Womack Genealogy of Actor James Garner

by Greta "Gigi" Garner and Roger Womack

William Womack
Generation No. 1

William Womack was born Abt. 1610 in Kent, England, and died Bef. 1685 in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Mary Jane Allen Abt. 1643 in Henrico County, Virginia.


Richard Womack
Generation No. 2

Richard Womack was born Abt. 1655 in Henrico County, Virginia, and died Bef. April 25, 1684 in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Mary Elizabeth Ruth Puckettin Abt. 1675 in Henrico County, Virginia, daughter of John Puckett and Ann Jefferys.

Richard received a patent for 450 acres of land in Henrico Co., March 15, 1672. This land lays on the North side of the Appomattox River adjoining Aspen Swamp. Richard, a trader with the Indians, was killed probably by the Seneca Indians while returning from a trip to the interior. After Richards death Mary married John Granger sometime around the 1st of April 1690.


Richard Womack, Jr.
Generation No. 3

Richard Womack , Jr.in was born Abt. 1676 in Henrico County, Virginia, and died Bef. March 1722/23 in Henrico County, Virginia. He married b Elizabeth Ann Puckett Abt. 1707, daughter of William Puckett and Anne Womack.


Richard Womack III
Generation No. 4

Richard Womack III was born December 07, 1710 in Henrico County, Virginia, and died 1790 in Hancock County, Georgia. He married Ann Childers, daughter of Henry Childers and Lucretia Jones.

Richard Womack III: Lived in Henrico County, later moved to Amelia County, then to Lunenburg County, from there he moved to North Carolina. In about 1765 he move to Burk County, Georgia. Died while on a visit to Abraham in Hancock County, Georgia.


David Womack
Generation No. 5

David Womack was born Abt. 1735 in Henrico County, Virginia, and died Bef. 1804 in Beaufort District, S.C.. He married Mildred Pryor in Orange County, N.C., daughter of John Pryor and Margaret Gaines.

David Womack settled by 1761 in that part of Orange County, North Carolina, which became Caswell County in 1777 ( and lived in one of the sections { Nash District } that became Person County in 1791). By 1771 he had married Mildred Pryor, as proven in the Will of John Pryor, her father, dated 1771, Orange County, North Carolina. He served as a Revolutionary War Soldier. Was appointed on 11 Sept. 1777, Patroller of the Nash District in North Carolina. David sold out 1784 probably living in the Northwest part of South Carolina for a time before finally settling in St. Helena Parish, Louisana.

Mildred Pryor is one of few individuals who's ancestry has been documented back to Biblical times. The Royal line of Kings and Queens.


Richard Mansel Womack IV
Generation No. 6

Richard Mansel Womack IV was born Abt. 1768 in Orange County, N.C., and died Abt. 1825 in St. Helena Parish, Louisana. He married (1) Dicy Jane Hayeslain. He married (2) Martha.

Richard Mansel Womack IV: Settled in Louisana, purchased land adjoining his brother Col. Abner in 1809. Martha was probably of Indian descent (Choctaw). She patented land in Copiah Co., MS., Dec. 24, 1834, which was sold Jan. 3, 1835. Abner and Annastacy were co-signers. Richard served in the 12th Regt., LA., Militia during the war of 1812.


David Womack
Generation No. 7

David Womack was born May 08, 1800 in Lewisville, Georgia, and died July 20, 1886. He married plainMildred Womack March 16, 1827 in Liberty, MS., daughter of David Womack and Sarah Norris.


John Crossley Womack
Generation No. 8

John Crossley Womack was born December 21, 1827 in Mississippi, and died March 04, 1890 in Cameron, Texas. He married Sarah Jane Williamson.

Dr. John Crossley Womack. Possibly middle name Crosby.


John David Womack
Generation No. 9

John David Womack was born Abt. 1855 in Arkansas, and died December 16, 1916 in San Antonio, TX. He married Minnie Glorietta Neher Abt. 1881 in Texas, daughter of John Neher and Mary Riggs.


Abbie Lillian Womack
Generation No. 10

Abbie Lillian Womack was born March 02, 1885, and died February 21, 1969 in Norman, OK. She married Charley Meek Abt. 1904.


Mildred Meek
Generation No. 11

Mildred Meek was born Abt. 1905 in Oklahoma, and died Abt. 1933 in Norman, OK. She married inWilliam Weldon Bumgarner Abt. 1921 in Norman, OK.


James Scott Bumgarner (James Garner)
Generation No. 12

James Scott2 Bumgarner was born 1928 in Norman, OK.

Changed last name to Garner, as most people know him today, James Garner has appeared in dozens of films since the mid 1950s, frequently playing amiable but crafty good guys. His greatest fame comes from two popular TV series: The Rockford Files (1974-80), in which he played an offbeat private eye; and Maverick (1957-60), a sly western with Garner as a adventurous card shark. The latter was remade as a 1994 movie with Mel Gibson in the title role.

Academy Award -nominee JAMES GARNER (Raymond Hope) has been an esteemed member of the acting profession since he received widespread critical acclaim for his breakthrough performance in "Sayonara," starring Marlon Brando..

He received his Oscar® nomination in 1984 for his work in the film "Murphy's Romance" opposite Sally Field and includes among his many feature film credits starring roles in such noteworthy films as "The Great Escape," "The Children's Hour," "Grand Prix," "The Americanization of Emily," "Skin Game," "Support Your Local Sheriff," "Victor/Victoria," "Maverick" and most recently "My Fellow Americans."

James Scott Bumgarner was born in Norman, OK., 1928. His mother died when he was five. At age 16, he quit high school to join the Merchant Marines, where he served for one year. Jim then moved to Los Angeles, where his father had relocated, and attended Hollywood High School for about a year. He held numerous odd jobs, one of his first jobs was modeling swim trunks for Jantzen Sportswear. After about a year in Tinsletown Jim returned to Oklahoma where he starred in football at Norman High School, and later joined the State National Guard. In 1950 he was drafted for the Korean War; The first person from the State of Oklahoma drafted as an infantryman, He served 14 months in Korea for the Fifth Regimental Combat Team of the 24th Division and was awarded two Purple Hearts for wounds he suffered in action. After his discharge in 1952, Jim enrolled in Norman University, but dropped out after one semester and returned to Los Angeles to work with his father, a carpet layer.

Upon his return, Garner looked up an old friend who had become a producer during his absence. The friend, Paul Gregory, gave Garner his first acting job in the stage production of "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial."

His popularity was secured in the 1950s hit television series "Maverick." He also went on to star in another successful series, "The Rockford Files," for which he was awarded an Emmy. To this day, there is still a demand for more episodes with Garner as the Malibu private investigator.

A Golden Globe winner for his work in the HBO telefilm "Decoration Day" and "Barbarians at the Gate," Garner has earned numerous Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his work in the acclaimed telefilms "Heartsounds," "Promise," "My Name is Bill W.," "Decoration Day," and "Breathing Lessons."

A special thanks to Greta Scott Garner, daughter of James Garner for her assistance in putting this together.

Greta "Gigi" Garner grew up in Brentwood, California, attended Westlake School for Girls and then attended film school at the University of Southern California.

"Ever since I was little," Greta explains, "everyone has called me by my nickname, which is "Gigi." My mom wanted that to be my first name, but my dad said that would be OK if I grew up to be a stripper, but if I grew up to be a rocket scientist that 'Dr. Gigi Garner' didn't sound very professional! So, now that I am grown up, (39 and holding .... and holding ... and ... ) I switched to my real name, which is Greta."

Grown-up Greta has been a recording artist in England, a staff songwriter at Word Records, writing three number 1 songs in 1995). Also a licensed private investigator, she did "original research" for her book The Cop Cookbook (Rutledge Hill Press, 1997, http://bookzone.com/greta/copcookbook.html).

Says Greta, "I guess you could say I'm a "Jack-lyn" of all trades!"

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