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Date: Oct 1, 1997; 01:07
Robert Quinn Womick

What a wonderful page. Looking for connections to John Thomas Womick(Womack} b. 1861. probably Rutherford Cty NC. Father of Quinn Lee Womick b. 1877 only other info wife Alphia Grose. Any info will be appreciated.

Date: Oct 2, 1997; 00:25
Mark Womack

ATTENTION! I have moved all of the July '97 messages into the message archive. So, if you'd like to refer to them, that's where you will find them. Thanks to everyone for making this a great message page! -Mark

Date: Oct 2, 1997; 16:51
Web Master

Hello All! In the process of doing some fall cleaning, I have a pile of messages that were sent to me by various Womack researchers. Being the webmaster I get many queries for information. If only I had time to answer them! I refer everyone to post the information to this message page, but many times the queries do not get posted. So, I am going to be posting the queries that were sent to me. They will be prefixed with a [posted by webmaster] at the beginning of the message. I'm sure we can help these people out! Thanks! -Mark

Date: Oct 2, 1997; 16:54
Don W. Allen

[posted by webmaster] I am a descendent of William Womack born circa 1620 in the British Isles. He settled in Henrico County, Virginia. I know of a file on the I-Net (may be yours?) that has a number of Womacks descended from William, about 500 or so. I have been inputting them into a Family Origins program. There is also a book called "They Came to Kentucky" written by Alberta Carson Kirkwood in 1976. You may be able to access a copy at a local historical society. It shows the Womack's that married into the Mosby and Allen families. Would like to have any information you have on the Womack's. I am willing to share any I have.

Date: Oct 2, 1997; 16:59
Mary Glenn

[posted by webmaster] Looking for the family of Martha Womack b. c 1830 Alabama. She married Frederick Bess c 1851 Mo.; 2nd Joseph Jackson 9-1860; John Haddock 1-2-1868 third in St. Genieve Co., Mo. In the 1860 Mo. Census there is a John W. Womack b 1837 born Alabama. In the 1850 St. Genieve Co. Mo there is a family of William R. Womack born 1807/8 NC with children born in Alabama until 1844 when all other children are born in Mo. John W. Womack is listed on this 1850 census with W.R. and family. I am descended from the Bess marriage. I have been unable to locate this family either. I would appreciate any help that you can give me from your research. Thank you.

Date: Oct 2, 1997; 17:01
John Craig

[posted by webmaster] Do you have anything on a Sarah Womack that married James Cody? I have her as being born in Ireland and died in Warren Co., GA in 1795.

Date: Oct 2, 1997; 17:08
Mark Womack

Some of you out there may not be aware of Ray Bryan Womack. He maintains the W.A.F.G.E. (Womack and Associated Families Genealogical Exchange) and has a very extensive database of information. I encourage everyone with Womack ancestors to write Ray and let him know your roots. If you're looking for help, he might be able to lend a hand! You can contact him at: Ray Bryan Womack, P O Box 96, Palmdale FL 33944-0096. -Mark

Date: Oct 4, 1997; 18:28
Peggy Choate

My grandmother was Mamie Womack, b May 1894, Hazlehurst,Ms. She marrie Joseph Thomas, Oct 1910 in Lincoln Co. MS. Her father was Henry E. Womack. His parents were David Hayes Womack b Jan 1845(Ms) and Nancy Leander Womack(maiden name) from St. Helena Parish, LA. They married May 1866 in St. Helena. After her death he married Mary ? and had 2 sons, Bob & Lon. I am looking for David Hayes Womack's date of death and place of burial. Also place of burial for Nancy Leander Womack. Her parents were Stephen Womack and Amelia Rogers Hill of St. Helena Parish. Any information on these people will be appreciated.

Date: Oct 5, 1997; 02:18
Mark Womack

Connie Baumann reminded me that I should tell everyone that when you correspond with Ray Bryan Womack please send a SASE for his reply to you. He corresponds with lots of Womacks out there and the SASE helps a lot. Thanks! -Mark

Date: Oct 6, 1997; 21:00
Penny Fraley Richardson

Do any of you Womack researchers have a Chloe/Cloie/Cloway Wommack. She was menioned in a court suit in 1813 in Wythe Co VA. Believe she was married to Jesse Wommack. Chloe was orig from Russell Co VA area. Any info appreciated.

Date: Oct 8, 1997; 12:42
Denise Kneifel

Hello fellow WOMACK researcers, just want to say THANK YOU for all your help you have given me. I also want to say a special thanks to Mark for the site, and to Sam Womack who's been a great help. This is both addicting and confusing....to many of the same names......but I'm having to much fun and meeting new relatives and friends. Thanks again, Denise Kneifel

Date: Oct 10, 1997; 01:25

I am looking for information on the parent's of THOMAS A. WOMACK b. abt 1743 in Halifax County, VA d. abt 1790 in North Carolina. He married LOUVISA WOMACK abt 1763. I would appreciate any help!! What a great source of information this page is!! Rhonda

Date: Oct 13, 1997; 15:06
Lloyd Kuhn

[posted by webmaster] My mother was born Margie Womack to Bayless (Doc) Womack in Dallas county, Arkansas, 1914. My grandfather, Doc Womack, was the son of Corneilius Womack who was the son of John Wiley Womack of Mississippi. My great-uncle Jack Womack told me that our family came to Mississippi from North Carolina. My middle name is Womack (Lloyd Womack Kuhn) and so is my son's (Jacob Womack Kuhn).

Date: Oct 13, 1997; 17:09
Bette Lock

[posted by webmaster] I am researching the name of Womack, I beleive my Nathan Perry married Elizabeth Womack. I think her father was either Jake or Jesse Womack. I also think they were from Person Co. NC, I beleive they may have been married in Halifax, VA. I have nothing to give you but do you have any of these names? Jacob, Lucy, or Elizabeth? I have a document from 1828 where Nathan Perry and wife Elizabeth were sueing Jake Womack in Person Co. NC. I need help too!! They went from VA to Christian Co. KY, then to Crawford Co. MO about 1839?

Date: Oct 14, 1997; 11:49
Ann Lindsey Crumpton

Are these people part of your family? If so I would like to exchange information with you. Jourdan WOMACK, b. ca 1795 in Halifax Co. NC, married Elizabeth LANE, 21 March 1825. They lived in Halifax and Edgecombe Counties, NC. Elizabeth, d. bef.1850. Jourdan, d. after 1871. Children: Henry, b. c1829; Richard, b. c1832; Martha, b. c1833; Levy/Larry, b. c1836 and Pricilla, b. c1838. Any information of this family would be appreciated and I will share what I have on Jourdan's ancestors.

Date: Oct 16, 1997; 18:53
Libbie Griffin

Great web site! Thanks for your hard work. I'm hoping someone can explain to me, or help me find a source that explains correctly, the relationships between the Womacks and Allens of Goochland & Halifax Co. Va. in the 1700s. Specifically, I am interested in the family of William Womack, whose will abstract I pasted in below. Goochland Co. Will Book 8, p. 235. William Womack...St. James Northam Parish, Co. of Goochland...daughter Agness Bullock, granddaughter Mary Bullock, grandson Wm. Bullock, granddaughter Susanna Bullock, daughter PRISCILLA DOSS...daughters Martha Nichols, Sarah Barnett, Mary Williams, Judith Graves...son WILLIAM WOMACK, ...son-in-law John Bullock. Written Feb. 6, 1758, probated March 16, 1762." I am most interested in daughter PRISCILLA WOMACK and her husband WILLIAM DOSS. I believe William was closely allied with the Allen family of Halifax and Pittsylvania. Does anyone have information that will help? Thanks.

Date: Oct 16, 1997; 19:39
Syler Womack

Howdy! My husband's father won't tell me a thing about the family (even though we are on excellent terms) except that they are originally from Mississippi, his mama's name was Annie Brown, and that they all lived in NYC when he was a boy because that's where his daddy got out of the army. Think the daddy's name may have been "Wiley". My kids would really like to know more, so if this rings a bell with anyone, please holler. Thanks Syler

Date: Oct 16, 1997; 22:59
Billie Walker

I'm looking for the parents of W.T. WOMACK,b. 1848 in MS. He is found in 1860 living with HOSEA JONES and wife BARBARA MOSES JONES in Monroe Co. Ark.. I'm also looking for the parents of OBIDIAH D. WOMACK, b. 1852 in ARK.. In 1860 he is found living with DAVID L. MOSES (brother of BARBARA MOSES JONES) in Monroe Co. ARK. By 1870 WILLIAM and DAVE (OBIDIAH) are found living with BARBARA MOSES JONES, who was widowed in 1866. I believe WILLIAM and DAVE were brothers and were divided among family members when their parent's died.

Date: Oct 24, 1997; 23:11
Jobie Guzman

Hi Womack Researchers; Isn't this a great page? Thanks, Mark. I'm sure everyone has found some success with their postings. On 10/19/97 I attended the Womack Family Reunion in McMinnville TN. Most everyone knows, this is where the Womack Family Genealogy Newsletters & the Descendants of Thomas & Louvisa Rice Womack book was published. I understand that everywhere you turn, there's a Womack in the area. However, there weren't more than 30 people attending. This was my first ever opportunity to meet in person any Womack relations, because my mother never knew her father (Riley Augustus Womack). Although I was many generations removed from this group, they welcomed me with open arms. However, as the speaker said, it looked like an old folks home gathering. The majority were probably over 65. This was the 44th annual reunion & I would hate to see it fold due to lack of interest. I understand that in the past there have been upward of 200 people attending. My question to all of you is this, would anyone have traveled to McMinnville for this reunion if you had known about it? Would anyone like to be on their mailing list? I came from TX. & I know I couldn't go every year. It's always the 3rd Sun in Oct. I'll pass on any suggestions you all might have on what they could do to keep this going. PS, I got to see the house Abner Womack built in 1816! What a treat.

Date: Oct 25, 1997; 23:36
Earlene Hathaway

Looking for information on Judah WOMACK born abt 8 Mar 1762. She married Henry William DAVIS in Goochland Co. VA abt 1 Aug 1787. Judith was the daughter of Richard WOMACK. She had sisters Lucy and Nancy. Thanks for any help.

Date: Oct 27, 1997; 20:12
Annette Womack

[posted by webmaster] A few days ago I received a letter about a book being published "The New World Book of Womacks" The book is authored by Mora D. Womack. According to the advertisment, the first Womack arrived by boat in Texas in 1835. AND it offered to give the name and year of arrival in the US. Now as we Womacks know, most of our Womacks can be traced back to 1600 Virginia and I would love to have the boat they came on, but I don't. I have found that the few I've heard about that ordered the book is getting a general "how-to" book with the same old telephone listing with our own names and addresses in them. Now if that is what you want, then it's your money. But you need to be aware that this type of sell has been going on since I started in genealogy in the mid-1960s, and the MAN (using a woman's name) served time in jail for mail fraud. This may or may not be the same man, but those I've talked to that wanted to use their money-back guarantee was NOT able to get it or even a reply! Buyer Beware.... the scam artist are still alive and selling! Only the name changes, not the general information inside. This type of product really hurts the legitiment products that are being produced. Has anyone out there purchased the book?

Date: Oct 30, 1997; 18:57
Donald Mason

Looking for anyone with information on the family of Elizabeth Womack my GGrandmother all i know is that she lived in Alabama in 1870 possibly Montgomery Co. born abt. 1850 married John Mason I would be greatful for any help Thanks.

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