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Date: Mar 1, 1998; 00:26
Joyce Wommack

I found an interesting site: This is a list of Confederate Pension applications. There are 46 Womack's listed, some of which may interest John Dolliver as he is asking about Trinity Co., Texas. It should be of interest to all Texas researchers.

Date: Mar 1, 1998; 01:02
Margaret (Womack) Robinson

I am Margaret (Womack) Robinson. My father is James K. Womack and his father was Robert Ethridge Womack of Yell County Arkansas. My great-grandfather was Robert C. Womack who was born in 1854 and married a Mary Elizabeth Hudgens. I would like more information if possible. Thanks.

Date: Mar 1, 1998; 08:50
Beryl Wolma Crismore

WOLMA, Benjamin born in the Netherlands May 22, 1847 came to U.S. around 1868 married Elizabeth Mary Home in Peru Indiana in 1888. Died in Indianapolis Indiana in 1937. This is my grandfather and I am wondering if Wolma could be a variant of Womack? I can find no other information on his family in the Netherlands. Thank you, Beryl Wolma Crismore

Date: Mar 1, 1998; 15:47
Gloria Perry

Hi, Anybody out there doing Wamacks (Womacks) in Prince George County, VA.? I'm back to Burwell Wamack (c1750-1819) who was a guard at the Prince George goal (jail). His son, Samuel Wamack (1791-1859) also of PG County, is my gggfather. Would appreciate and enjoy sharing with anyone having info on these two souls. Also for anyone from Virginia, where would the PG jail be in say 1770?town-wise? Thanks for your help, Gloria Perry

Date: Mar 1, 1998; 23:11
Robert Womack or

I have really enjoyed the last couple of days of looking at some of the data found here-in. I am especially looking forward to a visit to the 2-Womack family reunions. If I only knew which one to try to attend. I am a descent of John Hawkins Womack who was born in 1832 (IAW 1860 census Franklin Co. TN) or 1834 (IAW the 1870 census Franklin Co.) and married a Caroline C. (Cassy) Morris (1835-1903) (IAW the book "James Hart and his Descendants"). The book also lists a Hawkins Womack whose lans was ajacent to John H. I have been unable to find a link to any parent or grandparent of John H. Womack. ANY help would be highly appreciated. Best regards to all, RFW

Date: Mar 2, 1998; 11:17
Carolyn Powell

Joyce Wommack: Would you double-check the address for Confederate Pension Applications? Didn't connect with the one you listed. Thanks. Carolyn Powell

Date: Mar 2, 1998; 23:38
Joyce Wommack

For Carolyn Powell and others who may be interested, I just re-checked the address for Texas Pension page, and I got right on. Here it is again: It's a good site.

Date: Mar 3, 1998; 13:54
Everett Womack

I am new to the WGN and wanted to post some information that I have which is not much. My dad was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1882 and died in Portland, Oregon in 1973. His parents I believe were James Womack/Francis Elizabeth but I am not positive. He had three brothers Jack, William, Robert and possibly a sister named May He had 3 childres from his first marriage who were Robert William, Frank Marcus & Estella. I was his only child from his second marriage and my Name is Everett Dallas. Dad worked on leather belts used in the industrial area. It seems that none of us has any information and what we do have is fragmented on our family and would like to know some more if anyone has any information

Date: Mar 3, 1998; 22:59
Cindy Womack Blakesley

I have a problem that has been haunting me for years, any help that anyone out there can give me would be GREATLY appreciated. My search for my Womack ancest- ors is at a halt with my ggrandfather who was Plenny Virgil Womack b.28Mar1871 d.23Dec1934. According to his death certificate his father was William Womack born in Mississippi and his mother was Rachel Watts born in Tx. According to my great aunt PV spent his whole life searching for his father because his mother hid her children from their father all their lives. PV is supposed to have a sister but no one knows her name or what happened to her. I know I'm connected to all of you I would like to know how. Thanks for this opportunity to try and find out.

Date: Mar 5, 1998; 00:11
Eleanor Womack Draper

David, Well, you were right about the wide spot in the road! My Womack family is descended from the Ste Genevieve County bunch, William R "Buck" Womack being the patriarch. I have strong suspicions but can't yet prove a relationship to the Robert Marion Womack family who established a post office in "Flatwoods" in 1892. When the charter was received from the USPS, the town became known as Womack. Robert's son Levi J was the first postmaster, he was born between 1854-1875. (I may have more detailed info in another reference book, right now I have a ring binder perched on my lap with a history of the Griffith family, who was later connected to the Womacks) At any rate, Levi was the first postmaster, his father Robert Marion was Justice of the Peace in Perry and Ste Gen counties, and associate judge of St Gen Co from 1890-1892. Sometime later he assumed postmaster duties from his son. Don't know why. Later on, duties passed to the Moore family (a female descendant of Womacks) There really isn't anything in Womack today but a few houses, and as I understand no Womacks living there (as of 1986). It is a beautiful area. I would love for someone to help me establish a relationship between Robert Marion and William R. I think they are probably first cousins. If I remember right, Robert Marion is descended from Thomas and Louvisa. But William and Robert are roughly the same age, named their kids the same names, came to the area about the same time from about the same place. If you or anyone else has info, I'd be happy to trade and search my info further for exact details. Happy hunting, cousins!

Date: Mar 5, 1998; 20:52
Jo Ann Harshaw

To Eleanor Womack Draper re your message 3-5-98 My Womack family is descended from the Ste. Genevieve Co. bunch, also. Wm. "Buck" was my gggrandfather. Buck was married to Sarah McBee. Robert Marion's father was the son of William and Savannah Womack. Have you seen the book "St. Genevieve County Families"? It has a lot of info on the Robert Marion branch. Also, the Womack Genealogy Newletters that Mark is putting on the web page has an account of Wm. "Buck" and his parentage. His parents were William and Lucy. See page 103-113. Let me know if you have any other info and I will gladly do the same.

Date: Mar 7, 1998; 00:53
Mary W. Glenn

Eleanor, I tried to send a message on the e-mail listed and it was returned. Would you please e-mail me with an address that I could reach you please. Mary

Date: Mar 7, 1998; 22:19
Pete and Dana Womack

I visit this site often to see if anything sounds familiar - nothing so far, but I don't have a lot of info to go on. My father is Richard Norton Womack - b. 1920 in Okla. City, OK, m. Mary Margaret Hanraty in 1943. He had 1-brother Robert, 3-sisters Catherine, Mary Louise, and Ann. His father was Richard N. Womack (not sure what N stands for) and his mother was Margaret Clara Boylen (adopted). We think they were from Missouri. If anyone knows anything about this line, I would appreciate any information. Pete Womac

Date: Mar 8, 1998; 03:08
Sidney H. Womack

need information on my Grandfather; Sidney ? Womack live and died in the East Texas area; Lufkin,Tempson, Tenau, Alto, Hugh Springs. He had three childern; Herbert, Ethel and Henry who is my father. Any help would be appericated.

Date: Mar 8, 1998; 14:21
Roger Womack

Belinda Upton wrote Dec 12, 1997, that she was looking for parents of William Womack sp. Sallie Watson and listed children (1) Tacy Elizabeth; (2) Joseph; (3) Charles; (4) Rebecca; (5) Jim; (6) Columbus; (7) sarah; (8) John; (9) William Newton (10) Mary.........May 23, 1997 Billie Fremont wrote Looking for my ggg grandfather Newton C. Womack sp. Sarah Watson, gg grandfather James Andrew; g grandfather John Henry (look at message)...... Family Tree Maker CD # 5 list the children of Newton C. as (1) Joseph; (2) Charles; (3) Rebecca; (4) James Andrew; (5) John; (6) William; (7) Columbus; (8) Mary; (9) Sarah; (10) Lacy or Kacy; (11) infant..........I think the children for William Womack and Newton C. are the same. Has any one been able to find anything on these families.

Date: Mar 8, 1998; 20:15
Lindsay Womack

The person that was wanting info on Quinn Lee, son of John Thomas, will give me his correct email I will give him the info.

Date: Mar 8, 1998; 20:46
David & Tambra Prince

Researching Tambra's grandparents - (Robert Henry Womack & Minnie James Taylor) The Womack's came from Winchester, TN but relocated to Greenville, AL then to Montgomery, AL. If anyone has information related to these Womacks or Ollie Womack, Irene Womack Staton married to Jack with a daughter named Patsy - Please let us know. We are willing to share what we have so far. Thanks

Date: Mar 9, 1998; 20:45
Marilyn Womack Avila

Researching Womacks in Georgia. Sketchy genealogy passed down from a great-aunt shows the following: Beginning with my father, Noyce Womack b. 8/18/1920; gf Logan Womack b. 4/13/1890 d. 8/10/1972; ggf Frederick (Fred) Womack b. 3/11/1859 d. 9/7/1915; gggf William Wesley Womack b. ca. 1824 d. 3/17/1866; ggggf Thomas Womack b. ca. 1786 d. ca. 1837. At this point it gets a little fuzzy but looks like my gggggf was Abraham Womack who was in Georgia as early as 1764. Is anyone else following this line? Also what is the story with Lawrence Womack, the bishop?

Date: Mar 9, 1998; 21:01
Jobie Guzman

I ordered three Womack death certs from CA & one turns out not to be one of my kin. If anyone recognizes this info & wants this cert, please let me know. Lela Florence Womack, b 10/17/1874 in Minn. died 8/15/1951 in Palo Alto CA. Parents William Garvey & Margaret Layman. Widow of James W. Womack. Informant Russel V. Lee. She lived in Stanford, Santa Clara Co., CA.

Date: Mar 10, 1998; 23:03
Cecil & Kathleen

this is Cecil C. Wammack, son of Charles E. Wammack, from Tippah Co. Mississippi, and I would like to know if Thomas Walker Lindsey, b: 10/8/1855 d: 5/14/1914 and Willam Jesse Lindsey, b:12/15/1844 d: 10/22/1913 are kin to one another. Thomas is on my side of the family and Willam is on my wifes side. Thomas's dad is Refason Davidson Lindsey.

Date: Mar 11, 1998; 19:48

The messages for the months of October, November, and December of 1997 have been moved to the message archives. I'm sure your modem will thank me! -Mark

Date: Mar 11, 1998; 20:03

Just a reminder to all the WGN members out there: If your email address changes, please let me know so I can update the researchers index. I'm going to be going through the current listing to see which email addresses work and which don't. Thanks, Mark.

Date: Mar 11, 1998; 20:21

And...I think our message page rocks! I would bet money that this is one of the most active private surname query pages around! I started this, but it is all of you that make the WGN great! Thanks and let's talk some more! -Mark

Date: Mar 11, 1998; 20:30
Mark Womack

As part of the research on my Womack family in Halifax Co, VA I have gathered a lot of information on all the Womack's in the county. I have begun to work on a book that will publish all of this information and hopefully work out many of the family lines. The outline of the book is at: I have also placed all of the census information from 1754 to 1860 online at: This second link requires that you have Adobe Acrobat to read the pdf file. Netscape and Microsoft browsers should support this format automatically. Any comments and advice welcomed. Thanks, Mark

Date: Mar 12, 1998; 17:27
Cecil C. Wammack

Hi all I have some information i need help on, I show Richard Womack b.1655 d.1684 (son of William Womack b.1620) Richard had a son John Womack b.1689 can Richard's death date 1684 be a type O

Date: Mar 14, 1998; 22:34
Bea L. James-King

I'm researching the Womack line for my step-children, whose mother was a Womack. We begin with Abner Womack 1764 m. Anges Nancy Reid; James Womack 1791-1869 md. Elizabeth M. Berry 1794-1878; Jefferson L. Womack 1815-1901 m. Catherine Barnett 1844-1932; Charles A. Womack 1867-1952 m. Mary Agusta Roos 1872-1953. This family started out in Prince Edward Co., Va on to Lincoln Co., N.C.; Butler Co., Ky; Louisville, Clay Co., Ill. Ending up in Kansas. Vague info on the first three. Any help would be appreciated.

Date: Mar 14, 1998; 23:02
Sam Womack

Because of an apparent controversary and me being mislead and having informatrion withheld for years, I am deleting all my WOMACK data from the web. Please delete my URL from the WGN.. And, last but not least, JACOB WOMACK DID NOT MARRY MARY COLE! An impossibility as her mother did not marry the guy that was supposedly her father till 18 Aug 1772 and she was born between 1760 and 1770-some accomplishment huh?? Y'all have fun researching this bunch, I will continue to do so as a lone wolf. But can no longer accept this obviously inaccurate assessment of a family matriarch!

Date: Mar 15, 1998; 15:11
carol wommack

Looking for family of Maxwell Wommack from Ohio. I married his son, Vaughn and would like to know family history because Vaughn is gone now. Please e-mail me if you have any information, thank you.

Date: Mar 19, 1998; 21:21

All WGN members should have received and email from me recently, testing your email address. Some current member's email addresses failed when I sent the message. I am listing them at the end of this message. If you are one of the people listed, or you are in contact with any of these people, please ask them to email me and let me know their new information. If I don't hear from them in a month or so, I will be deleting them from the researcher index so it is up-to-date. And they are: Richard Dietz (, Lloyd Kuhn (, Donald Mason (, Susan Thompson (, Barbara Walters (, Jaime Womack (, Scott Womack (, Rick Wommack (

Date: Mar 19, 1998; 22:41
Tambra Cowart Prince

Am searching for any information on my grandfather, Robert Henry Womack married Minnie James Taylor. They lived in and around Winchester, Tenn. known to lived there in the early 1900's.

Date: Mar 22, 1998; 01:48
Joyce Martin

[posted by webmaster] I am Joyce St. Gemme Martin, great=granddaughter of Robert Benton Womack, b 1857, died Aug 12, 1920, Ste Gen Co, Mo. Robert was married to Evelina Mayberry and they had 4 children. One of them was my grandmother, Olive Mae Womack. I have tried to find his parents to no avail. Any help you can give will be appreciated.

Date: Mar 22, 1998; 02:04

[posted by webmaster] My name is Cindy. Your name was given to me by Jon Womack. He says you know alot about the Womack history. I was wondering if you could tell me some of it. My Dad is Larry Womack and we are from the Dallas Bay area near Chattanooga TN. He was the baby of 18 and I didn't get to know many of his brothers or sisters, they were quite abit older.

Date: Mar 22, 1998; 02:29

I received this email sometime back. It is in regards to the Womack Genealogy Newsletters that I am working to get online. Thought it would be of interest to all of you: " (Steve Womack) Mark, I wanted to thank you for your recognition of my Grandfather's work on family history. I am Oscar Womack's grandson and I remember as a little boy how hard he worked and how important family history was to him. He was the editor of the Womack newsletter that you included in the page. Ida Lee Womack Deadmon, Oscar's widow, passed away two weeks ago and and closed a wonderful chapter in the family history. I still know some of the older Womacks in the McMinnville area that were involved in this work. If I can help you with your research, let me know. Grandpa traced our line back to Thomas and Lovisa Rice Womack, which was my GGG grandfather and mother. Do you know if anyone has been successful in going back any farther? Thanks again."

Date: Mar 22, 1998; 02:44

If you had problems accessing web links from this message page, they are now fixed. My HTML editor keeps adding a space to the end of the URL addresses for some reason. This problem has now been fixed. Thanks.

Date: Mar 22, 1998; 22:10
Sam Womack

I have posted photos of William Jr and Luck Womack at: I obtained these from web surfing a couple years ago..

Date: Mar 23, 1998; 07:43
Sam Womack

Colrrection to the other message: The name of the woman is Lovina Womack not Luck or lucy as implied..sorry!

Date: Mar 23, 1998; 17:10

Updated WGN site last night. There are 23 new or updated researchers in the researchers index. We now have over 150 researchers listed! That is quite a milestone. Thanks to everyone for their support! -Mark

Date: Mar 25, 1998; 20:40
Cecil C. Wammack

I am looking for info.on Carrie Wammack, b:12/1894 Father James W. Wammack, Mother Betty J. Garner, Carrie married Jim Lipscomb, Thanks Cecil

Date: Mar 27, 1998; 22:14
Sam Womack

OK, proposition..we all know VA and NC for the most part has been beaten to death looking for WOMACKs..GA, AL, TN and KY also, poor ole TX!! but when we look we are always looking for one thing, what we want..not to assist others..SOOO!! why not concentrate on a couple states, waaaaayy from VA and for what we can get, post and the pool info and then work our way back to VA and NC?? ALL go for it and then share no matter if your own or not! Any comments, suggestions, gripes, or????/

Date: Mar 28, 1998; 13:16
Joyce Martin

I am wanting Ellen Draper Womack to get in touch with me.

Date: Mar 28, 1998; 17:49
Carolyn Powell

Yes!!!!! Sam, you have a great idea. I have been beating my head against the wall because I have not been able to get any further proof beyond my great grandfather being Jacob Womack of Boone & Callaway Co., MO. It does seem that his father was Green Womack of IL and Putnam Co., MO, but I still have no documentation. All of the earlier generations of Womacks in VA & NC & blah, blah, blah or absolutely no good to me unless I can connect my Jacob to parents! Thank you for the suggestion and I hope everyone will take it to heart.

Date: Mar 28, 1998; 18:46
Roger Womack

I just got off the phone with a Bob Womack in Suttercreek, CA. A descendant of Green Womack, he told me a story passed down through the family. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this: About 1838 Levi Preston Womack b abt 1830, and a neighbor Mandy Hunter were captured by the Indians, they were traded and released five years later. Several years after Levi's release he went back and had a male child with an Indian girl before he married Ann Marie Plaster, the childs name was Tom Hyde, who later became head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Apparently a book has been written about this incident.

Date: Mar 29, 1998; 10:46
Ernest L. (Verne) Womack

Looking for parents of Newton Womack, b 17 Mar 1838 in Tenn, d 28 Feb 1916 in Pontiac, Ill. m Rebecca Lowry 6 Nov 1868 in Shawneetown, Gallatin Co. Ill. Death Cft and Obt lists parents as "Unknown". Had a brother Green B. Womack b abt 1840 d 13 Oct 1920 in Anna State Hospital. Buried Odd Fellows Cem. in DuQuoin, Ill. His Death Cft and Ob also lists his parents as "Unknown" Would appreciate any information.

Date: Mar 29, 1998; 14:15
Carolyn Powell

Roger Womack: A story re Levi Preston Womack, b 7 Aug 1830 or 25 Aug 1829 was in a book, "Womack Genealogy" by Maxine Hulse Tinkham. This may not be the exact one your friend referred to but this is what Maxine said: "A story has been told that Levi Preston Womack and a Hunter girl, were kidnapped by the Indians in Illinois as chidren. The boy was allowed to ride a pony to camp, but the girl was made to walk behind the pony, even tho Levi asked that she be able to ride behind him. Levi had a child (son) by an Indian girl. Later when the parents found them, they paid the Indians for their release." Levi died 3 Nov 1905 in Cottonwood, CA. He and Ann Plaster moved to Cottonwood in 1849.

Date: Mar 29, 1998; 15:07
Roger Womack

Re message: March 3rd by Everett Dallas Womack, looking for James and Francis Elizabeth. I have been in touch with Everett, his father was Francis Collier Womack, his grand father was James Tignal Womack, b abt. 1840, sp Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) Collier, Grandson of James Tignal Womack, b abt. 1770.

Date: Mar 29, 1998; 17:38
Roger Womack

In reference to the message posted by Ernest L. Womack. In some information I've gathered (not documented) a John Newton Womack, who married (1st) Julie Ann Scott: (2nd) Rebecca Ann Lowery. I sent him what info I had, but don't have much on that line. Maybe some of you researchers have something on John Newton rather than Newton, He is listed as the son of Thomas Womack, sp Elizabeth Blanton.

Date: Mar 31, 1998; 13:48
Roger Womack

Looking for information for a off-line researcher, Peggy Rice. She is looking for Millie Womack, (possibly Mildred) that married Frank Ladd abt.,1880, children were Docia; Octavia and Goldie; Goldie married a Anderson, they had John Frank, abt., 1900; William Marion abt., 1901; Ellen; and Edna. These families were in the Dakota's then to Colorado.

Date: Mar 31, 1998; 23:17
Mary W. Glenn

Does anyone have any idea who the Robert Womack/Wamick on the 1850 Stoddard Co. Mo censu might be? He was born c 1785 in NC he had in his household a female age 20 born NC (name unreadable except it started with a C) Green age 18 born TN; Jane age 16 born TN and Robert age 13 born TN. Two houses away was Clayborn Lewis; Nancy age 23; William Wamick age 4 and Sarah Wamick age 1. They all lived in Castor Twp.

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