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Date: May 1, 1998; 18:55
Barbara in Nashville

Just a Womack tidbit from another family book: Mary Isabella WOMACK b. 16 May 1804 d. 7 Jun 1885 in Meigs Co. TN married Scott POWELL b. 19 July 1799 d. 5 Aug 1887 Meigs Co. TN They had a son James K. POWELL b 27 Oct 1844 Meigs Co, TN d 15 Nov 1908 Cleveland, TN Maybe this can be of help to someone.

Date: May 1, 1998; 19:02
Jimmy Pillow

I am searching for Mary T. Womack. She had five siblings, George, Bob, John, Sallie, and Mattie. Mary married Hugh Rogers and had eight children, the youngest being Lydia Alma(4 Mar 1892/Bay Springs, Miss.(?) - 26 Aug 1961/ Houston, Texas.) Lydia Alma is my wife's Grandmother. I am also inquiring into the Pucketts in that I am the gg grandson of Daniel Miles Puckett(5 Oct 1814,S.C. - 3 Aug 1859, Union Parish, La.)

Date: May 1, 1998; 20:20
JeraldD Womack

A Lee Womack was my Great,Great Grandfather.Since my father was born in Tahoka Texas I am Assuming that thats where I should start my search.My Grandfathers name was Bascom.Any help would be helpful.I would like information in both directions.Thanks

Date: May 1, 1998; 22:41
Connie Baumann

In response to Sam's suggestion of a WOMACK obit page..I think it is a GREAT idea.. I would be willing to contribute any of the obits I have..Even if all 150+ Womack researchers just contribute a few each..that could add up to a LOT...

Date: May 1, 1998; 23:34
Joyce Wommack

In response to Tricia Harms, I have the following line for Emma Jane WOMACK: Emma Jane, George B. WOMACK, James WOMACK, Abner WOMACK, Abraham WOMACK, Jr., Abraham WOMACK, Sr., Thomas WOMACK, Abraham WOMACK, William WOMACK (the immigrant).

Date: May 1, 1998; 23:40
Joyce Wommack

Along the same thinking as the obit page, how about cemetery listings? I know Mark does have some but I bet there are a lot more out there. I have one of Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Greene Co., MO if anyone is interested.

Date: May 2, 1998; 10:52
Roger Womack

In response to Jerald D. Womack's message May 1, I have for ancestry, Elijah Bascom, b. 1879; Lee Andrews, b. 1858; Richard s. b. 1819, Elijah; Richard; Alexander; Richard; Richard and William.

Date: May 2, 1998; 17:11
Roger Womack

Jimmy Pillow's message dated May 1, looking for Mary T. Womack sp Hugh Rogers, I have a Griffina Womack sp Hugh Rogers, daughter of William Pinckney Womack sp. Katurah Jacob Allen. Siblings of Griffina (possibly Mary T. ) are William Robert b abt.1857; George Washington b. 8aug1859; John Andrew b. abt. 1860; (Griffina b. abt. 1862 ) Sarah b. abt1864; Martha b. abt1866. Does anyone have a Griffina or Mary T. in their files.

Date: May 2, 1998; 18:32
Joyce Wommack

Also for Jimmy Pillow, I have the same family Roger mentions with a few differences. William Pinckney Womack, (son of Nathan & Louvisa Womack) and his wife, Keturah Jecofa (Allen) had the following children: Mary Triphenie, John Andrew, George Washington, Mattie "Martha", Sarah "Sallie" William Robert and Griffina. This information comes from "The Descendants of Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack". I have sent this information to Jimmy Pillow.

Date: May 2, 1998; 19:14
Sam Womack

I just got back from the FHC, finished copying the soundex cards for AR Womacks fot 1900..eyeballs a bit poppin but hope to get them transcribed on disk and uploaded to the site this weekend--they will be in the 1880-1920 area. When I ge tovah this one will go aftah 1910, then 20.. I already have about 5-6 obits ready to go and will probably start the page this wekend and up load those I have. Now to reply to Barbara--Barbara that Mary Isabella who married Scott Powell was a sister to my GGG-GF Thomas P.. Also I think I have the Goodson line a ways back as it ties in with another of mine and William and Anna Goodson Womack are in that file also-- I am trying to find the file where I saw Thomas carried back to Ole Will,, Will do that eventually and throw it out fer debate.. Anyway, lets keep them queries and replies heah and keep this the bestest dang family net in cyperspace!!

Date: May 3, 1998; 13:26
Ann McDonald

At this point, I'm not really sure who was looking for what on this family, so I'll post it here. Carlos Womack's book has Griffina as #13165, and her father William Pinkney Womack as #7523. He's got 2 marriages for William Pinkney as follows - m1) Keturah Allen b. 17 July 1861 children 1) George Washington - died in TX 2) William Robert - died in TX 3) John Andrew - died in TX 4) Griffina m. Hugh Rogers (no further info on this line) 5) Sarah "Sallie" m. Kade Lancaster moved to TX 6) Martha "Mattie" m. General Strother William m2) Lydia MOORE b. 1837 d. 1912 children 7) Turner Horatio b. 1868 d. 1954 m2 times, buried Booneville Cemetery 8) Samantha "Cissy" b. 1871 d. 1903 m. James Eaton buried Allen Line Cemetery 9) James Fletcher b. 1872 d. 1958 m. Verna Wright buried Marietta Cemetery 10) Leanardis Monroe "Lee" b. 1874 d. 1952 m. Ada Hughes buried Booneville Cemetery 11) Ella b. 1878 d. 1910 m. Dr. W. Monroe, she's buried in Marietta Cemetery he remarried and moved to CA. Now, the whole reason I happened to notice these messages was the Hugh Rogers. I'll check my Rogers stuff and see if this was yet another Rogers/Womack connection in the greater Rogers family that I keep track of, although it's not one I know of off hand. If anyone wants to know the ancestry of this William as listed in Carlos' book, drop me an email and remind me of the # I used up above as a reference. Ann

Date: May 3, 1998; 20:39
Mary W. Glenn

Anyone looking for land records of WOMACKS in ARK, MO, ALA, MS should check out the site Mostly you have to put the name WOMACK in the Patentee blank and click on genealogical research. I have found many many records.

Date: May 4, 1998; 00:10
Martha Owen

Hi Everyone, I have just created a "WOMACK SURNAME WEB RING" in the hopes of connecting all of our web sites together here on the world wide web! If you would like to join the web ring go to the address above. For those of you who do not know about web rings, it is a banner/form/graphic that you place on your web page. From this, people can surf the ring to the next "WOMACK" site, and on and on. Every site in the ring WILL pertain to WOMACK genalogical information. Here's hoping we can track down every WOMACK on the Internet! Right now it only has two sites...both mine.. cause it's bran spanking new! I hope I have everything worked out right and it should work just fine. OK, kin folks, lets get connected!! Markie

Date: May 4, 1998; 15:13

Concerning the obit page, I could create another page, similar to the message page where people could post obits that they find. It would be dynamic, and would not require anyone to keep an HTML page up to date. Please let me know via email or this page. I can set it up with the next site update. -Mark

Date: May 5, 1998; 11:03


Date: May 5, 1998; 14:23

I don't think there is a limit on obituary info. They are not like articles. People could post obit info they find during their research. I'm think of expanding it to a series of pages: one for obits/death records/cemetery listings, one for births/birth records, and another for miscellaneous items (like Womack's mentioned in books or magazine articles). People could enter info as they find it. It would be a little jumbled, but at least people could search it. Does anyone have an opinion? -Mark

Date: May 5, 1998; 14:40
Connie Baumann

Mark, I think your idea of the new obit, bith records, Great!!

Date: May 5, 1998; 20:04
Joyce Wommack

I like the idea of seperate birth / death pages, that way we could search the page for what we happen to be looking for at the moment and not have to go through them all. Also, I think past and current would be good. This WGN page may still be going after we are all gone and our descendants would thank us for it!

Date: May 6, 1998; 16:03
Markie Owen

Mark, I think the obit/birth/misc pages are a great idea. As far as them being a little jumbled, I have a small hint that may help some. I learned a while ago, some of you I'm sure already know this, when you are viewing a page using Netscape, you can click on "edit" then click on "find in a page"... a box will come type in the name you are searching for... and netscape will search the page for you, instead of you having to read the whole page. You have the option of clicking on "down" the page, or "up" the page. Most of the pages I just type in my Surname but in this case "WOMACK" wouldn't work to good I don't think! :) So maybe just type in the first name... Richard... David... Abraham.. etc. Hope this help some. Markie

Date: May 6, 1998; 23:54
Mary W. Glenn

I belong to the "Brown Family Genealogical Society". Today while reading the latest issue I came across the following; " Married in this place on Tuesday evening the 2nd instant, by the Rev. Mr. Hadden, JESSE WOMACK, Esq. Sheriff of Sumter County, to Miss Julia Ann BROWN. ........No union could be more blessed---no couple more fortunate" This was taken from the "Voice of Sumter" Livingston, ALA, Tuesday January 9, 1838. I hope this helps someone.

Date: May 7, 1998; 03:19

January, February, and March messages have been moved to the message archives. This page has been so busy I figured I better get ahead in archiving to make some room. The site will be updated this weekend with new researchers and new links. Thanks forr your support! -Mark

Date: May 7, 1998; 13:29
Ann Crumpton

Mark, I really like the way the WGN has expanded and grown. You have done a wonderful job. Because of various reasons, I have not been able to contribute like I wanted to, but hopefully that will change soon. I also like the idea of having pages where we can enter death, birth and miscellaneous information. What about adding a page for marriages, also. I know some marriages or on CD's, but not all because as we know many records have been destroyed in various ways. But there might be a Bible record, family history, probate, land or other record that gives this information. You might want to specify that the record be of this type. I'll leave that to your discretion. Thanks again for all you do for us.

Date: May 8, 1998; 00:37
Martha Brown

I am looking for Sara Francis Womack,parents,siblings,what family she decended from and any information . Sara francis Womack was born Dec.26,1821 in Bblount Co. Alabama she married William Teague Born Dec. 3,1819 in Madison Co. Al. they are my Great great grandparents . Thank you for any assistance .

Date: May 8, 1998; 02:04
Sam Womack

Anyone wanting, will send zipped copy of the FULL Womack genealogy from the "RAW" text scanned original 159 or so pages; also the original scanning of the "RAW" text of Cherry Grove..ensure your server will accept large attached files.up to 800Kb at least.. When I figure out why the 1900 soundex census card info keeps looking like someone threw a grenade in it instead of looking like the lined up version on Claris and a text/doc file..will load them. The 1910 and 1920 will have to wait a spell..taking a sabbatical from uploading and/or researching Womack for awhile and concentrating on related lines.. All data on-line, with a couple exceptions, will not be updated for the distant future....

Date: May 8, 1998; 22:42
Bill Hart

Greetings. I'm a novice at this so I appreciate feedback. Seeking Confederates in my past. My paternal great-grandmother was Fannie Louise Womack (5/15/1864-2/25/1934). Looking for more information on her parents, Elisha and Elizabeth Kelly Womack, possibly residing near Cherryville, NC in 1880's.

Date: May 9, 1998; 09:58
Roger Womack

David Womack sp Mildred Pryor had a brother named John sp lucy Pryor, he also had a brother named Jesse that married a Dorothy Pryor, Is she also a sister of Mildred and Lucy? Jesse after Dorothy's death married Phebe ? thay had several children the first was William born abt 1779, any information on William, his spouse or descendants would be appreciated.

Date: May 9, 1998; 21:23
Connie Baumann

Okay, I am confused here..Just reading back thru messages on WGN..Who is going to have the obits page? Sam Womack states he is going to start one, yet this page is also..Will these be connected or combined? I have obits that I don't mind sending to either/or both sites.. Come on Womack researchers...We need your input. Mark nor Sam can do this alone.. How many others out there have obits, marriage, birth, etc ...records they will be willing to send?..

Date: May 10, 1998; 16:09
Shirley (Manzy) Christine

Am looking for relatives of my mother Jean Womack or Wozniak. She was born in Camria county, Pennsylvania on Jan. 6, 1903. She often talked of her father being a baker and living near Johnstown, Pa. She had brothers and sisters, of how many I do not know.

Date: May 10, 1998; 17:06

OK, Mark made a constructive suggestion that I have followed..take a look at the new look of the page where the Arkansas stuff is and what little other that I have been able to dig up so far from other areas..or people,,, I think you will find it much easier to use..I do apologize for the way the 1900 soundex card info wont believe the probs after almost 6 hours going over the microfilm and writing them down--then transcribing to a disk and then having them lookin great on disk then upload to web and kablooey!! then tried Claris home page and no better that before--So I put it out there where it can be used until I figure a way to line it up as close to the 1880 as possible.. would like feed back on way it is lined up now--

Date: May 11, 1998; 01:47

Lori Smalarz: The email address you send to be added to the WGN Researchers List was incorrect. Please send me an email directly so that I can add you to the list. Thanks -Mark

Date: May 11, 1998; 01:57

Re: Obit/Etc pages. I am going to setting up seperate pages on the WGN site that will work like this message page. But each page will be dedicated to specific types of information: 1) Obits/Deaths Records/Cemetery Listings; 2) Birth Announcements/Records; 3) Marriage Announcements/Records; 4) Miscellaneous Listings. I am doing this regardless of Sam's noble efforts (which I appluad and support). But these new pages will be meant more for single or several items that people have run across in their research, not tons of items from the same family or county/state. If anyone has a large collection of these records that are related to each other by family or subject, then I would prefer to see them put up on the internet as their own web page, similar to the other sources that are already available on the WGN site (and on Sam's). Whether they are available from the WGN site, Sam's site, or someone else's site, I don't really care. I'm not picky about that. The more the merrier. As long as somebody takes responsibility for it and sends me a link, I'll add it to the WGN site. Does that clear things up? -Mark

Date: May 11, 1998; 02:06

All that being said above, I want everyone to remember that I am always open, and always have been, to publishing up items from Womack researchers for either the Sources or Feature sections of the WGN website. The only restrictions are that it cannot be copyrighted material. This usually means: a) You did all or most of the research yourself and are not re-publishing someone else verbatim; or b) The item was published prior to 1960 and the copyright has expired. So, a large collection of vital records that you have researched in the original records is a good thing. Copying items from a book or pamphlet published after 1960 is not. I think that Sam has shown that a lot can be done when one puts one's mind to it. So, if you have any items that you would like to share with others, let me know. Authors maintain their copyright on the material. I or the WGN do not maintain ownership. The WGN is as strong as its members. -Mark

Date: May 11, 1998; 02:26

Walter Womack: Please contact me. The email address you gave me sometime back when I added you to the WGN researchers list is incorrect. Please email me to correct it. Thanks -Mark

Date: May 11, 1998; 08:41
Cecil C. Wammack

Hi Rick Wommack this is Cecil Wammack I see that your name is on WGN web page are you the same Rick that i have in my tree this Rick's dad's name is Carlos Dean Wommack and mother is Geraldine ( nee Guyse )

Date: May 11, 1998; 21:28

Mark, Great..Now for those of you afraid of a web page afraid of no space etc, remember for those of you on AOL you have 10mb, 2mb per screen name.. You can do one maid page then link to others as you do them..try not to put too large of items (like I frequently do) and you will be surprised at how much you can do..I have about 8 mb left on AOL, I have about 15 total directories on Tripod, yet have used only 2.5 mb space. Geocities I have used 8mb out of 20. Remember, Geocities offers 6mb free; Tripod 5 mb free, and there are others out there..If you ATT as a server, you got the space is not a problem. AOL and Tripod probably have the best user friendly get going for novice page builders I have seen..I hear the FTM page is no slouch but havent used mine there from 4,0 yet (3.4 neither)..ONE THING!! do not call your areas storage areas..they are home pages and informational pages...So, what y'all waiting fer?

Date: May 11, 1998; 23:33

One mo time then gone get me butt offn heah and do somethin contstructive. AH got the Iowa/Louisiana/Missouri/Mississippi/Texas Womack marriages up now...

Date: May 12, 1998; 08:42
Barb Rakers

Looking for Rachel Womack who married William Tabor. Wedding date is 1733 in Goochland, Virginia.

Date: May 12, 1998; 17:50
Judy Hicks

I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother, Martha Wommack Roles, she married George Roles in the mid to late 1800's. My Grandmother Golda Irene Roles was born in 1912 and she also had a brother Melvin. My Grandmother passed away in 1993 and I would like to find out more information on her past. My Mother told me that Martha's father's name was Ammerce Wommack and was a Cherokee Indian. My Grandma Golda was born on an indian reservation in Kansas. If anyone can help me I would sure appriciate it. Thanks.

Date: May 12, 1998; 19:29
Patti Elzey

I am currently researching the Elzey family history. We have an aunt named Wilma Belle Elzey (b. 1920 in KS; d. 1995 in MO), she was married to a Womack. We cannot find his name. The children's names, we are told, are James, Waynona, Gwendlyn, and Jerry. We have made several attempts to find the children with no luck. Wilma's parents were William N. Elzey and Martha Lincoln. This has been a very hard history to do and we would greatly appreciate any information we can get! Thanks!

Date: May 13, 1998; 01:55
Donna Walker-Nixon

[posted by webmaster] My grandmother's great-grandparents were Aaron Hardin Allard and Polly Weaver. They were born in the late 1790s. Polly Weaver's mother according to family history was Fanny Womack, and she was a full-blood Cherokee. I am interested in finding out more about the Cherokee connection and about any possible Cherokee heritage that there might be in the Womack line. Is this the right place to begin searching? Any help would be greatly appreciated since the only information I have on Fanny Womack is that which I gave above. Also, her husband's name was Elijah Weaver--if that's any help. Many thanks, Donna Walker-Nixon

Date: May 13, 1998; 07:32

COPIED FROM 'THE GAZETTE VIRGINIAN' A Halifax County Newspaper, ----- March, 1998 Elmer Lee Womack Elmer Lee Womack of 3106 Mountain Road, Halifax died February 26, 1998 at his home at the age of 70. Mr. Womack was born in Halifax County on January 13, 1928, the son of Herman Lee Womack and Tassie Nash Womack. He was married to Inez Clark Womack and was a member of Mount Vernon Baptist church. His survivors include his wife; three sisters: Odell Younger of Nathalie, Marie Alderson of Vernon Hill and Kathryn Perkins of Halifax; three brothers: Hugh Womack of Halifax, Harold Womack of Vernon Hill and Robert Womack of Pelham, NC. Funeral services were held Sunday, March 1 at Powell Funeral Home chapel with the Dr. William Trimyer officiating. Burial took place in the Halifax Memorial Gardens. ----MARK ---DOES THIS VIOLATE THE COPYRIGHT LAW?? ---IF SO PLEASE DELETE AND ADVISE AND I WILL REWORD.

Date: May 13, 1998; 08:48

Jest a lil tidbit I picked up tuther day thru work..dont think I shared it wif y'all yet. Hd a phone call frum a lady in Tucson AZ..obviously she was born in another country..when I gave her my name she asked if I was Czechoslovakian..I said not that I knew of and asked her why..she said the name WOMACK was a name in Czech that meant large and playful or someting like that..I told her had seen the name WOMACEK before and she said same name meaning something small.or small..I asked her if these were just slang names or were they also surnames..she said BOTH!! Her job for last 40 years..deciphering names that came thru Ellis Island and other immigration documents that were butchered up in spelling, and yes she is of Czech origin!! Another addition to the mystery of the name??!!!

Date: May 13, 1998; 15:29
Tracie Womack Joyner

I am looking for any info on my great-grandfather Jacob Moore Womack. no DOB/no DOD.. He m. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Peters. Sons were James O. Womack (my grandfather), George Womack, Albert Womack, & Robert Womack. Daughters were Ruby Womack Bryant & Elsie Marie Womack. The family was originally from Mississippi and moved to Louisiana. I don't have much info, thought maybe someone could help me get started. Thanks.

Date: May 14, 1998; 00:34
John Dolliver

O-K all you Indan Abe fans. I have heard this name popped around multiple times, and I believe I am directly tied to this individual. PLEASE email me and let's compare notes. Thanks in advance, John

Date: May 14, 1998; 02:55

WGN site update for May 13th, 1998 is now complete. We now have 168 researchers listed, 26 new or updated for this update. I also removed the 'lost' researchers I listed a couple of months ago that did not reach me. Be sure to check out the 1sr Anniversary message (yes, it has been one year now), and the links to the new feature and sources. Sorry I did not get a chance to implement the death/birth/marriage/misc lists for this update. I will get something up by this weekend. Have fun! -Mark

Date: May 14, 1998; 19:55
Bobbie Callahan

Is anyone researching the Womacks in Kentucky? My gg grandmother, Harriet Womack b. 1805, daughter of William Womack b. ca 1762, was born in Adair Co. KY. Several of her siblings were also born there. I would like to confirm some of the birth and death dates I have. Harriet married Charles Bryant in Adair Co. on Dec. 19, 1825. Would appreciate any help. Bobbie Callahan

Date: May 14, 1998; 23:19
Pamela Gutsche (Womack)

Dear Mark Happy one year birthday and may there be more to come on the internet. Without your hard work and love to find the information on the Womack family line, I know that I would not have found so many wonderful family menbers out there. For we are all related in one way or another if not by blood then by name. Keep up the good hunting. Love your Mark. Pam

Date: May 15, 1998; 08:53

Yesterday I copied down the MiracodeCard Index for Womacks in AR. Will get on line as soon as poss. Found one entry that kinda jiggled my brain a bit and let me know for sure that all Womack's did not come from England after all. I found a WAMACK and his wife that were born in Germany, he about 1854. And to indicate no mistake, his father in law was listed as age 84 and also born Germany!! Keep watching will have this one out there soon and then the last, 1920!!

Date: May 15, 1998; 08:59

Have the 1910 Miracode cards hand copied now for AR will get online soon. found one WAMACK born in Germany abt 1854!! Also,MARK--I will scan my copy of that "crest" send to the dude in England and see what comes of it..OK?? As I remember, from way back,someone exposed it as a fake.

Date: May 15, 1998; 15:50
Carolyn Powell

Happy Anniversary, Mark. You have done a wonderful thing getting this WGN started. Sam has a great idea re adding Obits, etc. I will be happy to share what I have compiled. I like the idea of separate categories though. Sure makes it a lot more simple to look through items of the same subject. It has been a few weeks since I have looked at WGN and could not believe all of the activity that has gone on!

Date: May 15, 1998; 22:59

Thanks to Jobie Guzman, we now have the Womack marriages for Middle Tn on line..I put them on the Samsville page tonite THANKS JOBE FER A JOB WELL DONE!!

Date: May 15, 1998; 23:13
Patraicia Barnes

I'm looking for information on Mary Womack b Abt 1750 in Va/NC d Surry Co., NC Married David Harvill/Harvel b Va/NC abt 1750 d 1817 Surry Co., NC, now Yadkin Co.NC. Mary's father was John Womack b 1717, his father William Sr. b 1682, his father John Sr. b 1653 and his father William Womack I. Thanks for any help.

Date: May 15, 1998; 23:54
Johnny Womack Case

to Tracie Womack Joyner: Tracie, I found a Jacob Moore Womack b. abt 1836, d. abt 1936 in MS. His parents were Jacob 'Jake' Womack b. 1804 & Hezikiah 'Kissiah" Beard. Jacob's parents were Richard Womack, b. 1765 and Martha. and the line goes on up to the immigrant, Willilam. I got this connection from

Date: May 16, 1998; 06:17
Ernest T. Womack II

HELLO WOMACK'S How did you like the movie THE ROCK? That was the first time I have ever heard our unique name mentioned in a major movie Just thought it was neat, I live in Riceville Tennessee My father is Ernest T. Womack Sr. Mother is Francis R.(Marney). Did you know that Jesse James mother Zurelda Cole was related to a Womack....Hmmmm

Date: May 16, 1998; 20:49
Carolyn Powell

Czechoslovakia, Germany and now I have another one for you. I received the following information from "History of Idaho,The Gem of the Mountains" James H. Hawley, 1920, Vol III, pp 876-879: ISAAC WOMACK: " ......traveled to Idaho in company with his parents, Alexander and Phoebe (Perkins) Womack, and his brother, Asa Womack who is fourteen months his senior. The father was born in Shelby County, IL March 26, 1836 and was of Welsh descent on the paternal side, his father being Green Womack, the son of a WELSHMAN."

Date: May 16, 1998; 21:02
Jami Hamilton

Hello, Boy this is a great website! A little overwhelming to someone just starting out on her Womack ancestors. My 2nd great grandmother was Amanda Jane Haddock. Amanda Jane was the daughter of John D. Haddock and Martha M. Womack. Martha Womack (b. 1830 , d. 1907 St. Genevieve Co MO) was the daughter of William R. Womack and Hannah? I just recently received this information from Cousin Marjorie Pace after finding her on the internet. I descend from Amanda Jane Haddock who married James Quincy Monger, had daughter Ollie May Monger who married Arthur Isaac Newberry. Best regards Jami Hamilton

Date: May 17, 1998; 11:40
Joyce Wommack

Well, well, a year old already. Where has the time gone? Sure does fly when you are having fun! Thanks to Mark for all the hard work that has gone into providing this resource for all of us. Thanks also to all the contributors and researchers. It has been a great year and I am looking forward to the next one. I would also like to say a special thanks to Sam for his contributions. I picked up some new marriage dates for my Greene Co., Mo people. Thanks Sam. I am also looking forward to the new obit/death/birth/marriage, etc pages however they are put together. (I like the idea of seperate pages). I think, tho I have not tried it, that my database will sort and export my names and specific dates and location only. I could then delete the ones with no dates and share what I come up with. Is this what we are talking about?

Date: May 17, 1998; 12:54
Joyce L Martin

Mark, Sam, Ann, Jode, Mary, Jean, Joyce and the rest of the contributors I really appreciate this page. I am housebound and this source of information has become invaluable to me. I have met some relatives I didn't know existed; some close relatives and some not as close. Everyone has been very helpful in trying to find info I requested. A source of info on obits, deaths, etc. would be a highly prized resource. Again thanks to all of you who have so graciously helped all of us. It is appreciated.

Date: May 17, 1998; 18:12

Still workin on 1910 Miracodes fer AR1910 can tell ye, that the spellign and the way they they read the census was lousy.however all as put on cards -- thru John A Madison Co now also have thru John Sevier Co written down fer 1920 then the census stops remembah tis is fer AR only.. put yer info out theah fer yer state>> Mark told me shouldnt berate ye fer not putting more out or creating yer own page and son on: Mark be right! Ye want to participate an share, we all know you will put what evah ye got out any way possible and not lay back and not contribute yer info!!

Date: May 18, 1998; 12:58
Cecil C. Wammack

Hi Sam I have been to your web page and it is looking good but i have a problem on the Mississippi marriage's in Tippah Co. you show this WAMACK, L Miss---LINDSEY, Walker--1874-Jan-22, WAMMACK, Allen---FRAZIER, Fannie---1897-Aug-30, WAMMACK, Cordelia E---HODGES, J F---1883-Mar-14, WAMMACK, E J Miss---DUNCAN, W H---1878-Jan-08, WAMMACK, J D---CHILDERS, Ettie---1887-Nov-20, WAMMACK, J H---CRENSHAW, Mary---1858-Oct-26, WAMMACK, J W---GARNER, Bettie---1883-Dec-23, WAMMACK, Mattie---BARKLEY, G T---1898-Dec-28, WOMACK, A M Miss---FORTENBERRY, G L---1868-Dec-24, WOMMACK, Carrie---CLARK, W A---1890-Dec-14, WOMMACK, Lauva---WELCH, William---1891-Dec-24, WOMMACK, Sallie---COX, J R---1888-Dec-13, This Louiser Charity Wamack, Cordelia Wammack, Mattie Wammack and Sallie ( Sarah ) Wommack are all spelled Womack This Carrie And Lauva Wommack are spelled Wammack

Date: May 18, 1998; 18:31

Re: Coat of Arms - Sam, feel free to point the person you are emailing to the web page on the WGN site: Might be easier than sending an image through the mail. -Mark

Date: May 18, 1998; 20:11
Cecil C. Wammack

Hi all listen i did not mean to insult anybody especially Sam I know the info. he has came from Mississippi Tippah Co. homepage but i feel that if we come across wrong info. we need to set it straight i would hate to lead a researcher down the wrong track keep up the good work everyone

Date: May 19, 1998; 02:14

By popular request, the Womack Vital Record Pages are now available on the WGN site. Link to them from the home page or point your browser at: Please let me know via email if you encounter any problems while using these lists. Also, when posting an item, please be sure to read the directions and guidelines on what can and cannot be posted. Thanks, and enjoy! -Mark

Date: May 19, 1998; 08:15

1> Mark- will do, but he appears to be a stuffy old bird--will try on the crest thang! 2>Cecil-corrections are appreciated - however, those names are exactly as taken from the marriage CDs. I did no editing on them whatoever other than lose the soundex codes--wit till you see the MidaCode Index I am puttin up when the server gets its bug out--you think transcription has reached new heights of mispelling, misnumbering--I have put the info down exactly as the cards were, and remember the 1910 Miracodes are typed not handwritten--the only way to get it really straight is to see the real census data as referenced--and I found at least one peson in one county that wasnt on the Miracode Index at all!! Happened to run across whilst looking at some data on me own family.. I will keep your info and perhaps just put the corrections in parens after the way they appear on the cards?

Date: May 19, 1998; 14:04

1910 Miracode Index for 1910 AR Womack's on line!! Also moved The Wonderings but they are still accessible thru the same page jes one moah click is all.. Found out that if you save an htm/html page and then bring up in Excel Word Perfect, you can edit is as if it were an on line page (Excel will also convert to htm/html from raw text)..when I edited the 1910 for about the 12th time (yes at least that many) to get the columns lined up, worked like a charm!! Wordperfect will also create tables for you without all the hassle of the syntax too! Hey, I lucked out nevah really tried it but got desperate for anything to make that stuff look bettah (still gone go back and redo a couple, latah) Y'all keep on truckin and keep on searchin" Y'heah!!

Date: May 19, 1998; 17:47
Stephanie Gayle Womack McCormick

I was born to Lora Reed and Max Vernon Womack. I am trying to locate him. Please contact me if you know this person.

Date: May 19, 1998; 20:09
Kirk Barron

I am searching for William Harrison WOMACK, Jr. who was born abt 1863 in AL. His wife Jacqueline MASSEY was born in Cleburn Co. Arkansas in 1866. Their children were named Homer, Ira, Jerry, Abbie, and Helen Daisy. Helen Daisey was born in Fort Worth. William Harrison and Jacqueline died and are buried in Fort Worth, TX. I believe that William Harrison Womack's father (Sr.) was married to a woman with the first name of Harriet

Date: May 19, 1998; 21:06

I ran acaross some of me stuff out on the web and appeahs twas submitted verbatim to WFT..doin some trackin now,but I am gone smoke some shorts when I find the fool who did it..I dont mind sharin..and do so freely..but I ways said not for commercial means..and WFT and Broderbund dang shuah aint family membahs..

Date: May 19, 1998; 23:37
Denise Kneifel

Happy Anniversary, and good luck in the future. Keep up the good work. I like the obit idea, also.

Date: May 20, 1998; 01:37
Markie Owen

SIC' EM SAM!!! Load yer double barrel! You KNOW I "hate" them cotten pick'en sap suckers what takes another person's hard work and makes em som money off'n it!! ;) Wow Mark, I can't hardly believe a year has already passed. If time keeps passing this fast, MY descendants will be hunting ME! You have done a wonderful job here. Thanks from all of of Womack descendants!..... Markie

Date: May 20, 1998; 22:36

For those so inclined, there is a really great text-to-html converter for the Macintosh called HTML Markup 2.2.1. You can download it from It is shareware and very cool. -Mark

Date: May 20, 1998; 23:13

Markie, thankee and know why ye share the same feelins as one who haunts this net is guilty of that..wont say no names but aint no dang Womack fer shuah. Mine took it frum me Brewers and did it found that much. And, Mark, beleive it or not!! Exceo wordperfect 7.0 does a creditible job of convertin to HTML also, that is the only way have been able to keep the last few pages togethah and upload intact rathah than a fox in chicken house effect! Also Excel makes tables great and then converts to HTML tables so dang easy too! I bein heah a spell but that was a total surprise and man wuz I dumb not to find earlier!

Date: May 20, 1998; 23:18

Mark, And, in case I have not sed so..job well done!!

Date: May 21, 1998; 15:44
Carolyn Powell

Sam, I don't believe you have to pay for being able to see World Family Tree. I recently downloaded a gedcom file that had some of my ancestors on it and I sure didn't pay for it. Of course, I certainly don't think some one should take an entire file and submit it as their own. I have hesitated in submitting our "Trees" to FTM or "Ancestry" mainly because not all of the information is documented and I'm tired of incorrect data being passed around. I enter what I find, BUT I make a note of the "Source" and where I got it, how good of a Source is it, etc. As you know, not everyone does that! It should be very easy to find out who sent yours in as the Submitter email address is given with the Gedcom file to download. Good luck!

Date: May 22, 1998; 11:54
stacy (womack) Leavitt

I am needing to find where my family fits in with all of the others. Most of the WOMACKS in my line have been in UTAH for about the last century but befor that it looks like they came from TENN. (About 1850, I think) If anyone has Utah connections and would like to share information I would realy appreciate it. Thanks

Date: May 22, 1998; 15:36
Carolyn Powell

I received a message that there was a Jacob Wamack and Nancy Mason of McDonough County, IL who married 5 March 1840. Does anyone know who the father of this Jacob was?

Date: May 23, 1998; 15:53
Carolyn Powell

OK everybody, I posted the few documents I had in my possession on the wonderful new pages Mark has set up for us to use. I don't see a whole lot on there yet. It's time consuming and unfortunately mine were all pretty long, but if I can help one person then it's worth it.

Date: May 23, 1998; 19:41

Reference a few of the items above: Kirk--go to htttp:// click in on the 1900 soundex cards--use your find feature and enter Jacko click and you will find your William and Jacqueline--and yes, the name is on the card as Jacko--no mistake! Stacy--somewhere heah, and gotta look some, theah is a dishcarge or service record from the Union on an Alexander Womack, methinks of Utah--and some small other information--living descendants still there--keep gently reminding me and will send as soon as I can find.. On the Jesse James/Womack/Cole relationship-- There is a book, and very stupidly I did not write down the title/author 24 years ago, that relates how Jesse lived with a Family of Womacks while hiding out in SW MO--it tells he taught Sunday School and singing while was there. When he was leaving, some of the Womack boys wanted to ride with him; but, he wouldnt let them--if anyone knows the title of this book please let me know-- Elizabeth Jones Norman (GGG-GM), mother in law of me GG-GF Samuel M Womack, was reputedly a cousin of the James brothers--remember I said reputedly and the tale goes about a 2nd cuz--

Date: May 24, 1998; 00:37
Ricky Womack I

Mark is your dad Johney Womack and your uncle is Kenneth Womack . If so then my dad Albert is your 2nd cousin . Could you let me Know ? Ijust got off the phone with Him. He told me to tell you that Kenny said HI Thankyou, Ricky Womack I

Date: May 24, 1998; 07:08
Carolyn Powell

In Sam's latest message he refers to "an Alexander that he thought lived in Utah". Don't know about that, but the new entry I made on the Misc. Page refers to an Alexander who was a Union Soldier and he lived in Emmett, Idaho. There may have been another Alexander that ended up in Utah. Stacy needs to check that out in a book that lists the names of soldiers that fought. I recently found one for the State of SC and found some Confederate soldiers I was researching in another family line.

Date: May 24, 1998; 09:45

Carolyn Thanks for the correction, remember I was working form memory and at my age that goes qiuckly at times..will look up the data next time afore I speak; but do know that I have that military paperwork heah sumwheah and will get to Stacy as soon as I find it agin.. thanks agin--(gee what are cuz for if not to point out yer mistakes,LOL)

Date: May 24, 1998; 10:24
Carolyn Powell

Sam, I have been checking back through "Womack Genealogy" by Maxine Tinkham and on page 43 is something from a grandson of Alexander and Phoebe, Henry Clyde Kelly. "when the Womacks came out West, they came to Kelton, UTAH by train. They shipped their stuff to Kelton from Missouri. They got wagons in Kelton and came to Boise and finally Emmettsville." I have a question for you regarding Alexander. An obit for him states he has two sons, RAYMOND AND JAKIE, Raven Den, Arkansas. Do you have anything in your database on them? Thanks.

Date: May 24, 1998; 13:03
Daniel Ray Womack

Okay, here is all I know about the Womack descendants. It only goes back to my Grandparents, and after that, I'm really unsure. My father is Steven Ray Womack born in North Highlands, CA on March 18, 1952 to his Mother, Wanda Womack, and his father, Daniel Otto Womack. Daniel Otto Womack was born, I believe, on August 1st and I'm not sure the year. I believe it could be 1921. He was 69 when he died on December 1st, 1993. I don't remember his mother's name but I know she died in October of 1992. He was born on a Hopi reservation in AZ. and his father's name was also Daniel Otto Womack. Like I said, it's very unclear. Oh, my father had a brother and two sisters. He was the oldest, and the other siblings was a brother, Edward, and two sisters, Gay and Mona. Gay married Marvin Page, and Mona Married Steven Moses. Edward is married to a woman named DeVone, abut I'm unsure of her maiden name. I have a sister, Steohanie Lynn Womack born April 9th, 1982 in San Francisco, CA. I was born June 17th, 1978 in Long Beach, CA. That's all I know, and if someone knows where I can turn, please let me know.

Date: May 24, 1998; 14:46
Joyce Wommack

For those who may not know, here is the address for the Bureau of Land Management: You can search for and retrieve land patents from here. It is only for eastern states but quite a few are there. A friend sent me some on Missouri ancestors. Maybe you can find yours too.

Date: May 24, 1998; 16:59
Carolyn Powell

To Daniel Ray Womack: I think it is absolutely wonderful that at the age of 20 you are interested in your heritage. Good for you!

Date: May 24, 1998; 17:29
Joyce Wommack

I found a Daniel Otto Womack in my database that would be about the right age to be the father of Daniel Ray's grandfather, Daniel Otto. I have passed this info on to Daniel Ray. I also think it is great that he is interested in his family history at such a young age.

Date: May 24, 1998; 18:08
Roger Womack

Also sent a message to Daniel, he should be getting plenty of info, I had down to his father. He ties in with Markie's line back with David and Mildred Pryor.

Date: May 24, 1998; 19:19
Susan Molnar

[posted by webmaster] I am very new to this web site. I'm also especially new to this geneology but from what I have taken from Cherry Grove written by Egbert Hudson Womack, William (2) of Cumberland was son of William (1) of Goochland and my 6th great grandfather. Chapter 1V gives a little bit of detail about him. A Charles Womack is also mentioned, and he had a son named Charles. A Nathan Womack, also mentioned, had a son named Charles. When you mentioned Sandy Creek, I am curious--Sandy Creek in Ky. where my line (Tignal---one of William's sons) came to live. Tignal bought his own land in Ky. but my great or great grandfather (Tignal's grandson) bought land from a bachelor Charles (who came from Virginia) in 1820. My husband and I live in Virginia and are touring around Prince Edward County this weekend where William (3), son of William (2) lived. Do you know of any Womacks left there, cemeteries to visit, etc.? Thanks---Susan

Date: May 24, 1998; 19:21
Mark Womack

Ricky Womack: Yes, it sounds like we have a match! I have tried to send you a couple of emails, but I guess they didn't make it. Please email me directly at so we can link up! Thanks! -Mark

Date: May 24, 1998; 20:11

Carolyn Raymond Womack, age 21, Izard Co AR 1910 Census is best I can do there were others in this timer frme ranging from 3 to abt 10 years old. No Jakie, numerous Jacobs -

Date: May 24, 1998; 22:57

I said I would find this and put it out fer scrutiny--this is not my research therefore have purified it a bit--but this is not the only one I ahve like this..I found one I merged with another of my Womack lines, and guess what--same basic thang-- Truth or wishful thinking, I dont know-- Descendants of William Womack ..1 William Womack Abt. 1619 ......2 Abraham Womack Abt. 1644 ..........3 Abraham Womack Abt. 1687 ..............+Jane ..............4 William Womack Abt. 1710 ..................5 Thomas A. Womack Abt. 1743 - Bef. 1790 ......................+Louvisa Rice ......................6 William Womack 1773 - 1843 ..........................+Anna Goodson 1785 - 1868 ..........................7 Anna Womack 1814 - 1895 ............................. +Alfred S. Allen 1811 - 1886

Date: May 25, 1998; 00:15
Rosamond Worrell

I have been a member of WGN for almost a year now and I haven't made but one inquiry. I've talked to some cousins and have met one. What I am looking for now is the whereabouts of my 4thgreatgrandmother's grave. Her name when born was Mary Avia Womack,born abt.1803 in GA. She married Charles Timothy Paul, Jan. 13, 1818 in Jones Co., GA. Her death date is unknown. She may be buried around Vicksburg, MS. Her second husband was Jim Gray. Jim Gray died in the Civil War. They had several children. She is said to be living with one of her children (a Paul or a Grey) at the time of her death near Vicksburg. I would appreciate help in finding her. Rose

Date: May 25, 1998; 01:00
Roger Womack

Well Sam your right about opening this one up. I have the same lineage from Thomas and Louvisa down, but have him descending from John of course that is not documented. I would love for someone to get this one figured out. Abraham 1644 son, Abraham Jr, I have born just after Thomas, abt1667 and married to Tabitha Jane Hudson, they had a son named William abt 1668 sp. Mary C. Woodson. OKAY, Someone else get involved here.

Date: May 25, 1998; 04:35
Daniel Ray Womack

I am looking for any information concerning the grandchildren of Daniel Otto Womack and Wanda Irene May. Daniel Otto born 8/11/1920 in Ray AZ. I need as much info as possible on the children of Mona Louise Womack/Steve Moses, Gay Ellen Womack/Marvin Page, and Glen Edward Womack/DeVona (?). If anyone has any info, it would greatly be appreciated. Also, the deathdates for the siblings of Daniel Otto Womack, Jr. I believe Emma Maxine was married five times. There may also be another brother, David Womack. I'm getting these reports from Wanda May, and she can't directly give me the info I need on her grandchildren. All I have are names. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Date: May 25, 1998; 09:25
Carolyn Powell

Sam: Thanks. Who were the Jacobs listed in that time frame. I figured Jakie was nickname for Jacob. I have seen an article that listed my Jacob as Jake. I was somewhat confused with Raymond and Jakie's father, though. After looking back I saw that Alexander (the one I was reading the obit for) was the son of my Jacob. I got some good information regarding Alexander Selkirk Womack from Roger, though. My error turned out to be a good one!!

Date: May 25, 1998; 10:56
Dianne Rutherford

Someone please help me with this one. I am trying to find information on the parents of Elizabeth Puckett b. abt 1680 in Henrico Co. Va. and died 10-5-1725 in Henrico Co. Va. She married Richard Womack II b. 6-1674 in Henrico Co. Va. and died 4-1723 in Va. I have her parents as William Puckett b. 1654 in Henrico Co.Va. and died 5-1723 in Henrico Co. Va. and Ann Womack b. 1657 in Henrico Co. Va. and died 1694 in Henrico Co. Va. I have also been told her parents were John and Elizabeth Allen Puckett. Also told her father was Richard Puckett. As you can see I need help. Richard Womack II and Elizabeth Puckett Womack are my 7th great grandparents. Thanks in advance. Dianne,

Date: May 25, 1998; 22:21

Diane, Click on the URL here and when at that page, look for RKElliott, click on that one and will take you to the Womack page where alla the Pucketts are also. I thinkyou will find what you are looking for there. Keith has done an excellent job along with the others listed, in getting that info together.

Date: May 25, 1998; 23:53
Dianne Rutherford

Sam, thank you for the information. But, I must be doing something wrong. Every time I click on RKElliott it said, The site was not found. Make sure the address is correct and try again. I try about four times but couldn't get it. Dianne.

Date: May 26, 1998; 00:27

If any more of you have had trouble with the RK Elliott page, try agin; Diane kindly pointed out the trouble getting in and it was a typo on my part- If anyone has the Mary Womack who married John Williams; let me know. I have that Williams line back quite a ways; and also have James' mother's line back to King Robert the Bruce's grandfather. Also the Stewart Kings, James 1 thru whatever. James sister Anne was my 7th greatgrandmother on another line(Daniel)

Date: May 27, 1998; 03:01

Keith Elliot's page is also linked on the Womack Related Web Pages on the WGN site. -Mark

Date: May 27, 1998; 15:48
Chuck Gipson

I would very much like to receive any information on William Womack, b-ca 1768/69 in VA. He served in the war of 1812 and was in the 1820/30 census of Bedford County, TN. Married Margaret Ellis in 1790 in Lunenburg Co WHO WAS HIS FATHER? William and his 2'nd wife Francis had the folling children, Mahaley-ca1817, Michael-ca1819,Steave,Sara,-ca1824,David-ca1826,Rebecca-ca1829,William Wiley Green- Aug-8-1828,John Hawkins-ca1832. John Hawkins is my wife's g-gfather. Any info on who Williams father was and on his family would be very,very helpfull. Chuck

Date: May 28, 1998; 22:20
Roger Womack

William R, Womack b abt1807 sp #1 ?, #2 Hannah, #3 Lucy Womack. In the F.H.C., ancestral files it list Jane Scott as spouse #1. they had Francis Marrion Womack. Does anyone have any info on Jane Scott, or the parentage of this William.

Date: May 29, 1998; 15:07

Hi Folks! Congratulations to Mark for a great year!!! Also want to say the same to Sam for all of his hard work because he has a great site as well!!!! Now, If anyone out there can help me with my Womack's in Nashville, AR I sure would appreciate it! I am still trying to nail down my Womack's and their link to all of the other Womacks!!! HELP ME HERE!!!! Thanks, Jeanie

Date: May 29, 1998; 17:01
John Leckie Jr.

[posted by webmaster] Locations: Christain County, Kentucky. We are looking for info RE: Millie (Minnie) Emoline Womack/Womick. She was born about 1857. She married Francis Marion Ladd 1-09-1868. She died in 1894 in Carbon County, WY. They had four daughters and two sons. Thank you and happy hunting!! John and Debbie Leckie Jr.

Date: May 29, 1998; 17:13

Jeannie If I am not mistaken you are looking at Michael Womack and descendants in Nashville AR?? How far back are you..?? I have his line as Ole Bill the Imigrant and Mary Jane Allen Richard m. Mary Puckett Richard m Elizabeth Puckett Alexander Womack m. Martha unknown David m, Elizabeth unknown Michael m Sarah Jones David was a brother to Alexander Jr who was my 5th GGG-GF (and BTW the Alexanders were really James Alexanders, evidenced by The son of Alexander Jr who called himself James Alexander III). Is this what you are looking for???

Date: May 29, 1998; 18:15
Ann Lindsey Crumpton

I am trying to prove the parents of J. H. WAMMACK, who was b. c1830 in NC. He is in Hardeman Co., Tenn by 1870. The 1870 census listed, wife: Mary and children: M.D., b.1862; S.A., b.1864; H., b.1865; I.E., b.1867; and K.E., b. 1869. I think J.H. married Mary E. Crenshaw in 1858 in Tippah Co., MS. Is J.H. the son of Jordan & Elizabeth LANE Womack of Halifax Co. NC.? In 1850 they have a son "Henry, b.c1829". Also, in 1874 J.H. purchased the land that Jordan, William, Asa, and David inherited from their deceased brother, Kinchen, in Hardeman Co. Information on any of the people would be appreciated.

Date: May 29, 1998; 18:33

NC and VA marriages, what I have anyway, are at Womack Wobderings, above URL

Date: May 30, 1998; 21:55

I made this policy change some time ago, but didn't announce it. There has been only one rule for getting listed in the WGN Researcher Index: You must be doing some kind of Womack family research. Well, I added a second rule: You have to list the areas you are researching. A county/state list is ideal so that other researchers can find you with precision, but at least a state list is required. It just doesn't make much sense to be listed without an idea of where your ancestors lived. This addition does not affect the majority of researchers listed as most everyone has a location list. The few that don't will be contacted by me so that I can update or remove their listing. FYI, -Mark

Date: May 31, 1998; 12:41

Someone was looking for someone married to a Rhoda, I think it was Jeannie. didnt find the husband; but did find a daughter in law named Rhoda as shown. 1880 Census WAMACK, Steven/66 TN/County: Hempstead Tenti/W/46 AL/MCD: Redland Rhoda/DL/16 AR Vol: 5 ED: 108 Thomas/N/24 TN Sheet: 34 Line: 40 Alex/N/21 TN WOMACK, William/N/20 TN BAILEY, Martha/Bo/30 TN Levi/Bo/ 9 TN Sarah/Bo/ 9 TN Hemnpstead Co is right next to Howard Co where Michael and Sarah Jones Womack were. There was also one in Madison Co (NW AR).

Date: May 31, 1998; 16:04

THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!!! To Sam for all of his hard work. Thanks to him and his AR census records I have found my John and Rhoda Womack in Madison County, AR in the 1900 census. I have also found the names of 3 of the children that we did not know what their names were. If anyone knows anything about a Levi, Cora or George Womack from Madison County, AR please would you get in touch with me as soon as possible! Thanks so much to everyone who has been of help to me! Jeanie Hill

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