Womack Soundex and Variation Information

by Mark Womack

The soundex tag for the Womack surname is W520.

What is a soundex tag, you ask? It is a method of encoding a surname into a simpler format to aid in indexing and filing. Similarly spelled or structured surnames get encoded to the same soundex. It is used primarily by the Census Bureau to sort families in the census. The most recent censuses have been sorted by soundex as an aid to searching the data.

Because of the way the soundex rules work, many variations of a surname will be encoded to the same soundex tag. This is very useful because sometimes the census takers didn't know or didn't ask the exact spelling of the person's surname. Here is a list of variations of the Womack surname that also encode to W520:

There are some possible variations that encode to different soundex tags. It is a good idea to keep this in mind when you can't find an ancestor. They could be indexed under a different soundex. Here is a partial list of some different variations:

If you have come across other interesting variations of the Womack surname, please let us know at wgnwebmaster@womacknet.com.

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