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Date: Jun 1, 1997; 14:18
Roger Womack

I am trying to find some information on Francis Womack b c1690. Sp.Susannah Puckett. He is the son of Thomas Womack b c1644.sp. Mary Farley. I'm looking for his decendancy. Any help out there? let me know!!! Thanks. Roger

Date: Jun 2, 1997; 12:53
Margaret Black

What a great page! If anyone has information about Elizabeth Womack who married Charles Cawthon I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone would like to have information about this Elizabeth I can help. I have most of her Womack connections but I can't get her husband's father. Help. Thanks. Margaret

Date: Jun 4, 1997; 01:15
Jonett Valentine

Trying to find parents of Michael Womack, born abt. 1794 in VA; son of David? and Elizabeth Womack. Michael married Sarah Jones in TN, had 9 children who moved to Hempsted, Arkansas. Left oldest son Charles W. behind. Charles was my gggfather. Have info on family in ARk. Charles had William Michael who moved to Quitman Co., MS. Would love to hear/ share with you. Jonett

Date: Jun 6, 1997; 09:25
Roger Womack

In answer to Jonett Valentine,s message on WGN. The information I have on Michael Womack b1794.His parentage is:David b1760/70 sp.Elizabeth; Alexander b1710/21 sp.Martha; Richard Jr.b1674 sp.Elizabeth Puckett.Richard Sr.b1655 sp. Mary Elizabeth Ruth Puckett; William 1605/20. A note of history on Michael: On January 8,1815 with General Andrew Jackson in the battle of New Orleans It is generally known that it was this Tennessee Marksman that fired the fatal shot that killed the British General Packenham.Statue of Michael in New Orleans. Is the William Womack married to Mollie Logan The same she mentioned as son of Charles W. Womack?

Date: Jun 9, 1997; 15:33
Roger Womack

My ggGrandfather was Larkin A. Womack b.1822 Campbell Co. Va. Before He Married My ggGrandmother Ruth Morris Meeks, He was Married To Mary Catherine 'Kate" Taylor. They had 10 children that I know of. William abt1847 in N.C.; Demason or Damason,abt.1850 Buckingham Co. Va.; Henry L.abt.1852 in Va.; Ida abt.1854 Va.; Charles A.abt.1856 Va.;Catherine "kate"abt.1858 Va.; Thomas W. abt1860 Va.; Fannie Oda abt.1862 Bucking ham Co. Va.;Bertha L. abt.1866 Coffee Co. Tn.;and Minnie May abt.1869 Coffee Co. Tn. If anyone can help me find these let me know.Thanks Roger

Date: Jun 9, 1997; 15:46
Ann Lindsey Crumpton

Carter WOMACK; NETHERWOOD; HENSLEY; RABBITT If this man belongs to you, I would like to hear from you. I have a lot of information from the newspaper and the library on him & his family that I will gladly share. I am particularly interested in him, because one of my Womack grandfathers was named "Carter". These are the only 2 "Carter Womacks" I have found and I wonder if there is a connection. [The El Paso Times, July 3, 1956 p.16 (I have omitted some non-genealogical information, if you want a complete copy, please let me know). "Carter Womack, chairman of the board of directors and president of El Paso Electric Co., died Sunday morning in Providence Memorial Hospital, following a brief illness. He would have been 59 years old Sept. 1. Mr. Womack was born in Prince Edward County, VA., in 1897 and was educated in the school system of Richmond, VA. He served overseas with the U.S. Army in WWI. Mr. Womack, who lived at 3712 San Mateo Road, is survived by his widow, the former Mary NETHERWOOD of Richmond, one daughter, Mrs. Elmo HENSLEY of Roswell, NM; three grandchildren, Becky HENSLEY 14, Leslie HENSLEY 4, and Amy HENSLEY 2, all of Roswell; a sister, Mrs. Mary RABBITT of Cincinnati, Ohio and a brother, William WOMACK of Keysville, VA. Funeral services for Mr. Womack will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the Kaster and Maxon Chapel with the Rev. B. M. G. Williams officiating. Burial will be in Restlawn Memorial Park." I hope someone can help me place this man in the Womack Lineage. Please e-mail me at: Ann_Crumpton@tamu-commerce.edu

Date: Jun 13, 1997; 08:31
Carolyn Powell

I have WOMACK METHODIST CHURCH CEM listings, Twnp 34N, R8E, Sec. 6, for Ste. Genevieve Co., MO. This was copied 6 Nov 1990 by W. G. Smallen & Hattie Sanders. Also, have some pictures of headstones for Womacks, some not on listing. Will share information if you are seeking someone in this cemetery.

Date: Jun 14, 1997; 22:56

This is a problem more than a request but I can use an answer on either. My SARAH WOMACK married JAMES CODY...then I look in the GENEALOGY of the RAGLAND FAMILIES by MARGARET MIRIAM STRONG (MRS.PHILIP H.HALE)-Member of the DAR -ST.LOUIS, MO.-1914-she states that the line down to SARAH goes like this WILLIAM WOMACK father of ARTHUR WOMACK who was father of LAWRENCE WOMACK who was father of LAWRENCE WOMACK who was father of LAWRENCE WOMACK who was father of EDWARD who was father of ABRAHAM father of RICHARD father of SARAH WOMACK ...is this correct ? An outline sketch done in 1914 by Jean stevenson in CORSICANA, TX . has another version....who was the father of SARAH ?--Paul Wright - Decatur, Ga.

Date: Jun 14, 1997; 22:31
Pete Womack

I am looking for an and unfortunately I don't have much to go on. I know, her name is Mary Louise and she is married to Guido James. The last time anyone heard from her she was living in Connecticut. Guido worked as a graphic artist in New York. She had 2 sisters and 1 brother, my dad. I would like to grab at straws and see if any of this information sounds familiar to anyone out there. Let me know. Thanks,Pete Womack

Date: Jun 15, 1997; 19:12
Connie Baumann

Just wanted to let all my Womack "KIN" know that I own the book, "TENNESSEE COUSINS" by Worth Ray. It has a little bit of info on the Womack line. If anyone wishes a look-up, please e-mail a request to me. I will try to answer the same day, but is not always possible. Unfortunately, I have to work also! Connie

Date: Jun 17, 1997; 01:52
Pamela J. Gutsche (maiden name Womack)

Hit a brick wall with 4th great grandfather. Name William Womack married to a Catherine A or P do not know her maiden name. I am assuming his name was William as his first born was named William. I have a letter written to my 3rd great grandfather William by one of his brothers dated June 9th 1842 by his brother LeRoy Womack. Am willing to share information. Great page keep up the good work.

Date: Jun 17, 1997; 06:52
Michael S. Montgomery

I've recently received a copy of the results of my father's genealogical research, and I (a curious beginner) wonder if someone could point me to good sources of information on William Womack ("The Immigrant") and/or his wife Mary Allen. (I'm reportedly descended from them through Abraham (1645-1733); William (1685-1762), whose spouse's name I see variously in Family Tree Maker lists as Mary Gower and as Tabitha Gower; Agnes (m. John Bullock); Mary (Molly) Bullock (m. Mathew Martin and d. ca. 1766); Mary (Molly) Martin (1764-aft. 1850, m. Robert Anderson); Elizabeth M. Anderson (1798-aft. 1880, m. Robert Montgomery); and Alexander Hamilton Montgomery (1821-1891), of Tennessee and Texas, my ggg grandfather.)

Date: Jun 18, 1997; 02:21
Mark Womack

I've been meaning to post this info for some time now. Richard Dietz had generously offered to provide free surname searches of his extensive genealogy CD collection. To get the free search you must limit your search to just one name on one CD. If you want a more complicated search, then there is a modest fee. Richard's home page is at http://ghs1.greenheart.com/rdietz/ and the CD list is located at http://ghs1.greenheart.com/rdietz/cd-rom/htm. I would take advantage of this opportunity. Good luck, Mark

Date: Jun 18, 1997; 10:33
A.D. Fort III

I am a descendant of Jacob Green Womack of St. Helena Parish, La. Can anyone tell me if he had a second wife? If so who was she? Also I have copies of the work done by Mr. Dempsey Kemp and others on the Womack genealogy going back to William Womack and beyond.

Date: Jun 18, 1997; 19:23
Cathy Stanfield

I am researching Lydia Dara Womack (b.1867) m. Charles Meese in Perry County AR. Lydia and Charles are my ggrandparents. Lydia's father was James Womack (b. 1828). I have found James married to Eveline ? on the 1860 Van Buren County AR census. At that time they had children Ruthy (age 6), Mary E. (age 4) and Melissa P. (age 2). I also think they had a son William (born around 1860). If any of this sounds familiar please contact me. Thanks.

Date: Jun 19, 1997; 00:21
Mark Womack

More info I've been meaning to post. Robert Turner sent me the info for Ben Lomond Press (aka Womack Printing). They are located at 105 Donnell Street; McMinnville, TN; 37110. Their phone number is (615) 473-7212. Robert said that they sell copies of Oscar B. Womack's _The Descendants of Thomas and Louvisa Rice Womack_. I suspect they also sell copies of the _Womack Genealogy_ newsletter. For those that don't know, Oscar was the editor of _Womack Genealogy_ which was published twice a year in the late 50's by the Womack Family Association.

Date: Jun 20, 1997; 23:04
Mark Womack

I made a major breakthrough today regarding my ggg grandfather, Henry Womack b ca 1800 of Halifax Co, VA. The microfilm I borrowed from the Library of Virginia records his death on Jun 20th, 1875. It also lists his parents names as William & Rebecca Womack. I need to recheck my records, but I don't think I have any records of a William & Rebecca Womack in Halifax Co. It is most likely they cam from another county. Does anyone have an sources that list them? Thanks, Mark

Date: Jun 24, 1997; 14:47
George Clark Womack

I am trying to research my father's forebears and would like to know if you can possibly furnish me with some genealogical information. My name is George Clark Womack, born Nov. 15, 1933 in Sebring, Florida I have one sister, Marianne, March 27, 1935, Laurens County, GA One brother, Joel Chandler (Jr.), May, 25, 1938, New Smyrna, FL My mothers maiden name was Imogene Elizabeth Webster, born in Georgia on April 7, 1907. My father was Joel Chandler Womack, born in (I believe) Tifton, Georgia on April 8, 1900 I don't know his parents names. He was the youngest child in his family. He had the following siblings. He may have had more but these are all I know of. Lily Womack Story - Mrs. Carl B. Story of Lake Wales, FL Ola Womack of Jacksonville, Fl Mattie Womack of Frostproof, Fl Nicholas J. Womack of Tifton, GA Sam Womack of Waverly, FL Ross Womack of Sebring, FL Thank you, Clark Womack HC 63, Box 97 B Harper, TX 78631-9603

Date: Jun 24, 1997; 19:14
Gloria Perry

Looking for tie in to WmWomack the immigrant, for my ggg Elizabeth Womack Epps Spraggins from Prince Geo. Co.,Va., married Sylvanus Spraggins mid 1830's from Charles City, Co.,VA. They had seven ch.:AnnEliza,Richard,Wm.,John(mine),Mary, Martha Jane, and Emma. Elizabeth Womack had a brother, Capt. R.A. Womack who was captain of a ship called the North Star which sailed from New York to Havre, France. Unfortunately there were more than ten ships with that name sailing from NY in 1855! Capt Womack is buried in Richmond, VA -I have forgotten which cemetary. He took a French wife and they had a son -- I believe they stayed in France after he died. So far I've not been able to find the tie in to Wm. Womack for my ggg Elizabeth Womack Epps Spraggins or her brother Capt. R.A. Womack. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gloria

Date: Jun 24, 1997; 21:39
Jobie Guzman

Hi ya'll, I'm researching the Thomas/Louvisa Rice Womack line as follows: son, Abner, his son, Abner Clemmons, his son Burgess Riley Womack (b Warren Co. TN 1836) his son Carlton Chase Womack & then his son (my grandfather) Riley Augustus Womack, b Dallas TX 1890. I have been completely unsuccessful in finding out any info on Carlton Chase or Riley Augustus after the 1920 census. I would really like to find out what happened to my grandfather. ANY help would be appreciated!

Date: Jun 25, 1997; 19:23
Martha "Markie" Stevenson Owen
http://www4.linknet.net/mowen/index.htm http://www4.linknet.net/mowen/index.htm

I found a manuscript about 20 years ago written by "Jessie Womack Moorhead". She published this in 1961. I typed it up so I could share it with other Womack researchers. I have shared it with many of you already. It is also typed up in full on my Web Page. Last year I shared it with Richard Dietz, at which time he stated he had never heard of it before. Now, I have just found out (from his web page) that he states "HE" typed it up and he has now copyrighted it, and is "selling" copies of it. This is what makes genealogists NOT want to share their information. When a person takes someone elses work and makes money off of it!!!

Date: Jun 25, 1997; 20:32
Nelson Womack

Looking for parents & siblings of Jasper Marion Womack, b. may, 1867 in IL. He married Florence Murphy, born in Iron County, MO. They had one child: Edward Turl Womack. His second wife was Ella Alma House. They had seven children: Thomas, Raymond, Cecil, Jewel, Nellie Willard, Ralph. Jasper and Ella lived in Wayne, and Carter Counties, MO. Jasper had one know sister Susanna Rosella (Womack) Morris, b. april, 1865 in MO. She married Lafayette Morris in Wayne County, MO. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Nelson Womack

Date: Jun 25, 1997; 22:55
Terry Womack

It appears that I am from a "lost branch" of the Womack family tree. I have been unable to find information further back than the following link. My oldest known direct ancestor, Jesse Hellems Womack, was born Jul 09, 1834, in Ohio, and had a brother named William. They had a sister named Mollie Hilton Womack. I do not have the birth place or dates for William or Mollie. Jesse's children were born near Dana, Indiana. I would very much like to complete the family history associated with Jesse, since he is as far as my records go back on direct Womack anecestry. I have quite a few records on other Womack's from about the same time (and some going back to the 1600's), and from the Southeast portion of the United States, but have not made the connection from others to Jesse yet. Please let me know if you have access to any information which might assist me in my search. Thanks, Terry Womack

Date: Jun 25, 1997; 23:29
Jon H. Womack

This is great to have a Womack resource. I come from the Mississippi branch of the tree with Mark Sanders Womack being the head of the family. I have the Webster County History book in which my Great Aunt got a portion of the family history printed. I have Abraham Womack registered as the head of the family in Prince Edward County, VA in 1716. He was born in Suffolk, England in 1683. He was the grandson of William Womack of Norfolkshire England who we have living there in 1550 but I have nothing further back.

Date: Jun 28, 1997; 00:03
Gail MCDaniel Goetz

I am looking for information on William Creed Womack who married Elizabeth Stegall 30 July 1832 in Halifax Co., VA and moved to KY during the 1850"s. He died 9 Aug 1891 in Graves Co. KY

Date: Jun 29, 1997; 12:22
Farris Womack

William H. Womack born in GA, joined Confederate Army at Columbus,GA. lived in AL, moved to AR in 1878, died abt 1912-14 buried in Cleburne CO. AR. Married Harriet E. Smith abt 1860 with whom he had 10 children. Can anyone help me with his ancestry?

Date: Jun 29, 1997; 21:23
Ann McDonald

Does anyone know who the Drury V. Womack who bought land from the federal government in AL in 1834 from the Huntsville office is? Is he related to the Mansel Womack family? I'm researching the Mansel Womack family in general, and in particular, I'd like to find out the maiden name of Kinchen Womack's wife, Mary Agnes --?--. She might be a Jones....Ann

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