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Date: Jan 1, 1998; 20:04
Carolyn Powell

Seeking info re William Wommack, MO 10th Inf., Co. C. (Civil War). Also, anything on John William Womack, b. 16 July 1849, Shelby Co.,IL?

Date: Jan 1, 1998; 21:04
Lloyd Womack Kuhn

My great-great grandfather was John Wiley Womack. He was born in Simpson county, Mississippi sometime in the 1830's. His son, my great grandfather, was Cornelious Womack. He was born in Simpson county, Mississippi in 1858. If anyone has any information on these two please let me know. My e-mail address has just changed to lwkuhn@ipa.net.

Date: Jan 5, 1998; 21:10
David A. Womack

I'm David Alfred Womack of Springfield, MO. My father was Alfred, son of Walter, son of Isaac, son of Alexander (Civil War veteran), son of Green (War of 1812 veteran). Can any of you Womacks tie in with any of this? I'm looking for the names of the parents of Green Womack. Help me if you can. I am a literary agent. See my Web site: www.dwomack.com.

Date: Jan 6, 1998; 17:07
S. R. McDavid

I was very excited to find info on the Womack family. My grandfather was Roy Adrian Womack and he had an identical twin, Ray Tignal. We always wondered where the name "Tignal" came from and thanks to your research, now we know (James Tignal Womack, b. 1770)

Date: Jan 9, 1998; 17:56
Martha Womack

Shepard Lafayette WOMACK, (our family ancestor) was born January 09, 1848 in Hardin County, IL and died January 30, 1945 in Karnak, Pulaski County, IL. In the 1850 Hardin Co, IL census Shepard is listed as being 4 years old, and living with G. W. WOMACK age 30 and Nancy WOMACK age 34 (both were reported being born in Tennessee). In the 1860 Pope County, IL census Shepard is listed as being 13 years old, and living with Green B. WOMACK age 28, Sarah H. WOMACK age 23, Wm. H. WOMACK age 11/12, and Geo. W. WOMACK age 40. Recently some information about James WOMACK was shared with me, and I am hoping someone could help me tie these two families together. James WOMACK was born 1775 in Rutherford Co., NC and died abt. 1860 in Pope County, IL. James married Margaret BOWERS, she was born abt. 1784 in Rutherford Co., NC and also died 1870 in Pope County, IL. They had 10 children: Harriet, Mioranni, Arsey, Sarilda, Alonzo, Shepard, George W. (b: Abt. 1829), John, Green (b: Abt. 1833), and Walter. If I can prove that the Geo. W. WOMACK and Green B. WOMACK from Illinois in 1860 were the same George W. and Green who were James' sons, then I will be able to connect our family ancestry back to William WOMACK the first immigrant ancestor from England. Thanks for any help!!!!

Date: Jan 9, 1998; 20:45

Hello All! I apologize for not being very responsive on email. Between the holidays and starting a new job, things have been busy. If you have sent in info to be added to the researcher index, yes I have gotten it. Just haven't had time to update the listing yet. Hope to in the next week or so. Until then, please feel free to post your info on the message page for others to see. Thanks for your patience and understanding! -Mark

Date: Jan 10, 1998; 21:15
Sam Womack

Have been reading the queries and comments. Mark is right, if you do respond to someone, post a short message to let the rest know so we wont duplicate the information. Also, I have my Womack file up to 14.4mb at the present and you wont believe some of the connections! Got so large, broke one line out to about 21mb another, Buckner out to 13.1mb. There are so many double relationships, cuz that is, it is unreal! If you need Buckner, Williams or related line information E mail me; I may be slow answering, but will answer. BTW Mqark, have the Thomas/Louvisa descendant book, lot of stuff or would scan. maybe..but will do lookups on that one also..

Date: Jan 10, 1998; 21:24
Sam Womack

I had to use a second message to get this in. Have been incorrespondence with England, there is a place there still called Womack Water. One gentleman said he had heard the name was originally Dutch, for those brought over to help drain the marshes and stayed. I have also seen a Czech name Womacek. Also there is another myth out there on the WFT, that of Bishop Lawrence Womack, Yes he was married, 3 times, twice to women named Ann..He reputedly had 3 daughters, buy which wife unknown, two died real young, the other in teens..his nephew was his heir and is listed on WFT as his son..Do not take that line as truth!! BTW, who found Charles Augustus as William the Imigrants father??

Date: Jan 11, 1998; 01:40
Sonja Renee' Womack

I am new to this game, so be patient. I am a Womack from Greenup County, Kentucky. My name is Sonja Renee' Womack. I have one sister, Kimberly Ann and one brother, Mark Anthony. My father was Nathan Watt Womack, who married Edith Morisella Stevens. My grandmother is Evelyne Womack (married Orville Bear---she took her maiden name back after divorce, as did two of her children). My grandmother had three other children: George Robert, Florence Marie, and Nancy Amelia. My great grandfather was George Womack, who married to Nancy Belle Scaggs. My grandmother was their only child. My great-great grandfather was Nathan Watson Womack and his wife was Evaline Kaut Womack. They had five children in addition to George: Med, Eve, Fannie, Grace, Benjamin. This is all the information I have on my family, other than the tidbits I can get from my grandmother and the Kaut-Womack cemetery in Greenup. There is one other branch of Womack's in Greenup County, but I don't know their connection to my branch, if one exists. Could anyone help me research any further back than that? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

Date: Jan 11, 1998; 23:12
Joyce Wommack

In keeping with Mark's request, I will mention that I answered Martha Womack's question about James Womack and his sons, George W & Green B. My information is that this James was the son of Thomas A & Louvisa (Rice) Womack. Martha may want to contact Ray Bryan Womack for further info, as he is the one who sent it to me. Also, I notice that Sam has offered to do lookups from the Thomas & Louvisa book. Good Luck, Martha

Date: Jan 13, 1998; 13:01
Carolyn Powell

In re to Sam's mention of the "myth" of Laurence Womack, Bishop of St. David's 1683-5...I may have in my possession the reason some take it for fact. Last year I was sent a copy of "Womack of Mautby, Co. Norfolk" from Vol VIII, Series V taken from "Miscellanea Genolagica Et Heraldica and the British Archivist" Page 317. It shows the family tree down to Arthus Womock of East Dereham, Bapt. there 1570, m. Alice Rowse, widow, mar. Hargham, Norf.,1597. I put it aside but now that subject came up thought I would share what I knew.

Date: Jan 18, 1998; 13:12
Sam Womack

Here I am a little red in face after making that suggestion. I did reply to Martha on the Shepherd Womack question..Unfortunately this book is very poorly put together and not indexed..I almost swear I saw somethere, someplace where someone had Thomas a descendant of either Abraham or Abner, will keep looking and post fact, or fiction, here as found..

Date: Jan 18, 1998; 21:47

Hi; I hope someone can help me. I'm looking for Burrell womack born 1820 in ??? TEnn. Wife Kasiah ??? born in NC. THey were married in ??? Tenn. in 1840's. I know of one son name Robert C, Womack born 1854 and I think he was born in Yell Co. Ar. This is all I know. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. THANK YOU IN ADAVANCE.Kimi

Date: Jan 18, 1998; 23:41
Eleanor Rogers Edmondson

Searching in Bedford Co., Tenn. Charles Womach b. c1834, to Elizabeth (Womack) and David Womack. His bro Andrew Jackson Womack, b. 1839, d. 1932, Quanah, Texas. Elizabeth may be sister of Hawkins, Michael, and David Womack. Charles Womack and wf Sarah, on 1860 census, Scott Co., Ark, ch James Allen, John C., b. 1858, Tenn., and Mary Jane, b. May 1860, Ark. Then came George. Related Womacks res in Pike and Hemstead Co.s, Ark. Why did they settle in two different counties? Eleanor Rogers Edmondson, desc of Mary Jane (Womack) Rogers, 2803 Byron Avenue, Odessa, Texas 79762 tel 915-362-1457

Date: Jan 22, 1998; 01:01

I posted several months ago. But am going to ask for help again. I am looking for any information on WOMACKs living in tenn around 1800. The specific person I am looking for is Alfred WOMACK married to Elizabeth parents of William A WOMACK born 1850 in tenn he married Eliza Jane ANDERSON also born in tenn. I am completly stummped and the census records just aren't there. please help thanks.-Stacy

Date: Jan 22, 1998; 08:02
Sam Womack

OK, little controversy: Someone told me the other nite that the country singer Clint Black was closely, very closely, related to Roy Rogers. Anyone know of any substance to this?

Date: Jan 25, 1998; 00:00
Lisa Williams

My great-grandmother was named Bertha Mae Womack, and she came from Tennessee. We do not have any more information about her, except she probably became engaged to my great-grandfather through some type of "mail-order" arrangement. Then, she moved to South Carolina. If anyone has any information, please contact me. Thank you.

Date: Jan 25, 1998; 01:34

I am just starting to do reseacrh into my family. Am seeking information on womacks in the area of Jackson Co., Ala. at the turn of the century. My grandfather was a Herbert Womack, born 7-4-1901, his mother was Sallie Carolie Womack. He married Annie Bell Porter, born 2-10-1910, her mother was Savanah Tennessee Lewis Porter. They Married in Jackson Co. later moving to Etowah Co. Al. . Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Date: Jan 25, 1998; 16:52
Sam Womack

Found this surfing recently--y'all might want to keep any eye on this one too: http://www.genforum.com/womack. Also has other surnames you might make a connection on--

Date: Jan 27, 1998; 11:05
Roger Womack

William Womack and Rebecca Parker had a son named William, born abt 1798 in N.C. Does anyone know if this was the William that married Elizabeth Sheppard. William and Elizabeth Sheppard had 12 children that I know of, Lucy Ann; Elijah John, b 4apr1894; Nancy Milla; Robert Andrew; Abner; Nellie; James William, b 9dec1833; Sarah Elizabeth; Jordan M. b,15jul1840; Catherine; Fanny and Ellen. Surname spelling changed to Wommack or Wammack. The first 7 children were born in Moore Co., N.C. the last five were born in Marion Co., GA.

Date: Jan 31, 1998; 16:48
Jeff Mach

Hello everyone. I stumbled across the site today for the first time. What a wonderful resource! I'm a descendant of Lucy Womack b. 1733, daughter of Henry Womack and Martha Puckett, who married Thomas Lawrence.

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