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Date: Aug 2, 1998; 11:22

Carolyn, click on this and it should work. Somemay have got out as .com.. If that dont work, use Would like to talk to Helen so would appreciate number. Someone sent but lost the mail somewhere (I think) Sam

Date: Aug 3, 1998; 19:33
Dianna Anderson

Eppy "Bird" WOMACK was born in Virginia and married Mrs. Elizabeth PINKERTON in Warren County, KY on 19 April 1819. This couple may have had relatives in Perry County, MO (John WOMACK married Sarah Pernelia CLIFTON in Perry County, MO about 1880) These families may have come together from Virginia to North Carolina, Kentucky and Missouri. Have genealogy to share! Dianna Fae German Anderson

Date: Aug 3, 1998; 23:28
Roger Womack

Looking for John Davis Womack, b. abt 1861 possibly Atella, AL. He had a son named: Thomas Larkin Womack b. abt1884. Any help would be appreciated. Ancestors or descendants.

Date: Aug 5, 1998; 01:42
Carol Brown

Hello, I'm looking for information about my great grandfather, James M. Womack. What little I have is unsubstantiated though I'm trying to verify the marriage data. James M. Womack, b. abt 1855, d. abt 1895, m. Mary Frances Shelton on 11 Dec 1873 in Dyersburg, Dyer, TN. Children born in Hutto, Williamson, TX: Ollie May b. 20 Apr 1882, Nannie b. 2 Nov 1885, Lillie Lou b. abt 1890, Cuie b. abt 1895, "Sis" b. ? As I have so little to go on, I'd be grateful for any information with possible connections to this Womack family. --CB

Date: Aug 5, 1998; 11:05
Joyce L Martin

Looking for daughter of Levi B Womack b c 1800-1815 (Mother unknown). Daughter may have been born c 1825-1855 (?). This was probably only child of Levi B Womack. Daughter had not been in touch with Father for long time as of 1864. Levi B is brother of Wm R Womack b 10/20/1807 NC.

Date: Aug 9, 1998; 17:38
James A. Woomack

[posted by webmaster] My name is James A. Woomack. My fathers name was Abb (my aunt told me that his given name was Albert) borned 6-7-1898 in AR. His fathers name was Richard Woomack and his mother Georgiana Hopper. I would appreciate any information any one might have on this line of the womack name.

Date: Aug 9, 1998; 20:23
Nelson Womack

Looking for descendants of Abner T. Womack b. 4-23-1830 AL d. 1902 in St. Francois County, MO. He married (1) Lucinda Hahn. They had four Children: Abnor, John William, Sarah, Christian Levi. He married (2) Mary Ann (Polly) Pirtle. They had seven(7) children: Julia Ann, Susanna, Jasper Marion, Robert, Daniel, Lelia, Ellen. I'm a descendant of Jasper Marion Womack. Would like to share any information.

Date: Aug 10, 1998; 21:52

To whomever was looking for the WOOMACK spelling in AR.go to the above URL, click in on Samsville and look at the censuses..will not make any guarantee you will find yours there, but you will know the name was used in AR. And, also there were a group of Womacks that used the name in Australia for a while also then reverted back to the single 'o'...

Date: Aug 10, 1998; 22:33
Roger Womack

Don't know when the name changed from Womack to Woomack but as far as James Woomack's ancestry I have Albert son of Richard Womack sp Georgiana Hopper; son of John Wylie Womack sp Mary Eggleston; son of Andrew A. Womack sp Elizabeth; son of Richard Mansel Womack IV, son of David Womack and Mildred Pryor. I'm still trying to figure out the Richard Mansel IV son of David. It seems if you had a cousin or uncle and they were the 3rd you were the 4th. We do it somewhat different nowadays, I think? This information was passed on to me by family members I have no documentation, just family tradition.

Date: Aug 11, 1998; 18:48
John & Joyce Womack

Don't know if anybody had sent any information on the WOMACK name prior to imigrating America, as I've sinced changed my server. I would appreciate any info on the origin of the name and it's early history,Thanks.

Date: Aug 12, 1998; 01:22
Sam Womack

John and Joyce, On the origin of the name I hold with the old english being wom, meaning hollow, and ack or ock meaning oak..ot someone living by a hollow oak.. However>> During my travels thru cyberspace and thru old snail mail and on mu current job, have come up with the following. Are you Polack=Novak are you Russian- Bomak (pronounced Vomak) are you Czech=Womacek and there are those of that name in Czech according to a correspondent. Also, have that the name was dutch, and had to do with those who came from Holland to help drain the marshes for the English to farm..leading to the Woomack spelling, pehaps..and if I remember, The Womacks from Norfolk were from the lowlands of England?? Correspondent in Australia, says his family used the Womack spelling then to the Woomack, then back to the single 'o'. Take yer pick, until proven otherwise, I stick with the English version of HollowOak!!

Date: Aug 13, 1998; 16:41
Mark Womack

I think it would be very interesting to research other times and places that Womack's migrated to the US and other countries, and from which countries they migrated. Most of us in the United States are assuming that our ancestors are related to the family line of William Womack, the Immigrant. But it is entirely possible that other Womacks migrated to other locations at later times. He couldn't have been the only Womack to migrate. Does anyone have any more information on this? -Mark

Date: Aug 13, 1998; 18:01
Jan Womack

I don't believe that the name Womack has any Eastern European origins. From my research over the last 15 years I discovered at the society of Genealogists in london that the original Womack was one ROBERTUS WOMACK WHO was a Norman knight rewarded for his endeavors in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 with an estate in Essex. The family over the next few hundred years moved up England to Norfolk, through to Licolnshire and Yorkshire. Many of the family were in the clergy and had parishes in Essex and Norfolk. The name was Anglicised to Woommacke, woomack etc. etc. at around about 1200. The name WIUHOMARCH is Breton (Brittany) French and means "Worthy to have a horse" and also infers "Battle Famous". The idea that Womack means "Dweller from the hollow oak" comes from a printout of a false coat of arms and family history sold by a commercial "heraldic" company, I myself got a copy in York. Some of the details in the "history " are correct but a lot of it is myth. The earliest complete family history I have is of Womack of Mautby, co. Norfolk. (Communicated by Arthur Campling, Esq.) The history begins with William Wamuke of East Dereham, Norfolk who was born in 14?? and whose sons William and James(Rector of Yaxham) died in 147 and 1533 respectively. He was a Gt. Gt. Gt.Grandfather of Laurence Bishop of St. Davids 1683-5. The name "Womack" is pronounced "Hummock" in Yorkshire and also in norfolk prior to the American singer Bobby Womack's name being pronounced "Wo(e)mack". This pronunciation has been proved to be the true pronunciation by the family history article written by Father Ralph Baines of the Spinkhill Jesuit Mission in the 1930's where he describes the Womack family's part in the religious wars in the 1600's and 1700's in Lincolnshire. The Womacks had apparently been involved in the hidden centre of Catholic activity since 1600. Father Baines uses the example of Womacks who were powerfully built and prevented the pursuivant from venturing further North from the South as passing Barlborough meant negotiating the Womacks.

Date: Aug 13, 1998; 23:11
Roger Womack

On one of Broderbunds Immigration CD's it list a Mark S. Womack that migrated through New Orleans abt.,1834. I'll have to get the CD back from my father-in-law for the specifics. I would think it is possible that there are some lines that did not come from William the Immigrant.

Date: Aug 14, 1998; 02:56
Jan Womack

Apologies. The third line down on my previous message should read - ROBERTUS WIUHOMARCH - and not Robertus Womack. This would be pronounced Whoomarck which is similar to the pronunciation of Womack today in Yorkshire (Whummuck or Hummock). Father Baines in his history describes the Womacks as being originally a Norman family who had known better days.

Date: Aug 14, 1998; 10:05

I am related to Nancy Agnes WOMACK b. 1887 d 1889, Orchardville, Wayne Co, IL who married Nathan WOLFE. There is some dispute as to Nancy's parentage. I had been told that it was James WOMMACK and Elizabeth BERRY, but have also seen it as Lewis WOMACK (a brother to James) and Margaret BERRY. The father of both men was Abner WOMACK. Nancy Agnes WOMACK'S grandaughter Nancy WOLFE married my Ggrandfather William David DRAKE. All of these folks ended up in Wayne Co, IL. I haven't been able to do much on these lines yet but will share anything I have. Jane DRAKE BRODY

Date: Aug 14, 1998; 19:09
Noel Catchings Womack IV

I live in Tupelo, MS, and I would be glad to share information about Hinds County, MS and Lee County, MS members of my family.

Date: Aug 14, 1998; 23:14
Pat Wommack Jones

HI ALL; Notice new address effective 14 Aug 98. Thanks PJ in LA

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 03:47

Concerning Jan's info, much appreciated I might say, on the origin and pronunciation of the name long ago. I have heard a similar story, where the last name was somewhat differently spelled, and the description of the name was interpreted in this story as "wife-man" indicating a man of slightly lower birth than the woman he married. Really, I read that somewhere along the way. Also there is a woven tapestry in the UK somewhere that depicts William the Conqueror and some others around his "death bed'? supposedly the man kneeling at the side of the bed is this Robert Jan speaks of. Again, need to look up the references for that--Anyway, the more that search, the more we find and the more we know..Now lets prove that Bishop Lawrence was Ole Will's uncle!!

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 03:59

Forgot to mention this earlier, but have put scanned pages of the Abner Womack (b. 1774) Bible on Womack Wonderings. Will be putting on transcripts of the pages at a later date as some are quite hard to read because of smudges..

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 12:07
Roger Womack

Immigrant Womacks: Mark S. Womack, Source: Nancy Krause, Compiler "The Nacogdoches Archives 1835 entrance certificate and citizen applications. "In Stripes, Vol. 15:2 (June 1975), pp 43-50, Vol. 15:3 (Sept., 1975), pp. 84-112 Vol. 15:4 (Dec 1975), pp 152-157. Source: names dates of application (all 1835)), and names of witnesses, Index compiled from the R.B. Blake transcripts of the Nacogdoches Archive, TX..

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 12:15
Roger Womack

Immigrant: William Womack 1823-1836, Source: Minutes of the Board of Commissioner, Fannin County, TX., 1838-1840. St. Louis, MO., Ingmire Publishers (10166 Clairmont Dr.) 1981 p78. Source Annotation: Date and place of emigration. Extracted from records of the General Land Office in Austin, TX., also provide amount of land issued and page number of the bound record where the original record appears. The title on the cover is " The First Settlers of Fannin County, TX.

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 12:20
Roger Womack

I found these interesting: Anton Womacka, 1882, Anna Womacka, 1884, Augustin, 1884. Franz Womacka, 1884, Joseph Womacka, 1884. All the above were from Czech Immigration Passengers, New York Passenger Lists

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 13:57
Jan Womack

Could Roger's MARK S WOMACK mentioned in immigration records be MARK SCOLEFIELD WOMACK, dob ?? 1816@ Wragby, Wakefield, West Yorks. Son of William and Mary (nee Scholefield) Womack, of Crofton, Wakefield.

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 15:43
Roger Womack

William Wamack, 1820, Ney York City passenger list manifest index 1820-1824. North Salt Lake, Utah: Accelerated Indexing Systems International. Source: page # 272.

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 18:26
Jan womack

I think Roger's Mark S Womack mentionned as an immigrant in 1835 refers to Mark Scolefield Womack, born in 1816 in Wragby, Wakefield to William and Mary (nee Scholefield) Womack

Date: Aug 16, 1998; 23:50

Rog! Ole cuz, thankee fer bearing out me Czech info ah heard!! Ah do think this a good idee checkin out the immy-grayshun stuff tho--since I don' have none of that stuff will appreciate yer posts heah on the net.. Ya'all keep on searchin!!

Date: Aug 18, 1998; 01:59

June 1998 messages have been placed in the message archive. You can access them at the URL above. June messages amounted to 70K worth of space! Whew! Also, my apologies to those that sent their info to be added as a WGN member. I will be working on that this weekend. Thanks for your patience and participation. -Mark

Date: Aug 18, 1998; 13:05
Jan womack

Does any one have access to the IGI for Yorkshire, England. My library only holds the July 1984 index and it is not recorded in that one. I'm looking for the marriage of YOUNG MILNTHORPE WOMACK b.1832 to CHARLOTTE ? possibly either Hall or James, sometime around 1856/7. Thanks, Jan. P.S. Hope this message only appears once!

Date: Aug 18, 1998; 23:06
glenn womack

Mark, evidently someone was really into our old cousin roy rogers,take alook at this page also this if this works for you I think we should have this for the background music for WGN. an not too good at html, but if someone on the page can do it I'm willing to help. thanks glenn&peggy womack chattanooga, tn

Date: Aug 19, 1998; 01:16

I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about the online versions of the Womack Genealogy newsletters published by the Womack Family Association from 1957 to 1960. Unfortunately, I have not been able to work on translating all of them to HTML versions. So, instead of forcing everyone to wait, I have placed the unformatted versions of volumes 2 through 4 on the site. You can access them via the URL above. I will be translating them as time goes by. It will give you all a chance to see what I start with and what I end up with as the final product. I also recommend that if you can and you are interested, check out the originals available via microfilm at your local Family History Centers. Call numbers are in the WGN Bibliography, also available on this site. Enjoy, -Mark

Date: Aug 19, 1998; 06:29
W.G. Masoner

Looking for information on Elizabeth Jane WOMAC. b 12 Nov 1841 TN, d 18 Mar 1915 Batesville, AR. Wife of James Monroe Masner. Need marrage date, father and mother.

Date: Aug 20, 1998; 22:46
Jobie Guzman

A comment on the immigration of Mark S. Womack. In 1835, TX was an independent nation and/or still Mexico. So...Perhaps Mark was an American citizen immigrating to a new nation.

Date: Aug 22, 1998; 10:47
Carolyn Powell

Hello, everyone. I have just read through all of July and August postings and enjoyed "catching up." Still not able to get back to research as Mother is not in good health, BUT a few months ago I had hired a researcher in MO to see if she could find proof that my Jacob W. Womack was the son of Green Womack. She could not, but sent me a lot of information which I plan to share with you all later. One of the documents she mailed me was the 1900 Callaway Co. (Calwood Township) Census (MO). I had written MO Archives last year for it, but they could not find Jacob on it. Well, she did. He and Melissa Jane were living with one of their sons, Antwine R. Jacob was stated as being born Aug 1819 and was married to Melissa Jane for 35 years. Of interest to me was the following: Nativity: Place of birth of Father- IRELAND; Place of Birth of Mother-IRELAND. Antwine R. states his father, Jacob W. was born in TENNESSEE and his mother, ILLINOIS. This makes the third Census that Jacob states he was born in TENNESSEE, not ILLINOIS. I am beginning to believe him. The date of his birth does not coincide with the date Green was in Illinois. All of the other children of Green were born in Illinois. My waters are getting muddier all the time with this man! Hope to get back to joining you on WGN soon. Just wanted all to know that I was still around.

Date: Aug 23, 1998; 02:24
Jennifer Womack

I am looking for more info. regarding my grandfather's family, Herbert Womack.he was born Jan 5, 1908 (I think)He moved to Ft. Worth, TX. from Southwest city, MO. His fathers name was Bert Womack. His siblings are Clarence, Forest, Buster,Dave and Velma. Anyone who could help me out, please e-mail me. Thank you!

Date: Aug 23, 1998; 12:30
Stephen Paul Womack

I'm seeking some imformation about my father's family. His name was Major Elbert Womack. His was born in Kansas and then moved to Illinios where he grew up in Batavia. He lived at Mooseheart. He had 2 brothers Nick and Fred. He also had 2 sisters Marie and Arita. Any help in tracing his history would be helpful. Thank you.

Date: Aug 24, 1998; 16:27
Nancy Womack Fogelstrom

A big thanks to Jim D. and Roger for answering me so my grandfather, Yancy Tooms Womack . I did find out that he was born January 6, 1861 (but where?) and died March 4, 1928 of Brights disease ( as per his headstone @ the glendale Cemetary in Arizona. He married my grandmother , september 5, 1883 in Walnut Bend, Texas. I have more information that my daughter, Wendy has been helping me with and I will fill in later.

Date: Aug 24, 1998; 23:11
Iris Yvonne Kimbrell Gray

Hello fellow Womack fans...Willis Womack born 1802 NC married Phoebe Green born 1814-1879 NC. They married Rutherford County,NC. Willis's parents: Anderson Womack & Frances "Fannie" Dobbins. If anyone has any leads to more info on Willis or Phoebe it would be appreciated. Phoebe's parents remain just out of my reach. Willis and Phoebe had a daughter, Phoebe Elizabeth Womack Hamrick born 3 Sep 1849- 9 Jun 1917, she married Robert Burwell Hamrick born 6 Apr 1851-8 Jun 1934 buried Bostic,NC.

Date: Aug 24, 1998; 23:16

OK I've cleaned up the Arkansas page and Womack Wonderings--leaner by far than the originals.

Date: Aug 25, 1998; 16:21
Nancy Womack Fogelstrom

Boy, am I having fun....I found out some more stuff re: William W.(what's W. stand for?) Womack (b. 4-19-1817 d. 3-12-1862) who married Sarah Elizabeth Miers (b. 2-1827 d. 12-1913)...their lastborn son, Yancy Tooms Womack (b. 1-6-1861 d.3-4-1928) (my grampa) married Martha Lucinda (Kerr) Womack on Sept. 5, 1883 in Walnut bend, Texas. (Where was he born?) Their children are: 1) William Womack (b. 1885 d. 7-16-63) He was a railroad switcher and left home at 17 and went to Mexico. 2) Elisabeth (Womack) Davis (b. 3-15-1888 d. 1-9-72) married John D. Davis (b. 1886 d. 1956) 3) Ann (Womack) Fulghum (b. 4-10-1890) d. ?) 4) Ruth Tooms (Womack) Hey-Beer (b. 10-28-1892 d. Nov. 1975) married Otto Hey (B. 1893 d. 1961) 5) John Westley Womack (b. 1893-4 d. 1976) 6) Marie (Womack) Ballow-Slaughter (b. 1895 d. 1949) 7) James Paul Womack (b. 1896,7,8,9? d. Mar. 1933) 8) Lucille (Womack) Wray (b. 2-12-1900 d. Oct. 1984) 9) Yancy Turner Womack (my dad, who was born in Cordell, Okla. and grew up in Arizona (Cochise, Phoenix, etc.) (b. 9-10-1902 d. 6-19-96) married Veronica E. (Doran) Womack (b. 11-22-05 d. 1-26-92) on September 13, 1923 in Riverside, CA and resided in the Los Angeles area. 10) Jesse Kerr Womack (b. 4-10-1905 d. 1960?) 11) Nell (Womack) Harker (b. 1907 d. 5-18-56). The down line from Yancy Turner Womack and Veronica E. (Doran) Womack: 1) Charles Wendell Womack (b. 12-17-25 ) married Eileen Patricia (Slayman) Womack. Nancy Lee (Womack) Fogelstrom (b. 4-14-38).

Date: Aug 27, 1998; 23:48
Molly Strange

[posted by webmaster] I'm new at this, but here goes nothing: I'm searching for information on my maternal great-grandfather, David Leonidus Womack. Don't have his birthplace or date (Dad thinks he might have been born in Mississippi?), but he married Minnie Stracener on Dec. 1, 1895 in Erath County, Texas. (Got that record from Sam's Texas Marriage records - thanks, Sam!!!!) They had 10 or 11 children, Audra Lucille Womack being my grandmother, born March 6, 1901 in Erath County, Texas. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Date: Aug 28, 1998; 16:59
Molly Strange

A hearty thanks to Roger Womack for information on five generations on my paternal grandmother's family! In less than three weeks I've struck gold twice, and it's because of this wonderful site andgroup of Womacks. Thanks for all the help.

Date: Aug 29, 1998; 10:02

Molly! Molly Strange?? Well, ye certainly be strange if ye be a Womack!! Ye be welkum for the info..that is what it is there for. Sam

Date: Aug 29, 1998; 10:11

Ok now to seerious bizzy-ness. My line goes as follows: William, Richard 1, Richard 2, Alexander, Alexander Jr, Jacob, Thomas, Samuel, Thomas, etc. What I have found odd, thru all these years and all the researchers, the only marriage records I have been able to locate are from Samuel down to meself. Well, I did locate the remarriage of Jacob's mother in law in Aug 1772 in Charlotte Co VA. Either we got a bunch of common law marriages, or the minister failed to record the marriage with the county(which wasnt uncommon then, or the paperwork got wet while he was carrying it around and naturally the ink.. well you know the rest!). Any words of wisdom??

Date: Aug 29, 1998; 23:26
Roger Womack

Sam, maybe they didn't carry tissue paper around with them back then. In all seriousness I'm having the same problem with the marriage records also.

Date: Aug 30, 1998; 00:35
Connie Baumann

Hello Womac/Womack/Wommack researchers.. Just wanted to let you all know..I made a trip to Southwest City, Missouri today. Met with a Womack family there who descend from Illinois.. Not my direct line, but thought someone else might be interested in the info I received. I did find one of my Womack relatives there..So you never know!! Anyway, if you have Womacks' in Illinois or Missouri, drop me an e-mail.. Will be glad to check the little info I received, or to provide you with the name of the person I met with..

Date: Aug 30, 1998; 01:39
Karen Woomack Stratman

[posted by webmaster] I was thrilled to learn more about the Woomack or Womack family and can't wait to learn more through your web page. I received a print geneology from a James A. Woomack who lives in Kansas. My grandfather was Oscar, and my father was Andrew Jackson Woomack. The two "O's" were added around the time of my grandfather because there were so many living in Arkansas. I do have a few memories to share, plus some priceless pictures of my great-grandfather, grandfather, and father, who had a general store in Carthage, Arkansas. Well, I will delve into your web page and learn more. This is such fun because I know so little at this point, and everyone but one first cousin is left on my father's side of the family. Thank You! Sincerely, Karen Woomack Stratman [Karen, you are more than welcome. Glad to have you with us. -Mark]

Date: Aug 30, 1998; 01:49

I'm aiming for a site update early next week. We are going to have well over 200 researchers listed and some really great feature and source articles. And you guys are coming up with success stories faster than I can write them down! Bravo! -Mark

Date: Aug 30, 1998; 11:53

Karen, will answer your post to my guest book here. You are very welcome for the AR information. That is what it is there for..Visit anytime; but, remember to post all queries here where everyone can see them, get more responses that way..This is the main thang, mine is merely a storage area..

Date: Aug 31, 1998; 11:14
Iris Yvonne Kimbrell Gray

TO JOE GREEN, I've tried to send you three e-mail messages and they came back. Would like to exchange notes on Phoebe Green who married Willis Womack 5 Sep 1831 in Rutherford Co.,NC. I need Phoebe's parents and any leads to her family. Willis is from Thomas Womack and Louvisa Rice line. Best regards, Yvonne

Date: Aug 31, 1998; 16:00
Mark Womack

On the subject of marriage records or the lack thereof: I have marriage records back to my gg grandfather. After that, they appear to be non existent. I know my ancestors were married and I know to whom, but there appear to be no records of it. My cousin, who has been doing this longer than me, has done research to see if they got married outside of the county they resided, but no luck there either. Did it cost money to get a marriage bond? Maybe that is why some avoided the 'official' route...? -Mark

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