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Date: May 16, 1997; 22:31
Gary D. Moore

Related to the Womack's through my Puckett Line. Gary

Date: May 17, 1997; 01:16
Ann Mitchell Horne

Seeking wife (Lucinda Aikman or Lucinda Snowden) of Abraham Womack, b. 1802 in VA--died 1860, Atchison Co., KS. Also seeking his parents.

Date: May 17, 1997; 09:05
Sam Womack or

Anyone know wheah ah kin git a copy of Carlos Womack's book? Need to see whut proof he had that Alex and Milly were Jacob's parents.

Date: May 17, 1997; 11:53
Susan Matych-Hager

I would be very interested in exchanging information with any descendents of Francis Marion WOMACK (26 May 1833-1 Dec 1917 Coffee Co., TN) m. (1) 26 Feb 1854 Martha Jane THOMAS (9 children) and (2) Mary O. Snodgrass (no issue). My ggrandfather was Thomas Price Huston WOMACK, son of Francis and Martha Jane, who married Mattie Elizabeth BLACKBURN, and the only brother who was not a doctor!

Date: May 17, 1997; 19:04
John Wilkie

Personal friend of "Dooley" WOMACK, former pitcher for the N. Y. Yankees. Just wanted to say hello!

Date: May 18, 1997; 10:00
Ann Mitchell Horne

Fast action! Linda answered that Abraham Womach (with an H)'s father was Allen (1780-1842, Buchanan, MO) Anyone have more on them? Still want to solve the wife of Abraham. Linda said the marriage record states AIKMAN (from Marriage Records of Lafayette Co., MO by Elsberry). When did SNOWDEN get in there?

Date: May 18, 1997; 23:29
Martha Stevenson Owen "Markie"

WONDERFUL IDEA MARK!! Thanks from all of "us" WOMACK researchers! I love it! If I can help in any way, just give me a holler. Here is "my" most wanted ancestor. Parents and siblings of Wrizopa "Rispey" SOUTHERN b. 1813, Copiah Co. Ms. mar: Robert WOMACK 11 Nov. 1830 in Copiah Co. Rispey d. after 1870 in Louisiana. She is said by family information, and others researchers to be Choctaw Indian. I've been trying to prove this for 27 years. I have a copy of a picture of Robert and Rispey taken ca. 1860. For ancestors of Robert back to William WOMACK and Mary Jane ALLEN, go to my home page. With your link Mark, I finally made it to Sam's home page! Thanks again.... Markie

Date: May 19, 1997; 02:12
Mark Womack

Hi all! I'm really glad you like this! Seems that we already have a success story after just one weekend! That's great! Sam, I have a LDS call number I picked up at my local FHC for _The Descendants of William & Mary Jane Womack_ by Carlos U. Womack. If all else fails, you might want to try and have them send a copy to your local FHC. The call number is FILM AREA 1597789 item 9. I haven't tried to borrow it myself, so I do not know if it is possible.

Date: May 19, 1997; 09:01
Pat Kratz

Descended from James/Tygnal WOMACK who married Nancy Meadows Rudder. Their dtr. Nancy married Wm. Kouns. Also researching: CAMPBELL, STARK, MILLION, BENNETT, SIMS, EDWARDS, WILLIAMS, RUSSELL, FAUNTLEROY, MASSIE and ZORNS.

Date: May 20, 1997; 13:20
Mark Womack

My WOMACK research is all based in Halifax Co, VA. It appears that my direct line never left VA! The farthest I have gone back is to a Henry WOMACK (b ca 1800 d after 1870 m Susan ? ca 1830). Henry lived in the Scottsburg area, and I beleive he had an older brother Miles (b before 1800 d 1846 m Francis Hawkins). Henry may be related to several other Womacks living near Scottsburg at the same time: Abraham, Edward, John. I am trying to find the parents of Henry. If anyone has hany info that can help , please let me know. Thanks, Mark

Date: May 20, 1997; 23:31
Donald Gibby

I am looking for any information on Sallie May Womack and her ancestors. She was my wife's great grandmother on her father's side of the family. She was born 4 Sep 1868 and died 21 Mar 1909 in Paulding Co., Ga. She was married to Charlie Powell. This is all the information we have on her. Can anyone out there help us?

Date: May 21, 1997; 03:12
Teresa Smart

Any info. on: James Wiley & Hannah 'Kilburn' Womack. They moved from TN. to Scott Co. Arkansas. Brought 2 daughters: Elizabeth Zilpha "Betty" (DOB UK), and Delthea Tennessee O. "Ten" (DOB 27 June 1855). 3rd child, Andrew Johnson, was supposedly born in Missouri, 30 April 1857, on the way to AR. Sources quote Andrew as saying his parents moved from Lawrence Co, TN. Betty & Ten married "Sessions" brothers. Andrew married Emily Jane House. All 3 children died in Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK. Only Ten was taken back to Scott Co. AR for burial. Ten is my gggrandmother. I appreciate any assistance. Teresa

Date: May 21, 1997; 09:37
Doris Miller Helton

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for establishing this home page on THE WOMACK FAMILY. My mother's maiden name was ROSANTHA MELVINA WOMACK. I have been researching this family name for over twenty years, I was successful until I hit THE BRICK WALL and have been stumped ever since. Hope I can get help here, and will be glad to share any info that I have with others.

Date: May 21, 1997; 22:21
Dianne Rutherford

I am trying to find infomation on the parents of William Womack born 1607? in Kent Co. England died 1697, he married Mary Jane Allen. William & Mary Jane are my ggggggggg grandparents. Thank you for any information. Dianne,

Date: May 22, 1997; 16:20
Mark Womack

Diane, Can you tell us what the source of the Kent Co, England information on William Womack? I am very curious. Thanks, Mark

Date: May 23, 1997; 11:38
Roger Womack

Ancestry?  William Womack, b. England;  Abraham Womack, b. 1645 Henrico Co. VA;  Thomas Womack, b; Francis Womack, b. Henrico Co. VA.; William Womack,  abt.1765  Campbell Co., VA.;  Larkin A. Womack, b. 1822; George Farris Womack,  b. 1880 Coffee Co. TN.;  Earnest Elijah Womack,  b. 1910 Scott Co. AR.; Bobby Ernest Womack, b. Okfuskee Co. OK.; Roger G. Womack b. Blanchard, OK. (me).

Date: May 23, 1997; 17:13
Billie Womack Fremont

My ggg grandfather was Newton C. Womack who married Sarah WATSON. Newton born about 1810 I think in TN maybe SC or NC. Sarah was born about 1817. They had several children, among them my gg grandfather James Andrew Womack. James was born 1845 in TN. He married 4 times. Once to Nancy McKinney/McKenzie She was said to be Cherokee Indian. (probably 1/2; McKinney sounds Irish). They had several children but among them my great grandfather John Henry Womack born 1876 in MS. Anything sound remotely familiar to anyone? (THANKS MARK FOR THIS)

Date: May 24, 1997; 13:53
Ann Mitchell Horne

My father was partner of Roy Hershcel Womack in El Centro, CA for 40 years. In 1991 I interviewed J.D. Womack, his brother. J.D. said his father's name was David L. and mother Minnie Mabel STRASSNER. The brothers were Floyd, born Stephenville, TX, J.D. b. Dublin, TX in 1909; Roy H., born Dublin, TX; and Lloyd, born in OK. According to J.D. they moved from Hazelhurst, MS to TX to OK for the 1889-9 land rush. J.D., Floyd, and Roy were all in Imperial Valley, CA in 1918. Does anyone know the Hazelhurst, MS Womacks? Maybe this will help someone.

Date: May 24, 1997; 19:30
Nancy J. Weiland

Seeking information on Jane Womack and Henry Pew (Pugh) and their children. Also seeking information on parents of Henry Pew.

Date: May 28, 1997; 12:49
Doris Miller Helton

I am looking for parents of ARCHIBALD WOMACK who was born in the Richmond, VA area circa 1775/85. He came to Lincoln Co, NC after the 1800 Federal Census was taken, or else was living with someone at the time. In Circa 1805 he married SARAH/SALLIE HAGER. They were the parents of ten known children, oral family history states there were fourteen. I have checked records in HENRICO AND CHESTERFIELD COUNTIES, VIRGINIA and so far have found nothing to link him with any WOMACKS THERE. Thanks, Doris

Date: May 30, 1997; 19:37
Mark Womack

In Martha McDaniel Thompson's _Some Descendants of William Womack, The Immigrant_, on page 12e it lists one of the children of Charles Womack of Halifax Co, Henry (born after William W. Womack). But it has no other information about him. I have a copy of Charles' will, and it makes no mention of a Henry. Does anyone know where June Tingler Buie might have gotten this imformation? I'm wondering if this is somehow related to my ggg grandfather Henry Womack b ca 1800. I don't think they are the same, given the dates, but maybe my Henry is a son of Charle's son? Any help appreciated. Mark

Date: May 31, 1997; 14:34
Carolyn Powell

I am seeking information regarding JACOB WOMACK, b. 17 August 1819/20 in TN. He lived in BooneCo.,Perche,MO 1880 Fed Census, later lived in Callaway Co., MO. Married to Melissa Jane Althiser and had children, Maime, Belle Mona, Mary Frances and Antwine (A.R.) First wife, unknown, two children, believe to be Alexander and Ollie E. Undocumented that he is buried High Point Cemetery, Williamsburg,MO. Melissa at Concord Presb.Church, Concord, MO. This is about it! Any help appreciated!!!

Date: May 31, 1997; 16:44
Joyce Wommack

I am looking for documented proof of parentage of Thomas WOMACK who made his will in 1799 in Rowan Co., NC. He married Sarah OWEN. Family info is as follows: William (The immigrant), John, Abraham, Abraham II, and then Thomas. Others say he is descended from William (The immigrant)son, Abraham. This Thomas is not to be confused with Thomas & Louvisa (Rice) WOMACK. They were in that part of Rowan County that later became Burke Co., NC. Both came from Halifax Co., VA but "my" Thomas went to the part of Rowan County that later became Davidson Co., NC. Any help would sure be appreciated.

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