to find my Womack line. My grandfather Prentice Earl Womack was from Texas (Temple I think). He married ?Rudy Ann? They had some kids and of course the only name I have of the children is my father Prentice Earl Womack Jr., who I think is somewhere in Texas. If you or anyone else has any information on past or present relatives, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Date: Nov 25, 1998; 07:41
Michael Andrew Womack

Posted by Sam from Guest Book: Date: Fri Nov 20 22:23:48 1998 William William Womack's wives and children prior to William W,'s marriage to Sally Smithand their 1. William W. and his wife Sally and their kids lived in or around Huttig Ark Some of W.W. womack's kids prior to Sally were named Richard, George and Newport-want to know about other sibs and half sibs through W.W. and a previous wife Ruth and we understand there was a wife and possibly kids prior to this. William fathered last child Horace at age 71 or so. William and Sally left Ark to go back to Jackson Parrish LA(ended here).

Date: Nov 25, 1998; 17:26
Roger Womack

William William Womack sp Ruth Adams, chldren were: Zelia; George A.; Richard L; Newport: Lewis; and Fannie. Wife # 2. Sallie Smith, children; Whitton; John William; Jesse Franklin; Claude Earnest; Loney; Andrew Van Buren; Gilbert; Shug; Lige'; Amey; Lanis L.; Alice; and Horace, I don't have a record of another spouse prior to Ruth. William William did pretty good with the 2.

Date: Nov 25, 1998; 23:48
Richard W. Womack Jr.

I have ancestors from Womack, LA (Jackson Parish). I know of a T.H. Womack (1855 to 1902) and don't know what the T.H. stands for. He was my great-great-grandfather. I have info from him down and nothing else. Help!!

Date: Nov 25, 1998; 23:59
sue mc elhaney

I am interested in finding out about my great grandparents. My grandmother was Mary Frances Womack Walls. Her parents lived in Oklahoma and Perry County Arkansas..Her father ran a farm near the Arkansas River. I do not know her parents name, but I believe my great grandmother was an indian.

Date: Nov 26, 1998; 13:31
Renee Womack

In answer to Doug Womack (message posted 22 Oct 98). I am a Womack of African American descent. My family comes from Halifax, VA. I do know of some Womack's from Farmville, VA. I also know I am related to two different sets of Womack's. I've been tracing my family tree for a few years now. I'd be glad to share what I know with you. Will be in touch soon. Take care.

Date: Nov 27, 1998; 02:45
Markie Owen

Richard, my grandfather, Watson Womack b. 1867, had a brother named THOMAS HENRY WOMACK who was born 1855 in Winnfield, La., I have that Thomas Henry Womack died in 1902 in Bienville Parish. Since I have the same birth and death year as your T.H. Womack, I feel like you probably just won the WOMACK LOTTERY!!!! :). Your Womack line is sitting there waiting for you!!! But I sure do need some help on the Women folks!! :) I feel pretty sure this is your g-g-grandfather "T.H. Womack" , because their other brother Allen "Al" Womack died in Womack, La. in 1937. You can go to my web page, listed above and see if anything connects to your branch. I don't have any information listed on Thomas Henry Womack... no wife or children... so if it is the same one, I would love to have your family line to add to mine...... Markie (feeling good thinking we have a success story for ya Mark!!!)

Date: Nov 27, 1998; 03:06
Dianna Nading

Nancy Womack b. 19 apr 1823, d. 26 sep 1913, daughter of Nathan Womack and Missouria Carraway m. Malichi Trafton 23 feb 1841 at Copiah Co., Mississippi. I'm looking for kin and/or neighbors of that area. Malachi was b. at S.C. They both migrated to Texas and died in Gozoles Co., Tx. Any background on this family would be greatly appreciated. Dianna Nading

Date: Nov 27, 1998; 08:04

I know I have touted a lot of places that have free web space. However, I have found one; and another person kindly pointed out to me that if one signs up for their service; they own your data lock stock and if you are thinking of signing up for a service called; read the TOS well before doing so. I would advise this in all cases, other wise you may lose your rights to your own family information..

Date: Nov 27, 1998; 13:20
John Leckie

We have just found out that Millie E. Womack's parents were Joseph Alexander Womack and Mary A. M. Grogan? They were from Christian/Trigg Co. KY Does anyone have any info on them? Millie was born 1856. Thank-you

Date: Nov 29, 1998; 17:22
Chris Slater-Walker

Hello all ! I was at my parents' yesterday and we got talking about genealogy. My mother was nee Linda May Womack born Sheffield, England, 1945 her father was Harry Womack, born Sheffield, England, 1898. and my mother was the youngest of seven children, all of course Womacks (names: Irene, Harry, Frank, Roy, Pauline, Carol and Linda.) Are there any other English Womacks reading this ? Today is the first day I have seen this web site. There seem to be very few Womacks left in England. Apart from the Sheffield family, we know of one other elderly lady living in Bradford, who we suspect is my Grandmother's cousin. It appears from this web site that the Womacks must have emigrated to America quite early on in the European settlement of the continent. Anyway I'll look forward to hearing more about this... Regards to all Chris Slater-Walker

Date: Nov 30, 1998; 07:48

I think this mail kinda gives a lil more info on the Uk branch. It still lives!! The file was not attached to the mail (dang it!). And, I have not heard from this man since I replied that he forgot it... ***Regarding Womack Water, it's in Norfolk and is part of the Norfolk Broads (not a group of women). I came acroos it accidently about 22 years ago on a boating trip and had my photo taken next to the sign. It was presumably named after a clergyman who lived in that area. I shall visit your website as you have most probably visited mine to get this address. There are quite a lot of us in my area (Doncaster, South Yorkshire) and we originally pronounced it to rhyme with stomach but Womack & Womack put paid to that.(remember the pronunciation thang someone sent in earlier??) Adios SW (Steve Womack) ***This is another reply from a Thomas Womack of the UK*** I'm afraid neither I nor my father have no great interest in genealogy; my maternal grandmother is much more keen on the subject, but has obviously been more involved with tracing her own descent. All I know of Womack Water is that it is a small lake somewhere in Norfolk, and all I know of my paternal line is that my grandfather was a Norfolk farmer.

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