Womack Family Coat of Arms?

by Mark Womack

What is the coat of arms for the Womack family? I'm not sure if anyone knows the exact answer to this question. Below is a reproduction of a coat of arms published on the cover of the June 1960 Womack Genealogy Newsletter (Volume IV, Number 1). But even they didn't know if if was authentic:

"The cover of this issue shows one of the several coats of arms of the Womack family. Nothing is known of the history or authenticity of the one reproduced here. The heraldic description reads: 'ARMS - Argent, a saltire sable, on a chief gules, two leopard's faces or, CREST - A lion's gamb sable, grasping a battle ax proper.'"

No source is given for the heraldic description, so it may not be authentic either. It would be very interesting to find a true reproduction of any Womack coat of arms.

I apologize for the quality of the picture above. It is a scan of a copy of a microfilm of a copy of the original, so it is many times removed from the original. I think those two blobs at the top of the shield are supposed to be leopard faces, and the thing on top is supposed to be an armored fist grasping the battle ax.

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