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Date: Feb 1, 1998; 00:09
Aubrey J. Womack

[posted by webmaster] Congratulations to Mark, the Web Master, and all contributors for what I have found to be the best page on the web for Womack family research. I have been reviewing this page for a few weeks and have found it excellent. I am a grandson of John Madison (Buck) Womack and request that any of his descendants contact me with info on their families, i.e. all names, birth dates, death dates, marriages, children, grandchildren, etc. I have lost touch with many of them and would like to bring this portion of my record up-to-date. We did not remain in Trinity County, Tx. where Buck and his children were born. The children of John Madison Womack are: Eugene b3-26-1882, Abe b10-1-1884, Lonnie b8-12-1886, Coatney b4-17-1888, William b9-18-1891, Lucas (my father) b8-20-1893, Noah b11-11-1895, John Thomas b9-18-1897, Roena b9-12-1899 and Pearl b9-5-1901. We descend from William as follows: William Womack b c1607 -> Richard Womack 1655-1684 -> Richard Womack II c1676-1723 -> Richard Womack III c1710-c1790 -> David Womack -> David Womack Jr 3-29-1785, 3-1-1854 -> Abner John Womack 1835-1869 -> John Madison Womack 6-9-1858, 11-7-1955 -> Lucas Womack 8-20-1893, 6-3-1971 Thanks in advance, ajwomack@juno.com (I alologize to Aubrey, I had to reformat this message to print on the message page. Any interested parties should contact him straight away...-Mark)

Date: Feb 1, 1998; 08:17
carolyn powell

"Ancestry", a subscription Internet program has a 10 day free database taken from the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution at There are 40 hits of Womacks and 1 hit of Wommack. Carolyn Powell

Date: Feb 2, 1998; 14:04
Alberta Goforth

Looking for Mother of Amanda (Goforth) Womack Amanda Goforth b, 2-5-1900 married DOCK ELEXANDER WOMACK in rural Meigs Co. Tn. 6-15-1919. BOTH Buried in BETA CEMETARY MEIGS CO TN AMANDA was raised by aunt TILDA (GOFORTH) Irvin Amanda may have been Cherokee!!! Given away because of being Half-breed.. Her Father was Paul (BABE) GOFORTH

Date: Feb 2, 1998; 21:03
Mark Womack

For those Womack's out there that are related to the Bean/Beene line, you might want to check out this homepage: http://www.pearland.com/hokanson/. I'm not related to this line (that I know of anyway) but I remember some people emailing me about the Bean line sometime last year. This link might help... Good luck! -Mark

Date: Feb 2, 1998; 21:06
Mark Womack

And in another vein, on that page I just listed it mentions a Jacob Womack (b1740 Lunenburg Co, VA) m Mary Wills with two children: Martha (that married a Robert Bean) and William. In my research in Halifax Co, VA I have found a Jacob Womack listed in the 1765 poll lists. I'm wondering if this is the same Jacob, and if so maybe his son William is my gggg grandfather. Does anyone have any info on this line of Jacob? Thanks! Mark

Date: Feb 5, 1998; 22:26
Denise Kneifel

I want to thank all the folks that have been helping me.....I have met alot of fantastic people and have been enjoying coresponding with them. Also a big THANKS to Mark for his page,Sam for being Sam ...and new online cuzzie Ray Womack. God Bless you all and Happy hunting...... Denise

Date: Feb 6, 1998; 02:19
Glenda Womack

Just beginning to research husband's grandparents, Abner(Morris?)WOMACK born c.1864 wf.Isaphena "Isa" Stewart b.18dec1868. Both buried Nashville. Birth- place unknown but family believes McMinnville area. Ch:Alonzo Wilburn Womack, Mabel Womack Meadows, Minnie Womack Beauman, Wm. David Peyton (our line), Abby Ray Womack. Death certificates ordered & when rec'd will repost but in mean- time, if anyone recognizes name, I'd appreciate assistance. Thanks, Glenda Womack, 4308 Elaine, Memphis, TN 38122

Date: Feb 6, 1998; 10:54
Carolyn Powell

Mark, in response to question regarding "Jacob", I have a small piece of information. November 6, 1976, Helen Ring Womack (who later wrote "The Womack Trail from VA to TX)wrote to my mother and her three sisters regarding possible ties of the Womacks she was tracing to their grandfather, Jacob Womack. This is taken from the letter: "Of course there were several older Jacob Womacks, the most famous of which was the one who estalished a fort in Sullivan County, Tennessee. There is one quote I have collected from "Historic Sullivan" by Oliver Taylor, page 23: "In the spring of 1767 two years after the first settlers in Sullivan County, Jacob Womack built a fort two miles east of Bluff City on land once owned by Sam Miller. Andrew Crockett brought his family from Ireland in 1769 and forted at Womack's Fort during Indian raids. Here Margaret Crockett, the first white child to be born in Sullivan County, was born." And according to the "Annals of Southwest Virginia (1769-1800)" by Summers, a Jacob Womack was Captain of the Cherokee Expedition of 1776, which listed Jesse Womack as a private." As I have told you, this is not my Jacob as mine was born 17 Aug 1819 supposedly to Green Womack and Mary "Polly" Wallace. I have wanted to get hold of Mrs. Womack's book, but sure would like to see it. Her husband was Arthur Jay Womack and his great grandfather was Achilles b. 25 Dec 1807 in Bedford County, VA d 30 Nov 1897 Texas.

Date: Feb 6, 1998; 23:23
Judith Bader Jones

Trying to make the Womack connection! John W. Mick,born 1826 in Illinois married a Sarah J.____born circa 1826 or 1827,Tenn. or Ill., They are found in Polk cty.census 1860 with their children, Charles Robert, Green, Emma A., born in Illinois. A later census finds them with more children. I would like to know if my Sarah J. is a Womack. I think perhaps her father might be Green Womack and her brother Green B of Pope Cty, Ill.Family lore says her last name was Womack. There is a marriage of a John MEEKS to a Sarah Wommack about 1845 in Gallatin cty.Illinois. Sometimes the Mick name has been written as Meeks. I would be pleased if someone can respond to my mystery regarding Sarah. I would like to give her her rightful herritage. Thank you, Mark, for putting together an excellent web site and resource for family historians. It is the most interesting and well done one around! Sincerely, Judith Bader Jones

Date: Feb 8, 1998; 14:03
Ann McDonald

I'm still working on sorting out the family of Abraham Womack. He married Martha Mitchell in Granville Co., NC in 1764 - had a bunch of kids. Then he supposedly married another Martha and had a bunch more. Now, I'd like to find out a) where the dates given for Martha Mitchell's birth and death date originated - I haven't found an original source noted anyplace, but the dates pop up as far back as 45 years ago. She supposedly died in NC, but there is no index for Granville Co. b) who the second Martha was and what dates and places there are for her birth, marriage and death. And, should anyone have info on the family in general, I'd be happy to hear it. By process of eliminatation, I'm still working on finding out who Martha Mitchell's family was.

Date: Feb 8, 1998; 21:24
Sam Womack

This may be a little touchy and controversial for some of the language I may use! I apologize in advance. But, Dammit! Jacob Womack who had Martha who married Bean__his wife WAS NOT MARY WILLS nor MARY WILLS COLE. Mary was the wife of his first cousin!! Jacob Womack of Wautagua's wife was a MARTHA!! Lets git our dookie in sequence heah! nuf of this dang mis nomer crap! This has gone on far too and much too long! You got a paper document that shows me GGGG-GF was born before 1765 and will eat the dang thang! Well before 1760 enn way! Also, Cole was Mary Wills daughter of George and Mary Whitlock Wills, step father's name!! No more!! ok!!

Date: Feb 8, 1998; 23:14
Roger Womack

Sam, could you explain that one more time!

Date: Feb 9, 1998; 21:49
Sam Womack

Roger, Yes willr repeat as much as I detest repitition..for you to fairly analyze what is being said will number in sequence: (1) Jacob of Watauga, Womacks Fort or what ever..his wife's name was Martha, not Mary. (2) Mary Wills Cole wife of Jacob Womack was not Mary Wills Cole. She was Mary Wills. Cole was her step fathers name. (3) Have seen where someone has her born in 1755, not so! KY 1810 Census for Cumberland Co, has both her and Jacob born between 1765 and 1770. (4) Her other Mary Whitlock Wills married John Cole in Charlotte Co VA Aug 1772. Marriage on record. (5) Mary Whitlock Wills Cole had a will, a copy of which I had and cannot find, but she named her daughter Mary Wills in the will and also named her, her daughter's, husband Jacob Womack.. (6) Jacob Womack's will named his children's aunt, Testimony Wills.. (7) you will not that I have not once used the name Willis as some use; as the name is explicitly WILLS in all documents I have seen.. (8) the other Jacob, Wataugan, was my Jacob's cousin. second as I remmeber. (9) what I am saying here is let lie, some people got the wrong number.. (10) is that clear enough?

Date: Feb 10, 1998; 00:19

I just thought I would let folks know that I have gotten my homepage up and running. If you would like to take a look at my Womack information it is on there. This site has been a great help even though I still have not been able to nail down my Womacks for sure. I do feel that I am getting closer due to all the help I have gotten from the folks on this site. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Jeanie

Date: Feb 16, 1998; 18:02
Deborah Renee Womack

I would like to know more about my family history. If anyone has any info on womacks in georgia i would be greatful if you e-mailed it to me thatnks

Date: Feb 20, 1998; 01:15

FYI, I just updated the WGN Researcher Index. 26 new or updated names. Check it out to see what is new. For your viewing convienence, the new or changed names are marked with a '*'. Enjoy! -Mark

Date: Feb 20, 1998; 02:05
Gary Womack

[posted by Webmaster] Always been interested in research of family history. Incidentally I have my family tree back to circa. 16thC. Originating in Dereham, Norfolk, ENGLAND. Further history takes the WOMACK name to Lopham, S.Norfolk. Members of my family have visited Lopham recently and have come back with a book about the village and its inhabitants. There is one chapter on the Womacks with a couple of photographs of past relatives circa. 19th Cent.

Date: Feb 20, 1998; 02:09
Carol Womack-Robertson

[posted by Webmaster] My mother and oldest brother have been researching by mail and I have begun searching on the Web. We will compile all the info we have now. We do know we are decendents of William William Womack and Sallie ?? Womack. My grandfather was Andrew VanBuren Womack and my father is William Dolton Womack. We plan to create a Web Page and hope to hear from any Womacks to share info! Thanks. [Carol's brother, Michael Andrew Womack, sent me a 2MB file with info, so interested parties should email them. They are listed in the Researcher Index -Mark]

Date: Feb 20, 1998; 02:10
Loy Beene Moore

[posted by Webmaster] Martha Womack Bean was my GGGG Grandmother. I have information regarding Martha and Robert Bean's line through son Lemuel Bean (Beene), grandson Robert Manuel Beene, Ggrandson William Lemuel Beene, GGgrandson Loy L. Beene, and GGGgranddaughter Evelyn Beene Moore (my mother) if it would be helpful to anyone. This is the line of Geoffrey Beene.

Date: Feb 20, 1998; 02:11
Ricky Cole

[posted by Webmaster] All I know is they drove cattle from north Texas about 1870 to Delta Colorado and settled there.

Date: Feb 21, 1998; 18:51
Sherry Cadenhead Klein

Cadenheads marrying Womacks: MARY WOMACK b 1810 GA? d 1895 TX (probably Camp Co) m 1828 GA JOHN W. CADENHEAD b ca 1805 Hancock or Baldwin Co GA d bef 1850 AL?. Mary, John and children are found in Upson Co, GA Census for 1830 and in Macon Co, AL Census for 1840. She m second Mr. Sanders. She is found with son James M. Cadenhead in 1870 Upshur Co, TX Census and in 1880 Camp Co, TX Census. Mary and John had a son, ALEXANDER J. CADENHEAD b 1833 GA who married MARY WOMACK. Mary and John had a daughter, SARAH CADENHEAD b 1831 GA who married ROBERT A. WOMACK b 1827. I would appreciate any info on these Womacks - I have read thru all the messages, etc., on this site without finding connections. Thanks for the great site!

Date: Feb 22, 1998; 16:16
Sharlene B. Williams

Alberta Goforth please contact me! My e-mail to you bounced! I have the information you requested on 2-2-98 complete with photo! Anyone else needing Womack info from Meigs Co, TN - I own "The History of Meigs County, Tennessee And It's People 1836-1997" and will be happy to copy info to snail mail to you....will not interpret. Index lists 42 references to Womack. I have descendants of Millie E. Womack b 1856 Trigg Co, KY who married Francis Marion Ladd on 8 Jan 1868 in the home of her parents Joseph Alexander Womack and Mary A. ? . Need parents of J.A. Womack and Mary A. Also need info on Millie's disappearance in Carbon Co, WY.

Date: Feb 22, 1998; 18:28
Joyce Wommack

To Gary Womack, Re: your message of 2/20/98. Sounds interesting. Could you share some more details with us?

Date: Feb 22, 1998; 18:32
Joyce Wommack

To Ricky Cole, Re: your message 2/20/98. Since I am in Colorado, I would be very interested in knowing who you are talking about!

Date: Feb 24, 1998; 22:29
John Dolliver

Would love to hear from anyone with ties to any of the TRINITY CO., TX Womacks. I understand that there are a couple of families that were in the county. I am specifically interested in children of Abram James Womack, born 11/23/1817 in Washington Co., AL. In addition, can anyone confirm that Abram is "Indian Abe", son of Jesse? Please email me direct. John

Date: Feb 25, 1998; 21:29
Donna Walker-Nixon

My grandmother's great-grandparents were Aaron Hardin Allard and Polly Weaver. They were born in the late 1790s. Polly Weaver's mother according to family history was Fanny Womack, and she was a full-blood Cherokee. I am interested in finding out more about the Cherokee connection and about any possible Cherokee heritage that there might be in the Womack line. Is this the right place to begin searching? Any help would be greatly appreciated since the only information I have on Fanny Womack is that which I gave above. Also, her husband's name was Elijah Weaver--if that's any help. Many thanks, Donna Walker-Nixon

Date: Feb 26, 1998; 11:01
Cecil C Wammack

Good morning from Tippah CO. Mississippi does anyone have any information on Mary Ann Womack she is the daughter of David Womack

Date: Feb 26, 1998; 15:22
Jim Womack

Request clarification on when the McMinnville, TN reunion occurs. I've seen two sets of dates-- 3d Sunday in October and 2d Sunday in June. Please advise.

Date: Feb 26, 1998; 16:41
Jim Womack

For those of you who were't aware: Womack Army Hospital at Fort Bragg, NC memorializes the actions of PFC Bryant E. Womack for his gallantry during the Korean War. You can read the Congressional Medal of Honor citation for his bravery in action at the below web location. Simply scroll down to the next to last entry-- listed alphabetically. http://imabbs.army.mil/cmh-pg/mohkor2.htm Warm Regards, Jim Womack

Date: Feb 26, 1998; 18:54
David William Womack

All: My wife and I were motorcycling through the foothills of Missouri --- enroute from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau --- and came across a little town (well maybe a wide spot in the road) called, "Womack!" It was getting dark and we were running late, so I didn't have enough time to properly investigate Womack, MO, but I intend to go back next summer and do it right. David William Womack

Date: Feb 26, 1998; 21:10
Jobie Guzman

Hi everybody, or as we say down south, ya'll. Wanted to let everyone know that the Womack Family Reunion that's held in McMinnville (Warren Co.) TN is always held on the 3rd Sunday in Oct. If anyone is planing their vacation & wants to be on the mailing list, let me know & I'll forward the info on to the Reunion Planners, who aren't online. This next year will be the 45th! For those of you familar with "The Descendants of Thomas & Louvisa Rice Womack" and the Womack Genealogy Newletters of 1959-1960 (one of which Mark has put on line, bless his heart!), this is where they originated. The reunion is certainly open to any Womacks, but the few that I had the pleasure of meeting last year were all descended from Abner Womack. I understand there's another Womack Reunion in TN, which may be in either Meigs Co or McMinn Co. Does anyone have info about this one?

Date: Feb 26, 1998; 21:19
Jobie Guzman

To Ricky Cole: Would really like more info about which Womack moved from North Texas to Colorado! I have Womacks that migrated from TN to Weatherford TX 1880s. I understand Weatherford was on the cattle drive path. I also heard a rumor that my Burgess Riley Womack had another son, but I haven't found out anything about him. Perhaps your Womack is it?

Date: Feb 26, 1998; 23:04
Sharon Womack

All I know of my heritage, is that I have an Uncle who has a statue of himself (well actually it is the cop who caught him) he was a famous horse thief, in a square in Virginia. My father's name was Hugh Leonard Womack III and my grandfather and ggrandfather are the II and 1st. I was born in Richmond, VA. I am new to the site and am not real familiar with my lineage. My father left when I was young. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Date: Feb 27, 1998; 14:03
Bob Womack

I saw 2 references to the Womack Reunion in McMinnon, TN. One listed a 2nd Sunday in June while the other listed the 3rd Sunday in Oct. Where and when is it? I would like to take my mother (who turns 78 in a couple of days, 3/1) this year.

Date: Feb 27, 1998; 21:58
Jobie Guzman

Hi again ya'll. This is to help clarify the Womack Reunions. There are two. One is in McMinnville, Warren Co TN the third Sunday in Oct. According to Connie (Little Tn) there's another in Riceville, McMinn Co. Tn the 2nd Sun in June. It's very confusing. The one in McMinnVILLE, is mostly the descendants of Abner Womack/Martha Byars. The one in Riceville (McMinn COUNTY) is the descendants of (James) Alexander Womack. Connie says she'll post more info when she has it & so will I. Meanwhile, if you're interested in the McMinnVILLE Warren Co one, e-mail me.

Date: Feb 28, 1998; 23:19
Dale Jones

I am searching for information on Riley Benson Womack Sr. born 3/6/1848 Died 9/28/1919, and his Wife Berthine Eglantine Eaves born 4/13/1856 and died 3/17/1891. Also any information on their daughter Minnie Mae (Womack) Gammons born 5/10/1884 and died Dalton Ga. 3/17/1919. Minnie Mae was possibly living with her relations at the time of her death since her husband had died earlier at Red Oak. Oklahoma..

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